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Commissioner Goes That Extra Mile

With all the concern about AMR …especially in the north end of town…

Commissioner Clottey went that extra mile…in reaching out to build a bridge with those most concerned…most in need and most removed from the change over that will occur at the end of September.

The Commissioner was told by a neighbor of another neighbor who was fearful of the change and the impact it would have on her condition, her needs and the security she now feels towards EMS personnel that not only know where she resides…but know her.

Dr. Clottey contacted AMR and asked them to send someone to this resident’s home…to familiarize themselves with her location, to know what her needs are and to reassure her she will not see a decline in her service,  but a new group of faces…EMS…who will care and perform in the manner she is accustomed to.

She did not stop there….

Commissioner Clottey went to visit the woman herself…to inform her of what she had initiated…..  to answer any questions her neighbor had while personally appraising the situation herself.

She was not done yet…

Yesterday she went to the Town Manager to see that this sevice be offered to any other resident with similar circumstances and concerns.

The result…..

Any resident who has a concern over the change…is in need of EMS for a health reasons on a regular or semi- regular basis, and wants to be assured that AMR is aware of their condition, and their location can have this level of attention also.


Commissioner Clottey…. phone:  954-895-6595 or email: [email protected]

Town Hall receptionist……  phone: 954-776-0576 or website… 

If you have a neighbor, relative, or require this service yourself….take advantage of this wonderful program that will surely make for a much smoother transition in EMS service providers.

Thank you Commissioner Clottey….another fine example of your keeping your campaign promise of “blending” this town!


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