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I waited and I waited and finally on the front page of the Local section today…. Town Commission hopes rancor is over.

“The prettiest small town in America” has a not-so- pretty truth: Residents don’t get along.

A long re-hash of how we got where we are….a long re-hash of half truths and slanted reporting.

I take issue with how the sides were portrayed….neither one …..of the big-wigs from either side took the high road.

Those familiar with my site by now…. know or should know that entrenched….I am no longer… and have not been for quite some time.

What I still am though is a straight shooter and take issue with your article ….showing the Old Guard as “victims”…and reasonable…while showing the New Guard, as the Old Guard tried unsuccessfully to do, as these 2 years have progressed and throughout the fear mongering in this election that they lost.

Do each of the papers have their biased slant…yes… in a previous post I called for that to end….as my neighbors have chosen to forgo both and will continue to until they get more issue oriented.

Drudging (as in Matt Drudge) up the Easter Egg fiasco….which I was a party to, both witnessing the actual non-incident…because it never happened….to being first purposely cut from the Future’s front page picture….and then put back in during the election with a false caption…of observing the non- altercation between then Commissioner McIntee and Officer Aloi. The paper, if they are to be believed, looked at the BSO reports…and if they did, they would have seen my sworn statements…about both incidents….the first did not happen (yes…I repeat this for the umpteenth time) and the second …was quite the opposite…it was Commissioner McIntee assuring Office Aloi after Aloi found out from me that no incident took place with the BSO youth volunteers…..Aloi’s response was anger causing him to swear out loud about the kids for putting him in this situation!

The comments you quoted….embarassing to say the least.

If accurate, what a shame!

The previous Commissioner’s wife…and the Editor of the Future’s paper…showed the same old condescending behavior that garnered so many to put the Old Guard signs in their yards essentially walking the walk…talking the talk….for appearance sake only….yet they were so quick to let us who manned the polls on Jan.29th know that they were voting them out!

Vice Mayor McIntee….He did do what was required…he did take the body blows up there on the dais…he did fight when many had no voice…and he did so with the kind of bravado that caught both the status quo and his supporters off guard more often then not!

He was not alone however, he had a large growing group who fought alongside of him, advising, and feeling some of those blows themselves.

But now….he has a chance to be a statesman…as the others up there do (stateswomen are included this go round)…and my hope is that the quote used in this article was made during a moment of excitability or taken out of a longer more detailed comment If so a retraction should be demanded! He of all people should know from the parade of those who have left or lost their positions over the last 2 years…no one is untouchable.

I feel as many do…..the time has come to move on, show how we can get along…find the answers…honest answers to questions still required on how business was done… change the mistakes…listen to those voters…be accountable…and prepare for the future ….because 2 years from now…it is the New Guards race to lose!

P.S. Brittany….The correct seating for a Town Attorney in municipalities…at the end of the dais or with staff in front of the dais!

P.S.S. Brittany …why no mention of the reporter who was actually at the last commission meeting in your absence?



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