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Consent Agenda

As we approach this new kindler, gentler commission that will be sworn in tomorrow…barring any unforeseen changes … some ways of doing business might require some tweaking.

One of those that is sorely in need of just this…the consent agenda and how it is voted on.

Case in point, the sidewalks on Washingtonia Ave. (where I own a home,) was part of a change order, which was “blindly” passed by the commission without the knowledge of those in the audience, much less the neighborhood it effected.

How did this happen?

When it comes to the consent agenda, the scenario from past commission meetings went like this….

The Mayor would announce the consent agenda, then ask if any items should be pulled for discussion? Each commissioner would pull certain items and the rest would then be passed as a whole, with a quick call of the role.

When this occurs, as it did with the sidewalks, no one is aware of what has just been approved, unless it is on the agenda, listed in its entirety.

In this change order, it was not stated on the agenda, it was just a change order for Seagrape Drive, with no mention from the dais of Washintonia being included.

This is an unfair way to treat the neighbors who may want a say in something that would impact them so significantly.

What should be done to remedy this situation and the unknown cases that may have gone undetected throughout this customary procedure?

Give notice from the city to the neighbors with ample time for the residents to contact their commissioners, town staff and attend the meeting it will be up for approval on.

The agenda should include all that is affected but not specifically stated on the “headline” of the item.

The commission should read out loud what will be passed without discussion, giving the residents a chance to raise their hands, if there is a concern.

I feel confident that with this new commission, time will be on our side….with no Parker pontificating….meetings will be routinely consise and effective.

I also, have confidence that the audience will reflect the new demeanor of the dais and can be trusted now to raise their hands, to speak outside of public comments from time to time, without fear of abusing this lax offering.

In keeping with their promise of open, honest government that will listen to the will of the people, this could be an easy place for the commission to start.

With your consent please…..


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