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Here’s The Scoop …. It’s A Sad Day In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea …. The Dais’ Table is Full ….Sewers On Private Property…An Apartment Building Round 2….A Parking Garage And so Much More….

March 15, 2016 by Barbara

LBTS Candidate Yann Brandt and family – 2016

Dear Readers…. I guess Sea Ranch Club was not as strong as it was in 2008 and will unfortunately bear the brunt of that loss as tonight candidate for commission Yann Brandt lost his race against his opponent Buz Oldaker who was heavily promoted and lobbied by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors Association… an association he belongs to as a licensed realtor …This was a huge omission in his biography he purposely enacted to keep voters in the dark…in this writer’s opinion… He was the weaker candidate by far as he went head to head with Yann showing his utter lack of knowledge about the town with no homework done during the campaign to bone up on the issues he was sorely lacking insight in to…. Yann was endorsed by the Sentinel who saw those differences and recommended by the Pelican where the editorial staff was split … He tried mightily once he saw the writing on the wall at the League of Women Voter’s Candidate Forum and the underbelly of what forces were behind his opponent to let the voters know and to convey the differences and assure voters that he would not go down the road it seems we are definitely going down after March 29th… with no brakes in sight ….We will now see votes that will go down…4-1  ( Mayor Sasser who won heartily tonight might still be the 1 opposed on the apartment building purchase)……but….more often than not…. votes will be 5-0 …..It’s a return to those days this writer saw a decade ago… the Old Guard votes are back….It’s a sad day in Lauderdale-By-The -Sea….

Shortly after Yann Brandt decided to run for Stuart Dodd’s seat Mayor Scot Sasser made the upsetting and surprising decision not to run as a slate in this election or to openly endorse his former co-campaign manager (2010) making it much more difficult for Yann as this truncated election began….This about- face was made after Scot initially agreed it made sense do both and then for reasons this writer found contrary to the Scot Sasser I knew chose not to …..  Then the Supervisor of Elections messed up the ballots including Dan Darnell’s name after he had withdrawn within the allotted time to do so….and it was Yann who made the first calls…to the SOE, the Town and the Town Clerk to get it all straightened out…. when it seemed no change was forthcoming….I made the decision to inform Sea Ranch Club resident and board member Dan Darnell his name was on the ballot as he was in the dark about the snafu … but as he thanked me for doing so and knowing I supported Yann …I was informed by fellow condo owners that he sent an email to support Yann’s opponent Buz ….which was his right…but he did it admitting in his email he knew nothing about either candidate that early in the race… A disservice to those early voters ….in my opinion….especially since the issue of the Palm Club sewers  settlement and where each candidate stood was not known at that time….a bone of contention in the Sea Ranch Condominiums who have long said ( 1st in 2007) a settlement to Palm Club for sewers on private property means SRC will ask for our lift ( for sewer) on private property to be paid for as well by the taxpayers….( I expect other condos to do the same!)….  He also later was shown endorsing Buz Oldaker in his mailer/ads…. The only remaining political action committee in town the aging CIC organized a last minute meeting with the candidates to ask them questions and then have their small group of members vote to endorse one…Their Chair Ken Evans called to ask Yann to ask him to participate even though Ken Evans the Broward Democratic State Committeeman had already openly endorsed Buz Oldaker as the Chair of the CIC online and was making phone calls for him….Yann asked Ken for a fair shake and went to the CIC to get one….The CIC did not comply….they ultimately endorsed Buz even though his stances on the issues ran counter to their core principles … They said as much in their endorsement last weekend … causing many former CIC members to comment on the strange content of that endorsement ….. Then you had an onslaught of attack emails to fellow realtors and businesses from that Realtors Association….asking for funds for their guy Buz and for their own association….. Vacation rentals will increase in town big time with continuing lack of enforcement and increasing numbers in neighborhoods with large imbalances as a result ….They are shown giving him $900 in total in Buz’s Candidate Treasury Report turned in to the Town Clerk on March 11th with one more treasury report to come in June which may exceed that amount….That’s influence paid for …just like the downtown businesses who have donated monies ….and are sure to come before him  and others on the dais who accepted those funds….in my opinion….  Phony charges were trumped up at the 11th hour by the obnoxious Bob Fleishman… the former chair of the defunct north end of town PAC Unite Our Town at that CIC meeting with the help of one of his former nemesis concerning the VFD …. Yann was a member who proudly served and was the last one out when they were locked out by some of the very supporters of Buz who were and are involved with that issue as they were and are with the Palm Club sewers….being paid for by taxpayers as a “settlement” which will be sold to us a a “public safety issue” ….just as it was in the past….. The false charge made was that Yann was dismissed from the VFD in 2008….He received a form letter along with many others once the VFD was no longer the Town’s provider and they operating from a storefront on Commercial Blvd. doing training in the hopes of returning to replace the BSO…… Talk about negative campaigning…. Then there was the outlandish Buz Oldaker ads and mailer stating his opponent Yann Brandt had gone”negative” and was attacking him stating in his (Yann’s) ads/mailer he did not say what he is on the video saying …Saying he (Buz) did not say what he said at each meeting …until he took cover  and had a meltdown at the CIC meeting ….Yann Brandt was not negative he was forthright in trying to do what opponents are supposed to do…inform the voters of the facts and the where the candidates stand on the issues as candidates and when they govern……I thought those differences were heard loud and clear when that Buz  Oldaker mailer came last weekend due to where so many of those mailers ended up in Sea Ranch Club….. in the mailroom trash!….

This election continued from start to finish to be an uphill battle with so much to lose …and with a loss of 157 votes …. and the biggest coming from the 120 votes from the north …Buz Oldaker won with 54%…. certainly not a mandate…but definitely much larger and much more impactful than we’ve seen since 2006 showing …in this writer’s opinion….there is still a big divide in our town…. and districts must be kept in place… In fact…we may need to further address the way we vote by in the future by having the south end of LBTS vote for their 2 commissioners and the north end of LBTS for their  2 commissioners retaining a town-wide vote for the mayor if we see a backslide of governing in the next 2-4 years…..We are not one town when it comes to what we pay for and how we pay for it….or who we vote for and why…..The south better wake up just like they did in 2006….and keep a sharp eye on what is on the town commission agendas…what is voted on and how it’s enacted….with or without the peoples input ….and if the commission truly represents ALL of the people in LBTS….It’s a sad day in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea….

More to come…..

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Here’s The Scoop … With Only Two Candidates Left In The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea 2012 Municipal Election Vying For Seat 3 The Question Front And Center … Is There Any Difference Between Them? ..

December 11, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers … this writer is concerned with this upcoming election and the outcome of it that thus far seems to make no difference to a good many LBTS voters we are told who are preparing to skip the whole process as a result … We hear the UOT PAC has decided not to meet until 2 days before the League of Women Voters “Meet the Candidate Night” on January 11, 2012… So in essence they will have a pre-debate debate if they even choose to ask questions of the tow candidates, Mark Brown and Edmund Malkoon! … We hear that UOT will not choose to endorse either one which leaves these candidates even more so on their own beyond a lack of many donations coming in from those so generous in 2010  … A few that are donating are donating to both in order to avoid making a decision … The impact will most likely be seen in manpower help as well in the weeks to come right up to just who will be inside the tents set up at the polling places on Jan. 31st…This writer has been told by someone at the top of the “food chain” in this town that either candidate “will want to move forward” which implied the 5-year re-development plan was solidified either way for the next 2 years…and then some… Hmmm…. Is that a good thing or not? …

I’ve sent an email to one Commissioner as well as to the Town PIO to forward to the Town Manager concerning the Jan. 11, 2012 Meet the Candidate Night being televised and replayed before the Jan. 31st election date…

“Televising Jan 11, 2012 Meet the Candidate Night


Barbara Cole


[email protected]

Sunday, December 11, 2011 11:18 AM
Steve, could you pass this on to the Town Manager before the meeting on Tues. night- Thank you.
Town Manager,
I am requesting that an addition be made at the Dec. 13, 2011 Reg. Comm. Mtg. for the upcoming Jan. 11, 2012 Meet the Candidate Night to be televised and to be replayed as some meetings have been in the past. I believe it must be voted on by the Commission to do so. I think it is important for voters to have an opportunity to see where these two candidates vying for seat 3 stand on important issues. Thank you, Barbara Cole”


I’ve also sent LOWVoters moderator Carol Smith 35 hard-hitting questions for the two candidates covering a myriad of questions that should define these candidates to voters and give an insight to how they would govern once they are positioned on the dais in Comm. Clottey’s seat for their first term as a result of how they answer them. I have not shared these with either candidate and will not do so. At the last two such events in 2008 and 2010 a great many of my questions were used. I hope that will be the result once again in 2012. Residents can do the same right now up until the day of by emailing questions on issues to Carol Smith at … [email protected] ….

I’ve sent in a Public Records Request for the candidate’s required  Treasurer Reports. The first one is due on Dec. 16th and upon receipt of them from the Town I will post them…This should show some differences between them as well as has been the case in prior years …

“From: Barbara Cole [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2011 10:41 AM
To: Steve D’Oliveira
Subject: Public Records Requests

Hi Steve, I would like to request copies of all of the LBTS Candidate’s Treasurer Reports for Dec. 16, 2011. Please respond when they can be picked up.

I will be asking for the reports as well on Dec.30, 2011 and Jan 13, 2012 as well as the Termination in Feb. Is it necessary to make individual requests? If so please let me know that as well. Thank you, Barbara Cole”
This writer heard the candidates have been out going door-to-door with Mark Brown starting off a few weeks back in the southern end of town while Edmund Malkoon began in the north end … Last week it appeared that Malkoon was trailing after Brown in sections of the south wearing his campaign Hanes green t-shirt with the bird on it which match his door hangers while Brown was dressed more appropriately to meet voters the first time according to those who met both …. Brown decided to forgo the campaign t-shirts and opted for stickers along with leaving campaign chip clips along with other pertinent information for those he met as well as for those he missed in his first round of knocking on doors… Thus far the word is that Mark has a better grasp on the topics voters are most interested in and is more readily able to respond to questions dealing with issues from past years in depth…Their signs will most likely be going up in yards soon and those too should provide voters a visual on the willingness of residents to do so for the candidate of their choice…Question is of course will UOT members put up both? ……

We should be able to see if they provide some insight to voters in any public comments they choose to make at the upcoming town meetings including the one this week on Tuesday Dec. 13th using up to three minutes to make known where they stand on hot topics contained in the agenda such as Consent Agenda item 11a. and the $6,000 dollars being requested by the Town under the new marketing budget for what amounts to be a Caribbean themed party under a tent to take place the night after the Chamber of Commerce’s Taste of the Beach event next year…The backup states that after a few months of discussions with hoteliers/restauranteurs/businesses one marketing idea was a 4-day event schedule that would include these two events on a Wed. night and a Thur. night along with the Fri. night Jazz on the Square downtown and  Sat. daytime Alley Oops skim-boarding event followed by the regular Athena Sat. night event which they say would fill the hotels… This writer as a taxpayer never thought a marketing budget would even entertain such a use for that amount of money to fill hotels which in my opinion it will not…It will only bring out people from other Broward municipalities as is the case for all of our town events … On the subject of marketing this rises to the level of the last marketing idea I was glad went by the wayside ….. putting up funds to have a congratulatory meal for the diver trying to break the record for staying underwater by the Bio-Rock coral reef project ….and then when the first attempt failed and that agreed upon Commission vote for $1000 went by the wayside a second attempt for funds to promote the diver’s return on Dec. 1st for even more money…Fortunately that too never moved forward… Perhaps I am in the minority but after reading the Sentinel on what the diver actually did to break this record which included being tied to the Bio-Rock structure in order to sleep…I thought more than ever it was not something I would want to spend money on as a taxpayer…I also found humor in the tied to the Bio-Rock scenario after hearing for so long that certain Bio-Rock proponents were concerned about anyone or anything anywhere near the structure!…Perhaps it will be agenda item 16a. under Old Business concerning the sewer rates in hotels they will want to weigh in on?….This item contains some eye-opening numbers showing the impact of the rate increases to south end customers who are still under the LBTS Master Sewer Agreement with Pompano Beach in the aftermath of the present commission trying to rectify and resolve the long standing “subsidy” (or whatever word one wants to use for the Town making up the difference in what we were billed and what the condos paid the Town)  being paid to the 3 Sea Ranch Club buildings and Sea Ranch North due to actions taken by a few behind the scenes in Town Hall and the perceived imminent infrastructure “hit” the south was going to face with our aging sewers… According to the backup on this item some have been hit alright…hit with increases of  117%-200+% over the rates they were previously charged …To add to the “hit” they received is this statement written by the TM … “Next month we will receive the engineering firm’s analysis of the repairs needed to our sewer infrastructure. From staff’s recent discussions with them, it appears that the Sewer Fund reserve is more than ample to cover the cost of the needed capital repairs. Having that report will be important in any rate restructuring considerations.” (the TM offers up some ways to reconsider the rate increase to these properties prior to this statement) It is in the last few lines of the report made by TM Hoffmann…. WOW!… No wonder Arthur Franczak has not walked away from this situation…This writer only wishes he could  have been more succinct in providing his situation in dollars and cents as the TM has in this report….We were all talking infrastructure …infrastructure…infrastructure …..because we were sure we were going to face millions of dollars of sewer replacement costs placed on the town as soon as the sewer report was finished and released…… If the staff is correct that we already have those funds available for whatever repairs are required it absolutely makes it hard to swallow the practice of continuing to impacting these south end properties at the percentage agreed upon by the commission before this information was supplied!…. This issue along with the parking dept. will be issues the winning candidate will be faced with as soon as they are sworn in ….That being said we absolutely need to know where they stand on sewers before we cast our votes … after all it’s four years of decisions made by them that impacts us all whether it’s the sewers in the south or the sewers in the north which could rise up again with the Palm Club suit still in play and an issue that changed the majority on the dais in 2008…

No one should be anointed to the position of Commissioner I am told by a valued friend…I wholeheartedly believe that to be true especially for this 2012 LBTS election …. It is therefore up to all of us to make these two candidates work hard for the votes we give them on Jan. 31, 2012….and no one should give up their right to cast their vote by taking a pass in any election…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … The May 10, 2011 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Roundtable Meeting … That’s A Big “No” On Referendum Items Being On The Ballot In 2012 & Alot Of Malarkey For Paying Off The Parking Debt ASAP … #1…

May 10, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers …this will be really interesting to see what the voters in the south and Sea Ranch Club do at the next LBTS Municipal election …Will they believe that “big ticket” redevelopment projects will not be approved by the same dais members right after the election now that two out of three of those possibly seeking re-election made the decision it is “premature” for the voters to do so … Three members of the audience came to speak against it …BTSFuture Editor Mark Brown, Edmund Malkoon and Ron Piersante… Mark Brown doesn’t want them on saying it makes it becomes “political” ….”don’t dump it on the public” that they “trust” this commission to make the “tough decisions”…”vote it up or down” …”don’t waste time and money “…….  Ron Piersante facetiously added to put the police and the sewers on a referendum as well …further adding it is for the Commission to make these decisions…He asked “Do you think they would pass?”….”What happens if they all vote no? ….The Mayor read a prepared speech stating the same criteria of making these hard decisions as what she ran on and why she was elected… That’s not how I recall it at all and that’s certainly not this writer’s opinion! … The mantra was they do not know the costs (all three undergrounding El Mar Dr./Town Hall Complex & Plaza/Parking Garage(s)will be over 10 million each ) and besides they all said they do not believe these items will happen for at least 5-10 years … WHAT! ….If that’s so why are we spending all this time and all this money for costs and designs this year?… That time frame would would mean the Town’s Master Plan would be up for revision once (or twice) again…and that begs for the answer once more from this writer…just who directed this full-scale redevelopment plan instead of a simple revision especially if the majority at the table tonight are being honest about the reason not to have these referendum items on the next ballot?… One more surprise came when the Town Manager stated she is getting costs of undergrounding from other municipalities and asked the Mayor and Commission if they wanted  rough estimates or to spend approximately $7,500 on FPL giving us accurate costs… HUH?… The direction from this Commission was given some months back for an RFP to go out …(it should have been out already) … This should have been done at the beginning …Comm. Sasser asked for ballpark figures and spoke of the costs of studies and RFPs just to find out the costs…His comments fell on deaf ears….The referendum is dead now unless a PAC picks it up and gets a petition going to put it on …That would be the CIC and it remains to be seen if they even have enough members and/or the drive to carry it out….Now we’ll have to see how many other voters wanted to have a say in what happens after the January 2012 election by who will be sitting on the dais when the votes are counted…. The results of this election will speak volumes in just how quickly that 5-10 year plan for these three items become the #1 priority to carry out!….Kudos to Vice Mayor Dodd who tried very hard to remind all about the timetable required to have these items on … as well as his history of wanting the voters to decide such major issues as they have in the past…after all it is the voters..the taxpayers who pay for it…. in the end…



The Parking Debt for the parking lot will not be addressed until September and budget time…

‘The payoff amount of the loan is as follows
$1,396,965.27 Principal
112,223 Pre-payment fee
4904.90 Interest
$1,514,094.07 Total’

The majority on the dais Mayor Minnet…Commissioner Vincent and Commissioner Clottey believe we should keep this loan on the books coming up with reasons this writer finds to be a bunch a malarkey… The Mayor started by  saying it’s self funding and we will need the money that could pay it off for other capital improvements… Commissioner Vincent who has become increasingly annoying with his pot shots at VM Dodd and his all over the place agreeing with one commissioner only to say he did not say he agreed  a moment later… as he held onto the belief we would have trouble getting another loan and there is no need to expedite this…Commissioner Clottey said while she agrees with Comm. Sasser on paying the loan down  …we need the money because we are a “hurricane prone area”…Perhaps she forgot the emergency fund that is well above what we need and that FEMA will come in after that… Any bigger catastrophe from a hurricane …there cannot be enough reserves to cover…Funny to watch Mayor Minnet agree with Clottey on this one… She went on to speak of something breaking and not having the money…VM Dodd tried to ask  Finance Director Doug Haag what he would do if this was his own loan to pay off or not… The answer came back as this is a “liquidity” issue…and borrowing from Comm. Sasser who earlier stated while addressing the referendum issue “I agree with of you and none of you” on the points made to pay or not pay off the loan and said we might need these funds for capital improvements… To go for a loan later we were told by the TM and Finance Director would leave us open to not knowing what the rates will be in the future ….We do know the rate now on the one we have and it’s 3.95% which is well above market for the time we are the Finance Director included in his backup …..Comm. Sasser tried as well to talk about not having to pay interest and having more money in the General Fund… yet again he was met with less than plausible reasons for holding on to it … in my opinion… The lowest point for this writer was watching the old Colon-era shenanigans of acting as if we have no money in the coffer … until the TM made it clear they were only referring to the “undesignated” General Funds… Comm. Sasser pointed out as well how flush we are with funds… The Mayor again spoke of waiting until budget time to make sure we have money for projects… She also took Comm. Clottey’s point made at the previous Commission meeting about paying off a portion of the debt and perhaps having no penalty attached… Comm. Clottey surprisingly remained mum on the subject… Comm. Clottey did ask the TM how having this debt or paying it off affected our bond rating…The TM said we don’t have a bond rating…When the VM said to continue to push on the penalty charges with Sun Trust Comm. Vincent snapped at him once again… Between the bad jokes and the bad behavior it’s definitely bad form on his part …. The TM after Mayor Minnet picked up where both the Vice Mayor and Comm. Sasser left off on dealing with the penalty costs and said the Town could continue to negotiate the pre-payment penalty with SunTrust between now and Sept. was first told by TM Hoffmann they would negotiate when they knew what they were going to do… but then seemed to back away from that statement…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Keeping Notes & Mairzy Doats …

May 9, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers … a walking 1 year old Lilly who only wants to go…go …go …leaves limited time to stop and sit down to post or even finish posting in these seemingly endless hectic days that result from such milestones …There seems to be just enough extra moments to catch up with those out and about in town and to take a look and tag information received and retrieved on the internet … then jot it down on a posted note and stick it onto the pile that cover the left side of my laptop of posted notes to remember and refer to … Below is a fistful of those and should make it possible to make that imposing mound of posted notes near my left wrist a much less imposing mass …literally and figuratively for this writer …



“Oh, mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lambsy divey A kiddle divey, too. Wouldn’t you?

Oh, mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lambsy divey A kiddle divey, too. Wouldn’t you?

If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, A little bit jumbled and jivey. Say, Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. Oh, mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lambsy divey A kiddle divey, too. Wouldn’t you?

Oh, mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lambsy divey A kiddle divey, too. Wouldn’t you?”


When it came to the assembly line of ordinances that came before the Commission at their last commission meeting for first reading and second reading along with the plethora of resolutions…thirteen in all …..the above song came to this writer’s mind as each one was read by the Town Attorney….. “If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, A little bit jumbled and jivey.”… “Oh, mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lambsy divey A kiddle divey, too. Wouldn’t you?”…   All those ords and resos brought forth very little Commission discussion save one item that removed signage due to the Master Plan redevelopment plans in the works (after being approved prior in lengthy P +Z discussion as well as this Comm. and being written up by the TAtty.)  with no public comment on 12 of the items … This writer really wanted at least one of the Commission members to put the onus on the Town Atty. that these 13 ords and resos actually contained what had been agreed to and actually no longer contained what was directed to be no longer included because there is no way they all read through the 13 items before approving them especially after receiving them on the evening of the previous Friday or later depending on when they picked up their fob with the backup and actually opened it up before Wednesday night’s vote… There is reason for such a request being on the record in my opinion…We have seen in the past votes for ords and resos which did not contain either in the final approved product only to find out later on while facing a situation that came before them … I further wonder the cost for all these ords and resos from the Town’s contracted law firm as some of those newly passed this evening are still not correct and will need to be amended or totally redone after the Master Plan as well as the Comprehensive Plan and the Charter next year… According to the April TM Progress Report “costs running ahead of budget” with out attorney costs at this point in the fiscal year … in the Mid-Year Budget Report there was a current monthly charge that was included that included “Administration 52,730.03/ Legal Expense 44,859.00 with more resos wanted by Mayor Minnet at each Commission/Roundtable meeting to make the County/State know where we as a Town stand on different issues…The question is what does a reso cost?…What does such a reso do once it is received by the County or State? …(filed and forgotten?) …. Is it really necessary?… One such issue coming back on the next Roundtable Tues night besides the signs is conditional use parking program …It appears that it was not made clear to the Commission that conditional use was already in our code …which means for those who want to continue to use their parking lots for beach parking …. parking not needed to meet their parking requirements … “shared parking” … they must follow the steps in place which include a $900 application fee and they must appear in front of the P & Z …Hmmm… Again we are going to “stick it” to our two major tourist attractions in town Aruba Beach Cafe and the Pier … Shades of the fees former TM Colon collected in her administration…I don’t believe it was done in the same manner by any means by this Administration …but due to a lack of full information being presented to the Commission of the impact to add this parking program to the conditional use code which has now led to this most unfortunate outcome … “If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, A little bit jumbled and jivey. Say, Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. Oh, mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lambsy divey A kiddle divey, too. Wouldn’t you?”….

Now to more from the pile …

The BSO contract is on tomorrow night’s Roundtable and contained in the backup on the Town website …As previously posted Comm. Sasser asked the question of going out for RFP after he stated he had been asked and assumed other Commissioners had as well… I have asked at least one other who has not been asked for an alternative to the BSO and when I have asked the question of others from both sides of the political divide in town …I too hear no desire for an alternative public safety provider nor our own department… The Commission after some lengthy disjointed discussion on the dais called for a workshop first per the Mayor but changed it to the Roundtable after the Town Manager stated they did not have much on the agenda … According to the backup 3e BSO informed the Town that the State Attorney General in an opinion concerning Hallandale Beach found that no public safety provider can cross over to another municipality to supply service except by mutual aid…The TAtty. concurred …That leaves one option…our own police force …That option was a loser in the last election…big time!… In the meantime further numbers came to  the negotiations last week as the TM said they would…According to the backup from a May 5,2011 meme the TAtty. states the increase will be $545,000 more than last year …which avid readers will recall this writer posted previously would be the case…I have been hearing this since last fall …. a line item budget has been requested …. The regional costs are not included in that price as we were told would be the case going forth with services such as the call center ..The TM added the cost for that was $132,000 not $125,000 as stated at the 4/27/11 meeting… There are grant programs that would possibly allow some aid for a police staff position as well as using some of the LETF …(not sure how that one works?) … Also the backup states the cost for the crime lab being tacked on separately to municipalities has not arisen to date… This writer is still of the opinion that the current BSO Police are our town police department …Public Safety is always the largest piece of the budget pie in any municipality and the actual cost now known in black and white when compared to what we were expecting we would be hit with is half or a quarter of what was long believed to be coming our way after our “subsidy” ran out! … Commissioners should now move forward with the BSO …working with them to deal with the County… “If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, A little bit jumbled and jivey. Say, Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. Oh, mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lambsy divey A kiddle divey, too. Wouldn’t you?”….

Looks like the Municipal Election will come a few months early next year just as it did in 2008.. Backup 3ai states it is an option just as it was then and will save the Town $11,412 …If Mayor Minnet, Vice Mayor Dodd and Comm. Clottey decide to make another run as all are allowed to do under the term limits… they have to go along with the earlier election… not only due to a precedent set but for fiscal responsibility… The date could be January 3 or 31, 2012 … qualifying date for candidates mid-Nov. (no set date as of yet) … That leads to the next item on the agenda put on by VM Dodd …item 3aii Referendum Ballot items on the big ticket items that will result from the Master Plan Redevelopment Plan in progress… Included in the above item 3ai was the timeline to make that happen…
‘January 3, 2012 Election Ballot Deadline- Approximately late October or early November, 2012
Ordinance on 1St reading August 23, 2011
Ordinance on 2d reading September 27, 2011
Send to Supervisor of Elections Early October 2011
January 31 2012 Election Ballot Deadline- Mid November, 2012
Ordinance on 1St reading September 27, 2011
Ordinance on 2d reading October 25, 2011
Send Ballot to Supervisor of Elections Mid October, 2011

When covering this item it is imperative due to the expected change in the date of the election for the Commission to move ahead and get the referendum items on …for financing the undergrounding of El Mar Drive/ Town Hall Complex and Plaza Redevelopment (El Prado parking lot) /public parking garages …It is this writer’s opinion that any elected official running for another term and chooses not vote to allow for these referendum items to be on the ballot in January should seriously reconsider running again… This writer has heard from many in the south end of town as well as SRC and they will seal the fate of 2-4 more years based on that decision… These taxpayers are not stupid…They do vote with their pocketbooks and do not believe these items are moot after the 2012 election unless they the voters make it clear they are moot… SRC  year after year has overwhelmingly voted no to reserves wanting to hold onto their own money and then be assessed at the time additional funds are required and votes are required on the projects …Building B which is my building has a new assessment of $4000+ based on my apartment size for this year … Add to that the fees that have increased for sewer…water…and other utilities as well as gas going up…groceries going up and those who have seen their savings take a hit… Others who missed the “hit” personally last time are feeling it now… They want to vote on the redevelopment…These return candidates know they cannot win without SRC and the voters in the south end of town…  VM Dodd should not close out this item until he has consensus one way or the either with each member on the record… Add to that the Mayor has an item 3b to address whether to have an Aug. meeting as VM Dodd wants to stop the avalanche that arises each year in September when the Comm. forgoes Aug. altogether …More important now would be the required 1st ord. reading for the ballot items in Jan!… “If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, A little bit jumbled and jivey. Say, Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. Oh, mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lambsy divey A kiddle divey, too. Wouldn’t you?”….

Item 3f is the Parking System Debt … and paying it off… The Town as expected wants to keep it… We  borrowed $2 million dollars at 3.95% in 2005  compounded monthly from Sun Trust … Annual principal payments are $146,000 with annual interest payments at $31,000 … The Parking Fund pays the costs… as of May 3, 2012 …

‘The payoff amount of the loan is as follows
$1,396,965.27 Principal
112,223 Pre-payment fee
4904.90 Interest
$1,514,094.07 Total’
The Finance Director answered the question of the pre-payment penalty reiterating what he stated on April 27, 2011 that it was standard language in these type of contracts offering protection to the bank… He went on to give some ways to pay off the loan after saying he had spoken to Sun Trust about the penalty cost and they are looking into it (Comm. Sasser asked that be done) .. adding the penalty cost is too high at the present time for prime rate interest rates are at the lowest we have seen them in “modern times”… He said if we pay off the loan it will take 2-2&1/2 years to recover the pre-penalty costs (if not reduced) by avoiding the int. payments we would make… He again stated the Parking Fund does not have the funds to pay off the debt …adding the Gen Fund has $3 million and to take it from there would cut into projects …(Hmmm…how much was transferred to CDs in the last few months for 12-18 a really low return rate?) … Finally Mr Haag states we could refinance the loan… which may or may not cost us depending on the bank we deal with (requires an RFP or SunTrust negotiations) … This item ends with the desire to have the funds to expand the parking …signage …location and pay stations  over the next 3-5 years… This writer says…pay off the debt…What does it cost for the Parking Dept. vs. what we get back? .. You bet parking garages better be on the ballot… “If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, A little bit jumbled and jivey. Say, Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. Oh, mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lambsy divey A kiddle divey, too. Wouldn’t you?”….

Is LBTS growing government… Is patronage a word that’s very familiar in Chicago becoming the norm in LBTS?… We have a list consultants …some with ties to our Town Manager in her capacity as a headhunter for Town Manager positions as previously posted with the hiring for one month at $6,500 of ousted Davie TM Gary Shimun (similar to LBTS Colon ouster) …simplify the permit fee schedule and keep permit fees for small jobs reasonable… Now we hear a consultant Pat Himelberger has been placed into the budgeted position of Asst Municipal Services Director for the remainder of the fiscal year. …working 25-30 hours a week on an interim basis in this position. …(maxed out under the $15,000 TM no Comm. required allowance?) ….She is taking over some projects such as the new telephone system, parking operations RFP and will help to review all of the responses we will be getting to various RFPS and RFQs. …TM Hoffmann knows her through work she did at the City of Oakland Park where she progressed through the ranks from Special Projects Coordinator to Assistant to the City Manager, and Assistant City Manager. Pat is a certified Project Manager….Perhaps this is a “stepping stone”…for the Master Plan Redevelopment position coordinator to come?… To this writer it seems a strange title for work being done… budgeted position or not…  I believe in the past that position showed up in front of the individual who is now the  head of Community Standards… In the TM April Report Ms. Hoffmann stated she was not going to replace the part time position of a finance employee who resigned …and was increasing the salary for further employment of a new Finance Director… Now we have a new part time employee…no mention of the salary…  An RFQ  for a variety of professional services is set to go out as early as the 18th …most covers services that we would need for redevelopment projects …(studies/designs/redesigns and coordinating companies used) …”If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, A little bit jumbled and jivey. Say, Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. Oh, mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lambsy divey A kiddle divey, too. Wouldn’t you?”….

The Halloween investigation has ended with nada!… We heard the BSO took their investigation report to the States Atty. and was turned down by more than one due to the insufficient evidence of the items… Also it appears that the person with the answers of what was in the warehouse and what was removed…Marc Furth would not be interviewed saying it was only to give him “grief” and any further information would have to be done through his attorney.. That appears to have been the extent of that portion of the investigation… There was a “hand-off” of blame through the ranks of the previous Administration when asked about the contents missing and who gave the go ahead for Furth to remove his items from the west warehouse… We hear  former TM Colon responded that she asked Municipal Dir. Prince to personally assist the move with Furth of only Furth’s items…Prince passed the job on and does not state he was told not to… The employee who went with Furth saw Furth discard items into a dumpster stating they were ruined from the bad weather at the previous Halloween…He took a “mummy” with him… That employee and another employee said they were not bothered by the items going in the dumpster believing they belonged to Furth… They said they passed that information up through the ranks after the fact… Others in town were interviewed on the weather and the items..They discounted bad weather ..No weather report was included in the report to clear that up…(This writer was there that year and posted…no bad weather is correct)… The receipts for the Furths added up to approx. $500 and total of items is said to be well above that… The outcome for the Town…we now keep a current inventory…which is good…The outcome for the former Haunted House / Special Event Coordinators Furth … is bad…leaving a bad taste in the mouth of anyone who reads the actions and the outcome of this report …Hmmm… will that come up on May 15th as the CIC meets to vote in new board members?…”If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, A little bit jumbled and jivey. Say, Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. Oh, mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lambsy divey A kiddle divey, too. Wouldn’t you?”….

Speaking of Furth… takes me to the coral reef project still not in the water after all these years and monies spent… The Town Manager informed the Commission a few months ago about trying to get a grant for the project and signage… Last week the Town learned it would most likely not get any funding… After asking for feedback one reason that came back for no funding we hear was due to the feasibility of Biorock technology…This writer posted about that long ago when we were at odds with the vendor and I Googled to research the issue… The outcome though …this Commission chose to go ahead and provide further funding for future maintenance…”If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, A little bit jumbled and jivey. Say, Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. Oh, mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lambsy divey A kiddle divey, too. Wouldn’t you?”….

This writer was sent some pics of the new benches and Adirondack chairs the Town Manager purchased for the pavilion and El Prado Park …colorful pinks, yellows etc …with a Key West feel … Like em? … Cost not disclosed ..yet …

The Town consultant for traffic engineering looked into our contract with Broward County after they turned us down for re-striping some roads in the south end of town…She told us to appeal and after doing so the County is going to that and more …saving us approx. $5,000 if we had to do it ourselves… Hopefully the Town will look townwide for other areas in need of work as well …

A few months ago it was the return of the issue of speedbumps on south Seagrape a subject hashed out long ago by the Town …Now it is the issue of Terra Mar and beach access … 100 signatures were given from residents wanting access… The Mayor put it on the Roundtable… The Mayor should have already been well acquainted with the answer the TAtty. gave on the issue once again… There is no statute requiring access to the beach …The problem for Terra mar is still the same one …only a portion of Terra Mar homes have access through a beach private access entryway that goes along with the property… Tera Mar is certainly asking for a lot these days… ala Bel Air pre- 2010 …

The County has saved millions to fight redistricting which will impact our County Comm. Chip LaMarca the most… upwards of $30 million …Funny how money is saved for items that impact future elected positions… This writer is not for redistricting … Broward County’s new Ethics Ord. is on the Roundtable for tomorrow night.. It is quite “enhanced” and overwhelming to municipalities …Question is can they adhere to it themselves? …

Save The Date …May 19, 2011 9 am-4 pm Broward SR A1A Highway Day & Municipal Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Roundtable and Expo at the Wyndham Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort 615 N. Ocean Blvd. Pompano Beach… Network & Expo displays from various local municipalities and businesses along the A1A corridor. More info…call 954-946-7195/954-401-0932/954-786-4048…CME Representatives Deerfield Beach, Hillsboro Beach, Pompano Beach, Sea Ranch Lakes, Lauderdale By The Sea, Fort Lauderdale, Dania Beach, Hollywood and Hallandale Beach …RSVP by May 13, 2011…

The new calendar for May is on the Town website…so small it is hard to make out the dates to save for in-town events in Jarvis Hall … Hope the banners are up and the publicity is large-scale for the May 21, 2011 U of Miamai Design Charette 9am-noon as well as the days to follow open to the public … 5/22 10am-5 pm …5/23 9am-5pm …. 5/24 9am-5pm…5/25 9am-5pm…5/26 9am-5pm with a 6 pm Commission Workshop -Review UM Designs…

The knock on the door means Lilly is ready to go…The mound of posted notes is at a much more comfortable level now …and this writer will stop for now ….  with …

more to come….

“If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, A little bit jumbled and jivey. Say, Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. Oh, mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lambsy divey A kiddle divey, too. Wouldn’t you?”….

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Here’s The Scoop …The April 27, 2011 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Commission Meeting … Looking At A Mid-Year Budget “Holistically” … #2 …

April 29, 2011 by Barbara


‘The word “holistic” is identified as meaning looking at something as a whole, rather than in separate parts’

Dear Readers …the mid-year budget report was made with a power-point presentation by soon to be former Acting Finance Director Doug Haag …(more about this in the TM monthly report  in the next post )…  The Commissioners and the residents were not privy to the report prior to this presentation due to the report being finished the afternoon of this meeting according to TM Hoffmann…This writer was surprised VM Dodd did not take issue with that and cannot fathom why after being given a choice of the regular presentation Haag said would take 30 minutes to present chose the 10 minute abbreviated version only to approve it without having the time to look through it thoroughly… It should have been accepted and the approval should have been tabled until they had the time to see whether they approved it or not… The motion to approve was made by the VM and seconded by Comm.Clottey…It passed 5-0 … Mr Haag after reiterating what the Town Manager said about not finishing until that afternoon and offering up the choice of versions …was advised by the TM to do the condensed version and if anyone had any questions it would be expanded on..which occurred … Mr Haag started with the General Fund Summary and said everything seems to be on track …He spoke of the revenues for communications tax being $30,000 lower than it should be and it would be looked into…He stated revenues for building permits being $19,000 down as well while miscellaneous revenues are up $5,000 due to lien search fees and insurance refunds…The General Fund expenditures “should be $100,000 below budget barring anything unforeseen issues between now and Sept. 30th”..The Power-point stated “Which will more than offset the projected revenue shortfall … The Parking Transfer Fund is running pretty tight according to Haag and he said they would talk transfer from Parking Fund to the General Fund later or could stop and address it..The TM spoke about the ad valorem and the record number of appeals on properties …They just now received 2009 figures from the property appraiser which amounted to $84,000 deducted from our ad valorem taxes this year and late last year and they are now doing the 2010 appeals which will amount to more deductions to come for what we can collect…She went on  state the Town is allowed to only budget to 95% on potential revenues and that is what keeps us from experiencing a problem when those appeals are granted… Mr. Haag stated that General Fund revenues were just about the same this year as last at the mid-year point 73% this yr vs 75% last year… The total General Fund budget is about $10.1 million … He asked for any questions on the General Fund and received no response from the Commission…

The Police Forfeiture Fund had some good news in picking up an additional $9,600 and has a budgeted amount of $37,000 of which the Chief  will be requesting $28,900 per New Business agenda item 17a  for 2 security cameras and a traffic citation writing machine …He added in summary the LETF has a $200,000 balance right now…

The Sewer Fund Mr Haag stated “This gets a little bit more complicated. It’s been a big discussion for several months”…He went on to say “where we stand  at this point …at the mid point of the year is at the break even point”…He said it was due to the $81,400 credit issued from Pompano Beach to the Town for the SRClub mistakes (SRClub was charged from the time it was finished with construction as a commercial property rather than a residential one…statute of limitations only allowed the Town to recoup 4 yrs. or billing errors and the Comm. previously voted to retain that credit due to the Town paying over and beyond what the actual charges should have been to SRC for many years due to a behind the doors decision made by a select few that came to light with this new administration/commission..prev. posts)… He continued on to say from a revenue standpoint we are just now starting to see the impact of the rate increase passed and collections that began with the March 2011 billing..monitoring that increase will continue going forward…He also stated we no longer have revenues from SRC as part of the revenue stream ..(VM Dodd spoke about this later on…I believe Mr Haag’s point was that interest we may have received for however long the Town held onto the SRC monies after Fort Lauderdale dispersed them to the Town before the Town turned them plus whatever additional monies were added to pay the Pompano Beach bill)… He went on to say on the expenditure side that $81,400 credit was reflected as an expenditure because it was credited to our Master Sewer acct. with Pompano Beach….He added that the Commission made the decision that SRC would now be billed directly from Pompano Beach …(should have begun this month) …He said the increase in the Master Sewer rate came in as projected and added that the TM and Asst. TM were “pretty prophetic” in what they planned for 15% as the fixed charge came in at 13% /volume charge 14%… He said the “Good news” was “all things taken into consideration in terms of the eventual impact of rate increase revenues still should exceed budget”…He said that should meet the Commissioners goal to build or rebuild some of those reserves for future capital repairs and /or replacement…The Town Manager chimed in to say the reason the revenue will exceed budget is due to last summers decision to budget a small amount to come in from the rate increase as well as the Commissions decision to do the rate increase “in one fell swoop” …She said we will see more revenue and that will build up the reserve to do repairs and replacement ..No dollar amount was shown or asked about as well as no discussion on where we are as far as knowing the full extent of  what will be required and when .. (such as full replacement of sewers and/or relining existing sewers…something that this writer thinks was lost due to the Master Plan revision morphing into a full-out redevelopment of the Town…far more than preserving and enhancing) …

The Fire Fund Mr Haag said was also tracking close to what it had the previous year  with 86.2% this yr vs 87% last year in revenues… The expenditures are below budget because they have not made any transfers yet for vehicle /equipment reserve (power-point said they are budgeted at $47,000) but 50% of it will be done in April (this meeting was held on April 27th) with the remainder in late summer which is typical…At this point Haag stated they did not anticipate any problems …

The Parking Fund … Mr Haag said “Near and dear to all of us” ..(Hmmm… all of whom?) … He said there was “alot going on here”… This fund’s current year and last year were “very, very close”.. “The one glaring exception is on the parking fines due to a delay in the payment process” with the California vendor…He said they were trying to schedule a conference call with them to find out why there have been so many delays in getting the monies in… The TM quickly added that we know thew amount they owe us and we’ll be fine with that amount of revenue coming in… Haag concurred and went on to talk of the number of changes made including reprogramming the business district meters to be $1.25 and hr. from $1  which will generate $25,000 this year …He said we actually budgeted $67,000 and that will come from a combination of revenue streams …the business district meter rate increases…and tonight’s agenda item to increase other rates bringing in an additional $22,000 in revenues as well as the pay stations now being used which have brought other towns 20-30% revenue increases …We have conservatively estimated a 10% increase from them for the balance of the fiscal year to bring in $23,000 in revenues…He said expenditures would be a little bit under at this point but overall revenues should be very close or maybe a little bit over budget… maybe even $10,000 over … Next up was the Parking Fund Transfer portion of the equation not discussed during the General Fund Summary …On this point Mr. Haag said it was up to the Commission to decide whether to make the full transfer into the General Fund from the Parking Fund …Not doing so would build up the parking reserves and to some extent this would be an option barring any issues arising in the General Fund this summer that would necessitate that transfer going through as it has in the past… The TM said the full amount budgeted for the transfer was $200,000 and if they could keep expenses below what was budgeted in the General Fund that money could be used for improvements such as more pay stations and parking lot configurations that they think need to be done to make them more efficient…

The Mayor acknowledged Comm. Sasser who asked Mr. Haag to go back to bullet points concerning the reprogramming and the adopted increases on the agenda and confirm they were both for a combined revenue for this fiscal year..Haag confirmed they were  and the TM added they were as well explaining that some meters in town were never reprogrammed for the rate increase which were included in the bullets he was referring to… Comm. Sasser asked about a parking lot loan and if he was correct we had one and if it was shown and where it was in the expenditures of the Parking Fund …Haag said he was correct …we do have a parking lot loan and it is shown in expenditures…He stated we pay it quarterly and the last payment to SunTrust Bank was made March 30th 2011 for approx. $47,000 in principal and interest…Comm. Sasser wanted to know how much we own on the loan and the TM stated she had just looked into this due to it coming up before…She said not to hold her to it but it was approx. $1.4 million …Haag thought $1.5 million … The TM added it did have a pre-penalty attached (another Colon pre-penalty loan debacle) …of $102,000 adding that we would cover that with the interest savings over a 2 year period but she said “the issue of whether that’s a smart thing to do right now or not I think is a different discussion and we can have that tonight”… Comm. Sasser said he would like to have it… The Mayor tried to cut him off (seems to be a bad habit of hers these days)…Comm. Sasser said he would yield in a minute and asked what bank the loan was with the TM responded SunTrust…Hearing that Comm. Sasser asked if we had other accounts in SunTrust to which Mr. Haag responded we do…Comm.Sasser said we could then renegotiate or try to renegotiate with them (shades of the last Comm. and no negotiations made by the former TM with SunTrust on the last loan we repaid) … assuming direction to repay the loan is made … Comm. Sasser stated he would ask…The Town Manager said if that decision was made to pay off the loan they could certainly ask… Comm. Sasser said we have the money to pay it off so the discussion should take place … The TM asked if the discussion should be at the Roundtable or now and Comm. Sasser said either and it was up to the Mayor… The Mayor cut in without Comm. Sasser yielding and before the Vice Mayor who was next spoke …She asked as a point of information if this was a proprietary fund and if that was correct were the payments of this loan coming from the revenues in the parking fund …Before an answer was given the Mayor added they were not “anything from ad valorem taxes comes from or goes to. The parking fund subsidizes the paybacks of that loan is that correct Mr. Haag?’…Mr. Haag first responded correct but quickly added “it’s not a subsidy because it’s a valid parking fund expense so it’s paid from parking revenues.”… The Mayor said “It’s all the payments, the revenues from the parking fund go pay off the parking loan and the interest.”…Haag again said correct..Mayor Minnet said “There isn’t any other taxpayer”…Haag interjected “There is no taxpayer subsidy per say.”..Town Manager Hoffmann injected “It’s not taxpayer money, it’s parking revenue.”… The Mayor said “So if we decide to pay that off do we have the money within the parking fund to pay off that loan?”…The TM was emphatic in her reply “No!”… The Mayor reiterated “No, so where would we get the  money to pay off the loan. We do have it but how would we, would we have to borrow that? How would we do that?”… Mr. Haag said we could borrow it and said there were a couple of different options … he said “Obviously there’s funds available.”…He said the General Fund or possibly the Capital Fund…The TM said it would be “inappropriate fro m the Capital fund though”…The Mayor said “That’s my question. Can we borrow from that capital or General Fund to pay off a proprietary fund such as the parking fund?”..Mr Haag responded “If the Commission so desired it would be possible to borrow from the General Fund.”…The Mayor “But currently the parking fund is able to pay the interest and the money generated and show a positive cash flow, correct?”… Mr Haag again responded correct and added that up to this point the fund was able to transfer additional funds into the General Fund…The Mayor replied “Great! Ok.”… Comm. Sasser asked if he still had the floor… The Mayor did apologize thinking he had yielded…or so she said… Comm. Sasser stated while he understood we are paying for it out of the parking fund we are moving funds out of the parking fund into the General Fund for use in the General Fund…He asked for verification from Mr. Haag… and seeing he had it he continued on to state if we paid off the loan an no longer had that debt service in the parking fund then we would have more funds available to move to the General Fund if we wanted to …Mr. Haag agreed that was a fair assessment and said “In fact that money could then go to repay the loan, the payoff  amount that was subsidized through the General Fund.”… Comm. Sasser finished up by saying “So we would have more money in the General Fund if we wanted to have it.” and then he yielded … Mr Haag  did throw into the mix that in today’s market it is very, very, very difficult for municipalities to borrow money in any way, shape or form and it was something to be considered in terms of a business analysis and if somewhere down the line we wanted to borrow it could be problematic…(This writer would like some research done on municipalities with no debt and surplus cash reserves before taking this one to the bank and not paying off the last debt we have…pun intended) … Vice Mayor Dodd took his bite at the apple to discuss the LETF portion and inform all that according to state statutes 15% of the total LETF must be used in any given year and if we have $200,000 we are under the required use…He told the Chief of the BSO to add onto his request for the year… It was at this point he told Mr. Haag of the problem he had with the SRC analogy of being a revenue stream benefit to the Town due to more going out than coming in after all was said and done… Comm. Vincent tried to ask a question and was cut off by the Mayor for not pushing his button…It was Comm. Clottey’s turn and she asked Mr Haag how many years were left on the parking loan…He was not sure and apologized for not doing his homework on the loan issue…The TM said she thought it was 2020 and the paperwork was on her desk and could be brought in during the break …(it never came …or if it did it was not brought forth)… Comm. Clottey asked if the Town paid the full $200,000 would that trigger the pre-penalty…The TM interjected that what Comm. Clottey was asking about was an extra payment…Mr. Haag said it was standard language and would most likely still produce the penalty payment…The TM asked for them to look at it before giving an opinion…The Mayor chimed in to say it was time to back off and give the staff time to get the answers …Mr. Haag concurred …The Mayor went on to say staff was not sure of these questions..(it appeared to this writer they were sure of the Mayor’s but not Comm.s Sasser and Clottey)… Comm. Vincent said that “Comm. Clottey asked the question with the terms left on it. I’m assuming 8 years, that was a guess with 2020. Considering it’s self funding I’m all for continued pay down of this. Like you said earlier Doug (Haag) with the inability to borrow money these days , not that the town of Lauderdale by the Sea would have any issues. We’re  pretty strong. I think we could probably bargain a good deal but at this point again I think I would rather have cash in the bank. My opinion on that and let the fund let the revenues from the parking fund self fund this for the time being and with that I yield.”… The Mayor asked if there were any more questions for M.r Haag or could he proceed with the presentation?… The Town Manager said he was actually done… and then made the statement “The bottom line is that the budget’s pretty much right on target when you look at it holistically.”… Mr. Haag again stated the hard copy detailed report would be in the Commissioner’s in box the next day …The TM said the next time they would receive a report like this would be the first of July as they prepare for the new budget… The Mayor ended the Finance Report discussion by saying that due to the questions asked the parking fund loan should be on the next Roundtable per Comm. Sasser’s request…

BC- Before that meeting the Commission should ask for figures… What the cost is of the interest and what is the difference between it and the abysmal rate we are getting by putting that same $1.5 million into a couple of CDs as stated in the TM Report to be posted next…(An avid reader pointed this out to this writer)… Also of course is the questions Comm. Sasser so rightly and aptly put forth …

Also of note…If the Acting Finance Director is correct in his statement of no monies for municipalities anytime soon in any way shape or form …again I ask why have we gone so far off the reservation with the Master Plan Redevelopment of this Town?… These statements made further add fuel to the fire as far as I as a taxpayer am concerned that the referendum items for the redevelopment big ticket items must be on the March 2012 ballot for voters to decide on whether to have bonds which would definitely be required after we burn through the 8-9 million that seems destined to be spent sooner rather than later from the looks of it…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Fall In Chicago … Lauderdale-By-The-Sea ….

November 12, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers… behind the scenes it is business as usual …the lines of communication are open more than have been in quite a while from within Town Hall…albeit a few leftover staff members who seem to be wavering between the old and the new ways of customer service… Bad acts or rather acts condoned in the past are few and far between and being done out of the new administrations line of sight…but alas, the new Administration seems to be catching on to those instances in taking the time to personally check up any such behaviors still being demonstrated… Note to the Admin. no matter the time left til retirement…or good intentions… It’s still time to clean house of some of these holdovers…They know who they are…

The weather in Chicago has been warm …high 60s and Lilly’s mom has been back in Scotland this week for more research…thus Nana time is extended leaving posting on the wayside even more-so… Miss Lilly has a new toy…a leather ottoman Nana waited to purchase when the first 6 months of baby paraphernalia was no longer in use… She is enamored by this 3×3 “gym”… as it provides not only something to hold onto to pull herself up…and a distance …in baby steps to make her way around…but it is a slide of sorts and a great drum to boot!…

In town we hear the business wanted and denied as referenced by a speaker at the last Commission meeting (prev. post) was a Hooka Bar…That was a new one to this writer…although the BCbythesea Hubby stated there is one a few block from where we reside in Chicago…

As one reader stated …we definitely need more input from the Chamber for businesses to thwart this kind of mainstay…not exactly that Macks Grove feel this writer had in mind…While I am glad the businesses allowed will now include those temporarily sidelined on 1st reading…I still believe there should have been a zoning for them on the west side of A1A as well …Hopefully that will come due to traffic and parking if not cleared up in the code itself…

CIC-Chair Liliana Pomareda is at it again…I guess the CIC website is her “blog” now…and as such provides much fodder for this writer and others…Now Chair Pomareda has included a LBTS Halloween 2010 “slide show” complete with music …It only shows the CIC table.. CIC member Rosa the “Tomato lady” and daughter..and Chair Pomareda’s children along with those who were also with her in the July 4th parade we believe.. The only “outsiders” …were a photo-op for the kids with the Ragusa’s… Now that’s CIC censhorship…or perhaps a visual into the world the “knuckleheads” continue to live in 2010…

We hear resident Sandra Booth is on the mend after a freakish fall while on vacation…Nothing can keep this powerhouse down for the count… pirates… hurricanes or solid concrete!… We also hear a good friend facing his own battle with “the elements” that seem to befall more and more of those we hold near and dear…has thus far done a “side step” of the effects that are usual …leaving all of us who think of him everyday breathing a sigh of relief!…

On a personal note…this writer has warned many off-post to be careful this year of the annual flu shot… Watch for where the provider wants to give it…Do not let them give it to you higher than normal on the shoulder…This writer and a growing number of others per Google are left with weeks of chronic nerve pain that travels from the unusually placed injection site down the arm…left to endure and in some cases go on steroids  we have now read in the hope it will eventually dissipate …According to other providers the those giving the show are offered a distance of acceptable sites that includes the usual area on the arm up to the shoulder where it seems to be problematic… If it is in the shoulder only by whomever is doing the injection..take it from me…walk away to another place of business…you’ll be glad you did!…

A followup to a few items previously posted …

A PRR was made on the updated employee salary ranges in LBTS and finally received…I was provided with an outdated 2005 version…the last one is scanned below..from 2009/2010 is showing our Town employees are paid well and as such we will have no problem getting the kind of employees needed to move forward equal to the caliber we now see at the top …

Scanned in Salary Ranges …

Also for the many who are still talking about the number one issue next to the Master Plan revisions and the future visioning of the Town…Here is a scan of the Nov. 13, 2007 Master Sewer Agreement approved by the Comm. on Nov. 13, 2007 as Consent agenda item H. …with no discussion … and we are told no backup of this agreement and no report on the specifics were turned over to that full Comm. before it was unanimously passed according to files in Town Hall at the present time…

The Nov. 13, 2007 Master Sewer Agreement Amended on Nov. 13, 2007…

The Particulars …

BC- as stated previously …we do not know why each year for over a decade since the annexation of Sea Ranch Club/Sea Ranch Lakes North Condominiums the former two administrations and former Town Attorney chose to subsidize a sewer rate charge to bring the buildings under the same rate as the Town of LBTS (the south end only at that time the north was still unincorporated Broward) as promised without going through the direction given at a special meeting concerning the annexation in that same year… We do not know who thought up the ruse to instruct the buildings to send their sewer bills to LBTS and then Fort Lauderdale when they took over the billing to continue on with it…We also do not know why the Town under the past two administrations would continue to state all increases from Pompano would go directly to the consumers …and then do just the opposite since 2003…We also do not understand why the past two administrations made it a practice not to provide all materials required for each Commission to vote on correctly…as well as not understanding commissions that “blindly” passed such agenda items seemingly based on verbal assurances only from those they relied on …. Luckily for all of us…as we face the big hits we continue to face in their wake…we can be assured with this Commission/Administration …history will not repeat itself… First though…these 4 buildings need to be under some sewer agreement with someone…which they are not at the present time…stuck in the same spot as they were prior to annexation!…..

More to come…Three very important meetings to happen next week …Mon. Nov. 15th 5 pm Special Workshop on priorities/TM annual performance review …Tues. 2nd Master Plan Steering Committee meeting at 7 pm w/ TM Hoffman…Wed Planning & Zoning …dealing with the codes/ordinances for parking requirements and signage… All open to the public with public input at the committee/board meetings …all televised/live-streamed on Town website…I will post agendas w/ comments (Backup in full will all be on Town website late today)…as well as cover after each meeting…

This weekend be sure to stop by Interior Digs in LBTS for “Let It Snow” …more info on

The event is also on the Town website… ….NICE!…along with all the backup…etc….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … The Waning Days Of Summer In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea …

September 6, 2010 by Barbara


Anglin Pier …

Dear Readers … the word from those who keep in touch …the Town is quiet…not much going on…as we wind down from summer and wind up for Fall … which will be quite a different story…We have the budget meeting on Sept. 13th at 7 pm…Reg. Comm. meeting on Sept. 14th at 7 pm…The following week is the Reg. Comm. Roundtable at 5 pm on Mon. Sept. 20th…Tuesday at 7 pm is the monthly Master Plan Steering Committee meeting with a presentation by Asst. TM Bentley and perhaps representatives of the plans for the A1A FDOT Project…(no agenda as of yet…will post when received)….Wed. night is the Planning & Zoning Board at 6:30 pm dealing with codes brought forward from previous Roundtable discussions such as these from the agenda ..
Request: The Planning and Zoning Board to provide recommendations to the Town Commission to the proposed
amendments to the Towns’ Code of Ordinances.

Item #1: Permitted uses in the B-1 and B-1A Zoning District

At the July 14, 2010 Commission Roundtable meeting, direction was given to staff to broaden the code to become more business friendly. Consultant Walter Keller reviewed the existing business uses and commonly accepted business uses in the B1 and B1-A zoning districts. Walter has provided a suggested listing of uses for your review and recommendations. ( Walter Keller, Consultant )

Item #2: Amendments Section 30-313 (31) Accessory Buildings and Structures.

At the June 9, 2010 Commission Roundtable meeting, direction was given to staff to move forward with drafting an ordinance amending the code to address sheds and storage containers that do not require a permit. ( Jeff Bowman, Director of Development Services )

Item #3: Amendments to Chapter 30-22 Adopting Zoning Relief Procedures ( Town Attorney Susan
Trevarthen )

At the Town Commission meeting of July 27, 2010, the Commission authorized moving forward with amending Chapter 30 “Unified Land Development Regulations” of the Town Code of Ordinances by creating Section 30-22 “Zoning Relief Procedures” to provide for a zoning relief procedure to address possible unintended violations of federal and state laws in the application of the Code or its related rules, policies, and procedures. This proposed amendment provides a preventative procedure to protect the Town from legal challenges, and facilitates the resolution of disputes.

Item #4: Amendments to Chapter 30-501 Adopting Severability Provisions to the Sign Code. ( Town Attorney Susan Trevarthen )

At its meeting of July 27, 2010, the Commission approved the Notice of Intent to move forward with amending Chapter 30, Article VIII, Sign Regulations, of the Town’s Code of Ordinances. These revisions to the sign code enhance severability provisions, resolve internal conflicts, and enhance defensibility in light of recent case law. Several minor changes have also been bade to address inconsistencies and implementation issues identified by Town staff.”

The second and final budget meeting to adopt the FY2010-2011 Budget will be held on Mon. Sept. 27th at 6 pm with the second Reg. Comm. Mtg. the next night, Sept. 28th  at 7 pm …

While it may seem quiet out and about to so many …there has been some action going on in town ….and behind the scenes even more so ……

The Pier has been busy with being the background for a TV series (The Glades …prev. posts)…but also for an ad on national TV for a diabetes drug…It shows a man fishing on the Pier…This writer was informed it was done about 4 months ago…So keep your eyes open for it…The funny coincidence was I had the local channel on while searching the guide to record the series The Glades to make sure to catch the Pier episode in the future when this ad came on!…

The Pier alleyway opening is progressing with the aid of the Town and the county to get it correctly striped with the proper signage to be used as it should have been all along…

The Valet service has had some hits and misses in its trial period thus far…One report was distributed (prev. post) with another substantive report coming (?) and some fine tuning will come as well to have it continue on in season…It will be included when the Town Administration and Commission along with the aid of the P & Z  deal with the antiquated and stifling parking requirements downtown…

Earlier this summer this writer unfortunately posted misinformation of a business closing after hearing the news from reliable Townspeople who passed on information told to them in the same manner…It was not done maliciously, and after a second business was also cited by quite a few as being closed, only to find it too is open as well …better PR for business in LBTS  is needed ASAP …because if the locals are so sure these businesses are gone or going… what about the visitors?…

The timing of coincidences has always amazed me…that it happens so often even more so…This writer was sitting at a Cubs game last Monday night and heard the women behind us speaking about this website called Groupon…Low and behold the next morning I received an e-mail sent out by local LBTS resident/Realtor/and new BTSFuture staffwriter Shevaun Steward-Kuhn, (GRI, GREEN Fine Homes Specialist Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Florida 1st Direct 954-817-0606 Fax 954-525-7650) …It’s just one of the many informative e-mails Shevaun sends out …

The liaison program this Commission brought forth at their procedural meeting is a success whether it has been under an official liaison designation from the dais or acting in that capacity to either aid a constituent or fulfill a campaign promise…it’s working!…

Com. Sasser has been instrumental in helping the Choice Environmental Services situation as well as working with the Chamber presently on the budget for next year… Mayor Minnet worked successfully with the contract for Ms. Hoffmann as Int. TM and is now again working on the new contract after the 5-0 vote on Aug. 25th… Comm. Vincent though not designated liaison from the dais,was successful in aiding with the Pier alley access and the valet service trial … as well as the public bathrooms…now on hold…. Vice Mayor Dodd has been successful in having so many of the items he championed and were ignored by the previous Commission and Administration brought forth by these new Commissioners taking them on as “liaisons” and having them finally pass …(prev. posts)…He has unofficially been working as a liaison on the Artificial Reef Project with carrying out tests on the original buoy and opening up transparency with those involved in the project thus far…and the new Administration… to try and see if this can project can come to fruition …(see previous post)..

In October the Chamber will again have their Annual Fish Fry …the location this year will be Jarvis Hall …mark your calendars for Oct. 6, 2010!….. Make sure to check their site for updates on business…craft  fairs and events…

Commissioner Sasser and his wife Teresa have been hard at work with getting Halloween ready and from the sounds of it…it’s going to make for quite some eye-candy as well as the bountiful trick or treat variety! …This writer will post any upcoming posters and photos when they are available as was done for Easter and July 4th…Stay tuned and get your costumes and Halloween bags ready for one tricked-out event in Jarvis Hall for Halloween 2010!…

Looks like the “goal post” has changed in where the future problems are going to be concerning the sewers and a Town Master Sewer Plan agreement with Pompano Beach… First, the Pompano Beach Commission voted to raise the water/waste last Thursday in a re-do …Our Town Manager Hoffmann caught the lack of proper notice before it was revealed in the newspaper and sent a memo to that effect to the Comms…. That will result in a big “hit” for all the LBTS customers as warned …and while it seems likely that SRClub and SRLNorth Condos will now be expected to pay any surcharge etc…just as other condos in the south and cover any expenses charged to the Town instead of what was covered previously in the behind the Town Hall doors decision made by just a few since annexation..It will most likely be a major stumbling block in any new negotiations with Pompano Beach for a Townwide Master Sewer Plan that tries to include the annexed north end of Town due to the decision made of turning over the new sewers after the change from septic!… This writer is trying to find info on that decision and why it was made…leading to what now appears to be a major blunder!…

Sentinel …Excerpts…full text link below…

“City commissioners approved a 22.6 percent increase to a typical water bill in the city on Thursday, reaffirming an action they took in July, but this time with many more angry residents on hand.

The commission had to take up the issue again because city water users had not received proper notice about the July public hearings. The extra notice made a difference.
But city officials said the current rates have not covered the cost of providing water and sewer services. The city had to dip into reserves for at least the past three years — including $3.4 million this year — to make up the difference, officials said.

“We can’t afford to let the citizens of Pompano Beach get gouged left and right. It’s too much. It’s too fast,” resident Richard Elie said. “If you want to chase us away, keep giving us these shock increases.”

The increases will appear on water bills in two phases, in September and January. A typical residential customer using 10,000 gallons of water a month will see almost a $14 increase in their monthly bill, to about $75. Someone using 20,000 gallons a month will see a 29 percent increase, or about $25, bringing their monthly bill to about $112.

Even with the increases, officials said the city’s rates would still be the fourth-lowest in Broward County.

Commissioners said the city water and sewer services have to be self-sustaining and pointed to the myriad federal and state regulations that drive the cost up.”,0,4527494.story


The VFD should be meeting this week to elect their new Chief …will it be for one year or two?…Will they make changes to their by-laws and SOPs?… Is there still some inside scuffling going on?…Will they agree to a new contract and a lower amount ($700,000 FY2010-2011)?….Will the volunteers show up for calls and drills if the $’s are not there as incentive?…. Will there be a surprise change in other leadership roles?… What about signing onto not controlling the apparatus fund or not automatically receiving a 4% increase for the remainder of the contract?… Will oldtimers come back into the fold to save the VFD?… We will know soon…

Some things never change with old personnel still in tow in Town Hall… A memo sent out to the Commission on Sept.1st was addressed to VM McIntee and Comm. Silverstone!… When the latter was caught by one Comm.  another leftover staff member was not the least bit chagrined, we are told…just more of the same old…same old…Time for some more changes after the budget is adopted!…

Speaking of old staff …we heard former Finance Director King left a message for a recommendation for a new job with one Comm. a few weeks back…The Comm. did not comply…Thank goodness after all that keeps coming up after her departure…..As for the former Asst. TM/Int. TM JohnO…He sent the Int. Town Manager two more letters asking for a change in his termination with cause (the 1st June 24, 2010 letter was previously posted with the July 6, 2010 reply from Ms. Hoffmann)… In the subsequent letters Olinzock sent to Ms. Hoffmann on July 21st and again on Aug. 11th 2010 …he made claims in the second letter of a difference in being titled “Acting” Town Manager vs. being an Interim Town Manager and claims of being “polled” by Commissioners along with claims of the need for another public meeting to stop any outgoing checks to terminated Town Manager Colon due to sunshine…as well as claims of Charter violations… He also makes references to eight “attachments” …In the third letter he states he is again appealing the revision to the terms of his dismissal of employment as outlined in the Town Charter sec. 5.5 and states “you are responsible to the Town Commission for the proper administration of all affairs of the Town coming under your jurisdiction and this responsibility is inclusive of the 14 subsections of this section. ” He points out this was his third time addressing in writing this issue with Ms. Hoffmann and ended with “Please provide expedient resolution of the referenced issue. I request that it includes payment of moneys owed for severance, annual leave, and sick leave, as has been standard procedure for terminated employees of the Town.”… Int. TM Hoffmann replied on Aug. 12, 2010 to state as she previously informed Mr. Olinzock she provided a copy of his first June 24, 2010 letter to the Commission asking to rescind their decision to terminate with cause…They chose not to rescind that decision…She stated she would forward the two new letters to them but stated she did not anticipate they will act upon them (She did and they did not act on them)…She also stated that his July 21, 2010 indicated attachments there were none attached!…She stated his letters indicate he is appealing the Town Commission’s action and there is no appeal procedure for an Acting Town Manager provided for in the Charter or Code of Ordinances of which she is aware of!… She went on to state “The Charter is clear that the Town Manager and Acting Town Manager serve at the pleasure of the Commission and may be removed by the Town Commission at any time.”… She further stated that the Town Atty. “advised the Town Commission that their actions in dismissing you and amending the dismissal to be with cause were lawful and opined that the Town has no obligation to pay you for accrued annual leave, sick leave, or severance pay. While it is obvious that you are frustrated by these decisions, you are mistaken in your belief that I have the authority to override the Commission’s decision to terminate you with cause or their direction to not provide any further compensation to you. Given the Attorney’s opinion that you were in the employ of the Town Commission at the time of your dismissal, it is clear that the issue falls under the purview of the Town Commission, not the Town Manager.”… Prev. an accurate account of what transpired as well as Town archived special minutes…No “polling” took place or breach of Sunshine…Just Commissioners and Town Attorneys doing their due diligence to avert an overpayment independently…Their concerns were well founded in the aftermath of the payouts made to Colon under the direction to proceed made by “Acting” Town Manager John Olinzock!….

So where do old Commissioners go anyhow… Some leave town …head north and go golfing…
“• Treasure Coast Golf Scores: Aug. 5, 2010 »
Aug 5, 2010 … PIPER’S LANDING. White Hats (7/28): 1, Craig Harlan, Robert Marshall, Jerome McIntee, Wayne Schrader. White Hats (July 31): 1, … D Flight: Jerry Horne def. Lou Deangelis 5 and 3. Round 4, D Flight: Emil Kapcar def. …. Business: e.g. salon. Location: e.g. Stuart, FL. Powered by ……/no-headline—spt_golfscores_c2/ – Cached
• Treasure Coast Golf Scores: July 8, 2010 »
Jul 8, 2010 … Men’s Day (June 30, 2-Man Scramble): 1, Jerry Todd, Paul Krause, 57; 2, Dr. Tio, … PIPER’S LANDING. White Hats (June 30): 1, Craig Harlan, Robert Marshall, Kimber Vought. White Hats (July 3): 1, John Duffy, Jerome McIntee, …. 10 troubled Fla. banks Updated 8/26/2010 at 10:25 p.m. 7 comments ……/no-headline—brief_spt_tc_golf_scores_c2/ – Cached”

Some get married … (congrats) ….and may claim to be happily  out of politics …but offer far too much input for this writer’s comfort  level to new Finance Directors …if the heads- up is so….when they are not qualified CPAs  …having no degree in finance and falling hook, line and sinker for all things Colon in the past…Advice to the new Finance Director…any questions on past finance call others in Town and John Thompson…

Others who have been sidelined even longer…try and fail for public office…as they decide whether to remain in LBTS or make a new start in Lighthouse Point?…. While one El Mar “stakeholder” claims he too is out of politics while a big yellow buoy sits out front his motel …Hmmm… guess “politics” by Blackberry doesn’t count?….

This writer is told the CRA issue brought up in previous posts has some thinking it will be the cause du jour to sink the new majority and new Administration…That’s only so if the previous players are again successful at parsing words and throwing out half-truths and fear-mongering… They failed to do so in the last election …and should again even if they have any traction left in Town…This writer has written we need to bring back the possibility of the CRA and other comparable ways to decide how to revive the stagnant town left in the wake of the all or nothing gang when it comes to development in Town… I merely want all avenues re-opened and all those who are knowledgeable in how to succeed to come back to the hall and participate…

That being said…we now hear the “which comes first the chicken or the egg”may be in play as well…as the Vision Meetings need to come before the Master Plan Steering Committee makes any revisions to the 2005 Master Plan …with the P & Z coming in the middle…

Lilly 4 & 1/2 mos…1st haircut (Nana cut her bangs)/playing the piano on the stand and play….

Last up…this writer will be coming home in November …December and each month after that as Lilly grows (5 months on Sept. 18th) …It  allows for Nana and Papa to make it back regularly… and yes …..Lilly will make the trek next spring as well! …

Happy Labor Day Readers….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Lauderdale-By-The-Sea August 25, 2010 Budget Workshop … Money In … Money Out ….

August 27, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … Wed. night the Commission came together for an August Budget Workshop to offer an opportunity for public comment and catch up after some delays imposed on the new administration due to changes within the Town with terminations and resignations …new hires and new disturbing “minefields” that met them at each juncture…

Up first was the return of the Community Theater which was tossed out in 2008 with a new majority on the dais…and a Town Manager that was only too happy to comply, or so it appeared in giving the theater group the heave-ho … After some false starts yet again over the funding ..would it be from the taxpayers and/or from the letter asking for donations which went out from this non-profit company before it came before the Commission?… Comm. Vincent did not do a steller job when championing it at that Roundtable and we the taxpayers were left to wonder what the dollar amount would be as he quoted in the neighborhood of $12,000 or more…The Int. TM said it was less… We hear some residents made phone calls to certain Commissioners after the exchange and stated no-way, no-how it should just be donations… This time the agreement which was included in the backup stated the cost to the Town will be approx. $1,000 to cover liability insurance which will be paid to the company after each of the 3 plays that are set …although the dates need to be double checked for any conflict in using Jarvis Hall…Mr. Ragusa came forward to answer question both the old re-hash of the theater groups demise…and new concerning accounting and the status of being up to date with the non-profit requirements from the state…Mr Ragusa answered he was up to date and could produce the paperwork and also he thought he had enough for each play although he did not know what each one would cost …Donations received were approx. $3,000 thus far …He is unable to pay for the liability ins. required and the Town would cover that with the $1,000 …The Vice Mayor stated he was really happy that with the change in the dais and the administration the residents and visitors may well get to experience local people engaging in local theater productions. He said he was sure Mr. Ragusa is aware of the heavy load placed on the use of this hall and that the town will do their best to ensure the theater group gets the necessary time to set up and rehearse….
Comm. Sasser asked about state statutes with the $1000 and non-profits …and the wanted to make sure we were covered …The TAtty. said she would review the agreement if they chose to go ahead…Ms. Hoffman stated she did not include that in the agreement because it was a small amount …Comm. Sasser responded the Town had problems in the past over $30…(Greenfest-prev. posts)…Comm. Sasser also addressed the accounting being done simply by using a spreadsheet ….Mr. Ragusa balked at that and said to do that last time meant hiring an accountant that charged him $2,000…He said he would turn his books over to the Town and they could do whatever they needed to… The Int. TM thought it would be easy to accommodate that… Comm. Clottey did make a comment stating it was 2 Commissions ago for the demise…not so…A look back shows that Commission tried for a years long agreement to stop any new Commission from pulling the plug …She also could not imagine the cost of an accountant being so high….The Mayor was concerned about the Town paying for liability insurance and that to do so would set a precedent and open the Town up to future similar requests … In the end the consensus was to move ahead to vote on at the 7 pm meeting…

Next up were the Sea Ranch Club sewer fees… and we understand a few SRC residents were in the hall… The Int. TM introduced her consultant, Ms Margoles  who provided the report (prev. post) and she came to the podium to answer any questions… Ms. Hoffmann added as she approached how complicated this whole issue is …that the more they find the more complicated it gets (prev posts) …Ms. Hoffman also stated the “struggled” with how to present it..and added the town has a fragmented sewer system …2 separate sewer rates …and spoke of the detailed report in the backup (link below)…This writer as previously posted, disagrees with Ms. Margoles on some of her facts and as VM Dodd stated from the podium, I too disagree with her to seek legal counsel to put SRC under the north’s agreement with Pompano Beach (higher rate …surcharge and availability per unit charges) which would most likely bring forth a litigation with the 4 SR annexed in condominiums in 1998…The Int. TM did bring forth before any discussion going to Pomp. Bch and getting a new townwide master sewer plan with them after more study ……Ms. Hoffman stated she had a “social lunch” with a Pompano Beach Administrator and did bring up the probability… She included that it is a given all sewer rates will need to be increase due to the south not paying passed on rate increases as well (prev. posts)…

VM Dodd stated …that the sewer situation is quite complex and he did not yet agree with the present staff recommendation of putting SRC with the north…. He went on to speak of the history …that in  1997 the four Sea Ranch buildings were annexed into town and they asked to pay the same rate as the residents at the south end of town. The main annexation for the north end in the year 2001 were covered by an agreement that they paid directly to Pompano Beach. He added that the south end of town enjoyed a large user agreement as a result of the 2007 agreement. The north end pays a higher rate because their infrastructure repairs and replacement is covered by Pompano whereas the south end enjoys a lower rate but no provision has been made to replace the pipes when they finally collapse. He stated that on top of this mess the residents of Sea Ranch and the annexation of the north has left both these groups of town residents out in the cold since neither was included in the master sewer plan agreement of 2007. His opinion was as we are to move forward the town has to re-evaluate and come up with a proposal to increase the sewer rate at the south End and include Sea Ranch so that money is put into a fund to cover the eventual replacement of the sewers. Additionally he directed the Town Manager to  enter negotiations with Pompano to bring everyone into the Master sewer plan since there is little point paying a 25% premium when the town has just spent 10 million putting in new sewers. He added to let the money remain in LBTS coffers rather than Pompano Beach. He would propose asking for further research to ensure Sea Ranch are not dumped into the agreement covering the north End and perhaps the manager can renegotiate a united town agreement that will take us forward for the next 20 years….Ms Margoles missed his point completely and reminded him of what he was well aware of …that the Town was paying for SRC when they paid Pompano Beach…UGH!…

Comm. Clottey stated it was worse than the VM said it was up north (the 2005 agreement) that made residents with new sewers pay PBeach an $800 hookup charge …She said that money went to new sewers in PBeach…She added that none of the present Commission had anything to do with that agreement (but her choice for a return to Hillsboro Inlet Commission, Oliver Parker to replace Dodd last year…sure did!)…She addressed through the chair the TAtty. and stated she personally did not think it was “fair” to assess SRC for the monies paid since 1998 but wanted to know if there was a legal responsibility for the Town to do just that…The TAtty. stated she had only made an innitial look into the situation…

Comm. Sasser stated there were a lot of questions and with the time constraints of this evening and the info still not known …the legalities and the agreements he thought the better way to handle this was to gather that information before asking the questions and he had plenty of questions as well…

Mayor Minnet agreed and asked him to get his questions to the Int. TM  …She said we need a better understanding before they can address it at a Commission meeting…

The Int. TM stated they “grappled” how far back to go and needed guidance from the dais…She added it won’t change anything…

The Mayor stated it was time to come together in an equitable way and move forward…

Comm. Sasser stated he wanted not to find blame but to find how those funds were allocated behind the scenes and the legalities involved with that…meaning in the former administrative actions not the SRC /SRLNorth /south customers… He stated it was in his opinion a “colossal mismanagement by this Town”…and wants everybody on the same agreement…

The VM agreed to go forward …and again stated his preference that any surcharge stayed in Town rather than going to Pompano Beach..

Comm. Clottey agreed to go forward and stated she had spoken to past Commissioners in Old Town (Parker/Furth?) who stated a bond was obtained for sewers there and assessed to the taxpayers…It was kept in place until approx. 2002 illegally and was taken off the books when challenged …This writer needs to check that claim out…She thought it was possible those were the funds used to pay for the difference……She asked the Int. TM to check that out …..This writer needs to check that claim out as well…

The Mayor said that would mean going back to the 1960’s!…Clottey said it stopped in 2002 …pre-annexation from 1998 with SRC and move forward was her direction to the Int. TM and make it equitable…

The Mayor added and asked the Int. TM and Ms. Margoles to concur that some information is simply not there…They concurred and Ms. Margoles held up a thick book of the report info thus far…She also thanked staff for their help…

Next was to be the FY2010-2011 budget…but Mayor Minnet asked that it be held to discuss the Chamber due to the funding being included in the budget and the decision of how much that will be needing to be decided…

The Chamber Board was in attendance after some back and forth meetings that took place formally and informally in the weeks prior along with the resignation from the board of Yann Brandt who was the Chamber liaison working with Comm. Sasser, the liaison for the Commission… The problem as this writer sees it from the information I have received is there are two distinct visions of the Chamber of Commerce/ Welcome Center ….One vision is the status quo…a small Chamber that operates with a full time administrator and a hand full of volunteers plus a full time employee for the Welcome Center and a part time employee …The lines between the Chamber and the Welcome Center become blurry at time and distinctly separate at times…and most of those times are when it comes to funds… for employees etc… The track that Mr. Brandt was on and was the same one seen by most of the Commission as well as past and present members and board members of the Chamber was to grow the Chamber to advertise more…increase membership …and hire a consultant to aid in the marketing over the long run…That “branding” being bandied about…last year by Comm. Clottey and others and this year by Comm. Vincent …It appears to this writer that the 27 year old Mr. Brandt brought back to the board what he said he would …and that may have caught some off guard with his accomplishment …The course proposed seemed overwhelming to some of those in charge and it sounds like they balked…Mr. Brandt who has limited time due to his career…his new appointment as P & Z Vice Chair …and of course becoming a new Dad resigned …In this writer’s opinion that was a huge loss for the Chamber…I can tell you first hand that in my experience with him, he has always delivered what he says he will…never exaggerates what that is …and not only has the ability to succeed …he has the contacts…the insight and resources to carry out any vision he is presented with…My concern with the “powers that be” inside the Chamber is the same as any other aging organization…the organizations and boards should not be afraid of new ideas …change and vision coming in with young people …They should be afraid only if no new blood comes in the doorto carry on …as they have one foot out of it!… The Chamber was concerned with too rapid of growth…overcrowding the small building…and the possibility of Ft. Lauderdale breathing down their necks if proposed changes were made…There is no way the growth was going to catapult them into any of these scenarios in year one… And a consultant could have prepared them for how to work with any such concerns…including a satellite office as suggested by a Reader (not former VM McIntee-prev. posts) to accommodate if need be…

The Chamber changed its need to separate the Welcome Center from the Chamber asking the Commission now to supply the added $20,000 for a full time Welcome Center employee …$10,000 would supply a part time employee …and no increase ($35,000 is an increase from the prior few years) would not supply either…But a break down shows the following…The front desk staff $12.00 per hour. $12.00 x 8 hours is $96.00/day or $35,040 annually for Veronica, (full time) and a former staff member’s replacement, (when they find one). Filling the part time position has become a problem for the Chamber. The Board of Directors believes they need to increase staffing to two full time people. This equates to 10 shifts per week instead of the current 7. ($96.00 per day x 10 shifts per week = $960 per week or $49,920 annually. They also feel the hourly rate might have to be increased if they want a higher quality individual who can take some of the work load off of Judy…The Chamber stated they as the Chamber would not be asking for anything…only for the Welcome Center which they have funded to cover any gaps of funding from the Town…Everything inside the Chamber remains the same and no consultant is needed or wanted…This writer has been told that a consultant should be hired by the Town directed by the Town for a business development plan that includes the Chambers input but not under the Chamber’s auspices …

As they came to the podium Comm. Sasser presented to the dais and the taxpayers what the Chamber ultimately was asking for the $55,000/$45,000/$35,000 scenarios described above …

Paul Novak the President of the Chamber stated Comm. Sasser had it correct from the last meeting they had (post Mr. Brandt) and spoke of the additional monies also adding to the ability to advertise as well (in the neighborhood of an additional $5,000 if a full time employee is hired)…This writer has been informed the Chambers advertising has dropped from pat years of $50,000…$20,000+ to approx. $2,000!…He too stated they needed to take much of the burden of of Judy ….

Diane Boutin from the Windjammer spoke not as a representative of the Chamber  of the importance of the Chamber and the dollars it and the Welcome Center bring in sales and real estate and stated the $55,000 was nothing in the scheme of an $11 million dollar Town budget …comparing the cost to 4th of July and other events…

Comm. Vincent thanked Comm. Sasser for his role and stated he couldn’t say it better than Ms. Boutin …adding hard economic times for Towns and again using his “branding” scenario …He summed up the status quo of $35,000 being  the equivalent of “going back square one” and $45,000 with a part time person not enough and a full time person with $55,000 the “catalyst” for moving forward…HUH?…

Comm. Clottey said the Mayor was correct at a past meeting stating we are the only ones supporting our Chamber (monetarily)…This writer is not so sure with that statement…Some others must be housed in Town owned buildings…etc…She stated the County should be more of a factor and bring down the Town’s contribution to the Welcome Center …She again brought up in town and out of town businesses…asking for the? time the percentage of members in the Chamber…she wants 50-50… Judy Swaggerty from the Chamber stated at the podium they ran the numbers a few weeks prior and it was 50-50 or 60/40 she was not sure…

Comm. Sasser asked for direction through the Mayor of what the Commission wanted..

Vice Mayor Dodd  stated he was disappointed that it appeared that  the chamber wants to maintain a status quo rather than move forward and become the marketing arm of the town. He said he  was prepared to authorize a payment of up to $55,000 if the chamber adopted a more aggressive marketing stance…but since they are happy with doing the same as last year then I believe in these times of financial restraint they too need to cut back …adding even the commission has chosen to forgo our raise so why shouldn’t the chamber if they only want to do what they did last year.. and add an employee  …he was having a problem with an increase…and wanted Broward County brought into the situation….He said he has always supported the chamber but am disappointed …and still did not have the realistic amounts ..

The Mayor asked the Int. TM for those actual fund amounts including the building …she understood they are two separate entities and was a proponent of both but spoke of the taxpayers funding it…wanting a plan presented…still…and of wanting to take it to the next level …asking for more information…and stating she was not ready to fund the $55,000…She thanked Comm. Sasser for this assistance …

Comm. Sasser spoke of the need for clarification he was hearing from some of the members of the dais on the financials again speaking of the new separation being asked for…just the Welcome Center…

Paul Novak clearly agitated said he did not know what they meant by a “higher level” and spoke of the problems stated above Ft. Lauderdale …the building size etc… He admonished the Mayor  and reminded her she had been in the position to know what happens in a Chamber from her time there on the board…(The Mayor was miffed at his hard hit)….He said Judy does the selling..and works hard…He enlisted resident and former Chamber board member Dick Clark to speak…stating he knows what’s what…

Dick Clark who we understand sat in on the first meeting with Mr. Brandt ..the Int. TM and Comm. Sasser was visibly uncomfortable and stated he should have watched from home …He said he was proud of the Chamber and gave some of his own professional history …he agreed with Comm. Vincent on the “branding” and the Chamber being a partner with the community …He states the visitor center is the only one on the beach and offered his time and help with a plan… It is our understanding he had many other ideas of how to move to that next level..but did not bring them to the podium this evening….

Comm. Vincent thanked Mr. Clark for volunteering his time  and asked Paul about the separation of the Chamber and Welcome Center adding it was valid to ask for the Town to reduce funds if Broward County funded some…Paul replied they cannot count on the County…

The Mayor was told by the Int. TM the cost budgeted was to be $18,000…but later corrected that to add the Town employees etc….so the total including them and the budgeted monies asked for would be approx. $86,000

Comm. Clottey asked why it was difficult to separate the two entities and costs…Judy answered it would be too time consuming to come up with the split of telephone…paper…staples and such…”a nightmare”… It seems to this writer if the funding goes through as separate funding to only the WC that will need to be the case for the next year’s audit…

The figures provided by the Int. TM made VM Dodd insist the County needs to be “kicking in” with funds…

Comm. Vincent did not understand his fellow dais members and broke it down …(as if they didn’t get it!)…adding it was to take the stress off of Judy…and if they closed down the Chamber the building would sit empty as it wouldn’t be rented for years…Quite a leap!…

The Mayor cut him off at the pass stating she wanted a business plan…still…and it was not too much to ask for…

Comm. Sasser said it was a conundrum and they clearly understood what the Chamber was asking for what they needed to decide was the number that would be given…

They agreed to decide after the millage and the budget presentation… (see below)…

The decision to keep the $55,000 or reduce it was again introduced and Comm. Sasser tied it all up with the commentary of the what the Chamber was asking for…and the desire for Broward County funds to lead to a deduction from the Town’s share…

The Mayor added now she was in favor of the $55,000 but done quarterly adding in the Broward deduction as a part of it if funds came in…

Comm. Vincent countered her requirement by stating this was an appropriation after asking if funding quarterly gave the Town to reserve the right not to fund it the reports were not done.. but he did agree with funding less if Broward funded…

Comm. Clottey said she was reserving her final decision until she sees a business plan and allocation …She added a personal statement that she did not want the Chamber to give public monies to a charity as a donation (as happened last Christmas)…

So it appeared the direction was to keep the line item for the Chamber …rather the Welcome Center? …at $55,000 until a business plan was received for a final decision next month… and the Town and/or the Chamber would enlist some funding for the full time employee from the County..

BC- after his win over Beverly Kennedy this week to run as the democratic candidate for another term Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl must know he needs to make something ongoing happen to try and fully fund the $55,000 as a separated out entity that sits inside the Town owned Chamber building….on an ongoing basis…After all Comm. Clottey stated he was interested in funding the Artificial Reef Project last month…Voters should call or e-mail him and other Broward County Commissioners to add their voice to the need for County funding…

On a personal note…it is the hope of this writer that the Town consider a business development plan that includes the next level of the Chamber of Commerce in whatever feasibility study we pursue as part of the strategic plan for the future of this Town and that Yann Brandt is a part of that committee…

Chamber/Welcome Center link …

As far as FY2010-2011 budget the Int. TM went over the backup provided …(link below)…She spoke of what they needed to do to retain the 3.999 millage the Commission wants kept in place… At the end of the discussions the Acting Finance Director, Doug Haag said we need to find another $153,330 dollars to get there …The Int. TM injected that figure stood only if the fire funds are legitimate as previously discussed (prev. post)….She covered the cuts in the cost of the auditor this next year …and having a portion for the fire department charged to the fire fund…The change in need for a Human Resources/Risk Management Manager (former HR Mgr. Kathy O’Brien’s position)…and that they were leaving $10,000 in for any consultant required …as well as the League of Cities cost of $2,000 for Risk management services …Town Topics was discussed and direction was given for 4 times a year…no more mailing…only at stores…Town buildings…Comm. Clottey stated she heard complaints about the last edition and the “glossy paper” being an extravagance..(Furths?)… Ms. Hoffmann said not so…and PIO D’Oliveira came to the podium as well to say no difference in the cost…Also direction came for Town e-alerts…(Include a Town Facebook as well) …Ms. Hoffmann spoke of the shift of funds from the Gen. Fund to the Fire fund …a new phone-I.T. system and new laptops for Commissioners to work with the new system…old ones would go to the Community Center…She touched on the agreeable interchanges with the VFD per President Ken Johnson and the cut in funding to $700,000 with the difference in an apparatus account…along with other contract changes such as percentage increases each year…all to be done after approval from the VFD members and re-negotiations…She spoke of the legalities in the funding of the beach patrol and EMS responses by VFD…She was incorrect in stating the VFD prevailed in instructing the Town it was allowable…That was done by Burton and Assoc. when inquired at last year’s fire assessment meeting… The gray area they touted was the VFD did not do medical procedures such as I.V.s …The beach patrol funds being in the Gen. Fund this year is confusing as Readers will remember the former TM being caught on this opened an account for paying that separately approx. 9 months after the fact at SunTrust ( and despite the fact that prev. VFD quarterly income/exp. reports (prev.VFD posts) showed the VFD was paying their members from fire assessment funds…On the donations from charities direction was given to have them show up and ask at the first meeting in Sept. as is customary…The Performing Arts was agreed to…and the TAtty. will proceed with what came up in the prior discussion…Comm Sasser had various questions on franchise fees and they were answered as a loss from people dealing in an ailing economy as well as legalities preventing any increase on the part of the Town…The improvements to the AC for the public safety building was accepted… The VFD was brought up once more… Rather funny that Comm. Clottey stated the cost was still too high without apparatus.(Hmmm…Furth-fed-led fallen out of favor w/ VFD?) …She directed a question of the contract being in place to the TAtty…. but the Mayor countered that for now both were at the table to possibly re-negotiate…On the subject of recreation the initial response was not to have a consultant (Ms. Margoles?) to help with the process behind the scenes as it was always done by volunteers… But 2010 Halloween Chair, Comm. Sasser disagreed and felt it would absolutely aid in the event’s volunteers to concentrate on the events… and was all for it..

BC- after the Greenfest fiasco…and the Furth’s packing up all the decorations for Easter and Halloween rather than donating them to the Town…Comm. Sasser is right on target… especially with Ms. Hoffmann’s ability to hire consultants and keep the budget in line as witnessed thus far…

The ending was as described above the dollars needed to keep the millage…and with 10 minutes left they began the Town Manager Application Workshop…and then decided after Comm. Clottey stated there was not enough time to discuss it…to move it to the meeting at 7 pm…(prev. post on the selection)…

The next Budget Meeting is on Sept. 14th…

Link to backup…

Link to meeting…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Something Smells Rotten In The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Sewer Agreements …

August 23, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … the backup for the latest on the Sea Ranch Club/Sea Ranch Lakes North Sewers as well as the latest 2007 Town Master Sewer Agreement with Pompano Beach is now on the Town’s website (link below)… It will be discussed at the Budget Workshop on Wed. August 25, 2010 at 5 pm…Public comment will be allowed….

The Town hired a consultant to look into the longtime subsidy being provided to the 4 condominiums by the Town of LBTS after it was found by the Interim Town Manager and to come up with a recommendation …This writer has posted on this previously and some of what I posted was used in the backup…including the minutes from a Special Meeting held on Feb 3, 1997…

“At the February 3, 1997 Commission meeting the Town Commission discussed the proposed annexation of the Sea Ranch Club Condominiums (Attachment B.) The sewer rate discussion focused on the following areas: The Town’s desire to include the condominiums in the Town’s Master Sewer Agreement. The existence of a contract between the City of Pompano Beach and the four condos that requires the condos to pay a surcharge to Pompano Beach and the legal question of whether the Master Sewer Agreement would take precedence.Creation of a aggregate blended sewer rate should the Condos inclusion not legally be possible. Filing of a declaratory judgment action to bring the SRCC under the Town’s Master Sewer Agreement. The Commission provided direction to the Town Manager and Town Attorney to proceed with the annexation.”….

The actual exchange from the minutes was as follows…

“Town Manager Baldwin asked the Commission that in the event the condominiums

cannot be brought into the Town’s Master sewer agreement would they be willing to

have an aggregate sewer rate to distribute the sewer costs.

Vice Mayor Parker stated if the Annexation were to go through the Commission should
authorize the Town Attorney to file a declaratory judgment action to bring them under
our sewer rate Vice Mayor Parker said only if the judgment failed should the
Commission authorize an aggregate sewer rate.
Vice Mayor Parker asked Town Attorney Cherof if it would hurt the Town’s position if
they went on record stating they would be willing to create an aggregate sewer rate
Town Attorney Cherof responded he was not sure why the Town would need to make a
decision on the aggregate sewer rate now.
Town Manager Baldwin replied the condominiums are concerned they would have a
higher sewer rate than the other Town residents.
Vice Mayor Parker stated the Town’s response should be the Town will file a lawsuit a
declaratory judgment action to bring the condominiums into the Town’s contract with the
City of Pompano beach. He said they will then fall under the Town’s contract rate for
wastewater disposal.
Vice Mayor Parker told the Commission if the Commission went on record in advance
and say the Town would be willing to have an aggregate rate it would weaken the
Town’s position in court. He said it would indicate a willingness on the Town’s part to
renegotiate the sewer rate.”

Also included was a letter the following day Feb. 4, 1997  to SRC Director John Thompson from former Town Manager Bob Baldwin that addresses the Commission’s meeting and their commitment to the annexation and what will be agreed to … “On February 4 1997 Robert Baldwin Town Manager sent a letter (Attachment C.) to the Director of the condominiums stating The Commission has approved several items as follows: 3. Agreed to take necessary action to reduce the condominium resident’s sewer bills to a rate charged by the City of Pompano Beach to Town residents.”

What was not included was the February 19, 1997 “Annexation Questions & Answers ” sent to the SR residents from the Town which included the following…

“Will our sewer rates decrease?

YES. The Town Commission has agreed to lower the condominium resident’s sewer fees. The Town intends to bring the condominiums under the Town’s master sewer agreement with the City of Pompano Beach. That would decrease your rates (based on current rates) from $1.81 /per one thousand gallons plus the additional flat fee to $1.51/per one thousand gallons with no flat fee. If neither the City of Pompano Beach nor the courts allow this change, the Town will explore other options. The Town Commission is committed to making the sewer rates the same for all residents. That means your rates will be lowered.”

We now know that the entire town gets their sewage treatment from Pompano Beach and from Sea Ranch Lakes North (5200 N. Ocean ) north receives both water and sewage treatment while north of SRLNorth gets their water from Fort Lauderdale…

From the rest of the 26 page report it states some even more disturbing information …

“Former Town Manager Baldwin and Former Town Attorney Cherof have been consulted to see if
they can fill in the gaps on several issues in the research but neither could recollect the history on those particular issues.”

BC- why am I not surprised?…

We learn that there “is no indication of a follow up on a declaratory judgment in the Town files or minutes” and a request was made from the former Town Attorney for the old files and what was received stopped at the period of negotiations on the new Master Sewer Agreement…

BC- which means there is no record of any follow up prior to Dec. 2007…the date of the new master Sewer agreement….

The exchange with the Pompano Beach Utility Customer Service Manager and Pompano Beach Utility Director produced these gems…”I spoke with the Pompano Beach Utility Customer Service Manager, who indicated there was no documentation in their files regarding the billing change from the condos to the Town. The position of Pompano Beach regarding the billing is they are following the City policy of charging for sewer service that allows for per unit availability charges and a surcharge for out of City residents. In a discussion with the Pompano Beach Utility Director, he stated no mention was made of the annexed areas during the negotiations for the new Master Sewer agreement executed in 2007.”

BC- So to clarify …in 2007 the Town of LBTS entered into a new agreement with Pompano Beach which was passed by the Commission on Nov. 13, 2007 as a Consent Agenda item with no discussion leaving out the annexed in areas from the Town Master Sewer agreement…This practice of passing Consent Agenda items in “batches” without discussion is a practice often done at commission meetings and is the reason why no one in the audience and perhaps some of the Commissioners as well (due to so many occasions backup was not provided to them) …prev. posts)…. did not know of the agreement did not include the annexed areas….The previous Master Sewer agreement was in 1966 prior to the two annexations …but in 2007 SRC /SRLN and the north were fully annexed in and should have fallen under the agreement as stated in the Feb. 19, 1997  Q & A  (above and prev. post)…”The Town intends to bring the condominiums under the Town’s master sewer agreement with the City of Pompano Beach” …. The Town Commission is committed to making the sewer rates the same for all residents. That means your rates will be lowered.”….

BC- It seem to this writer the Master Sewer Agreement is not a valid agreement with the exclusion of the annexed areas and needs to be renegotiated to include the entire town…

Disturbing facts continue in the report from none other than former Vice Mayor- Mayor Parker who finds out today, Aug. 24, 2010  if  Broward voters will elect him to become our new Broward County Circuit Court Judge … Parker bought a condo in SRC building C according to the BCPA in November 1997 after the Feb 3, 1997 Special Meeting, but definitely during the time of those who decided behind closed Town Hall doors to subsidize SRC without following through with going to Pompano Beach or going for a declaratory judgment and making the decision not to bring it back to the dais ….according to this report…thus it appears it became a benefit  … It is hard for this writer to believe Parker did not know what was going on in Town Hall and did not inquire on the process and the outcome of what was supposed to take place after the SRC annexation…

The exchange with Oliver Parker …

“I also spoke with former Mayor Oliver Parker on 7/15/2010 who provided some
background from his time as an elected official. He told me during pre-annexation
discussions with the SRCC residents they requested that they be treated equally with
Town of LBTS residents regarding sewer rate. The Condos had a long term agreement
with Pompano Beach (with 15-20 yrs more to run) dictating a higher rate than Town
residents. The Commission through discussion at meeting and direction to the Town

Manager agreed to charge SRCC residents the same rate as other LBTS residents
were charged. That information was conveyed in a letter from the Town Manager to the
Director of the Sea Ranch Condominiums.
It was his recollection that the SRCC sewer agreements were assigned to LBTS. He
believes this assignment could have been done at a managerial level between the City
of Pompano Beach Manager and the LBTS Town Manager. He stated the SRCC sewer
system was folded into our sewer system and LBTS then created a blended sewer rate.
The former Mayor Oliver recalls that the rates established by the Commission took into
account the amounts paid by the Town for SRCC blended rate as well as capital
needs that would be made in all areas of the Town but were not necessary in the
SRCC area.

BC- So according to Parker …”He believes this assignment could have been done at a managerial level between the City
of Pompano Beach Manager and the LBTS Town Manager.”…. He stated the SRCC sewer system was folded into our sewer system and LBTS then created a blended sewer rate. The former Mayor Oliver recalls that the rates established by the Commission took into account the amounts paid by the Town for SRCC blended rate as well as capital needs that would be made in all areas of the Town but were not necessary in the SRCC area.”… These statements are disturbing on so many levels… Managers from 2 towns made a deal without any documentation in either town?… The Town created a “blended sewer rate” and the Commission took that into account for each budget year going forward?… Parker …Baldwin….Colon…etc…just kept mum and did not bring back to the Commission that the agreed upon sequence of events ( discussion with pompano Beach/ declaratory judgment) discussed on Feb 3, 1997 were not adhered to and a subsidy was enacted none-the-less …

This should put to rest any insinuation that Sea Ranch Club or Sea Ranch Lakes North residents had any idea they were being subsidized over the years without going through the proper avenues they were informed would take place at the time of negotiations….It is safe to assume they believed some agreement had been made with Pompano Beach as they continued to pay the Town each year the same rate as the rest of the residents…

I do disagree with the consultant and Pompano Beach’s reps on when SRC began paying the Town…They stat it was 2001 when SRC began paying the Town…I have been informed as I previously posted that SRC began paying the Town right after annexation in 1997 up until the time Fort Lauderdale took over the billing for Town….. It does not add up …pun intended…for SRC to have continued to pay Pompano until March 2001 because SRC would have known they were paying the higher rate in those 4 years according to statements made by the Pompano reps in the report of Pompano continuing to charge the surcharge and unit availability charges … Also, it does not make sense SRC would switch for just one year and pay the Town only to then have Fort Lauderdale pay the Town and then have Town pay Pompano Beach the following year if they were paying Pompano in the first place…. A further look into the books at SRC needs to be done to clear this up if possible……The only other explanation would be if the “managerial level” agreement Parker alluded to between PB & LBTS did this with no documentation as well ….which seems highly unlikely …

In doing some searching for the 2007 Master Sewer Agreement in the Town’s archived minutes I came upon this exchange shortly before the Nov. 13, 2007 signed agreement ….finalized by pompano on Dec. 17, 2007….

The Sept. 27, 2007 Minutes (pg. 2)

“Tom Carr asked about the revenue for the sewer charges that used to be billed bi-monthly, He said since Ft. Lauderdale is now collecting both water and sewer charges, would they return the sewer charges back to the Town of Lauderdale-By-The Sea, or whether the money went directly to the City of pompano Beach.

Mayor Parker explained there are two providers, Ft. Lauderdale provided the water and sewer services and Pompano Beach provided water only, north of Pine Avenue.

(BC- either Parker was wrong or the minutes were incorrect…as stated above PB supplies both north of SRLNorth…)

Mr. Carr wanted to know where the excess charges went. Manager Colon explained that the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea paid the City of Pompano Beach for the master sewer bill for the south end of town and for Sea Ranch Condos.”

The report includes the 2007 agreement and tables etc….

BC- The explanation and recommendation made by by the consultant are problematic to say the least in this writer’s opinion and in the opinion of a few that were involved at the time of the agreement in 1997…

“EXPLANATION ……The next step is for the Town Attorney to review the report and pertinent documents to advise the Town on the legal strength of a request to have Pompano Beach start billing the Sea Ranch condos directly for their sewer service as they do all other
Lauderdale by the Sea customers north of Pine Avenue.”
“RECOMMENDATION: Seek the Town Attorney advice on the matter and advise the Sea Ranch condos of the likelihood of a change in how they are billed for sewer service.”

BC- SRC agreed to the promises made by the Town’s representative …former TM Bob Baldwin that they would be charged under the Town’s Master Sewer Agreement and treated equally with the South end of town (the north was not a factor).. It stands to reason that SRC may legally challenge any attempt by the Town to make them join the north in paying a 25% surcharge etc…plus per unit availability charges knowing now that the Town never followed through with negotiating with Pompano Beach or going to court  to say nothing of the fact that those in charge never came back to the Commission to decide the next step…in honoring the agreement…SRC would seem to have a case of precedent due to what those same people in Town Hall chose to do to comply with the agreement in order to have SRC pay the same rate as the rest of LBTS at the time of annexation to present…which is a flat rate with a user fee paid by the Town to Pompano Beach (see above 9/2007 minutes) The two large south end condos Caribe and the Fountainhead pay that way as well…

Again, it is this writer’s opinion that the following should now take place…as stated above…back to the negotiating table with Pompano Beach…on the Master Sewer Agreement and the annexed areas being included…If Pompano Beach is not receptive to new negotiations …then it is on to a declaratory judgment… to see where the courts stand on this debacle…before making any attempt to break the agreement with SRC and SRLN….I also believe if we go to court depositions should be taken on those who were behind the decisions made…and while  former TM Colon can not be charged with any wrongdoing found “from the beginning of the world” per her agreement with the Town made last month..She can be called to answer questions on this million+ dollar subsidy and could possibly be found either in contempt or perhaps charged with perjury if she does not comply honestly after being sworn in….

Also not included in the backup is any input by the present Town Attorney ….

Of note…one other item that needs answers as we deal with this issue is the June 15, 2005 City of Pompano Beach Resolution 2005-254 /Sanitary Sewer Agreement this writer received in a PRR  last week which covers the north side of town and the phases of the septic to sewer areas going forth …Phase 3 was the Palm club which was to start no later than 2007 and be completed no later than Dec. 2008… A follow up PRR has been made for any correspondence with Pompano Beach to advise them a vote was taken to stop phase 3 in Feb. 2008 and informing Pompano to revise and/or amend the sewer agreement as well as the City’s resolution to reflect that action …If none was made …it would appear a breach was made in this contract as well by some of the very same people behind closed doors in LBTS’ Town Hall..

The meeting will be open to the public as a workshop…no public input …Wed. Aug 25th, 2010 at 5 pm in Jarvis Hall …on Comcast Ch, 78/ Town website live-streaming…and then archived…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Looking For Your Local Government Official Today?…

August 19, 2010 by Barbara




The 998-room Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa is a sight to behold, rising 39 stories above the Atlantic Ocean. Its bold architecture, comprised of art deco curves and lines, recalls the hotel’s illustrious past. Ideally situated between two international airports and the top two passenger ports-of-call , once inside, you’ll marvel at the lobby’s soaring 60-foot atrium ceiling of glass, unlike anything else in the Southeast. Gracious spaces allows comfortable accommodations for large groups while a casual elegance throughout the resort prevails. All meeting space and every guest room and suite, are state-of-the-art to meet the needs of the discerning executive traveler.

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“President’s Invitation to the
Florida League of Cities 84th Annual Conference
Dear Friends:
I hope you are making plans to attend the Florida League of Cities 84th annual conference. I
cannot think of a theme and focus more appropriate than the one we have this year: Creating
Community in Tough Times!
Our country, our cities and our citizens are in the midst of some tough economic times. This
conference aims to bring you value-added ideas and innovations that can be incorporated into
your city’s programs at low-to-no cost. We will focus on the elements within our cities that bring
our citizens together and keep them together – that sense of place, belonging and pride that
cause a citizen to say, “I’m proud that I live here, work here, play here, and raise my family here.”
This year’s theme is perfect to showcase the memorable conference event that is designed to both educate you and
provide cost-cutting ideas that will make a difference in the lives of those you serve. Designed for the new or veteran
official, this conference will give you the tools you need to solve today’s municipal problems, especially during these
tough economic times.
It is a conference that will offer a wide variety of information-packed workshops; general sessions with powerful
keynote speakers; timely information on Florida; and technical assistance and resource materials from national, state,
regional and non-governmental entities. And, in this all-important year of elections, we will feature not-to-be missed
political forums with candidates running for statewide office. Hear from the candidates on issues that matter to you
and your citizens!
Our lineup of nationally celebrated speakers will provide insightful information to leadership and governance so that
you can offer the best for your city. William (Bill) Hudnut is a former four-term Indianapolis mayor and congressman,
author, public speaker, TV commentator, think tank fellow and clergyman. Hudnut is currently managing partner and
senior fellow emeritus for the Urban Land Institute. Back by popular demand: John Avlon, author and senior political
columnist of the Daily Beast. Avlon is also the author of Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America and is
often seen on the major news and political television shows offering his opinion on today’s political scene. Ronald O.
Loveridge, mayor of Riverside, Calif., and president of the National League of Cities, will give us a compelling report on
the state of America’s cities. You’ll also hear from the ever-popular Dr. Scott Paine, former city councilman, professor,
noted author and League blogger during one of two “city class” sessions that will kick-off the annual conference by
providing you with an intensive, interactive educational experience. When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in
2005, a new definition of natural disaster evolved. Moreover, the impact of the storm revealed how ill-prepared the
country was to deal with this type of devastation. Join us as we hear first hand from Lt. General Russel Honoré,
the commanding general of Joint Task Force Katrina. Co-sponsored by the Florida League of Mayors, this special
presentation with General Honoré, titled “See First, Understand First, Act First: Leadership and Preparedness in the
21st Century,” will offer cities key strategies on preparedness and disaster response. This session is not to be missed!
I look forward to seeing each of you in Hollywood as we all learn from insightful speakers and innovative workshops,
and benefit from networking and information-sharing that will address your unique municipal challenge.
John Marks III, FLC President
Mayor, City of Tallahassee

Tentative Program
Workshop Topics Under Development
The League is working to bring you the most timely information possible. The list of topics will be
announced in the Datagram in June and will also be posted on our Web site …(BC-see link below)…

7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Registration Desk Open
7:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m.
Charity Golf Tournament to Benefit
Tallahassee: A Community that Reads
8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
City Class Sessions
The League has developed two concurrent, three-hour
“city class” sessions to kick-off the annual conference.
These workshops will provide you with an intensive,
interactive educational experience. While there is no
charge to attend either session, pre-registration is
required to ensure there will be enough seating and
handout materials. Be sure to indicate which session
you will attend on the enclosed registration form.
City Session 1 – What Do I Do Now?
Presented by Scott Paine, Ph.D., Associate Professor of
Communication/Government, University of Tampa
Winning an election or re-election makes us leaders
by position. But leading is so much more than a
title and an office… and nobody prepared us for the
challenges with which events, and our constituents,
confront us every day. What are the leadership
principles and practical tools that make us more
effective leaders in these particularly challenging
Using a combination of discussions, role-play and
presentations, Dr. Scott Paine, communication and
government professor, former city councilman,
Florida League of Cities columnist and blogger, and
author of Rethinking Public Leadership for the 21st
Century, will help you enhance your effectiveness as
a public leader. Paine will bring real-world, and real-

Florida, experiences to life, and challenge you to

find a leadership path through them… where your

political career won’t be on the line!

City Session 2 – Creating Community in Your
City: Partners for Livable Communities
Presented by Partners for Livable Communities
Join representatives from Partners for Livable
Communities for an engaging session on maximizing
your cultural assets as partners in economic
and social development agendas. In tough economic
times, these partnerships and the programs
that develop through them will help cities foster
and maintain their unique quality of life, often with
little or no cost to the city government.
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Technology Center Open
Need to check the local news? Are you looking for that
important e-mail? Just want to browse the Internet or
catch up on some work? The Florida League of Cities
Technology Center provides you the perfect place to do
all that with eight PCs and staff to assist you. Please note
that children must be supervised while in this area.
12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Florida League of Mayors Luncheon and
Business Meeting
For more information, contact Jenny Anderson at
(850) 222-9684.
12:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Municipal Marketplace Open
1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
“Cities 101” Workshop
If you are newly elected or newly appointed, this “crash
course” is designed for you. Details about Florida municipalities,
services and governing challenges will be
discussed. This is a prequel to the popular Institute for
Elected Municipal Officials, but is not a substitute for the
three-day IEMO class.
Thursday, August 19, 2010
7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Registration Desk Open
7:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m.
Charity Golf Tournament to Benefit
Tallahassee: A Community that Reads
8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
City Class Sessions
The League has developed two concurrent, three-hour
“city class” sessions to kick-off the annual conference.
These workshops will provide you with an intensive,
interactive educational experience. While there is no
charge to attend either session, pre-registration is
required to ensure there will be enough seating and
handout materials. Be sure to indicate which session
you will attend on the enclosed registration form.
City Session 1 – What Do I Do Now?
Presented by Scott Paine, Ph.D., Associate Professor of
Communication/Government, University of Tampa
Winning an election or re-election makes us leaders
by position. But leading is so much more than a
title and an office… and nobody prepared us for the
challenges with which events, and our constituents,
confront us every day. What are the leadership
principles and practical tools that make us more
effective leaders in these particularly challenging
Using a combination of discussions, role-play and
presentations, Dr. Scott Paine, communication and
government professor, former city councilman,
Florida League of Cities columnist and blogger, and
author of Rethinking Public Leadership for the 21st
Century, will help you enhance your effectiveness as
a public leader. Paine will bring real-world, and real-
Florida, experiences to life, and challenge you to
find a leadership path through them… where your
political career won’t be on the line!
Thursday, August 19, 2010, continued
William H. Hudnut III
Senior Fellow Emeritus, Urban
Land Institute and Managing Partner,
Bill Hudnut Consultants, LLC
Former four-term Indianapolis
mayor and congressman,
author, public speaker, TV
commentator, think tank fellow
and clergyman, Bill Hudnut is
a senior fellow emeritus at the
Urban Land Institute (ULI) in
Washington, D.C.; managing
partner in his own consulting
firm Bill Hudnut Consultants, LLC;
a faculty member at Georgetown
University teaching graduatelevel
real estate development
courses; and an associate with
SGBlocks LLC. Hudnut is probably
best known for his 16-year tenure
as mayor of Indianapolis from
1976 to 1991. A past president
of the National League of Cities
and the Indiana Association of
Cities and Towns, Hudnut helped
Indianapolis record spectacular
growth during his years in
office. His goal was to build a
“cooperative, compassionate and
competitive” city. After leaving
the mayor’s office, Hudnut held
posts at the Kennedy School
of Government at Harvard, the
Hudson Institute in Indianapolis
and the Civic Federation in
Chicago before assuming his
position with ULI in 1996.
He is the author of Minister
Mayor; The Hudnut Years in
Indianapolis, 1976-1991; Cities
on the Rebound; Halfway to
Everywhere; and Changing
Metropolitan America: Planning
for a More Sustainable Future.
1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Legislative Policy Committee Meetings
Energy and Environmental Quality
Finance and Taxation
Growth Management and Transportation
Intergovernmental Relations
Urban Administration
3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.
International Relations Committee Meeting
4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Resolutions Committee Meeting
4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
First-Time Attendees’ Orientation
If this is your first FLC Conference – Welcome!
This workshop will acquaint you with the League, the
conference program (with tips for the best use of your
time), how to get involved in your local or regional
league, FLC legislative policy committees and other
municipal services.
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Florida League of Mayors Board of Directors Meeting
For more information, contact Jenny Anderson at
(850) 222-9684.
6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
President’s Welcome Reception in
Municipal Marketplace
Friday, August 20, 2010
7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.
Florida Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials
For more information, contact Leo Longworth at
(863) 533-3136 or visit
7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Continental Breakfast in Municipal Marketplace
7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Municipal Marketplace Open
7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Registration Desk Open
8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Early Bird Workshops
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Technology Center Open
9:15 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.
Opening General Session
Featuring the presentation
of the E. Harris Drew Award
and the Years of Service
Awards and a keynote
presentation by William H.
Hudnut III.
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Roundtable Discussions
Come sit with your colleagues
and discuss fiscal
best practices, “go green”
solutions, small city issues,
financial innovations and
other topics.
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Women Elected to
Municipal Government
Luncheon by invitation only.
If you do not receive your
invitation, please contact
WEMG at (904) 571-4925 or
[email protected] See
letter on page 19 for details.
11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Grants and Technical
Assistance Resource
This unique and valuable
session will provide you
with grants information,
technical assistance and
other resources that are
available to your city. The
Resource Center is specifically
designed so that you
may drop by at your convenience
to meet with representatives
from various
state, federal and nonprofit
organizations that provide
grants and other services.
Preview the 2010 version of FLC’s much sought after
grants exchange guide, Financial and Technical Assistance
for Florida Municipalities, which will be sent to your city.
12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Sidewalk Café in Municipal Marketplace (Cash Sales)
1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Florida Association of City Clerks Workshop –
“Public Integrity and Transparency in Government”
Join your peers for an enlightening session with
members of the Winter Springs City Commission and
its city manager. Learn how they have taken their
focus on transparency in government and opened the
floodgates so it is truly for the citizens. The elected
officials, management and all city staff of Winter Springs
are incredibly focused on keeping the actions of the
government’s leaders open to the public. It goes beyond
Florida statutes and what municipalities are mandated
to do. It is a new mindset, a real emphasis on true
accountability and better communications. Attend this
informative session full of innovative ideas and consider
new ways to let your community know more about
their government, including what you are doing for
them, and how you and your citizens can form a more
understanding partnership.
2:45 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Candidates’ Forum
The League has invited all candidates running for governor,
Cabinet positions and U.S. Senate to participate in
one of two forums during the conference. The final forum
schedules will be determined closer to conference.
4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Special Presentation – “See First, Understand First,
Act First: Leadership and Preparedness in the
21st Century”
Co-sponsored by the Florida
League of Mayors
When Hurricane Katrina struck
New Orleans in 2005, the
devastation was more than
anyone could have imagined.
Images of the city drowning in
the waters of the Mississippi and
Lake Pontchartrain, and of the
dire conditions at the Louisiana
Superdome and Convention Center, showed the world
that the United States was ill-equipped and unprepared
to deal with a natural disaster of such epic proportions.
In spite of questionable leadership on many levels, one
leader undeniably changed the course of the disaster:
Lt. General Russel Honoré, the commanding general of
Joint Task Force Katrina. A native of Lakeland, La., Honoré,
the “Category 5 General,” swept into New Orleans,
surveyed the destruction and took charge, bringing the
city back under control and starting the long process of
putting it back together. Honoré is a no-nonsense career
soldier who always speaks his mind. While in charge
of the entire Army east of the Mississippi, he brought
leadership to New Orleans, reminding soldiers to lower
their weapons and help those in need, creating a more
positive atmosphere as rebuilding began. Honoré is now
bringing the lessons on Katrina to organizations around
the country. An expert on preparedness and responding
to catastrophe, he offers insights into protecting people
and organizations, outlining the principles necessary
to lead through unexpected and uncontrollable crises.
In May 2009, he published his first book, Survival: How
a Culture of Preparedness Can Save You and Your Family
From Disasters. The man that New Orleans Mayor
Ray Nagin called a “John Wayne dude,” Honoré has
proven that by taking charge and creating a culture of
preparedness, whether as an individual, group, city or
entire country, unexpected crises can be managed and
their impacts can be minimized.
5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Past Presidents’ Luncheon Ticket Exchange Open
5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Municipal Achievements Event
All delegates are invited to meet and recognize the winners
of this year’s Florida Municipal Achievement Awards
program. Beverages and hors d’oeuvres will be served.
Evening Open
Saturday, August 21, 2010
7:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Past Presidents’ Luncheon Ticket Exchange Open
7:30 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.
Various Local/Regional League Breakfast Meetings
Contact your local league for more information.
©Sigrid Estrada
Saturday, August 21, 2010, continued
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Registration Desk Open
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Technology Center Open
8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Voting Delegate Registration Open
9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Annual Business Meeting
9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Youth Council Program
10:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
Second General Session
Featuring keynote presentations by National
League of Cities President Ronald O. Loveridge
and John Avlon.
12:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.
Past Presidents’ Luncheon and Installation
of New President
2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
3:45 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Candidates’ Forum
6:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
Childcare Provided
Pre-registration required. See enclosed form
to register.
6:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
“FLC Arts Festival” Closing Night Event
Join your colleagues from 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.
for samples of culinary delights from throughout
the state, while exploring the works of local artists
and community activities within our own festival!
After 8:00 p.m., enjoy dancing and singing along
with a rock n’ roll band.
Schedule and speakers subject to change.
Ronald O. Loveridge
Mayor, Riverside, Calif.,
and President, National
League of Cities
Ronald O. Loveridge,
mayor of Riverside,
Calif., was elected
president of the National
League of Cities by its
membership in 2009.
He has long been active
in NLC, serving as a
member of the Board of Directors and vice chair of
the Equity and Opportunity Panel. He also served on
NLC’s International Council and chaired the American-
Canadian Cities in 2004-2005. He is a past president of
the League of California Cities and served on numerous
task forces and leadership positions. Loveridge was
first elected mayor of Riverside (pop. 300,000) in
1994. He served on the City Council from 1979 to 1993
and the Environmental Protection Commission from
1970 to 1979. He is also a member of the California
Air Resources Board, the South Coast Air Quality Air
Management District and the Southern California
Association of Governments.
John Avlon
Author and Senior
Political Columnist,
The Daily Beast
John Avlon is senior
political columnist for
The Daily Beast and the
author of Wingnuts: How
the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking
America, as well
as Independent
Nation: How Centrists Can Change American Politics.
Avlon was the youngest and longest-serving speechwriter
in New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s City Hall.
After the attacks of September 11, 2001, he and his
team were responsible for writing the eulogies for all
firefighters and police officers murdered in the destruction
of the World Trade Center. Avlon’s essay on the
attacks, “The Resilient City,” concluded the anthology
Empire City: New York Through the Centuries and won
acclaim as “the best single essay written in the wake
of 9/11.” In a profile, author Stephen Marshall wrote
“Avlon talks about politics the way ESPN anchors wrap
up sports highlights.” Columnist Kathleen Parker wrote
“Americans who are fed up with the Ann Coulter/
Michael Moore school of debate and are looking for
someone to articulate a common sense, middle path,
may have found their voice in John Avlon.”
Additional Activities
Off-Site Activities
The Westin Diplomat provides a professional concierge
desk to answer all questions regarding what to do, where
to dine and how to get there, as well as brochures on
area attractions, shopping and restaurants. For complete
information, please contact the Westin at (954) 602-6000
or visit their Web site at
Charity Golf Tournament
A charity golf tournament will be held on Thursday
morning, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to
benefit Tallahassee: A Community that Reads. Enjoy a
round of golf on the Diplomat’s course while helping this
organization promote literacy and foster and develop
a love of reading in citizens of all ages. The entry fee is
$100 per person. See the registration form on page 15
for more information.
Past Presidents’ Luncheon
Ticket Exchange
The installation of the new president will take place
during Saturday’s Past Presidents’ Luncheon. When you
pick up your packet at registration, you will receive a
coupon to exchange for a luncheon ticket. The ticket
exchange booth will be open twice: Friday, August 19
from 5:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. (during the Municipal
Achievements Event) and Saturday, August 21 from
7:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. This procedure will give you
the opportunity to pick the table at which you want to
sit. You must exchange this coupon for a ticket.
Saturday Night Childcare
Childcare services will be available on Saturday, August
21, from 6:00 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. during the “FLC Arts
Festival.” This service, provided by the League through
Sitter Solutions, will be offered at no charge, but preregistration
is required.
The League will provide pizza, popcorn and drinks. Sitter
Solutions will provide quality childcare with loads of
activities and games. Toys will be provided for children
1-3 years old, as well as videos for quiet time. Pillows and
blankets will also be available.
6:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Registration
6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Dinner
7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Activities
9:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Quiet Time and Videos
10:30 p.m. Closes
Please be sure to pick up your child by 10:30 p.m.
In order for us to provide this service, you will need to fill
out the Childcare Registration Form on page 17 so we
can determine how many sitters will be needed. Please
return childcare forms to Barbara Solis, P.O. Box 1757,
Tallahassee, FL 32302-1757 or fax to (850) 222-3806.
This service is licensed, bonded, insured and CPR trained


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