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Here’s The Scoop … One Less Candidate For The 2012 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Commission Race … Geesey Sends Email Dropping Out …

November 30, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers … the phone started ringing and the texts started arriving a short time ago this afternoon that Cindy Geesey LBTS Candidate for seat 4 challenging Vice- Mayor Stuart Dodd in the upcoming municipal election has sent an email to her “supporters” that was true to form for Geesey… (classic Geesey some would say) … It explained her reasons for dropping out of the race while making sure to include a myriad of her well-known disses aimed at those who oppose her and her pals in any way shape or form! …… This writer is joined in those “slaps” by Candidate Mark Brown and the ByTheSeaFuture paper ….. It was full of pats on her own back for all she says she has done for this town over the years and what she says she wanted to do if elected as Commission …. as the uniter of both ends of town …..(Hmmm isn’t that her chosen candidate Malkoon’s campaign edict? ) … She ended it with her “record of service” list…

Her pal former UOT president Bob Fleishman was the “Town Crier” in getting the word out asap….. a close supporter it appears he must be from the flurry of calls made to many…but we also hear as usual he played both sides of the street politically…

She cautioned her opponent Dodd in her long email after offering him her support to rid himself of this out-of-town blogger who is a “cancer” in the town… I suppose that comes from years back when this writer stood at the podium and spoke about colonoscopies and the process after going through one myself and hearing of many others who just did the same…At that time Geesey and her co-horts somehow made the ridiculous leap that I was speaking of the former Town Clerk’s mother who had cancer!… (How would I know that?) …No matter how many times I have stated the facts Geesey and a few others preferred to hang on to the ruse…

What is ahead now that Geesey is out?…

Well, the UOT cancelled their meeting tonight after hearing it was unfair to have a meeting without her in town from none other than Bob Fleishman’s wife in an email to the UOT President on the 24th followed by another email on the 28th to the board claiming he did not respond …POA President Dennis Ritchie joined her as well as Louis Marchelos…. I am told their actions were met with a big division in the organization once they were carried out by the board … Confrontations took place at last night’s commission meeting over the change and the Geesey candidacy itself ….Most likely it will lead to a further divide now that it was all for naught upon receipt of this Geesey email today and it leaves the group with some real hard choices to make (or not?) as the 2012 LBTS race now comes down to Mark Brown vs Edmund Malkoon… two of their own!..

Mark Brown has been campaigning in the south end of town and has been receiving positive feedback and responses after a first- rate mailer sent out pre- door-to-door visits while we are told Malkoon was going to the north end first with a “green”themed flier stating he is a “uniter”… No red-white and blue …One reader said the green was for no experience while others said it conjures up negatives of greenfest…. and being green…Mark has a website and Edmund has a facebook page…In a town where the new census states we are an older population just how many voters are Facebook aficionados or friends?…

Ms. Geesey threw her support to Malkoon in her email  …. Question is …will that support turn out to be the kiss of death for him at the polls?…

Who in UOT will have a Brown sign in their yard and who will have Malkoon? ….Will the UOT stand across A1A with signs this time around?…Who will be under which tent on the day of the election? … One has to surmise that the CIC- PAC who are without any candidates this time around must be finding a little bit of joy this holiday season with such circumstances in play now for their PAC foes!…

Informed voters need to make a decision this time based on the candidate’s  credentials …as well as one-on-one time they have with each and the League of Women Voters single “Meet the Candidates Night” voted on last night by the commission…

For this voter as I posted last year…it will definitely not be Geesey’s candidate Malkoon ….After watching him in action on the MPSC  (see prev. post under board categories) …He bordered on ethics violations concerning Sunshine Laws with behind the scenes emails to fellow members he sent …..In my opinion…He hit a sour note big time when he emphatically stated commissioners should not be allowed at Master Plan Committee meetings!… He proved to me that he does not have what it takes to serve in an official capacity for this town at this time …

As for the news that Geesey is out in 2012 ……


more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …Happy Thanksgiving … Lilly’s 1st Turkey With All The Trimmings …

November 23, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers …. Time out for Thanksgiving and all that that entails…For us it means Lilly’s ( 19 mos.) first pre-pre school art projects. ( a plethora of turkeys – hats/place-mats/ napkin holders/puppets etc… ) ….Her first turkey dinner with all the trimmings …..The thrill of her reacting to her first Macy’s Thanksgiving parade on tv in the morning .. And of course a fully planned out weekend pre- Christmas activities out and about in Chicago…minus black Friday!…Needless to say that means posting will have to wait yet again until after the Tuesday night (Nov. 29th) Reg. Commission Meeting and Workshop (see Town website for more information) …

Wishing you all a happy holiday … more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … The Final List Of Candidates Who Filed To Run In The 2012 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Municipal Election …

November 22, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers … this writer never saw this one coming … The CIC has no candidates running in the upcoming commission race for a seat on the dais in 2012!… Commissioner Clottey kept to her original plan of serving one term only…

As far as those who did file … the bottom and I do mean bottom two candidates are Cindy Geesey opposing VM Dodd and Edmund Malkoon opposing Mark Brown… These two have time to drop out though…They just need a good talking to from those close to them who decide to be honest on what a waste of time and money it will be for them and to remove themselves before the ballots are printed… I will delve into this further in the the next post…with what’s been going on behind the scenes and what will be going on now that the deadline has passed after I along with most have more time to digest it a little more thus far…


Commissioner Seat 3:
Mark Brown
Edmund Fred Malkoon

Commissioner Seat 4:
Stuart Dodd
Cindy Geesey

Mayor at Large:
Roseann Minnet

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …. An E-Mail To CIC Members That Shows This PAC Has Become A Three Ring Circus …

November 18, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers… a follow-up to the previous post that contained the news of Commissioner Chris Vincent being the featured speaker at the CIC meeting this coming Sunday…It is astounding to read that those who invited him believe they should “let him know about our important organization and all we have accomplished for Lauderdale by the Sea over the years.”… Huh?… Short-term memory problems must be in play…I can attest that Comm. Vincent was well aware of the CIC and the role they played in the past years and that it was definitely a big reason why he opposed their candidate less than two years ago!… WOW!… That is nothing though when you continue on reading the e-mail blast… Could it really be possible that on November 18th the CIC is just now alerting their members (many e-mail recipients are no longer members having taken a pass on paying CIC dues for a year or more) of the change in the date for this upcoming LBTS election from March to January and stating the following “Anyone wishing to sign up to run for Commission must do so by this coming Tuesday, November 22….WOW and WOW!… The question must be asked yet again…..Who is in charge of the CIC these days!… It’sure looks like a 3-ring circus running without a ringmaster…

More news today …no more candidates filed today per Town Hall…….

The CIC E-mail….


‘Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 09:32:21 -0500
Subject: November CIC Meeting

Dear Fellow CIC Member:

Our featured guest speaker for our November meeting will be Lauderdale by the Sea Commissioner, Chris Vincent. It will be the first time Commissioner Vincent has met with Citizens Initiative Committee members. We feel it is important not only to discuss current and future town issues with the Commissioner but to also to let him know about our important organization and all we have accomplished for Lauderdale by the Sea over the years.

Secondly, the Town Commission has changed our traditional March municipal election dates to the January primary dates. Anyone wishing to sign up to run for Commission must do so by this coming Tuesday, November 22.

Please join us as we participate in the greatest of democratic processes – communicating with our elected officials so they may best know how to represent us!

WHEN: Sunday evening, November 20

WHERE: Surf & Yacht Club, Palm and El Mar Drive

INFO: Contact Joe Couriel, CIC President, 954 XXX-XXXX’


more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … An E-Mail Response From Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Resident Arthur Franczak … He Will Not Be A Candidate For The Commission In 2012 ….

November 18, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers …today I received an e-mail from another named possible candidate in the LBTS 2012 municipal election for a seat on the commission which takes place on January 31st which I posted about yesterday …. Mr. Franczak was kind enough to let me post his response to that rumor …included in his e-mail was his take on the local PACs as well as the present commission and the state of town as he sees it… So much of what he states this writer is in full agreement on and I am pleased that he states at the end that he will come to the podium to “continue to speak at town meetings regularly in defense of taxpayers of LBTS.”…..

‘Arthur Franczak-Shore Haven Resort Inn


[email protected]

Friday, November 18, 2011 12:20 PM
Dear Ms. Cole,
I noticed that you wrote on your blog that I was once a member of the CIC.

Just FYI, I do not have a problem with being associated with CIC as
there are some fine people in that organization, regardless of their
political views that do not always agree with mine. However, I am not
a member of the CIC, never was one, and never will be one.

I specifically remember being invited on many occasions to become a
member of CIC by John Thompson, a fine former founding member of the
CIC, but I always declined. I know that he is your friend, and so you
may ask him what he thinks of me and the quality of my ideas.

Lately I have also been approached numerous times by a leading member
of UOT who wanted me to join UOT, and, likewise, I always declined.

The reason why I declined to join either PAC is that, even though
there are fine people in both of these organizations, I believe that
no PAC is needed in the town of Lauderdale by the Sea at this time.
In fact I think that PACs do a disservice to our town because their
members have to hold a party line instead of thinking freely. I am a
free and critical thinker and thus neither town PAC can claim me to be
a member.

And to put another rumor to rest, I am also not running in this
election. I do believe that the current Commission members are
politically vulnerable because the current Commission and
Administration can best be described as “tax and spend,” and are thus
grossly fiscally irresponsible both by collecting too much from
taxpayers, and by spending too much on projects of dubious financial
merit. I am, however, not running this time for personal reasons that
trump the obvious political opportunity presented by the incumbents.
I will, however, continue to speak at town meetings regularly in
defense of taxpayers of LBTS.

Warm regards,

Arthur Franczak’

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … What Do The A1A Construction Thus Far … And The 2012 Municipal Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Election Filing To Run For A Seat To Date Have In Common? … Both Are Highly Questionable …

November 17, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers…  a reader sent me this photo today of a new seating bench at the north end of the Sea Ranch Club Condominiums on A1A … As someone who resides there it is definitely a questionable “enhancement” for that area and a real waste of taxpayer monies in my opinion … Were we really lacking public seating by the north driveway and in dire need to provide it? ….This writer does not fall for the grant scam offered up by such joint projects that makes most think it’s a freebee …It’s our monies whether local or not… as well as being fully budgeted in our fiscal year until it is refunded per the grant in place which is customary …

The timing of the photo seemed so apropos in this second week of filing for a seat on the dais for the January 2012 LBTS Municipal election… I can tell you that in my 12 years of residency in this town five of which I’ve been actively involved I certainly have never witnessed so many questionable twists and turns pre- filing as I have this time around. … As previously posted last Sunday this writer had several longtime reliable sources stating that four candidates had filed …Vice Mayor Dodd, former ByTheSeaFuture Editor Mark Brown, former Master Plan Steering Committee Vice-Chair Edmund Malkoon and Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey…

Included in the post were the rumors going around about former Commissioner Jim Silverstone and Publisher Michael Arker being ready to jump into the race … By Monday morning I heard quite emphatically that the rumor concerning Silverstone was inaccurate in an email from the former Commissioner which I posted in full as he indicated he wanted …I also received an email from his wife who was equally emphatic and angered by posting about her husband who is at present a private citizen…I responded to her in an email ….which unlike her husband I was allowed to do (his email stated I should not bother to respond back) that I had heard from her husband and as far as stating he was a private citizen I believed he left that status when he decided to write an opinion page for the CIC website and thus enter the political arena once again… The very next day that Silverstone opinion page was taken down… That was quite amusing to say the least! …. Now all that remains on the CIC website is just “Opinion” and they had removed the 90/10 resident/business percentage piece he wrote replacing it with one on the increase in sewer costs. This piece is totally off the mark and shows a major problem with whomever is writing the opinion page now  (unless Silverstone just removed his name but plans to continue anonymously) and whomever is leading the organization. There were extensive long drawn out meetings concerning the increases in sewer rates for the south and Sea Ranch Club (who now pays Pompano Beach directly) as well as water rate increases… (due to Fort Lauderdale  … (prev. posts) …Perhaps the CIC is feigning ignorance on this topic just as they have in their other top issue of dissent concerning the ouster of former Town Manager Esther Colon for which they laughably ask why she was not asked by the present commission to resign further stating that firing her without cause meant a big payout!…. That the CIC actually wants voters to believe that a simple request to Colon to resign would have stopped a payout shows how off kilter from reality they still are!….

Speaking of being off kilter is this one we were made aware of in the past few days… for their upcoming Sunday night meeting…(Nov. 18th) ….the first meeting since last May they have invited a featured speaker… Commissioner Chris Vincent! …Yep, former Commissioner Jim Silverstone’s 2010 opponent! ….Now we know these are his constituents and he must as a commissioner make himself  available to them …but really …at this CIC meeting?… How odd it is when you recall that he ran and won on the very major Colon issue they are still touting as wrong!… How can they come up with their “slate” of candidates or have real discussion as a PAC with him in the room at this meeting that is two days before the time for filing runs out?…Perhaps there will be a quick early Q & A and then he will be escorted out of the club… For Comm. Vincent the question is…how’s this gonna go over with his UOT pals after the fact?… WOW!….

Continuing on with the filing period parody… we were indeed informed Comm. Clottey filed as stated only to then be told she didn’t file…followed by being told she definitely filed on Tuesday…then it was Wednesday…or so we were told… Finally today we were informed by the Town as of early afternoon Comm. Clottey had not yet filed period!… The same back and forth of filed… not filed continued on daily with Edmund Malkoon…We were told emphatically he filed and that he was not going to step aside for Brown or anybody feeling he is owed this seat in this race after stepping aside in 2010 for Comm. Sasser .. It was assumed he had to have filed due to his ongoing actions of preparation (although Mark Brown beat him to the punch getting his first mailer out to voters last week) as well as looking for individuals to give him support in his endeavor as well as being interviewed by reporters on his running for the local papers… Well he filed … but it did not happen until today… It did not help that this time around the Sentinel did not publish updates on those candidates who filed as they have done in the past both in print in the Local section and online in the Broward Political News category and blog…. Mayor Minnet did file upon her return to Town on Monday as we opined…

We learned today that Publisher Michael Arker is to publish an editorial in the November ByTheSeaFuture which comes out tomorrow stating he will not be a candidate for Commissioner opposing Vice Mayor Dodd which was touted by former UOT President Bob Fleishman throughout town as we were alerted to by many ….. If not for the preamble of  “sympathy votes” made in all the accounts this writer received in the rhetoric being spouted by Fleishman I would never have gone there in my post … I would have just left it with Arker’s divisive nature seen by and from many of those voters he would need to vote for him in the south and in Sea Ranch Club as well as the Minnet-Brown -Arker UOT “slate” aspect I believe would have been in place if he followed through…

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Mayor Roseann Minnet  and Mark Brown are off the UOT “slate” hook just yet even with Arker making it clear tomorrow in his paper that he is not in the race…Why?…  Here’s why…This morning former 2004 candidate for LBTS Commission ( she lost) /former P & Z Chair (she was involved with the Florida Commission On Ethics with a finding of probable cause for failing to report her 2004-2005 contract to purchase (Oriana) condominiums on the required financial statements within 60 days of leaving her position)/ former POA President/ former Chamber of Commerce Board member ( she was not reelected to the board a few years back)/ former BTSF writer Cindy Geesey filed to run against Vice Mayor Dodd for his seat on the Commission!  …  Now this one is even weirder than Comm. Vincent going to the Sunday CIC meeting… Why?… Because while to many who are not privy to the back stories over the past year it will appear as if there is a Minnet-Brown- Geesey UOT “slate”… those who are more knowledgeable know Ms. Geesey parted ways with the BTSF paper a while back and it wasn’t pretty… The fallout we hear was that she despises her former newspaper co-workers  and visa-versa… We hear that due to that she fully supports Edmund Malkoon over Mark Brown….. This is why when this writer received the latest update from the town and a Sentinel reporter showing the following…

Mayor – Roseann Minnet (i)

Commission Seat 3 – Mark Brown and Edmund Malkoon

Commission Seat 4 – Stuart Dodd (i) and Cindy Geesey

( (i) is for incumbent)

it took me aback!… Could it be that Ms. Geesey will join forces with Edmund Malkoon in their quest to beat out Brown and Vice Mayor Dodd?… WOW!… This will surely leave the UOT to scratch their heads in disbelief!…Will the UOT Board make the right decision and again choose between the candidates at their Nov. 29th meeting so that they don’t’ find their membership at odds with each other over signs in their yards as well as sign holding across A1A and Commercial? …Now that would surely be a sight!… One thing to remember is that a candidate can pull out after the filing is over up until the ballot is printed …I believe ….so perhaps some semblance of sanity will be restored sooner rather than later in this race!…

As for the CIC … with Comm. Clottey not yet officially filing to serve a second term and former Comm. Silverstone out of the picture who’s left to put up against those who are listed as filed thus far?… As previously posted the throwbacks of past CIC candidates have way too much baggage to get any real traction this time around and judging from the new CIC board members shown on their site there is no one that’s even viable …in my opinion… There had been some talk here and there over the last months since budget season of Arthur Franczak who we were told was a former member of the CIC running…The question is from where …north or south?… He has… we are told… given two addresses when standing at the podium speaking at public comments …We do recall he has stated Terra Mar (north end) as his residence and also of being the manager at the Shore Haven (south end) … It would need to be from whichever address he uses as a registered voter… Besides Mr. Franczak  there is no one else who has come to the podium in the past year to voice any opinion that can be tied to the CIC …So who do they have in mind?… We witnessed 11th hour candidates from the CIC in 2010 and perhaps they will do so again…The last day to file is Tuesday November 22nd by noon….so the clock is ticking…

I’m ending this post with a funny line we were told by a reader today upon learning of Ms. Geesey’s intention to run……If indeed it does end up with only Cindy Geesey vs Vice Mayor Dodd the CIC or at least what’s left of the CIC will have to decide who they hate more Vice Mayor Dodd who was tarred and feathered as a traitor for  simply asking the CIC for a sabbatical after he won in 2008 (something we all knew he would do and something Comm. Clottey brought up first at a meeting during the campaign at Bob Roberts house) or Cindy Geesey who has a long, long history of bad blood with the CIC group!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …. Good To Know … One Rabbit Won’t Be On The LBTS 2012 Municipal Playbill ….

November 14, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers… below is an email this writer received first thing this morning… as requested I am posting it in its entirety … I do find it rather amusing though that the former Commissioner states my opinions are seen as attacks and then proceeds to do just that himself ….but that was expected by this writer after reading the revisionist history contained in the updated history category of the CIC website which states the CIC and their 2010 slate were the “victims” portrayed as “attackers” by their opposition thus they lost the race by a landslide!…. It did not pass the smell test then and certainly does not now!… In any event we now know that the CIC has one less rabbit in its playbook for 2012!….

‘An Opinion


Jim Silverstone


Barbara Cole

Monday, November 14, 2011 9:27 AM

‘Mrs. Cole,

Please feel free to post the following.

I was informed and read your latest opinion post on your public blog regarding myself and a member of my family. If you had the decency to contact me, I would be more then happy to tell you that I am not running for office. I’ve been telling everyone who has asked the same. Please keep in mind I’m no longer a public figure.

There are others, like myself, with opinions. I think your would agree its best to have input from as many people as possible. But as before, you crossed a line with yours. A line I choose not to cross. My personal life and business has suffered due to your public postings.

What I wrote is what I’ve always believed. The town’s mission statement and in all the articles I wrote for in the By-The-Sea Times, you will find a clear pattern. Please don’t bother to respond to this because you have a pattern of taking certain things out of context without checking all the facts, which means at the least checking with the source. By the way, I made the motion, with the help of Mr. Thompson, which resulted in the towns 1st decrease in its millage rate.

I will not debating this issue with you as it’s my opinion what you are seeking is attention. As I wrote, I will not personally attack anyone nor will I respond to the same. It’s my opinion this is what’s keeping the town divided. I simply choose not to participate.

What I think is important is to get as many people to think and to discuss what is happening in town without the fear of being personally attacked via a public form. This has become the major deterrent keeping people away from getting involved and thus a disservice to all. It’s more beneficial to hear both sides of an issue then to hear only one side.

Thanks for your attention,

Jim Silverstone’

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Are The Town PACs Pulling The Rabbits Out For The 2012 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Municipal Election? …

November 13, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers … the first week for formally filing to run for a seat on the dais in the 2012 LBTS January 31st municipal election has come to an end and we hear so far there are four …Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd is running for a second term as commissioner from the south end of town…thus discounting all those who were sure he would take on Mayor Minnet despite his assertions otherwise…Former ByTheSeaFuture Editor Mark Brown filed for the commission seat currently held by Comm. Birute Ann Clottey from the north as did former Master Plan Steering Committee Vice- Chair and former candidate for the 2010 LBTS municipal election Edmund Malkoon…. Making it a three-way race thus far is  Commissioner Clottey who long said she was going to be a one-term commissioner….

This writer previously posted that someone should get it through Malkoon’s head that if he stays in this race he will split the vote between himself and Brown leaving Clottey to win herself a second term… If that happens Malkoon will become the Bartman of LBTS with the UOT  (Unite Our Town) -PAC leading the charge!… ….. Of course there is now one unknown glitch to this scenario making its way through the rumor-mill  that could change this expected outcome for Malkoon  and I will address that further down in this post…

We have heard of other familiar “players” perhaps vying for Vice Mayor Dodd’s seat in the southern part of town….Included in this duo is none other than former Comm. Jim Silverstone who has suddenly started or rather restarted his 2010 failed re-election campaign in asking to “debate” anyone on town issues….This time it’s in the no longer dormant CIC (Citizens Initiative Committee)- PAC  website with his very own “opinion” page… If Silverstone does indeed do an 11th hour filing to become the CIC commission candidate alongside Clottey it will be quite a turnaround for those of us who have long heard his spouse was against any such future prospects of returning to politics ….. In doing so Silverstone will once again leave himself open to all of his “Broom Boys” history with his BFF …former Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee as well as his 110% unyielding support of the ousted former Town Manager Esther Colon and her top tier Town co-horts … He and the CIC … have once again jumped into the yellow journalism pool of revisionist history with both feet …in this writer’s opinion…stating the Colon et al dismissals were unwarranted and wrong ….while the in- your- face facts are still coming to light concerning the myriad of administrative inefficiencies ..with many of them bordering on serious illegalities … again, in my opinion …that came in to play from her tempestuous tenure …. Voters will have to ask themselves other important questions about Jim -still not a “nice guy”- Silverstone vs. Vice Mayor Dodd…including what is the difference between these two in their voting records…The answer to that ….is really none…with the exception of Colon’s need to be replaced!… Vice Mayor Dodd was on record first for wanting to lower the millage rate in town…Jim Silverstone only offered it up as a last ditch effort during his failed 2010 re-election campaign …Vice Mayor Dodd asked for it prior to 2010 during the budget hearings in 2008 for 2009 fiscal year…. I believe…….Vice Mayor Dodd is also on record this year in asking his fellow commissioners for a referendum to be placed on the ballot in this 2012 race for the redevelopment of LBTS…Unfortunately it failed to have any traction both times he tried to get them on board….Nevertheless Vice Mayor Dodd has stood strong and been steadfast when he repeatedly stated on the record that he believes that any big ticket Town projects that could ultimately lead to possible long-term tax implications for his constituents should involve them from the get-go in order to proceed…

As for that rumor that could be a game changer for Edmund Malkoon …turns out it could be even a bigger game changer for all of those candidates who filed last week or those about to file for that matter…. if it actually comes to fruition… I will explain the impact as I see it after divulging the name of the other candidate that might take a run for Vice Mayor Dodd’s seat… That candidate is none other than Publisher of the ByTheSeaFuture Paper and former member of the MPSC Michael Arker!… I was alerted to this rumor a few weeks back by a handful of “insiders” who were all out and about sharing the news ….All started out the rumor with the same line… The “numbers guy” Bob Fleishman …(former president of UOT) …. said Arker will run and will win in the south with “sympathy votes” due to his ongoing illness … 600 votes….WOW!…I mean WOW!….

Okay…here we go…

First of all …in this writer’s opinion…Bob Fleishman is a “numbers guy” like Occupy Wall Street is an organized protest with a clear comprehensive agenda!….Enough said!…. Second, there is no such thing as a “sympathy vote” when it comes to politics….In the event that a candidate were elected for being ill…It would only mean that it would be likely that the taxpayers would soon be paying for a special election to once again fill an vacant seat on the dais well before the 4 year term was up…Yeah, it’s a bit callous but it’s something any “sympathetic” voters need to pay heed to…. Also, I do not believe that Arker could ever get a majority of the votes needed in the southern end of town and in the Sea Ranch Club buildings required to win the seat …He is a divisive figure at best my opinion…….That said, the impact of him making the decision to run for whatever reason will turn what has up until now seemed to finally be a welcomed departure from the past two municipal elections in 2008 and 2010 into an all-out no-holds barred political bloodbath!…

Here’s how it plays out in terms of that impact as I see it… It will quickly paint a picture of the return of the CIC-PAC “slate” of candidates vs. the UOT-PAC “slate” of candidates whether those other UOT-PAC supported candidates want to be a part of that “slate” or not!… Mayor Roseann Minnet after returning home from vacation has made it clear she will run for her third and final term as Mayor and most likely will be filing to do so in this upcoming week and candidate Mark Brown will be inexorably tied to Arker … With that comes the always in- play game of political perception for them to deal with … These two candidates will now find themselves dealing once again with the CIC fanning of the fears for a major UOT takeover on the dais leading to future changes in big redevelopment including increased heights and of course the future of the VFD …. Just call it the Arker effect…. whether warranted or not…everyone knows political perception is what wins or loses an election …especially in LBTS!… If this happens it will indeed take any heat Malkoon would feel for his stubborn insistence to remain in the race off him during the race and after the votes are counted… That said…the outcome would likely be the same…in this writer’s opinion and Clottey will win back her seat for another four years …Malkoon could decide to become an independent candidate set apart from UOT… after they chose to support Brown…but I still think he splits the vote with Brown…

That independent candidate role would definitely apply to Vice Mayor Dodd in this election if both Arker and Silverstone run against him… He long ago stepped down from the CIC after he was elected in 2008 as he said he would do in 2007….counter to the revisionist history written once again by the CIC …(see the How The Sausage Was Made category for the tar + feathering of Comm. Dodd back in 2008)… Voters will easily be able to see in the weeks that come that Vice Mayor Dodd has a most impressive voting record as well as being well in the forefront on implementing perhaps the most agenda items that brought forth much needed changes in policy and in governing throughout his first term as well as being hands-on in town both in projects and events and always being readily available to his constituents…

As for the Mayoral position …thus far no rumors of any challenger for Minnet…Does she get a “pass”?…. Hmmm….Perhaps the CIC who is busy setting up two member meetings according to their site on Nov. 18th and Dec. 20th at their Palm Surf Club headquarters will be able to conjole yet another CIC-PAC old-timer to run alongside Clottey and Silverstone …Could it be Peanuts “call me Larry” Wick round 2?….We don’t think it could be her former 2010 Mayoral foe and new CIC- Chair Joe Couriel ….due to the conflict of being the Chair of a PAC which the CIC learned in 2008 was indeed considered a real conflict per Broward County Ethics Commission …Besides Couriel would also have to know that another run for mayor would lead to being subjected once again to reminders of his the less than steller first run for the position which included his and his followers false accusations of racial slurs which ultimately snuffed out his chances to sit in that center seat… He would also find himself in the same uncomfortable position of perhaps being called a “flip-flopper” if he joins in with what appears to be the CIC- Silverstone #1 campaign issue of residential vs business percentages of redevelopment with taxpayer monies as touted recently on their website…and in Silverstone’s first opinion piece…

The resident 90% -business 10% issue runs counter to the campaign promises Couriel touted in his first run of many sidewalk cafes and hotels …For Silverstone it runs counter to where his spouse’s allegiance must surely be …as an instrumental party to the biggest draw and most important business in the town of LBTS …Aruba Beach Cafe… So while this issue is one this writer could heartily support and in fact has in a different percentage package posted often on this site in the past when the Master Plan meetings were proceeding … I could not disagree more with the CIC-PAC “slate” touting it in order to win this 2012 municipal election…….

It is currently this writer’s opinion that anyone who is ready and willing to run independent of either of the LBTS- PACs would give the Mayor a real run for the center seat on the dais along with those independent candidates who run for the other two open seats …if Arker makes this incredible rumor a reality….

No more rabbits!….

more to come….

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