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Class Acts And Grassroots….

Tonight is the night…even with mother nature threatening to rain on this parade!

How will it play out….will it be a repeat of the swearing in of McIntee and Silverstone with the air being sucked out of the room with the over-extended farewells of the outgoing commissioners?

A look at the agenda, does not give me high hopes that this time will proceed with some class.

We have the outgoing mayor giving a presentation…why?

Instead of the huffing and puffing he did at his last official meeting as mayor, that would have been the correct time for any presentations he might have.

Perhaps he wants to pour salt in the wound one more time?

His presentation to proclaim a day of recognition should be done by the new mayor, which would be more appropriate.(It might also be a less glaring reminder of the Assumption’s Church alert debacle.)

The commissioners leaving should be brief, and no mudslinging please, we have had a few weeks to exhale…..let’s all move on!

I will keep my fingers crossed that their “handlers” give them good advice and they follow it….enabling them to step down from the dais with their dignity intact.

Grassroots brought them here, and grassroots will be with them up there, throughout….

Two seats will be filled tonight with a man and a woman who came on this journey from different parts of town, coming together for a common cause, to protect this town and listen to the people.

Stuart Dodd and Birute Ann Clottey, did something…..they chose to participate, get involved, put their lives on hold, stay strong when dirty deeds were rampant, and they never flinched!

The voters saw what I did, having the privilege to watch and work with them throughout this process from the get-go…..


As they take their seats, and are sworn in….a new way of doing business will become abundantly clear.

They will do the work, listen to the residents, play by the rules, get the town involved while never forgetting, that not so long ago, they were at the podium that now sits below them, just beginning the journey that brought them to this place!

Congratulations Commissioners Clottey and Dodd…..Congratulations LBTS!


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