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A Second Look

As promised late last night, I have just watched the re-play of the swearing in ceremony.

I paid particular attention to the New Mayor’s acceptance speech.

Let me say right now, upon review, I heard what she actually said, and liked much of it which I will summarize here….

Mayor Minnet thanked the Town Chaplain, Senator Atwater, her supporters, voters and her son.

She said she ran on unity, respect, and civility, with promises of bringing them to the dais. She said she and the commission would set aside differences, overcome barriers and compromise for the good of the town. She vowed as mayor to be inclusive and energetic, to draw on the energy of all citizens and staff. Promised to protect the town when it comes to public safety without sacrificing service. She will put forth new ways to deal with our infrastructure, keep height limits intact and form new partnerships, She ended with stating this was a big job, to be done together and promised she won’t let us down.

I will hold her to this speech and all that she chose to present….just as I will hold Commissioners Clottey and Dodd seated beside her, to theirs.

I wish her much luck, for she will be held up to scrutiny from both sides, those who supported her and those who are leery of her as she proceeds. It will not be easy.

Time will tell if these words she chose will produce the meaning she intended.

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