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4Th of July in LBTS

Plans are underway for the festivities onĀ  4th of July in our town….

Newly elected Commissioners Clottey and Dodd volunteered to be in charge this year….

They are in the process of looking over what was done over the past few years….taking what was great, tweaking what needs tweaking…and returning what was sorely missed.

Residents who volunteered their services in the past have graciously stepped forward to lead the way once again in the areas that are their distinct fortes!

Groups of volunteers will be needed to join in the preparations….and the Commissioners will be instrumental in bringing together all those who want to assist.

This year the hope is that the unity desired by so many residents will be apparent with those choosing to get involved and those who will be spending theirĀ  day…. which will be jam packed with events….. Friday July 4, 2008 in Lauderdale By The Sea!

Stayed tuned for periodic updates…here/Town Topics/channel 78 on Comcast/online at commission meetings /local papers and fliers!


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