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January 30,2008

I am a resident of Lauderdale By The Sea who has become involved over the last few years with trying to retain the integrity and beauty of this unique sea side village I chose to call home.

With this in mind I became a member of the Citizen’s Initiative Committee due to my admiration from the sidelines of observing a lone maverick over many years who came to the podium at commission meetings, and appeared at my front door with various initiatives to preserve LBTS.

His name was John Thompson, and he represented the type of person that embodied all those qualities I admired in those who stood up for the greater good.

Once my children were grown, and having time to invest in a cause, I dove in with both feet.

Timing was such that an election had just taken place and 2 new commissioners had been elected, also of the ilk that saw what this town was and the need to maintain it, while we move forward into its future.

Along side these fine gentlemen, CIC members and supporters, we took petitions to the people, gathered signatures and put on the ballot, height limits, and term limits. We won, and so did all the townspeople of LBTS , securing our distinct low rise vista, nestled between our neighbors to the north and to the south. Term limits, was an astounding 74% that unfortunately saw an unprecedented rewriting from those who were affected by its very existence.

As a CIC member, now Vice-Chair, I have had the privilege and the honor to step up to the podium at town meetings, serve on a town board, write in the By The Sea Times, write on the lbtscic website, and co-campaign manage two of our finest members to victory on January 29,2008.

(Update: As of April 27,2008…I have chosen to no longer be on the CIC Board of Directors, but will remain a member of this fine civic organization.)

(Update: As of May 28,2008…I have resigned as member #72 from the CIC.)

So, it seemed fitting that my next move would be to have my own site, to continue on with writing, giving my opinion, informing friends, neighbors and anyone else interested in what I find in newspapers and online.

Some of what will appear will come from those friends and neighbors, with scoops, ideas, sightings and happenings.

I hope all who decide to peruse my site will find it worthwhile to return to often, and honor me with the privilege of adding on your computer bookmarks!

UPDATE: October 3,2008…for the rest of the story…check out the “How The Sausage Was Made” Category….