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2/19/08 Agenda

The agenda for 2/19/08 is now

Special Organizational Meeting to be held at 5 pm.

Discussion Items

A- Discussion and or action on town commission protocols and procedures for conducting town business….Sunshine Laws,Robert’s Rules…(conflicts , ethics?)

B- Appointment of the Vice Mayor…..should be Silverstone or McIntee

C- Appointment of Mayor Pro-Tem…..let this one die for lack of a second….please!

Regualr Commission Meeting 7 pm.

Just the highlights…. I am interested in …..for full agenda go to the site above and click on….. meetings/agendas


5-A, Wings dedication report for approval of deeded parking lot… posted in an earlier post, why is Wings giving up this lot…still… after an alleged deal made for 2 restaurants fell through? 4-500 thousand dollars of real estate for 10 parking permits….anywhere in town?

B, Oriana permit progress ….what progress?…..need our sidewalks and lights back…please!

Consent Agenda…

C, Award construction contract to Tenex for entryways project….pelicans…still with the god-awful pelicans….vote no!

Old Business…

A,Palm Club Sewers…this should bring out the crowds pro and con!

B, Discussion and /or action for a special assessment for Palm Club or/in the alternative deed the road to the town……or we could help direct them to secure a bond or a loan as a co-op.

C, Discussion and/or action status of the Town Planner….no brainier …continue on with the Town Manager’s earlier plan for bids resulting in the correct person for the correct job for the correct price…no more change order monies being commonplace.

D, RFP’s fire protection/EMS….let’s see what comes in now.

New Business…..

14- B, Appointment Town Representative to Hillsboro Inlet Commission…..sorry Oliver, should be an active member of the commission.

C, Town sponsored events… day in LBTS, new volunteers…no paid planners, utilize the talent that resides within our community.

D, Appointment of Marc Furth as the official town photographer….great title for a job that he essentially has been doing for too long without the proper recognition….good move!

E, Discussion and/ or action VFD

1, BSO allow VFD in firehouse…already in, hear they needed quite a clean up crew and replacing the carpet was a must….welcome home!

2, BSO to return VFD equipment for training/drills…it’s theirs..they need it and a budget for them to get started.

F, Discussion and/or action regarding Broward Urban Independent Fire District…..need to research this one….no clue right now, will address later.

Remember…. Commission meetings will be shown online at LBTS site shown above and on channel 78, (Comcast )Tues. at 5 pm on and replayed Wed. at noon.

Online access to video replay will be available also.


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