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A Response To The Times!


In today’s Miami Herald Broward and State section an open letter to the readers from Anders Gyllenhall …the Editor
He starts off defending the blogs for their merits after an event such as the FPL power outage or a tragedy such as the Washington Redskins murdered player as an outlet for readers….he goes on to say that some posts do indeed cross the line…how they have grappled with how this new tool would be used from the get go ….. it being both powerful and misused.

Now a remedy….

Starting this week, readers wishing to post comments need to be registered with ..a simple step that becomes invisible on subsequent visits. Anyone not registered can not participate. Reader’s sign-ons are automatically attached to their comments!

Thank You Miami Herald!

Now the Sun-Sentinel needs to follow suit……. all active Topix sites must do the same!

Kudos… the Editor of the Times…they must have paid heed to your inquiries and your paper!


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