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Answering Back

Ok….here we go….

I would like to call the Editor of the Futures on his “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” accusations of what will happen in this town and what Commissioner McIntee has up his sleeve!

Let’s get real, this stuff is was what caused your side to lose… regrouping your paper did not seem to help with your clarity of what this town wants for the future.

McIntee is not alone up there, he has 4 other members, who have taken a pledge to their constituents…nothing big will change without the full input of those constituents!

I consider…VFD, EMS, police, building dept.,garbage, water, staff positions, and salaries BIG!

Therefore, I repeat nothing big will happen without the input of their constituents…..via town hall meetings….boards…..

Input and direction from town staff…with our undeniable first class Town Manager at the helm, gives me the added assurance we will see all of the above addressed in the right way!

I described the rest of your paper as benign in my last post…..maybe benign is the way to go for now….and put the “sky is falling” journalism (really quite a loose term when applying it to this article), to bed. Please, give it a rest!
By the by…Future Editor…whose body parts do you keep photographing in your editorials…anyway? Many want to know!


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