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Here’s The Scoop …. Well Played ….Time To Move On …. To Other Things…. Barbara Cole Writes….

March 30, 2016 by Barbara

The 2016 LBTS Final Election Results – Broward Supervisor Of Elections

Dear Readers …. Last night the new 2016 Lauderdale- By- The- Sea Commission was sworn in after a celebratory 6:30 pm farewell to outgoing two- term Commissioner Stuart Dodd and retiring Town Manager Connie Hoffman … I believe the election results were read from the dais and congratulations were made ….This writer chose to take a pass on watching the proceedings …. I did look at the official election results sent by the Town Clerk prior to the meeting and saw some disturbing issues that will be swept under the rug as so much was during this incredibly strange 2016 LBTS municipal election….The Broward County SOE left in 16 votes for “Candidate Withdrawn” aka Candidate Dan Darnell who dropped out asap after the final day of declaring to run for the commission and the resulting mess that ensued when his name was included on the absentee ballots …( see prev. posts)…..The Broward County SOE had stated no ballots with Darnell’s name would be counted and that first batch of absentee ballots received would either be put aside or destroyed …depending on which week the answer was given by the Broward County SOE ….Besides the 16 “Candidate Withdrawn” shown on the final election results there is a “Total Votes” number discrepancy between the mayoral race and the one commission race for Commissioner Dodd’s seat representing the south end of town……The mayoral race shows a ‘Total Votes’ of 2063 votes and the commission race shows a ‘Total Votes’ of 1998 with the inclusion of 16 “Candidate Withdrawn” -Darnell votes…That’s a short of 65 votes in this race …add back in the 16 “Candidate Withdrawn”-Darnell votes that were not to be counted or shown in the results and the total difference between these two races is 81 votes that are unaccounted for! ….Can it really be that 81 voters either voted for “Candidate Withdrawn”-Darnell and the Broward County SOE chose to show only 16 of them in the final official results …. tossing aside the 65 other votes….or…. did 65 voters really decide not to vote in the commission race at all?…. Neither makes any sense and in any other year that I’ve been involved over the last 10 years …..this would have been a “Red Hot Issue” ….one that would beg for immediate answers from the Broward County SOE before the swearing in to assure this was a clean election result for the commission seat in the south….. with real verified numbers to assure those results….in my opinion….But alas….this is not any of those past years….and we will never know what happened  and why….

That being the case…the sad case…. and for all the reasons written in the last 2 previous posts on this election ….this writer…. like my friend Stu Dodd … is term limiting out…. self- term limiting out …. The voters/residents became happily complacent in the last 6 years and in the 2012 /2014 municipal elections with uncontested races for incumbents and small turnout for single commission races …. and in my opinion…… the “Old Guard” mainly left in the north end of town ….so many thought were long gone….bided their time and waited for that complacency and for all the major opposing players to be gone or termed out to pick up where they left off in 2007…. Well played!…… Time will tell just how far this “Old Guard” agendas ( sewers in Palm Club etc…prev. posts) will be back on track and come to fruition with the newly seated commission now so beholden to them….. ( look at the backers of the newly elected and where they reside contained  in the candidate treasury reports)….and time will also tell if the demographics of the town…especially in the south end of town will come forward to decry those old tactics once again or will simply accept it all ….lock, stock and barrel … was the case for many years in the past….until it became to blatant to sit back and do nothing…

And no…. Dear Readers ….there will NOT be an outgoing “How The Sausage Was Made…2010- 2016″….as many have requested or asked about ….

For this writer……. I am going to go back to blogging on other topics as I did in the beginning of BCbythesea in 2008 ….Those old non -LBTS posts are still making their way around the world- wide web sphere producing comments years later from far and wide… bringing forth much pleasure of how vast this world really is ….and how much world there is outside of LBTS politics and those political “bubbles” that remain the same….

Under BCWrites….. more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …. It’s A Sad Day In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea …. The Dais’ Table is Full ….Sewers On Private Property…An Apartment Building Round 2….A Parking Garage And so Much More….

March 15, 2016 by Barbara

LBTS Candidate Yann Brandt and family – 2016

Dear Readers…. I guess Sea Ranch Club was not as strong as it was in 2008 and will unfortunately bear the brunt of that loss as tonight candidate for commission Yann Brandt lost his race against his opponent Buz Oldaker who was heavily promoted and lobbied by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors Association… an association he belongs to as a licensed realtor …This was a huge omission in his biography he purposely enacted to keep voters in the dark…in this writer’s opinion… He was the weaker candidate by far as he went head to head with Yann showing his utter lack of knowledge about the town with no homework done during the campaign to bone up on the issues he was sorely lacking insight in to…. Yann was endorsed by the Sentinel who saw those differences and recommended by the Pelican where the editorial staff was split … He tried mightily once he saw the writing on the wall at the League of Women Voter’s Candidate Forum and the underbelly of what forces were behind his opponent to let the voters know and to convey the differences and assure voters that he would not go down the road it seems we are definitely going down after March 29th… with no brakes in sight ….We will now see votes that will go down…4-1  ( Mayor Sasser who won heartily tonight might still be the 1 opposed on the apartment building purchase)……but….more often than not…. votes will be 5-0 …..It’s a return to those days this writer saw a decade ago… the Old Guard votes are back….It’s a sad day in Lauderdale-By-The -Sea….

Shortly after Yann Brandt decided to run for Stuart Dodd’s seat Mayor Scot Sasser made the upsetting and surprising decision not to run as a slate in this election or to openly endorse his former co-campaign manager (2010) making it much more difficult for Yann as this truncated election began….This about- face was made after Scot initially agreed it made sense do both and then for reasons this writer found contrary to the Scot Sasser I knew chose not to …..  Then the Supervisor of Elections messed up the ballots including Dan Darnell’s name after he had withdrawn within the allotted time to do so….and it was Yann who made the first calls…to the SOE, the Town and the Town Clerk to get it all straightened out…. when it seemed no change was forthcoming….I made the decision to inform Sea Ranch Club resident and board member Dan Darnell his name was on the ballot as he was in the dark about the snafu … but as he thanked me for doing so and knowing I supported Yann …I was informed by fellow condo owners that he sent an email to support Yann’s opponent Buz ….which was his right…but he did it admitting in his email he knew nothing about either candidate that early in the race… A disservice to those early voters ….in my opinion….especially since the issue of the Palm Club sewers  settlement and where each candidate stood was not known at that time….a bone of contention in the Sea Ranch Condominiums who have long said ( 1st in 2007) a settlement to Palm Club for sewers on private property means SRC will ask for our lift ( for sewer) on private property to be paid for as well by the taxpayers….( I expect other condos to do the same!)….  He also later was shown endorsing Buz Oldaker in his mailer/ads…. The only remaining political action committee in town the aging CIC organized a last minute meeting with the candidates to ask them questions and then have their small group of members vote to endorse one…Their Chair Ken Evans called to ask Yann to ask him to participate even though Ken Evans the Broward Democratic State Committeeman had already openly endorsed Buz Oldaker as the Chair of the CIC online and was making phone calls for him….Yann asked Ken for a fair shake and went to the CIC to get one….The CIC did not comply….they ultimately endorsed Buz even though his stances on the issues ran counter to their core principles … They said as much in their endorsement last weekend … causing many former CIC members to comment on the strange content of that endorsement ….. Then you had an onslaught of attack emails to fellow realtors and businesses from that Realtors Association….asking for funds for their guy Buz and for their own association….. Vacation rentals will increase in town big time with continuing lack of enforcement and increasing numbers in neighborhoods with large imbalances as a result ….They are shown giving him $900 in total in Buz’s Candidate Treasury Report turned in to the Town Clerk on March 11th with one more treasury report to come in June which may exceed that amount….That’s influence paid for …just like the downtown businesses who have donated monies ….and are sure to come before him  and others on the dais who accepted those funds….in my opinion….  Phony charges were trumped up at the 11th hour by the obnoxious Bob Fleishman… the former chair of the defunct north end of town PAC Unite Our Town at that CIC meeting with the help of one of his former nemesis concerning the VFD …. Yann was a member who proudly served and was the last one out when they were locked out by some of the very supporters of Buz who were and are involved with that issue as they were and are with the Palm Club sewers….being paid for by taxpayers as a “settlement” which will be sold to us a a “public safety issue” ….just as it was in the past….. The false charge made was that Yann was dismissed from the VFD in 2008….He received a form letter along with many others once the VFD was no longer the Town’s provider and they operating from a storefront on Commercial Blvd. doing training in the hopes of returning to replace the BSO…… Talk about negative campaigning…. Then there was the outlandish Buz Oldaker ads and mailer stating his opponent Yann Brandt had gone”negative” and was attacking him stating in his (Yann’s) ads/mailer he did not say what he is on the video saying …Saying he (Buz) did not say what he said at each meeting …until he took cover  and had a meltdown at the CIC meeting ….Yann Brandt was not negative he was forthright in trying to do what opponents are supposed to do…inform the voters of the facts and the where the candidates stand on the issues as candidates and when they govern……I thought those differences were heard loud and clear when that Buz  Oldaker mailer came last weekend due to where so many of those mailers ended up in Sea Ranch Club….. in the mailroom trash!….

This election continued from start to finish to be an uphill battle with so much to lose …and with a loss of 157 votes …. and the biggest coming from the 120 votes from the north …Buz Oldaker won with 54%…. certainly not a mandate…but definitely much larger and much more impactful than we’ve seen since 2006 showing …in this writer’s opinion….there is still a big divide in our town…. and districts must be kept in place… In fact…we may need to further address the way we vote by in the future by having the south end of LBTS vote for their 2 commissioners and the north end of LBTS for their  2 commissioners retaining a town-wide vote for the mayor if we see a backslide of governing in the next 2-4 years…..We are not one town when it comes to what we pay for and how we pay for it….or who we vote for and why…..The south better wake up just like they did in 2006….and keep a sharp eye on what is on the town commission agendas…what is voted on and how it’s enacted….with or without the peoples input ….and if the commission truly represents ALL of the people in LBTS….It’s a sad day in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea….

More to come…..

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Here’s The Scoop ….. 2016 BCBYTHESEA Picks For LBTS Commission…. Re-Elect Scot Sasser and Elect Yann Brandt…..FINAL UPDATE……

March 11, 2016 by Barbara

Dear Readers… This year once again I have been asked by many who I support for the Lauderdale- By-The- Sea Commission in our election that takes place next Tuesday March 15th….So… as has been my practice for the last 10 years I put those candidates signs on the windshield of my car …. This year I support the re-election of Scot Sasser for a second term as Mayor and Yann Brandt for Seat 4 District 2 to replace Stuart Dodd who is term limited out….

I encourage all readers to take the time to look online at the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum which was held in Jarvis Hall on Feb. 25th and is replayed on the Town’s channel 78 on the weekends through March 13 th as well as being able to pull up on the Town’s website at which has the information on the front cover page to access…The commissioner portion of the debate begins at 56 minutes if you do not want to watch the whole event…..which included the sad “implosion” of the Mayor’s opponent James Pady who was clearly in over his head in this long time required forum to showcase for voters the candidates and what they can and cannot offer the voters if elected….

There are definitely big differences between Yann Brandt and his opponent Buz Oldaker with the depth and detail of knowledge concerning the most important issues…. There is a large glaring difference in the institutional memory between Yann Brandt and lack of such with Buz Oldaker on the history of the town, the knowledge of the Charter and the will of the people….. Initially, I as a voter thought there might not be due to the fact that they each served on the Planning and Zoning Board for some time ( Yann went on to serve on the Charter Review Board as well as currently serving on the Audit Committee) and felt that either would be a welcome addition to take Stu Dodd’s seat…..  My first inkling that might not be the case was a look back at Planning & Zoning meetings which showed a stark contrast in Yann’s insights, proposed input and changes which were voted on and passed vs Buz who did not add much substance although he was the Chair….  I definitely changed my mind early in this race when I was asked about statements made by Buz in print for an interview that he worked on many campaigns and provided advice to the commissioners. I was taken aback because I thought they had confused him with his opponent!… Yann Brandt was the one who did that!…. Buz Oldaker was not involved in any aspect except perhaps a sign in his yard…. These inconsistencies continued on when he is said to have responded that he wanted to run in 2008 and 2010 but was “bumped” for Stu Dodd and Chris Vincent. That is a major untruth that I would have been privy to at that time as I was co- campaign manager for both those elections… In 2010 with Yann for Minnet/Sasser/Vincent….. My antenna consistently went up over these last weeks as I watched the LOWVoters Candidate Forum and saw that Yann Brandt brought forth in methodical, clear responses with his stances on the issue of sewers on private property-….Yann is against it/ Buz stated they pay property taxes… indicating a yes…. and…. Buz has his sign at the front of the Palm Club gates!….Definitely a yes vote for sewers on private property….in this voter’s opinion!…. Mayor Sasser does as well but unfortunately he is bound by shade session rules and cannot divulge if he is before or against …although we will know once litigation/shade are over…. UPDATE…3/14/16-Just heard from an avid reader…a few hours after this writer posted Buz sign at Palm Club gates it was removed!….Sasser sign is still there….Hmmmmm…..just more of the bait and switch we have seen since day 1 with the Oldaker campaign!…..Yes.. Indeed …the Palm Club sewers is back in play yet again using the “public safety” issue ploy in order to provide taxpayer funds on what is a “horizontal” condominium …. Google Palm Club sewers Lauderdale-By-The-Sea to see it’s a replay of a failed use of taxpayer monies in 2007. …. Redeveloping Town Hall- Public Safety building complex-…Yann wants taxpayers having a say in the funding…. Yann stated how Lighthouse Point had a separate millage for a major expenditure such as this and wanted it on the ballot, not a referendum but a ballot question/ Buz said we need a consultant and put forth that a vote was not needed as well as no need for separate millage … (his response to many questions involving longterm planning was a disturbingly laid back attitude that nothing is “finite” and we can budget for it/move monies around to address on an annual basis) ….Buz  spoke of a recent planning of the future of the town meeting that pulled in approximately 60 people into Jarvis Hall that he felt showed that was enough to steer this multi-million dollar expenditure…….. I was at that meeting and while I was happy to see a large contingency were new to town, I was also saddened to see they chose heights in town as number one concern due to not being aware of our charter.  ….The purchase of the $3 million dollar apartment building is waiting in the wings ….in my opinion….for that 4th vote to purchase it…. Yann stated he was against the purchase as were Mayor Sasser and outgoing Comm. Dodd and explained alternatives and traffic congestion were a more immediate problem with peak limited times of parking problems…. he cited our last parking study…. Buz turned his nose up to that consultant which countered his call for a consultant for the Town Hall Complex issue, and spoke of a parking problem and that some parking garages could be “pretty” pointing out the Minto buildings across from Jarvis Hall. ….. He stated”….I’m not going to take anything off the table” ….On the Marina- Basin Drive  area Yann stated we need to put the residents first, no overnight stays on the boats and brought forth a concern of the town selling the underwater rights to the marina owner citing alternatives to doing so….Buz brought forth he didn’t know how this could be done but he would like the town to turn that area into a park for people to gather and enjoy….. The inference was clear he wanted the town to purchase the property….. If I was a neighbor who opposed overnight boat use I would not want an area open to people at all hours that looks into my back yard. ….Beyond this meeting I watched as each came forth at public comments to speak and again saw a clear difference of what they chose to speak on and the substance  or lack of substance contained in those 3 minutes….. I read the interviews in the Sun Sentinel and the Pompano Pelican as well as the endorsements…. True to form the interviews showed Yann Brandt to have a full grasp on the issues and Buz sorely lacking in all areas….The Sun Sentinel concurred in their endorsement of Yann and the Pelican was split in their decision offering up no endorsement of either… just recommending BOTH …( although Buz used their recommendation in his mailer not addressing it was for BOTH!)…Yann is endorsed by Rep. Chip La Marca / Commissioner Stuart Dodd/ Commissioner Elliot Skolow/ Former Florida House of RepresentativesMajority Leader Adam Hasner…..(Commissioner Brown and Mayor Sasser chose to not endorse either candidate)…. Buz is endorsed by Dan Darnell from Sea Ranch Club in an email he sent to some residents stating he did not really know either Yann or Buz/ Former Broward Mayor Ken Keechl/ Ken Evans CIC Chair/Democratic Broward State Committeeman / Dean Trantealis Ft. Lauderdale Commissioner/ Vice Mayor Chris Vincent and the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors Assoc…. (a really large sized portion of his mailer!)….On this last endorsement ….I am really deeply disturbed due to the fact that Buz …in my opinion …purposely omitted he is a member of this organization as he is a realtor!… Why not include that in your bio?…. No sitting commissioner on our LBTS dais over the last 10 years  has ever taken a meeting to obtain the association’s endorsement or funding for their campaign and have all stated they took a pass to avoid any problems arising on issues coming before them in the future… ( Mayor Sasser and unopposed Commissioner Mark Brown joined Yann in not participating this year)….. These issues are impacting issues such as vacation homes and sober homes which have impacted many neighborhoods and the balance of homeowners vs. transient influx of vacationers and those seeking help for substance abuse….The Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors assoc. sent out successive emails this week claiming Yann Brandt’s stance was an attack on them and asked for funding to Buz Oldaker- a fellow realtor and to their assoc. to combat Yann and the issue of such homes…. In this writer’s opinion that is only done when you want to know you have influence just as we have seen in the general election again this year!…. I attended the Chamber of Commerce Meet the Candidates Breakfast meeting on Wednesday March 10th and again saw Yann Brandt answer in detail his major role in the successful installation of the parking exemption program which aided in turnaround of the downtown as well as his acumen with hotels from growing up and working in his family’s hotel on El Mar Drive and his out of the box ideas for working with the Chamber, businesses, hotels and the residents… Buz Oldaker could not directly respond to any questions… offering up instead reflections of his personal experiences….In fact he brought forth when asked about the Chamber-Town relationship the Town could put an item on the agenda and have the Chamber come to speak…Yann responded correctly he enjoyed when the Chamber came each month to do just that!… On heights he chose to talk about a large development happening …in Pompano Beach!…. Then in what could only have been a gotcha – setup… A resident stood to try and accuse Yann of missing meetings while serving on Planing and Zoning and resigning… as if he was not forthcoming ….. Yann responded with his resume of serving on the VFD / P & Z /Charter ReviewBoard/ P & Z again and then the Audit Committee… (2005- 2016)….He correctly spoke about the boards all being voluntary and that he always informed staff and alternates are available to sit in for absences… He also correctly spoke of Buz Oldaker’s many missed  meetings which he chaired in his place…….Buz chose to call Yann on his saying that he (Buz) had also missed P & Z meetings saying Yann should have been thrown off…I spoke as an audience member deeply concerned that we have a hard time finding volunteers for boards and if they are subjected to false inuendo why would they want to serve….I was present when Yann resigned due to career conflicts ( no longer a conflict) and spoke at the podium as his resignation was put in to the record…he was then appointed to the Audit Committee which was a board that offered him a way to continue on serving to date.. I am told at the CIC meeting that night for its declining number of members once again some Buz supporters …Bob Fleishman former chair of the Unite Our Town  …(talk about strange bedfellows)…was touting the Bytheseatimes newspaper and the Maureen McIntee’s  “Truth Detector” column as he falsely accused Yann Brandt of a dismissal from the VFD which was a defunct department at the time of this false accusation…Two other non- members tried to smear Yann Brandt on his resume…same as at the Chamber Breakfast meeting which is easily verifiable and complete unlike Buz’s which leaves out his realtor business in Fort Lauderdale / manager of veterinary office(s)/ Royal Caribbean guest services…which show up in Google ….Yann,  according to those who were there and spoke to me …did not rise to their bait …due to the fact that his resume/ bio/ institutional memory are beyond reproach and he does not change his stance depending on the audience he is speaking to unlike…. I am told…. his opponent did at that meeting having what was described as a meltdown that upset members who had come to listen to the candidates to make an informed decision……..The CIC chose to endorse Buz Oldaker absolutely throwing out their own long held principles to join with their current CIC chair Ken Evans Democratic Broward State Committeeman who had pre-endorsed him prior to the CIC meeting and the members voting!….In a newsflash the CIC sent out they stated they did NOT support the sewers or the parking garage which their newly endorsed candidate Buz Oldaker “seemed to favor”!… Their false claim that Yann Brandt had negative ads/mailers stated the same findings the CIC found !…  They falsely used former UOT chair Bob Fleishman’s assertion on Yann’s dismissal from the VFD without checking the facts which is grounds for libel!…….In this weeks’s Pompano Pelican Yann Brandt has put his ad in addressing the differences with the link to the LOWVoters Forum for voters to see for themselves what each verbally stated…Buz Oldaker chose to run 2 ads that in my opinion hopes voters will not watch that forum for he skirts what he said there and elsewhere… it’s the classic moving the goal post strategy he is playing in the last days of and finger in the wind kind of politicking that should raise a red flag to voters…. as it did for me!….I have also been told the Realtor’s Assoc. is making calls possibly robo- calls on Buz’s behalf…that shows the influence they want to have over him ( and us) the next 4 years…in my opinion…and the major lack of understanding LBTS elections and voters who have a total disdain for such interference and calls!….

I have received all the Candidate Treasury reports that show that Buz received $900 thus far from various “arms” of the Realtors Assoc…. and with a final report due after the election there may be much more to show up after the emails sent out for funding this week from the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors Assoc…. A mailer came out as well which will either be a last ditch effort to counter what is on the LOWV video with assertions made to skew his own words as we saw in the Pelican today…. It was a poorly written ( no proof-reader hired by Buz’s professional consultant?)…. He falsely again asserts  he did not make statements that are now a public record on the LOWVoter’s Candidate Forum and again falsely characterizes Yann Brandt by printing Yann offered no solutions!… It was Buz who did that!…

Buz’s claims and rants along with his supporters who are set to benefit if he succeeds in getting up on the dais that is opponent Yann Brandt went “negative” is a non-starter in this writer’s opinion…Showing the differences on issues and getting that information out to voters BEFORE they vote is a candidate’s duty and definitely “puts the people above politics”……so that they are warned that a vote for that opponent means they will represent the voter one way or another!….

My conclusion is Yann Brandt offers voters a commissioner that will do his homework, come up with ideas, solutions and implementations that keep us out of debt while securing our character and quality of life mindful of its history and its future…. beholden to no one but those voters/residents he represents …. His opponent Buz Oldaker is quite the opposite and as they say “buyer beware”…. which in this case means…taxpayers buying sewers for private property under the guise of “public safety” in commission shade sessions …an apartment building being bought with that coveted 4th vote now in place….throwing out young residential renters and being torn down for a mere 30 spaces and possibly parking garage for the businesses who donated to his campaign …. more vacation rental homes with the possibility of less restrictions than are currently on the books throwing off the balance of transient vs anchored neighborhoods…..  all done with no town-wide participation offered ahead of important votes that will impact us all….for two years at the very least!… Those of us who have been around a long time know very well what changes can be made in 2 years…and how they can impact longterm…. Do we really want to repeat all that?…. If not….vote Yann Brandt!……

Mayor Scot Sasser  still has an opponent despite James Pady’s LOWVoters decision to leave the meeting and state he would vote for his opponent Scot Sasser saying he was a good man…. There has been no official withdrawal and Mr Pady despite removing his signs around his condominium appeared at the Chamber’s Meet the Candidate breakfast yesterday shortly before it was over sitting in the back  answering no questions and handed out some copies of his concern over his single issue drive to run in the first place…. James Pady is a superintendent at the Winter Colony Condominium who has been upset ( see LOWV video/interviews Sentinel/ Pelican) over the beach raker and its impact on the environment…He has repeatedly sent what could be characterized as manifestos to the town concerning this issue and felt he was being disregarded and  dismissed….Anyone is allowed to run for office as long as they are a registered voter and have lived in town for longer than 6 months…James Pady registered on Jan 7, 2016 in order to run for mayor…He never attended meetings and was woefully unprepared to answer questions put forth on specific issues at that Feb 25th forum leading to his decision to end his participation and he said his candidacy …. It appears days before the actual election day on the 15th he is not so sure …due …it is said…to not having the Mayor’s immediate and constant attention to his issues dealt with asap… … The Mayor has gone out of his way to aid James Pady throughout this weird campaign from personally going to inform him of the infraction on his signs, to assisting him off and on the dais in preparation for the LOWV forum and providing him some cover of sorts in applauding his attempt to get up and speak publicly after Mr. Pady spoke of how overwhelming this was for him….Scot Sasser has put forth steps to get the parties …beach raker….Broward County… Town  staff…to come and address all Mr. Pady’s concerns…mindful that he still had to run a full out campaign and all the time and costs that go with it to once again show the voters he values their vote and is working to secure it for a second term… Scot was endorsed by the Sun Sentinel/ Pompano Pelican/ CIC ( who had issues with him as well!)….

I recommend that you go to each of these candidates websites and Twitter and Yann Brandt Facebook ( you do not need to be a Twitter/Facebook member to access either)… These candidates have stated their positions and accomplishments… for all to make their own informed decision of who gets that “bubble” filled in….

Once again …. every vote matters for what direction we go in ….in the future of this town…. and the impact it will have for us all!….

More to come…..

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Here’s The Scoop …. Mayor- Elect Scot Sasser and Commissioner -Elect Chris Vincent Enjoy Their Unopposed Win To Serve Second Terms!…

March 11, 2014 by Barbara

Mayor-Elect Scot Sasser and Commissioner -Elect Chris Vincent election night 2014

Dear Readers….. These two commissioners Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent enjoyed something this writer and many others thought was not possible … They followed in the footsteps of their fellow commissioner Stuart Dodd and Mayor Roseann Minnet  to serve again on the dais unopposed!… That is really something!… It is part and parcel …in my opinion ….as to why candidate Elliot Sokolow won his seat to replace Commissioner  Sasser in seat 1 !… As previously posted…. Elliot was the only candidate that gave these commissioners along with their fellow commissioners, Mayor Minnet and the current administration their due for all they have accomplished …especially over the past two years!… He spoke positively and often of what great strides had been made…what positive changes had come in both those serving on the dais, in town hall and throughout the town under their watch!… That is why these two joined those who endorsed their newly elected dais member!… Scot, Chris and Elliot will be sworn in next Tuesday March 18, 2014 ….We can all breathe a little easier now knowing that we will be well represented and we are  able continue to move forward  without any sideshows on or off the dais!… Congratulations to all the winners and especially to the residents and businesses of LBTS …who are winners as well tonight !…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …. Elliot Sokolow Wins Commission Seat 1 In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea! …. On March 11, 2014 …..

March 11, 2014 by Barbara

Commissioner Mark Brown, Commissioner Stuart Dodd, Mayor Roseann Minnet & Newly elected Commissioner Elliot Sokolow Election night March 11, 2014

Dear Readers… The voters of LBTS got it right once again!… Candidate Elliot Sokolow won  the election for Commission Seat 1 tonight in a very close race due to candidate Eric Yankwitt not dropping out …in my opinion… Candidate Sokolow did everything right in this election and deserved this win!… He was prepared and organized from the start…He sent out the first mailer with the absentee ballot attached and he won the absentee ballot vote with 202 votes…former Commissioner Clottey who sent out an absentee ballot weeks later won 173 votes and Candidate  Yankwitt who did not won 50 votes … Elliot walked door- to- door … He sent out a second personal post card from his wife  … as well as taking out informative ads and attended meet and greets …He answered every question he was asked by newspapers ( by email and in person) and voters and businesses as well as organizations and in debates without ever changing his answers no matter the audience…He received the Pompano Pelican endorsement after the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board blew their endorsement by not knowing the current facts of our town…Elliot sent out a final mailer which contained the endorsement of the full LBTS Commission as well as the Mayors of Sea Ranch Lakes and Pompano Beach and the Chair of the Hillsboro Inlet Commission!… He made a large number  personal calls and availed himself to all those who called him or stopped him throughout his run for seat 1 whether he was walking into town, to commission meetings, to attend special events, to meet the business owners or even while holding his sign in the last days leading up to election day!… On election day he was at the Town’s  Jarvis election hall from 7 am until 7 pm to hand out palm cards and meet all those voters who made their way to cast their ballot…. All in all Elliot Sokolow did just as those who commissioners that endorsed him  had done…his due diligence …thus earning his seat just as they all did!… Perhaps Commissioner Sokolow will also do what so many of the present commission have  done if he chooses to go for a second term…be unopposed!… Congratulations to Commissioner- Elect Sokolow and all those who supported him, aided him in his campaign, endorsed him and voted for him!… LBTS will now move forward much as it has over the last two years with a commission comprised of those who want the best for our town and will continue the civility we have all enjoyed on the dais and in the town for the most part!….

For those who tried unsuccessfully to define this fine man negatively …tried to revise our town’s history …put forth false claims and fear-mongering of the town’s finances and future … as well as ignoring the election rules  and regulations…their political days are definitely over …as their consequences for actions this election of not adhering to those requirements may not be!….

The referendum items results are as follows- #1 yes/ #2 yes/#3 no/ #4 yes/#5 no/ #6 yes ….#3 …the Mayor -Commissioner without a 2 year gap should have passed and should come back on the ballot in 2016 make it fair ….and most likely will!….

More to come…..


2 of 2 Precincts Reporting

Choice Votes Percent
Birute Ann Clottey 445 39.24%
Elliot Sokolow 486 42.86%
Eric Yankwitt 203 17.90%
Total 1,134

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Here’s The Scoop … The Only Candidate To Replace Unopposed Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Mayor-Elect Scot Sasser Is Elliot Sokolow … Vote Sokolow For Commission Seat 1 !….

March 5, 2014 by Barbara

“We endorse him believing he has no personal agenda and won’t require a learning curve to effectively serve the people of LBTS.”…Pompano Pelican Newspaper

Dear Readers- We are days away from the March 11, 2014 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Municipal Election. I am hopeful …very hopeful that readers and the majority of voters in our town have actually taken the time to see the striking differences between the three candidates running for Seat 1 the seat that holds a commission member from the north end of town yet is voted in town wide. There have been a flurry of debates over the last weeks… The first one was not televised at the what many including this writer consider to be the last gasps of a dying political action organization…the CIC  (Citizens Initiative Commission)…It was held  at the Surf and Yacht Club on Palm Road on the beachfront that houses them when these straggling die-hard members who have rarely even met since they were trounced in the 2010 election try hard to retain some sort of relevancy as the town progresses without them. I have touched on this debate before …We heard that no timely notice of the meeting was made and at least one candidate was not notified of the format and the surety of the debate itself until the morning of!… This writer was told that one member of the board promised their would be no Furth attacks which many have witnessed over the years and saw once again when Cristie Furth came to the dais at the 2nd February Town commission meeting during  public comments that were comprised of falsehoods, fear-mongering and her skewed revisionist history  before being challenged and admonished by Commissioner Scot Sasser who has enjoyed an unopposed election to become our Mayor due to the very progress and changes resulting from the 2010 election  she tried to cast a shadow over …Of course this appearance was made in order to put her co-hort/puppet  candidate in a multitude of  past CIC misdeeds former Commissioner Birute Clottey in the commission seat he now leaves!… At the CIC debate it is said former Commissioner Clottey promised those very same CIC holdovers to do whatever they wanted her to do as she has in the past…which is exactly why in 2010 she was left alone on the dais without the CIC backed slate to serve out her final 2 years alone!… Eric Yankwitt did what we have seen from this debate as well as the following two…toot his own horn- on what he has already done in what can only be described as a “Superman Complex” with a myriad of cliches and one-liners to make up for a lack of preparation and knowledge on the issues!… As this meeting ended it is said Marc Furth wanted more money …about $66,000 for the coral reef project which is his last attachment to the town outside his El Mar hotel…Former Commissioner Clottey and Eric Yankwitt were a go without the details to appease the Furths and the CIC ….Candidate Elliot Sokolow stated he could make no such promise without seeing the specifics!….

Before and in between these debates the voters received campaign literature by mail from Candidates Sokolow ( the first with an attached absentee ballot ) and Clottey with a coupon mailer containing a slip from Candidate Yankwitt (most of those never made it past the circular mail despensor aka the garbage can!)… While both mailers introduced the candidates only one…Elliot Sokolow’s offered voters factual information…all of which checked out and can be verified by those who served with him and hold him in good steed following his long service on numerous boards as well as running Sea Ranch Lakes as mayor and finance director….Clotteys’ overinflated claims were immediately countered by LBTS commissioners both past and present !… On the topic of campaign literature …voters should be made aware of former Commissioner Clottey’s very real problems with her required election financial reports…all three!… ( a final report will come after 3/11) ….While Clottey professes she is a knowledgable professional when it comes to business and finance…her reports filed say otherwise!… Clottey has walked down a eerily familiar McIntee ethics charged path…Apparently she has not declared (as required) all her expenditures in a timely manner and claimed reimbursements made to Marc Furth which are not allowed ….she is supposed to know as a candidate and the professional she professes to be!… Clottey and her team may find  themselves facing the same election board in Tallahassee  as McIntee did as soon as this election is over!…Do voters really want someone who cannot  follow the requirements to report a small campaign’s finances to be integral in running out town’s finances?…  This came right after the former commissioner had to apologize and  then replace illegal campaign signs due to not following those requirements!… Clottey has tried as her managers Furth et al have tried to spout campaign rhetoric on reserves being drained and painting a picture of a bleak future of  our town with high taxes and no money left to run it!… $15 million …is the mantra…but what that $15 million is …is…(the meaning of …depends on which speech is being made and to whom…..It could be $15 million saved by going to the VFD in 2008 to present…(hardly a solo effort made by Clottey) …$15 million in reserves used for all the new improvements made in the last few years…… All made with no hard solid facts to back them…Catchy dour mantras to reel in unaware voters and get Clottey-Furth back with a platform to continue with more pre- 2010 mantras…Really?…Is that even possible?… Say it ain’t so!… One aside about Clottey-Furth-CIC and their claims that the downtown project was not  frugal enough …The cost was $4.75 million … no debt…no increased millage…and….the kicker…The very same CIC  has the downtown project photos with positive captions plastered on its own CIC facebook page…and the Furths…used the same downtown project photos to market their hotel a few months back touting the very improvements/ finishing touches candidate  Clottey claims she would have held back on !… Too funny!… Candidate Yankwitt is all over the place with his campaign…he irritated and inflamed the town, the businesses and the residents with a blitz of campaign signs made illegally set in areas not allowed and not wanted!… For an attorney as well as being on the  Planning and Zoning board which had signs on the agenda he should have been well aware of the rules for campaign signs …or chose to purposely ignore them…which should be a red flag for voters!… Candidate Yankwitt is a member and treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce and sadly it looks as if he and the Chamber have decided to be political in this election !… He is the only candidate  who chose to go the realtors association for their endorsement which aided him in an email blitz to help put up more signs and proclaimed he is the candidate that can help them in the future!…Hmmm…. will he then recuse himself when short-term/vacation rentals rears up on the dais…as it has on the campaign?…. The Chamber…businesses …hotels backing Yankwitt is beyond reason to this writer…How can you back someone who at every turn claims gambling is in our future?… That’s as mind boggling as those same entities backing Clottey who makes ongoing claims of run down hotels…drunken patrons…fights downtown…a downtown unsafe to visit …  Is that the kind of marketing …representation these businesses want?… Candidate Sokolow has a business actual business experience  and still runs a successful business…He  fully understands what has transpired with the downtown project and the commission led decisions over the last two years… He is the lone candidate who has stated he loves what was accomplished and can see the benefits that come from it now and in the future!… The other two candidates have all but discounted the present successful commission at every turn!… Remember… Mayor Minnet and Commissioner Dodd were unopposed in 2012… and as stated above Vice Mayor Scot Sasser and Commissioner Vincent were unopposed this year…That alone should tell voters what the real deal is in LBTS !…

The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board embarrassed itself by endorsing Clottey (the didn’t endorse her in 2008) and basing it on her false assertions and antiquated town issues long since resolved apparently without even checking with their own LBTS assigned reporter who followed up this flawed endorsement correctly stating the wrong side Clottey was repeatedly on when she served her first term (backing fired TM Colon…her other bad acts are in previous posts…scroll down)… It is said that at a mini- debate with her opponent Elliot Sokolow …(Eric Yankwitt failed to show up!)… Clottey claimed she voted independently 99%  of the time…Ha!… This writer found her voting record for 2008-2009 etc…perhaps she needs to hit refresh on that response for the 99% was with McIntee  as well as the new 2010 majority when she was left to falter on her own as her backers slid away from sight with a landslide win kicking them to the curb in 2010!… The Pompano Pelican did what the Sentinel did not by doing their due diligence and endorsing Elliot Sokolow based on his resume… his campaign … his interview…and finding him to be consistent… factual…and more importantly qualified …They stated…”We endorse him believing he has no personal agenda and won’t require a learning curve to effectively serve the people of LBTS.”…

The final two debates were the Property Owners Meet the Candidates and the League of Women Voters Candidates Night … The first was pretty well attended with approximately 75 people in the hall…It came after some contentiousness concerning the group itself …its history…and any perceived agenda the group may or may not have due to conflicting reports of candidate Clottey being a hands raised installed member of the board …only to state she was not …with no minutes provided to show that hands raised installation was reversed!… There were a few who felt gotcha questions would be aimed at Clottey opponents and attacks might be in store… There were signs put up without identifying the POA ( as is routinely done with all their signage for meetings at Jarvis)… as well as the naming of it (Meet the Candidates) leading to voters thinking it was the LOWVoters event thus nullifying the LOWVoters taking place on March 4th …( LOWVoters had a small turnout which was blamed on both the POA event & lack of signage/advertising it)…The questions at the POA event were certainly bazaar … leaving the candidates to literally punt a good many of them!… Questions ranged from streamlining special event applications  which impact few voters at best and have been quite improved over the last two years compared to prior years… As Clottey went sideways in her responses  and Yankwitt responded in what would become his “hero” persona touting the events he has put on (which this writer is told brings forth the same small participants for each) …Sokolow spoke of online access and approval…The second question dealt with getting more to participate in elections and special events …which enacted more off the cuff general responses on the difference between participation of the two and possibilities to enhance each and proved once again to be a pedestal for Yankwitt to blow his horn on what he spearheaded….The third question about where in the budget would each make increases and decreases brought forth Yankwitt an attorney going after the budget for our contracted Town Atty. stating they are paid for board meetings etc… which is rather startling to hear from this candidate due not only to the fact he’s an atty. but that he spoke at this meeting (off the cuff ) and at the CIC debate of hiring paid help to help the commissioners out with the Town Manager etc… Huh?… Clottey piled on about the cost being “300 grand” each year without litigation services …stating the budget was tight and then veering off about highly paid staff employees doing work around town beneath their pay grade!… Clottey was around when her pal Esther Colon brought this law firm to the town without divulging until this writer caught it that she (Colon) had a prior connection to the firm … Mayor Minnet was instrumental along with other commissioners over the past 3 years in working to cut some costs and get the firm to decrease some costs…If the charges have increased substantially it would seem to me it was from the required Charter /ordinance changes which like the downtown project should not occur at such a large cost for at least another decade!… When the budget is checked it makes sense to put Town Atty. services out to bid…not only to see who else is out there but to see if the current firm wants it badly enough to negotiate more…Sokolow spoke with proficiency about the costs in government and outsourcing and what that saves long term… How to preserve and celebrate our heritage was next …Sokolow responded it was important and was being done with the mid-century modern -low-rise architecture celebrated and encouraged throughout the town as well as encouraging displays of historical photos  and maintaining buildings… Eric diverted and blanket answered this one with broad strokes of running in order to keep and protect our small town…again with I..I…I… ( he really doesn’t need a commission…just a soap box will do!)…. Clottey spoke of what she was practiced to do in response to such a question…gave a heads up in recognizing her supporter and self-proclaimed “Town Historian” Jerry Sehl and of course finding the first of many opportunities to bring up the Furth’s #1 agenda item (besides getting a foothold with Clottey getting seat 1 on the dais) the coral reef -bio rock completion…The candidates were then given a minute to summarize/rebut their opponents… Elliot Sokolow stood out as he actually did summarize each item in order like a checklist and stated there was not much to rebut as Clottey reiterated her bio-rock statements and Yankwitt again went with his “hero” complex as bounced around looking for a complete sentence…There was audience questions which had an off camera moment with a former commissioner’s wife due to her not signing her name as required …The commissioners were asked what they had done in the last 5 years in town… Candidate Sokolow responded not much since he had only lived here for three…This writer thinks the question was particularly skewed as many of the previous to “old timers” …Had it been asked slightly differently he could have easily responded to his time on the Hilsboro Inlet as well as other boards that impact LBTS…He was not idle  as others up on the dais with him were for some of those 5 years…Eric same- old self promotion we heard with each response…Clottey was inflating a good portion of her impact as she had done previously in this campaign…Next question was about their top five priorities and to wrap this one up this writer will sum it up this way…Clottey was stuck in 2007 and Yankwitt was stuck in his chest pumping one-man has done it all mode…and Sokolow spoke of the topics that we would expect offering up his proven expertise to tackle ….Again, here’s where the gambling issue arose and again what this writer cannot wrap her head around when it comes to such reckless rhetoric being used in a campaign race such as alarms of dirty business going on with new hotel buyers…ulterior motives and Clottey adding on to it with her pontificating on bad sidewalks on El Mar Drive and people falling …(harkening back to her first term claims of homeless people on the beach and her unsubstantiated claims of “the people” being adversarial when it came to dealing with BSO)…lost hotel rooms…and investors who “thought they were going to make a killing”…now compare that to Sokolow who spoke of the improvements being made…Vacation short term rentals came up with Clottey speaking of her personal impact and Yankwitt giving a few usual responses and only Sokolow providing why we are where we are currently with these rentals as he recounted what the Town Atty. stated when asked by Mayor Minnet after this came up at the previous commission meeting when the Mayor asked Town Atty. Trevarthen to explain the situation yet again.. thus showing he attended the meeting and retained the answer to the question rather than doing what his opponents offered up!… In closing Clottey again spoke of her resume and her many unsubstantiated claims ….Candidate Sokolow’s closing at the POA sponsored debate showed that he gets it…He understands what has happened in the last two years … He spoke of what he has seen and liked and why he decided to run as well as promising to continue this path we are on with civility, accountability, professionalism and fiscal responsibility… He was clearly seen in sharp contrast when compared to his opponents …so much so that many who had been leaning toward his opponents now leaned toward the man in the middle seat on the dais the evening of February 27th …Elliot Sokolow… One more debate to go …

Tuesday March 4, 2014 …one week before the election … the League of Women Voters Candidate Night was miserably attended and the questions and answers were like watching a rerun of answers although they were to different questions… That result was due to election time  responses no matter the topic!… The opening- answers and closings were one minute each … It began with Candidate Yankwitt who was again unprepared and stated he was asked to run although he did not say by whom and as seen in the prior debate his reasons for doing so were keeping the the town’s small time quality  of life and an eye on the budget …saying he is an accountant…Candidate Clottey gave the same opening as she did prior about the VFD and the 15 million  and what she continues to claim it went for before being cut off… Candidate Sokolow chose to take this debate opening as a chance to expand on his long and distinguished community service that spans 40 years and covers all the bases when it comes to picking a candidate on qualifications… He ended with his Pelican endorsement “We endorse him believing he has no personal agenda and won’t require a learning curve to effectively serve the people of LBTS.”… and asking for the opportunity to do so …The questions included what are the top two priorities each candidate hoped to accomplish and how they would do it… Elliot Sokolow responded he would like to examine in great depth and detail the budget revenues and expenditures to look for places to cut expenses and raise revenues without feeing people to death…He also offered up the desire to revisit the VFD serving Sea Ranch Lakes as it has in the past…He has the real ability to do something that can benefit LBTS …He also stated he would look at traffic and parking…Eric Yankwitt stated as he had previously…parking-parking-parking…and flood insurance (how can a town commission do anything about flood insurance rates?) …He then rambles about not finding parking when he did not live in town and finding it once he did…huh?… He then did the north/south divide number and needing to bring people together… Birute Clottey spoke once again about maintaining infrastructure and in the first of many times it seemed she was channeling others she spoke of keeping out capital improvements looking nice (Diane Boutin ) before going back to who we do and don’t want in our town and fear-mongering that boogie man mantra Fort lauderdale’s  “Beach Place” and being declared a nuisance by Fort Lauderdale…What?….She said we are in good financial shape but don’t want to spend recklessly …(we have not done so)… Tourism was up next and what each would do to aid in it… Clottey stated the town hasn’t decided who it wants to market to…(she missed the marketing presentation at the last commission meeting which more than covered how far reaching the current consultants have gone and which specific areas they have covered…oops!)…Clottey went back again to those young undesirables …and the certain types of quality people we want down in town and the money they should have…Sokolow spoke on the ongoing partnership and dialogue the hotels/restaurants/ residents need due to the fact that those businesses are the “lifeblood of this community ” and bringing in the marketing experts as well… Yankwitt did the one-man show and spoke of meeting with the Mayor of Broward County and the needed balance of tourists inside and outside (?) …from over the bridge and bad hotels ( he doesn’t want to fill those!)…but we can’t fine them to death…Seems from what this writer has heard that fining to death worked with the sale of a few!… Economic development and incentives for new and old businesses was up next… Sokolow responded that many were helped by the Commercial Blvd. project and more such improvements are coming (He was speaking of Comm. Brown’s work with the county for 4 million for El Mar)… and added that it seems time for the businesses to contribute as well… Yankwitt asked for the question to be repeated and went back to the Chamber and his position as treasurer on the Chamber ( past candidates have stepped down when running I believe to avoid conflicts and politics within the Chamber)… he spoke of repairing the relationship and spoke of Sister Cities (a debacle he was involved in a short time ago that caused quite a ruckus with charges of actions that many claimed were made without regard to the past Sister Cities participants) aiding in tourism “from across the ocean” …he then digressed to say government should stay out of business…and added the wonderful Commercial Blvd. before being cut off…Clottey said that at the last debate she said the businesses and residents should sit down and that the businesses have a pretty good idea “who’s commin in ” and “who they want to keep out”…After saying again we should listen to them she said we are a small town and how much economic development do we want?… It was time again for the parking issue and whether it should be public and/or private … for a garage that is…Yankwitt brought up his study he claims was a year and a half in the making and presented to the local chamber as well as the Broward chamber…Hmmm. would this be the study done and shown on the LBTS Chamber site and his campaign facebook site?…Why no mention of bringing to the LBTS Commission over the last year?… He stated a parking garage might change the way we interact and change the businesses…My take this guy does not work well with others…it’s that hero complex…My concern…the last LBTS Commissioner who thought he was a hero…McIntee!…Clottey said we have been “talkin” about this for many,many years and with a parking study in the works it’s premature …need to see results but prefers a public/private venture not done with taxpayer monies …She then stated the parking fund was flush with a million dollars due to the credit card machines …many of those upgrades were done after her first term…and against much of supporters wishes …(progress you know…dirty word to some stuck in time)….Sokolw responded as well that the parking study results call for us to wait and see adding he has not experienced any parking problems and sees much of the problem is due to changes of parking being 2-3 blocks away rather than the old time ability of parking right in front of the business people are patronizing …he ended by saying he was not in favor of using public money… The Chamber was yet again the topic … the question was the relationship with the town…all three candidates spoke of a need for a chamber and a resolution to whatever issues there are …Clottey spoke as she has in the past while on the commission of the chamber not speaking up for local merchants in town…Eric pompously touted his takeover of the beach clean up which up until last year was done not only by the chamber but by Mayor Minnet  with the aid of Aruba and others successfully… Next he will tell us he invented the internet…(previously posted…ego size seems much the same!)… The 2nd coral reef project … Clottey did some election time backpedaling as well as channeling her opponent Elliot Sokolow in stating she needed to see what it entails before approving it and wants the county to kick in… Elliot recalled and recounted the CIC debate and the original ask for an additional wire to the first reef and his concerns over the costs for that citing a problem he dealt with while on the Hillsboro Inlet Commission and the cost being prohibitive especially for a town our size…He spoke of a partnership with Nova the premiere entity when it comes to coral reef structures… Eric wondered off to grants and the reef being part of the solution to save the beach (ours is approximately the size of a king size bed !) …jumping to the sea oats …his serving on the League of Cities ( we were told as an associate member )…Then it was traffic congestion on A1A … where Eric Yankwitt spoke of the 4-way red light experiment and the backup traffic resulting from it and spoke then of the hole in the dike scenario before offering up an overpass…the pelican hopper and going personal about being a walker and that parking is a challenge…Elliot Sokolow said we need to sit down with DOT and county …and get rid of the all red which has nothing as jaywalkers still go across and it just adds to the traffic problems on A1A… he stated the obvious that the congestion comes from people coming to the town and we want them!… Birute Clottey said it was the 64,ooo dollar question and stated it’s high season …that removing the 4-way red would improve the traffic and went to the dark side in this writer’s opinion channeling past ideas of Las Vegas like overpasses that are also popular in european nations!… How exactly does that solution fit with our small seaside town and how is that fiscally responsible?…  naturally the next question was …music on Friday and Saturday nights and…parking and traffic during the events…Clottey said it was a tradition…( a tradition she did not always support and often thwarted just because her group wanted payback!) …She said she wasn’t going to stop them…This writer doesn’t buy that for a minute with who are her handlers )… She spoke of an old study which I believe was skewed by a former consultant of 900 people crossing west to east and said congestion is a reality of life… Yankwitt said he is a part of the congestion because he and his fiancee ( spiritual partner) enjoy the weekly events which gives the town vitality and said we should extend the Pelican Hopper …offer spread out parking and people movers… (his money saving seems to go somewhere else…assistants… people movers…overpasses…adds up the $)… Sokolow said he was also in favor of the music but due to the hotel owners and residents who are impacted by the loudness the decibel levels need to be looked at ( to adjust what is now allowed) … On traffic and street closures he once again talked of the partnership needed and alternatives to be considered such as the new plazas….Public bathrooms…we knew that one was coming… Elliot Sokolow said he is in favor of  them stating that is not fair to businesses to open up bathrooms to non patrons and that we need to look at what kind we are going to install…location depends on if the purpose is to alleviate the restaurant use then the parking lots next to EggN Ham or the newly purchased property  just south of Commercial on El Mar could work …if not El Prado… Eric Yankwitt said bathroom are tricky and took a very weird take on whether they should be provided when tourists being encouraged to use restaurants to become patrons and then residents ending with it’s gotta be El Prado…Huh?… Birute Clottey said the issue was hard to find the solution for before digressing in to where Minto security guards say beach-goers go to bathroom by them with no bathrooms available…(ugh)… She then took a page from Mark Brown in 2012 who pushed for modular units that could be moved and tested for not only location but for safety and security,…Just when you thought you heard it all…global warming!… And flooding concerns… Candidate Yankwitt spoke of Hurricane Sandy and watching it from home as well as his brother’s bad experience in New York before stating global warming /climate change is perhaps upon us…he said we needed to protect the beach …and spoke again of the coral reef …sea oats …and recycling …and all of us coming together …we can resolve anything …kumbaya comes to mind!…  Candidate Clottey said it’s not anything we as a community can prevent and that it’s an issue we as citizens of the US and the world need to participate in!… She spoke of our town being higher than Fort Lauderdale and sand loss as well as roads being washed away and that a time will come when we have to give those roads back to the ocean!… Candidate Sokolow responded after the moderated participated stating this was a difficult problem … by stating it’s a difficult problem but that he didn’t think the people in the hall are capable of solving in any short order… He brought it back to what we can do in the short term (decades…in my book)…by continuing with projects such as the sea oats (Comm Brown was in charge of a sea oats planting the week prior) which has some actual science behind it as a deterrent for high waters and winds… Thank goodness someone had the wherewithal to not be a bumper sticker candidate!….On to the next question…Town budget tax rate concerns and what changes would you make going forward?…Clottey said her priorities were not to raise taxes …stating most goes for public safety and we don’t want cuts there…She went back to her previous statements about the Town Atty. costs and her charges of overpaid staff that are in jobs that don’t offer enough work at their pay grade leaving them to do the work of employees making 1/3 of what they are paid?…  The Town Manager needs to address these consistent charges made by Candidate Clottey as to there being any validity or calling it out  as false!… Sokolow answered that he wanted voters to understand the arcane and boring tax bills and to understand the percentages and what they really mean to LBTS taxpayers…19 & 1/4 % goes to LBTS and 80.257% goes to the county, school board etc…and a 10% tax cut equals approximately a $40 dollar reduction yearly… He would look at every line item in the budget and see where cuts could be enacted and believes in outsourcing which is cost effective and efficient…Yankwitt… took a different tact… an odd departure…that was a head scratcher for sure… He said we have the hardest working town employees he has ever seen… “They’re $100,000 getting paid $7 an hour. Do the math!”… The TM needs to answer this as well…id there any town employee only making $7 an hour in our town…the rest of the remark…anyone who can figure that out… kudos!… He said they could go through the budget sure…but as an accountant as it accumulates it’s a big chunk…(huh?)…He spoke of us having the lowest tax rates in Broward but on the flip side property values are relatively high …we pay a lot per person…that means when you have a rich town hall you have a poor taxpayer !… He said that needs to be examined…..Question on short term rentals in neighborhoods was bound to be included and it was… Clottey did the same response as she offered up prior about the impact to her adding that companies are buying up homes nationwide and turning them in to hotels…asking if that’s what we want in our town…She spoke of the League of Cities initiative and the need to get on board to get rid of short term rentals… Sokolow repeated as he had prior about the Town Atty . what we have on the books and until state laws change all we can do is report any code violations or suspected use of less than 7 days  … Yankwitt who seemed to be going after Sokolow as the questions progressed …said Candidate Sokolow was correct  about the Town Atty. bit offered up a different solution of not fining people only to forgive those fines …he wants to educate our neighbors…opening our doors… saying that to call the police … on violators would lead to living in a different kind of country…we are a small town…it’s all addressed in our zoning laws and we can’t have short term rentals in residential neighborhoods!… Yikes!… Topping that was the inevitable gambling question Yankwitt used as a campaign issue… It was tied to the State Legislature and casinos in South Florida…Elliot  answered it began in the state legislature over one property in Broward and one in Dade …and we do not have a property that is large enough in LBTS… If it ever came to be allowed in every corner he would lead the opposition in our town…it’s not needed …. Eric held up the Town Topics special issue and said it was one of his campaign issues…again he spoke of the newly bought properties on El Mar surmising  reasons for their purchase from expensive condos to gambling …Birute said there would be not casinos unless some Indian Nation was going to buy up half of El Mar…can’t open one…and we shouldn’t be “talkin” about it or people will think we are seriously considering it …She ten again spoke of Indian Tribes …Hmmm…I think the politically correct term is Native American!… The soft ball question of the night was next in the form of what personal attribute do you have that is unique to you that will make a difference as a commissioner… Candidate Yankwitt was first to answer and said he has energy, enthusiasm and is passionate about this town…he said he has shown it over the last several years with his Thanksgiving dinner and theater events…He again used Vice Mayor Scot Sasser’s campaign slogan of having two ears and one mouth… “You sir are NO Scot Sasser!”…Just couldn’t resist!…He also spoke of his fiancee once again …Candidate Clottey said she was elected before and it didn’t go to her head…she wasn’t an ego head… She said she listened gave careful consideration …she said she was a leader and harkened back to her time as a member of the Barry University Senate and dealing with highly educated people …what a hard job that was!…Especially when they could walk out at any time thumbing their nose at you..She said she has the personality to do an excellent job… Please Clueless…was a major disappointment as commissioner …and an embarrassment too many times to count…and on thew wrong side of progress….as well as having it in for Mayor Minnet …In this writer’s opinion nothing is different 2 years later to put her back in!…Elliot said his personal attribute is patience acknowledging his upcoming 50 year anniversary as well as his 40 year careers in business and giving back as a “perennial  volunteer” who did it all for no pay (except health insurance on Hillsboro) …he stated he does it because it needs to be done… The last question…3 major issues facing LBTS… Clottey spoke of the town’s finished capital improvements and infrastructure and keeping it maintained (again) who we are going to market the town to (again) drainage projects and the drainage project in her area of Bel Air which she said was done by the county 15 years ago…sub standardly …Yankwitt said Parking parking parking (again) …Flood insurance and being apart of the senate bill or we will suffer (again) the challenges at the beach ..which he cleans (again)…infrastructure…sand coming in …washing away …tourist attractions…and heights…(again!)… Sokolow spoke of the long term issues…our aging infrastructure underground….run down properties at the south end entrance to town and elsewhere and traffic..not parking…

The closings… Elliot Sokolow was first with thanking the League of Women Voters and talking about public safety…the VFD and Sea Ranch Lakes …the budget and traffic and that his first  official act will be to sign the personal code of conduct …and he promised to respect and listen to all as well as to vote with his conscience  for what the people want…he said experience matters and he has the relevant experience from day 1…to keep us moving forward!… Birute  Clottey was next saying she has a vision for the future and will continue moving forward with maintenance- infrastructure (yep…again) …stopping extravagant spending (hmmm overpasses like Las Vegas and european countries?)…keeping taxes low low rise community (again)… zoning laws not made by commissioners (can’t be done now)… finishing with saying she delivered on every promise she made and offering continued progress and financial accountability… Her commission resume does not live up to her new promises and her campaign issues stated above should be a big red flag to voters!… Eric Yankwitt was last and was made the most underhanded slight seen during this campaign…He thanked all including his fellow candidates before stating there were distinctions between them …that he cares…and “nobody cares that you care until they know you care …and I’ve shown that over the last couple of years ..(compare that to his opponents and it shows he cared less in time served giving back!)…He touted his time on P & Z and the League of Cities which his opponent served on as a board member not an associate member adding his profession (s) as an atty., accountant and mediator … he said they were all successful and he is a small business owner …”They’ve been in business to a degree”… What!… Candidate Sokolow’s resumes are way beyond any resume Candidate Yankwitt  has put forth!…That speaks volumes to this writer on what is really behind the “approachable” character this candidate purports to be!…  With that the debates were over for 2014!…

As the days count down there is likely to be calls made by and for candidates …signs being held on street corners along with final mailers and ads…Then it comes down to the LBTS  voters… What do we want 2008 or 2010 and 2012?… It should be an easy decision …Who is best to continue on with what has happened since we took back our town in 2010 and progressed on and off the dais offering our residents and businesses everything they said they were missing in 2008 to 2010!… The only candidate that can assure LBTS 4 more years of civility …professionalism and fiscal responsibility is Candidate Elliot Sokolow….Make sure you fill in the second bubble on your ballot and let’s close the door once and for all on 2008 foes and stragglers knocking on our doors to see if we have forgotten the past…as well as yet another character who purports to be just a nice guy sitting on the dais… again ….in my opinion!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Are The Town PACs Pulling The Rabbits Out For The 2012 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Municipal Election? …

November 13, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers … the first week for formally filing to run for a seat on the dais in the 2012 LBTS January 31st municipal election has come to an end and we hear so far there are four …Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd is running for a second term as commissioner from the south end of town…thus discounting all those who were sure he would take on Mayor Minnet despite his assertions otherwise…Former ByTheSeaFuture Editor Mark Brown filed for the commission seat currently held by Comm. Birute Ann Clottey from the north as did former Master Plan Steering Committee Vice- Chair and former candidate for the 2010 LBTS municipal election Edmund Malkoon…. Making it a three-way race thus far is  Commissioner Clottey who long said she was going to be a one-term commissioner….

This writer previously posted that someone should get it through Malkoon’s head that if he stays in this race he will split the vote between himself and Brown leaving Clottey to win herself a second term… If that happens Malkoon will become the Bartman of LBTS with the UOT  (Unite Our Town) -PAC leading the charge!… ….. Of course there is now one unknown glitch to this scenario making its way through the rumor-mill  that could change this expected outcome for Malkoon  and I will address that further down in this post…

We have heard of other familiar “players” perhaps vying for Vice Mayor Dodd’s seat in the southern part of town….Included in this duo is none other than former Comm. Jim Silverstone who has suddenly started or rather restarted his 2010 failed re-election campaign in asking to “debate” anyone on town issues….This time it’s in the no longer dormant CIC (Citizens Initiative Committee)- PAC  website with his very own “opinion” page… If Silverstone does indeed do an 11th hour filing to become the CIC commission candidate alongside Clottey it will be quite a turnaround for those of us who have long heard his spouse was against any such future prospects of returning to politics ….. In doing so Silverstone will once again leave himself open to all of his “Broom Boys” history with his BFF …former Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee as well as his 110% unyielding support of the ousted former Town Manager Esther Colon and her top tier Town co-horts … He and the CIC … have once again jumped into the yellow journalism pool of revisionist history with both feet …in this writer’s opinion…stating the Colon et al dismissals were unwarranted and wrong ….while the in- your- face facts are still coming to light concerning the myriad of administrative inefficiencies ..with many of them bordering on serious illegalities … again, in my opinion …that came in to play from her tempestuous tenure …. Voters will have to ask themselves other important questions about Jim -still not a “nice guy”- Silverstone vs. Vice Mayor Dodd…including what is the difference between these two in their voting records…The answer to that ….is really none…with the exception of Colon’s need to be replaced!… Vice Mayor Dodd was on record first for wanting to lower the millage rate in town…Jim Silverstone only offered it up as a last ditch effort during his failed 2010 re-election campaign …Vice Mayor Dodd asked for it prior to 2010 during the budget hearings in 2008 for 2009 fiscal year…. I believe…….Vice Mayor Dodd is also on record this year in asking his fellow commissioners for a referendum to be placed on the ballot in this 2012 race for the redevelopment of LBTS…Unfortunately it failed to have any traction both times he tried to get them on board….Nevertheless Vice Mayor Dodd has stood strong and been steadfast when he repeatedly stated on the record that he believes that any big ticket Town projects that could ultimately lead to possible long-term tax implications for his constituents should involve them from the get-go in order to proceed…

As for that rumor that could be a game changer for Edmund Malkoon …turns out it could be even a bigger game changer for all of those candidates who filed last week or those about to file for that matter…. if it actually comes to fruition… I will explain the impact as I see it after divulging the name of the other candidate that might take a run for Vice Mayor Dodd’s seat… That candidate is none other than Publisher of the ByTheSeaFuture Paper and former member of the MPSC Michael Arker!… I was alerted to this rumor a few weeks back by a handful of “insiders” who were all out and about sharing the news ….All started out the rumor with the same line… The “numbers guy” Bob Fleishman …(former president of UOT) …. said Arker will run and will win in the south with “sympathy votes” due to his ongoing illness … 600 votes….WOW!…I mean WOW!….

Okay…here we go…

First of all …in this writer’s opinion…Bob Fleishman is a “numbers guy” like Occupy Wall Street is an organized protest with a clear comprehensive agenda!….Enough said!…. Second, there is no such thing as a “sympathy vote” when it comes to politics….In the event that a candidate were elected for being ill…It would only mean that it would be likely that the taxpayers would soon be paying for a special election to once again fill an vacant seat on the dais well before the 4 year term was up…Yeah, it’s a bit callous but it’s something any “sympathetic” voters need to pay heed to…. Also, I do not believe that Arker could ever get a majority of the votes needed in the southern end of town and in the Sea Ranch Club buildings required to win the seat …He is a divisive figure at best my opinion…….That said, the impact of him making the decision to run for whatever reason will turn what has up until now seemed to finally be a welcomed departure from the past two municipal elections in 2008 and 2010 into an all-out no-holds barred political bloodbath!…

Here’s how it plays out in terms of that impact as I see it… It will quickly paint a picture of the return of the CIC-PAC “slate” of candidates vs. the UOT-PAC “slate” of candidates whether those other UOT-PAC supported candidates want to be a part of that “slate” or not!… Mayor Roseann Minnet after returning home from vacation has made it clear she will run for her third and final term as Mayor and most likely will be filing to do so in this upcoming week and candidate Mark Brown will be inexorably tied to Arker … With that comes the always in- play game of political perception for them to deal with … These two candidates will now find themselves dealing once again with the CIC fanning of the fears for a major UOT takeover on the dais leading to future changes in big redevelopment including increased heights and of course the future of the VFD …. Just call it the Arker effect…. whether warranted or not…everyone knows political perception is what wins or loses an election …especially in LBTS!… If this happens it will indeed take any heat Malkoon would feel for his stubborn insistence to remain in the race off him during the race and after the votes are counted… That said…the outcome would likely be the same…in this writer’s opinion and Clottey will win back her seat for another four years …Malkoon could decide to become an independent candidate set apart from UOT… after they chose to support Brown…but I still think he splits the vote with Brown…

That independent candidate role would definitely apply to Vice Mayor Dodd in this election if both Arker and Silverstone run against him… He long ago stepped down from the CIC after he was elected in 2008 as he said he would do in 2007….counter to the revisionist history written once again by the CIC …(see the How The Sausage Was Made category for the tar + feathering of Comm. Dodd back in 2008)… Voters will easily be able to see in the weeks that come that Vice Mayor Dodd has a most impressive voting record as well as being well in the forefront on implementing perhaps the most agenda items that brought forth much needed changes in policy and in governing throughout his first term as well as being hands-on in town both in projects and events and always being readily available to his constituents…

As for the Mayoral position …thus far no rumors of any challenger for Minnet…Does she get a “pass”?…. Hmmm….Perhaps the CIC who is busy setting up two member meetings according to their site on Nov. 18th and Dec. 20th at their Palm Surf Club headquarters will be able to conjole yet another CIC-PAC old-timer to run alongside Clottey and Silverstone …Could it be Peanuts “call me Larry” Wick round 2?….We don’t think it could be her former 2010 Mayoral foe and new CIC- Chair Joe Couriel ….due to the conflict of being the Chair of a PAC which the CIC learned in 2008 was indeed considered a real conflict per Broward County Ethics Commission …Besides Couriel would also have to know that another run for mayor would lead to being subjected once again to reminders of his the less than steller first run for the position which included his and his followers false accusations of racial slurs which ultimately snuffed out his chances to sit in that center seat… He would also find himself in the same uncomfortable position of perhaps being called a “flip-flopper” if he joins in with what appears to be the CIC- Silverstone #1 campaign issue of residential vs business percentages of redevelopment with taxpayer monies as touted recently on their website…and in Silverstone’s first opinion piece…

The resident 90% -business 10% issue runs counter to the campaign promises Couriel touted in his first run of many sidewalk cafes and hotels …For Silverstone it runs counter to where his spouse’s allegiance must surely be …as an instrumental party to the biggest draw and most important business in the town of LBTS …Aruba Beach Cafe… So while this issue is one this writer could heartily support and in fact has in a different percentage package posted often on this site in the past when the Master Plan meetings were proceeding … I could not disagree more with the CIC-PAC “slate” touting it in order to win this 2012 municipal election…….

It is currently this writer’s opinion that anyone who is ready and willing to run independent of either of the LBTS- PACs would give the Mayor a real run for the center seat on the dais along with those independent candidates who run for the other two open seats …if Arker makes this incredible rumor a reality….

No more rabbits!….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … What A Great Follow-Up To Last Night … “CASE IN POINT” ….

December 15, 2010 by Barbara

Dear Readers ….As Comm. Sasser said over & over at the 12/14/10 Comm. Rdtable last night…

Enjoy….Thanks, Mr Ryerson!…(link to his Ft. Laud site below) ..

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Those “Wheels” On The New Wheelabrator Deal Are Getting Flatter ….

December 14, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers… A follow-up below to the ongoing saga of another long-term agreement that a few want to make for the masses…Only this time the breaks are on throughout the municipalities in what can only be elected officials and administrations operating under the “fool me once” premise …Our LBTS Comm./Town Manager/Asst. TM joined in last week when this was before the Comm. to make a speedy decision before the Dec. 31st deadline at their monthly Comm. meeting… They took a collective pass…(prev. post) …

“Commissioner’s Ignore Weston Mayor’s Attempts To Defend His No-Bid Waste Deal


Weston Mayor Eric Hersh made a last-minute plea to approve the county’s $1 billion, no-bid deal for waste disposal that he negotiated.

Hersh warned commissioners that the contract had to be signed before the end of December, or it would be renegotiated. Commissioners are not scheduled to meet again in December.

Acting after published a call from Sunrise Mayor Mike Ryan to reject the current deal, Hersh predicted that any new negotiations would result in county taxpayers paying more for waste disposal.

The no-bid deal was hammered together by the little-known county Resource Recovery Board with Hersh handling the negotiations.

Hersh and County Commission Ilene Lieberman argue that the negotiations did not result in a no-bid deal because they took “requests for indication of interest” from 25 firms. and both reported that this process did not include taking firm bids to compare with renewing the current contract.

After seeing the “indications of interest”, the county board decided on its own to sign a new contract with Waste Management rather than take bids.

Hersh told commissioners that the no-bid contract renegotiated with Waste Management would save taxpayers $400-500 million. He did not mention that the contract is filled with potential increases in costs and that it could last 20 years, when the current waste disposal technologies will probably be outdated.

Everybody agrees that the current contract to dispose waste at two county-funded plants – one in Davie and another off Florida’s Turnpike in North Broward – was a bad agreement. Cities are paying approximately double to burn waste at the county plants compared to the cost of hauling it to a landfill.

The current contract expires in 2013.

Commissioners heard Hersh’s short comments and moved the debate to January.

It appears now that every city will have to reconsider where their waste haulers will dispose of trash after 2013.

Mayor Richard Kaplan of Lauderhill wrote a comment on earlier Tuesday that their city received its cheapest bid for hauling which didn’t use the county’s facilities, which seems to contradict Hersh’s statement to commissioners.”

More to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Politics As Usual Still Not Tolerated By The 2010 Voters …

November 3, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …just as we saw in March in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea … politics as usual is no longer tolerated by voters and taxpayers.. Last night voters made that clear once again…They voted out Congressman Ron Klein who stood behind some White House /majority sweeping changes that didn’t sit right with those he was sent to Washington to represent…He compounded it by not showing up to face the music of those who were clearly unhappy with his stance…Add to that those who thought he should be re-elected because he had an “in” with the current administration…For many that was the problem would not the catalyst to send him back to deliver more from Washington rather than the other way around… Col. West will now have to show he will listen and deliver as well as reconsider a stance if that is warranted…

George Moraitis beat Barbara Stern for Ellyn Bogdanoff’s District 91 seat handily as another example of a decent candidate making strides by running a good campaign and gathering momentum against someone who seemed to be in a position of being anointed due to politics as usual and who her mother is… positioned due to calling in “favors” some would say, from years of her mom being deeply entrenched in Democratic politics and lobbying… It renews ones faith that a seat for public office is possible for anyone ….even in 2010…

Chip La Marca is our new Broward County Commissioner as this writer posted previously it looked like he would be… Ken Keechl was another one who may have started out well as a Commissioner …but last night, received no “pass” for his questionable actions over the past year plus…of questionable personal and political ethics … and how he ran this costly, negative campaign… LBTS voters surely knew what this writer knew once he sent out that despicable last mailing calling his opponent a criminal with a picture behind bars for a DUI La Marca had in college, he was toast..just as it was for the CIC- candidates 8 months ago….. Come on, if we go after politicians for what they did in college… who’s safe enough to run?… This writer discovered LaMarca when we were on a local radio talk show after former Town Manager Colon removed former LBTS-BSO Chief Scott Gooding..LaMarca spoke up about her actions…and the actions/inaction of that sitting Commission who were soon to be voted out as Colon was herself once a new majority took over in March… He struck me as someone with conviction as well as common sense, who was not afraid to voice his opinions ….After that show, I took the time to once again look at how things ran in Lighthouse Point where he was a Commissioner… This writer had previously posted many times that LBTS should take a field trip to see how they ran their town…close in size of residents and annual budget… Time to extend a warm welcome to Comm. La Marca and ask him to work with us and the county for the Welcome Center and so much more….

Also winning Ellyn Bogdanoff for State Senate…Pam Bondi Attorney General…the first woman…This writer will watch to see how she takes on that job …Jeff Atwater is our Florida CFO …At this hour it sure look like Rick Scott is the new Governor …and Marco Rubio will be our new Senator showing former Gov. Charlie Crist voters held him responsible as well for being courted by the White House…and then acting like a flawed weeble…as he tried to backtrack…change his stance …and then change his political party to get his butt to Washington… Voters made sure he fell down!…


Now what?.   Those in office and who want to stay in office need to get real…They need to listen and they need to get things done… In LBTS this means no more esoteric …politically correct …non-substantive meetings… Time to get down to the next round of the nitty-gritty this majority was voted in to accomplish… Yep, this group has accomplished quite a lot in their first 8 months with the new Administration and the new budget as well as cleaning up the mess left behind the scenes from a former administration that spent so much time putting out fires they themselves caused, leaving much of the Town’s business to languish as a result… literally in boxes behind Town Hall doors…

This Administration will have a meeting with the Commission currently set for Nov. 15th at a time not yet set due to VM Dodd’s Hillsboro monthly meeting conflict…This will be the first step to the “2nd act” of their commitment to move the Town forward…It will be to prioritize what’s on their plate and deal with those items before moving on to the next tier to be addressed and acted on …This writer still believes he Administration needs to remove several current leftover employees from the previous administration who are remiss in their duties in the positions they maintain… I also believe this Administration needs to look outside the box on contracting out services…and ridding the taxpayers of the pensions that are tied to Town employees doing jobs that can be done by private companies…

Along those lines this writer takes issue and respectfully disagrees with Mayor Minnet, Comm. Clottey and whomever else believes that government does not run like business and that it needs to be understood by the new Commissioners so the new Commissioners do not expect anything more going forward from government… This was brought up at the last roundtable…(prev. post)… This voter was at the front of the line with 65% of the LBTS voters who wanted just the opposite!… One of the pluses for this new majority was the fact they were business people…It was also a big plus that the new Town Manager spent years outside of government in order to assure that outside of the required government actions such as  Notice of Intent and the like, our local government would definitely be run more like business and less like the status quo!…

I think the new Commission needs to re-think their last roundtable meeting discussion on businesses allowed in town (prev. post)… We elected them to allow for more business in town…not less… There is no reason not to allow a paint-wallpaper store/flooring store/ funeral home/electric supply-lighting store/ high- end consignment shops to be allowed in town…to exclude them is not business friendly, hurtful to building owners  and makes no sense…Just zone them to west of A1A…It’s that simple! ….

On a personal note…please stop with the pontificating about environmentally, healthy living, green and politically correct future committees and plethora of local, state and federal resolutions rather than putting forth meaningful agenda items that have an impact … benign or not…just stop…Let individuals decide what they want to support and what they want to do to aid a cause…

The voters are watching and it is evident in 2010 …there is no grace period in politics or resting on your laurels…Voters in 2012 will want to see candidates who can firmly stand in front of them and state what they accomplished…what they are working on and what they need to stay in office to finish …otherwise… those elected officials will be out and someone else will be seated in their spot to see if they are the ones that can do it!… Remember declaring for office in 2012 is just around the corner!….

More to come….

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