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Here’s The Scoop …. Well Played ….Time To Move On …. To Other Things…. Barbara Cole Writes….

March 30, 2016 by Barbara

The 2016 LBTS Final Election Results – Broward Supervisor Of Elections

Dear Readers …. Last night the new 2016 Lauderdale- By- The- Sea Commission was sworn in after a celebratory 6:30 pm farewell to outgoing two- term Commissioner Stuart Dodd and retiring Town Manager Connie Hoffman … I believe the election results were read from the dais and congratulations were made ….This writer chose to take a pass on watching the proceedings …. I did look at the official election results sent by the Town Clerk prior to the meeting and saw some disturbing issues that will be swept under the rug as so much was during this incredibly strange 2016 LBTS municipal election….The Broward County SOE left in 16 votes for “Candidate Withdrawn” aka Candidate Dan Darnell who dropped out asap after the final day of declaring to run for the commission and the resulting mess that ensued when his name was included on the absentee ballots …( see prev. posts)…..The Broward County SOE had stated no ballots with Darnell’s name would be counted and that first batch of absentee ballots received would either be put aside or destroyed …depending on which week the answer was given by the Broward County SOE ….Besides the 16 “Candidate Withdrawn” shown on the final election results there is a “Total Votes” number discrepancy between the mayoral race and the one commission race for Commissioner Dodd’s seat representing the south end of town……The mayoral race shows a ‘Total Votes’ of 2063 votes and the commission race shows a ‘Total Votes’ of 1998 with the inclusion of 16 “Candidate Withdrawn” -Darnell votes…That’s a short of 65 votes in this race …add back in the 16 “Candidate Withdrawn”-Darnell votes that were not to be counted or shown in the results and the total difference between these two races is 81 votes that are unaccounted for! ….Can it really be that 81 voters either voted for “Candidate Withdrawn”-Darnell and the Broward County SOE chose to show only 16 of them in the final official results …. tossing aside the 65 other votes….or…. did 65 voters really decide not to vote in the commission race at all?…. Neither makes any sense and in any other year that I’ve been involved over the last 10 years …..this would have been a “Red Hot Issue” ….one that would beg for immediate answers from the Broward County SOE before the swearing in to assure this was a clean election result for the commission seat in the south….. with real verified numbers to assure those results….in my opinion….But alas….this is not any of those past years….and we will never know what happened  and why….

That being the case…the sad case…. and for all the reasons written in the last 2 previous posts on this election ….this writer…. like my friend Stu Dodd … is term limiting out…. self- term limiting out …. The voters/residents became happily complacent in the last 6 years and in the 2012 /2014 municipal elections with uncontested races for incumbents and small turnout for single commission races …. and in my opinion…… the “Old Guard” mainly left in the north end of town ….so many thought were long gone….bided their time and waited for that complacency and for all the major opposing players to be gone or termed out to pick up where they left off in 2007…. Well played!…… Time will tell just how far this “Old Guard” agendas ( sewers in Palm Club etc…prev. posts) will be back on track and come to fruition with the newly seated commission now so beholden to them….. ( look at the backers of the newly elected and where they reside contained  in the candidate treasury reports)….and time will also tell if the demographics of the town…especially in the south end of town will come forward to decry those old tactics once again or will simply accept it all ….lock, stock and barrel … was the case for many years in the past….until it became to blatant to sit back and do nothing…

And no…. Dear Readers ….there will NOT be an outgoing “How The Sausage Was Made…2010- 2016″….as many have requested or asked about ….

For this writer……. I am going to go back to blogging on other topics as I did in the beginning of BCbythesea in 2008 ….Those old non -LBTS posts are still making their way around the world- wide web sphere producing comments years later from far and wide… bringing forth much pleasure of how vast this world really is ….and how much world there is outside of LBTS politics and those political “bubbles” that remain the same….

Under BCWrites….. more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …. It’s A Sad Day In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea …. The Dais’ Table is Full ….Sewers On Private Property…An Apartment Building Round 2….A Parking Garage And so Much More….

March 15, 2016 by Barbara

LBTS Candidate Yann Brandt and family – 2016

Dear Readers…. I guess Sea Ranch Club was not as strong as it was in 2008 and will unfortunately bear the brunt of that loss as tonight candidate for commission Yann Brandt lost his race against his opponent Buz Oldaker who was heavily promoted and lobbied by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors Association… an association he belongs to as a licensed realtor …This was a huge omission in his biography he purposely enacted to keep voters in the dark…in this writer’s opinion… He was the weaker candidate by far as he went head to head with Yann showing his utter lack of knowledge about the town with no homework done during the campaign to bone up on the issues he was sorely lacking insight in to…. Yann was endorsed by the Sentinel who saw those differences and recommended by the Pelican where the editorial staff was split … He tried mightily once he saw the writing on the wall at the League of Women Voter’s Candidate Forum and the underbelly of what forces were behind his opponent to let the voters know and to convey the differences and assure voters that he would not go down the road it seems we are definitely going down after March 29th… with no brakes in sight ….We will now see votes that will go down…4-1  ( Mayor Sasser who won heartily tonight might still be the 1 opposed on the apartment building purchase)……but….more often than not…. votes will be 5-0 …..It’s a return to those days this writer saw a decade ago… the Old Guard votes are back….It’s a sad day in Lauderdale-By-The -Sea….

Shortly after Yann Brandt decided to run for Stuart Dodd’s seat Mayor Scot Sasser made the upsetting and surprising decision not to run as a slate in this election or to openly endorse his former co-campaign manager (2010) making it much more difficult for Yann as this truncated election began….This about- face was made after Scot initially agreed it made sense do both and then for reasons this writer found contrary to the Scot Sasser I knew chose not to …..  Then the Supervisor of Elections messed up the ballots including Dan Darnell’s name after he had withdrawn within the allotted time to do so….and it was Yann who made the first calls…to the SOE, the Town and the Town Clerk to get it all straightened out…. when it seemed no change was forthcoming….I made the decision to inform Sea Ranch Club resident and board member Dan Darnell his name was on the ballot as he was in the dark about the snafu … but as he thanked me for doing so and knowing I supported Yann …I was informed by fellow condo owners that he sent an email to support Yann’s opponent Buz ….which was his right…but he did it admitting in his email he knew nothing about either candidate that early in the race… A disservice to those early voters ….in my opinion….especially since the issue of the Palm Club sewers  settlement and where each candidate stood was not known at that time….a bone of contention in the Sea Ranch Condominiums who have long said ( 1st in 2007) a settlement to Palm Club for sewers on private property means SRC will ask for our lift ( for sewer) on private property to be paid for as well by the taxpayers….( I expect other condos to do the same!)….  He also later was shown endorsing Buz Oldaker in his mailer/ads…. The only remaining political action committee in town the aging CIC organized a last minute meeting with the candidates to ask them questions and then have their small group of members vote to endorse one…Their Chair Ken Evans called to ask Yann to ask him to participate even though Ken Evans the Broward Democratic State Committeeman had already openly endorsed Buz Oldaker as the Chair of the CIC online and was making phone calls for him….Yann asked Ken for a fair shake and went to the CIC to get one….The CIC did not comply….they ultimately endorsed Buz even though his stances on the issues ran counter to their core principles … They said as much in their endorsement last weekend … causing many former CIC members to comment on the strange content of that endorsement ….. Then you had an onslaught of attack emails to fellow realtors and businesses from that Realtors Association….asking for funds for their guy Buz and for their own association….. Vacation rentals will increase in town big time with continuing lack of enforcement and increasing numbers in neighborhoods with large imbalances as a result ….They are shown giving him $900 in total in Buz’s Candidate Treasury Report turned in to the Town Clerk on March 11th with one more treasury report to come in June which may exceed that amount….That’s influence paid for …just like the downtown businesses who have donated monies ….and are sure to come before him  and others on the dais who accepted those funds….in my opinion….  Phony charges were trumped up at the 11th hour by the obnoxious Bob Fleishman… the former chair of the defunct north end of town PAC Unite Our Town at that CIC meeting with the help of one of his former nemesis concerning the VFD …. Yann was a member who proudly served and was the last one out when they were locked out by some of the very supporters of Buz who were and are involved with that issue as they were and are with the Palm Club sewers….being paid for by taxpayers as a “settlement” which will be sold to us a a “public safety issue” ….just as it was in the past….. The false charge made was that Yann was dismissed from the VFD in 2008….He received a form letter along with many others once the VFD was no longer the Town’s provider and they operating from a storefront on Commercial Blvd. doing training in the hopes of returning to replace the BSO…… Talk about negative campaigning…. Then there was the outlandish Buz Oldaker ads and mailer stating his opponent Yann Brandt had gone”negative” and was attacking him stating in his (Yann’s) ads/mailer he did not say what he is on the video saying …Saying he (Buz) did not say what he said at each meeting …until he took cover  and had a meltdown at the CIC meeting ….Yann Brandt was not negative he was forthright in trying to do what opponents are supposed to do…inform the voters of the facts and the where the candidates stand on the issues as candidates and when they govern……I thought those differences were heard loud and clear when that Buz  Oldaker mailer came last weekend due to where so many of those mailers ended up in Sea Ranch Club….. in the mailroom trash!….

This election continued from start to finish to be an uphill battle with so much to lose …and with a loss of 157 votes …. and the biggest coming from the 120 votes from the north …Buz Oldaker won with 54%…. certainly not a mandate…but definitely much larger and much more impactful than we’ve seen since 2006 showing …in this writer’s opinion….there is still a big divide in our town…. and districts must be kept in place… In fact…we may need to further address the way we vote by in the future by having the south end of LBTS vote for their 2 commissioners and the north end of LBTS for their  2 commissioners retaining a town-wide vote for the mayor if we see a backslide of governing in the next 2-4 years…..We are not one town when it comes to what we pay for and how we pay for it….or who we vote for and why…..The south better wake up just like they did in 2006….and keep a sharp eye on what is on the town commission agendas…what is voted on and how it’s enacted….with or without the peoples input ….and if the commission truly represents ALL of the people in LBTS….It’s a sad day in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea….

More to come…..

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Here’s The Scoop ….. 2016 BCBYTHESEA Picks For LBTS Commission…. Re-Elect Scot Sasser and Elect Yann Brandt…..FINAL UPDATE……

March 11, 2016 by Barbara

Dear Readers… This year once again I have been asked by many who I support for the Lauderdale- By-The- Sea Commission in our election that takes place next Tuesday March 15th….So… as has been my practice for the last 10 years I put those candidates signs on the windshield of my car …. This year I support the re-election of Scot Sasser for a second term as Mayor and Yann Brandt for Seat 4 District 2 to replace Stuart Dodd who is term limited out….

I encourage all readers to take the time to look online at the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum which was held in Jarvis Hall on Feb. 25th and is replayed on the Town’s channel 78 on the weekends through March 13 th as well as being able to pull up on the Town’s website at which has the information on the front cover page to access…The commissioner portion of the debate begins at 56 minutes if you do not want to watch the whole event…..which included the sad “implosion” of the Mayor’s opponent James Pady who was clearly in over his head in this long time required forum to showcase for voters the candidates and what they can and cannot offer the voters if elected….

There are definitely big differences between Yann Brandt and his opponent Buz Oldaker with the depth and detail of knowledge concerning the most important issues…. There is a large glaring difference in the institutional memory between Yann Brandt and lack of such with Buz Oldaker on the history of the town, the knowledge of the Charter and the will of the people….. Initially, I as a voter thought there might not be due to the fact that they each served on the Planning and Zoning Board for some time ( Yann went on to serve on the Charter Review Board as well as currently serving on the Audit Committee) and felt that either would be a welcome addition to take Stu Dodd’s seat…..  My first inkling that might not be the case was a look back at Planning & Zoning meetings which showed a stark contrast in Yann’s insights, proposed input and changes which were voted on and passed vs Buz who did not add much substance although he was the Chair….  I definitely changed my mind early in this race when I was asked about statements made by Buz in print for an interview that he worked on many campaigns and provided advice to the commissioners. I was taken aback because I thought they had confused him with his opponent!… Yann Brandt was the one who did that!…. Buz Oldaker was not involved in any aspect except perhaps a sign in his yard…. These inconsistencies continued on when he is said to have responded that he wanted to run in 2008 and 2010 but was “bumped” for Stu Dodd and Chris Vincent. That is a major untruth that I would have been privy to at that time as I was co- campaign manager for both those elections… In 2010 with Yann for Minnet/Sasser/Vincent….. My antenna consistently went up over these last weeks as I watched the LOWVoters Candidate Forum and saw that Yann Brandt brought forth in methodical, clear responses with his stances on the issue of sewers on private property-….Yann is against it/ Buz stated they pay property taxes… indicating a yes…. and…. Buz has his sign at the front of the Palm Club gates!….Definitely a yes vote for sewers on private property….in this voter’s opinion!…. Mayor Sasser does as well but unfortunately he is bound by shade session rules and cannot divulge if he is before or against …although we will know once litigation/shade are over…. UPDATE…3/14/16-Just heard from an avid reader…a few hours after this writer posted Buz sign at Palm Club gates it was removed!….Sasser sign is still there….Hmmmmm…..just more of the bait and switch we have seen since day 1 with the Oldaker campaign!…..Yes.. Indeed …the Palm Club sewers is back in play yet again using the “public safety” issue ploy in order to provide taxpayer funds on what is a “horizontal” condominium …. Google Palm Club sewers Lauderdale-By-The-Sea to see it’s a replay of a failed use of taxpayer monies in 2007. …. Redeveloping Town Hall- Public Safety building complex-…Yann wants taxpayers having a say in the funding…. Yann stated how Lighthouse Point had a separate millage for a major expenditure such as this and wanted it on the ballot, not a referendum but a ballot question/ Buz said we need a consultant and put forth that a vote was not needed as well as no need for separate millage … (his response to many questions involving longterm planning was a disturbingly laid back attitude that nothing is “finite” and we can budget for it/move monies around to address on an annual basis) ….Buz  spoke of a recent planning of the future of the town meeting that pulled in approximately 60 people into Jarvis Hall that he felt showed that was enough to steer this multi-million dollar expenditure…….. I was at that meeting and while I was happy to see a large contingency were new to town, I was also saddened to see they chose heights in town as number one concern due to not being aware of our charter.  ….The purchase of the $3 million dollar apartment building is waiting in the wings ….in my opinion….for that 4th vote to purchase it…. Yann stated he was against the purchase as were Mayor Sasser and outgoing Comm. Dodd and explained alternatives and traffic congestion were a more immediate problem with peak limited times of parking problems…. he cited our last parking study…. Buz turned his nose up to that consultant which countered his call for a consultant for the Town Hall Complex issue, and spoke of a parking problem and that some parking garages could be “pretty” pointing out the Minto buildings across from Jarvis Hall. ….. He stated”….I’m not going to take anything off the table” ….On the Marina- Basin Drive  area Yann stated we need to put the residents first, no overnight stays on the boats and brought forth a concern of the town selling the underwater rights to the marina owner citing alternatives to doing so….Buz brought forth he didn’t know how this could be done but he would like the town to turn that area into a park for people to gather and enjoy….. The inference was clear he wanted the town to purchase the property….. If I was a neighbor who opposed overnight boat use I would not want an area open to people at all hours that looks into my back yard. ….Beyond this meeting I watched as each came forth at public comments to speak and again saw a clear difference of what they chose to speak on and the substance  or lack of substance contained in those 3 minutes….. I read the interviews in the Sun Sentinel and the Pompano Pelican as well as the endorsements…. True to form the interviews showed Yann Brandt to have a full grasp on the issues and Buz sorely lacking in all areas….The Sun Sentinel concurred in their endorsement of Yann and the Pelican was split in their decision offering up no endorsement of either… just recommending BOTH …( although Buz used their recommendation in his mailer not addressing it was for BOTH!)…Yann is endorsed by Rep. Chip La Marca / Commissioner Stuart Dodd/ Commissioner Elliot Skolow/ Former Florida House of RepresentativesMajority Leader Adam Hasner…..(Commissioner Brown and Mayor Sasser chose to not endorse either candidate)…. Buz is endorsed by Dan Darnell from Sea Ranch Club in an email he sent to some residents stating he did not really know either Yann or Buz/ Former Broward Mayor Ken Keechl/ Ken Evans CIC Chair/Democratic Broward State Committeeman / Dean Trantealis Ft. Lauderdale Commissioner/ Vice Mayor Chris Vincent and the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors Assoc…. (a really large sized portion of his mailer!)….On this last endorsement ….I am really deeply disturbed due to the fact that Buz …in my opinion …purposely omitted he is a member of this organization as he is a realtor!… Why not include that in your bio?…. No sitting commissioner on our LBTS dais over the last 10 years  has ever taken a meeting to obtain the association’s endorsement or funding for their campaign and have all stated they took a pass to avoid any problems arising on issues coming before them in the future… ( Mayor Sasser and unopposed Commissioner Mark Brown joined Yann in not participating this year)….. These issues are impacting issues such as vacation homes and sober homes which have impacted many neighborhoods and the balance of homeowners vs. transient influx of vacationers and those seeking help for substance abuse….The Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors assoc. sent out successive emails this week claiming Yann Brandt’s stance was an attack on them and asked for funding to Buz Oldaker- a fellow realtor and to their assoc. to combat Yann and the issue of such homes…. In this writer’s opinion that is only done when you want to know you have influence just as we have seen in the general election again this year!…. I attended the Chamber of Commerce Meet the Candidates Breakfast meeting on Wednesday March 10th and again saw Yann Brandt answer in detail his major role in the successful installation of the parking exemption program which aided in turnaround of the downtown as well as his acumen with hotels from growing up and working in his family’s hotel on El Mar Drive and his out of the box ideas for working with the Chamber, businesses, hotels and the residents… Buz Oldaker could not directly respond to any questions… offering up instead reflections of his personal experiences….In fact he brought forth when asked about the Chamber-Town relationship the Town could put an item on the agenda and have the Chamber come to speak…Yann responded correctly he enjoyed when the Chamber came each month to do just that!… On heights he chose to talk about a large development happening …in Pompano Beach!…. Then in what could only have been a gotcha – setup… A resident stood to try and accuse Yann of missing meetings while serving on Planing and Zoning and resigning… as if he was not forthcoming ….. Yann responded with his resume of serving on the VFD / P & Z /Charter ReviewBoard/ P & Z again and then the Audit Committee… (2005- 2016)….He correctly spoke about the boards all being voluntary and that he always informed staff and alternates are available to sit in for absences… He also correctly spoke of Buz Oldaker’s many missed  meetings which he chaired in his place…….Buz chose to call Yann on his saying that he (Buz) had also missed P & Z meetings saying Yann should have been thrown off…I spoke as an audience member deeply concerned that we have a hard time finding volunteers for boards and if they are subjected to false inuendo why would they want to serve….I was present when Yann resigned due to career conflicts ( no longer a conflict) and spoke at the podium as his resignation was put in to the record…he was then appointed to the Audit Committee which was a board that offered him a way to continue on serving to date.. I am told at the CIC meeting that night for its declining number of members once again some Buz supporters …Bob Fleishman former chair of the Unite Our Town  …(talk about strange bedfellows)…was touting the Bytheseatimes newspaper and the Maureen McIntee’s  “Truth Detector” column as he falsely accused Yann Brandt of a dismissal from the VFD which was a defunct department at the time of this false accusation…Two other non- members tried to smear Yann Brandt on his resume…same as at the Chamber Breakfast meeting which is easily verifiable and complete unlike Buz’s which leaves out his realtor business in Fort Lauderdale / manager of veterinary office(s)/ Royal Caribbean guest services…which show up in Google ….Yann,  according to those who were there and spoke to me …did not rise to their bait …due to the fact that his resume/ bio/ institutional memory are beyond reproach and he does not change his stance depending on the audience he is speaking to unlike…. I am told…. his opponent did at that meeting having what was described as a meltdown that upset members who had come to listen to the candidates to make an informed decision……..The CIC chose to endorse Buz Oldaker absolutely throwing out their own long held principles to join with their current CIC chair Ken Evans Democratic Broward State Committeeman who had pre-endorsed him prior to the CIC meeting and the members voting!….In a newsflash the CIC sent out they stated they did NOT support the sewers or the parking garage which their newly endorsed candidate Buz Oldaker “seemed to favor”!… Their false claim that Yann Brandt had negative ads/mailers stated the same findings the CIC found !…  They falsely used former UOT chair Bob Fleishman’s assertion on Yann’s dismissal from the VFD without checking the facts which is grounds for libel!…….In this weeks’s Pompano Pelican Yann Brandt has put his ad in addressing the differences with the link to the LOWVoters Forum for voters to see for themselves what each verbally stated…Buz Oldaker chose to run 2 ads that in my opinion hopes voters will not watch that forum for he skirts what he said there and elsewhere… it’s the classic moving the goal post strategy he is playing in the last days of and finger in the wind kind of politicking that should raise a red flag to voters…. as it did for me!….I have also been told the Realtor’s Assoc. is making calls possibly robo- calls on Buz’s behalf…that shows the influence they want to have over him ( and us) the next 4 years…in my opinion…and the major lack of understanding LBTS elections and voters who have a total disdain for such interference and calls!….

I have received all the Candidate Treasury reports that show that Buz received $900 thus far from various “arms” of the Realtors Assoc…. and with a final report due after the election there may be much more to show up after the emails sent out for funding this week from the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors Assoc…. A mailer came out as well which will either be a last ditch effort to counter what is on the LOWV video with assertions made to skew his own words as we saw in the Pelican today…. It was a poorly written ( no proof-reader hired by Buz’s professional consultant?)…. He falsely again asserts  he did not make statements that are now a public record on the LOWVoter’s Candidate Forum and again falsely characterizes Yann Brandt by printing Yann offered no solutions!… It was Buz who did that!…

Buz’s claims and rants along with his supporters who are set to benefit if he succeeds in getting up on the dais that is opponent Yann Brandt went “negative” is a non-starter in this writer’s opinion…Showing the differences on issues and getting that information out to voters BEFORE they vote is a candidate’s duty and definitely “puts the people above politics”……so that they are warned that a vote for that opponent means they will represent the voter one way or another!….

My conclusion is Yann Brandt offers voters a commissioner that will do his homework, come up with ideas, solutions and implementations that keep us out of debt while securing our character and quality of life mindful of its history and its future…. beholden to no one but those voters/residents he represents …. His opponent Buz Oldaker is quite the opposite and as they say “buyer beware”…. which in this case means…taxpayers buying sewers for private property under the guise of “public safety” in commission shade sessions …an apartment building being bought with that coveted 4th vote now in place….throwing out young residential renters and being torn down for a mere 30 spaces and possibly parking garage for the businesses who donated to his campaign …. more vacation rental homes with the possibility of less restrictions than are currently on the books throwing off the balance of transient vs anchored neighborhoods…..  all done with no town-wide participation offered ahead of important votes that will impact us all….for two years at the very least!… Those of us who have been around a long time know very well what changes can be made in 2 years…and how they can impact longterm…. Do we really want to repeat all that?…. If not….vote Yann Brandt!……

Mayor Scot Sasser  still has an opponent despite James Pady’s LOWVoters decision to leave the meeting and state he would vote for his opponent Scot Sasser saying he was a good man…. There has been no official withdrawal and Mr Pady despite removing his signs around his condominium appeared at the Chamber’s Meet the Candidate breakfast yesterday shortly before it was over sitting in the back  answering no questions and handed out some copies of his concern over his single issue drive to run in the first place…. James Pady is a superintendent at the Winter Colony Condominium who has been upset ( see LOWV video/interviews Sentinel/ Pelican) over the beach raker and its impact on the environment…He has repeatedly sent what could be characterized as manifestos to the town concerning this issue and felt he was being disregarded and  dismissed….Anyone is allowed to run for office as long as they are a registered voter and have lived in town for longer than 6 months…James Pady registered on Jan 7, 2016 in order to run for mayor…He never attended meetings and was woefully unprepared to answer questions put forth on specific issues at that Feb 25th forum leading to his decision to end his participation and he said his candidacy …. It appears days before the actual election day on the 15th he is not so sure …due …it is said…to not having the Mayor’s immediate and constant attention to his issues dealt with asap… … The Mayor has gone out of his way to aid James Pady throughout this weird campaign from personally going to inform him of the infraction on his signs, to assisting him off and on the dais in preparation for the LOWV forum and providing him some cover of sorts in applauding his attempt to get up and speak publicly after Mr. Pady spoke of how overwhelming this was for him….Scot Sasser has put forth steps to get the parties …beach raker….Broward County… Town  staff…to come and address all Mr. Pady’s concerns…mindful that he still had to run a full out campaign and all the time and costs that go with it to once again show the voters he values their vote and is working to secure it for a second term… Scot was endorsed by the Sun Sentinel/ Pompano Pelican/ CIC ( who had issues with him as well!)….

I recommend that you go to each of these candidates websites and Twitter and Yann Brandt Facebook ( you do not need to be a Twitter/Facebook member to access either)… These candidates have stated their positions and accomplishments… for all to make their own informed decision of who gets that “bubble” filled in….

Once again …. every vote matters for what direction we go in ….in the future of this town…. and the impact it will have for us all!….

More to come…..

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