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A Little Housecleaning

Just a little housecleaning before the daily posts….

Thanks for all the hits. (logging on)… has been truly overwhelming…beyond all expectations!

Thanks for all the suggestions, opinions and advice….

all has been accepted and written down…to use as I move forward…and grow.

2 weeks today….so bear with me as I follow this path and excuse the bumps along the way.

Right now some of what you see may seem a bit of a hodgepodge, a little of this and a little of that…

interpsersed items of interest to choose from, depending on your interests, involvement or where you reside.

Later on I will take the next step as skillful computer aficionados have walked me through and divide these areas up with separate “tags” sections and pages…(won,t my webmaster be happy!)

So please keep up your reading of my site everyday…throughout the day….just push the arrow down if a topic does not appeal to you…just like the old fashion way of turning the page in your daily newspaper….

Housekeeping over…for now….Thanks to all again!


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