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Chamber Monthly Statistics

March                                           08            YTD               07

Walk- ins                                 2,400          6,712              2,911

visitor guide mailed                     781          2,109                 918

See ya there Ad v/g mailed           191             206

diving inquiries                                 7             246                  95

relocation info                                  33            111                  31

car rental inquiries                            97            204                142

room inquiries                                  248            850               250

totals                                              3,477         6,803            4,347

website hits                                     9,921       31,333           10,438

membership renewed                            18            177                 22

new membership                                     4               11                   5

non- renewals                                       10               10                   6

pre- paid 07/08                                    13               13                16

businesses closed                                   1                 5                  4

total membership                                                    186

(sorry for wavy statistics…still probs with new site setup….)

Word is the Chamber has still not produced 5 years of financial reports to see if they should receive yet again $35000. from LBTS in this years budget….

with 186 members….numbers down each month on walk- ins….questions should be asked…

the chamber is important….but might need streamlining to adjust present climate of the economy ….

also, it must stop being political….

case in point…the Mayor should not be touted as graciously offering Jarvis Hall for the Florida Scenic Highway Advocacy Group meeting on April 17, 2008….7 pm…

she …as stated too many times to count….is an equal to the other commissioners….it was voted on by the whole commission….

all commissioners should be advised of any meetings by staff aand the chamber and afforded the opportunity to attend…

surprising too… after the singling out of the Mayor by the President of the Chamber is followed by his closing statement….

‘Remember, our aim is to keep this chamber of commerce vibrant, non political and successful’….

in my opinion ….Mr. Novak….start including all commissioners….then your closing statement would be accurate…

also…open your books….


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