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Commission Meeting 2/26/08

Midnight rendition…an overview of the commission meeting …


beautifully done by George Hunsanker, who spoke of understanding one another, to mold us into a community that truly cares for one another.


Financial- was passed without discussion 5- 0

Development- Commissioner Clottey asked the Development Director about Oriana fire hydrants

Commissioner Dodd asked tthe Director about Oriana sidewalks…wanting temporary safe walkways ….

The Director answers were not satisfactory to the commissioners… appeared to be accommodating the construction process of Oriana rather than addressing the public safety situation for pedestrians.

Commissioner Dodd said impact on construction was their problem….

The Director will once again need to get back to the Commission with a response.

Report passes 5- 0

Municipal- no discussion passes 5- 0

Broward Sheriff’s – Vice Mayor McIntee addressed an agenda item that was an emergency addition to the agenda having to do with a 911 call that took place last week. The discussion was to deal with the call, that went unanswered, did not register with BSO for phone and address and a request for BSO to investigate and make a report. The resident effected by the non- response is now home from the hospital.

The Mayor said she checked out 911 response, saw 2 or 3 which did show an address when a call came in.

There were 5 less crimes in the last year.

log on and you can find sex offenders in your neighborhood.

passes 5- 0

Broward Sheriff’s Office Fire Safety-

Commissioner Silverstone asked about last years figures…which were in report.

Vice Mayor McIntee addressed his second emergency agenda addition having to do with a 911 call which he prefaced as hearsay due to the incident taking place just prior to the meeting. He said that a Fort Lauderdale Fire Dept. Lieutenant ( I believe it he said LT.) informed him about the apparent lack of cooperation by BSO to fill the requirement of 3 on an ambulance to transport the patient to the hospital. A fatality occurred.

Chief Sievers disagreed with some of the Vice Mayor’s statements and said he wanted to wait until he had all the facts to address the situation.

Vice Mayor McIntee asked for a report.

Passes 5- 0

Approval of minutes…1 correction

passes 5- 0

Public Comments:

Ran the gamut:

The Chamber President reminding all of Taste of the Beach Wed. night 6- 9 pm at the Lauderdale Beachside Hotel. $37 pre- event/ $40 at the gate.

AMR was denounced/ dire predictions of what will happen if they are the town EMS provider.

Mulligans Restaurant came to talk about an apparent variance for their outdoor dining…the Mayor felt it was not appropriate to address at public comments….

some confusion on this…although it is a zoning issue, the Commission decided at the organizational meeting last week anyone could speak at public comments.

An inquiry about the sub- prime situation with LBTS, if we have funds that are frozen….response came at Commissioner comments.

A request for a second Boccie Court to be installed at the municipal park.

Various items on the agenda were addressed by a few residents.Mayor Minnet was lauded by a resident who voted for her.

Frank Hermann gave his humorous commentary about the items on the agenda.

Commissioner Comments:

Vice Mayor McIntee- Spoke of having comments quoted in the Sun-Sentinel being taken out of context and not being published in their entirety.

He went on to speak about his admiration for the Town Manger, peace on the dais, moving in the right direction.

Finished up with the need to retrieve the bunny costume for Easter.

Mayor Minnet- Talked about the positive transition in town hall. Encouraged the free flow of ideas. Promoted a government academy to provide an insight and education into the process of services provided by the town.

Commissioner Clottey- Expects a report on the annexation excess monies in a month. Discussed the need of volunteers for 4th of July , both those who have volunteered in the past and those who have not done so before. Agreed with a resident that 2 EMS vehicles should be in town. Overlay district… let the voters decide.

Commissioner Silverstone- AMR in 133 cities. Equal in service to BSO. Addressed sub-prime issue by asking Town Manager to answer the question for a resident, we have no frozen funds, no redemptions were incurred,monies were taken out and are safe. He praised the Town Manager. He had spoken to Sun-Sentinel and was not included in the article, with his positive responses. Easter Sun Rise Service will be at Presbyterian Community Church.

Commissioner Dodd- Congratulated the Garden Club for the previous Sat. event a Jarvis Hall. Explained the Hillsboro Inlet meeting he attended the previous evening and what it entailed, so the public has an idea what happens with their taxpayer money.

Consent Agenda:

a. Commission approved to refund money to condo who requested it.

passes 5- 0

b. Tabled 5 parking places requested by Novas Southeastern University..pending more information about the need for 5.

passes 5- 0

c. Saint Patrick’s Day event permit…a pleasant departure from the old way of doing business….the parties involved went outside to discuss a compromise and came back after a short commission break with a plan.

passes 5- 0

d. no discussion

passes 5- 0

e. no discussion

passes 5- 0

Resolution 2208-03 Variance fees. Tabled to second meeting in April.

Town Manager and Development Director answered questions about actual costs incurred from variances.

Commissioner Dodd wanted all actual costs to be paid by the applicant.

Commissioner Clottey wanted the cost of the “simple variance” to not include a cost for town staff, since they are already being paid by their salary, any additional outside costs should go to the applicant.

Commissioner Silverstone asked how many variances we have in a year…answer was 6- 10.

Vice Mayor McIntee wanted the “simple variance” to include duplexes etc…to be re-worded to say residence rather then single family…although the Director of Development said costs are higher when it is more then a single family unit

passes 5- 0.

Old Business-

a. Building Department- a workshop- June 10,2008 at 5 pm

Town Manager said it will cost 800 thousand dollars, a downslope can cost us as a town, hurt our millage rate.

She is negotiating to bring down the current permit costs.

passes 5- 0

b. Sale of water system

a turn around by all the Commissioners, for the sale to go through provided the Town Manager is satisfied that the price is same as offered at last negotiations, no debt , and no pending invoices for LBTS.

Passes 5- 0

c. Jarvis Hall Ordinance

Commission still decides what goes on TV, Town Manager decides who can use hall.

Passes 5- 0

New Business-

a. Term limits

rescinded ordinance

Passes 4- 1 Mayor Minnet dissenting

b. Repeal Overlay Districts

Commissioner Dodd fulfilling campaign promise.

Vice Mayor McIntee wanting a visit to Cape Canaveral to see how they maintain the 44 foot height limits. Supports a referendum if that is what the people want.

Commissioner Silverstone discussed the intent of the Overlay Districts, where they went awry.

Mayor Minnet wanted to know status of any applicants effected by overlay changes. Concerns , asked for review before a referendum .

Commissioner Clottey asked about any permits issued and if they would be effected…Town Manager said they would not.

Commissioner Dodd then moved to repeal with no further review required.

More discussion about a referendum/ an ordinance/a challenge after the ordinance went into effect…with learned input at the podium by “Town Historian” John Thompson

Passes 4-1 Mayor Minnet dissenting.

c. EMS/Fire Workshop….4 pm March 11, 2007

d. Discussion for resolution 2000-1458 annexation agreement between town and sbca. pulled by Mayor Minnet….no reason given

Town manager Report:

lease or transfer of equipment to LBTSVFD

Agreed to transition agreement in place , equipment to VFD, a lease of vehicles to VFD with VFD paying for insurance.

Monies will be paid out monthly, not in one lump sum.

passes 4-1 Mayor Minnet dissenting

No Town Attorney report.

Adjourned…at 10:20 pm!


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