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A Resident’s Input On VFD

A resident of LBTS would like their input published concerning the VFD…this will be discussed on March 11,2008 at Jarvis Hall in a workshop starting at 4pm.

The reader’s opinion:

One possibility is for the VFD to be the primary Fire Suppression for LBTS south of Pine Ave. Then an RFP to provide a ladder truck 24/7 at station 36. BSO provides an engine at the present time.

Manpower- the current contract with BSO is for a 3 man crew which means they are unable to enter a building until backup arrives. With the VFD in place that is not an issue since they provide manpower. Perhaps the RFP should be for 4 fire fighters until VFD is fully up to speed.

I believe that the VFD contract needs to be with the town. The mistake made by the Old Guard was making the VFD subordinate to BSO.

I also believe that the town should have either a Director of Public Safety or a Fire Chief that supervised both departments.

I see no reason for a fire engine with 2 fire fighters and a Lt. to be supervised by an outside Fire Chief.

The model I would like to see LBTS move toward would be a VFD and a small cadre of full-time paid fireman- 2 paid drivers for each shift, a captain for each shift, and a Fire Chief. The highest rank in the VFD would be Lt.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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