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Despite what might be mis-remembered…a comparison in the past of the way the town was run… to the prep..the procedure and the outcome for a colonoscopy… was on my mind… the time…because so many friends were having them, along with me.

The prep is painful…the procedure uncomfortable…but worth it when the results are positive.

I had just lost my brother to colon cancer…a loss of 3 members of my immediate family to this disease.

Those who think it was aimed callously at a previous town employee dealing with some type of cancer scare within her own family, (having no prior knowledge of her situation), were really grasping at straws!

news that a colonoscopy must be cognoscente of a different type of polyp, which is flat.

May mean more procedures in the future, but it is one of the most detectable, pro-actively treatable cancers you can have.

Hope this helps others to have a colonoscopy and puts that ridiculous old public comments story to rest.

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