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Are We A Stepping Stone?

The movers and shakers in the world of politics …Republican politics that is….. came to watch a rising star?

First Mayor Minnet was the featured speaker at the Broward Women’s Republican Club, Federated, at a 25 dollar per person luncheon (cash bar), with candidate for Mayor of Wilton Manors Sandy Steen.

The headline on the invitation…”One Down, One To Go”

Then despite the delay in dates they came and lined Jarvis Hall to watch her be sworn in….. A Republican woman mayor…..2 year term….what will be offered to her after this?

Will she be a liaison to the League of Cities… a conduit to Broward…..Tallahassee?

All eyes will be on her as we move through her term…..both within our town limits….and apparently beyond!


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