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Here’s The Scoop … Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Downtown Re-development …Full Steam Ahead …

January 17, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers …this writer is short on time after watching the three and a half hour Special Meeting to discuss the conceptual designs for blocks one, two and three in downtown LBTS…  The plan is for redeveloping the blocks from Bougainvilla east to the Pavilion on Commercial Blvd… The design team we hired made a power point presentation which was made after some unnerving remarks from Mr. Corea to the Commission “I would hate to be in the position you are in. Why? Citizens don’t want to be told what they want to do. They will condemn public officials if they do it and if they don’t.”… His presentation was followed by public comment and questions followed by Commissioner questions with no opinions or comments as directed by the Mayor before the presentation began…. That was followed by a break for the design team to respond and then for the Commission to decide prompted by the Mayor to move forward or do nothing… The decision was to move forward … I encourage residents to take a look at the video which will be available on the Town’s website shortly … …. The Commission is on record in this video stating more meetings should be allowed for the public to have another chance for input… Unfortunately questions were not asked by the Commission on how that would happen and the cost involved… The Town Manager in the backup for this meeting … … stated according to the contract there were no more such public  meetings included …Hmmm…. The comments made from the public which was mostly businesses were the same comments and concerns they have had since the get-go…Those are vistas and views of the ocean and beach…The parking changes and a reduction of 40 spaces as well as handicapped spaces as well as replacing angled parking with parallel parking ( although the Urban Planner stated they would be large enough to front- in park) …The concerns were still over trees …birds and what they leave behind and lane consolidation along with alleyway changes as well as entrance into Aruba Beach Cafe and the Pier parking lot and a formal paved public seating area in the middle of block one with a crosswalk that goes across to the center of the pavilion….. Residents against the conceptual renderings and spending $2 million were old-time residents such as the Demko family members and Hannah Hempstead who spoke about the maintenance issues seen presently.. Candidate Mark Brown spoke first and spoke of personally supporting the project adding that while he does many others are not on board yet still having major reservations…Brown said there needed to be another public meeting ….He suggested as an alternative the Town consider the University of Miami’s suggestion to do one block offering up block 2 as he told the Commission there was no reason to rush forward… Later on the UM presenter made reference to Brown’s suggestion adding if they were to go that route he would expand it to the block west (block 3) as well… Another point not made in all this discussion was why the $2 million was set in stone thus making block 3 a streamlined improvement…That’s due the the competitive bid  requirements for projects over that price thus taking the project away from this group and putting it out for a wider response… Edmund Malkoon thanked the design group for such a detailed presentation and said he hoped they moved forward with it and included the west blocks adding he hoped for another meeting and said this project will carry out the uniqueness of our town. …. The Commission after a few false starts and a few digs by the Mayor to get with the program she wanted …questions only asked mostly the same questions as the public as well as Comm. Sasser asking about the lack of curbs presented with a plan of shared space with bikes…He wanted answers as well to lessening the percentage split of pedestrian/car in the blocks as well…The Vice Mayor addressed the parking and re-routing traffic south further west as a way to alleviate bottle-necking traffic as it proceeds east in less lanes…Time limits for parking were brought up by Comm. Clottey as well as alleyway changes and the legal problems with Oriana’s alleyway… Thy took a break for the design group to get together and address the comments and questions… Upon reconvening what took place was summed up by the Vice Mayor best… They returned with little change offering up  why this was such a great design… The traffic planner Ms. Hughs spoke of the influx of bikes over the weekend heading east…Residents know that is a one-time occurrence on the weekends and early morning for the speed riding teams… as well as the underutilized A1A parking lot …yep again…(will losing 40 spaces really make it more utilized?)…She spoke of the use of parking on block 1 and watching that area…This writer wonders how she can be recommending a crosswalk in the center of the turnaround if she has done so…Right now the traffic backs up all the way past El Mar with cars going in the parking lots and dropping people off at the beach…With a pedestrian walkway in the middle that seems a given for it to increase substantially… Another interesting point was that no one stated the influx of concern when the idea was going full force for the McIntee median walkways with opponents crying out about the dangers of pedestrians walking in and out of El Ma Dr. traffic to use the medians…using the downtown plaza and center crosswalk seems to this writer to be even more of a safety concern  with going in and out of traffic….(earlier the landscape designer commented that pavers will look like waves in the crosswalk and the plaza…Hmmm…isn’t that what Pompano Beach is doing?)…..The landscape presenter spoke of the trees and the roots answering Comm. Vincents concerns ..Then it was time for the Commission to make some decisions…

The Mayor was really off this evening …in this writer’s opinion… She said this meeting was like a mediation as she chose to speak first about her take on responses she received from businesses and residents …She egged the Commission on asking them to “have the courage to hear…spelling h e a r… stating that they needed do something or do nothing…Hoping they would do something… When Comm. Sasser pressed his button she was still on the courage bent citing the cowardly lion!…The consensus  was to move forward by all those on the dais with the caveat they have more meetings and address the changes discussed …parking…less percentage pedestrian/car….alleyways…sidewalks…trees… The Mayor restated many of the concerns the Commissioners finished up with and  stated this was a positive direction and the town was moving slowly which we are known to do ..She said “not everyone’s gonna be happy”…She also added she was sad that many were “catering” to cars not people citing the CO2 cars produced…going on to pontificate about pedestrians being good for business….Comm. Sasser interjected she had left off one important point he had made concerning the pavilion area roundabout and cutting down the plaza area in block 1 as well as the entrance to the Pier lot.. The Mayor not joking in this writer’s opinion said she did not do so because she did not agree …so therefor did not bring it up… Comm. Sasser never one to let such things fly in his direction responded …”Cars don’t drive themselves. People drive cars and spend money!”… The Town Manager summed up what they wanted …on block 1 …to lose less parking…reduce sidewalk on south side …access to Pier parking…and Comm. Clottey said the legality if using the egress of the Oriana alleyway…This point showed once again Clottey was stuck on the McIntee claims to keep the Pier alleyway closed ….Those assertions were dealt with long ago and verified by another face at the podium we have not seen in quite some time…resident and Oriana Atty. Susan Deleagal …who was all for the project as presented and said to move forward on it….She would meet with the design team to see if schematics could be done on some things and get back to the Commission…The Mayor allowed for more public comment which was comprised of further concern over alleyway changes… a comment to move forth and build a parking garage … a thumbs up from David Nixon saying we are 90% therea call for an animated computer presentation rather than a schematic and Paul Novak who stated we are heading toward being a restaurant downtown requiring the 20.5 ft sidewalks …(Yann  Brandt said that last year when calling for no parking requirements!) …With that they adjourned without voting which they were advised they could do in the backup from the TM due to calling a Special Meeting vs a workshop…Oops!…Looks like the Mayor dropped the ball on that one!……. Now it’s assured that this won’t come back until the newly elected Commissioner is sitting in seat 3 in Feb for a vote which gives any concerned taxapeyrs the time to voice any lack of contentment they see in the conceptual plans for the 3 downtown blocks they will end up paying for ….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Candidate For Seat 3 In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Edmund Malkoon Has Some Nose Growing Problems With His Resume And His Revisionist History On His Past Positions …

January 14, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers … this writer is more than a little concerned about this election between Candidate Mark Brown and Edmund Malkoon for seat 3 …First I posted there was the “staying neutral” Stepford Wife mentality around town due to those voters actually believing there was no real difference between these two candidates …Then there was the incredible amount of deference to Malkoon’s mother Rosalie as the reason so many are taking a back seat and taking Malkoon signs with or without ever intending to put them up in their yard while taking a pass on Brown signs as to not upset Mrs. Malkoon leading way to the extraordinary possibility of sympathy votes for Malkoon at the polls for the same reason! … Now comes the biggest concern of all in this strange…strange LBTS race… and it’s Malkoon himself and the incredulous claims he has made in order to win the seat he feels is owed to him! …He has put forth a resume that doesn’t add up…literally!…He stated on the dais during the LOWV Meet the Candidate Forum in his opening statement “As a licensed realtor for the past 17 years I have learned the value of differences of opinions as well as negotiation”.. Malkoon is 36 years old..That would mean he became a licensed Realtor at age 19…What kind of license was it ? ….According to his election materials he graduated from Ely High School and attended Broward College (otherwise know at that time as BCC a 2 yr. community college) and FAU majoring in International Finance and Marketing…In his Sentinel interview his resume states he graduated Ely in 1993 which would have made him 18 years old at the time.. He changed his resume to leave out the misleading majors in his election materials to state “undergraduate coursework at Broward College and FAU … giving his occupation as Realtor… ( as previously posted he is listed as a “sales assoc.” in his  Fl. licensee info …’License Information License Type: Real Estate Broker or Sales Rank: Sales Associate License Number: SL627358′ /sales associate is listed one of 4 categories which is not a broker …thus “licensed Realtor” is misleading to state without stating broker or not now or at 19 years old ) …He states in that same article that he has worked in “credit card, mortgage and real estate fields and says that business background will be a plus when overseeing the management of the Town’s finances”.. (as prev. posted in 2010 he encountered problems with his own property and mortgage) …In his Pompano Pelican interview Malkoon states he is a “Realtor and Insurance agent” and that he “attended Broward College and Florida Atlantic University, majoring in business, international finance and marketing”… We are told he made claims that he was 2 credit short of completing his major but left college to come home when his father died…Hmmm….rather hard to believe considering FAU is in Boca Raton which is less than 20 minutes from the Malkoon residence in LBTS … plus why would someone who claims to have been a licensed Realtor at 19 years old not finish 2 credit short of such a prestigious career in International Finance and Marketing rather than becoming a sales associate in a family business as well as working short stints in insurance, mortgage and credit cards if we are to believe those claims are true?… It was at this same forum Malkoon claimed to remember the beach re-nourishment done in the early 80’s when he would have been between 5-8 years old!…So his fantastical claims were a two-fer for voters in a span of fifty minutes!… In the Pelican article Malkoon stated “I have a long history with the Town and volunteering on town boards and with civic organizations…”… Unless the reporter erred Malkoon has only been appointed to one town board which happened in 2010 and was disbanded by those that appointed him well before his full term was realized and over his vocal objections …Malkoon has also played the pandering role of “Uniter” or “Unifier” to enlist votes of those who have preconceived ideas concerning his opponent…As stated previously voters need only to look at the archives on this site under boards or go the the Town website to see the archived MPSC meetings ( MPSC 2010 archived videos- ) see Malkoon was at the forefront for “the whole enchilada” mentality on and off the committee he became the first and only co-chair of!…(the real title was and should have remained vice-chair) … He was for 2-lanes on El Mar and thus usurping the CIC-Furth led change that led to the Commission in 2007 to backtrack and retain the 4 lanes …He was for a parking garage..a new Town Hall…and was right alongside 2 new members who wanted big time changes made throughout the town… To say his election-time stances are revisionist is an understatement!…

Now here’s the kicker … … Readers will remember Malkoon made quite a few attacks against his opponent stating Brown was for raising the millage in the past while he was opposed…Hmmm… not so fast!…

Below is the verbatim public comments made by both  from that Sept. 27, 2010 Town Commission Meeting … It clearly shows Malkoon’s election time pandering … Following the verbatim text is the link to that meeting as well as verbatim quotes of Candidate Malkoon supporting no change or even a raise in the millage not only at that Sept. 27, 2010 meeting which was the one and only time his opponent Mark Brown spoke on the millage but at public comments at the prior 2010 Commission Meeting on Aug. 25, 2010 with video link below it and yet again in 2011 on Sept. 26, 2011 at public comments at the Special Comm.Meeting with the link to that video as well …

The voters cannot allow a Candidate for Commission to embellish, exaggerate or rewrite his own history to get a seat on the dais…Revealing the discrepancies has stopped past candidates from succeeding to do so and this election should do the same!…


September 27, 2010 Regular Town Commission Meeting Public Comments…

Mark Brown was called first …

Mark Brown-  “I just want to quickly commend the commission first of all as well as the Town Manager, the Assistant Town Manager and the Finance Director for as much work as you’ve been able to put into this budget and as far as you’ve been able to come this year. But I also want to offer up maybe just sort of a commonsense opinion to you. You started this year with about a seven hundred thousand dollar shortfall because property tax revenues were down. Then you were hit with about a quarter of a million dollars in the payout to the former Town Manager that gave you a million dollar shortfall and it seems like every time you get close, I understand your goal is to not raise the millage rate at all this year but it seems like every time you get close to closing that gap something else comes up that keeps pushing the goal line away. As you mentioned you just found out you’ve got an eighty thousand dollar shortfall because the former Town Manager didn’t pay out one of the payrolls in the last fiscal year. We’ve found out that we lost thousands of dollars by not having the Town’s money, millions of dollars in interest paying bank accounts. The point I want to make is, it’s not the end of the world for you guys if the 3.999 millage rate is just a little farther than you can reach and you have to end up at 4.09 in a one tenth of a one percent higher in order to balance the budget this year. I don’t think the stigma of raising taxes is that bad given the circumstances that you’re having to deal with trying to close this budget gap.You look at what other communities around Broward County are doing and they’re raising their millage rates much higher than this both percentage wise and numerically. I’m afraid that. You know you’re digging a hole and there’s just no more dirt left to get out of the hole this year. So personally if you can make the 3.999 I think it’d be great but if you’re doing it in a way that’s going to really cause serious repercussions in next year’s budget or in this year’s budget and the alternative would be got with the 4.09 instead of the 3.999 I would encourage you to go with the 4.09. Just my personal opinion. I know you’re the ones that have to live with it. You’re the ones who are trying really hard to hold the line on the millage rate but it’s not your fault there’s just too much that’s been happening and I would understand and everybody else would understand if you come just this (pinching fingers together) close but can’t quite make it. I’d rather see you do that and avoid anything really drastic. Thank you.”

Edmund Malkoon was called up next…

Edmund Malkoon- ” Hi, Edmund Malkoon. I was really gonna say kinda the same thing and I want to thank you all for working so hard, so diligently um, despite all the curve balls you’ve been given lately. I think it’s very commendable that you’re even close to achieving that. Um, second I just wanted to give a personal, I just wanted to give my opinion when maybe you’re taking about next years budget the CIP program um, as you know the A1As gonna be completed next year ah, the pads are installed for the bus stops so maybe you should include the bus stops in the future CIP plan especially if you want conformity instead of just waiting for this grant one year or another grant the next time. Maybe do so. You have to be ready for when the project’s completed. Thank you.”

Video Town Comm. Mtg. Sept. 27, 2010 (public comments)

BC- So there you have it Candidate Malkoon who attacked Mark Brown on the dais Jan. 11th for wanting to raise the millage neglected to add it was 2010 …Mark Brown spoke of a 1/10th of 1% increase for that year only and that Malkoon himself is on video saying immediately after his opponent …”Hi, Edmund Malkoon. I was really gonna say kinda the same thing…”…WOW!…

Below are more examples to show it was Malkoon who was vocal in having no problem with an increase in the millage for future development in the town at the podium three times compared to Brown’s singular comment on Sept. 27, 2010 …


I Googled Malkoon and my own site popped up…below is an excerpt from a post on the Aug. 25, 2010 commission meeting…

Aug 25, 2010 Reg. Comm.Mtg.

“MPSC Co-Chair Edmund Malkoon came to the podium as “resident” and commended both the Commission and Town Manager stating he purposely left off the interim from her title (she had not yet been voted on) for the Budget Workshop meeting and trying to retain the 3.999 but stated if they could not get there the 4.09 was really commendable when other communities are really increasing theirs…He again addressed the desire of having the Town purchase the Demko House due to it being a historic structure…”

Malkoon verbatim Aug 25, 2010 public comments Town Comm. Mtg….

Edmund Malkkon- ” That’s fast. I just want to take the time to commend the um, Town Manager and yes I left the interim part off on purpose for all the hard work you’re doing on the budget and this commission, you’re making some really good suggestions to try to get us where we were um, with the last millage rate and honestly even at the 4.09 from the 3.999 that’s really commendable to just be able to do that when other communities are really increasing right now.”

Video Town Comm. Mtg. Aug 25, 2010 (public comments)


Sept. 26,2011 Town Minutes…

“Edmund Malkoon echoed commendations for the hard work put into the budget by the Town Commission and staff noting many needs of the community were finally being addressed. He believed that lowering the millage rate was always good but the monieswere needed for Town improvements.”

Edmund Malkoon vebatim public comments Sept. 26, 2011 Spec. Mtg after Ken Kuglar, Vito Chiarello, Ken Brenner and George Hunsaker spoke either against lowering the millage rate 3.999 or encouraging an increase for Town improvements…

Edmund Malkoon-“I just wanted to also commend the hard work that went into this budget, um, this is really the first time in such a long time that so many needs of our community are finally being addressed on according to plan which is what you guys have run on in the election regarding the planning and righting the things that needed to be done um, in our town. So many things need to be done um, the infrastructure is now being addressed the drainage, ah, we’re gonna get the sewer study situations are going to be discussed as well. It’s always great to lower the millage. I think there’s a disconnect in people, most of you pay taxes up there as well and I’m sure would like to pay less as well if, if you’re able do so but you also have the responsibility to continue to move this community forward and develop it and to address these really important needs that we have. So again thank you for your hard work.”

Video Spec. Comm. Mtg. Sept. 26, 2011 (public comments)


more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … The 2012 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea LOWV Meet The Candidate Forum … Mr Myagi And The Kid…

January 11, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers … the 2012 League of Women Voters Meet the Candidate Forum was over in less than hour in part because there were only 2 candidates vying for one seat and a lack of questions to answer although a lot of the questions came from the 35 this writer sent in to the moderator on Dec. 9, 2011  … I’m definitely going to go back and watch the exchange again .. Readers should do the same and will have countless opportunities to do so with the event being re-broadcast on the Town’s channel 78 Jan 12,13,14,15,16,25,26,28,29 at 7 and 9 pm as well as being available anytime on the Town’s website …..

That being said here are my impressions from the first viewing of this forum … I thought it was rather odd that the moderator prefaced the 2 minute opening statements would contain the candidates qualifications and volunteer activities…That’s a new one…Once again this moderator’s impartiality is being called into question by this writer (I questioned it at the last such forum) … It began with Mark Brown who gave the voters a detailed look at his impressive personal and professional biography which was so extensive he could not fit into just 2 minutes…His opponent Edmund Malkoon had quite the opposite problem due to not having much of a professional biography or qualifications to put forth to voters …The questions began and each taking turns in who answered first were allowed 1 minute …The first question was about the top 2 priorities each had for the Town if elected…Malkoon answered they were  high level public safety …scrutinizing finances …and actively engaging people to participate… Brown responded he wanted to continue what this Commission was doing while being careful with spending ..The second question was about the Town promoting local business and Brown was up first to respond…He said the Town should play a small role in it and not a whole lot of Town money should be used citing events the Town already puts on …Malkoon said that the Town has done a lot with the businesses bringing up the hotels and then went on to state what the Town has done legislatively to aid in the businesses …

BC-legislative measures are not promoting town businesses …

Question 3 was on the Charter changes that are necessary and Malkoon answering first stated they needed to answer the redistricting which he said was an issue due to what people voted for and what was not in the charter …

BC-this was discussed last night by the TAtty. who stated there was a discrepancy of what was on the ballot vs. the charter with the residency requirements of candidates ending in 2018 not being included in the Town Charter and the statute of limitations for it to be put in had passed in 2008 (under the CIC majority time on the dais) …thus making the residency requirement permanent if no change is made …The FAU study for extending the districts is still required due to that being in the Town Charter…

Mark Brown answered that this was “a more important issue than you realize” correctly citing the report Consultant Cecelia Ward brought forth to the Commission of many such instances of more issues not making it into the Town Charter…He added he was looking forward to the committee but did not want to impose on them or tie their hands … The question that followed was to ask the candidates where they would cut or increase the current budget …Brown responded that this Commission has done a good job with a lean budget during these economic times…He added that he would look into the Town Attorney’s budget as well as discussing capital improvements and keeping a line on the millage rate …Malkoon spoke of how lucky we are to have a town that is financially sound and spoke of keeping the 3.999 millage rate…He took a jab at his opponent by stating Brown was for raising the millage at budget time …

BC- Brown has stated he was for raising it slightly along with a few others during the budget hearings due to the unknowns in the budget leftover from the previous administration cited by the Administration at these meetings and it was for this millage hearing only…Readers may recall this is the same time that the sewer replacement in the south end of town was also looming as Malkoon will touch upon later in the forum…

The Candidates were asked if they were happy with the current Master Plan and it was Malkoon responding first to once again remind voters he was on the MPSC and was happy with the Master Plan stating it was not set in stone for the 5 years.. Brown shot back that he was “disappointed” with the MPSC and glad that the Town went out beyond the committee to accomplish the plan citing a lack of consensus on the committee…He also corrected Malkoon by stating that only one year of the Master Plan has a budgeted commitment of funding..

BC- Readers will recall (prev. posts boards) that the Comm. thought the MPSC was floundering as well and asked the TM to take over with guiding them through this process…TM Hoffmann came in with some planned committee group building exercises followed by introducing experts to produce outside the box ideas which ed to presentations and the UM study along with resident input to finalize the Master Plan…The Commission cut short the MPSC 5-0 over the objections voiced by Malkoon himself long before their 2-yr terms were up …

Up next was the question concerning the upcoming beach re-nourishment which was also discussed at a recent Town Reg. Comm. meeting… Brown responded that he had experience in beach re-nourishment while working with congress and stated it is imperative to do and he supports it with reservations ..Those include the impact on LBTS which he stated was nowhere as bad off as Galt Ocean Mile…He also stated his concerns about the proposed ideas such as the sand coming from mined areas on trucks and the impact of the trucks carrying it as well as the quality of the sand itself.. He reiterated he supports the project with reservations…  Malkoon responded after Brown that he remembered the beach re-nourishment of the early 1980’s and the problems at that time..

BC- Hmmm… Malkoon is 36 years old…so to remember the project in the early 80’s he would have been  5-8 years how much of a beach re-nourishment project would an 8 year old really recall…I am told that project was not done from the shore but rather brought in from the water although I have not checked it out… So who coached him?… Comm. Clottey who it is said was nodding throughout the forum as he looked toward her for reassurance?… Speaking of “Team Edmund” this writer was also informed that Cindy Geesey and Bob Fleishman made it their business to make faces at Mark Brown throughout such as putting their fingers down their throats when he responded and using the throat slash when it appeared he was running long on a response … Later on in Brown’s closing remarks he took aim at such actions which should send a message not only to these two but to voters …

Public bathrooms was the next topic… Malkoon responded once again that he was on the MPSC and this had come before them for the “80th” time…he did not think it was a top priority citing the sewers and drainage ..

BC- I think a look back at his time on the MPSC will show he was all in when it came to public bathrooms ..

Mark brown stood his ground saying he had written about the need for bathrooms and was not going to change his position now (as his opponent did) ..He spoke up about his idea to do a trial with a modular unit to see if it worked or not..If not then not much would be spent on the trial …He also spoke of walking around town often and the usage of restaurant bathrooms to cover this deficiency…

BC- A look back at this discussion which went on quite a long time with the MPSC will show that Brown’s idea was put forth on the dais by none other than Comm Clottey… Brown also recommended using El Prado as the test area …Talk about parking lots was brought up by others in town and met with concerns of pedestrian safety crossing  A1A or El Mar and using the Aruba alleyway which would put the pedestrians in danger from valeted cars…

A screwy question which was prefaced by the moderator as such but nevertheless still put forth by her concerned the Chamber of Commerce being funded by Town and County taxpayers and a charge of the Chamber paying “thousands” to an out of state contractor… Mark Brown said indeed the question was wrong … Ms. Smith, the moderator then asked if the Chamber should play a bigger role or no role at all in town… Brown responded that he is a big supporter of the Chamber citing what they bring to the town as well as the partnership required now more than ever between the two with what is planned as well as the Town not being able to hire more staff … Malkoon reminded voters once more that he is a Chamber board member ( he made a try for the Chamber board in 2010 but was not elected) …He said he owned a business in town and said we are one of two Welcome Centers in Broward and ours is well run…He then digressed into bids saying he is pro bids and putting forth the Town’s policy of local bids preferences …

BC- The Town’s bid policy has nothing to do with the Chamber bids policies…

The sewer/water fees increase question was finally asked and it was Malkoon’s to answer first… He said he spoke to the Town Manager on this issue and that there is an inequality as well as adding the sewer replacement would cost us about a million dollars which is not as bad as we thought it would be and we have $1.8 million in the sewer fund which “is more than enough needed” … He spoke of the water usage and Fort Lauderdale and the charges “going down” as well as looking at a rate decrease across the board..

BC- I find this disturbing because up til now it was my understanding we do not have the final figures for the cost of the sewers in the south…So where did Malkoon get the million figure from?… Did the TM inform him before the Commission?… The water usage I believe is slated to go up with another increase on the horizon as we only sent in by resolution our complaint concerning the fees…As far as a rate decrease across the board for south end properties under the PB-LBTS Master Sewer Agreement…I believe the only rate decrease to be discussed is concerning multi-family/hotel/condo properties…on Jan 19th..

Mark Brown responded that he supported the Commission’s decision to have everybody pay their fair share in order to maintain the sewers and build up reserves for repairs and replacement…He said if there is now a question of too much money being reserved then it needs to be addressed…but a continued fair share rate should apply …

The question was asked about the need and any support from the Candidates for a new Town Hall… Brown responded that the present Town Hall properties are underutilized and should be consolidated in the future citing the fire station as a component…He did not believe public monies should be used and said it was not a top priority… Malkoon agreed it was not a top priority…

BC- I believe at the time of Town Hall discussions Malkoon was for the “whole enchilada”…

The 5-year Capital Improvement Plan question was put to both and Malkoon responded it addressed the infrastructure adding it was not “set in concrete” so changes could be made…He stated we do not have to go out for monies and spoke of grants for improvements ..Brown stated he was happy we finally have a 5-year plan citing “piecemeal” projects …He added correctly that the projects funded thus far are from reserves and added he will not be voting for increasing taxes to fund projects… The moderator segwayed into the  millage rate and raising it… Brown said only if there was a disaster saying he saw no reason to raise the millage… Malkoon responded “being a taxpayer who wants to pay more”…He said we have $2.3 million in our emergency disaster fund as well as other avenues to cover such an event…

Outsourcing the Parking Dept. was the next question…Malkoon stated that the Parking Dept. has longtime residents as employees and stated it should be made known to taxpayers that it is funded by the Enterprise Fund not from the General Fund and he needed to look at it more …

BC- Malkoon was wrong… The Town employees are not paid from the Enterprise Fund…that funds the parking lots etc…but the department employees are paid for by the taxpayers…

Mark Brown hit right back by saying he has done a lot of knocking on doors and repeatedly heard “Do what you have to do to keep the cost down”…He said he would look at outsourcing case-by-case based on facts not emotion…Traffic flow was up next ..Brown cited the many traffic changes implemented by the Town (Consultant Hughs) and spoke of concerns with pedestrians at the intersection of A1A (and Commercial) as well as the turnaround at the Pavilion …Malkoon went green with agreeing with the A1A/Comm. Blvd. intersection adding that people should get out of their cars and use the Pelican Hopper/the new sharing bikes and walking…Then it was onto the “Does Lauderdale-By-The-Sea have a parking problem” question… Malkoon said no we don’t our parking is underutilized and that talk of a parking garage will be wonderful one day…done by a private entity…

BC- Again voters need to go back to Malkoon’s time on MPSC to see where he stood then vs. now…

Brown said we do have a parking problem because people want to park right in front of where they are going..He cited signage as well being a problem and added that after the recession is over the time will come to think about a garage or some  way to deal with it…No money for it right now… Next was the question of what if any changes the candidates would make in the bid process …large bids… Brown responded the Town under this Commission and Administration made big changes with a limit of $15,000 being kept and the Commissioners seeing all bids first… Malkoon added there has been a big increase in transparency in the last 2 years and he thinks we should bid as much as possible .. That was followed by a question concerning staffing in Town such as a Town Marketing person, Town Planner, Asst. TM and an Asst. To the TM… Malkoon said we should let the TM run the town… Brown stated that as a Chief of Staff he held a similar role to the TM in staffing …He went on to say as long as the TM was mindful of the overall budget it did not matter what title was affixed to the TM’s hires…He added that if the Commission became unhappy with the TM’s actions the TM could be removed… The second to last question was about the recreation/Senior Center and any changes… Brown responded he regularly participates in the program lauding its volunteers and saying he thought there was a need for more space and suggesting more usage of Jarvis Hall ….Malkoon stated it was now called the Community Center and he said Armilio (the director) was doing a “great job” …as far as youth programs he said we are “blessed” with programs in neighboring towns and it’s something we can look in to..

BC- Mark Brown was a big supporter and proponent to save Armilio Bien-Aime’s job and the center itself a few years ago when Malkoons “mentor” Comm. Clottey was in cahoots with former TM Colon to undermine the program and Armilio with Broward County!…Oops!…

The final question was about the Town employing a lobbyist …Malkoon’s response was a swift no …Brown said “we have a Congressman, State Representative, State Senator and County Commissioner, let them do the lobbying for us!”…

The closing came at 10 to 8 due to no one in the 3/4 filled hall coming forth with anymore questions for the candidates despite the moderator repeatedly asking them to do so… Each had 2 minutes…

Malkoon went first and said he was proud that LBTS is financially sound …he would be fiscally responsible and spoke of a cost benefit analysis…He then went on the attack one more time against his opponent and his experience in Washington pleading with the voters to vote for a local boy…

BC- This line of attack was a complete misfire in this writer’s opinion …It made it abundantly clear that Malkoon not being able to match Brown’s experience decided with his small, small cadre of pals to denigrate it!… Sad and pitiful….

Mark Brown had the last words and they were the reason this writer used the Karate Kid reference at the top of this post… Mark spoke of walking around the town over the past 3 months and what an amazing experience it has been…He spoke about the remarks he heard concerning happiness with the commission and the desire to move forward while keeping the uniqueness of out town intact… He followed that up by declaring that he had written hundreds of stories over the last five years (as a volunteer) which he signed his name to and took full responsibility for … He further declared that he would continue doing so when elected your commissioner…He then shot his final blow to those who sat menacingly in the front row as well as his opponent by emphatically stating “I’m not beholden to anyone” … He ended by just as emphatically telling the voters he will listen to the people, do what’s best for  the town and he won’t waste any money doing it!…

With that the meeting ended… As Myagi  said to the “kid” wax on…wax off… Voters…take a look at the forum…take a look at the differences experienced…methodical…factual man who is beholden to no one or a self proclaimed local boy who is apparently beholden to a cadre of supporters who let him believe he is owed a seat on the dais because he is a local boy!… Wax off!…..

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Candidates For Seat 3 Emails Really Shows Voters The Difference Between Them ….

January 10, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers …this writer obtained the emails sent today by both Candidates for seat 3 in the LBTS January 31st election concerning the LOWV Meet The Candidate Forum which was up in the air for well over a day after Candidate Edmund Malkoon contacted the Town to ask it be changed due to having a fever… (prev. posts) … The first email is from his opponent Mark Brown who was not contacted by the Town or the LOWV and under the impression that plans to accommodate Malkoon were proceeding without regard to him…He made the decision to send an email to the LOWV moderator Carol Smith with a copy going to the Town and the Commissioners in order to make it clear where he stood on this unnerving situation …Candidate Brown was unaware of the email Malkoon had already sent to the Town and Commissioners in the morning …(see below)… What should further make undecided LBTS voters stand up and take notice of is the alarming difference in the content of these two emails … Candidate Brown’s email is professional, structured as well as being coherent …Candidate Malkoons email is not only punctually deficient, it is in a style that should be reserved for “friends” on Facebook and Twitter!… Now we know why Malkoon’s campaign web page is on Facebook and what that bird is in the background of his green election materials!…The Twitter bird!…….

The emails…( personal email addresses of the candidates were x’d by this writer)…

‘From: Mark xxxx
To: [email protected]
CC: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Sent: 1/10/2012 12:04:43 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: candidate’s night in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

Hi Carol. This is Mark Brown. I am a candidate for town commissioner in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. I am scheduled to participate in the candidate’s forum which you and the League of Women voters will be moderating tomorrow night. However, I am hearing rumors now that the forum might be canceled because my opponent is ill. This has put me in an awkward position and I’d like to share my thoughts with you on this.

As I understand it, my opponent got sick over the weekend, following a fundraiser that he held on Saturday night. He is not in the hospital and wasn’t in a car crash or anything like that. He was home but running a fever of 102 as of Monday. I’m told that he started calling town commissioners on Monday morning to advise them that he would still be too ill to participate in the forum two nights later on Wednesday, and that he would like them to cancel or postpone it. I was further informed that the town commission might take this issue up this evening at its regularly scheduled meeting.

I feel bad that my opponent is not feeling well, but I do not believe that constitutes grounds for canceling tomorrow night’s forum. This event has been planned and promoted for two months. Residents have sent in their questions to you, they are ready to attend or view the event on local access TV, and I’ve been prepping and am ready to go as well. I don’t see why everyone in town should be inconvenienced because my opponent decided two days in advance that he will be too ill to take part in the forum.

In addition, I believe this is not a debate but a candidate’s forum, where people get to ask questions of the candidates. That’s how it was announced in the town’s newsletter and how it has been promoted. Since I am a candidate and I will be there, I feel the event should go on and I should be allowed to speak and answer questions, even if he doesn’t show up.

There is another option available to deal with this situation. I would be perfectly happy to adjust my schedule and take part in a second forum if the LWV and/or town commission choose to schedule one. At least that way we could have one opportunity to share the stage together. I think that would be fair to him while still being fair to me and to all the residents of the town.

I have to add one personal note because I am a little perturbed about this. I took one sick day in my 30 years of working. I had back surgery on a Friday morning and was back at my desk the following Monday. There were many times in my career that I didn’t feel well but I went to work anyway because I knew that if I didn’t, I might not have a job the next day. That’s the way it goes in the real world, and I’m sure most people went through their careers the same way. If the shoe was on the other foot, and I was the one feeling ill, I can assure you that I would drag myself into the forum tomorrow night and do the best I could, regardless of how I felt. It would show people that I am serious about serving in office, even if my physical condition put me at a disadvantage in the forum. I’m sure most other people would do the same.

Finally, I am a little concerned because I have not been contacted directly by anyone on this, even though I have a big stake in the matter. I called the town manager last night to discuss this, but she advised me that it’s out of her hands because it is a political matter and it’s up to the town commission. Accordingly, I intend to call each town commissioner today to try to find out what’s going on and to make sure that I have the opportunity give my input on the subject. I think it is only fair that my views be taken into consideration too.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter. I look forward to either hearing back from you or seeing you at the candidate’s forum on Wednesday night.

Mark Brown’
From: EM [mailto:emalkoonxxxxxx]
Sent: Tue 1/10/2012 9:41 AM
To: Connie Hoffmann; Chris Vincent; Scot Sasser; Roseann Minnet; Birute Ann Clottey; Stuart Dodd
Subject: Forum

Yesterday, I contacted several of you regarding Forum this Weds. I was running 103 fever and wanted to alert you as its a consideration of the Commission, and your meeting is tonight. Good news is my fever broke overnight. Its still high but much better. I am just going to rest and hope ill be ok for weds night.

Appreciate the well wishes,

Edmund Malkoon

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Here’s The Scoop … Looks Like The Cub Candidate Is Going To Suck It Up … January 31st LOWV Meet The Candidate Forum Is On! …

January 10, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers …here’s what we know so far one day after Cub Candidate Edmund Malkoon decided 48 hours in advance that he would be too sick to show up at the long planned for LBTS LOWV Meet The Candidate Forum Wed. night…(He had a fever) … As of this morning he was feeling a little better …We have been informed he will attend after all if he feels better or not!… We also know that two emails were sent out to the Commissioners by each candidate today…  This writer heard Mark Brown’s email was to let the LOWVoters, the Town Administration and the Commission know he wanted the event to go forward as publicized and planned for… As far as Malkoon’s email ….we have heard different versions of and will need to see what’s what before commenting on it…

In any event this has to put another nail in the Cub Candidate’s coffin for becoming the next Commissioner to occupy seat 3 for the next 4 years in my opinion… Come on …think about what Malkoon did in this situation and how poorly he handled a simple illness we all have to deal with …Rather than quietly taking whatever measures necessary to ensure he could attend the event he chose to instead call the Town Manager to say he was ill and would not be able to attend 48 hours ahead of time thus setting off a day+ of phone calls from the Town to Commissioners…Emails from candidates to those same Commissioners, the TM as well as the LOWVoters who were also contacted by the Town asking about a possible change!… That shows a real lack of maturity in Malkoon!…That shows Malkoon has a total lack of comprehension of what his selfish actions entail! …While some may brush it off as a “generational” thing …I won’t but will say you are so right!…I for one do not want a child on the dais making decisions on my behalf and this goes to show that’s exactly what LBTS will have in seat 3 with Cub Candidate Edmund Malkoon!…

We also heard that this decision not show up at events which included a decision not to show up last night at the UOT-PAC meeting led to quite row with an attack coming from Malkoon small cadre of supporters such as Louis Marchelos, Bob Fleishman, Cindy Geesey, Susie Glenn and a few others seated at one table against the present UOT President Ray Wolowicz after that group represented to those at the meeting that indeed Malkoon was “promised” the seat from UOT this time around … No such promise was made from the organizations full board or members according to those in the know…We understand Mark Brown made it a point to present a timeline of his decision to run which included as far back as September and a UOT meeting at which the President asked for possible candidates to come forth and none did…including his opponent Malkoon… Brown continued on to say he contacted commissioners, board members and other including his opponent and was encouraged with positive comments to proceed never once hearing the candidacy was already spoken for…He proceeded and has run a very independent,strategic,concise, informative as well as intensive campaign much like the ones we saw in 2008 and 2010 without the benefit of having the full UOT-PAC from the get-go… As one Reader said …this is not North Korea… There’s no dictatorship ….So what gives?…Sounds like the UOT has or is about to go the way of the CIC-PAC due to a few loudmouths not following the rules that govern such PACs …We saw if with the Furths and now we are seeing it with UOT with the demise of the PACs themselves… Once again this shows the Cub Candidate is a child …in this writer’s opinion …who really believed that he was owed something and he was going to slide right into a LBTS municipal position on the dais without having to any of the hard work his predecessors had to do as well as his opponent… Message to voters…get your coffin nails here… bang…bang!….

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Candidate For Commission Seat 3 In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Needs A “Sick Day” … Asks To Change Candidate Forum Date 48 Hours In Advance …

January 9, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers …just when you think it cannot get any stranger in this LBTS 2012 Commission race for seat 3 …it does!… Candidate Edmund Malkoon was a no-show tonight at the first head-to-head meeting set up for him and his opponent Mark Brown at the UOT-PAC …Before the meeting though a call went out from the Town Manager to at least one Commissioner that Malkoon asked that the scheduled Wed. night LOWV Meet The Candidate Forum be changed due to illness…WHOAAAA…. Are you kidding me!… Never have I heard of a candidate asking 48 hours ahead of time for something to be scratched in anticipation of still being sick!…So what’s wrong with Candidate Cub Malkoon anyway you may be asking?… The word from a few attending the UOT meeting is he has a fever of 102.5!…He sent a proxy with a letter which was rather feisty we hear from someone so ill and in need of a respite during the countdown of days leading up to the Jan. 31st election stating he had a 102.5 fever ad nauseum…pun intended ….and asking that the Wed. night forum be changed due to being under the weather!… This is a new low in my book…I recall VM Dodd showing up at meetings shortly after a hip replacement …I recall not too long ago Comm. Sasser was on the dais throughout a full meeting quite ill after being checked out by AMR… Same goes for former Comm. Chuck Clark as I recall….So to ask for the forum to be changed for a fever that can easily be taken care of within the 48 hours leading up to this event is just another reason why Cub Candidate Edmund Malkoon is not qualified to be a commissioner!… Ask yourself when was the last time you called in sick and missed an important  scheduled meeting? … How long would you employ someone who calls in sick 48 hours ahead of time?…

The Town and the LOWV must carry on with this scheduled forum and allow Candidate Mark Brown this venue to make his opening and closing remarks as well as to answer the questions voters have already sent in for the candidates to respond to…To quash this event and/or move it for a feverish cub is beyond comprehension!…

Mama Bear or the Snicker snicker man or Mensa Meow Meow needs to give their Cub Candidate Malkoon a Z-Pak and a load of chicken soup…wipe his nose …tie his shoes and get him to the LOWV Meet The Candidate Forum Wed. night as planned…If Malkoon is indeed a no-show or the Town reschedules…then voters once more need to tell this Cub he’ll have plenty of time to hibernate after Jan. 31st!

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … It’s A Sign …. Some Don’t Want To Upset Mama Bear…

January 7, 2012 by Barbara



Dear Readers …in a previous post I asked if this was the first staying neutral race for commission in LBTS …I have now been informed by quite a few of you that indeed it is …. but not for the reason I previously posted of voters feeling there was no real difference between the candidates for seat 3… It seems that Candidate Edmund Malkoon’s campaign is being run by his mother who appears on his treasurer reports as his treasurer…I am told it is Edmund’s mother who is calling around for her son to be allowed to come to condos to speak….It is Edmund’s mother who is calling and asking residents that her son’s signs be put in their front yards and it is because it is Edmund’s mother who is putting these voters on the spot that they are playing the neutral card by either taking the Edmund Malkoon signs and putting them up or taking the Edmund Malkoon signs and putting them out of sight with no intention of putting them up out of some sort of deference for the candidate’s mother rather than the support of the candidate himself!…On top of that some of the Edmund Malkoon signs put up are now down with no sign being put up to carry on the neutral stance or as a few have done being replaced by his opponent Mark Brown signs after further review and/or discussions with voters not beholden to Edmund’s mother thus having second thoughts … At the Palm Club the Edmund Malkoon signs were also put up after a call and we are told they have now been removed after several Palm Club residents were angered by the signs being put up without their knowledge and approval …We hear that happened at other residences in the north as well by way of yet another Malkoon supporter who last claimed to have led the way for the big win in 2010 … A claim that was met with snickers throughout town…Hmmm…shades of LBTS elections of the past…. sign up …signs down…and claims of foul play!….

Edmund Malkoon is a 36 year old man who has chosen to run for a town commission seat and while his mother whom he lives with should by all means be helping him as any mother would…It is just mind boggling and ridiculous to this writer to think that so many voters cannot  seem to muster up the ability to tell Mama Bear that while they respect her position as a Mama Bear they must decline due to their non support of her candidate cub…

This election should be based on a cub and a Mama Bear really believing the cub candidate is owed seat 3 because the cub was passed by in 2010 for Candidate Sasser …This election should be based on a cub who is running his campaign as he would have had it been 2010 stating the cub is a “Uniter”… This election should be based on a cub stating in his campaign materials that he “Majored in International Finance and Marketing” at FAU but not stating whether he received a degree in his major or had a career in his major…This election should be based on whether the cub’s election materials claim of being a LBTS  business owner (Real Estate) is a licensed real estate agent or not…This election should be based on the cub’s months sitting on the MPSC and what the cub did or did not do …(previous posts under the archives “boards” categories cover those meetings ) …. This election should be based on the cub’s non-support by those who sat on the MPSC with him…This election should be based on the cub’s not being elected to the Chamber of Commerce Board in 2010 as a member of the Chamber …This election should be based on the amazing lack of contributions made to the cub in his two Treasurers Reports…( $1,240.00 )….This election should be based on the cub’s debate with his opponent on Jan. 11, 2011 as well as this cub’s answers in the ByTheSeaFuture, Pompano Pelican and Sentinel on the issues …

This election should be based on what the cub’s opponent Mark Brown has offered up in his election materials of his education (Graduate of George Washington University), his career (newspaper reporter and Chief of Staff to two Washington Congressmen), his volunteerism (volunteered his time at BTSFuture to be the Editor), his support ( includes present and past commissioners, fellow board members, neighbors, past colleagues)  his contributions ($10,065 in 2 Treasurers Reports), his debate answers, his newspaper interviews which are all in sharp contrast to this cub ….. in this writer’s opinion…

This election should NOT be based on the cub’s mother …Be neutral no more voters!… Stand up and show your support for your choice of candidate for seat 3…No growling allowed!….



The candidates have a busy time ahead of them…It begins Monday night Jan.9th with a UOT meeting that includes both in attendance to address any questions thrown at them…Tues night Jan 10th is the first Reg. Comm.meeting and either will be able to comment at the podium on agenda items….Wed. Jan 11th is the LOWV Meet The Candidate Forum for the one and only time the candidates will both be asked to answer questions sent in by voters…Thur. Jan 12th both candidates are to attend a meeting at the Palm Club …Fri. Jan 13th is the deadline for the 3rd Treasurers Report (will be posted) ….Tues. Jan. 17th both should be in attendance and ready to put forth their stance on the downtown redevelopment issue at a Special Meeting …Thur. Jan 19th both candidates should be in attendance and ready put forth their stance on the sewer fees that impact hotels, condos and multi-family homes south of Pine Ave and under the LBTS-Pompano Beach Master Sewer Agreement at a Special Meeting ….Tues. Jan. 24th is the 2nd Reg. Comm. meeting and one last chance for comments made by each candidate at the podium on agenda items as well as the newspapers listed above printing the candidates responses to interviews already done….Last mailers if done by either should arrive at voters homes as the absentee ballots are received by the Broward SOE …..Tues. Jan 31st it’s time for tents up at the polling places by candidates and supporters… and by 8 pm we should have a winner!….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … The LBTS Ad Hoc Marketing “Group” … The Members & The Minutes … No Sunshine Required = An Appearance Of ? …

December 22, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers – After listening to the new Asst. TO the Town Manager Pat Himelberger on Dec. 13th at the Regular Commission meeting present Consent Agenda item 11a. to the Commission and the Commission voting 3 (Clottey/Vincent/Minnet)  -2 (Sasser/Dodd ) I posted my objections and concerns… Fortunately the Feb. 23rd Caribbean themed event was scratched a day later and I posted that as well as posting what I found on the Fl. Atty. General’s Sunshine laws online concerning who falls under the laws and who does not … The Vice Mayor also inquired about the “group” being subject to Sunshine Law and another resident sent in a public record request to the Town asking for the name of the members and whose liquor license would be used at the event as stated by TM Hoffmann… I then sent in a public record request received by the Town on Mon. for the minutes of all these meetings after I was informed the Town Manager stated that the Town Attorney informed her the “group” was not subject to Sunshine … The Town Manager decided to distribute the public record requests response information to the Commission …Too little ..too late for this writer…  I have posted it below… Here’s what is still disconcerting after seeing the email sent by the Town Manager  (below)..”I did receive a question as to whether these meetings are subject to the Sunshine Law. I have operated under the understanding they are not, but confirmed that with the Town Attorney this week. She has provided me with guidelines so that we can make sure we stay in compliance with state statutes. I do not think it is practical to set up an advisory board for these matters as the Sunshine Law could greatly hinder businesses from working together to do promotions, hold events, etc.” … This is counter to what I as a taxpayer and as someone who sat through years of Town Managers (Baldwin and Colon) making decisions with a few behind the scenes want from a Town Manager in LBTS wants to hear … I do not want to hear she is staying “in compliance with state statutes” in order to avoid being under Sunshine Law in my opinion……I certainly do not buy her reasoning of …”I do not think it is practical to set up an advisory board for these matters as the Sunshine Law could greatly hinder businesses from working together to do promotions, hold events, etc.”…especially after reading the minutes she supplied (see below) … We the taxpayers will be footing the bill for some businesses to perhaps profit big time as a result and the way the “group”  is operating now allows for that business to be out of the sunshine while being a strong proponent of putting on the event making it a benefit to themselves which is not allowing for us taxpayers to know about or possibly object to that outcome taking place … As far as hindering them from working together that doesn’t pass the smell test either as they could work together when the meeting are made known and posted … Some of the names of those who are listed in the Marketing “group” are unknown to many …I have a problem with a description of a member being  “Town resident with a marketing background” with no further specifics attached as well as seeing meetings where decisions are made that involve only one or two business people and the Town Manager and her Asst. TO…. hardly a “group” … I also see from the minutes that the need for hiring yet another consultant for the west side retail specialist came from the Town Manager…Why is it at times we have enough staff for things like the Caribbean event or these “groups”…but at other times we do not ?….Let’s call this Marketing “group” what it really is…an “advisory committee” and let’s put it under the Sunshine Laws before the next meeting and the next vote to spend taxpayer monies on events etc… based on meetings we and the Commission is in the dark about… VM Dodd brought up another important point having to do with the new ethic rules and the status quo of the “group” being an unknown leaving Commissioner vulnerable ….

One last point to make once again… I have a real problem with many on this Commission who are reenacting the bad actions of their predecessors under Town Managers Baldwin and Colon by either skirting their research to go with whatever Town Manager  Hoffmann puts forth such as this item as well as many on this Commission making decisions on new code due based on who the Town Manager is now rather than to the Town Manager position itself …An example of this is new codes being looked at right now  that give the Town Manager the unilateral right to approve something for a business such as outdoor cafes with only the Commission’s input if the applicant decides to appeal that decision….. I don’t want to hear members of the Commission saying they trust “Connie” yada..yada..yada…so no problem… Because as everyone knows nothing lasts forever …especially in the “Merry-Go-Round” world of municipal managers (see prev. posts) ….It’s a waste of time and taxpayer dollars and a big disservice to constituents if she leaves and we find ourselves once again with another Town Manager that is not so trustworthy but the Commissions hands are tied due to the code they approved based on Hoffmann… Remember the Town Manager and the Commission are equal on the Town “pyramid’ and both are below the people they both serve …the taxpayers…


‘From: Connie Hoffmann [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 4:22 PM
To: Birute Ann Clottey; Chris Vincent; Roseann Minnet; Scot Sasser; stuart dodd; Stuart Dodd
Subject: FW: Ad Hoc Marketing Group Participants and Meeting Minutes

We have been getting inquiries on who has attended the meetings of the Ad Hoc Marketing Group. Listed below are the names and business affiliation of those individuals who have attended one or more meetings or participated in the subgroup that is looking at ways to market the Town as a dive destination:

John Boutin, Windjammer Resort

Danny Carter, Dance Moves Ballroom

Brian Gagas, Gold Coast Scuba

Steve Gagas, Gold Coast Scuba

Dave Gadsby, Village Grille and Beachside Village Resort

Dorothy Hacker, Away Inn

Ben Howard, Town resident with a marketing background

Jennifer Kovacs, Opt 2-Web

Corey Mahoney, Alley Oop

Louis Marchelos, Athena Restaurant

Spiro Marchelos, Anglin’s Fishing Pier and Beach Cafe

Robert Milionies, Country Ham n’ Eggs

Peggy Mohler, Aruba Beach Café

Paul Novak, High Noon Resort

Pam Rossi, P.J. Rossi Jewelers

Lenore Nolan-Ryan, Lenore Nolan-Ryan Cooking School & Catering

Mark Silver, Argenti Jewelers

Jason Wilson, Alley Oop

Ellen Zavell, Driftwood Inn

All businesses are located in LBTS and, as you know, several of the business owners/reps are also Town residents.

Many more people than those listed above have been invited to participate and we held the meetings on different days of the week, and at different times of the day to try and get participation. Throughout the two months we’ve been meeting, we have expanded our distribution list both for notification of the meeting times and to send out the minutes so that those who cannot or choose not to attend can know what has been discussed. We have recently gathered emails from more businesses so that they, too, can be invited to participate.

I did receive a question as to whether these meetings are subject to the Sunshine Law. I have operated under the understanding they are not, but confirmed that with the Town Attorney this week. She has provided me with guidelines so that we can make sure we stay in compliance with state statutes. I do not think it is practical to set up an advisory board for these matters as the Sunshine Law could greatly hinder businesses from working together to do promotions, hold events, etc.

‘Marketing Brainstorming Session October 13, 2011 Jarvis Hall

Present: Peggy Mohler, Aruba’s; Pamela Rossi, PJ Rossi Jewelers; Lenore Nolan Ryan, Lenore Nolan Ryan Cooking School & Catering; John Boutin, Windjammer Resort; Jason Wilson, Alley Oop; David Gadsby, Village Grill; Ellen Zavell, Driftwood Beach Club; Connie Hoffmann, Town Manager; Pat Himelberger, Assistant to the Town Manager; Steve d’Oliveira, Public Information Officer

The meeting was held to receive input from the Town businesses, hotels and restaurants as to the direction they would like to see the Town invest its marketing dollars.

The following ideas were prioritized and grouped according to the preference of those in attendance.

High Priority
1. Stop issuing non-stop parking tickets.
2. Market Town as a package (hotels, restaurants and stores) more.
3. Poor hotels, restaurants and shops affect our reputation – clean up before we market big time.
4. Offer cooperative packages between Town businesses, e.g. grocery deliveries, cooking classes.
5. Move the Chamber’s Welcome Center to a more central location or maybe add a tourist kiosk(s) around Town.

Medium Priority
1. Analyze common positives and negatives: what is the LBTS experience?
2. Use marketing funds to do something Ft. Lauderdale doesn’t do, e.g. a shuttle service from the airport.
3. Make the Pelican Hopper more of a tourist service, maybe wrap & use as LBTS advertisement.

Other ideas:
1. What are we – We’re an Oasis
a. The Town Center is alive
b. Lots of beach access points
2. We need a common message – define brand
3. Improve signage
a. More flexible sign regulations needed to market West Commercial Blvd. businesses.
b. Need Way Finding Signs
4. Need to provide customer service training at all venues. We are a tourist town, we need to be nice to our visitors as well as being able to provide information about our Town.
5. Develop a cute LBTS map which locates our businesses.
6. Utilize El Prado Park as a back ground for more events.
7. Advertise out of Town.
8. Develop a Hotel and Restaurant Association.

It was agreed that the ideas captured would be reported and shared with both those in attendance and those who couldn’t make it. Another meeting will be scheduled in a couple of weeks to further define the marketing direction of the Town.

Marketing Brainstorming Session November 7, 2011 Jarvis Hall, 5:30 pm

Present: Pamela Rossi, PJ Rossi Jewelers; John Boutin, Windjammer Resort; Jason Wilson & Corey Mahoney, Alley Oop; Paul Novak, High Noon Resort; Brian Gagas, Gold Coast Scuba; Spiro Marchelos, Anglins Beach Café; Mark Silver, Argenti Designer Jewelers; Robert Minlionica, Country Ham N Eggs; Connie Hoffmann, Town Manager; Pat Himelberger, Assistant to the Town Manager; Steve d’Oliveira, Public Information Officer

The meeting was held to :
a. discuss marketing opportunities for the upcoming world record scuba attempt by Allan Sherod and
b. further defining marketing priorities

John Boutin of the Windjammer asked for support to market the record breaking attempt by the diver in order to bring the Town itself publicity. After much discussion about various marketing ideas for the event, the group asked that the Town utilize $3000 of the marketing funds set aside this year to create posters, radio spots, etc. The Town Manager said she would take the request to the Commission meeting scheduled for the following night.

The following priorities for promoting the Town were identified by those present for at least one of the last two meetings:
• Stop issuing non-stop parking tickets.
• Market Town as a package (hotels, restaurants and stores) more.
• Poor hotels, restaurants and shops affect our reputation – clean up before we market big time.
• Offer cooperative packages between Town businesses, e.g. grocery deliveries, cooking classes.
• Move the Chamber’s Welcome Center to a more central location or maybe add a tourist kiosk(s) around Town.
• Advertise in the strongest markets – Northern States, Canada and Europe
• Create a place in Town for families with children – kids need something to do, e.g. interactive fountain
• Work with the CVB ( to promote the Town’s businesses and events
• Advertise in Great Locations – LBTS section
• Distribute Visitor’s Guide in locales outside of LBTS (airport, cruise lines, local tourist spots)
• Advertise LBTS on a billboard at 1-95 and Commercial Blvd.
• Create a place for businesses on the Town website
• Fund a marketing staff position at the Town- to coordinate marketing efforts & advertising, represent the Town at the CVB and trade events; work with the businesses on promotions, assure consistency in our messages, etc. Possibly have a marketing staff person work via the Chamber of Commerce.

It was decided to schedule these meetings at different times and days to allow the attendance of various people depending on their own schedule. The next meeting will be at 2:30 pm at Jarvis Hall on November 15th.
Marketing Ad Hoc Group Minutes November 15, 2011

Present: John Boutin, Windjammer Resort; Connie Hoffmann, Town Manager; Pat Himelberger, Assistant to the Town Manager; Steve D’Oliveira, Public Information Officer

The meeting focused on identifying possible events that could fill hotel rooms and help cement LBTS’s identity as a seaside destination that was attractive to families.

John Boutin had passed on information to Town staff about a Fort Lauderdale based festival that was being planned for April that would focus on scuba diving and outdoor sports opportunities. PIO Steve D’Oliveira reported he had done a bit of research and found the festival was planned for April 2013, not 2012, and that the Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) was involved and would be hosting an exhibition at the Convention Center. All agreed the Town should try to tie into this opportunity. John Boutin indicated he would talk to a contact at the CVB to learn more about this event.

Pat Himelberger suggested another opportunity to fill LBTS hotel rooms – and thereby benefit LBTS restaurants and retailers – was the return of the Fort Lauderdale air show in the spring of 2012. She will follow up on the dates of the Air Show and discuss with the Chamber communicating this opportunity to the hotels.

Steve D’Oliveira suggested the Town should market itself to divers throughout Florida who simply may not be aware of the shore diving opportunities here.

There was also discussion about the opportunity to take advantage of the tent the Chamber rents & erects for the annual Taste of the Beach event. Connie Hoffmann thought it made a lot of sense to hold another event in the day or days following the Taste of the Beach, since the Chamber had already absorbed the cost of the tent. She had discussed this with several Chamber volunteers at last year’s event and was told the volunteers would be too tired to do a two night event, but the Town could sponsor something if they wanted to use the tent. The group discussed the fact that this event occurs during high season, so the purpose would be to give tourists already in Town something additional to do and remember so that they returned to LBTS. It was agreed this opportunity should be discussed with a larger group. Connie will, in the meantime, talk to the Chamber Executive Director about the possible use of the tent for another event.

Pat Himelberger asked whether anyone had ever given consideration to holding a “Trop Rock” weekend for “Parrotheads”. Parrothead clubs have formed across the country, are 501c3 organizations who share a love of Jimmy Buffet type music and also give back to the community. This may be a perfect fit for the sort of casual beach environment LBTS has. Trop Rock is music similar to the likes of Jimmy Buffet, the Beach Boys, etc. She indicated these weekends are successful elsewhere, attract out-of-towners. Those present agreed this was something we should present for consideration to the larger group.

Discussion then centered on the possibility of creating a multi-day event in the shoulder season, oriented to drawing families and that would focus on our seaside environment. Those present developed the ideas on the following page to present to a larger group at the next Marketing Ad Hoc group.

A meeting will be scheduled to specifically discuss these ideas and get input from the larger group.

Goals: To fill hotel rooms.
To help establish the reputation of LBTS as a seaside tourist destination for families.

Right after school is out; 3rd or 4th week in June??
5 days of events; give a family
Possible aspects of the event:
1. Diving & watersport equipment rentals at a central location (priority given to LBTS businesses)
2. Several Kids’ sea camp type activities with goal of developing a true Sea Camp experience in 2013. Possible activities:
a. Kid’s fishing lessons
b. Kid’s fishing tournament on the Pier
c. Treasure hunt for the kids
d. Sea Turtle nesting education
e. Skim boarding lessons presented by Alley Oop
f. Some event with parent/child participation
g. Kids art & craft activities using sea themes or material
3. Reef-oriented activities
a. Guided snorkeling tours of the reef and bio-reef project presented by LBTS dive shops
b. Glass bottom kayak rentals
c. Presentation on Bio-reef project progress
d. Reef cleanup for divers
4. Adult volleyball on the beach
5. Yoga Class on the beach
6. En plein air painting class for beginners
7. Paddle boarding lessons
8. Night time movies with a sea orientation (Pirates of the Caribbean, Old Man & the Sea, etc.) shown at El Prado Park on 2 nights preceded by a sea storyteller. Local restaurants can set up food booths.
9. Talks by renowned scientists (??) at Jarvis Hall
10. Lenore Nolan Ryan – seafood cooking lessons discounted to hotel guests
11. Beach music concert at El Prado Park
12. Kayak races
13. Discount coupons provided to hotel guests for local retailers
14. Hotel special packages for the event including discounted drinks or meal coupons at local restaurants and discount coupons for local retail stores provided to hotel guests
Start the event this year, then build on it each year. Can’t do all of the ideas above in the first year. Need to select what can be done in the time we have available to plan & market.
Will need a planning/implementation committee.
Market the event outside of Broward County.
Rentals and programs with an entry fee are significantly discounted to visitors staying in a LBTS hotel

Ad Hoc Marketing Group Minutes November 21, 2011

Present: Mark Silver, Argenti Designer Jewelers; Jennifer Kovacs, Opt2web, Inc.; Connie Hoffmann, Town Manager; Pat Himelberger, Assistant to the Town Manager

The group discussed the merits of the Town putting on the following events:
• An event in February on the day(s) after Taste of the Beach to take advantage of the availability of the tent
• A multi-day event in June designed to draw family hotel stays
• A Parrothead Trop Rock Weekend
For an event in February, utilizing the Taste of the Beach tent on subsequent day(s) a variety of suggestions were discussed (a country hoe down complete with costumes and hay rides; a 1950s theme event; a dance event , outdoor movie). It was suggested that in order to tie into a Taste of the Beach, it may be more appropriate to have a seaside theme and those present agreed. There was consensus that a Caribbean /Carnivale Nights theme would be fun, interesting to tourists and residents, and could be pulled off in the short time available. There was talk of steel drums , reggae and calypso music, a limbo contest, Bahamian Junkanoo dancers, beach drinks, a salsa exhibition or lessons and perhaps a salsa contest. It was suggested getting Danny Carter from the Dance Studio in LBTS involved with the event. LBTS-based businesses appropriate for the event might sell jewelry, sarongs , other carnival or beach type accessories at the event. Jennifer Kovacs said it wouldn’t be a difficult event to market and suggested keeping it simple with posters in hotels and business’ windows and using social media to create a buzz.

Connie reported that Chamber Executive Director had advised the Chamber would want the Town to pick up half the cost of the tent and pay for any additional days it was needed. The Taste of the Beach is scheduled for Wednesday, February 22nd and Mark subsequently advised that date was fixed. The new event would preferably be held on a Friday or Saturday night.

With that in mind, the group moved on to the second idea, a multi-day event in June designed specifically for family hotel stays. Mark and Jennifer reviewed the list of possible activities developed at the last meeting and agreed many of the ideas were good ones. They suggested the Treasure Hunt be changed to a scavenger hunt which would introduce parents and their children to various LBTS businesses. Jennifer suggested that we ask the hotels if they’re interested in creating package deals which could include the cost of various activities e.g. skim boarding lessons, cooking classes, snorkeling tours, kayak rentals, yoga classes on the beach, kids art & craft activities, sea turtle nesting education, etc. Jennifer & Mark liked the idea of an outdoor movie shown in El Prado park with local restaurants offered the chance to sell food & snacks, feeling it would provide families with an enjoyable activity. The overall package might include hotel rooms with restaurant , retailer and activity coupons. The end goal of this event is to develop a three to five day LBTS package deal to market to families during the down time in the summer. Connie said a marketing/advertising firm could assist us in targeting the right markets for the event.

Pat explained the idea behind a Parrothead Trop Rock weekend event which could draw Parrotheads from across the state to the beach for Jimmy Buffet type music, thus filling the hotels and restaurants as well as bringing business to the retailers.

Although all events had merit, limited resources required the group selecting one or two events to initiate this year. It was agreed that a Caribbean/ Carnivale Night and the multi-day family event were the best events to begin with. With the first event, a Caribbean Carnivale only a couple of months away, the group agreed that more people were needed to provide manpower to put it all together. Additionally, we would need to begin planning for the multi-family event so as to be able to timely market it.

The group also discussed ways to get people to come to the businesses on Commercial, west of Ocean Drive. Jennifer said that the Pompano Beach CRA has monthly events whereby a band is arranged, retailers stay open, invite people to visit by providing wine, and people get a card stamped as they visit various businesses. The police assist visitors to cross Atlantic Boulevard. Something similar may be possible, however funding for police would be an issue. Connie asked whether scheduling food trucks as a draw initially would be easier -perhaps on the south side of Commercial one month and the north side another month. How the restaurants would react to that idea is an issue. While these are great ideas, it was decided that we needed to focus on the two events discussed earlier and how to include the retailers in them.

So, with two events on the horizon, we’re looking for people to volunteer to assist with making them a success. If you know of someone who you think might be interested in serving on an event committee for either of these events, please forward these marketing minutes. If you know of someone who might be interested in the marketing group, forward them the minutes. The more involvement, the better ideas and the more easily we can implement them. They can always email [email protected] or call her at 954-640-4205 to be added to list.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, November 30th at 5:15 PM at Jarvis Hall. Pass the word, we need your help!

To be discussed:

1. LBTS Caribbean Carnivale
a. Date, time
b. Music- Calypso, Steel Drums, Reggae, Junkanoo
c. Food – following the Taste, will any restaurants want to participate? They can charge for the food – not a freebie.
d. Beach Drinks – need a restaurant with a catering liquor license
e. Vendors – which LBTS businesses would be interested in selling beach themed items?
f. Marketing
g. Dance activities – limbo, salsa, etc.
2. Multi day family event
a. Dates
b. Committee members
c. Contact list – need to begin with hotels to gauge interest and suggestions

Ad Hoc Marketing Minutes November 30, 2011
Present: Dorothy Hacker, Away Inn; John Boutin, Windjammer; Jennifer Kovacs,; Jason Wilson, Alley Oop; Ben Howard, Town resident w/ marketing background; Connie Hoffmann, Steve d’Oliveira & Pat Himelberger, LBTS staff.

Connie advised the group that Town staff had followed through on many of their suggestions and the Town’s website now had a stronger tourism emphasis than in the past. Steve advised he the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau “defrost your swimsuit” commercial and added a Tourism icon on the front page which links directly to the LBTS Chamber site. He also added a prominent Town Events link. Steve & Connie said we can have a section for videos of events in Town on the website too.

With regard to the suggestion to make the Pelican Hopper more visible & less institutional looking, Steve has gotten two quotes to have the Pelican Hopper painted or wrapped with a design which will make the bus easily recognizable. Connie said she would like some input from the group on the art design when we’re ready to move forward.

The concept for a Caribbean Carnival Night to occur on the night after the Taste of the Beach event in February was discussed to ascertain whether there was support for it and who would be willing to work on it. As Connie explained, the idea was to split the cost of the tent used for the Taste with the Chamber and create an event which would keep the beach theme and provide tourists with something else to do during peak season without leaving the Town. Jason Wilson of Alley Oop relayed that the following Saturday would be Alley Oop’s Second Annual Skim Boarding and Dance Contest which would provide another event to market. The group supported marketing a four day event filled calendar outlined as follows:
February 23rd – Taste of the Beach
February 24th – LBTS Caribbean Carnival from dusk til 11 pm
February 25th – Village Grill’s /101Ocean – Jazz on the Square in the evening
February 26th – Alley Oop’s Skim Boarding Competition during the day (beach location)
Alley Oop’s Dance Contest (an evening event in front of their store)
Athena’s Saturday night Music & Dance on Commercial

Jennifer Kovacs said we need to begin marketing the event asap and agreed to take the lead. Jason Wilson said he would assist her and Ben Howard said he’d be happy to help. She also said she has contacts with the type of bands we need and said that it might be better if we were to get a band which already has a following. It was agreed that the time might be from 5-5:30 pm to 11 pm with dance and musical entertainment. Connie said this event would be taken to the Commission for approval as a Town sponsored event.

The restaurants need to be contacted to see if there’s interest in providing food for sale at the event. If not, we’ll need to get vendors, perhaps food trucks. We’ll also need a restaurant with a catering liquor license. LBTS vendors need to be contacted to see who might be interested in selling beach themed items. Danny Carter of Dance Moves will be contacted to see if he’s interested in providing dance lessons or related dance activities. We have a short time frame to put this event together, so we’ll have to move quickly.
Ben Howard joined the group, bringing both marketing expertise and his experience of living in LBTS for a number of years. He and John Boutin spoke about capitalizing on LBTS’s spectacular shore diving by marketing LBTS as a diving destination. Connie asked that a separate group meet to explore marketing year round diving, including the dive shops in that discussion.
In response to comments made at earlier meetings that the Town needed more things for tourists to do and to market the Town as a family destination, the group then discussed how to implement the Multi-Day Family event in June concept that had been developed at the last meeting. The purpose of the event would be to fill hotel rooms in the shoulder season by providing families with an event-filled vacation opportunity. The idea is to have several daily events to choose from such as skim boarding lessons, cooking lessons, arts and craft activities, snorkeling tours, retail scavenger hunt, movies in El Prado Park, kayak rentals, yoga classes on the beach, and sea turtle nesting education. Dorothy and John both agreed that June is a really slow month and it would be a great idea to create an event to bring families to LBTS. It was discussed that hoteliers could create packages which would include a choice of activities within the price and concerns about the logistics of how do the retailers/restaurants get paid, etc. It would seem that would be something that could be worked out.
This event will take a lot of organization and commitment from the hoteliers, retailers and restaurants. The first step would be to gauge the interest and commitment from the hoteliers, as this would primarily be for their benefit. John Boutin and Dorothy Hacker agreed to contact hotels including but not limited to: Driftwood, Beachside Inn, Native Sun, High Noon, Florida’s Best Resort, Sea Lord, Tropic Best, Casa del Sol and Coral Key. They’ll report back at the next meeting which will be held on Thursday, December 8th at 9:00 AM at Jarvis Hall.
To be discussed:
LBTS Caribbean Carnival – Event Name?
Firm up the hours
Entertainment Estimate
Food – Restaurant Interest
Vendor Interest

Summer Multi-Day Family Event
Hotelier Interest/Commitment
Event Name
Committee Member Commitment
Activity Chair
Marketing Timeline
Ad Hoc Marketing Minutes December 8, 2011
Present: Dorothy Hacker, Away Inn; John Boutin, Windjammer; Jennifer Kovacs,; Ben Howard, Town resident w marketing background; Michael Lajoie, Driftwood Beach Club; Steve d’Oliveira & Pat Himelberger, LBTS staff.

The interest about marketing the Town as a dive destination was briefly discussed and Steve offered to arrange for a separate group to meet and come back with ideas. He’ll include John, Ben, dive shops, etc. Steve relayed that the Town is exploring have a 3 minute video made of the reef and shipwreck to assist promoting us as the Shore Diving Capital of South Florida.

Pat reported that the Commission would be asked on the following Tuesday for approval of the Town to sponsor the Caribbean Carnival Night and promote four nights of entertainment. We’ve asked the Commission to approve a budget of up to $6000.
The group discussed an overall name for the 4 days of events and it was agreed to call it “Festival By The Sea.” The four days are comprised of:
February 22nd – Taste of the Beach
February 23rd – Caribbean Carnival from 4:30 pm til 11 pm
February 24th – Jazz on the Square – Village Grille /101 Ocean
February 25th – Alley Oop’s Skim Boarding Competition during the day (beach location)
Alley Oop’s Dance Contest (an evening event in front of their store)
Music by the Sea – Athena
Pending Commission approval, Jennifer will create a web banner for all websites to start advertising “Festival by the Sea.”

We talked about the entertainment with a tentative schedule agreed, depending upon costs and also getting confirmation from Danny Carter about a dance exhibition, contest or lessons.
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm – Steel Drum
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm – DJ
8:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Dance Exhibition, Contest, etc.
9:30 – 10:30/11:00 pm – Main Band
Mark Silver of Argenti Jewelers relayed that he has received a tiara which he would be willing to donate to have a contest for Carnival Queen or Miss LBTS. It was also discussed having a Carnival Queen or Princess for best costume or for best dancer & just making it a simple addition to the event. Jennifer said she would contact a radio station to see what kind of publicity we could get to generate interest if we made it a contest. We put the idea to the side until the next meeting.

In order to move along, Jennifer will come back with entertainment quotes, John will check out the cost of the dance floor and Dorothy will check with the chamber and Guy Contrada from Aruba about decoration costs. It was suggested that we get a quote about purchasing a tent that we could use for other events – Ben said he would check on that. Pat will check with Connie about the cost of sharing the tent with the Chamber. Pat will contact restaurants about participation for food and alcohol sales. We talked about marketing, the Chamber budgets for 10,000 cards and posters for the Taste – we need to work with them to market the “Festival by the Sea.”

We moved on to the Summer Multi-Day Family Event and discussed a possible name for it – John threw out Family Frenzy Week which was accepted as a beginning. The group agreed to think about it until the next meeting – there was discussion about including in the name something which could relate to the types of activities we would be offering, e.g. a beachy or eco theme which might interest families who like to plan vacations with outdoor activities. Dorothy suggested that Lauderdale by the Sea be attached to all events in some way to get our name out.

Dorothy reported that the hotels were leery of including retail offerings in the price with the hotels not having done so before. The concern was that if a guest wasn’t happy with the experience, it would reflect on the hotel, not the retailer. So, it was agreed that the retailers would be asked if they would provide a special rate (up to 50%) off for something specific for one particular week in June for guests who booked at a hotel for “family frenzy week.” Only those guests who were staying in the participating hotels would be eligible for the discount. Jennifer agreed to work up a “mock” week of activities for John and Dorothy to take to the hotels to get a commitment to participate. The hotels would be asked to discount their prices up to 30-40% too. Pat said the Town will contact the retailers for interest. Thus, vacationing families might receive multiple incentives to book in Lauderdale by the Sea for one week in June. There was some discussion about tying the family frenzy week in with the 4th of July, but after much debate due to rooms already being booked around the 4th, it was decided to have the event from June 23rd – 30th. The logistics of presenting the activity discounts was left for future meetings.

John said there seemed to be misconceptions about the direction of the ad hoc group. By definition, ad hoc means coming together for a specific purpose. This group’s purpose has been two fold: to help define the marketing priorities of the Town and to create events which will give tourists already here something to do as well as create events to bring people to Town to stay, eat and shop in LBTS during shoulder times. Town staff is working on the implementation of many items which have come forth as a result of the committee.

It was agreed that the next meeting would be held next Thursday, December 15th at 9:00 AM, Jarvis Hall. To be discussed:
I. Festival by the Sea
a. Entertainment
b. Tent
c. Dance Floor
d. Decorations
e. Marketing
f. Food, restaurant participation, catering liquor license

II. “Family Frenzy Week, aka ???”
a. Hotel Commitment
b. Retail Commitment
c. Restaurant Commitment


Dive Subcommittee Marketing Meeting
Tuesday, Dec. 13th 4 – 6PM / Jarvis Hall

Attending: Andrew Cohen & Steve and Brian Gagas from Gold Coast Scuba; John Boutin from the Windjammer; Town resident Ben Howard & myself (LBTS PIO Steve d’Oliveira).
The committee met to brainstorm ideas about how to better market the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea to scuba divers in Florida and nationwide. Here were the ideas suggested. The following is from my notes and notes John Boutin took and sent to me earlier today (12-14-11).

– Sponsor a booth at a DEMA’s national convention to promote LBTS. DEMA is the Diving Equipment Manufacturers Association, a worldwide diving trade group (equipment and travel) that promotes all things diving. Its annual conventions are held every November.

– Look at Dive Training Magazine and ScubaBoard as possible ad venues to place ads promoting Town diving events. Dive Training is available free at dive shops and through subscriptions.

– Support the efforts of Andrew Cohen, a Gold Coast scuba instructor who – inspired by Allen Sherrod – wants to set a world record at the end of the month for the longest scuba dive (70 miles) from Key Largo to LBTS. Cohen, who grew up in LBTS, and another diver plan to attempt this together. The previous unofficial record is 66 miles. They plan to swim with the Gulfstream and come ashore at the Datura Avenue portal.

– Use Lauderdale-By-The-Sea and Under-The-Sea (first suggested at the UM charrette in May) as a possible marketing or advertising slogan.

– Plan an event to attract divers who normally flock to the Keys for lobster mini-season (held in late July on a Wednesday and a Thursday). Divers can catch twice as many lobster off Broward County’s shores. “Twice the lobsters at half the price” (slogan idea)

– Plan a Reef Sweep event in LBTS where divers can pick up trash and debris, followed by a party and awards/recognition ceremony that night. Promote it to divers locally and around the state to encourage them to stay in our hotels. Involve Project Aware, PADI’s non-profit environmental group. In its heyday, the non-profit Ocean Watch’s Reef Sweep event attracted 600 divers. This event could also be promoted through area dive clubs.

– Hold beach certification diving clinics. Gold Coast mentioned (and will double check for us) that Fort Lauderdale certifies more scuba divers than anywhere else in the country.

– Identify LBTS hotels on the beach and along El Mar that would be dive-friendly.

– Make an effort to put together a service so that divers would not need a car once they got to the Town. Air tanks could be picked up at night, refilled and dropped off in the morning. Brian said he thought this would not be difficult to implement.

– Raise awareness of ours reefs and Biorock via the Internet. Have a specific site for info
on the reef; possible Put info, pictures, links, upcoming events,etc.

– Explore current efforts by the Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative, which is supposedly in the process of trying to create a marine preserve off Broward County.

– Find out what the CVB-DEMA event in April 2013 is in Fort Lauderdale and how LBTS businesses can participate.

– Get a promotional video for us as a diving destination. Put video on web sites.

– Get famous divers to get involved. Might have easier time going Biorock route.

– Work with Nova University’s marine biology department.

– Design a tee shirt specifically for LBTS diving and the Biorock reef.

– Get restaurants to agree to let divers bring in their lobster catch (the restaurant would cook them).

The committee agreed to meet again sometime in January.
Ad Hoc Marketing Minutes December 15, 2011
Present: Dorothy Hacker, Away Inn; Jennifer Kovacs,; Louis Marchelos, Athena & The Pier; Jason Wilson, Alley Oop; Danny Carter, Dance Moves; Connie Hoffmann, Steve d’Oliveira & Pat Himelberger, LBTS staff.

The meeting opened with discussion about the Commission support for the Festival by the Sea marketing and the proposed new event, Caribbean Carnival. The Town Commission approved the funding of up to $6,000 for a Thursday night event following Taste of the Beach and marketing of the fours days of events in the Festival by the Sea. However, there was not agreement about the theme of the event and there was concern about the ability of the group to put together a successful event in such a short time. Therefore, the marketing group agreed that it might be better to postpone a Thursday night event in Festival by the Sea and focus on the June Family Frenzy Week while conceiving another type of event for the Festival by the Sea for 2013.

There was discussion about how to market Festival by the Sea which included creating a web landing page which could house all LBTS events. Jennifer said she would begin by looking into domain names which would be both suitable and recognizable for LBTS events. She was asked to present a creative event marketing package for Festival by the Sea to the Town for review. There was also discussion about utilizing facebook, social media and email blasts as reminders of not only advertising the upcoming events in the near future, but continuing by promoting those events which are further away.

Jennifer agreed to put together a mock schedule of available events for the Family Frenzy Week to enable the hoteliers to visualize what the week might look like to invite participation by them. We agreed we need to get the retailers involved in order to make the week a success. Lenore Nolan Ryan offered to support the week by offering discounted cooking demonstrations/lessons for kids and families; Danny offered to provide dancing lessons. Jason will provide discounted skim boarding lessons. The purpose of this week is to draw people to LBTS, showcase what there is to do here and gain repeat visitors who go back home and invite their neighbors to visit us.

This discussion led into one concerning the lack of foot traffic west of Ocean Drive which hurts those retailers. Jason suggested a monthly “Hospitality Walk” whereby all the retailers stayed open late once a month, offered wine and food bites to entice people to their stores. Danny suggested using spot lights just east of the bridge to draw people to the area. Danny emphasized the importance of Town business owners supporting one another. Dorothy said hoteliers such as herself could offer 2 day stays as a door prize for those who visit all the shops. We talked about what day of the week to hold it, and there was a lot of discussion about not competing with successful events in the downtown but possibly looking at a Wednesday night as a monthly event. Afterwards Connie said we need to contract with a retail specialist to assist the Town in its efforts with the retailers.

Jason said that Aruba’s had contacted him about Alley Oop participating in a Memorial Day event to include beach lacrosse and skim boarding.

Steve said the diving sub committee came up with two events which could be done this summer on the shoulder season to bring people to Town. They’re also working on ad placement ideas to attract divers year round.
a. June – Reef Clean Up- with a party afterwards. Steve said divers from around the area and statewide would be invited to assist us with a reef clean up. Louis suggested that the Pier parking lot might be a great place to put up a tent for a party. Hoteliers could also offer special rates to attract the divers.
b. Mini lobster season – Last Wed. & Thurs. of July – promote beach diving for lobsters, if you come to LBTS, the daily limit is 12 lobsters per person vs. 6 lobsters in the Keys. Once again, the hoteliers could put together packages which would entice divers to try LBTS.

The next meeting will be after January 1st and everyone will be notified.’

more to come….

Post Division

Here’s The Scoop … “Snickers” …

December 18, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers … Snickers abound in LBTS we are told … and this writer agrees … that one after another those in the know are snickering…bar none!…


Let’s begin with the ByTheSea Future editorial in this week’s Dec. issue written by Publisher Michael Arker… Surely his three paragraph ode to the former UOT Chair, self promoter Bob Fleishman whose inflated claims of the role he played in the last election met with fodder out of earshot and had to be a “snicker” in print above the fold ….. This writer received the same such big headed claims via an email from Fleishman’s wife and “snickers” were the result of that one as well…….(see e-mail exchange below)…

Excerpt of the Arker BTSF editorial 12/16/11…. link to online BTSFuture below…

“With these realities in mind, I would like to take a moment to reflect on all that
was done to make our town a better, more peaceful and loving community. This
is now our reality, thanks in large part to the strong actions, tireless campaigning
and diligent work behind the scenes of Mr. Bob Fleishman.
As leader of the Unite Our Town movement in 2009-2010, Bob took a real hands on
approach to making the dream of a peaceful LBTS a reality. Yes, it was Bob who
led the way toward bringing us where we are today.
Fleishman’s supreme power of persuasion, gift of oratory, unique command of the
English language, passionate zeal and charismatic personality made it possible for
us all to live in this harmonious new realm, free from the strife and discord we
once knew.’


Below is the e-mail exchange between the Mrs. of the holder of “supreme power of persuasion, gift of oratory,unique command of the English language, passionate zeal and charismatic personality and this writer after my behind the scenes account of the Cindy Geesey candidacy fiasco previously posted…. (email address has been x’d out by this writer)
“Thank goodness you finally got a bone to chew on




[email protected]
Wednesday, December 7, 2011 8:21 PM

The only part of that “ole bone” is that it has caused me to endure “snickers” in this town and become the supposed “butt end of a joke”. As you know Bob and I sometimes have differences of opinion and definitely express them differently. I choose to go to the “Horses mouth”. I did. Although you would like to portray my letters an indication of endorsement for Ms. Geesey, it wasn’t. Old Guard, New Guard, Old Guard. You are very aware that when UOT first came into being, that there was no Bob Fleishman. Bob became active when the Town needed and got a New Guard and was instrumental in aiding and leading, as Chairperson of Unite Our Town, the fight to remove the Old “Dais” Guard.

What Bob inherited in UOT from its Old Guard was improper filings that led into a Hearing by the State of Florida. Thank goodness he and UOT were “cut a break” and the Committee in Tallahassee voted to drop the case against the PAC committee UOT. My one intention and only intension was to avoid a similar occurrence this year, if the PAC organization was found guilty in actions, that would promote another such insident. I didn’t know for sure; however, it is better to be safe than sorry. Since Cindy was making such accusations of an unfair vote occurring against protocol at a UOT meeting, I felt that I should forewarn Ray and then sent out the second E Mail to the Board and a few active UOT members, along with the other Candidates, when I was ignored. It is very interesting how well-meaning guidance to past experience, became a possible endorsement (not) and blackened my thirty-nine year residency here. Even if Cindy were playing “both ends in the middle” as you insinuate, there was still protocol being tested for the UOT PAC. You can imagine just how upset I was to learn, less than 24 hours later, that all of this could of been avoided, if your time line is right and mine wrong. Nonetheless my concern was with UOT, not the Candidates. After all, the UOT Old Guard after Bob’s New Guard, that was instrumental in the last election, financially and fervantly, is now the Old Guard back in charge, offering up their same ‘ole apathetic attitude.

I agree with you, their has been no UOT fundraiser, no phone committee’s that raised just under $10,000.00 for you Barbara, yes, you to direct the payment of the mailings that went out for our three endeared seats. So who was Bob’s Puppet Master – spending the bucks. Guess it was you, huh? So many loose words. I’m a bottom line type person, myself, once you cut through the “petty gossip”, our three Candidates were elected.

Now for my “Town Crier” and Numbers Man”, as you call him – Bob. I hardly think you would of attached those empty words to yourself, would you? After all aren’t you, “The Blogger”, more of a town crier, than Bob Fleishman? Weren’t you part of the back door “Kitchen Cabinet” that worked the numbers for votes (Numbers Gal)?!?!?!?! Sounds like the “pot calling the kettle black” to me. But I, being a little older than you, would rather simply call it POLITICS, as usual.

You seem to feel that unless someone is drinking your flavor of the Kool-aid today, after all you have been for all sides (McIntee, Silverstone, Dodd & Clottey running as the old Dais Guard) (and then against that bunch in the next election), as it fancies you; we are subject to your BLOG. You have the “power of the pen” or computer key pad, as it is, but have a very subjective view.

Just try to stay away from the rumors and ask the “horse” before you go to print.

Your friend,
Cynthia ”
“Re: Thank goodness you finally got a bone to chew on


Barbara Cole


Wednesday, December 7, 2011 9:22 PM
Cynthia, I am fully aware of the past and why Bob became the UOT Chair.It is not quite the version you put forth but so be it. I am also aware of the PAC problem with the state because if you will recall Bob called me to walk him through the answers on the phone a few times and forwarded the information to me which was risky to do at the time. I think you were privy to those conversations even joining in the discussion. I agree he helped get the candidates elected in a certain capacity and at the same time caused the need for multiple “clean-ups” throughout the election from actions he took. There was a core campaign group that met throughout the campaign and were involved in the day- to- day strategy with the candidates. It was the candidates and their hard work who were the most responsible for their big win followed by that core group with the various other extended groups such as the Future paper/ UOT/ Louis and Athena and others who made it what it was. This is the norm in campaigns. We won due to that, multiple strategised preemptive strikes from mailings and signage to debate prep as well as oft needed quick responses to charges made by the CIC et al and finally due to the incredible luck of timing that put Ray Walowicz and Scot Sasser in Anne Siren’s Pompano Pelican office at the exact time of the yellow journalism BTSTimes paper put out door- to- door by the Furths et al. Due to that meeting we were able to get the Pelican front stuffer page that tipped the scales one last time and countered what could have really cost us big time on election night. On the subject of this election and Cindy’s actions I found the timeline and those actions incredulous as they caused weeks of painful uncertainty for some people that was totally uncalled for. I do believe you were duped. That being said I have seen in the past that you sometimes acts in haste whether or not it is done with the best of intentions sending out emails. I remember the first one I was involved with was the one about Rev Hunsaker while we were at Athena’s with Bob early on in the campaign and the fallout afterward. As far as switching sides or drinking the Kool-aid as you stated I have consistently been upfront about why I worked to get the CIC majority out of office after they made the decision in 2008 to act just as badly if not worse than those they replaced on the dais and in the administration. I have also repeatedly made it clear that once a candidate is elected and begins to govern only then do you see what they will really do. Sometimes it works and other times it does not. If they do not govern as this voter or this supporter feels they should then they should be called on their action or inaction and replaced when their term is up. Isn’t that what is happening right now on the Federal level as you yourself pointed out in your email? Lastly two final points, I often offer those who email me the option of printing their emails on my site. If your would like me to post your response I will do so and you can always choose not to read what I write. Barbara”

BC- I did not hear back from Cynthia but after hearing that further attempts are still being made to revise who was responsible for the big win of the 2010 slate of UOT candidates by Fleishman and wife and I was also informed Cynthia blindcopied her email to me to others …I decided to print the email and my response to set the record straight… “snickers” will continue to come the Fleishman’s way if they continue down this path… perhaps not to their faces but not too long after they are done spewing …in my opinion…



The 1st LBTS Candidate Treasurers Reports are in …They were due December 16th …Mark Brown delivered his first with his opponent Edmund Malkoon turning his in in the afternoon… First I was told the cost I was told for my public request for Brown’s would be $2.10 …When I responded I would wait for both and heard back after Malkoon’s arrived I was told the cost would be $2.70 so I immediately knew there was a vast difference in the reports these candidates filed!…

Below are the front pages of each candidates report with content below…

Candidate Mark Brown’s page 1…

Candidate Edmund Malkoon’s page 1…

Brown had a 14 page report done by his treasurer James Corgee… Mark reports he received $7,870.00 ….His donor list contains 67 names …. It included 26 donors from LBTS including many of his condo neighbors which speaks highly of him due to his time on the condo board as president and as a member and what he’s accomplished on the board…He’s received donations from former Commissioners Clark and Wessels which certainly has weight attached their decision to do so …The former president of the Chamber of Commerce /former Chair of the Master Plan Steering Committee Paul Novak per his High Noon motels also chose to support Brown with a donation which is interesting when you take into consideration that Mark’s opponent Edmund Malkoon was Novak’s  Co-Chair for a while before the committee was disbanded …Hmmm……He received donations from some UOT members while his opponent also a UOT member shows no such donations made to him…. This report also shows that I too made a donation ….My support can be summed up in the answer Mark wrote in the current BTSF question posed to both candidates…as well as the time I spent with him during the last election finding him to be a fair and honest man who is always open to listening to all sides of an issue even going so far as to offer those who oppose his the space in the paper to get their position out…I believe he will do the same on the dais…

The BTSFuture Election question… Excerpt …(llink to current online edition is above)…

“Which do you feel are the most important issues facing the town?” …..
Brown excerpt-
“If I have the honor of being elected to the LBTS
town commission, my first official act will be
to sign the code of personal conduct which the
commission enacted last year. To me, ethics
and personal conduct are the single most important
issues in town. The town government
cannot function properly unless residents have
confidence in the honesty and integrity of their
elected officials, and know that they will always
be treated with respect.
I was appalled by the conduct of the town commission
just a few years ago. That is why I
worked so hard as editor of the town’s newspaper
to support passage of both a strong ethics
law to prevent conflicts of interest by commissioners,
and the code of personal conduct to
prohibit personal attacks on town residents. It
is also the main reason why I am running for office
now. If I am elected, I can assure everyone that there will be no going back to
the dark days when commissioners abused their power, wasted our money, argued
for hours over nothing and treated people with disrespect.
As far as other issues are concerned, I strongly support the effort which the current
town commission has undertaken to fix up the town’s infrastructure. I have
knocked on a lot of doors and spoken to many residents in recent weeks. One
message I have heard over and over from residents is fix the drainage problems
on our streets. That will certainly be one of my top priorities, along with road
resurfacing and better lighting in neighborhoods which need it.
I also support the ongoing effort to spruce up the main traffic corridors in town,
especially Commercial Boulevard and A1A. If the town looks better, property
values will increase and people will feel better about living or working here. I
will work diligently to assure that the projects we approve are necessary and
cost-effective, that they truly reflect the highest priorities in town, that they have
public support, and that we don’t do anything which is inconsistent with the basic
look and feel of the town.
After all, we are not Delray Beach or Ft. Lauderdale or Key West. This is Lauderdale-
By-The-Sea. We have our own look and image which has evolved over the
years. We need to fix up the town, but we have to do so in a manner which does
not undermine our basic character or compromise the uniqueness of our community.”
BC- Mark stated as well he will push forth public bathrooms as a priority… While I am not for them at the current time I do know that he offered up some viable alternatives as a sort of test as to their success at the time this heated subject was headlined in 2010 having to do with the structures themselves and the location which struck me as something that might be worth looking in to… I can assure readers that Mark did wholeheartedly support Comm. Sasser’s Code of Personal Conduct plan and in its final form when it was signed by all 5 commissioners …Mark’s answer to the question shows his time out on the campaign trail provided him with the oversight many see of not including their neighborhoods in any future capital improvements and was pleased on his take of the need to keep LBTS distinctively different from other municipalities as we refresh our community …

Mark shows in his first report as well his expenditures which include his website/mailing lists/postage/printer/registration to run/advertisements/yard signs…He hit the ground running in his campaign by sending out an introductory mailer containing not only his introduction bio but supplying a portion of it that could be used to obtain an absentee ballot …He was the first candidate to go door-to door with handouts, stickers and chip clips that we hear are a hit with those voters who received them… He was the first to have signs which are already up at many properties including those whose doors he knocked on and met for the first time …He has put in two ads in the BTSF paper …Nov. was his bio and Dec. was a holiday greeting…and we hear his keeping the customary election time red/white/blue motif is also being noticed and commented on positively over his opponents green- bird rendition for mailers/flyers and T-shirt(s)…

Edmund Malkoon’s first Treasurer’s Report was 4 pages in total done by his treasurer…his mother Rosalee Malkoon …He collected donations in the amount of $790.00 ….Malkoon has 6 names of those that donated to him… 3 are from LBTS … they include former CIC Commission candidate in 2010 Marjorie Evans as well as current Commissioner Chris Vincent and one other resident … Malkoon shows expenditures for a portrait at of himself Sears/registration to run/newspaper advertisement/printing/t-shirt(s) for $21.20 at LBTS T-shirt shop Beach King…We heard some UOT members said they were going to donate to both candidates but that has not shown up thus far according to their absence in Malkoon’s report…Mr Malkoon’s ad in the Dec. issue of the BTSFuture was an election ad which stuck out and seemed very odd considering his opponent as well as Mayor Minnet and Vice Mayor Dodd all put in the customary holiday greeting ads as did the candidates in 2010… In his election ad Malkoon put forth he majored in International Finance and Marketing but does not say if he received a degree …He puts forth he was Co-Chair of the Master Plan Steering Committee .. In fact that was the first time such a title was used and it was most likely not supposed to be …. I have previously posted my change of any support for Edmund came from watching him on this committee and seeing he did not have what it takes to serve on the committee much less the dais… He puts forth he is a member of the LBTS Chamber of Commerce …In fact he ran for the Chamber’s board and did not receive enough votes to get on it… He also puts forth his Bel-Air Civic Assoc. roles as a past president and current vice-president …We heard that many neighbors in Bel-Air had problems with him and the group for some actions taken on behalf of all and presented as such to the commission only to find out they were none too pleased with those declarations made at the podium and in letters  … Malkoon shows only two donations from his neighbors and none from the Chamber of Commerce or his Bel-Air Civic Assoc. fellow members in this report…that doesn’t bode well for a candidate in this writer’s opinion… Malkoon chose to use Facebook for his campaign site …I have regularly looked at it …It is also very telling with photos of events Edmund has attended showing him with  Mayor Minnet and Broward County Comm. Chip LaMarca which could be construed as receiving their support… Were they asked beforehand?…After all this is Malkoon’s campaign site vs. his personal Facebook page…Hmmm… Other than that he has a few updates and comments that seem to be from his young nieces?… As previously posted we have been informed that Edmund was looking for support from the Furths and the Carrs who are a few of the active members of the CIC board representing a PAC that has no candidates to run for office in the 2012 election …After seeing his donation from their former candidate Marjorie Evans perhaps those reports have some validity …Any chance he will attend the CIC holiday party tonight?… Many have commented and this writer tends to agree that Edmund Malkoon is running the race he was going to run in 2010 when the UOT cast him aside and Beverly Kennedy jumped in briefly before Scot Sasser was persuaded to run because she and others did not want Malkoon… His answers to the BTSF question seem to concur with this take on his candidacy… (see link above)….”Snickers” will surely come from those in the north if Malkoon is seen pandering in the south as some claim he is doing to get the votes and perhaps the donations he has not received according to his report…



Comm. Sasser excerpt from Dec. 16, 2011 Pompano Pelican article by Judy Vic (link below)…

“In my opinion, all this centers around pineapples vs. pelicans. It’s childish,” Sasser said vehemently. “In the future, anything we do with Sea Ranch Lakes should come before this commission before we do it.”

The Pompano Pelican reported the “snickers” made on the dais by some LBTS Commissioners such as Comm. Sasser and VM Dodd  played hardball with Sea Ranch Lakes on the A1A FDOT project last month concerning a laundry list of changes SRLakes wanted at the 11th hour of this project including changing the benches from pelican motifs to pineapples… Getting no love from the dais our neighbors decided to send via their Town Atty. a cease and desist letter implying legal action if LBTS proceeded with their plans… They got what they wanted and we the taxpayers of LBTS will be left with paying the price…of change orders etc… leaving us with a  bad taste for some time to come for many as a result of sour pineapples …




Some time ago when this writer first began this blog I posted often about our Town Attorney and his law firm…I posted that they were called the Monarch of Municipal firms in Florida for the many towns and cities they served as counsel … At the Dec. 13, 2011 Regular Commission Meeting Commissioner Clottey stated that the referendum on districts which was placed on the ballot in 2003 and to be entered into our Town Charter was improperly done and the statute of limitations on any fixing it had passed as of this year… I previously posted Comm. Clottey heard this from Marc Furth who had contacted John Thompson on the subject … I also posted that John did not find such  dire straits as Clottey claimed…I have since been informed that our current Town Atty. was the one to disclose the statute of limitations portion of this latest faulty charter inclusion which will be added on to a long list given some months back at the podium by consultant Cecelia Ward… This is the second one that was a referendum issue improperly done by the counsel at the time which was our former Town Atty. Cherof and firm… I have not seen the details of anything the Town Atty. provided in her assertion as passed on to me but that being stated I am quite confused and hope that when this is on the agenda in January at the first Reg. Comm. Mtg. as Clottey said it would be that not only is it presented with plenty of backup but also some input from the former Town Atty. on how this could be so!… If a referendum vote by the people can be subject to a statute of limitations of seven years leaving whatever was either put in its place to be legal or no way to remedy an act done purposefully or due to an inept act is beyond comprehension …If either scenario is fact then would not some municipalities enact such actions as these in order to essentially over turn the will of the people until the people have no choice but to follow the charter alternative as is being suggested from what info I have thus far?… With this districts referendum coming on top of some serious questions concerning  the referendum on heights and how that too was placed in the Town’s charter shouldn’t the Town put our former law firm on the hot seat?… After all just as we will be stuck paying for the mess SRLakes has left us…we will definitely being paying for the changes we can make for the mess our former Town Atty. may have left us with so many years later …This bar comes with a note on the wrapper…fool us once shame on you…fool us twice …shame on us… fool us more than that… “snickers”….

more to come….

Excerpt from Sentinel in 1998 …link below…
“Some firms rarely give to political campaigns, yet snag government business anyway. They bank on their strong reputations or relationships with local officials.

Among them is the monarch of municipal firms: Josias, Goren, Cherof, Doody & Ezrol.

Tight with a campaign buck, Josias, Goren and its attorneys have contributed about $1,400 to the Broward County Commission and School Board races since 1993. The firm also bars its attorneys from contributing money to candidates in cities it represents.

“We think it’s a conflict,” said Jim Cherof, one of the firm’s partners. “That’s not our role.”
“Cash And Connections
A Group Of Lawyers With Political Ties Appears To Enjoy A Monopoly On Local Governments’ Legal Work.
January 12, 1998|By JENNI BERGAL and JAY WEAVER Staff Writers

Still, Josias, Goren has been successful by combining decades of municipal experience with political clout. Josias, Goren, which earned $1.56 million last year from local government contracts, is is city attorney in eight cities.

The small, nine-lawyer Fort Lauderdale firm was founded by Steven Josias, a Citadel graduate who was chairman of the North Broward Hospital District in the 1980s.
Josias is closely aligned with U.S. Sen. Bob Graham. He first served as Graham’s campaign chairman in Broward County and later became the senator’s legal adviser in Washington.

“He is a very political person,” said Scott Frank, a former associate at Josias, Goren who now works for a Tampa firm. “He’s got power and is a very engaging person in that arena.”

Josias also has close ties to Pembroke Pines, where he is city attorney. His relationship with the city dates back 22 years, when he linked up with former mayor Ron Villella, another Citadel graduate. And it was Villella who brought Graham and Josias together.

The firm’s other founding partner, Sam Goren, has fewer political ties but also delivers business.

Goren joined the firm in 1977 after serving a brief stint as an assistant attorney for Broward County. He has been able to transcend the firm’s Democratic profile, serving as general counsel to the Republican supervisor of elections for about 20 years.

These days, Goren appears to be more directly involved with his government clients than Josias, who lately has been spending much of his time traveling aboard his 58-foot yacht.”

more to come….

Post Division

Here’s The Scoop … The February Caribbean Party Is Off … For Now … Is It Time To Let The Sunshine In? …

December 15, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers …apparently the $6,000 Feb. 23rd Caribbean party is off …for now …. The Town Manager contacted the commission today to report the following (a public record due to being sent electronically) … The question this writer had upon hearing once again of this Ad Hoc “Group” that is made up of those unknown to the taxpayers footing the bill as well as the commission was don’t they fall under the Florida Sunshine Laws?… I looked it up and found the following information posted below the TM’s email… It appears to me that they could fall under it from what we’ve heard about them thus far …If you look at b. – the fact-finding committees the fine line is if they only gather information but are not involved in the decision making but there is this portion of a decision made … “the team was authorized to do more than mere fact-finding in that it would be “participating in the decision-making process by accepting some options while rejecting others for presentment of the final negotiations to the city commission.” … Was this the case in the Caribbean party planned by the group and will they do even more in the process in the future?… I believe this Ad Hoc Group should be made known to the public with their meetings posted and their minutes a public record…especially if it’s my money they are spending…. Please take note that while the TM and her Asst. to the TM state the following concerning the future plans this Ad Hoc Group wants …”Town staff will be working with a LBTS marketing firm to develop the marketing plan for that.” and to deal with retailers west of A1A …”We are going to need some professional assistance to help us with the retailers as that will be time-intensive and we just don’t have the staff time to handle it. We will work on finding a company that can assist us with # 4.” (the west Comm. businesses) … More companies and more consultants… How come we don’t have enough staff?… We have an abundance of staff with very prestigious titles for a town this size and besides on Tuesday night there seemed to be enough staff to do the Feb. 23rd Caribbean party!… The next Commission meeting should include the names of those in the Ad Hoc Marketing “group” as well as their minutes to date with all future meetings distributed to the Commission in their monthly backup as well as giving ample notice of this group’s upcoming meetings to them and the public…

“From: Connie Hoffmann [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2011 12:55 PM
To: Birute Ann Clottey; Chris Vincent; Roseann Minnet; Scot Sasser; stuart dodd; Stuart Dodd
Cc: [email protected] ; Pat Himelberger
Subject: February Special Event & Other Marketing Activities


We met with the Marketing Ad Hoc Group this morning and, with the short time frame ahead of us and the Commission’s suggestion that we come up with a different theme for the new February event, it was agreed that there wasn’t sufficient time to re-theme the event and pull off a quality event. Instead, the group suggested we:

1) Promote the events that are already planned for that week (Taste of the Beach, Friday night’s Aruba pig roast and Village Grille’s Jazz on the Square, Saturday’s Alley Oop Skim boarding and Dance Contest and Athena’s Music event) under the umbrella title of “Festival by the Sea”. Town staff will be working with a LBTS marketing firm to develop the marketing plan for that.

2) Concentrate on planning the June program to fill hotel rooms and marketing LBTS as a shore diving destination.

3) Hold a new event in February of 2013, which will give us plenty of time to assure it’s a great event.

4) Start working with the retailers on the western part of Commercial Boulevard on a program to stimulate business activity there.

I think that is a great plan and one that is in keeping with the Town Commission’s goals, so we will proceed unless the Commission directs me to the contrary. I will include this information in my Town Manager’s report in January so it is known to the general public.

We are going to need some professional assistance to help us with the retailers as that will be time-intensive and we just don’t have the staff time to handle it. We will work on finding a company that can assist us with # 4.

I am copying Judy Swaggerty on this email so she knows the Town will not be using their tent this year and so that she can convey to the Chamber’s Board of Directors what we are planning.

Pat, please advise the people on our business mailing list who were not able to attend today’s meeting of this plan, too.”

Excerpts from the Office of the Attorney General of Florida -Pam Biondi

“Government-in-the-Sunshine Manual
Chapter updated: 01/14/2011
What agencies are covered by the Sunshine Law?

2. Are advisory boards which make recommendations or committees established only for fact-finding subject to the Sunshine Law?

a. Publicly created advisory boards which make recommendations

Advisory boards created pursuant to law or ordinance or otherwise established by public agencies are subject to the Sunshine Law, even though their recommendations are not binding upon the entities that create them. See Town of Palm Beach v. Gradison, 296 So. 2d 473 (Fla. 1974) (citizen planning committee appointed by city council to assist in revision of zoning ordinances subject to Sunshine Law). The Gradison court, concluding that the committee served as the alter ego of the council in making tentative decisions, stated that “any committee established by the Town Council to act in any type of advisory capacity would be subject to the provisions of the government in the sunshine law.” Id. at 476. Accord Spillis Candela & Partners, Inc. v. Centrust Savings Bank, 535 So. 2d 694, 695 (Fla. 3d DCA 1988) (committee which compiled a report that was perfunctorily accepted by the board made a significant ruling affecting decision-making process and was subject to s. 286.011; “ad hoc advisory board, even if its power is limited to making recommendations to a public agency and even if it possesses no authority to bind the agency in any way, is subject to the Sunshine Law”); Monroe County v. Pigeon Key Historical Park, Inc., 647 So. 2d 857, 869 (Fla. 3d DCA 1994) (committee established by county commission to negotiate lease agreement subject to s. 286.011: “the Sunshine Law equally binds all members of governmental bodies, be they advisory committee members or elected officials”); and Lyon v. Lake County, 765 So. 2d 785 (Fla. 5th DCA 2000) (Sunshine Law applies to site plan review committee created by county ordinance to serve in an advisory capacity to the county manager).

The Attorney General’s Office has issued numerous opinions discussing the application of the Sunshine Law to advisory committees. The following are some of the advisory committees which have been found to be subject to the Sunshine Law:

community issues advisory bodies–AGOs 98-13 (citizen advisory committee appointed by city council to make recommendations to the council regarding city government and city services), 93-41 (criminal justice commission established by county ordinance to develop and make recommendations on criminal justice issues in the county), and 85-55 (community certification committee organized by city to act on its behalf in seeking designation of city as a blue chip community under a Department of Commerce program);

employee or personnel advisory bodies–AGOs 96-32 (employee advisory committee established pursuant to special law), 92-26 (committee responsible for making recommendations to city council on personnel matters), and 84-70 (grievance committees established pursuant to county personnel manual and responsible for bringing about “a fair and equitable settlement of the complaint”);

education advisory bodies–AGOs 03-28 (business assistance center advisory council created by community college board of trustees), 01-84 (school advisory councils created pursuant to former s. 229.58 [now s. 1001.452], F.S.), and 74-­267 (Council of Deans appointed by state university president);

legislation implementation advisory bodies–AGOs 92-79 (advisory committee authorized by statute to assist state agency with the implementation of legislation), and 85-76 (ad hoc committee appointed by mayor for purpose of making recommendations concerning legislation);

planning or property acquisition advisory bodies–AGOs 05-07 (lake restoration council legislatively created to advise water management district board), 02-24 (vegetation committee created by city code to make recommendations to city council and planning department regarding vegetation and proposed development), and 86-51 (land selection committee appointed by water management district to create proposed land acquisition list).

The Sunshine Law applies to advisory committees appointed by a single public official as well as those appointed by a collegial board. See, e.g., Wood v. Marston, 442 So. 2d 934 (Fla. 1983) (Sunshine Law applies to ad hoc advisory committee appointed by university president to screen applications and make recommendations for position of law school dean as committee, in deciding which applicants to reject from further consideration, performed a policy-based, decision-making function); Silver Express Company v. District Board of Lower Tribunal Trustees, 691 So. 2d 1099 (Fla. 3d DCA 1997) (committee established by community college purchasing director to consider and rank various contract proposals must meet in the Sunshine); and Krause v. Reno, 366 So. 2d 1244 (Fla. 3d DCA 1979) (Sunshine Law governs advisory group created by city manager to assist in screening applications and to recommend several applicants for the position of chief of police). Accord AGOs 05-05 (fact that advisory group was created by chief of police and not city commission and its recommendations were made to police chief would not remove group from ambit of the Sunshine Law), 87-42 (ad hoc committee appointed by mayor to meet with Chamber of Commerce and draft proposal for transfer of city property); and Inf. Op. to Lamar, August 2, 1993 (transition team made up of citizens appointed by mayor to make recommendations on city government’s reorganization).

b. Fact-finding committees

A limited exception to the applicability of the Sunshine Law to advisory committees has been recognized for advisory committees established for fact-finding only. When a committee has been established strictly for, and conducts only, fact-finding activities, i.e., strictly information gathering and reporting, the activities of that committee are not subject to s. 286.011, F.S. Cape Publications, Inc. v. City of Palm Bay, 473 So. 2d 222 (Fla. 5th DCA 1985). Accord AGO 95-­06 (when a group, on behalf of a public entity, functions solely as a fact-finder or information gatherer with no decision-making authority, no “board or commission” subject to the Sunshine Law is created). “In determining whether a committee is subject to the Sunshine Law, the actual function of the committee must be scrutinized to determine whether It is exercising part of the decision-making function by sorting through options and making recommendations to the governmental body.” Inf. Op. to Randolph, June 10, 2010.

For example, the court in Bennett v. Warden, 333 So. 2d 97 (Fla. 2d DCA 1976), held that a fact-finding committee appointed by a community college president to report to him on employee working conditions was not subject to the Sunshine Law. And see Wood v. Marston, 442 So. 2d 934 (Fla. 1983); and Lyon v. Lake County, 765 So. 2d 785 (Fla. 5th DCA 2000) (Sunshine Law did not apply to informal meetings of staff where the discussions were “merely informational,” where none of the individuals attending the meetings had any decision-making authority during the meetings, and where no formal action was taken or could have been taken at the meetings).

This ‘fact-finding’ exception, however, applies only to advisory committees and not to boards that have “ultimate decisionmaking authority.” See Finch v. Seminole County School Board, 995 So. 2d 1068 (Fla. 5th DCA 2008), holding that the fact-finding exception did not apply to a school board as the ultimate decision-making authority; thus the board could not take a fact-finding tour without complying with the Sunshine Law even though school board members were separated from each other by several rows of seats, did not discuss their preferences or opinions, and no vote was taken during the trip.

When a committee has a decision-making function in addition to fact-finding, the Sunshine Law is applicable. See Wood v. Marston, supra at 938, recognizing that while a “search and screen” committee appointed by a university president had a fact-gathering role in soliciting and compiling applications, the committee also “had an equally undisputed decision-making function in screening the applicants” by deciding which of the applicants to reject from further consideration, and thus was subject to the Sunshine Law. And see Roscow v. Abreu, No. 03-CA-1833 (Fla. 2d Cir. Ct. August 6, 2004) (committee created by the state department of transportation and composed of officials from state, local and federal agencies was subject to the Sunshine Law because the committee was responsible for screening and evaluating potential corridors and alignments for a possible expansion of the Suncoast Parkway).

Similarly, in AGO 94-21, the Attorney General’s Office advised that the Sunshine Law governed the meetings of a negotiating team that was created by a city commission to negotiate with a sports organization on behalf of the city. Even though the resolution creating the team provided that the negotiations were subject to ratification and approval by the city commission, the team was authorized to do more than mere fact-finding in that it would be “participating in the decision-making process by accepting some options while rejecting others for presentment of the final negotiations to the city commission.” Id.”

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