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Broward Cutbacks and the BSO

In today’s Sun-Sentinel is an article about Broward cutbacks …to the tune of 94 million!

This time around though, it’s not only parks and county agencies being told to bite the bullet, BSO must also comply.

BSO Sheriff’s office comprises 1/2 of the county’s general operations budget, libraries 7 %, mass transit 5 %.

This should be interesting, looks like the county will be facing what LBTS is facing ….asking BSO to cut back!

I sure hope the county has better luck, after all, all we asked them for was to cut back on was 1 Sargent!

At the last commission meeting, our Town Manager stood her ground and let the public know that the new BSO Sheriff had gone back on his word to her, to remove this Sargent, (which we have been operating without for months) instead of honoring his word they informed us that BSO decided we will keep this unnecessary employee to the tune of around 120 thousand in salary.

At a recent condo meeting held for the outgoing commissioners and new Mayor Minnet, a resident asked the question, “Who’s running this show, the town or BSO?”

Now we will see, “Who’s running this county, the commission or the BSO?”


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