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Are We There Yet?

Confusion is still the name of the game with the final results from the election.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the mayoral race is 21 votes apart, with Minnet the winner. Brenda Snipes doen’t think the results are going to change, but can’t guarantee it.

Election office spokeswoman,said she initially thought all the votes would be certified yesterday. Mary Cooney (yes, daughter of Jack Cooney, South Beach Civic Org. founding member), but now it will occurr next Friday.

What is not clear…is it all the municipal races that are on hold or just the mayoral?

Will there be a swearing in ceremony on Mon. Feb.4, 2008 at 5 pm at Jarvis Hall as planned?

If it is just the mayoral race on hold, what role will outgoing Mayor Parker play?

It is already on the agenda, that Parker and his outgoing pals have planned their farewells. Adding on to his own never-ending, self serving grandstanding ways, Parker has planned a “presentation”, which is reported to be a declaration that March 2, 2008 will be a day to honor the priest from Assumption Church!

This will be one last divisive act from the outgoing mayor, due to the fact that many voting residents are still reeling over the underhanded way the church inserted itself in to town politics in the week of the election!

At least Parker is consistant with his tone-deaf behavior!

Speeches from the outgoing commissioners, are also on the agenda. I sure hope they are in better taste, and show some class compared to their embarrassing statements in this weeks Pompano Pelican. Sour grapes indeed, along with the same losing election scare tactics thrown out to the voters all the way out the door!

Neither one has had the decency to follow protocol and congratulate their winning opponents! Good Riddance!

Updates will come, after the Town Manager is contacted and the present commission confer on what must be done to move forward….patience all a new day is coming…..


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