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June 8, 2021 by Barbara

Dear Readers-

This writer has retained this site due to the number of daily visits Google shows of visitors looking for different items of interest that unfortunately are no longer provided to the current commission and their constituents as backup as was once the norm!

I have looked back as well on a number of agenda items put forth to the commission to refresh my memory and to provide to those making the decisions what is required in order to make them correctly- at least that’s always my hope although more often then not of late- it has not been the case!

There has been a big change in LBTS since my last post in 2016 with the commission, administration and staff.

We have lost much of what made our town special with commissioners no longer leading our discussions and decisions as they are designated to do resulting in the administration, staff and consultant led agendas based on their urban planning views for over-development that runs counter to the specialness we all saw in our town when we chose to put down stakes here!

After an outstanding Town Manager hired in 2010 by a newly elected slate-majority commission and her assistant Town Manager (who was a candidate for the position) who took over as Town Manager when she retired we started a decline!

After that Town Manager retired a Town Manager that had red-flags from the get-go was hired and quickly fired  – but not before the damage was done!

The current commission with the exception of the Mayor, seem to be lulled in to believing their roles are below those they hired thus leading to continued poor decisions and votes under the present Interim Town Manager ( moved up from Director of Development) thus continuing the damaging results with shrugs of indifference and a lack of response to their constituents when contacted!

There have been 11th hour uprisings to protect and preserve El Mar Drive which proved successful with the removal of both the grandiose -town property land grab of the Old Holiday Inn development and the demise of the Administration, Town Engineer led re-design of El Mar Drive with Plans 1,2 & 3  when the outcry was for Plan 4- fix what needs fixing !

Now, we are facing more impactful changes with stores coming in to town that are not in keeping with our long-term desire to connect west Commercial Blvd. businesses with the successful east Commercial Blvd. businesses!

A major blunder was made, in this writer’s opinion, by the current administration leading to an even larger divide of both sides of our downtown with consequences that have and will negate all that has been done to improve our downtown since 2010!

Again, in this writer’s opinion, the commission needs to lead and fix it asap!

In the past, when a Town Manager (moved up from Finance Director) made similar blunders such as the erected Pavilion that was not the design the commission voted on- she was fired when  the new majority was elected in March 2010 ( see previous posts.)

Our commission chose to listen to a gentlemen brought in for what he might offer as a search consultant for Town Manager candidates who stated his opinion of not looking for a permanent Town Manager  during budget season, which the commission accepted with exception of the Mayor. Once again, without backup, research, or follow-up questions this commission accepted it as fact!

Nothing could be further from the truth for our LBTS history of having March elections leading to the change of administrations!

That needs to happen again, a search for Town Manager needs to be brought back on the agenda now and the Interim Town Manager as well as the other candidates still waiting in the wings need to be vetted and interviewed to once again have the administration in place so vital to the success of our town!

As titled, ‘ Nothing Is New’!

We have been here before and the only way we changed the trajectory is in the numbers of concerned residents and business owners showing up to meetings, contacting their elected representatives and being proactive to assure our town is protected and preserved!

The time has come!

Read the agendas,  watch and participate in person and with comments at the commission meetings and workshops as well as the board meetings!

All are on the Town website and on your government channels on whichever provided used for TV.

Tonight there are 2 meetings – Jarvis Hall

Workshop at 5 PM on Downtown.

6:30 PM Regular Commission Meeting

Start now- get involved- It’s your Town!

More to come……

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Here’s The Scoop ….The CIC-PAC Decides To Clarify Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Candidate Edmund Malkoon’s “Endorsement” In The 2012 Race…. It’s Called Circling The Wagons …Covering Your Bases … Saving Face? …

January 30, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers …you remember that email (see below) Candidate for Seat 3 Edmund Malkoon sent after the Jan.15, 2012 CIC-PAC meeting he and his opponent Mark Brown were invited to attend thanking them and stating “I am so grateful to have been given your trust. I will endeavor to promote the ideals your organization has fought so hard to achieve.” …Malkoon went on to make some ominous remarks about fears he had in the weeks ahead concerning the BTSF newspaper etc…He concluded with this statement…” I understand you may be sending out an email. If you can ask for word of mouth, sign placement, and help with poll day, i would greatly appreciate it.” ….Well, on Sunday night that email went out from Bob Roberts to members and those who have not been for years …. (see below) …Bob Roberts stated the Board wanted the minutes to be released for members …I have been informed the minutes being sent out has not happened before this… The minutes are hardly minutes of a meeting …They are more like a need to calm those who may be uncomfortable with what appeared to be an endorsement of a Candidate who made the decision after that Jan. 15, 2012 meeting to run an ad in the BTSF and promote his party affiliation and that of his opponents in a nonpartisan election!… The brief synopsis of the Jan. 15, 2012 CIC-PAC meeting are not quite accurate either according to some in attendance …The “well attended meeting” brought out 20-25 …The CIC board itself is close to that number with spouses….Then there’s this one… “Members were pleased that both candidates pledged to preserve one of the Citizen Initiative Committee’s most important issues – maintaining the current 3-story height zoning in original Lauderdale by the Sea.” It was actually a promise that neither Candidate would introduce a referendum to change the zoning for heights… WOW!… I thought it was incredible that the CIC-PAC was endorsing (or not?-see below) ….Malkoon who is a paid-up long time member of the UOT-PAC who is being coached, mentored and supported by former UOT Pres. Bob Fleishman and Cindy Geesey …but this promise the CIC asked for tops even that!…It goes against the very ideals the CIC are based on…the ability for the people to unite in order to change or preserve the town through referendum! …Originally Bob Roberts sent out an email stating the CIC would not be endorsing either candidate this year …The word after Malkoon’s email and the signs going up in the Furth’s yard as well as other CIC Board members was an endorsement was received on Jan. 15th …Bob Roberts in these “minutes” sets the record straight 2 weeks later though… “The CIC will not officially endorse any candidates for this year’s municipal election. However, Chairman Couriel took a straw poll of the audience after the presentations as to which candidate they thought was most aligned with the CIC’s “small-town quality of life values.” The members voted their support for Edmund Malkoon.” …So it can be surmised that while the CIC did not officially endorse Malkoon they believed him that he will indeed … “endeavor to promote the ideals your organization has fought so hard to achieve.” …. That CIC “straw poll” and this setting the record straight CIC email to CIC  members was certainly not what Malkoon was counting on from the group he jumped ship to for votes!….

(email/phone #s x’d out by this writer)
From: EM
Date: January 16, 2012 12:25:52 PM EST
To: jacourielxxxxx, kevansxxxx, [email protected], ccmd1xxx, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Subject: CIC Meeting
Mr Chairman and Board Members,

Thank you for keeping an open mind and giving me the opportunity to come speak. I am so grateful to have been given your trust. I will endeavor to promote the ideals your organization has fought so hard to achieve. As i said at the Town Forum ” We arent all that different in what we seek for this Town. ” I will be your representative and be open to dialogue from all.

We have 2 weeks left. I am going to start pounding the pavement for the second time. I also will have a mailer going out before Weds. I am a little cautious on The next Future paper. Its the last edition before the election and a bit worried about things being made up. But hopefully the voters will see the conflict. I hope it remains neutral.

I understand you may be sending out an email. If you can ask for word of mouth, sign placement, and help with poll day, i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks Again!

Edmund Malkoon

Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 21:32:21 -0500
To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]

Dear Fellow CIC Members:

During our January meeting attending members decided that the minutes of the meeting should be distributed to our members. The following are the minutes.

The CIC Board of Directors

Lauderdale by the Sea Citizens Initiative Committee

Minutes of Membership Meeting, January 15, 2012
The meeting was called to order by CIC Chair, Joe Couriel at 7:00 pm. The CIC Board of Directors had invited the two LBTS Commission Candidates, Mark Brown and Edmund Malkoon to give presentations and answer questions from our members. The meeting was well-attended and very informative.

Members were pleased that both candidates pledged to preserve one of the Citizen Initiative Committee’s most important issues – maintaining the current 3-story height zoning in original Lauderdale by the Sea.

The CIC will not officially endorse any candidates for this year’s municipal election. However, Chairman Couriel took a straw poll of the audience after the presentations as to which candidate they thought was most aligned with the CIC’s “small-town quality of life values.” The members voted their support for Edmund Malkoon.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm.

more to come…….

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Here’s The Scoop …. 48 Hours Before The January 31 2012 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Nonpartisan Municipal Election For Commission Seat 3 …

January 29, 2012 by Barbara


Mayor Roseann Minnet holding a Mark Brown sign …

Dear Readers… here we are 48 hours before the 2012 nonpartisan municipal election in LBTS for seat 3 … What was supposed to be a dull election due to it becoming only one race for one seat after the seats for the Mayor and Commissioner from the south ended up unopposed has proven to be anything but!… A lack of participation by many who naively thought neutrality would be the ongoing headline for this race between Mark Brown and Edmund Malkoon came to realize that could not continue to be the case when their perceived idea that there was no real difference between these two candidates quickly fell to the wayside as they observed each candidate’s campaign began providing us with so much valuable insight concerning each candidate’s qualifications, ethics and character … Mark Brown has run what everyone agrees is a concise above-board campaign showing he not only walked the walk …and talked the talk …literally…. he made it his business to reach out to voters as well as residents who cannot vote but reside in the town opening up lines of communication and accessibility that he vowed would remain in place after the election as well … He was overwhelmingly successful in discarding any possible preconceived ideas some voters might have had about who he really is to those who only knew his name from his byline and the opinions of others… Mark made sure he covered all the bases in preparation along with following the rules and regulations required by candidates on all fronts …He helped absentee voters to participate in this race with a mail in attachment on his first mailer which included his fully verifiable bio…He went door-to-door with additional information and took the time to follow-up with anyone who had more questions or concerns…He went into neighborhoods and businesses alike in order to be up-to-date with what was at the top of the list of issues for both and what they were looking for in representation on the dais …He made sure he met with Town Administration to relay any concerns he might be addressing in order not to blindside anyone thus providing additional help and dais input to aid in getting answers quickly rather than going for a “gotcha” type of grandstanding at the podium that may cause an initial stir of emotions from the audience but rarely offers any concrete answers as a result…He made and is making phone calls to voters as well as going anywhere he has been invited to speak to offer up real answers to whomever is asking and never promising anything that was not possible in order to get a vote… His supporters have grown in numbers and include four members of the current Commission as well as most of the LBTS past Commissioners along with most of the members of the 2010 Master Plan Steering Committee which was the committee his opponent Malkoon vice-chaired for less than a 2 -year term  including the MPSC Chairman… (MPSC disbanded by Comm.) …  He is endorsed by the UOT-PAC after his opponent Malkoon actively pursued and received an endorsement from the opposing CIC-PAC  essentially jumping ship on ideals in an email stating just that… (Malkoon is a longtime participant/member of UOT) …He received the endorsements for seat 3 from the 2 local papers ByTheSeaFuture and Pompano Pelican both based on his qualifications and his campaign… His second mailer continues to show the  first-rate campaign he’s run in offering up his thanks to voters as well as his 5 reasons for making sure it is Mark Brown sitting on the dais next month for 4 years… (see below) …He has withstood first time …nasty party politics being introduced into LBTS’ traditional nonpartisan election by those Malkoon cohorts/advisers bearing grudges and an opponent who clearly felt the need to knowingly cross the line in what I can honestly say is the only campaign I can recall where a candidate has tried so hard to make so much of so little …in his resume, achievements, experience and what he stands for… Malkoon on the other hand has provided voters with a hodgepodge of a campaign which shows a disturbing willingness to twist and turn on a dime …literally….depending on who has opened their arms to him at a specific moment in time throughout the past months!….. He has shown a sad lack of drive as well as maturity in handling just his own campaign … He had little to report in contributions received from supporters compared to his opponent Mark Brown…(prev. posts) …He has only one CIC-PAC Commissioner supporting him and may have one or two from the CIC-PAC as well as a result of promising to promote their ideals and doing so at the podium on Jan 24th in public comments…(prev. post Jan 16 2012 email CIC board) …. His MPSC members have largely chosen to support his opponent Mark Brown in large part we are told due to his dismal and disappointing time serving as vice-chair…(prev. posts) ….He put up yard signs with a last minute sticker on some (one side vs 2 side requirement) as well as some with no disclaimer as required …(see below) ….He violated Fl. State Statutes introducing party affiliation in an ad in the BTSF newspaper on Jan 20, 2012 (see below) …and then made excuses to the Sentinel he had not heard from the State blaming “troublemakers”…as well as offering “no comment” to the Pompano Pelican even though he has been in receipt of the Candidate Campaign Book that includes all the rules and requirements which he is required to read and to run his campaign by……(prev. posts) …. He has a few die-hard supporters who have openly attacked and made ominous warnings of “going after Brown supporters”… He has “protectors” who despite meaning well in their role further exacerbated the growing word-of-mouth concerns of Malkoon’s fragile state emotionally to serve in an elected position… His one and only mailer (see below)…again shows the same content seen in previous election materials, ads and debate info proclamations based on so little while embellishing it beyond fact!… Malkoon puts forth his “lifetime resident” moniker still…leaving out the fact he lived in Unincorporated Broward along with all his north end neighbors until annexation in 2001…Which means Malkoon became a LBTS resident the very same year his opponent Mark Brown did in 2001!… His Commission appointee and volunteer activities amount to less than a 2-year term that came from being appointed in 2010 by a sitting LBTS Commissioner who supports his opponent Mark Brown …Volunteering for numerous Town special events…is yet again padding for a weak resume…Mark Brown also volunteered in Town special events as well as being a driving force in providing transparency to voters on many political actions such as keeping the Town’s Community Center open and operating under the same longtime director in his 5 years as a volunteer Editor on the local newspaper …Malkoon has repeatedly made claims of having finance and marketing acumen as a basis for him being elected …He had to backtrack on those bold assertions first seen in election materials and ads when he was called out on lack of degrees or work experience in either… This writer further called out his Realtor claim asking for it to be clarified as a Sales Assoc. classification under his mother’s licensed agent license… Personal mortgage problems on his property arose during his first attempt at running in 2010 which further cloud using financial acumen as a real argument to elect him to make decisions involving taxpayer dollars… It was shown that attacks made against his opponent Brown concerning taxes was not only taken out of context but that Malkoon intentionally stated his stance for lower taxes were untrue in videos providing Malkoon  at the podium in full agreement with his opponent in 2010 and again in 2011!…Malkoon states he is a member of the Republican Club of LBTS  in the mailer which may skirt the statute he violated in the Jan. 20th BTSF ad but once again proves he is fanning flames for votes in what he knows is a nonpartisan race …He states he is a member of the LBTS Chamber of Commerce and again we must add he ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the board …He states one endorsement from the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors (he received $250.00 as a result-prev. post) …His opponent Mark Brown respectfully declined to participate in a letter (see below) in order to not compromise any future dealings on hot-button real estate issues…What is glaring in the Malkoon mailer is that he chose to leave out being a member of the UOT-PAC as well as the Jan. 16, 2012 CIC-PAC endorsement!… In the waning hours left before the ballots are counted it is important that voters make it their business to ensure the correct Candidate succeeds in representing us by voting for Mark Brown for seat 3!….






no disclaimer ….

Hard to see clear sticker with disclaimer lower left corner -one side only …






More to come…..

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Here’s The Scoop … Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Candidate For Seat 3 Edmund Malkoon Turns Out To Be His Own “Troublemaker” In This Election …/ The Final Candidate Treasurerer Reports Due Before the January 31st Election ….

January 27, 2012 by Barbara


Candidate Edmund Malkoon holding his own sign on Jan 26, 2012 …

Dear Readers … Once the election is over Candidate Edmund Malkoon’s 2012 campaign will stick around for a long, long time in LBTS voter’s minds as an example of what not to do when seeking a seat on the dais!… Malkoon as readers know by now is 36 years old and a resident of the north side of town who actually began his quest for the second time (he pulled out in 2010 after finding he had no support) believing a few self proclaimed movers and shakers had the seat sewn up and ready for his ascension to it!… Just that belief alone by the candidate should  be enough to make voter’s shake their heads at the utter lack of maturity this candidate seems to possess… That childlike wishful thinking by Malkoon turned out to be just the starting off point in this aimlessly lackluster campaign …. We heard early on that due to a need to “protect” Malkoon and his mother some voters were refraining from participating in this 2012 race out of sympathy and deference for the pair!… This writer could not believe it!… While Malkoon’s opponent Mark Brown was actively campaigning much the same as commission candidates had in 2010 he was not receiving the full support he would have enjoyed if he was opposing Commissioner Clottey or another CIC-PAC candidate due to the growing number of those joining the “staying neutral” crowd so as not to upset the Malkoons!… Edmund Malkoon showed he had a thin skin and a penchant for wining when making calls to those who stated otherwise and were showing support for his opponent …Malkoon put up yard signs after Mark Brown put up his  which violated the required disclaimer be printed on both sides…We are told he said he had permission from the State to attach stickers and he applied a very small sticker to some but not others and only on one side…we are told…Now you know damn well that had this been a different candidate and a different race those same people “protecting” Malkoon’s decisions,mishaps and mistake would be the first to require that the candidate who blew the requirement remove the signs immediately leaving that candidate to decide if he/she wanted to spring for the correct disclaimer required signs with more campaign funds!…Malkoon pulled the “sick card” 48 hours before the Meet the Candidate Forum setting off Town personnel to deal with the possibility of no forum and a change of date rather than just sucking it up and doing whatever it took to meet the obligation long publicized…He sent an email to Town and the Commission that showed not just a lack maturity and professionalism but a rather unnerving need for sympathy and a “atta boy” for effort in announcing he would rally from his sickbed after all when he was hit hard by the outrage that came from such a childish act in a political campaign… On the dais at the LOWV Meet the Candidate Forum Malkoon continued to embellish his credentials as he had done in print interviews and in his election materials while attacking his opponent using the local boy vs Washington insider tactic seen at the Presidential campaign level… It was laugh out loud funny when Malkoon claimed he was a lifelong resident of LBTS …He lives in the north which was Unincorporated Broward until 2001 when it annexed into LBTS which was the very same year his opponent Mark Brown bought his residence in the north….. Malkoon fibbed about his stance vs. his opponent on the millage rate and this writer exposed it and more with the archived  video on the Town’s website…. Malkoon has fibbed about his history of political stances which this writer also exposed from his public comments seen and written on the Town’s website in the archives as well… Malkoon promised sewers with the sewer reserves now in savings in the south part of town to the Palm Club when he went there to court their votes …He promised everything including the kitchen sink to the CIC in the middle of the month for an endorsement from them and then sent the CIC Board an email promising to promote their ideals as a result of receiving it!…The UOT-PAC Board decided that was too much and reconsidered their stance on no endorsement to endorse Mark Brown as a result of Malkoon’s new agenda …Incredibly Malkoon’s “protectors” lashed out at the UOT Board on this one as well!…  Malkoon proved his new allegiance before the election by promoting Marc Furth’s desire for a referendum on zoning at public comments at the Jan. 24, 2012 Regular Town Commission meeting… Malkoon biggest decision though was when he violated the State of Fl. rules pertaining to nonpartisan elections …Many think it was under Cindy Geesey’s tutelage that he placed that kind of an ad in the January 20, 2012 ByTheSeaFuture newspaper extolling his party affiliation vs. his opponent in this LBTS  non-partisan election …This writer was tipped off of the violation resulting from his action and posted it that day…The story was picked up by the Sentinel as well as the Pompano Pelican …Malkoon claimed in the Sentinel he was waiting to see if he would hear from the State if he did anything wrong and blamed it on “troublemakers” rather than own up to his decision to violate the rules contained in his own candidate handbook he was required to read (for the second time as a candidate) …In the Pelican he gave a terse “no comment” rather than respond…We hear his “protectors” want to overlook all of this as well… Again, another candidate …another campaign these same Malkoon Protectors” would be calling for it to be publicized and leading the charge for complaints to be filed with the State and for the candidate to pay for what he/she had done!…Hell, they would be holding the signs that would spell it out on the street corners themselves!… This writer is still hearing that this small crowd is so much into this “Malkoon Protectors” mode they are lashing out not only as if he were a child being “bullied” in school but much, much more that I cannot even go there in print….Again readers…this calls for these same “Malkoon Protectors” to look back at the past two elections at least to see candidates have long been called on their actions in a campaign on blogs and in print with no such “protection” being cited to derail the issues or the offenses made by that candidate …It makes this writer drum up Tom Hanks in a “League of Their Own”…and the line “There’s no crying in baseball”…Well….there’s no crying “bully” in politics on the local level !…. This is a race between two candidates for a seat on the dais for 4 years…In those 4 years this person will be making decisions with our taxpayer money for use in our town…It will be up to this person to do their due diligence each and every time they prepare to vote on doing so … Malkoon has shown a lack of due diligence as a candidate as well as being openly available to promote the desires of anyone willing to offer him support to attain that seat for 4 years….and even if those desires are not the ones he stood for when he decided to run or is known for historically….Mark Brown has done quite the opposite…He has shown he is accessible to all townspeople …He has done his due diligence and then some in this first-rate campaign …He has made just a few sensible generalized promises to voters no matter where he stood to make them in town including at the Candidate Forum and in his election materials with a remarkable amount of forthright candor and honesty…With a resume that is obviously no match for his opponent and a resolute statement of not being beholden to anyone Brown should win by a landslide if voters vote for the right reasons and not to “protect” someone who is clearly not cut out for politics or governing again this year…

In the Jan 26, 2012 Sentinel article Malkoon said the following…“I haven’t heard anything from the state if that’s an issue,” Malkoon said. “People are just trying to be troublemakers in the election.” Below in today’s Pelican he offered the reporter “no comment”…. We are told that due to the full intent of Malkoon’s actions to introduce party affiliation into this election a complaint will be filed after election day as a matter of principal as it should be…

Excerpt from 1/17/12 Pelican…
“Political ad appears to violate state elections law

By Judy Vik
Pelican Staff
LBTS – A town commission candidate in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea may have violated a state election law by including his political party affiliation and that of his opponent in an advertisement in a local newspaper.
Edmund Malkoon, a candidate for Seat #3, ran the ad in the Jan. 20 edition of the monthly ByTheSeaFuture newspaper. Malkoon included his Republican Party status in the ad as well as his opponent’s Democratic Party affiliation.
According to state law, “A political advertisement of a candidate running for nonpartisan office may not state the candidate’s political party affiliation. This section does not prohibit a political advertisement from stating the candidate’s partisan-related experience. A candidate for nonpartisan office is prohibited from campaigning based on party affiliation.”
For enforcement of any willful violation of this provision, a complaint must be filed with the Florida Elections Commission. The commission has exclusive jurisdiction over this matter and may impose a fine not to exceed $1,000 per count.
Asked about the ad before Tuesday’s commission meeting, Malkoon said he had “no comment.”
“If elected officials break the law, they should be held accountable for their action. The same applies to candidates,” his opponent Mark Brown said. “The laws are there for a reason, and people should comply with them.”
Brown said he would like to see Malkoon’s ad brought before the State Division of Elections for review but does not plan on taking that action himself.”



In this final report …(some pages shown below) …Candidate Mark Brown received $350.00 more in contributions were a combined candidate loan/ supporters total of $19,021.74 …His expenses in this 4th report time period of Jan 7-Jan 26 were $3,480.75 with a total of $12,195.54 ….He received 4 more contributions from supporters 3 were from LBTS supporters including VM Dodd …His expenditures were for 2 BTSF newspaper ads/1 Pompano Pelican newspaper ad/ 2 were for printing costs/ 1 mailers list/ 1 was postage for his 2nd mailer which started arriving to voters today (to be posted) … Candidate Edmund Malkoon received $2,210.00 in contribution plus $100.00 “in-kind” (food from Athena By The Sea for fundraiser on Jan 7, 2012)…His total contributions to date /loan to himself combined a total of $6,150.00… His expenditures for this 4th report time period Jan 7-26 was $2,639.41 with a total of $4,856.29 … Malkoon received most of his contributions at a fundraiser at his neighbor’s house on Jan. 7th..Those included Cynthia Gaynor (Bob Fleishman’s wife …Their company contributed $200.00 in Dec.)/ Bel Air neighbors mostly those on his neighborhood board as well as Comm. Clottey/ Chuck Gress/Robert Schuyler/Linda Ritchie/ Athena By The Sea (in-kind) $100.00 for food…He received a few contributions after the 7th …Arthur Franczak/$250 from the Realtors of Florida Assoc. … Mark Brown declined to partake in endorsement citing possibility of any future decisions coming before the commission on such hot-button topics such as vacation rentals… The 2010 candidates from UOT did the same for the same reasons… Malkoon’s expenditures were for Office Depot/ByTheSeaFuture ad/ Minuteman Press/Constant Contact in MA an emailing marketer/ Fedex for $2,210.63 on Jan 25, 2012 presumed to be the 2nd mailer which Malkoon stated in his Jan 16, 2012 email to the CIC Board  “I also will have a mailer going out before Weds.” …which would have been Jan.18th…Just another fib or misstatement and lack of follow-through by Malkoon yet again ….Many were wondering if Malkoon’s one and only mailer contained or now contains the same party affiliation violation Malkoon put in his Jan. 20th BTSF ad… I guess we will see … If it does it will rack up the penalties he could face when complaints are filed… cha ching!…

More to come….

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Here’s The Scoop ..Lauderdale-By-The-Sea & CIC Endorsed Candidate For Seat 3 Edmund Malkoon Is Taking “A Wait And See Approach” On Violating Fl. Election Rules While His Campaign Cohort Cindy Geesey Disses LBTS Democrats In Sentinel Interview !!!!…

January 26, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers …leave it to Cindy Geesey to sink Candidate Edmund Malkoon’s ship…She blew it up big time in her quest to go after her former colleague Brown . The result will be a major loss for Malkoon next Tuesday at the polls as well as a black mark for Malkoon with monetary damages when he faces the consequences in front of the Fl. Election Commision panel after the ballots are counted and a complaint against his actions has been filed making any future attempt for a run for office out of the question!… The Furth led CIC board once again has some explaining to do to whomever is left in their dying organization as to why they endorsed the full-fledged Republican team of Malkoon-Geesey for seat 3 in 2012!…

“Broward Politics

Is your party showing in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea?

By Larry Barszewski January 26, 2012 02:17 PM

Town commissioners in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea are elected in nonpartisan races, but one candidate in the town’s upcoming election has taken out an ad showing the two candidates’ party affiliations.

Commission candidate Edmund Malkoon ran an ad in the local ByTheSeaFuture newspaper this month listing himself as a Republican and opponent Mark Brown as a Democrat. The election takes place along with the Republican presidential preference primary, which could lead to a larger percentage of Republicans turning out to vote.

According to Mary Cooney in the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office, nonpartisan candidates are prohibited by law from campaigning along party lines. Cooney wouldn’t say the ad broke the law – that’s for the Florida Elections Commission to decide if it receives a complaint.

Malkoon is taking a wait-and-see approach.

“I haven’t heard anything from the state if that’s an issue,” Malkoon said. “People are just trying to be troublemakers in the election.”

Brown said he’d like to see the issue go to the elections commission, but he won’t be doing anything that might be seen as a last-minute gimmick before the Jan. 31 election.

“I’m a very firm believer in obeying the law. Elected officials have a responsibility to obey the laws,” Brown said. “The same holds for candidates.”

One of Malkoon’s supporters, Cindy Geesey, isn’t shy about her partisan leanings.

“I hope enough Republicans are on the ball in this city to get Edmund into office,” said Geesey, calling Brown an “unrepentant Democrat.”

Malkoon once again shows he is not ready for prime-time when it comes to being a seated Commissioner in LBTS… He comments “I haven’t heard anything from the state if that’s an issue,” Malkoon said. “People are just trying to be troublemakers in the election.” after telling another reporter from a local paper “no comment” last Tuesday night when questioned about the violation… Malkoon signed a form affirming he received the rules he was to follow in his candidate’s handbook upon filing to run for his seat … It contained the following ….

“A political advertisement of a candidate running for nonpartisan office may not state the candidate’s political party affiliation. This section does not prohibit a political advertisement from stating the candidate’s partisan-related experience. A candidate for nonpartisan office is prohibited from campaigning based on party affiliation.”

More Malkoon pre- election hits to come tomorrow!….

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Here’s The Scoop … The CIC-PAC Endorsed Candidate For Seat 3 Edmund Malkoon Doesn’t Fit The CIC Mold …

January 23, 2012 by Barbara


CIC’s Crisite Furth with ousted Interim TM John Olinzock April 26, 2010…

CIC’s Cristie Furth’s Blue Seas Motel with CIC endorsed Candidate Edmund Malkoon sign in yard January 2012…

Dear Readers…this writer gave myself 20 minutes to Goggle and look for however many differences there are between Candidate for Seat 3 Edmund Malkoon and his newest endorser the Citizens Initiative Committee PAC and it’s most important members…Below is a series of the finds found within that allotted time that definitely show something ominous must be going on for such an endorsement to come to fruition in 2012…The opposing Unite Our Town PAC Board chose after the ominous endorsement of one of their own longtime members (Malkoon) to change their previous decision to not endorse either candidate based on such a disturbing new partnership … thus endorsing Candidate Brown … 20 more minutes would have produced even more to question this new partnership of the CIC-PAC and Edmund Malkoon…

From the CIC website –History of referendums and what they endorse… prior to the 2012 endorsement of UOT member Edmund Malkoon for Seat 3-
” 2000 El Prado Referendum to protect our main beach vista from an extremely unpopular, developer- initiated land-swap (Hapimag).
A Citizens Rights Charter Amendment to reaffirm citizens’ rights to initiate, amend, or repeal ordinances by petition and referendum: in order to overcome Mayor Parker’s questionable claim that right had been nullified and extinguished by State Statutes. (An opinion from the Florida Attorney General later held that was not the case).
An Electoral Districting Ordinance to insure balance in regional representation by requiring that two Commissioners be elected from Old Town LBTS and two from the annexed area, while the Mayor could be chosen from either area.
Although individual CAC members contributed greatly to the initiatives mentioned above, the Citizens Action Committee itself was non-political and therefore could not officially endorse candidates or ballot questions at election time. Our members became convinced that the CIC needed to evolve to the next level and become an official political action committee (PC).
We therefore incorporated in March 2005 as the Citizens “Initiative” Committee and registered with the State of Florida and the LBTS Town Clerk as a political committee. That extended our committee’s range of action beyond simply informing ourselves and fellow citizens on critical developments and making appeals to the Commission. As a PC we can actually initiate referendums, campaign for and against important election issues, and lend our organizational ‘seal of approval’ to candidates for municipal office.
The March 2006 election was the first where the new CIC’s referendums and endorsed candidates came before the voters.
CIC endorsed candidates, Jim Silverstone and Jerry McIntee won landslide victories over two old-guard incumbents, Dave Wessels and Ed Kennedy. CIC members have been well-pleased with our choice of candidates and the level of integrity, honesty, and quality-of-life leadership the two brought to the dais. Unfortunately, continued hard-line opposition by the Old-Guard majority on the commission continued to bloc many CIC-supported pro-voter initiatives until the 2008 election.
The CIC Term limits referendum, on the ballot as the result of a CIC petition signed by 712 voters, was passed by 86% of voters and limited Commissioners to two 4-year terms of office. Mayoral terms were reduced from 4 years to 2 years and limited to 3 terms (a total of 6 years). Despite the absolute clarity of that amendment that it would take effect at the 2008 municipal elections, the old-guard commission members Parker, Yanni, and Clark railroaded through an ordinance that preposterously re-interpreted the amendment to mean it would NOT apply to Parker or Yanni at the 2008 elections, thus over-turning the clear will of LBTS voters.
The CIC Height Limit Charter Referendum, which lowered the maximum allowable height limit in the Northbeach coastal area from 15 stories to 3 over 1 story, won despite fierce campaigns by developers and pro-development commissioners. This charter amendment will prevent our barrier island from over development, limit further congestion along A1A, and preserve the Town’s low-rise image. A critical clause of this charter amendment was that no zoning changes involving an increase in height can now be made in any residential neighborhood without a vote of the people.
The 2008 municipal election was set in January instead of March, to match with the revised Florida Presidential Primary election date.
The CIC supported 3 candidates for election to the Town Commission, Lawrence Wick, Birute Clottey, and Stuart Dodd. Clottey and Dodd won, beating out Clark and Yanni. Wick lost the mayor’s seat by a slim margin of 21 votes to newcomer Roseann Minnet (Parker had decided not to run).
Promises Made…Promises Kept
Within a few short months of winning the majority in January 2008, the four CIC-endorsed Commissioners made sweeping changes in town policy and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea was headed in a positive new direction!
Reinstatement of the Volunteer Fire Department
Return of our municipal elections back to March instead of November
Reinstatement of the CIC-sponsored term limits amendment
Repeal of the Marina, Hospitality, and Beach Village overlay districts (no more Orianas)
Opening Commission meeting public comments to all who wish to speak
Saved citizens millions of tax dollars per year with new AMR contract for EMS
Instituted life-saving VFD beach patrols
Allowed citizens to speak on 1st and 2nd readings of town ordinances
Sponsored very successful Community events including: Easter-by-the-Sea, the July 4th Blast, and a Halloween Haunted House.
Reduced taxes with a 10% LBTS tax cut
Purchased contiguous property to Town Hall for an upgraded public safety complex
Debt Reduction by $3 million
Several months after the 2008 election, however, one of the CIC-endorsed Commissioners, Stuart Dodd, a former CIC Chairman, resigned from the organization and changed allegiance to the pro-development side. The CIC therefore has retracted its endorsement of Stuart Dodd.
During the two years prior to the March 2010 municipal election the pro-development group, under the banner “Unite Our Town”, launched a campaign to discredit Commissioners McIntee, Silverstone, and Clotty and Town Manager Esther Colon with personal attacks. They arranged for a number of their supporters to show up for Public Comments at Town Commission meetings to lodge these unjustified personal attacks. The Commissioners, at an organizational meeting after the 2008 election, had agreed to not allow personal attacks at Commission meetings, but Mayor Roseann Minnet refused to enforce it. She claimed it was all the fault of the individuals being attacked; e.g., her political adversaries. These attacks became progressively more vicious as the 2010 election date approached.
The 2010 CIC endorsed candidates for LBTS Commissioners were Jim Silverstone and Marjorie Evans. For Mayor the CIC endorsed Joe Couriel. All well qualified and experienced individuals. Unfortunately, the opposition managed to convince a majority of the voters that the dissention at Town Commission meetings was being caused by the victims rather than the attackers. All three CIC endorsed candidates lost the election by substantial margins.
Since the March 2010 election the new Commission has, without cause, fired Town Manager Esther Colon, Assistant Town Manager John Olinzock, and a little later Finance/Budget Director Kaola King


“From: EM
Date: January 16, 2012 12:25:52 PM EST
To: jacourielxxxxx, kevansxxxx, [email protected], ccmd1xxx, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Subject: CIC Meeting
Mr Chairman and Board Members,

Thank you for keeping an open mind and giving me the opportunity to come speak. I am so grateful to have been given your trust. I will endeavor to promote the ideals your organization has fought so hard to achieve. As i said at the Town Forum ” We arent all that different in what we seek for this Town. ” I will be your representative and be open to dialogue from all.

We have 2 weeks left. I am going to start pounding the pavement for the second time. I also will have a mailer going out before Weds. I am a little cautious on The next Future paper. Its the last edition before the election and a bit worried about things being made up. But hopefully the voters will see the conflict. I hope it remains neutral.

I understand you may be sending out an email. If you can ask for word of mouth, sign placement, and help with poll day, i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks Again!

Edmund Malkoon

June 30, 2009 Special Meeting -Discussion Removal of Chief Gooding –

Pg 1- a Discussion of removal of Chief Gooding by Town Manager Mayor Minet opened the meeting for public participation Diane Boutin Patrick Pointu Christopher Vincent Laurie Sinotti Sean Spellocy nonresident Mark Cohen Barbara Cole John Yanni Cindy Geesey Marie Chiarello Edmund Malkoon Marie Eckerrt Bonnie Myers John Alton Vito Chiarello Mark Brown Bill Davis Dennis Ritchie Yann Brandt Joan Englander Shot Bob Fleishman Mrs Malkoon Chuck Clark Beverly Kennedy Richey Bonfey and Debbie Finato expressed their displeasure with the transfer of BSO Chief Scott Gooding and requested that he be reinstated with the Town Accusations were made that the Commission collaborated with the Town Manager for the dismissal of Chief Gooding to which the Commission denied.

Tom Carr Frank Herrmann Cristi Furth stood in support of the Town Manager

Adrian Roberts supported both the Town Manager and the reinstatement of Chief Gooding.
Feb 9, 2010 Town Commission Meeting Public Comments pg.4- Edmund Malkoon asked why Commissioner Silverstone voted against transparency voted in favor to pay off loans and voted for a Town Manager contract without an expiration date
April 20, 2010 Special Meeting Town Manager Colon pg. 2- Commissioner Clottey stated she was on the dais a little over 2 years and at first she did not agree with the way the Town Manager handled some things She added that she learned to discuss things with the Town Manager and found she had a better understanding of the way things worked Commissioner Clottey pointed out that the Town Manager had experience with BSO and that she would rather have a knowledgeable person to help with the negotiations than just a yes person Commissioner Clottey thanked Manager Colon for always looking out for the Town taxpayers and was sorry to see her go
The motion carried 4-1 Commissioner Clottey voted no
April 26,2010 Special Meeting Removal Interim Town Manager Olinzock pg 2- Commissioner Clottey suggested the Commission only remove Interim Town Manager Olinzock from his temporary interim position and return him to his previous position of Assistant Town Manager until they find out what happened She noted that the Town was going into budget time and Interim Town Manager. Pg 5- Commissioner Clottey suggested separating the motion in to two parts the first motion regarding the termination and payout of Interim Town Manager Olinzock and the second motion regarding the investigation of former Town Manager Colon’s Olinzock had knowledge as to how the Town was run severance payout She believed that by keeping the motion as is implied criminal activity was conducted Pg. 6- severance payout She believed that by keeping the motion as is implied criminal activity was conducted.
April 27, 2010 Town Commission Meeting Public Comments pg. 2- Christie Furth remarked that the new Town Commission with the exception of Commissioner Clottey terminated the former Town Manager within six weeks of being elected She stated that the Commission’s termination of Esther Colon was cold and irresponsible Ms Furth believed she spoke for many residents who appreciated all Ms Colon did for their town during her tenure as Town Manager as she was fair honest abided by the Town’s laws She said Ms Colon cared about the Town and its people winning countywide praise for her yearly budgets 11 years in a row and left the Town with one of the lowest tax rates in the County Ms Furth believed that Ms Colon became the target of a political witch hunt She said the Town Commission terminated Ms Colon’s contract on the spot prohibiting public comments Ms Furth stated that each Commissioner that voted to terminate Ms Colon should have first asked how much such an action would cost She felt the Town Commission acted negligently and were now trying to shift their fiscal irresponsibility elsewhere She believed the Commission chose to move toward a totalitarian form of government where free speech and citizen input was not allowed”
Pg 4- Edmund Malkoon reminded the Commission that they were not only given a vote of confidence they were given an overwhelming mandate for change by the voters of the Town He said there were tough decisions that had to be made and he was confident those decisions the dais made would be based on proper research without political prejudice
Town Commission Meeting Public Comments pg. 3 Sept. 22, 2009- Edmund Malkoon said he took it personal when Manager Colon investigated his claim of a harassment and vandalism at his home and reported that it did not occur He stated that he decided to run for District 1 Commissioner.
June 14, 2011 Town Commission  Meeting pg. 3- Edmund Malkoon was against the referendums as the Commission never voted on whether to put in underground wiring or have a parking garage or build a new Town Hall Complex Mr Malkoon pointed out that the referendum could work in reverse and tie the hands of future Commissions. He believed that drainage and sewers were more important issues to focus on.


One more photo … Just for fun…

Cindy Geesey (sitting next to Malkoon’s opponent Mark Brown ) at the Olinzock removal special meeting April 26, 2010…Geesey is Candiate Malkoon’s campaign writer according to Malkoon at the Jan. CIC meeting he was endorsed at…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Candidate Edmund Malkoon … Courted A CIC-PAC Conversion Of Ideals For A Sign At The BlueSeas Courtyard …

January 21, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers … Candidate Edmund Malkoon …What a candidate he turned out to be!……He started out crying he was “promised” a seat on the dais from some former UOT-PAC board members …. He lashed out about having a challenger he did not expect in Mark Brown rather than CIC Commissioner Clottey ….He tried to get his challengers longtime friends on his side and again lashed out when they repeatedly and politely declined to do ..He put together a real hodgepodge of a miss without any hits campaign that has really been all over the place while his challenger Mark Brown put together a flawless well organized and concise campaign that followed in the footsteps of the candidates that won in 2010 …Malkoon has continually been not just one step in trying to play catch up to Mark Brown but more like a dozen!…Malkoon put out signs that lacked the required political approved requirements and covered up his mistake with a sticker to suffice after realizing he blew it!…..Malkoon chose to embellish and change his educational and professional biography in each and every interview after being questioned on so many claims that didn’t pass the smell test in his election material when the facts were checked and dates were found ….. Malkoon put the Town in a tizzy eating up staff time all because he was sick with a fever 48 hours before the LOWV Meet the Candidate Debate in a bid to change this publicized event rather than to suck it up and do whatever it took to make it happen…..Malkoon sent a surrogate to the scheduled UOT meeting the night before that meeting with a written statement rather than come head to head with his opponent…Malkoon incredibly made an offer at the Palm Club of giving money from the south end’s sewer fund reserves for their sewers which he said we don’t need we are told by a source to Palm Club residents …We are also informed Brown interrupted Malkoon to state that simply cannot be done…Malkoon repeatedly lashed out at those who chose to put his opponents signs in their yards…. Malkoon then went to the CIC and again made offers he cannot possibly keep…He did whatever he could to court an endorsement from them and received it despite the fact that his documented history at the podium shows he has historically voiced opinions that run counter to the CIC’s …Malkoon followed up on running counter to the CIC at the Jan 17, 2012 Special Meeting on the Downtown Redevelopment in supporting the design teams 3 block recommendations and a desire to expand it west on Commercial Blvd!……Malkoon made the decision to send the board of the CIC an email afterward which included the following statement…(prev. post)…
“Mr Chairman and Board Members, Thank you for keeping an open mind and giving me the opportunity to come speak. I am so grateful to have been given your trust. I will endeavor to promote the ideals your organization has fought so hard to achieve. As i said at the Town Forum ” We arent all that different in what we seek for this Town. ” … This sure sounded like a full out conversion to the CIC ideals to those he long stood with in UOT … So the UOT Board decided they needed to rethink their decision to not endorse either Malkoon or Brown (both UOT members)  as a result… Malkoon, POA Pres. Dennis Ritchie and Bob Fleishman’s wife sent emails to the board crying foul… Hmmmm…really?…. Let’s see Malkoon stated he would “endeavor to promote the ideals your organization has fought so hard to achieve”… Now let’s look at the CIC website and a couple of excerpts  …” Commission Actions? – Why did the new Commission, in their first major decision, FIRE the Town Manager while not allowing any public comments? Her contract allowed for two ways to dismiss the TM; i.e., resignation or termination. They chose termination which cost us, the taxpayers, about $250,000 plus legal fees. All they had to do was to ask her to resign. Instead they rushed into the termination “without cause”. One wonders why?” … “I was involved in the last election helping out the candidates and I saw with my own 2 eyes some of the nastiness that went on and proud to say it was not from the CIC side. I found it unbelievable these same people, who during a prior town commissioner meeting, were stating we must have a change because the commissioner was unruly. What they said there were about and how they acted was not the same”… Remember readers….2012 Candidate Malkoon wanted to be the candidate in 2010 to run against the CIC endorsed slate in order to rid the Town of Colon…He was usurped by the UOT board and members who felt he had to much under the radar personal baggage such as his upside down financial situation and job problems which he divulged and could come in to play if he ran as well as the whole sudden Beverly Kennedy hat- in- the- ring move to make sure it was anybody but Malkoon….After that Malkoon was an  active daily participant in the UOT slate campaign to succeed in ousting Colon and the CIC majority … So any action taken by the UOT Board after Malkoon’s openly declared conversion of CIC ideals is fully warranted especially when this self proclaimed “Uniter” chose to make a conscious and calculated choice in selling his previous UOT ideals for the votes he so badly knows he needs!… Malkoon’s train wreck of a campaign did not stop with this CIC conversion though… He along with his campaign co-hort Cindy Geesey made anothe reither calculated or just plain stupid choice that topped all those that preceded it in a campaign that has been fraught with nothing but bad choices …That was to run a political ad in the ByTheSeaFuture Jan. 2, 2012 edition that violates the Fl. State Statute on running as a Republican in a nonpartisan municipal election!… This one has far more dire ramifications than losing your friend’s support and selling out for an election!….Perhaps Malkoon is expecting a slap on the wrist just as Geesey herself received when she was charged with ethics violations while serving as POA Chair and went for it?……

With days to go until the election what else can this Malkoon rag-tag-team possibly do in what has to be the worst commission campaign we have seen in recent history in LBTS?… Perhaps it is only fitting to recall whose sign was up at the Blue Seas Courtyard  in 2010… We all know how well that worked out… can you say repeat!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Candidate For Seat 3 In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Edmund Malkoon Has Some Nose Growing Problems With His Resume And His Revisionist History On His Past Positions …

January 14, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers … this writer is more than a little concerned about this election between Candidate Mark Brown and Edmund Malkoon for seat 3 …First I posted there was the “staying neutral” Stepford Wife mentality around town due to those voters actually believing there was no real difference between these two candidates …Then there was the incredible amount of deference to Malkoon’s mother Rosalie as the reason so many are taking a back seat and taking Malkoon signs with or without ever intending to put them up in their yard while taking a pass on Brown signs as to not upset Mrs. Malkoon leading way to the extraordinary possibility of sympathy votes for Malkoon at the polls for the same reason! … Now comes the biggest concern of all in this strange…strange LBTS race… and it’s Malkoon himself and the incredulous claims he has made in order to win the seat he feels is owed to him! …He has put forth a resume that doesn’t add up…literally!…He stated on the dais during the LOWV Meet the Candidate Forum in his opening statement “As a licensed realtor for the past 17 years I have learned the value of differences of opinions as well as negotiation”.. Malkoon is 36 years old..That would mean he became a licensed Realtor at age 19…What kind of license was it ? ….According to his election materials he graduated from Ely High School and attended Broward College (otherwise know at that time as BCC a 2 yr. community college) and FAU majoring in International Finance and Marketing…In his Sentinel interview his resume states he graduated Ely in 1993 which would have made him 18 years old at the time.. He changed his resume to leave out the misleading majors in his election materials to state “undergraduate coursework at Broward College and FAU … giving his occupation as Realtor… ( as previously posted he is listed as a “sales assoc.” in his  Fl. licensee info …’License Information License Type: Real Estate Broker or Sales Rank: Sales Associate License Number: SL627358′ /sales associate is listed one of 4 categories which is not a broker …thus “licensed Realtor” is misleading to state without stating broker or not now or at 19 years old ) …He states in that same article that he has worked in “credit card, mortgage and real estate fields and says that business background will be a plus when overseeing the management of the Town’s finances”.. (as prev. posted in 2010 he encountered problems with his own property and mortgage) …In his Pompano Pelican interview Malkoon states he is a “Realtor and Insurance agent” and that he “attended Broward College and Florida Atlantic University, majoring in business, international finance and marketing”… We are told he made claims that he was 2 credit short of completing his major but left college to come home when his father died…Hmmm….rather hard to believe considering FAU is in Boca Raton which is less than 20 minutes from the Malkoon residence in LBTS … plus why would someone who claims to have been a licensed Realtor at 19 years old not finish 2 credit short of such a prestigious career in International Finance and Marketing rather than becoming a sales associate in a family business as well as working short stints in insurance, mortgage and credit cards if we are to believe those claims are true?… It was at this same forum Malkoon claimed to remember the beach re-nourishment done in the early 80’s when he would have been between 5-8 years old!…So his fantastical claims were a two-fer for voters in a span of fifty minutes!… In the Pelican article Malkoon stated “I have a long history with the Town and volunteering on town boards and with civic organizations…”… Unless the reporter erred Malkoon has only been appointed to one town board which happened in 2010 and was disbanded by those that appointed him well before his full term was realized and over his vocal objections …Malkoon has also played the pandering role of “Uniter” or “Unifier” to enlist votes of those who have preconceived ideas concerning his opponent…As stated previously voters need only to look at the archives on this site under boards or go the the Town website to see the archived MPSC meetings ( MPSC 2010 archived videos- ) see Malkoon was at the forefront for “the whole enchilada” mentality on and off the committee he became the first and only co-chair of!…(the real title was and should have remained vice-chair) … He was for 2-lanes on El Mar and thus usurping the CIC-Furth led change that led to the Commission in 2007 to backtrack and retain the 4 lanes …He was for a parking garage..a new Town Hall…and was right alongside 2 new members who wanted big time changes made throughout the town… To say his election-time stances are revisionist is an understatement!…

Now here’s the kicker … … Readers will remember Malkoon made quite a few attacks against his opponent stating Brown was for raising the millage in the past while he was opposed…Hmmm… not so fast!…

Below is the verbatim public comments made by both  from that Sept. 27, 2010 Town Commission Meeting … It clearly shows Malkoon’s election time pandering … Following the verbatim text is the link to that meeting as well as verbatim quotes of Candidate Malkoon supporting no change or even a raise in the millage not only at that Sept. 27, 2010 meeting which was the one and only time his opponent Mark Brown spoke on the millage but at public comments at the prior 2010 Commission Meeting on Aug. 25, 2010 with video link below it and yet again in 2011 on Sept. 26, 2011 at public comments at the Special Comm.Meeting with the link to that video as well …

The voters cannot allow a Candidate for Commission to embellish, exaggerate or rewrite his own history to get a seat on the dais…Revealing the discrepancies has stopped past candidates from succeeding to do so and this election should do the same!…


September 27, 2010 Regular Town Commission Meeting Public Comments…

Mark Brown was called first …

Mark Brown-  “I just want to quickly commend the commission first of all as well as the Town Manager, the Assistant Town Manager and the Finance Director for as much work as you’ve been able to put into this budget and as far as you’ve been able to come this year. But I also want to offer up maybe just sort of a commonsense opinion to you. You started this year with about a seven hundred thousand dollar shortfall because property tax revenues were down. Then you were hit with about a quarter of a million dollars in the payout to the former Town Manager that gave you a million dollar shortfall and it seems like every time you get close, I understand your goal is to not raise the millage rate at all this year but it seems like every time you get close to closing that gap something else comes up that keeps pushing the goal line away. As you mentioned you just found out you’ve got an eighty thousand dollar shortfall because the former Town Manager didn’t pay out one of the payrolls in the last fiscal year. We’ve found out that we lost thousands of dollars by not having the Town’s money, millions of dollars in interest paying bank accounts. The point I want to make is, it’s not the end of the world for you guys if the 3.999 millage rate is just a little farther than you can reach and you have to end up at 4.09 in a one tenth of a one percent higher in order to balance the budget this year. I don’t think the stigma of raising taxes is that bad given the circumstances that you’re having to deal with trying to close this budget gap.You look at what other communities around Broward County are doing and they’re raising their millage rates much higher than this both percentage wise and numerically. I’m afraid that. You know you’re digging a hole and there’s just no more dirt left to get out of the hole this year. So personally if you can make the 3.999 I think it’d be great but if you’re doing it in a way that’s going to really cause serious repercussions in next year’s budget or in this year’s budget and the alternative would be got with the 4.09 instead of the 3.999 I would encourage you to go with the 4.09. Just my personal opinion. I know you’re the ones that have to live with it. You’re the ones who are trying really hard to hold the line on the millage rate but it’s not your fault there’s just too much that’s been happening and I would understand and everybody else would understand if you come just this (pinching fingers together) close but can’t quite make it. I’d rather see you do that and avoid anything really drastic. Thank you.”

Edmund Malkoon was called up next…

Edmund Malkoon- ” Hi, Edmund Malkoon. I was really gonna say kinda the same thing and I want to thank you all for working so hard, so diligently um, despite all the curve balls you’ve been given lately. I think it’s very commendable that you’re even close to achieving that. Um, second I just wanted to give a personal, I just wanted to give my opinion when maybe you’re taking about next years budget the CIP program um, as you know the A1As gonna be completed next year ah, the pads are installed for the bus stops so maybe you should include the bus stops in the future CIP plan especially if you want conformity instead of just waiting for this grant one year or another grant the next time. Maybe do so. You have to be ready for when the project’s completed. Thank you.”

Video Town Comm. Mtg. Sept. 27, 2010 (public comments)

BC- So there you have it Candidate Malkoon who attacked Mark Brown on the dais Jan. 11th for wanting to raise the millage neglected to add it was 2010 …Mark Brown spoke of a 1/10th of 1% increase for that year only and that Malkoon himself is on video saying immediately after his opponent …”Hi, Edmund Malkoon. I was really gonna say kinda the same thing…”…WOW!…

Below are more examples to show it was Malkoon who was vocal in having no problem with an increase in the millage for future development in the town at the podium three times compared to Brown’s singular comment on Sept. 27, 2010 …


I Googled Malkoon and my own site popped up…below is an excerpt from a post on the Aug. 25, 2010 commission meeting…

Aug 25, 2010 Reg. Comm.Mtg.

“MPSC Co-Chair Edmund Malkoon came to the podium as “resident” and commended both the Commission and Town Manager stating he purposely left off the interim from her title (she had not yet been voted on) for the Budget Workshop meeting and trying to retain the 3.999 but stated if they could not get there the 4.09 was really commendable when other communities are really increasing theirs…He again addressed the desire of having the Town purchase the Demko House due to it being a historic structure…”

Malkoon verbatim Aug 25, 2010 public comments Town Comm. Mtg….

Edmund Malkkon- ” That’s fast. I just want to take the time to commend the um, Town Manager and yes I left the interim part off on purpose for all the hard work you’re doing on the budget and this commission, you’re making some really good suggestions to try to get us where we were um, with the last millage rate and honestly even at the 4.09 from the 3.999 that’s really commendable to just be able to do that when other communities are really increasing right now.”

Video Town Comm. Mtg. Aug 25, 2010 (public comments)


Sept. 26,2011 Town Minutes…

“Edmund Malkoon echoed commendations for the hard work put into the budget by the Town Commission and staff noting many needs of the community were finally being addressed. He believed that lowering the millage rate was always good but the monieswere needed for Town improvements.”

Edmund Malkoon vebatim public comments Sept. 26, 2011 Spec. Mtg after Ken Kuglar, Vito Chiarello, Ken Brenner and George Hunsaker spoke either against lowering the millage rate 3.999 or encouraging an increase for Town improvements…

Edmund Malkoon-“I just wanted to also commend the hard work that went into this budget, um, this is really the first time in such a long time that so many needs of our community are finally being addressed on according to plan which is what you guys have run on in the election regarding the planning and righting the things that needed to be done um, in our town. So many things need to be done um, the infrastructure is now being addressed the drainage, ah, we’re gonna get the sewer study situations are going to be discussed as well. It’s always great to lower the millage. I think there’s a disconnect in people, most of you pay taxes up there as well and I’m sure would like to pay less as well if, if you’re able do so but you also have the responsibility to continue to move this community forward and develop it and to address these really important needs that we have. So again thank you for your hard work.”

Video Spec. Comm. Mtg. Sept. 26, 2011 (public comments)


more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … The 2012 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea LOWV Meet The Candidate Forum … Mr Myagi And The Kid…

January 11, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers … the 2012 League of Women Voters Meet the Candidate Forum was over in less than hour in part because there were only 2 candidates vying for one seat and a lack of questions to answer although a lot of the questions came from the 35 this writer sent in to the moderator on Dec. 9, 2011  … I’m definitely going to go back and watch the exchange again .. Readers should do the same and will have countless opportunities to do so with the event being re-broadcast on the Town’s channel 78 Jan 12,13,14,15,16,25,26,28,29 at 7 and 9 pm as well as being available anytime on the Town’s website …..

That being said here are my impressions from the first viewing of this forum … I thought it was rather odd that the moderator prefaced the 2 minute opening statements would contain the candidates qualifications and volunteer activities…That’s a new one…Once again this moderator’s impartiality is being called into question by this writer (I questioned it at the last such forum) … It began with Mark Brown who gave the voters a detailed look at his impressive personal and professional biography which was so extensive he could not fit into just 2 minutes…His opponent Edmund Malkoon had quite the opposite problem due to not having much of a professional biography or qualifications to put forth to voters …The questions began and each taking turns in who answered first were allowed 1 minute …The first question was about the top 2 priorities each had for the Town if elected…Malkoon answered they were  high level public safety …scrutinizing finances …and actively engaging people to participate… Brown responded he wanted to continue what this Commission was doing while being careful with spending ..The second question was about the Town promoting local business and Brown was up first to respond…He said the Town should play a small role in it and not a whole lot of Town money should be used citing events the Town already puts on …Malkoon said that the Town has done a lot with the businesses bringing up the hotels and then went on to state what the Town has done legislatively to aid in the businesses …

BC-legislative measures are not promoting town businesses …

Question 3 was on the Charter changes that are necessary and Malkoon answering first stated they needed to answer the redistricting which he said was an issue due to what people voted for and what was not in the charter …

BC-this was discussed last night by the TAtty. who stated there was a discrepancy of what was on the ballot vs. the charter with the residency requirements of candidates ending in 2018 not being included in the Town Charter and the statute of limitations for it to be put in had passed in 2008 (under the CIC majority time on the dais) …thus making the residency requirement permanent if no change is made …The FAU study for extending the districts is still required due to that being in the Town Charter…

Mark Brown answered that this was “a more important issue than you realize” correctly citing the report Consultant Cecelia Ward brought forth to the Commission of many such instances of more issues not making it into the Town Charter…He added he was looking forward to the committee but did not want to impose on them or tie their hands … The question that followed was to ask the candidates where they would cut or increase the current budget …Brown responded that this Commission has done a good job with a lean budget during these economic times…He added that he would look into the Town Attorney’s budget as well as discussing capital improvements and keeping a line on the millage rate …Malkoon spoke of how lucky we are to have a town that is financially sound and spoke of keeping the 3.999 millage rate…He took a jab at his opponent by stating Brown was for raising the millage at budget time …

BC- Brown has stated he was for raising it slightly along with a few others during the budget hearings due to the unknowns in the budget leftover from the previous administration cited by the Administration at these meetings and it was for this millage hearing only…Readers may recall this is the same time that the sewer replacement in the south end of town was also looming as Malkoon will touch upon later in the forum…

The Candidates were asked if they were happy with the current Master Plan and it was Malkoon responding first to once again remind voters he was on the MPSC and was happy with the Master Plan stating it was not set in stone for the 5 years.. Brown shot back that he was “disappointed” with the MPSC and glad that the Town went out beyond the committee to accomplish the plan citing a lack of consensus on the committee…He also corrected Malkoon by stating that only one year of the Master Plan has a budgeted commitment of funding..

BC- Readers will recall (prev. posts boards) that the Comm. thought the MPSC was floundering as well and asked the TM to take over with guiding them through this process…TM Hoffmann came in with some planned committee group building exercises followed by introducing experts to produce outside the box ideas which ed to presentations and the UM study along with resident input to finalize the Master Plan…The Commission cut short the MPSC 5-0 over the objections voiced by Malkoon himself long before their 2-yr terms were up …

Up next was the question concerning the upcoming beach re-nourishment which was also discussed at a recent Town Reg. Comm. meeting… Brown responded that he had experience in beach re-nourishment while working with congress and stated it is imperative to do and he supports it with reservations ..Those include the impact on LBTS which he stated was nowhere as bad off as Galt Ocean Mile…He also stated his concerns about the proposed ideas such as the sand coming from mined areas on trucks and the impact of the trucks carrying it as well as the quality of the sand itself.. He reiterated he supports the project with reservations…  Malkoon responded after Brown that he remembered the beach re-nourishment of the early 1980’s and the problems at that time..

BC- Hmmm… Malkoon is 36 years old…so to remember the project in the early 80’s he would have been  5-8 years how much of a beach re-nourishment project would an 8 year old really recall…I am told that project was not done from the shore but rather brought in from the water although I have not checked it out… So who coached him?… Comm. Clottey who it is said was nodding throughout the forum as he looked toward her for reassurance?… Speaking of “Team Edmund” this writer was also informed that Cindy Geesey and Bob Fleishman made it their business to make faces at Mark Brown throughout such as putting their fingers down their throats when he responded and using the throat slash when it appeared he was running long on a response … Later on in Brown’s closing remarks he took aim at such actions which should send a message not only to these two but to voters …

Public bathrooms was the next topic… Malkoon responded once again that he was on the MPSC and this had come before them for the “80th” time…he did not think it was a top priority citing the sewers and drainage ..

BC- I think a look back at his time on the MPSC will show he was all in when it came to public bathrooms ..

Mark brown stood his ground saying he had written about the need for bathrooms and was not going to change his position now (as his opponent did) ..He spoke up about his idea to do a trial with a modular unit to see if it worked or not..If not then not much would be spent on the trial …He also spoke of walking around town often and the usage of restaurant bathrooms to cover this deficiency…

BC- A look back at this discussion which went on quite a long time with the MPSC will show that Brown’s idea was put forth on the dais by none other than Comm Clottey… Brown also recommended using El Prado as the test area …Talk about parking lots was brought up by others in town and met with concerns of pedestrian safety crossing  A1A or El Mar and using the Aruba alleyway which would put the pedestrians in danger from valeted cars…

A screwy question which was prefaced by the moderator as such but nevertheless still put forth by her concerned the Chamber of Commerce being funded by Town and County taxpayers and a charge of the Chamber paying “thousands” to an out of state contractor… Mark Brown said indeed the question was wrong … Ms. Smith, the moderator then asked if the Chamber should play a bigger role or no role at all in town… Brown responded that he is a big supporter of the Chamber citing what they bring to the town as well as the partnership required now more than ever between the two with what is planned as well as the Town not being able to hire more staff … Malkoon reminded voters once more that he is a Chamber board member ( he made a try for the Chamber board in 2010 but was not elected) …He said he owned a business in town and said we are one of two Welcome Centers in Broward and ours is well run…He then digressed into bids saying he is pro bids and putting forth the Town’s policy of local bids preferences …

BC- The Town’s bid policy has nothing to do with the Chamber bids policies…

The sewer/water fees increase question was finally asked and it was Malkoon’s to answer first… He said he spoke to the Town Manager on this issue and that there is an inequality as well as adding the sewer replacement would cost us about a million dollars which is not as bad as we thought it would be and we have $1.8 million in the sewer fund which “is more than enough needed” … He spoke of the water usage and Fort Lauderdale and the charges “going down” as well as looking at a rate decrease across the board..

BC- I find this disturbing because up til now it was my understanding we do not have the final figures for the cost of the sewers in the south…So where did Malkoon get the million figure from?… Did the TM inform him before the Commission?… The water usage I believe is slated to go up with another increase on the horizon as we only sent in by resolution our complaint concerning the fees…As far as a rate decrease across the board for south end properties under the PB-LBTS Master Sewer Agreement…I believe the only rate decrease to be discussed is concerning multi-family/hotel/condo properties…on Jan 19th..

Mark Brown responded that he supported the Commission’s decision to have everybody pay their fair share in order to maintain the sewers and build up reserves for repairs and replacement…He said if there is now a question of too much money being reserved then it needs to be addressed…but a continued fair share rate should apply …

The question was asked about the need and any support from the Candidates for a new Town Hall… Brown responded that the present Town Hall properties are underutilized and should be consolidated in the future citing the fire station as a component…He did not believe public monies should be used and said it was not a top priority… Malkoon agreed it was not a top priority…

BC- I believe at the time of Town Hall discussions Malkoon was for the “whole enchilada”…

The 5-year Capital Improvement Plan question was put to both and Malkoon responded it addressed the infrastructure adding it was not “set in concrete” so changes could be made…He stated we do not have to go out for monies and spoke of grants for improvements ..Brown stated he was happy we finally have a 5-year plan citing “piecemeal” projects …He added correctly that the projects funded thus far are from reserves and added he will not be voting for increasing taxes to fund projects… The moderator segwayed into the  millage rate and raising it… Brown said only if there was a disaster saying he saw no reason to raise the millage… Malkoon responded “being a taxpayer who wants to pay more”…He said we have $2.3 million in our emergency disaster fund as well as other avenues to cover such an event…

Outsourcing the Parking Dept. was the next question…Malkoon stated that the Parking Dept. has longtime residents as employees and stated it should be made known to taxpayers that it is funded by the Enterprise Fund not from the General Fund and he needed to look at it more …

BC- Malkoon was wrong… The Town employees are not paid from the Enterprise Fund…that funds the parking lots etc…but the department employees are paid for by the taxpayers…

Mark Brown hit right back by saying he has done a lot of knocking on doors and repeatedly heard “Do what you have to do to keep the cost down”…He said he would look at outsourcing case-by-case based on facts not emotion…Traffic flow was up next ..Brown cited the many traffic changes implemented by the Town (Consultant Hughs) and spoke of concerns with pedestrians at the intersection of A1A (and Commercial) as well as the turnaround at the Pavilion …Malkoon went green with agreeing with the A1A/Comm. Blvd. intersection adding that people should get out of their cars and use the Pelican Hopper/the new sharing bikes and walking…Then it was onto the “Does Lauderdale-By-The-Sea have a parking problem” question… Malkoon said no we don’t our parking is underutilized and that talk of a parking garage will be wonderful one day…done by a private entity…

BC- Again voters need to go back to Malkoon’s time on MPSC to see where he stood then vs. now…

Brown said we do have a parking problem because people want to park right in front of where they are going..He cited signage as well being a problem and added that after the recession is over the time will come to think about a garage or some  way to deal with it…No money for it right now… Next was the question of what if any changes the candidates would make in the bid process …large bids… Brown responded the Town under this Commission and Administration made big changes with a limit of $15,000 being kept and the Commissioners seeing all bids first… Malkoon added there has been a big increase in transparency in the last 2 years and he thinks we should bid as much as possible .. That was followed by a question concerning staffing in Town such as a Town Marketing person, Town Planner, Asst. TM and an Asst. To the TM… Malkoon said we should let the TM run the town… Brown stated that as a Chief of Staff he held a similar role to the TM in staffing …He went on to say as long as the TM was mindful of the overall budget it did not matter what title was affixed to the TM’s hires…He added that if the Commission became unhappy with the TM’s actions the TM could be removed… The second to last question was about the recreation/Senior Center and any changes… Brown responded he regularly participates in the program lauding its volunteers and saying he thought there was a need for more space and suggesting more usage of Jarvis Hall ….Malkoon stated it was now called the Community Center and he said Armilio (the director) was doing a “great job” …as far as youth programs he said we are “blessed” with programs in neighboring towns and it’s something we can look in to..

BC- Mark Brown was a big supporter and proponent to save Armilio Bien-Aime’s job and the center itself a few years ago when Malkoons “mentor” Comm. Clottey was in cahoots with former TM Colon to undermine the program and Armilio with Broward County!…Oops!…

The final question was about the Town employing a lobbyist …Malkoon’s response was a swift no …Brown said “we have a Congressman, State Representative, State Senator and County Commissioner, let them do the lobbying for us!”…

The closing came at 10 to 8 due to no one in the 3/4 filled hall coming forth with anymore questions for the candidates despite the moderator repeatedly asking them to do so… Each had 2 minutes…

Malkoon went first and said he was proud that LBTS is financially sound …he would be fiscally responsible and spoke of a cost benefit analysis…He then went on the attack one more time against his opponent and his experience in Washington pleading with the voters to vote for a local boy…

BC- This line of attack was a complete misfire in this writer’s opinion …It made it abundantly clear that Malkoon not being able to match Brown’s experience decided with his small, small cadre of pals to denigrate it!… Sad and pitiful….

Mark Brown had the last words and they were the reason this writer used the Karate Kid reference at the top of this post… Mark spoke of walking around the town over the past 3 months and what an amazing experience it has been…He spoke about the remarks he heard concerning happiness with the commission and the desire to move forward while keeping the uniqueness of out town intact… He followed that up by declaring that he had written hundreds of stories over the last five years (as a volunteer) which he signed his name to and took full responsibility for … He further declared that he would continue doing so when elected your commissioner…He then shot his final blow to those who sat menacingly in the front row as well as his opponent by emphatically stating “I’m not beholden to anyone” … He ended by just as emphatically telling the voters he will listen to the people, do what’s best for  the town and he won’t waste any money doing it!…

With that the meeting ended… As Myagi  said to the “kid” wax on…wax off… Voters…take a look at the forum…take a look at the differences experienced…methodical…factual man who is beholden to no one or a self proclaimed local boy who is apparently beholden to a cadre of supporters who let him believe he is owed a seat on the dais because he is a local boy!… Wax off!…..

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … One Candidate For Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Seat 3 Is Already Waffling … UPDATED …

January 9, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers … the first printed interview with candidates Brown and Malkoon is out today in the Sentinel (see below) …It goes beyond this writer’s last post in a most disturbing way that should again give voters pause when they fill in that bubble for Commission seat 3 on their absentee ballot or at their polling place on Jan. 31st… It appears the reporter pinned down candidate Malkoon on his qualifications thus making Malkoon reel back his election material claim that he majored in “International Finance and Marketing” at FAU conveniently or should I say purposefully in my opinion giving voters the idea that he has a degree in both and perhaps a career in both…In the Sentinel article he has been dialed back to “Education: Graduated from Ely High School, 1993; undergraduate course work at Broward College and Florida Atlantic University”…meaning he took courses and it means nothing except it was a way to embellish his resume and qualifications which are sorely lacking in reality…But that didn’t stop Malkoon who  moved the waffling of his background on to his career in the interview in the paper doing much the same by stating…” Malkoon has worked in credit card, mortgage and real estate fields and says that business background will be a plus when overseeing the management of the town’s finances.”… What Malkoon conveniently or purposefully left out in my opinion was the fact that he is not a licensed real estate agent …That Malkoon was working in insurance from home during the last election from this writer’s recollection of his almost daily conversations with me and the UOT campaign group of which he was an active member (thus that point quashes his printed claims of  “Malkoon said he promoted his favored candidates without criticizing the other side.”..GULP!)… Malkoon does not state the overwhelming concern when he was slated to run pre-Sasser in 2010 concerning his personal problems with his own mortgage on his home … I would not have divulged this one had Malkoon not included mortgage in this article in his list of work experience! … I want a commissioner on the dais who can handle the taxpayer’s monies and that must be based on how they handle their own…or lack thereof!…Malkoon once more gives his work experience as a “Realtor” …but again no mention of being a licensed agent…no mention that he works in a family Real Estate business …(see below)…Waffling on his local contribution to a town board is done by not giving the dates of service as most candidates customarily provide  …His appointment came after the last election in 2010 by those he campaigned hard for and that committee was disbanded by the full commission last year before a full 2-year appointment was realized due to there being no need for the committee to exist anymore as well as the total exasperation felt by many commissioners and taxpayers with what was coming out of those meetings..This writer believes much of that resulted from Malkoon’s actions and input…especially after he declared commissioners should not be allowed to speak at board meetings much less attend them!… I have repeatedly posted that Malkoon was in my opinion  skirting violations of sunshine laws with his emails to some fellow MPSC members and was way out of line when he chose to come to the podium at commission meeting seemingly to represent the committee (although no vote was taken at the meetings for him to do so) misrepresenting the collective opinions of the committee to the commission…Malkoon in his statement “We were forced to take sides, but now, like I said, I feel a certain segment of society is being left out because it didn’t win … I want to restore that voice to people that feel that way.” …is pandering to the CIC most likely due to the lack of support he is seeing from the UOT … It is again this writer’s opinion that if there are even any CIC members left to court votes from …those votes will not be for Malkoon but against his opponent who has held steadfast with his stances,resume and experience…Any CIC voters who are considering such a move should look hard at Malkoon’s stance for he was for making El Mar 2 lanes…for a parking garage…for public bathrooms…and anything else on the “I’ll take one of each”redevelopment menu some were proposing at the MPSC meetings …Of note: Mark Brown has stated he will bring back public bathrooms if elected…MIA was that it was Brown who stated from the get- go to try a temporary structure in the El Prado area to see how it fares…

This writer has been asked why am I so hard on Malkoon…because I do not think he is qualified to be a commissioner in LBTS…I do not think he is “owed” a seat on the dais…He has proven to me he is ineffective …Once again in the “anything can happen” climate of LBTS politics…I could just foresee a low voter turnout for this election and a handful of voters believing that while most voters understand and agree Malkoon is absolutely not right for the job they will throw him and his mom a “bone” by casting a sympathy vote as to not cause him embarrassment of a lack of votes (as we have seen in a lack of contributions) only to have him win as a result!…

This writer has also been informed that a few of Malkoon’s most vocal supporters are supporting him because I support his opponent!…That is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard as a voter! …Can you imagine if all voters supported a candidate using this criteria rather than the candidates qualifications…God help us!…Snicker…snicker!…

Tonight is the UOT-PAC  meeting …It will be the first time in quite a while these candidates will be side- by- side and put in a position of showing the differences between them … Both should be called on what they represent as qualifications and what they can offer voters once on the dais …

“Lauderdale-by-the-Sea candidates support commission agenda
By Larry Barszewski, Sun Sentinel
5:19 p.m. EST, January 8, 2012
The election: On Jan. 31, town voters will choose a new Seat 3 commissioner. Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey is not seeking re-election.
The candidates: Mark Brown and Edmund Malkoon
The background: Warring factions were prevalent in town elections as recently as two years ago, but the feud has essentially disappeared in this year’s Lauderdale-by-the-Sea elections. Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd has been re-elected without opposition and the two candidates for Clottey’s seat share views similar to those of the commission majority.

Town affairs have quieted down considerably since a new commission majority took over in 2010. The commission quickly disposed of former Town Manager Esther Colon and brought in former Fort Lauderdale City Manager Connie Hoffman to take the reins of the town’s administration. Commission meetings have gone from combative to congenial.

The issues: The commission has pushed an aggressive agenda, which both Brown and Malkoon support. They want to continue revitalization plans for Commercial Boulevard and State Road A1A. They agree the town needs to update its aging sewer system and fix drainage problems. And they say the projects need to be accomplished without raising the town’s tax rate.
Each candidate sees himself as the one better able to maintain the town’s progress and to keep the commission from backsliding into past disputes.
Malkoon has worked in credit card, mortgage and real estate fields and says that business background will be a plus when overseeing the management of the town’s finances.
Malkoon stresses his ties to the town, where he has lived most of his life, and his participation in local activities. He says he has tried to build bridges with all sides in town, including those on the losing end of the last elections.
Unlike Brown, who ran editorials critical of past commissioners in the local ByTheSeaFuture paper, Malkoon said he promoted his favored candidates without criticizing the other side.
Brown says that because of his past experiences as a congressional aide and reporter, he knows what it takes for government to get things done and to accomplish the town’s goals. He says his editorials at ByTheSeaFuture, which he started because of his opposition to much of what was being done in town, helped shape decisions in town.
For Brown, ethics and the conduct of town officials continue to be top priorities.
A side issue that Brown says he will pursue if elected is public restrooms for the beach.
The positions:
Brown: “I think the town is headed in the right direction and it wasn’t for a long time … I thought the newspaper provided an outlet for people in town who were unhappy with the way commissioners were conducting themselves and the way the town was spending money.”
Malkoon: “We were forced to take sides, but now, like I said, I feel a certain segment of society is being left out because it didn’t win … I want to restore that voice to people that feel that way.”
[email protected] or 954-356-4556
Mark Brown
Age: 60
Family: Single
Education: Bachelor’s degree, George Washington University, 1973
Occupation: Retired; former editor, ByTheSeaFuture; former reporter, Griffin-Larrabee Washington news bureau
Political career: Former chief of staff, U.S. Rep. William Hughes, D-N.J., 1989-94, and U.S. Rep. Tim Roemer, D-Ind., 1995-2002; congressional aide to Hughes, 1977-89
Civic activities: Former president, North Beach Civic Association; board of directors, Corniche Condominium
Edmund Malkoon
Age: 36
Family: Single
Education: Graduated from Ely High School, 1993; undergraduate course work at Broward College and Florida Atlantic University
Occupation: Realtor
Political career: None
Civic activities: Current vice president and former president, Bel-Air Civic Association; co-chairman, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Master Plan Steering Committee; member, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Chamber of Commerce”,0,3241350,full.story


An update per a Reader’s question about Malkoon’s stated profession…

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING A LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER AND A “SALES ASSOCIATE”…which is what Malkoon is listed as …What it amounts to is that the candidate did not pursue the classwork in order to be a broker..that says a lot when considering his qualifications to be a sitting commissioner…in my opinion…

“The difference between salespersons and brokers

Before the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) was introduced in 1967, when brokers (and their agents) only represented sellers, the term “real estate salesperson” may have been more apt than it is today, given the various ways that brokers and agents now help buyers through the process rather than merely “selling” them a property. Legally, however, the term “salesperson” is still used in many states to describe a real estate agent.

Real estate education: To become licensed, most states require that an applicant take a minimum number of classes before taking the state licensing exam. Such education is often provided by real estate brokerages as a means to finding new agents.

In many states, the real estate agent (acting as an agent of a broker) must disclose to prospective buyers and sellers who represents whom. See below for a broker/agent’s relationship to sellers and their relationship to buyers.

While some people may refer to any licensed real estate agent as a real estate broker, a licensed real estate agent is a professional who has obtained either a real estate salesperson’s license or a real estate broker’s license.

In the United States, there are commonly two levels of real estate professionals licensed by the individual states, but not by the federal government:
[edit] Real estate salesperson (or, in some states, Real estate broker):[2]

When a person first becomes licensed to become a real estate agent, they obtain a real estate salesperson’s license (some states use the term, “broker”) from the state in which they will practice. To obtain a real estate license, the candidate must take specific coursework (of between 40 and 90 hours) and pass a state exam on real estate law and practice. To work, salespersons must be associated with (and act under the authority of) a real estate broker.

Many states also have reciprocal agreements with other states, allowing a licensed individual from a qualified state to take the second state’s exam without completing the course requirements, or, in some cases, take only a state law exam.”

‘Licensee Details
Licensee Information
Name: MALKOON, EDMUND FRED (Primary Name)
(DBA Name)
Main Address: 2073 SE 17TH CT

License Mailing:


License Information
License Type: Real Estate Broker or Sales
Rank: Sales Associate
License Number: SL627358
Status: Current,Active
Licensure Date: 07/10/1995
Expires: 03/31/2013

Special Qualifications Qualification Effective

View Related License Information
View License Complaint’

more to come…

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