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Comparing EMS

One of the major worries throughout this campaign was having the best EMS service available in LBTS.

Fears were heightened to a fever pitch when stories were told about replacing BSO with an ambulance transport service.

What an injustice to those who run this town and those who bought this hook,line and sinker!

There is a process required by the state that must be met before any service could be approved for the town.

The Town Manager can not even open up the bids until she is assured that the applicants are meeting those required certification standards and are fully insured, at the rating also required by the state.

An interested, well known gentleman from a neighboring community who is often called upon by past commissions and town staff along with those of us looking for research and facts, present and past, took it upon himself to get some pertinent info ahead of time. All was done with the public’s right to know.

What he reported on was eye opening, and should make all in this town relax and take notice that we will have the best EMS service with either applicant who has presently turned in their bids.

The difference….

AMR is a privately owned company, who has the same ratings as BSO, but will cost 420 thousand dollars less than BSO!

AMR offers 2 EMT’s and 1 paramedic, with 2 ambulances available….1 here in town and 1 at Holy Cross Hospital.

BSO has 1 ambulance with 1 EMT and 1 paramedic, and a backup where?

The big secret, the big worry, if we can have better EMS service at a cost savings, other towns will see this and do exactly the same!

Then what happens to BSO?

They must do what any service must do….either be cost efficient or lessen their services to compete.

Why the cost differences, that’s easy, inflated BSO salaries and ever increasing pensions!

Take a look at this years budget for BSO, an increase of 180 thousand dollars for BSO pensions. (For LBTS alone.)

Now, you decide, this should be no different than any other service you compare for your own home, just look at it this time for your own town.

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