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After The Storm Sewer Assessment Removal….

When inquiring about the flood problems on ElMar Drive…I received two startling responses….

ElMar Drive flooding is due to storm drains that were cemented over in the 1970’s!

I thought it was a temporary problem up at the northern end due to Minto construction….. wrong!

Further information….

Without the illegal storm sewer assessment being collected, we are no longer receiving the same maintenance services. (Not sure if this means less service or no service.)

If this is accurate, it does not make any sense…

why wouldn’t it have been reallocated to the General Fund thus guaranteeing the same service?

This must be how other municipalities handle their storm sewer maintenance.

Final Note….

I am not in any way accusing the Town Staff of anything when I ask questions….

I have a great deal of admiration for the Town Manager, but all government employees know it is part of their job to expect questions.

“Watchdog” groups remain no matter what the election results are.


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