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May 22, 2023 by Barbara

Dear Readers…. A followup-

Unfortunately, this writer is unable to attend the LBTS Budget Presentation in Jarvis Hall at 5 PM…

I did however send the commission the following email …. Let’s all see what transpires….

5/23/2023 Email to LBTS Commission
I am hoping I can make it to the Budget Presentation at 5 PM tonight.

It is most disappointing that there was no alert or email sent out prior to it leaving residents to only know by looking on the Town website.

There is no substantial backup to justify the numbers and no substantive qualifiers for much of the desired “ asks” and increases.

It looks very much like the glossy presentation put forth for the downtown project which may be the real impetus for this new way of handling the Town budget.

The downtown project left off months ago with having everything included with the commission then meeting to decide what stays and what goes.

That meeting never happened.

Tonight at your commission meeting you have essentially accepted all the bells and whistles and are deciding on which lights and which signs only.

Perhaps, this similar presentation will produce that same result.

We, the taxpaying residents will be left with all that is on this presentation and will have to dig deep to cover it all.

This year should be residents first.

Our residential neighborhoods look awful.

Our residents are being deeply impacted by inflation, huge insurance increases, huge utility increases  and huge assessments.

As you all like to say, but rarely deliver-
Sharpen your pencils, bring out your sharpie permanent pens and show your constituents you are not just showing up to pat each other on the back and take your marching orders from Town administration and staff who do not live here.

I know the dais will most likely just look to get past my 3 minutes and circle the wagons for our Town administration and staff if I am able to make it.

But, I am always hopeful that a few commissioners will question and direct the Town showing the awareness those who voted for them were promised when they were asked for their support.

In any event, I will be watching- if Channel 78 allows for sound that is!

Barbara Cole’


Dear Readers…. It has been a while…. but this writer still keeps up with the goings on of this town, its administration and our commission….

Sad to say since my last post on shopping sprees….that was just an opening act for what is coming in 2024..25…26 etc…etc…etc….

A look at the 2024 Town Budget on the Town Website which curiously was not sent out by alert or email shows we are no longer a commission run dais…The residents come last…. and our Town government is bloated beyond what any mile and half long barrier island hamlet should ever entertain as acceptable!….

Town Budget Presentation Link…


That being said playing in to this scenario are the overriding facts that we no longer have a large contingency of voting homesteaded…taxpaying residents who participate, organize and call to task those who are elected to represent us…

This promotes a Town Manager led budget and agendas that put the residents at the bottom rung of every decision and puts LBTS on a trajectory that in this writer’s opinion will produce within the next few years ….LBTS taking out a bond…. building a massive public safety building ….being in debt for the first time……looking indistinguishable from our neighbors to the north and south (with the expected re-do of Commercial Blvd)….  and lastly….having a referendum on the 2026 ballot on height limits…which will reverse our current one…due to the factors listed above…and the fact that when the height limits won…it was a slim margin…and that was with a huge effort of mobilized citizens to get it over the finish line!….

Look around….what do you see….a town overrun with people due to the Town marketing extensively which is not necessary as the hotels and the businesses are able to easily market themselves at no cost to the taxpayers….the new budget shows how out-of -wack this is….

We are being inundated with alerts to vote LBTS as the best beach….How so?…. A look at our beaches shows…they are way too crowded….leaving little space to homeowners…and we have a broken Pier that is a disgrace to see in photo after photo online …. no matter that it is privately owned…the Town should be embarrassed….

The plazas are full of smokers…and the parking on El Mar Drive south is full up of non-residents with no intention of going in to our downtown….

We…the taxpayers are yet again paying for transportation with Circuit to the tune of $200,000 + rather than letting private enterprise control transportation needs…

El Mar Drive….is yet again abandoned…in the new budget…but $125,000 is going to a 75th art installation and around the same is going to re-design the award winning Anthony Abbate portals…

Our Town Attorney is set to make twice the amount of Lighthouse Point…Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale…

Our Public Safety costs are no surprise….In fact …this writer predicts that sometime in the not- so- distant future…LBTS Public Safety …police, fire and EMS will be county run… due the increased costs….unless we are annexed …which too is a strong possibility…

But…alas….on Tuesday May 23,2023 at 5 pm with the presentation for the 2024 budget…it is utterly predictable that there will be no one in the audience…with perhaps the exception of this writer…and Ron Piersante…who will go to the podium with the same polar opposite positions…against…and for respectively ….while the Town Manager…staff and the commission look beyond the 3 minutes allotted to speak… This provides what will happen next…due to the dais taking it as a signal that their constituents are all satisfied with them and the Town…

The commission will take turns giving accolades to the Town Manager and staff…for a great presentation…and all their hard wok…exclaiming what a wonderful town we have…unlike any other……

And…just like the soldiers that all fall back in unison during the annual Christmas Boat Parade…they will all vote for everything the Town Manager has brought forth… and continue to do so until the final vote in September…

They will not take in to consideration…the size of our town….the residents of town…and the impacts these residents and businesses are facing with inflation…insurance skyrocketing on their properties and how they …the commissioners ….should be reining in the government….the redevelopment….and the path we are barreling towards with the loss of LBTS as we know it….

Where have all the proactive commissioners gone?….

More to Come…..

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September 19, 2022 by Barbara

This Writer Leaves the LBTS Green Team!

Past Green Team El Mar Supporters who fought to retain El Mar Drive from being redeveloped should know that the current defunct Green Team has gone off course with the new call to protect and preserve our town.
It is a rotten ruse!
Past Green Team supporters should also know that it was this writer who came up with “Protect and Preserve “ slogan and wrote the previous Green Team newsletters, alerts and Captain of the Green Team public comments throughout the El Mar campaign.

This writer is parting ways with the defunct Green Team on its call to prevent Aruba continuing its use of a scaled back portion of the Ocean Plaza!

Don’t be fooled that this unnecessary call to arms is the same fight!
In fact the sad result of this defunct Green Team going off on this tangent is the scandalous loss of the 2023 “earmarked” $1.6 million dollars for refreshing El Mar Drive!
The Town Manager moved that money received from the old Holiday Inn and the Oriana to other Capital Improvement Projects and slated El Mar Drive for yet another design phase in 2025 and project in 2026!
A look at the 2023 budget shows there are no funds allocated for median lighting on El Mar Drive and that a paltry sum of approximately $77,000 was used to fill the cracked swales as well as minimal expensed funds were used to redo cracked sections of sidewalks.
Hardly the expected refreshed “ Protect and Preserve” package that could have been if this defunct Green Team had kept their eye on the El Mar Drive prize!
Please remember after volunteers went out to all areas of the town (both north and south) that surveys were brought into Jarvis Hall in baskets and presented to the commission in overflowing numbers when sidewalk dining including the plaza use were looking for extensions and permanent use from residents, hotel guests and visiting patrons showing the overwhelming support and desire to retain what resulted from Covid compliance initiatives.
The Green Team has fallen mightily from Preserve and Protect El Mar Drive to a campaign full of poorly written falsehoods!
But, what is truly mind boggling to this writer is that the Captain of the defunct Green Team has actively joined forces with the resident/ town contracted engineer who engineered ( pun intended) the redevelopment of one- lane El Mar and the removing the medians for parking in this crazy plaza endeavor!
Until 2012 the plaza was comprised of parking spaces and not the historic public space being touted by the defunct Green Team.
In fact, it was Aruba and the Pier that anchored it when there was no plaza or pavilion!
 The plaza in 2020-2022 uninhabited by Aruba Beach Cafe is a space that fills up not with children playing games while holding their balloons as they have in the last decade when they are waiting with their parents to get a table at Aruba ( before the plaza portioned outdoor seating)!but with loitering souls as any regular downtowner can attest to.
Please take note-
As of 3 weeks ago the plaza games the defunct Green Team laments are no longer in use along with new additions have been put back in the plaza and it is Aruba that is taking care of putting them out and back for the Town to extend their time beyond the hours of the Town maintenance employees!
Aruba is a town landmark as this writer previously posted, emailed and spoke at Public Comments about.
As such, an all- out campaign to malign this anchor to our town built on falsehoods should be discounted and called out by all!
Aruba is not using the sidewalks and the plaza. A look throughout the past few years and present time shows this to be false.
Aruba and all downtown restaurants have long leased from the town and will continue to with rates commensurate with their usage of space involving requirements of maintenance that will decrease the town’s need to do so. This has been stressed each time the discussion is on the agenda throughout this process.
No “ tunnel” will result from partnered plaza usage as the defunct Green Team extolls will be the case. It is true fear-mongering in pushing this narrative.
 There is no doubt that the Town administration, commission and plaza restaurant occupants whether it is one or two will continue to partner as well to provide all the advantageous and beautifying space we have long enjoyed.
As events in the Ocean Plaza have slowly returned Aruba has continually assisted in providing whatever space is needed and wanted and in offering up complimentary services and goods that have elevated the event experience as the Town administration, staff, commission and event participants can and do appreciate and regularly attest to!
Please do not fall for “ Alerts” that come in emails bearing inaccuracies that stir the pot and negate all the success the former Green Team had with El Mar Drive.
As we celebrate our Town’s 75 th year –
Support outdoor downtown dining in the Ocean Plaza showcasing our adjoining
3 LBTS Destination Landmarks –
Aruba Beach Cafe
Our Beach Pavilion and Plaza
The Pier
More to come….
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September 16, 2022 by Barbara


Mayor, Commissioners,…….Gentlemen …. Sharpen those sharpies….

First Round…..
At the 9/14/2022 1st Budget Meeting for 2023 …..Mayor Vincent, Vice Mayor Malkoon and Commissioner Strauss put their constituents first and kept the millage the same as in 2022……

These three dais members knew the shell game that is government budgeting at its finest and began the process of turning over this doozy predicated on “Building a Stronger Foundation” and “Staying the Course” with a snazzy bullet point presentation and Town Manager “invites” to push through her Hope Chest of the 2023 LBTS Budget…..

It is jam packed with goodies for our overblown number of town employees and the expansive contracted service providers that will definitely keep them busy with resume building projects culminating in the end of the budget year ( 3 months) that provides them the wish list items conveniently attainable due to the inflated budget approved and passed the past September…..It happens every year!….
When the millage PR campaign pushed by the Town Manager lost its first round the staff was asked to find ways to cut that $300,000 deficit….and on the fly….
What did the manager put forth?….. To not proceed with repaving of the streets! …..Which included the 3 rd vote to keep the millage down Vice Mayor’s BelAir streets….Pow!….
A look at the 2023 budget and accompanying justification sheets – found on Town Website- link to agenda /video below) has so much pork that can and should be removed that much, much more can be cut than the $300,000 without taking away from taxpayer infrastructure etc…
Why in the world did the commission end with agreeing staff would come back to recommend the items to be cut?….
The constituents expect the commissioners to come up with their cuts for keeping the constituents first and doing the job the commission was elected to do!…… No pencils please!……..Indelible markers are required!…..
Here’s some suggestions for Round 2 on September 28,2022 at 5:30pm Jarvis Hall…… Based on the agenda backup for the budget, the justification sheets and years of sitting at budget meetings and experiencing the same playbook….
Do not continue to curb and/ or negate code violation fines…..
Airbnb held to same tourist taxing for guests as hotels…… offering the same services….should require the same impacts of doing business in our town….
Do not re- design award winning Abatte portals- see historical documents on them…..replace the one that was torn down and repair the other Mimo structures….
Do itemize contractural contracts and cut “ studies” etc…….. Where else can an unitemized laundry list of expenditures be listed with a lump sum column and be accepted and approved?….
Do not hire more employees – pare down town employees. …..The Town has not grown but the number of employees in all departments has….with new titles and expanded assistance that defies the need with the outside experts we use as well….
Look at employee costs for conferences/ training and dues….. Are they all necessary and required each and every year?….
Look at actual breakdown of public works and contracted providers for the approximately $1.3 million along with salaries that puts this 2nd highest cost behind public safety….. The Mayor brought this forth and the response was non-responsive….but calls for itemization this year and going forward….Mayor, get the answers at the 9/28/2022 2nd Budget meeting…..
Do not allow ordinance changes at the increasing rate we have seen in the past few years ….This too has grown in numbers that beg for more scrutiny …….
Severely cut even more Town marketing – our hotels and restaurants do their own marketing….. Doubling up for what ?….
Archiving social media  which was approved on the 14th for $6000 this year… totally unnecessary when everything is attainable and on the cloud……
Do not continue to give free usage of parks etc.. to profiting businesses…..Charge a hefty rate or negate practice altogether….. And please do not let vendors compete with our downtown restaurants and stores for months at a time…..The vendors do not have to cover the same costs as our downtown businesses …..
Charge the vendors who use our beach for their chairs etc… if we do not do so presently….Something questioned and brought up to this writer often….
Do not add any more events in town….. We specifically cut events due to the negative impact to residents, costs and staff time……
Put marketing costs to event users to market beyond our normal web outreach……
Raise the parking rates….. Go as high as possible to coincide with the our prime location and usage….. Residents can get permits, businesses can get parking for their employees……
Stop buying more land…… Again, the town has not grown and start counting private parking lots……. when stating we need more….
Have a 2nd and even a 3rd opinion look at the fire safety report that is pushing for new Public Safety Facility for $10-$20 million….. It will not align with our small- town in looks or need!…..
Do not allow the Town Manager to remove the “ earmarked” $1.6 million for El Mar without a vote of the commission…..There was no vote to do so….The Mayor stated last year at the 2022 Town Budget meeting of it being for 2023 for El Mar Drive ….and suddenly after one comment over the summer from the Town Manager to move it to other Capital Improvement Projects…POOF!…. Those funds disappeared and El Mar was moved to “design in 2025 and redevelopment in 2026!….
Require itemized contractural list in Justification sheets instead of lump sums shown in current budget. It’s deceptive…… It bears repeating this ……
What actually needs to go to Flynn Engineering and Cap for review- same for our attorney, architectural review et al……
Require apples to apples comparisons in past budget numbers to new budget presentations in order to make cuts …. Not bullet-point presentations that skew the comparisons with the same lump sums as the justification sheets!….Comparing 2008 to 2022 is a ploy that fails on the details….As seen on 9/14….
Look at yearly charity $63,000 by town using taxpayer monies and have a cap if any. Why should towns give to charities when individuals, businesses should decide which if any privately……It’s an expected practice at the taxpayers expense….
Look at the real numbers for the Pelican Hopper $125,000 and the Visitors Center $85,000+ for this and future budget to retain or dismantle…… A discussion that comes and falls by the wayside…..
Remove proposed “Circuit” for $200,00 and its accompanying costs…..
Stop mailing out and distributing Town Topics approx. $45,000 use web only…..Most end up in the trash…. It’s an antiquated practice…..
Institute and insist on bids for services at annually and on a 2-5 year term for contracted companies -Town Engineers, Town Attorneys etc… No free passes ….Existing contracted servers can participate in the process…..
Do not allow for departments to get “ wish list” items using excess surplus from the budget….This  bears repeating as well…….Just watch any meetings from the past in the last months of the yearly budget under consent agenda!….
Let’s see if those we elected are ready to show their ability to be fiscally responsible and responsive to those they swore an oath to who are facing inflation and income uncertainty in 2023!…..
Round 2…..9/28/2022 ….The 2023 Budget Meeting in Jarvis Hall at 5:30 pm…..
More to come…
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Here’s The Scoop…. That Red Door Has LBTS History behind It…..

February 12, 2022 by Barbara

The Women’s Club  circa 1956….


Dear Readers….
On Tuesday Feb. 22,2022 the Commission will have a hearing on a variance for a new dock at the Blue Moon on W. Tradewinds…. It shouldn’t be a slam dunk 5-0 commission approved vote …. in this writer’s opinion…..because when it comes to the neighborhoods and districts in our old town south- end of Lauderdale-by-the- Sea….and certain streets it really is a case of who comes first… the residents or the businesses that occupy the same area….In this case it is W. Tradewinds Ave.north of Commercial Blvd …on the east side of the intracoastal ….As you turn onto W. Tradewinds Ave….the Blue Moon sits on the intracoastal waterway and it is sandwiched between the purple medical building on the corner by the Commercial Blvd. bridge and the beginning of a residential neighborhood and the Women’s Club building with its distinct red door that sits upfront and off to their entry ….The Women’s Club is historically intertwined and revered in our town …and never to be toyed with….After all they provided the town with our Welcome Center building on A1A and Bougainvilla when they moved to W. Tradewinds Ave.  and opened the door of their new home in 1956 …  long before there was a Blue Moon to contend with….….So, it goes without saying that this commission must seriously weigh the impact and concerns of the Women’s Club and the W. Tradewinds residents before any consideration is made to merely rubber stamp this variance that increases the size of the Blue Moon dock and in the future considers bringing the water taxi stop there once the new dock is completed with the impact it too might bring forth to the Women’s Club and the W. Tradewinds neighbors…
This neighborhood is not alone ….on the south side of Commercial Blvd. is unjoined W. Tradewinds Ave. where this residential neighborhood deals with Benihana being situated on the corner of Commercial Blvd. and W. Tradewinds Ave. similarly impacting these homeowners daily….with their valet service and cars lining up …with patrons spilling over into their streets ….. The third area that will need the commission’s attention for their constituent’s quality of life is the marina property located on Basin Drive and runs behind our businesses on the south side of Commercial …. There is no doubt that the neighbors who reside around the water basin that is the entry to the marina property will be just as vocal on the impact they will face with the proposed new Marina Hotel/ Condominium development project as they were not so very long ago when the marina boat docking project tried and failed to win acceptance and approval…. The current Marina Hotel/ Condominium Hotel held an open public meeting in Jarvis Hall last year when most of the neighbors were not in town…. To his credit of the owner of the property decided not to proceed through the process until the neighbors were back ….Despite our Town Manager stating there was no need to wait….that government does not stop out of season! …What a huge disservice to our residential property owners……..if what this writer was informed of was so…..
These three distinct neighborhoods require that our residents come first and commercial properties come second… In order to make any improvements or changes to these commercial properties there must be more open and accountable dialogue between them and their residential neighbors with our town administration and staff being transparent while following the proper process from the start that results in a compromise that benefits both or a denial if our residents are still to be adversely impacted …
To followup on the specifics….
 It is now being pushed by both the applicants and the Town staff as a simple variance for the dock only despite all the hype and the hoopla surrounding the water taxi stop coming to the Blue Moon long before it was suddenly pushed out of sight for this January hearing….. while keeping letters of support for the water taxi in the backup for this variance…So which is it? ….Adding to this strange turn of events was the late in the process decision by the Town that this variance for a dock would be the first test of our new Citizen Participation Requirement Ordinance 2021-11 passed in October ….. How and why would a variance for a dock require using this new ordinance?….  The Blue Moon was told by the Town to send out notices to affected properties within 300 feet to attend which is the requirement for any variance application already!…. The meeting took place between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Jarvis Hall …. Some residents voiced their objection to both the date and limited area for notice…As a result it was suddenly televised and on the Town website! ….. This writer took another look at Ordinance 2021-11 and what I found brings forth inclusions that allow the Director of Development or designee to deter the intended purpose for this ordinance …. it must be brought back on a agenda by a commissioner to rectify this issue asap!….
On Feb. 2,2022 the Planning and Zoning Board met to vote to accept or deny the Blue Moon dock variance ….It passed 4-1 after another poorly run and poorly advised meeting took place….in this writer’s opinion…. As an advisory board the commission includes their input as they deliberate and then vote to approve, deny or send it back to P & Z…. Below are the links to that P & Z agenda with backup and the video from the Town website…. This writer hopes this commission will take the time to watch the whole meeting in order to hear from the Women’s Group and from the neighbors who came to speak to the P & Z Board and the Town staff.….and will certainly come again to speak on Feb. 22nd…. requiring this hearing to be moved up on the agenda as has been done for many other such hearings ….
All five of our commissioners need to do what all five did not do when the Seaward Hotel ….a hotel that has been  on El Mar Drive for decades asked to meet with each of them early on as they dealt with what will now be the only single family allowed to be built on El Mar Drive in our hotel district due to the Town’s epic fail in disregarding our 2012 Conditional Use Ordinance for single family homes on its first time use a decade after it was codified…It required this commission to fast track and pass 5-0 a new ordinance to prevent anymore single homes on El Mar Drive!….Do Readers see the disturbing pattern on the part of our new administration as this writer does with both first uses of ordinances passed in order to protect our property owners from adverse impacts being improperly used!….
To tie this altogether…. in LBTS we are as we always have been…a unique small town with neighborhoods and districts that require special attention from those we elect to make sure our property is protected…. our quality of life is secure…. and our elected representatives put us first!…
More to come…
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Here’s The Scoop …. Commissioner Mark Brown Seat 3 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea … Updated … Final Tally … Brown Wins Every Precinct! ..

January 31, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers … at 8:18 pm here are the results…

Sentinel online – before the ballots in town were tallied…
0 of 4 precincts reporting – Percent/ Votes

Mark Brown 66.05%/ 321

Edmund Fred Malkoon 33.95% /165

Town Hall posted…

Precinct Q30

Mark Brown 166

Edmund Fred Malkoon 178

Precinct Q33

Mark Brown 85

Edmund Fred Malkoon  71

Assumption Church posted….

Precinct Q31

Mark Brown 120

Edmund Fred Malkoon 141

Precinct Q 32

Mark Brown 166

Edmund Fred Malkoon 54

Mark Brown total 858

Edmund Fred Malkoon total 609



Feb 1, 2012 … after all the absentee/early votes were included in precincts…. Brown carries them all…

Presidential Preference Primary Election
January 31, 2012 Website last updated 1/31/2012 11:22:59 PM EST
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100% = Precinct Reporting
Broward Precinct Detail
Precinct Mark Brown Edmund Fred/ Malkoon/ Total
Q030 273/ 262/ 535
Q031 194/ 183 /377
Q032 238/ 76 /314

Q033 173/ 100 /273
Total: 878/ 621/ 1,499


Mark Brown with the election numbers tallied up!

Mark Brown and Edmund Malkoon were pretty even in the south with Brown winning those two precincts by just 2 votes…In the north Brown lost by 21 votes in Bel Air and Terra Mar…Mark Brown won big time in the north condos 166 to Malkoon’s 54 …Mark Brown also won big in the absentee votes with 321 votes to Malkoon’s 165…Mark Brown wins with 58.49% of the vote… I was hoping for a bigger percentage win and feel it would have happened if Edmund Malkoon had not played the reprehensible and statute violating party affiliation card in this nonpartisan race ….I am counting on a complaint being filed still to hold him responsible for his actions… We now know there is no need for a recount to deal with in this 2012 LBTS election …whew!…But, the percentage means this was no mandate win either and that tells Mark Brown, our new Commissioner sitting on the dais in Seat 3 that he will need to make sure he keeps true to his word and governs under the “5 reasons” he gave for voting for him as he faces his first 4 year term and the many important issues he will now face with the pending downtown redevelopment…sewers …taxes…and legislation that will be imposed on our municipality by the County and the State!

For this writer I feel I have now completed my personal mission to rectify the last of the mistakes I made in the 2008 LBTS election by co-managing Commissioner Clottey into the seat Mark Brown will now take over and not his opponent …I believe Mark will be fair and forthright in his decision making as well as being accessible to those who voted for him and those who did not… My hope is for a long hiatus as I become just another member of the viewing audience once more counting on this Commission to do right by the taxpayers, residents, businesses and tourists because for the first time in a very long time they are all beholden to no one person and no one group!…

Congratulations Mark and Congratulations LBTS ….,0,7470813.story

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Here’s The Scoop … Mea Culpas Are In Order…When The Chair’s July 4th 2010 “Synopsis” Is Compared To This Year’s Chair’s July 4th “Summation” In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea …

June 9, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers…this writer is still fuming over the uncalled for actions and inaction as well as the insane and inane statements made by the dais members on June 2, 2011 (prev. post) in response to the Vice Mayor’s summation concerning the timeline of negotiations and changes due to those negotiations with the pier owners concerning the July 4, 2011 event he is chairing … So, I took the time to look back at previous events over the last two years…and especially last year’s event chaired by none other than Mayor Minnet …who was both the most long-winded and the most off- her- rocker in the statements she made … The comparisons are quite something in not only what she and VM Dodd offered up for their July 4th events (his were just the highlights made during Comm. Comments in March-prev. post  and in the backup for May 24, 2011)…but more in the responses to each other after they each made their “synopsis” or “summation” nearly one year apart in 2010 and 2011…

Below is the Chamber’s June/July 2010 Sea Breeze cover page …

You can see for yourselves that local businesses were involved in 2010 as they are for 2011… You can see that live music was planned for by more than one business on the same night ….. You can see that the regular weekend special event music was in place for the event in 2010 as it will now be for 2011 … You will see that the VFD provided the cookout and the rides after the July 4th parade that was run by the Chamber of Commerce in 2010…This year the parade will once again be run by the VFD …The VFD has asked that the parade be shortened this year citing its length last year …This year the VFD will not be cooking the burgers which in past years have caused some snafus in getting up and going due to the parade (problems were evident last year as well) ……Instead businesses will offer up a July 4th burger with coupons for 10% off …The VFD chose this year to tighten their belts and instead of paying for food, pony rides and water slides (last year’s event was cut short due to bad weather) …The 2010 backup states the cost to VFD members would be $4,800 …. This year the VFD offered to provide photo-ops along with allowing youngsters on their equipment right after the parade in the El Prado Parking lot as well as doing demonstrations later in the afternoon at the beach with their water equipment… The Chamber held their Beach cleanup which should happen this year as well on Sat. morning…and breakfasts at local restaurants listed on July 4th we assume that will be the same as well this year …. The fireworks will take place on the pier on the 4th as they did last year for $10,000 ($2,000 less than last year’s $12, 000 and well below the prior years 2007 $15,000 and 2008 $17,000) …. The pier holds once again a one day event in their lot vs. the 3-day event they wanted tied into a 3-year pier agreement for that lower price that would be pre-approved  done administratively with no Commission vote tying the hands of future Commissions that is now kaput and is back to what they held last year no strings attached…Last year it was approved from 4-11 pm and according to the backup this year will be from noon to midnight …as a separate special event as it was last year …Not much difference in the plans when compared as I stated …with one big exception…VM Dodd took into account the returning of the parade to the VFD which was a long -held tradition from all accounts and definitely appropriate due to this being the VFD’s 50th year of service …He also took into account the desires of the VFD and many, many volunteers who really wanted the day to be with their family and friends …and he decided to put the events downtown leaving the parks open for people to use throughout the day which will also save in time and costs for the event …He stated from the dais in March he wanted the sea to be the prime area for Lauderdale-By-The-Sea July 4th in 2011 and that meant the beachfront where most who celebrate the 4th prefer to congregate if outside during the long , hot day…tourists and locals alike… The Vice Mayor has been working with the VFD, BSO, Town Staff and many of the same businesses that have long been involved in the July 4th events and that are mentioned in the Mayor’s “synopsis” below in 2010… He also asked for anyone interested in volunteering to contact the Town or himself…

On June 8, 2010 under New Business item15a was the Special Event Permit for the Independence Day Extravaganza …(This year it was placed by the same Administration as a Consent Agenda item on May 24, 2011) …A look at the backup as well as the minutes and the video again showed the similarities in the event while showing a stark difference in the response received from those sitting on the dais especially the response Chair Mayor Roseann Minnet received from Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd …He did not cut her off…He actually listened to her “synopsis” …and he lauded and congratulated her …A scroll down to the previous post on the June 2, 2011 special meeting shows that Mayor Roseann Minnet did not reciprocate in any way, shape or form… Also Readers need to bear in mind that VM Dodd was not allowed to make his rundown of the event he had planned in such a glowing way (he did highlight his plan in his Comm. comments in March) as the Mayor was afforded one year ago due to the ongoing actions of the pier owners and their lobbying of members of the dais right up to the June 2, 2011 meeting….

Mayor Roseann Minnet June 8, 2010-

“Well, really quickly if you’d like to hear a short synopsis of the events, I mean I have to say our businesses have been incredible. It just so happens that 4th of July falls on a Sunday this year. So it’s exciting that we can have events with our businesses. Mr Gatsby’s here and we’re gonna kick-off that program with his event that he does and, and we’re gonna work with that so we have the Village Grille and Pump that starts with their jazz on the square. Aruba does have their live music and happy hour and during that day on Friday our businesses um, also are participating in a scavenger hunt which I encourage everyone to go to our businesses that are participating. You’ll start to see signs around town very soon about that. On Saturday the scavenger hunt continues, but most importantly at 9 am is our beach cleanup. The beach cleanup falls on the first Saturday of July and that’s July 3rd. So it starts with our 9 am beach cleanup for around a half an hour. We’ve got again the scavenger hunt going and then in the evening we have our tradition Athena-101 event which again is bringing our community together and then Sunday morning we’re starting the parade at 11:15 because it is Sunday morning. We want to take into consideration the Community Church. Thank you for the volunteers that are working on. We have some commitments from quite a few people at the work site and if anyone wants to be a part of the parade please contact Mr. Bill Davis or the Chamber of Commerce because there’s still opportunities to be a part of the parade. That parade route will take us all the way down El Mar. It’s a two and quarter mile parade and so it’s long so keep that in mind. After the parade there will be a cookout and I have to say Chief Perkins thank you. The Volunteer Fire Department has stepped up to the plate on all of this. They’ve provided free games for the kids, water slides, a pony rides, all the food and everything we make comes back to the Town. So I’m very grateful and very thankful for all the work that you have done with your staff on that cookout and then at 9 o’clock is the extravaganza of the fireworks and I want to thank the pier owners for allowing us to use the pier this year for that. So that gives us a little synopsis. I know that all the Commissioners will be invited to participate on the parade. Um, Vice Mayor, you may not be in attendance and we will miss you, but I hope our other Commissioners will be available as well. (VM Dodd was out of town) So, again I want to thank everyone for the raffle items. We have two round-trip tickets to any United States, in the contiguous United States and then a variety of other raffle items through our local businesses . And again, it’s just very exciting. Paul is here with the Chamber. They’ve been very helpful in pulling this together and I’m just excited to bring back an old time cookout-barbeque to the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. It’s something I’ve heard everyoner wanted just to bring it back home. We’re gonna have a band. We’re gonna have music and it’s just gonna be be, it’s gonna be a great event. Again, I thank you for everyone’s support and so with that I see Commissioner Clottey and then the Vice Mayor.”

Commissioner Clottey asked to read a letter that was from Jerry Sehl offering up 300 historical posters that would be at the Village Grille and other places of business for $10 each and the profits from the 300 sole would go to the Town. The Mayor thanked him and then recognized Vice Mayor Dodd.

VM Dodd- ” I wanted to make a motion to approve and also a vote of thanks to Mayor Minnet for her efforts. Commissioner Clottey and I co-chaired the event two years ago and are fully aware of the huge responsibility and continual pressure to meet deadlines and seemingly impossible catch -22 situations. Last year’s event was run by Mark Furth who had many years experience and a big support base of the Volunteer Fire Department and the CIC. The politics changed and I want to say hats off to you Mayor Minnet for stepping up to the plate and chairing this year’s event on short notice. Congratulations, terrific!”

The Mayor – “Thank you, and before we approve it I do have one thing I want to ask everyone. So if there’s, I just, Vice Mayor you did bring up a very good point, um, in the past we had quite a few people who volunteered and I hope that they will ask to volunteer again and to be part of this celebration as well. Ah, it’s a great town and we need to move forward in a positive way and I’m looking forward to working with everyone on this event.”…(This writer was told by those who were at the parade etc…the opposing CIC was not in attendance and the divide continued on with the 4th event as it has for other events such as Easter and Halloween …attendance depends on the political faction majority on the dais)…

The Mayor also added the desire for the PA system to be used town wide for the pledge of allegiance /national anthem prior to the fireworks which was not on the application before them and had never been done…In previous years many opposed a town wide use of the PA system…It was again VM Dodd who voiced his approval after the Mayor asked him …

VM Dodd- “No, I think it’s an excellent idea.”..The Mayor thanked him and asked for any other comments..seeing none she said “or just leave it to me, our committee, ok. I think since silence is looked to be a form of consensus. With that Vice Mayor you had a motion to approve the special event for 4th of July.”..The VM said “motion to approve.”..It was seconded by Comm. Vincent. It passed 5-0…

On June 22, 2008 Consent Agenda item 9a was the Special Event application for Athena to hold their July 4, 2010 pier parking lot event. After the Mayor asked about adding recycling to the permit and the Asst. TM informed the Commission that this was the first special event which would address litter outside of the area they were holding the event in there was no discussion. The motion was made by Comm. Sasser and seconded by Comm. Vincent. It passed 5-0…

There was no discussion on the port-a-potties etc…and the costs to a private vendor vs the Town’s event as there was this year…There was no discussion at this meeting by the Commissioners on this item just as there was no discussion by the Commissioners at the June 8, 2010 meeting on when this became an event that forgot the residents …No discussion at this meeting by the Commissioners just as there was no discussion at the June 8, 2010 meeting by the Commissioners on the desire to overlook and/or participate in the contracts or being involved in any other aspect of the Commission-Chair’s event as there was at the June 2, 2011 meeting…

To quote the Mayor on June 8, 2008 “I think since silence is looked to be a form of consensus.”…It is this writer’s opinion that will indeed be true if these same dais members remain silent on their responses to the Vice Mayor’s summation at the June 2, 2011 Special Meeting… Mea Culpas are in order…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Time To Digest It All …

March 23, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers … unlike the days when this writer dashed home and began an all-nighter in order to post what took place at the Town Commission meeting in order to have it online asap  …I need some time to digest the one I attended last night for the first time in a year before making any such attempt to write about what took place on and off the dais …

I will definitely “noodle it” all as I make my way through a myriad of appointments and obligations … while enjoying both my fast paced and leisurely walks around town checking out the old and new local restaurants and shops….. as I attend the final two Town sponsored resident input meetings tomorrow night and Saturday morning in Jarvis Hall …. adding my 2-cents with verbal comments and stickers with comments on the wall of comments made from the first resident input meeting . ….as well as catching  up with friends and of course crossing off the ever-growing to-do list sitting on my kitchen counter over the next week of my short stay home this time back…

More to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … The December Issue Of ByTheSeaFuture Is Now Available Throughout Town & Online …

December 17, 2010 by Barbara


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Here’s The Scoop … Day 2 Back Home ….Thanksgiving In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea …Much To Give Thanks For This Year …

November 25, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …Day 2 of awaking to sunshine…temperatures that don’t require a coat and ocean breezes…I could get use to this ….again!… Nice also to awake to many messages of welcome back as well…NICE!…And the ability for the BCbythesea hubby to go for a long bike ride that’s something he is truly savoring and very thankful for!…

We have much to give thanks for this year in our town…starting with 65% of LBTS voters in March …who led the way for a new Commission…made up of a group that gets along…and who are respectful of each other having the best interest of the town squarely in first place … as it should be…but not so for far too long … We have a new Town Manager who thankfully was ready to go back into government at the opportune time for us…She has shown us all what we were missing in just a matter of months…Customer service came to the forefront inside and outside of Town Hall…by not only opening up the long shut doors…but taking away the glass barrier between staff and customers ie…residents…and visitors alike…Next step…to take down those same barriers for businesses who want to set up shop downtown…and then present and future hoteliers and specialty shops as well…TM Connie Hoffmann brought right on board with her another candidate for Interim TM….Assistant TM Bud Bentley who quickly made all those who dreaded dealing with his predecessor thankful for the big …big change they encountered from the get-go… Acting Finance Director Doug Haag  came to town much the same way…enlisted ASAP by Ms. Hoffmann to comply with the direction given by the new Commission to get to the bottom of the payout of the former Town Manager and what was going on behind those closed doors with the finances of the town… He too proved to be such an asset …pun intended …We were most fortunate once again  when he too was able to jump right in full- time and take over as Acting Finance Director providing a transparency of the accounts that showed us the pluses…lots of money in our coffers…and the minuses…of where and how our money was being kept and used/not used … Mr. Haag’s expertise will be an important component as we address the future vision of this town as well as the present aging infrastructure… We  are told the atmosphere inside the ranks those who worked under the previous two administrations have shown they too are thankful ….in the aftermath…Hmmmm… We have seen our underutilized longtime PIO Steve D’Oliveira finally recognized by this TM … At the Roundtable last Monday night not only did the Commission set its sights on jumpstarting the downtown with the exemption process for restaurants…they also agreed #21 of the the top priorities should jump to #1…Government efficiency…which means Ms. Hoffmann can continue with her smart choices of what she and we need to provide just that!… That is indeed something this writer is thankful for… Commission Ethics are in place as well as a personal code of conduct…signed in good faith by all 5 Commissioners …A new way of doing the Town’s business …one Commission meeting /one Roundtable meeting per month has been enacted and seems to be conducive to our town ….. Annual permits are back…to ensure those weekly events we all enjoy so much do not fall way to politics as usual…Public Comments at the monthly Commission meetings have dwindled down and those who step up come with something to add …rather than to something to detract…albeit one lonely soul who heads up a dried-up old PAC who despite a continued “call to arms”…found no takers to comply…That too is something to be thankful for!…A change in special events taking place after the March Election showed all those with any trepidation …no one is irreplaceable and change can and did prove to be a good thing!… Changes in Town Hall led to changes in other services to our town as well…A big shakeup in the VFD leadership…We are watching closely in the hopes that it will mirror in its success that of the Commission and Administration….The BSO has proven once again something special and unique to our town…As the new TM stated early on in her stint as Interim TM…The LBTS-BSO is more like a Town Police Department…Chief Llerena and Lt. Cedeno are hands on in our town…They are in every neighborhood and on the beach…They have been on top of a clean -up in this town that we all should count our blessings for …especially when you read what goes on on either side of us in our neighboring communities… AMR is also now well established as an integral part of our public service providers ….People who sat on the sidelines are slowly coming back as they are witnessing that with the change has come a need and a desire for their knowledge and their input …We have one local in-town newspaper ByTheSeaFuture that gets out the coverage of all the news and events monthly due to the dedication of the publishers and editors knowing its importance to continue on…The Chamber of Commerce is now a partner once more with the Town…and with perhaps new members to come on their board as well as three Chamber members put their hat into the ring….. ….New members joined a few making a return to the Town’s advisory committees and boards …and while this writer may disagree from time to time…what we all agree on is they too want what is best for the town …. The Senior Center is now the Community Center and thankfully Armilio Bien-Aime can look ahead at continuing on with what he started without looking over his shoulder and his ardent and loyal attendees and volunteer teachers can do the same…Those who were thrown under the bus when changes came for garbage service under the former administration…now will for the most part see some relief…… The Pier Alleyway should be open soon… Valet Parking was done as a trial…and will continue we are told…adding to the growing options offered to those who will be coming to town…The west warehouse long ignored by the past administration and not brought to the prior Commission for direction is to be partially leased out and used as an asset …Business uses have been expanded …and signs are going in to direct parkers to the Bougainvilla-A1A parking lot…after being told it could not be done…Drainage problems are now being addressed …after being budgeted and put in order of importance …Town Topics is being delivered at home and is on shiny paper with no political leanings as well as being more timely and informative…with great photos to boot!…We now contract out with our recreation instructors and offer those who reside here as well as visit here to participate …More extensive changes may come with the January workshop on beachfront usage for recreation as well as commercial use offering concessions at the beach …and condos/hotels/Kite- surfers will be given advance notice on that meeting as well as a promise for a decision to come this time around.from the present Comm…..The Comm. kept the millage rate the same without reducing any services to Town…The VFD agreed to forgo annual increase as well as negotiate a better contract with the Town…We reduced the TAtty. budget as well as having the firm reduce its scheduled hourly rate increases FY 2011/12…something most of us taxpayer as well as Comms. did not know was put into the contract by the former TM…The TM and TAtty. will also work to control the costs and agreed to alert this Comm. in the event we are accelerating our usage or nearing the budgeted amount…The firm has also done away with some other costs that were passed on as well…The issue of a retainer/RFP will come back before the next budget…We now enjoy an Audit firm at a huge decrease in the annual cost…thanks to an audit committee appointed by the Comm….A look into expenditures made without Comm. approval in the prior year as well as any red flags that came from going over the previous books are also being addressed concerning the previous longtime hand-picked firm pushed for and unilaterally re-hired by former TM Colon… Employee Insurance and other insurances have started to be addressed and streamlined both in coverage and provider…The public safety swimming pool long a joke in its perceived community pool designation will be filled in…The Coral Reef Project is still a work in progress contractually…but at least the contract is known and this Comm. /Admin. know who is actually behind the “pet” project… Signs are back as well with the carved LBTS logo at the Comm.Blvd. entry in the median and on Town Hall…Add to that the MIA fish bike rack relegated to the west warehouse…being spruced up and brought back to enjoy…LETF funds are back where they belong…not all…but a good portion after a faulty use of them…in this writer’s opinion…As stated above banking service will undergo more changes than just getting interest on multiple accounts as this administration go out for RFP and healthy competition to provide that service to our town…Recycling is being “accelerated”…and the refuse contract with the county we were told we had no choice but to participate in…is not so…and alternatives to produce the best deal for us in the long run are being investigated…The “ruse” of the sewer rates dealt with for years by a chosen few …is now being progressing to make it fair and equitable to all…and to ensure no such act will happen again to impact us in the manner this one will…in the pocketbook!….The Town Manager not only left the annual TM Performance Review in her very amicable and fair contract…but was proactive in providing the goals to assess her on at a special meeting and monthly Rtable this month…She has also moved forward personally to get the year overdue revisions of the Town’s Master Plan on a path to accomplish what is required including an upcoming “series” of speakers and community meetings open to all…The performing arts came back and the first play went off without a hitch…and enjoyed a positive response from all those who attended and made it happen…Parking issues were addressed and streamlined as well with combining residential/beach parking as well as changing special spaces that will benefit all instead of a few political cronies…The issue of parking is a work in progress and being addressed by the P &Z  Board/Commission and Administration….as well as the business community and Chamber of Commerce ….It too will be something to thanks for when we can enjoy the “fruits” of an expanding downtown hospitality district… sure to come with all the changes…

Yep…much has been accomplished over the last year……So there is much to be grateful for and give thanks for as a Town this Thanksgiving…and it’s a given in this writer’s opinion…with the “thinking outside the box” creativity that aided in the accomplishments thus far……. continuing on at a record pace ….as we face even larger tasks ……. that next year we will be able to give many thanks once more…

Happy Thanksgiving from this writer happily residing in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … It’s A Boy! ….

July 14, 2010 by Barbara


Longtime Lauderdale-By-The-Sea resident/Planning and Zoning Board member/Chamber of Commerce Board member Yann Brandt and his wife Christina welcomed their son into the world last night July 14, 2010 at 11:01 pm …Ethan weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces and measured 21.1 inches …According to his proud dad he has lots of hair and is lanky!…

All three are doing well….

I must extend Congratulations also to the two new proud grandmothers…Let the fawning and gushing begin…We’ll compare notes!…

more to come….

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