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October 23, 2008 by Barbara


Early voting started October 20 and lasts until November 2. Turnout is
going to be high. On October 20, 11,223 people voted in Broward County.

For those of you planning to vote early, the lines are long. It may take
1 to 2 hours to get to vote. You can vote at Pompano Beach Library at
1213 East Atlantic Blvd. (that’s 13th Street and Atlantic Blvd.)

If you decide to go, take a folding chair of some sort if
you are not strong enough to stand on your feet for a long time.
For those who are truly disabled, the poll watchers may issue
a ticket that will allow you to sit inside the building until your
number is called. Once inside, the process moves along well from
computer sign in until the ballot is inserted into the optical
reader. If you make an error in filling in the line between arrows.
you may request a new ballot and try again. REMEMBER you may only
make this request three times. AFTER the third ballot, YOU WILL NOT

For those of you who may have a hand that trembles or perhaps eyesight
problems, here is one further remedy! At the computer sign in, you may
that a friend or spouse be designated to go into the booth with you
and make sure that you have voted as you planned to. You and the other
person will have to fill out a form requesting this assistance and
both of you will have to sign this form. The above will be true whether
you vote early or in your own precinct on NOV. 4th.

Thanks to a faithful reader….for passing this on…

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September 1, 2008 by Barbara


today (Labor Day) is the very last day for American Express Card-holders (and even non card -holders) to vote on how they would like AMEXCO to distribute millions of dollars in charity.

Therefore I am urgently asking all friends and relatives to consider urging them to help raise the cure for pancreatic cancer, by voting for that project before midnight tonight.
If you are willing to help, please log on to and vote to support pancreatic cancer research.  (If you have to type in the URL address yourself, please note there is an underline “_” between “members” and “project.”)
It won’t cost you a thing — just a little time.
Thanks, John…
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For The George Bush ….countdown crowd…

August 30, 2008 by Barbara

A site for those to say “Goodbye”…a little fun & Levity…

Thanks…Faithful Reader….

BCbythesea…all political sides welcome here….

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Updates….Suggestions….Sun Trust Bank…And LBTS

August 24, 2008 by Barbara

A faithful reader….suggests…the following for the Town to get a line of credit for emergencies….

Unfortunately with banking changes in the 90’s marching down to the local Sun Trust Bank by town officials would accomplish zero.  Sun Trust is very centralized.  I took the condo funds out of Sun Trust because the local officials could do nothing with the accounts since they were considered commercial.  To get inappropriate fees removed I had to call the main office.
However the Town Manager should call the person who handles Government accounts and invite them to make a visit to Town Hall and find out what can be done.
Thanks….Faithful Reader…
Suggestions are always welcome…
more to come….
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Here’s The Scoop…..FOR THE GALS….

August 17, 2008 by Barbara


A few minutes….of your time….may give someone else the gift of life…..

when you’re done…pass the link on….


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March 25, 2008 by Barbara

A reader from Silver Shores has some added safety issues  that should be included  for the Seagrape/ Washingtonia sidewalks project….

A cut is needed in the gutter that runs between Lombardy and Avalon….

A ramp needs to line up with the  sidewalk….

A painted crosswalk and a stop sign are needed  …

This will ensure a safe transfer for wheelchairs, strollers and pedestrians across  Seagrape Drive….

all excellent suggestions…I have forwarded the reader’s email to a few of the Commissioners….

Thank you reader…keep me informed of any feedback.

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March 25, 2008 by Barbara

A reader wrote to add his input to the 3/24/08 Lemieux Report…Tax reform on a bubble….

for the sake of equality and fairness any reform plan must resolve inequity of taxes being levied on those that moved to Florida 2004- 2006….

He is of the opinion that these owners are artificially overtaxed and are subsidizing pre 2004 homesteaders…. with housing market’s price crash…will be subsidizing post2006 also….

His suggestion is to send an email to the Tax Reform Committee…

open envelope at the end of each members biography …do it soon….

he concludes…

any plan of reform must include such remedy…we are all Floridians….

Thank you, Reader….

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March 21, 2008 by Barbara

A suggestion for the town…after a reader inquired about underground utilities….

I recall in the past the Commission regarded installation as cost prohibitive….

I also recall a member of the community came forth to  request we join Fort Lauderdale  and other municipalities in their endeavor to see if ther was a way to do the installation in the future without FPL.

It went nowhere with that Commission…..but we now have new Commission…and even in these budget crunching times this may be a promising venture to join if it is still possible to do so…

Thanks to the new reader for the inquiry and let’s see if this option can be addressed….

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Suggestions…Easter- By- The- Sea

March 21, 2008 by Barbara

A reader has a request for the fine group of volunteers putting this years Easter-By- The- Sea together for tomorrow…

A “Small Fry” Hunt for the 1 year olds…it was not done in the past and a few of these “small fry” tykes were mowed over!

Hope there is room for this addition…

Let me know ….

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March 5, 2008 by Barbara

An observant resident has the following suggestion….

There is a sign just as you are turning off 95….onto Commercial that states 7 miles to Chamber of Commerce LBTS…A1A.

The reader often wonders…after tourists haves stopped to refresh and get some info ….if they do indeed turn and return to town?

The suggestion….a small tourist storefront on Commercial would be a better location….

Better for the local merchants also….

The reader has a point…compare walk-ins ….Jan 2007- 2607/ Jan 2008- 2000….down by 607.

When you go to the current location and leave….it is easier to head south out on A1A.

A location on Commercial…makes it more likely those tourists will want to continue going east.

Some issues may arise at budget time nears for the Chamber….something to ponder…along with more volunteers.

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