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Crist Vs Rubio

Maybe Governor Crist should have waited to visit Arizona…and worked more on the State of the State speech he gave last night. The reviews were not pretty…a laundry list…lack luster…choosing words that sidestepped the real state we are in!

Miami Herald staff writers compared his televised speech to the one House Speaker Rubio gave earlier …quite a stark contrast….according to them….Rubio was certainly not grappling for descriptive words …he was bleak…he was succinct and he represented what Floridians see and feel each day in this down real estate market, adding an even worse scenario of the commercial construction backlog that will soon be worked through with no new work to continue on…leading to unemployment.

Both addressed property tax plans…Crist acknowledged it…Rubio let the senate and Crist know he thought they scuttled a plan that might have improved the economy last year.

With short videos…and advocating felon rights, and adoption initiatives…. grade this. one….failing.


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