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Here’s The Scoop … The 2010 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Halloween Event Was Wickedly Good Fun! …

October 31, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … early reports are as follows …there were so many in attendance that the candy could not keep up with the participants … although it was  the amount purchased was abundant … Bonnie Clark gave out an estimated 600 cups of juice… The oohs and ahhhs could be heard outside Jarvis Hall as well as inside …Once inside we are told …. heads almost turned in a Linda Blair fashion! ….. Commissioner Sasser the Chair of this event was appropriately dressed as Superman (see below photo)……His wife and co-Chair Teresa was Minnie Mouse… Commissioner Vincent was John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever (see photo below) …and his wife and Halloween Committee member Christine was in an accompanying disco outfit.. We are told they tirelessly helped out during the event … We are told the other members of this committee went all out to present the Town with what by all accounts was THE Halloween event in LBTS …. hands down … That claim sure shows to be true big time from the photos seen below… The specific volunteers will be acknowledged, we are sure from the dais from the Chair as is customary at the next Commission meeting on Nov. 9th… So if this writer is remiss in naming the many who stepped forward to help in this event…they will be added on and posted after those comments are made … We do know at the top of the list are Wayne Dillistin, Ken Brenner and Marie Chiarello …who jumped in from the day Comm. Sasser took on the event some months back with his wife Teresa and just went tirelessly full speed ahead to create and deliver the jaw dropping extravaganza all those lucky residents and visitors experienced this evening!…. Also lending a hand in jumping right in to assist and partake in their first annual Halloween event were Town Manager Connie Hoffmann and Asst. Town Manager Bud Bentley !… Mayor Minnet was there with her Fiancee’ complete with handcuffs…a ball and chain…and Chuck wearing a sign on his prison garb…that he’s engaged! …(see photo below)…Vice Mayor Dodd and wife Penny were in attendance as well… and the candy tables were full with the “players”…the “factions” …as well as businesses…and organizations…NICE!….

The photos are abundant as well…. Big thanks to those who sent them all in! ….Enjoy!….

Outside …

Mayor Minnet and Fiancee’ Chuck….

VFD Mascot? …

Former Comm. Chuck Clark and wife Bonnie…

Mayor Minnet and Fiancee’ Chuck …

LBTS Resident/Performing Arts Director Vincent Ragusa,Town Manager Connie Hoffmann and Mrs. Ragusa


Carol Novak at the High Noon Table

LBTS Resident/Editor of By The Sea Future Mark Brown at BTSFuture Table…

Michael San-Miguel …

LBTS Residents Barbara Judge, Alana Brady and Bernie Eckhardt

LBTS Resident/UOT President Ray Walowicz

LBTS Resident/MPSC V-Chair Edmund Malkoon …


LBTS Resident/Chamber of Commerce Board member Shevaun Steward-Kuhn

Commissioner Chris Vincent…

LBTS Resident Vito Chiarello and Comm. Vincent…

LBTS Business owner of Athena By The Sea/ The Pier Louis Marchelos and wife Martha…

LBTS Resident Rosa Michailiuk and daughter manned the CIC Table…

LBTS Resident/Chamber of Commerce President/MPSC Chair Paul Novak …

The Village Grille table …

No telephone booth required tonight to know who Superman was…Chair of the event-Commissioner Scot Sasser at Town Table…

Jake Sasser….

Inside…the set-up to the curtains up….

Marie Chiarellos with the Sasser Family Comm. Scot Sasser, Teresa and Jake…

Wayne Dillistin putting together the finishing touches on another masterpiece he created for LBTS in Jarvis Hall in 2010 (He did Easter 2010 as well…prev. posts)…

Lights out!…. Final committee conference before the event….

The Big Reveal…..

The time came at 9 pm for all those ghosts and goblins to make a quick exit….until they re-appear next year… and appear they will….that we know is guaranteed!…Kudos to all and to all a goodnight! ….

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …We Made The Papers … Halloween Grinch Twarted In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea …

October 30, 2010 by Barbara



“Halloween Grinch thwarted in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea
This town and its residents aren’t about to let some Grinch steal their Halloween.
When officials discovered this summer that nearly all the town’s Halloween decorations were missing, the community banded together to make sure Sunday’s festivities at Jarvis Hall next to Town Hall would not disappoint.
“We have seen an absolute outpouring of support from our residents monetarily, [and with] decorations, time and effort,” said Commissioner Scot Sasser, who is in charge of this year’s event with his wife, Teresa. “We have even gotten donations and support from concerned people living outside of our town.”

Business donations will guarantee that plenty of candy is on hand for the event, which runs from 6 to 9 p.m. and includes games, face painting, trick-or-treating and a costume parade.
But all the good news doesn’t mean the town is giving up on finding out what happened to its stockpile of props and decorations from past years.
“We had one coffin left, made out of plywood,” Town Manager Connie Hoffman said. The missing inflatable decorations appear to have the most value, but there’s also wood and plastic items that have vanished.
Hoffmann is sifting through stacks of invoices for the event from the past two years to put together a detailed list of the missing items. The town will then turn the information over to the Broward Sheriff’s Office to investigate, she said.
However, kids don’t have to worry about this Halloween being a bust.
The cash donations have allowed the town to replenish many of the missing items, and hard work by volunteers has resulted in other props to create a ghoulish atmosphere. Sasser said one resident, Bob Schuyler, made six coffins by hand. Others have lent the town items to augment what has been purchased.
Potential Grinches beware: Everything is being inventoried this year, Sasser said.”

BC- The 2010 LBTS March Municipal Election…the gift that keeps on giving to LBTS …Grinches beware of that as well … 65% of the electorate got it sooooo right… especially when you factor in the following …2 local businessmen have put their heart and soul and creativity along with their closest gal pal to join the Chairs of this event to create something truly special that shows us all that no one is irreplaceable and change is a good thing….There will be over 25 tables with businesses and organizations handing out candy and more …including the CIC!… So far there has been over $3500 donated to the event…which is definitely a record amount for Halloween!…

The only thing green this Halloween surely must be the envy coming from those who may have walked off with the props of Halloweens past…. OUCH!….

Sentinel link …,0,3326807.story

Also check out the nice writeup on the return of the Performing Arts to LBTS …,0,6920046.story

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Lilly’s First Halloween …

October 30, 2010 by Barbara

PUMPKIN LILLY AND NANA … Lilly 6 & 1/2 months ….


more to come …..

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Here’s The Scoop … Halloween 2010 In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Guaranteed To Be The Halloween Event You Won’t Want To Miss! …

October 29, 2010 by Barbara




Bring a hand to hold on to and a can or two to help those in need …. The Ghosts and Goblins will be most appreciative …..

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … One Down … More Steps To Go …

October 28, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Town website/e-mail is now easier to get to …www.LBTS-Fl.GOV… (upper or lower case letters)… The old www works as well for both…

PIO Steve D’Oliveira advised they are working on the RFP for the rest of the revamping of the Town’s website which should offer more transparency…easier access to information as well as e-alerts for those who want to partake in notice of meetings…changes …etc…

Right now we have to be patient and deal with the website that is experiencing problems with retaining archived materials such as special meetings …according to D’Oliveira…… Most of those can still be found above that classification under backup for the specified meetings…

more to come ….

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Here’s The Scoop … The Oct. 26, 2010 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Roundtable Meeting … Finding The Perameters …

October 27, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …  last night was the first Commission Roundtable that stood alone rather than coming after a Regular Commission meeting.. The common thread for this one was parameters…both big and small… on everything from the Town’s vision…having a strategic plan to the parameters of the roundtable itself… What happened in this writer’s opinion was those parameters fell short and need to be set once again…

The meeting began with the Mayor moving her item on this topic …item e. to the top of the agenda to set the parameters of what the intention of having a roundtable was for and getting everyone on the same page by outlining them…The roundtable she stated as she did at the Oct. 12th Commission Meeting that this Commission meeting/Roundtable was something the Town was trying to see if it complimented the Town and was something the residents…staff and Commission buy in to…offering transparency into the process …She also stated the Commissioners should make the recommendations needed and the direction required to be taken on the cover page of their item to allow a heads- up to the other Commissioners of where they are going with an item  (this was first brought to the Commission by Comm. Sasser at the procedural meetings)……..Comm. Sasser added to that the roundtable should be used to focus in on what they want to accomplish…what’s important and to prioritize items…He was concerned looking at the evening’s agenda it was still piecemealing… He stated the biggest issue was the Master Plan ..and the need to determine what they wanted to accomplish as a team…Comm. Clottey said she thought that was a good idea but they cannot let the majority decide …there was a need for the minority to get something on (the agenda)… Comm. Sasser stuck to his point of wanting an “overarching plan or strategy”…Vice Mayor Dodd reminded them all that due to Sunshine they needed these meetings to see if there was a consensus for staff to go ahead …He had no problem with a full agenda to use it in that fashion …something is a go or not (unfortunately that parameter was a no go this evening)… Comm. Sasser stated a description would help agreeing with the Mayor statement in her opening …but wanted everyone to be in agreement on the game plan..having the same strategy…Comm. Clottey said she did not have a single thing on this agenda because the Town Manager requested that no more be put on…The Mayor chimed in to say this was a work in progress and this was the first month of using this forum…VM Dodd responded to Clottey by stating if she had something to put on…she should put it on…He stated he did not think the resolutions needed to be on …they could be done at Commission meetings but there were no restrictions on putting items on… Comm. Clottey said some things cannot wait…The TAtty. spoke up after the Mayor asked her if she wanted to add anything…Ms. Trevarthen stated her firm were one of the “recommenders” ….and said part of what she heard was to have a strategic plan…and that was not going to happen in the middle of this meeting…She said there were two categories of things..first time or history..preliminary review …worth thinking about…Some items will have a lot to address such as the first reading item (businesses allowed in town) and are on a different level…Some are ideas of where you are going for staff… Comm. Sasser said for the first of many times throughout the meeting he wanted to set a date for those strategic planning meetings…. Comm. Vincent stated he thought they were supposed to take away some ideas (of the Master Plan)… Comm. Sasser continued that the master Plan was part of the strategic plan…that they are not all on the same page…and they need to set things up to make sure they are going in the right direction… Comm. Clottey stated that their job is two-fold …they still have to do their job…and have time to to talk about the bigger plan… Comm. Sasser agreed with that and stated Clottey basically saying the same thing  he was saying…

BC- unfortunately this would continue on throughout the meeting…I will address this ongoing problem and my opinion on the strategic plan…Master Plan and the coordination of it after the item is discussed below ….

Item p. was also moved up by the Mayor and that dealt with reversing the order of the Comm.Mtg and the Roundtable Mtg. due to the public safety providers stating they could not easily provide their reports for the previous month at a meeting held on the second week of the month …and wanted to wait til the month after to do so…VM Dodd put this item on due to the length of time (6 wks) being too big of a span to address the reports…The TM stated there were already published items (Notice of Intent) that required the current set-up for Nov. and possibly Dec… The Mayor stated they should begin the reversal in January (The Mayor also stated she originally wanted it set up RT 2nd Tues/CM 4th Tues)… Comm. Clottey was clueless to VM Dodd’s reasoning for the lag time…but that went by the wayside as Comm. Sasser stated it was cyclical and the Mayor stated Jan. it was…The TM said she would let the providers know…and the meetings would remain the status quo for Nov./Dec. (which are not on the correct weeks anyway due to the holidays)…

With that they began to address the agenda items in the order they were put on… VM Dodd had put on item a. kite surfing…He briefly summarized the history of the kite surfing and why it failed to be acted on with the previous Commission…(prev. posts)… He then stated he was looking to see if there was consensus to move forward and have staff put together a workshop in Jan (after the snow-birds return) to address the issue and allow kite surfers/ and residents especially the condos advance knowledge of the workshop in order for them to participate…

BC- This is where the parameters were supposed to be a simple yea or nay to see consensus for the item…instead it deteriorated into discussion into th the details (and it’s the details that trip you up as the TM told the MPSC last Tues….prev. post)…

Comm. Clottey wanted the local kite surfers to be included and that residents were aware …Comm. Sasser asked about regulating it… Comm. Clottey acting as if she just got on the dais or having a senior moment asked if the two groups could come up with recommendations…(they did in the last go round…written and at the podium)…Comm. Vincent who is making this writer more and more sorry with each successive meeting….said he had a lot to say on this and did not want to take up time…(if only he followed his opening statement…he did not)… He then asked about someone’s teaching permit…He stated he had done extensive work on this and we have to be careful…where it starts…stops and is designated …not to be a NIMBY…that there is a lot here …we don’t want to be premature… (UGH! … I thought he watched all the meetings over the last few years?)… Comm. Sasser tried to follow the correct way to respond to VM Dodd’s item by stating regulate-yes/workshop-yes…to look at it as a whole including fishing/skim-boading (on the agenda item k.)…… Comm. Clottey did not follow suit asking about the teaching and stating our ordinances did not allow it…Comm. Sasser asked who was going to enforce this…Comm. Vincent asked the TAtty. about the teaching…and the TAtty. said when this was discussed last year it was brought up it was unlawful to peddle …which included “services” under uses in a park which covered teaching on the beach…She added it was not illegal but that they stated no one had bought a permit…(That’s not the way this writer remembers it being stated from the dais…we thought it was illegal as Comm. Clottey stated)… The TAtty. said id someone came for a permit the Town would have to deal with it as it sits right now in our code…after Comm. Vincent said we don’t have anything in place right now if someone wanted one… The Mayor stated that the consensus was to have a workshop on kite surfing …fishing …skim-boarding, item k. …watercraft…expanding it..every activity… The TM asked about beach furniture and the Mayor said recreational..Comm. Vincent asked if it was revenue driven…The Mayor stated staff understood it was item a. and k. for a Jan. workshop… Not done yet… Comm. Clottey asked about if a parent wanted to teach their child how to surf they cannot… The TAtty. said this workshop was for commercial…and the parent-child teaching was recreational… Comm. Sasser said there was consensus on this he had a few call of people saying their grandchildren were in danger…and he wanted BSO to regulate it before Jan…. The Mayor responded BSO and staff understand the enforcement…The TM summed it all up …But that did not stop further comment from Comm. Clottey to state someone who does not know what they are doing can hurt someone while kite surfing…

BC- Here’s how this item should have gone…  VM Dodd makes the summary… a show of hands yea or nay should be called by the Mayor or the VM who put the item on… A show of hands for consensus should only bring forth some “friendly additions” to broaden the scope of the workshop…Any detailed questions or specifics on an item not being addressed until Jan. should be submitted to staff from the Commissioners to include in backup for Jan…. End of discussion…move on…3-7 minutes tops…

The next item was choosing a chairperson for July 4ht and Easter in 2011… The Mayor offered to do the 4th once again wanting to get some things she did not get done the way she wanted right…VM Dodd said he was going to take it (he did it in 2008 w/ Comm. Clottey)…The Mayor said she would back off and take Easter unless some one else wanted it…no takers … Comm. Vincent did last Easter and Comm. Sasser is chairing Halloween this coming Sunday…(the early peek at some of the Jarvis Hall decorations via the feed for this meeting showed quite a spectacular backdrop awaits those who come to participate!)… Comm. Sasser added he wanted to make sure they followed through on the TM’s suggestion for a staff person to be involved in the events… The TM stated it was in the budget but not decided upon as there was some opposition …The consensus was to go with the staff involvement already  budgeted for …speaking of that…no update on the BSO investigation in to the MIA decorations …Hmmm)…

Item c. was VM Dodd’s having to do with recycling… He began by showing two photos he took…

He stated he had the two photographs and asked what’s wrong with this picture…He showed that in front of Oriana (1st pic)…they were still not single stream although the Town had already gone single stream…. In the 2nd pic he showed his house…two mike crates and a trash bin full of garden refuse. He said we need to give the residents proper recycle carts…. A quick count of Imperial and Codrington homes revealed 15 out of 43 homes don’t bother to recycle…. Instead of the current 75% trash 25% recycle we need to be 75% recycle and 25% trash by the year 2020. For every ton of trash that hits the landfill we currently pay $100.00 for every ton of recyclable the rate is $50.00 so for every ton we can re-direct the saving is $150.00dollars. He said he did his  own research and today all he was asking fo a full commitment from this commission to embrace recycling. He looked at what Hollywood and Cooper city are doing and the differences. He met with a top representative from another trash contractor instead of meeting with Choice. He met with Wastepro another hauler who incidentally bid on the town’s last RFP. He found that Wastepro in conjunction with Recyclebank increased Hollywood’s recycling tonnage by 127% through the points system rewarding individual homeowners for the weight they recycle. If you only reward everyone equally for the total tonnage split between all those who put out a cart the approximate increase is only 30% whereas if individuals receive the credit the totals increase to 127%.  The “scheme” is very simple…. the recycle cart has a bar code, the truck has the ability to weigh the recyclables. The pick-up is fed to a computer, downloaded to a customer’s individual account and the customer gets reward points redeemable at the local supermarket for goods.
There are many variables and since we only have a short time left on our current contract He was seeking a commitment to allow the manager to investigate the variables since the prices per ton for trash and recyclable can change, the cost of the recyclebank points system, the cost of updating the trucks to weigh the pick-up, the cost of the bins and bar codes will all have an impact. It may be that now is the time to re-specify through an RFP exactly what we want from our trash company to avoid having to renegotiate mid contract….Comm Clottey said she too had done research on her own and in news reports…and she said if you looked at VM Dodd’s photo of his garbage he had yard waste which comprises 30% of the garbage and is not just considered trash…VM Dodd stated that he was told yard waste is not legally allowed in a landfill and that by 2020 we may need 3 containers…but he didn’t want to go there!…He went on to speak of needing a consensus from the Commission for a commitment because there will be a cost involved for the toters ..and time for staff to do a lot of work with Choice who would like to take this over if the terms are correct…that we need to be prepared or if there is no consensus we will be forced to do it in 2020… Comm. Clottey asked can we separate the yard waste…VM Dodd stated Ft.Laud. already does with a separate pickup for it…going on to add some changes may need to come with pickups perhaps 1 day garbage/ one day recycle and a separate day yard waste…Comm. Clottey stated residents would like this it would be nicer and easier for them… Comm. Sasser jested he hated to interrupt especially when Comm. Clottey and the VM were agreeing stating do we want to commit ourselves to recycling is the question the VM is asking for consensus for…Comm. Vincent joked and asked if he could redeem his points in his S & H book…VM Dodd stated he would be surprised how the points could be used locally and otherwise and explained how the recycle company negotiated …He went on to disucss the prior problems with the current contract and the recycling due to a poor RFP …Comm Sasser said it was a yes for him to proceed…The Mayor thanked VM Dodd added it appeared the Comm. was buying into the recycling which was an unfunded mandate that would cost the consumers  and asked the TM if she had direction…TM Hoffmann said she did…

BC- Have to take issue with this one… I’m ok with looking into it…seeing about the bar code..and the single stream point system if the costs don’t outweigh the benefit…But do not believe owners should be penalized if they do not participate in the program… Also  there need to be real numbers provided on how many houses will participate and desire a separated pickup day plan…due to how many actually have yard waste pickup up or have their gardener take it …paying for the service already…

Item d. on the designated use for liens and forfeitures was a little disjointed with the VM who put it on veering off his original intention as this writer understood it at the previous Comm.mtg… He stated he wanted the bank to have an advert on some item such as an atv to show their funds went towards that item…The Mayor was also somewhat confused stating she thought he wanted it for a designated item… something in the community… Comm. Vincent asked if this was done in other cities… The TM said the revenues usually go in the general fund …she said they would have to identify their costs…and use this as an incentive…she like the idea …of using it for the community as the Mayor put forth…Comm. Vincent asked further about the percentages to reimburse the Town and going into a program as  suggested..The TM added this was a non-reliable fund …so to put it into special projects was good…Comm. Clottey stated she did not like the fact the bank got an 80% break and did not want to make them look good by having an advert for the 20% they did pay…she did like the idea in general though ..(the Mayor’s idea)… Comm. Sasser stated he had a problem with restricting funds  and would have to see the language first… Comm. Vincent said he would have to look back at the historical funds (huh?…this is the first such monies from liens/forfeitures this Comm. passed!)… He stated there would be a shortfall when this petered out… The Mayor stated this could be incentives for a sustainable LBTS (GREEN)…and spoke of Parkland …Comm. Clottey countered the Mayor stating we do don’t have a lot of this type of money due to few foreclosures unlike Parkland…stating we shouldn’t make solid ideas (Huh?)… Comm. Vincent countered Clottey stating we’re just looking at it…Comm. Sasser said we let the bank off too easy and asked how much the bank is re-investing in the town…Comm. Vincent said he respectfully disagreed with Comm. Sasser the banks were not at fault…they just got stuck with these houses …The Mayor chimed in to say they should just let this one go…that there was no strong consensus …VM Dodd said then the money will go into the general fund and get lost..Comm. Sasser again stated he was for looking into it and seeing the restrictive language…The TM said she thought it was a great idea but her concern is the need to prioritize ..if there was not full support she agreed with the Mayor put this one aside…Comms. Vincent/Clottey and Sasser said it was not a top priority…

The went on to the next item (f.) dealing with the business uses Ord. 2010-15…that passed on 1st reading at the Oct. Comm.Mtg…This one really did not go well in this writer’s opinion… The Commission and the P & Z Board had made it known at their previous meetings they were looking to broaden the scope of allowable businesses to do away with the need for new business to go through a lengthy process in order to set up shop in town…That took a slight turn after 1st reading…and continued to turn even farther away from the original intent this evening… Comm. Clottey had asked previously to offer up what was not allowed instead of what was…and the TAtty. had spoken of allowing for similar usage to be added in to allow for staff and/or Comm. to approve a wider range of businesses bypassing the lengthy process in place at the present time… Consultant Walter Keller came forth to describe what he had done with the changes including how he came up with the list when asked by the mayor…He looked at surrounding towns such as Ft. Laud/ Delray …and 3 others…in Broward and Palm Beach County….he left out big impact uses (Walmart/ HomeDepot type businesses) …added as many possible uses and if any had an impact they would fall under conditional uses …he made the uses as wide as possible..left in the existing uses..He stated he did not see a big difference between our business areas but kept them as they have been set up this way for so long…The Mayor asked about pain clinics and the TAtty. said that was already in the ordinance stating where it was…The TM asked if there were any concerns to take anything out… Comm. Sasser said automotive supply…Comm. Sasser asked how that would impact the existing service station in town…The TAtty. asked Mr. Keller if that was considered non-conforming…He stated it was grandfathered in… and could be a possible conditional use…The TAtty. stated they did not address conditional use in the ordinance…no direction was given in that area ( here again is an ordinance that did not cover everything…will it need another Notice of Intent …back to P & Z for cond. use businesses in the future?)…Comm. Vincent went further with this line of questioning asking if Bennett auto supply wanted to go into the service station as a satellite store would it be allowed…The TAtty. stated they did not want to micro-manage …Comm Sasser spoke about a cigar store stating we have one in town (didn’t it leave?) …He was concerned about head shops…adding also electric supply stores…flooring stores and funeral homes in the business district… Comm. Vincent asked about drive-thru stores and asked if Burger King now gone was the only one… Director Bowman informed him Dr. G’s has a drive- thru …Comm. Sasser brought up his items again and the TAtty. said they were allowed under general use…Walter Keller said there were some duplications with existing allowable usage and reiterated he was making it as broad as possible…The Mayor spoke of interior design …which has flooring…electrical supply…and it needed to be defined carefully…The TM said electrical supply doesn’t fit in LBTS…asking if we needed it in our boundaries for residents…Comm. Vincent asked if there was a list of deletions …Mr. Keller said no..the P & Z wanted to leave a broad list..not impact the town… The Mayor said they wanted to encourage business…and needed to be careful on this…Comm. Clottey asked a “more basic question”…asking about a Walmart coming in…and wanting to keep stores more boutique…The TAtty. and Mr. Keller responded there is not property that could be conducive to a store like that…It would not be viable for the company with the boundaries (ocean)…The Mayor the agreed with Comm. Sasser no elec. supply or flooring stores…VM Dodd asked about no consignment stores…The TAtty. said that is an open category and spoke of higher end shops in Boca Raton (as well as in Ft. Laud…definitely boutique stores!)…Walter Keller concurred stating higher rents would be the impetus for higher end consignment as well as charity consignment such as Hospice… The TM said she had seen many “smaller scuzzy” consignment places… Waleter Keller asked about taking out funeral homes…VM Dodd said they always could have a special application for taking something on its merit…Walter concurred stating that would be a conditional use..The TAtty. again stated they did not address whether to pursue conditional use (UGH!)… Comm. Sasser said no head shops… Comm. Vincent said we already have stores selling some of that… The TAtty. started this was for new businesses …again speaking of similar uses used in some cities for a judgment call for staff to make……asking if they wanted to add that…The Mayor said it would have to come to the Commission as well and that it offered some flexibility…with guidelines…Comm. Sasser added that one more business he waffled on was coin operated laundries…knowing we have one in  town and the hotels benefit from it…The Mayor said many residents do as ell due to older buildings without laundry in units…Comm.Clottey felt the need to inform him she used the coin laundry for her comforters that do not fit in her washer (Really..she needed to include this?)… Comm. Vincent said there was a viable need after Comm. Vincent asked about it in the future as automotive parts were not needed in the future use going forward… The Mayor stated no paint and wallpaper…radio repair…who repairs radios she asked and the TAtty. again brought up similarities…judgment…coming to staff/Comm….The TM said it could be changed to electronic …not specific…The TM then went over the above list of businesses no longer allowed in town from the discussion..No consignment shops/elec. supply/paint-wallpaper & flooring/auto supply/funeral home/head shops and make radio …electronic store…Comm. Vincent said marine parts stays…It will go to 2nd reading this way…

BC- I cannot disagree more with the Commission on this item…I agree with the TAtty. and Walter Keller and P & Z… This writer would keep the broadest allowable businesses… Use the still intact B1 & B1A designated areas and allow the businesses just taken away to be west of A1A…An elec. supply can also be a lighting store… What would be so wrong if near the hardware  store there were store with lighting/elec. supply..wallpaper-paint & flooring… Consignment as stated above a shop like Worth Repeating would be a big plus in LBTS… Funeral Homes..who would know the difference between a church or a Funeral Home in that same spot… and Head shops…a code that does not allow for selling drug paraphernalia  in Town if it is not already on the books…Right now the west end is hurting with closed business and these restrictions until or unless the strip buildings are sold and moved then forward on the lots will further impede the owners … Bad move in my opinion…and to make so the businesses need to come for any consideration ….puts us right back to square one…

The Commission took a break…

When they returned they picked up item g. sustainable environmental committee put on by the Mayor…She stated this had come before the prior Comm. and had no traction..she felt it was important to work towards a committee … and pointed out she had used the condo in the backup as an example…Comm. Clottey spoke to the Mayor saying before she set up a committee she needed to come up with a description of what was expected ..The Mayor responded that staff has a lot right now…and recycling was a good start on this front..she would put this on the back-burner… and was happy the Commission was showing a commitment to the environment …

The next tow items were put on by the Mayor as well and dealt with resolutions…h. was the oil drilling in Fl waters… and she stated she did not ant to move it forward without knowing if the Comm. stood behind it…or if LBTS needed to do more with our own resolution..(GOD NO!) … Comm. Clottey asked if it wasn’t enough to state we supported Broward League of Cities (who were behind the reso)…Comm. Vincnet stated he did not know if he opposed needed a lot of discussion/questions…(Really isn’t that what he should have researched before the meeting?)… Comm. Sasser said drop it…he understood the political climate..the oil disaster etc…but was not willing to sign off on the whereas portions pointing out that they were not shown to be accurate with data to support them …VM Dodd agreed with Comm. Sasser and spoke of this being the NIMBY approach…touching on nuclear energy…and he didn’t want to put his head in the sand ..and would not want to support it… The Mayor said drop it…

BC- who knew?…NICE!…

Item i. was the childhood obesity resolution which while being benign as was stated by Comm. Sasser stated it doesn’t commit us …and he supports the idea… healthy kids…schools…parents…etc… He asked the TAtty if the town had any liability for supporting it ..she responded no…Comm. Vincent asked if they supported this what about another Burger King coming in…The Mayor said this was a warm and fuzzy.. The TM said it will be put on the agenda…

BC- No more..please…warm and fuzzy cost staff time/Comm. time… for what was not needed in the first place …

Item j. was a return item for the Vice mayor explaining the Entertainment District downtown in the square…the history of it not going forward with the last Commission and with a new Comm…the changes being made in out town and the BSO being on board was there consensus to go forward on this again… Comm. Clottey said this issue needed to be dealt with in a workshop open to the public to ask the residents what they think about it …Comm Vincent said he needed a definition of open container…carrying glass rather than plastic…”a glass was a weapon” in his mind ..and with bare feet…(Unbelievable!)…Comm. Sasser said it had merit to move forward…and agreed on a workshop…should be part of the strategy …what boundaries…extended …and does it help the hotels… The Mayor brought up extending the music on Fri/Sat an extra half hour now that the venues have proven to be reliable and would want that to be part of the workshop as well….Comm. Sasser said set the first meeting…The TM asked on the strategic plan…inclusive was his reply… The TM said she had an issue with the idea of an Entertainment District citing her time in Ft. Lauderdale young people not buying liquor from establishments bust getting it from their trunks…and wearing headgear with tubes ..there was a downside that could hurt businesses… Comm. Sasser said more than alcohol …broader…The Mayor added to include the time of events being extended ..VM Dodd responded it worked well in other towns…and he was limiting it ti the downtown area…(where it is a given as he earlier stated people move from place to place with drinks …and the detail police look the other way…No weapon charges ever came to light that we are aware of in the process)…Comm. Sasser said if they are already doing it why do an Entertainment District?… The Mayor said it should be under the Master Plan… No directive was given on when this would proceed…

On to the next item which was the Town Atty. services agreement…retainer or stay on hourly rate as contracted by the former TM/Comm. in 2008…The Mayor who originally put this on at a Comm Mtg. asked if there were any questions…The TAtty. said she and the TM had met and worked out some proposed changes…forgoing the annual 5% increase for fiscal year 2010/11 & 2011/12…as well as reducing some fees…The TM agreed and stated we are in flux …and we could revisit this in 6 months or so…The Mayor said we have no track record with the TAtty. (Huh?)…and that we should follow staff recommendations… VM Dodd said fine…as long as the TAtty. did not go ahead with ordinances without the Commissions consensus…Comm. Sasser added we are budgeted $70,000 less than last year and he wanted to know if we get anywhere near that amount…The TM said they could come back in 3-4 months to say they are over if that happens..and added she and the TAtty. are working on ways to control costs…

The next items addressed the parking Mi/Mii/Miii The Mayor asked Development Dir. Jeff Bowman if he had something ot say or was there to answer questions…he said to answer questions…She then turned it over to Comm. Sasser whose item came after Bowman’s same topic…Comm. Sasser wanted the parking to go back to P & Z to address… Dir. Bowman chimed in that the item he had on (containing Consultant Walter Keller’s options) needed to go to P & Z and needed the input from the Comm. beforehand… Comm. Sasser asked Mr. Keller to explain the shared use parking…Walter Keller used the example of a church and an office sharing parking due to non-conflicting usage of the spaces for the obvious reasons… He added such usage would come to the Tow as it was a developmental agreement that needed to be signed off on and approved… Comm. Sasser asked about SunTrust and if that was a shared use…Mr.Keller answered SunTrust would fall under private-public using their spaces for public parking in off hours… a conditional use…Comm. Vincent could not help himself as he dumbed down to explain the obvious split of usage for the church and the office… (UGH!)… He went on to ask what happens if the office moves out…The TM said it was a legally binding agreement and the remaining would have to find other parking …The Mayor brought up Delray as the TM had and said they had been successful and we could take it even further…with alternative measures for parking… Comm. Sasser again asked for this to go to P & Z with the direction to not limit themselves rto what they received …The Mayor said the staff could move forward with this and the P & Z should think outside the box… Miii was Comm. Vincent and this one really frosts this writer…shades of the past Commission…a reversal on parking yet again… To make parking places free by the municipal park…to allow residents free parking and not hold them to getting a residential permit  ($50)… This one brought up By Comm. Vincent again put him at odds with knowing the past…He said this was forcing the parents to get permits…it made common sense to have designated parking for the park… Comm. Clottey wanted to know the hours for free parking…Comm. Vincent said he worked with Asst.TM Bentley and staff would monitor this…The Mayor spoke of the abuse in the past of beach parking… Comm. Vincent was indignant stating we are punishing our residents who use the park…it is our only park (NO it’s not!)… They had it and it was taken out…(for good reason!)… Comm. Clottey asked how we were going to identify if it was in-town/out-of-town people parking…Asst. TM Bentley said there would be no distinction…The Mayor asked how many spots… 6?… VM Dodd asked for park use only and the time limit…Bud answered he thought code had a time limit in place but would look to verify… Comm. Sasser asked if this was the dropping kids off for school issue or residents who don’t have residential permits…and the original problem comes back …Asst. TM said Comm. Sasser’s point was well taken and perhaps the ree parking would be better on the west side of park…Comm. Vincent said the problem doesn’t exist ..yet… (Again, he neglects the long history of problems with this…staff monitoring…tennis parking…non-residents etc… The Mayor thanked Comm. Vincent…

BC- This on will be back again…

The strategic plan…item n. put on by the Town Manager …The TM said there were really two plans …the Master Plan which does not address environmental/neighborhood issues/governmental/cost of public safety….She suggested they address this simultaneously and merge the MPSC with 2-3 community sessions that include residents/businesses and visitors…all  involved in the major components…She said she worked with the MPSC and all went well …she will continue it monthly…maybe more …the that melds into a strategic plan …more meetings with the public… It’s all doable in a 6 month time-frame… She said the public meeting could be in Dec…with 2 in Jan… and still meet with MPSC … She rethought her offer to bring speakers to the MPSC and now wants them to come to the public meetings…The speakers would offer up ideas that worked throughout the country …for good planning … Comm. Clottey wanted the meeting pushed back to Jan. to allow for season people and the holidays but liked the overall plan… The TM said the meetings held at different times were for different groups…you could attend all but the speakers from the audience should be different for different input… Comm. Clottey asked about the speakers and the TM clarified those would be at different meetings…Comm. Vincent agreed with Comm. Clottey for Jan …stating Dec. would produce less participation … Vice Mayor Dodd congratulated the TM on her MPSC presentation and said she had his full support and he was looking forward to the speakers…Comm. Sasser said he hated to wait for anything …and what could they do in the meantime…this was the most important thing…the strategy…sitting down with the Commission and the TM just as MPSC did… The Mayor used her catch phrase of the night stating the Commission was “buying in” …that they needed to sell it to the residents for them to support this …support from residents and businesses … Comm. Clottey said in following up on what the Mayor said that the last time they supported MPSC (El Mar Mc-Medians..prev. posts)…the residents came back in Jan. and all hell broke loose…people don’t like being surprised… Comm. Vincent said we needed Nov./Dec. to get the “key components” together …the right speakers…The Mayor said we are done with the budget …we are not delaying anything …to go out to the community ..this was the framework…for involvement…The TM said she would work with MPSC next month and in Dec….make recommendations to the Commission…They would “massage it” then it would go to the community…at a higher level of strategic planning.. Comm. Sasser clearly not “buying in to” the delay or the dancing around of not setting dates certain asked again for staff to set those dates ..The Mayor said he wanted them scheduled… Comm. Clottey said it would take more than one such meeting…The Mayor said they could meet individually with the TM…Comm. Sasser was not “buying into” that either saying it needed to be as a group… The TM said she would have one more meeting with the MPSC and the Mayor added the Commission would have one soon after…Comm. Clottey said there were times she could not meet due to other obligations (holidays)… Comm. Sasser said let’s get these “pet projects” out of the way…The TM said they need to weed through what is critical and what can wait….The Mayor then spoke about business vs. government and how the wheels move… Comm. Vincent sounding very condescending stated he understood and respected Comm. Sasser’s passion but there was no sense of urgency…they needed to handle this in the right way without rushing in (HUH?)…. VM Dodd said until we have sufficient meat …let Connie give us the dates…Comm. Vincent again said to Comm. Sasser I don’t want to undermine your passion….Comm. Sasser said how do you prioritize?.. The TM the said they needed a separate meeting to do just that and she wanted to do that in Nov….Comm. Clottey spoke about private business taking retreats to do this and they were quite beneficial…this would be with cameras on to “get a buy in from people”..(again, UGH!)… The Mayor said they had great ideas from everyone…a workshop in Nov…. to let Connie know when they were unavailable…

BC—Here we go…my way of doing this… just as we ran a campaign work backwards from the date of completion…(6 mos.)… and set dates …just as were set for mailings…meetings…strategic and going out to campaign…Have a plan of what topics will be addressed when and where in advance of the meeting times from the beginning ,.. Give homework for preparation ahead of time to both the MPSC and the Comm…. Outline and give backup on speakers ahead of slated meetings… The TM should meet with the Chair of the MPSC to make the agendas up for each meeting with the only certain topics covered … Have MPSC members hold off on their own revisions until perhaps 1 or 2 meetings are set for the members to put forward their ideas after the TM has gone through her complete summary.. Then have the MPSC come to a consensus on all reviewed plans to put forth to the Commission… Why just have town residents and businesses come to Jarvis Hall…why not break down the condos/ neighborhood associations…door-to-door….Women’s organizations etc…….and the Chamber….have the Commission go to visit them and present the vision just as they all did during the campaign… Advertise on a board in the Town’s parking lots..and elsewhere with the meetings/dates …and a goal time for completion as well as comprehensive updates in Town Topics …online and in the local paper… It worked well two times…and it will do the same for this major issue that demands the same kind of attention to guarantee success…

The last item on the agenda was an update by Comm. Sasser on Choice and he quickly stated they had drawn a line in the sand to come to an agreement in 30 days …he felt it would offer the residents a choice…while allowing Choice to limit bulk and cover themselves a little more with how many time a cart would be delivered to a home and the charges for that… The TAtty. said they agreed on principal to have a potential solution…Comm. Sasser said the important issues need to be worked out… The Mayor thanked him…Bud and Connie as well as the TAtty…

The Tm said she had 3 items of additional Town business… wanting consensus on removing the pool at the public safety building …stating she had 3 bids…she had consensus …but was not asked and did not provide the cost involved… Item 2 was the Coastal partnership which she stated was a grant she wanted to pursue for $14,500 to offset maintenance on the Coral Reef Project as well as signage if the project proceeded…She needed approval due to time constraints and timing of the next Comm. mtg…she received it…and the 3rd item was a conflict for an approved sweet 16 party and the first performing arts production…the sweet 16 graciously moved to the following week…The Mayor/Comm. Sasser both asked for something  special from the Town to say thanks for being so agreeable… Comm. Sasser did asked about the Global Reef Project update… Little came forth of any difference from the last update…They have a pro-bono atty. who is digging his heels…The hope is for this to be pushed along in time for the next meeting in Nov…and it might require a special meeting…

BC- anymore of this…time to go to Ft. Lauderdale for visit to their process…and take this group to task for the contract that is already breached…

VM Dodd did want to add one item to see if there was consensus …he was still feeling stung by the vote not to repay the LETF funds at the last Comm. Mtg…and said so…He asked the Commission to consider using the same amount to purchase the cameras that can zone in on license plates at approx. $20,000 each… He wanted to know if he had sufficient support to put it on the agenda…

BC- Here again was a simple yea or nay…with any friendly amendments to add …That did not happen…yet again….

Comm. Vincent said he voted against the return of the funds…he said it was not good timing…not in the budget…and not a priority on either side…not  a high priority at this time…(free parking at the municipal park is though …Hmmm.)…. The VM wasn’t having any and said so he should sit on it for 12 months and see what happens…He stated they could pay for the cameras…and that again VFD/AMR did not pay for their renovations….Comm. Clottey said BSO did not either it was paid by the LETF funds…Scott Gooding was for using those funds and the TAtty. said it was okay…and she thought BSO had enough in the account to buy the cameras… VM Dodd answered they did not…Comm. Clottey said they should soon due to recent actions … The Mayor said maybe they could put the lien money towards it?… Comm. Sasser said he was the 3rd vote against the LETF funds being reimbursed and he said he was conceptually ok with it …needing more info…The TM stated she spoke to the BSO Chief 3-4 weeks ago and they were to come back with the LETF appropriations…VM Dodd spoke of his conversations with BSO and the infrastructure costs (Chief Llerena spoke to this on Oct. 12th)…and again the amount for such cameras…Comm. Clottey said they should find out how much they will need first from the Town… Comm. Sasser again said he was conceptually ok with it …and the Mayor added if we can afford it… With that they adjourned…

Backup and archived video of meeting on Town website…

Master Plan Steering Committee meets on Nov.16th 7 pm…Planning & Zoning Nov. 17th at 6:30 pm…both are open to public/televised on Ch. 78 and live-streamed on Town website…Public comment is allowed at both…

more to come…..

Post Division

Here’s The Scoop … Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Oct. 26, 2010 Commission Roundtable Meeting … Nothing Spooky About It …

October 24, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …. When you come to this Oct. Roundtable in Jarvis Hall ….don’t come empty handed … This year’s Halloween Committee will be providing a way to offer more than candy to all costumed children who come to the annual LBTS Halloween event…..

“LBTS “Trick or Treat So Kids Can Eat” Food Drive
Please donate can goods and shelf stable items.
Items can be placed in our collection box located in Jarvis Hall.
The collection will continue through our Halloween event on 10/31″

The collection box will be in place by this Monday as the Committee begins decorating Jarvis Hall for the Halloween …for next Sunday night…



Tuesday night’s Roundtable meeting will be the first one in this trial to see if the Aventura model works for LBTS… As Town Atty. Weiss discussed when offering up this alternative to the new Commission at after they were elected in March …this is the forum the Commissioners use to ask all their  questions and discuss at length with each other and staff what has been put on the agenda by one of them or staff to assess whether there is consensus for the item to proceed to the dais at a Commission meeting…the need for the item to go to back to staff for further information and/or fact finding .. ..back to another roundtable for further discussion or the item is not supported by the Commission and it dies at the roundtable …Again, according to Mr. Weiss when he presented this type of governing …when the Commission meets on the dais they should not have to go through the same questions…have a 2nd-3rd bite at the apple …or need to insufferably “inform the viewers at home” …what they are hearing in the explanation put forth by the decisions made at these roundtables…The Commission at that point should be able…barring some new information that comes forth or public outcry should be able to come to the dais with a brief summary of their due diligence on the item and the reason they will vote for or against the item… If there is a change in the stance by any Commissioner after indicating that stance at the roundtable…that Commissioner should make a point at the beginning of the meeting during the changes…additions or deletions to ask it be taken off the agenda and return to the next roundtable for further discussion due to the possibility there will no longer be a consensus on the item to move forth…



WEDNESDAY, OCT. 26, 2010 – 7PM





a. Kite surfing (Requested by Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd at the May 26, 2010 Roundtable)

Backup- EXPLANATION: When the Commission last discussed regulating kite surfing activities we had decided to seek the input
of winter residents Since the season is approaching I would like to suggest we resurrect the work that had been done and
hold a special workshop on the matter at a time when the kite surfing community and the winter residents community as well
as our year round residents and business owners can participate
RECOMMENDATION: Set up a Workshop on Kite Surfing

BC- Readers will recall that this writer posted extensively on this topic including the specifics sent forth from those kite surfers who provided a report (in Town’s backup on website) …and the many meetings this contingency and those who opposed kite surfing came to sit through only to have the item deferred due to lengthy contentious Commission meetings due to bad dais behavior (one big reason behind the trial of 1 Comm/1 Rtable mtg)… This item was deferred to an afternoon meeting and the groups did not show up yet again…so former VM McIntee pulled it and it died… During the last campaign it was still a hot topic as the candidates now on the dais went condo to condo…both pro and con just as fishing on the beach was … The season condo owners were miffed they were not around and wanted both items to be addressed when they returned this year… Thus VM Dodd has put it forth…

b. Appointment of a Chairperson for the Easter event and the 4th of July event (Requested by Mayor Roseann Minnet at the September 20, 2010 Roundtable)

BC- Mayor Minnet brought this forth at a prior roundtable to make sure no more events were subject to crunch time from the start by not having a Chairperson lined up… The question still needing answering is does that Chair need to be a Commissioner… There is nothing in the code making it so…and we are told it has been done by others in the past… 4th of July needs the fireworks RFP to out this winter as other municipalities do.. and maybe an early start can combine the Chamber and Downtown businesses to have something in concert with a small town event…just a parade and fireworks ..with tourists and townies heading to the square for anything more… Also this year as Comm. Sasser put forth …a staff member should be in charge of the funds etc…

c. Recycling (Deferred from the September 20, 2010 Roundtable by Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd)

Discussion on Recycling residential trash How to reach State mandated levels within the time frame Choice
contract changes to make it happen Ordinance required to encourage recycling

BC- we have all seen for quite a long time that Vice Mayor Dodd is a big proponent of recycling just as Mayor Minnet is… VM Dodd looked into this more extensively after his recent trip to the UK and after seeing the rather large funds we as a town received in the past that have dried up over the years.. One place he looked into was Recylebank used in Hollywood … …. We understand this is a topic of interest between the Town and Choice as well …. as we move forth with Choice possibly using this method with the single stream recycling per their contract … Single stream was to start early on although it has not been made clear if it is in effect … and if so if residents are aware of it… Added into the mix is the tipping costs which are still unknown and if those costs will throw a wrench into the whole recycling idea and the Choice contract itself ….

d. Appropriation of funds received from liens & forfeitures (Requested by Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd at the September 27, 2010 Regular Meeting)

BC- VM Dodd asked at the Sept. 27, 2010 Commission meting following the first such case that came before the Commission if the funds received could be allocated to a specific use… The Commission decided it needed further discussion …

e. Guidelines for Roundtable items and discussions (Requested at the October 12, 2010 Commission meeting by Mayor Minnet)

BC- This one most likely should be moved to item a. this meeting…Mayor Minnet wants to clarify and define the roundtable meeting so they are all on the same page…as stated above the use of this forum is for lengthy (within reason) discussion ending in consensus of where the item goes …

f. Ordinance 2010-15 – Proposed business uses (Approved 1st reading at the October 12, 2010 Commission meeting and deferred for discussion regarding business uses)

BC- this was an ordinance that passed on 1st reading but the Comm. asked for further discussion on it at this roundtable to offer either a less specific ordinance on what was not allowed in order to bypass any new business being stuck if their business is not listed… The TAtty. stated it could be done in that alternative way as well as more generalized for the TM to have more of a say.. That is what will be addressed before the 2nd reading next month…to be more amenable to new business coming into Town in the future…

g. Create a Sustainable Environmental Committee in LBTS (Mayor Roseann Minnet)

BC-This was an item that came before the prior Commission…as it was a project to be done at the Aquazul …As a taxpayer…I have no problem with supporting any efforts as long as the Town is not paying …with the exception of using town property for the meeting place for the committee if there is a committee interested in doing this in order to meet the requirements to get DOE funding… The Town will need to  make sure there is a solid definitive agreement on the town’s role and liability in this project if approved ….especially after the whole Coral Reef fiasco which is still unresolved ….we are told.. Staff did not include prior Commission minutes on this item…

h. Resolution opposing the approval of Oil Drilling in Florida’s Waters’ (Mayor Roseann Minnet)

BC- the backup shows a resolution from the Broward League of Cities for no off-shore oil drilling …This writer is one of the small minority who does not believe off shore drilling is a bad thing…just as I had no problem with the gas port issue a while back (prev. posts)…

i. Resolution supporting the “Let’s Move Cities & Towns” campaign (Mayor Roseann Minnet)

BC- more feel-good resolutions like this… To offset childhood obesity…and to show support of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign …Spend more time on real issues …not countless P.R. Resolutions …

j. Entertainment District (Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd)

Backup- SUBJECT TITLE: Entertainment district
EXPLANATION: Request turned down by members of previous commission Define Commercial from AlA to the
pavilion and one block North and South as an entertainment district This allows relaxation of Open Container laws and
can provide other advantages to lift restrictions on permits define and encourage suitable new businesses coffee shops bars
restaurants sidewalk cafes while eliminating undesirable ones
RECOMMENDATION: Supported by BSO to make policing easier when events are held

BC-Readers may remember then- Comm. Dodd brought this to the dais after former TM Colon went undercover in a hat and sunglasses …we were told…to see if local bars were following the open container law… Comm. Clottey was undercover as well sans the hat and sunglasses in her observations…We were told at the time this came forth it came to Comm. Dodd via a restaurant owner and what is allowed in Fort Lauderdale…The BSO at that time said they are a bit lenient due to the proximity of the open bars and weekend events and those visiting as well as what detail officers could and could not do… They were for an entertainment district as VM Dodd puts in his recommendation…With  the in-process look at the downtown area …businesses and the Master Plan…this is the right time to re-visit the entertainment district… Staff did not provide the backup from the previous Commission meetings on this item …

k. Alley-Oop, Inc. Proposal – Skimboarding lessons and camps (Town Manager Connie Hoffmann)

Backup- SUBJECT TITLE Alley-Oop, Inc. Proposal

EXPLANATION: Alley-Oop Inc a new Lauderdale-By-The-Sea business has submitted a proposal to provide
skimboarding lessons and camps on the Lauderdale-By-The-Sea beach They are proposing a free Saturday clinics for all ages
and daily lessons and weekly camps for a fee Alley-Oop, proposing a 90/10 fee sharing arrangement This would be
something new for the Town and requires direction from the Town Commission
EXHIBITS: Report to Town Manager on Alley-OOP  proposal

BC- Kathy Margoles was the consultant on this… (This writer is no fan of Ms. Margoles from her past consultant duties…with the sewers and Sea Ranch Club as well as the tennis court lighting)… She identifies that permits are needed for events on the beach..She also states the town is not typically contacted with vendors for such uses …Ms. Margoles obviously was not made aware of the stance of no business or teaching being allowed on the beach per the kite surfing debacle (see above item back on the agenda)… The TAtty. /Admin. made that clear at the last go-round it was against the code… Was that not true?… Also, Ms. Margoles does address that no boats, surfboards etc…may be near bathers…That was addressed when the last Commission dealt with the fishing issue I believe… This reader does recall former candidate Marjorie Evans talking of sailing lessons for kids off the beach… This business is coming to town and the owners are intending to move into town as well the backup states…This subject ties into the item on businesses above…as well as the future planning of the town…as we will be dealing with what we offer …in recreation and tourism…with this..kite surfing…scuba diving to whatever coral reef project we end up with…as well as perhaps continuing the kiosk portion of the 2004 Master Plan for such activities on the beach as well as concession for beach chairs etc…and events such as volleyball and more…

l. Engagement letter with Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske, P.L. (Town Manager Connie Hoffmann)

EXPLANATION: The Town Commission directed the Town Manager and Mayor to discuss with the Town Attorney ways
to reduce costs associated with legal services and the terms of the Town Attorney’s engagement
As background information the FY 2009/2010 budget for Town Attorney expenses was $470,000 however the budget was
exceeded for reasons everyone knows and the Commission appropriated funds to cover those expenses We significantly
reduced the budget for legal fees in the current fiscal year to $400,000
Based on the many complicated issues we are dealing with it will require that the Town Attorney Town staff and the Town
Commission be ever cognizant of the legal expenses we incur with our requests actions and directives so that we can hold
those costs within budgeted levels The Town Attorney has agreed to forgo the agreed increase in hour rates for the next two
fiscal years to assist us in controlling costs In addition she and her team have created standard RFP language and standard
contract language to be used in the future that should cut down on the time they spend in reviewing RFPs and contracts into
which the Town enters She has emphasized that receiving complete information and clear policy direction also significantly
impacts the time required to address Town issues
She and I agree that it would be very difficult to define a reasonable monthly retainer for her firm’s ongoing and predictable
services at this time but feel it is an idea that should be revisited after we get through some of these difficult issues and see
how the Commission’s new meeting schedule impacts the legal fees
RECOMMENDATION Consideration of Town Attorney’s proposal to forgo scheduled hourly fee increases and revisit
the idea of a combined retainer/hourly fee arrangement as part of the next budget cycle

BC- also contained in the backup is a letter from TAtty. Trevarthen with some explanation of the concurrence including the following concessions made ..

” The Town Manager and I concur that this may not be the best time to consider
implementing a fixed fee component The workload is high and is still in flux as the new Town
Commission and administration are revisiting and rethinking many issues in the Town We are
concerned that affixed fee that is based on the bills from the prior six or twelve months could end up
setting the rate too high to be representative of the Town’s basic needs
After considering the above receiving the input of the Town Manager and meeting with the
Mayor we have decided to make the following changes We will
Forgo the 5% increase for Fiscal Years 10/11 and 11/12
Charge actual costs instead of the 2.5% average cost factor
Formalize in our Retainer that the Town is not being billed for phone calls with the
Mayor and Commissioners on general matters
Beginning in Fiscal Year 2012/13  agree to a 3% rate of increase in the hourly rate
rather than the current 5% and
During the budget preparation process in 2011 if the Town Commission wishes we are
open to revisiting the issue of whether to pursue a fixed retainer amount for some
regular and predictable services while continuing to charge an hourly rate for other
services as has been done previously in the Town
We feel these are very meaningful acknowledgments of the economic difficulties currently faced
by the Town We hope you will agree and appreciate your continued trust in our Firm”

BC- This sounds at this time the best way to go …with an eye on an RFP in place before the next fiscal year… Also in the backup is the agreement signed by former TM Colon who ramrodded this law firm through in 2008 (prev. posts) not revealing until the meeting her association with the firm…This was  the first of many such instances of former TM Colon digging her heels in to get what she wanted from that Commission… In the April 3, 2008 agreement was a 5% annual increase for the firm that this writer and others were not aware of when the direction was given for an hourly rate that meeting in 2008…Hmmm…..

m. Parking Regulations:

i. Changes in required parking requirements and general public parking requirements (Development Services Director Jeff Bowman) pending

BC- This portion of the parking agenda items has to with parking requirements for businesses …as posted previously Chair of the MPSC Paul Novak spoke extensively of this last year at a meeting (prev. post board cat.) stating it was time to do away with the requirements that keep businesses from coming to town…He sited his own building in on Comm. in which he wanted to have a business for office use that required parking that in the long run made it unprofitable to use as a business and a storefront that a Fort Lauderdale Art Gallery had interest in but lack of the parking precluded them as well… He as well as others cited Las Olas as an area without parking requirements… Also P & Z V-Chair Yann Brandt wanted the P & Z to address this item in the code…which led to the item on a past Comm. Mtg. of the role boards play and direction needed before they can proceed and use staff and town funds… Walter Keller has offered up the current usage in town as well as past usage and what is done in Surfside and Delray Beach as well as a model from Connecticut …these are shared parking and one-time fee for parking approx. $10,000-20,000…Mr Keller recommends that if the one-time fee is looked into … it would need the code revised thus back to Mr. Brandt’s desire for the P & Z to address the code… Mr.Keller also pointed out “The use of parking exempt or reduced parking zones are utilized to stimulate business expansion encourage increased parking at existing facilities and to facilitate alternate travel modes.”

BC- Which should make the greenhouse gas-public transportation crowd and the business friendly crowd both happy campers … So back to the P & Z …and to the MPSC /Vision Workshops to find a place(s) for parking garage….with retail below and/or kiosk for water activities and/or public restrooms as wanted in the Master Plan in 2004 and now…Even former MPSC member and CIC member..Cristie Furth galpal Maryann Wardlaw came to the committee and said she was for a parking garage as suggested Peggy Mohler at the first valet parking meeting as Deerfield has…(prev. post)…Hmmm…

ii. Parking Code to be reviewed by P&Z (Commissioner Scot Sasser)

Backup-EXPLANATION: Commission to give direction to the P& Z board to review existing parking code for the business district
and make a recommendation on how to change the requirements to incent new business
RECOMMENDATION: Expected outcome will be a motion to direct P&Z to review and make recommendation on
parking code changes that will incent business growth

BC- see above item ….The Oct. P & Z meeting was canceled in what appears to be a snafu behind the scenes …when the Development Sec. tried to convene the committee after hard copy letters were sent out canceling the meeting (why hard copy letters?)…certain members were unable to comply having set up business due to the cancellation ….

iii. Parking a Municipal Park – Designating spots for park use only (Commissioner Chris Vincent)

Backup-SUBJECT TITLE: Parking at Municipal Park Designated spots for park use only

BC- Comm. Vincent provided no explanation on his item…But we thought the issue had been addressed at prior meetings…that backup was not provided by staff in this backup….

n. Updating Master Plan – create a strategic meeting (Town Manager Connie Hoffmann)

EXPLANATION: Discussion of Town Manager recommendations regarding a process for creating a strategic vision for the
Town and a plan to implement that plan which would include updating the 2004 Master Plan
RECOMMENDATION: An overview of the process suggested is contained in the exhibit to this agenda item
EXHIBITS: Memo dated 10/22/2010 from Town Manager re: Strategic Planning Process

Subject Strategic Planning Process
The Commission asked for my suggestions regarding how to go about updating the
2004 Master Plan I’ve read the plan documents and looked at plans that preceded it
and met with a number of residents who were involved in the 2004 effort to get some
insight into the process that was used and the aftermath of adoption of the plan then
prepared a somewhat detailed list of recommendations in the 2004 plan and tried to
define which elements of the plan were eliminated in whole or in part which were voted
down by referendum Commission action or recommendations from the Master Plan
Steering Committee and identified those components of the plan where things have
been done that are inconsistent with the plan
In the process of doing all of that it became clear to me that the 2004 Master Plan
clearly addresses the built-environment in the center of Town and at the entryways
speaks to some economic development issues but plays little attention to the
residential neighborhoods and does not address other strategic issues such as public
safety environmental issues protecting neighborhoods cost of government etc
My suggestion is that we work on creating a strategic plan and updating the 2004
Master Plan in two intertwining and ultimately merging tracks In this community
neither a strategic plan nor the master plan will succeed without significant public
commitment to the goals outlined in those plans That commitment can only built
through their meaningful involvement in a) defining the major components of the
strategic plan, and b) providing their input on specific implementation concepts that will
affect them significantly By the public mean taxpayers residential and commercial
residents business owners and to the extent we can involve them our tourists
I see us giving the public the opportunity to attend facilitated community conversations
where we ask them to engage in discussions about what aspects of the community
matter to them the most what their aspirations are for the future of the Town and what
commitments they are willing to make to help achieve that future followed by the
identification of the major themes and components they want to see addressed in a
strategic plan for the Town We would hold multiple sessions so we can reach more
people This is strategic planning at the macro level and the results of the sessions
would be consolidated and presented in another community meeting
Over the next several months the Master Plan Steering Committee will be meeting to
make their recommendations on how the 2004 Master Plan should be updated or
modified We started that process this week and I will continue to attend their meetings
and facilitate their discussions The MPSC has agreed to the idea of having speakers
come in to their meetings or special workshops to help educate all of us on time
tested principles and patterns of design of building communities that are alive and
harmonious and memorable so that they can begin to assimilate those principles or
patterns into the work they do in reviewing the Master Plan and eventually in playing a
role in implementing it We hope the public will attend these sessions and we will get the
word out about the invited speakers to the community at large
In due course the work of the Master Plan Steering Committee will be meshed into the
broad outline of the major themes and components the public has defined in the
community workshops on the larger strategic plan We will then invite the full community
in to provide input on what the MPSC has recommended We can also hold facilitated
community workshops on those aspects of the strategic plan that are not covered by the
Master Plan update and need to be fleshed out
I see myself and members of the Commission as facilitators of this process although
ultimately the Town Commission has the final say in terms of adopting the plans
I haven’t yet worked out a specific timeline for accomplishing all this but what I have
described above can be accomplished in six months time if we really focus on it That
means that will need the Commission’s assistance in maintaining that focus by
deferring assignments that have less importance to the ultimate future of our

BC- Readers know how I felt about the last MPSC meeting with the TM at the helm in her first visit… It did not bode well for future such visits in this writer’s opinion…The meeting if done right could have been one hour long with Ms. Hoffmann doing her presentation..and getting direct responses from the committee to the bigger picture after the exercise on connecting the important elements of what makes a town memorable and appealing were done…There was no need to go into the details and the short sighted commentary of this committee making decisions first with the public allowed to comment afterward… That runs counter to what this writer has been informed by those involved in such planning in the past… I also am quite leery of bringing any speakers to this group to face the same type of response… So some fine-tuning needs to be done either with the group itself and/or the manager’s plan of the MPSC working along with larger visioning workshops…

o. Status Report on the Multi-family properties with carts issue (Commission Sasser)

BC- There is no backup …but we do know that Comm. Sasser as liaison has had ongoing meetings with Choice /Asst. TM Bentley/TM Hoffmann and TAtty. Trevarthen to continue to find some relief to the inequity still placed on some residents in town from the Choice contract…

p. Red Light Camera (Town Manager Connie Hoffmann)

Backup- OOPS!…this was supposed to be Red Light Cameras…

BC-  This writer is not for red light cameras as previously posted…

q. Reverse meeting order to accommodate Public Safety Reports (Vice Mayor Dodd)

Backup- SUBJECT TITLE: Reverse meeting order to accommodate Public Safety Reports
EXHIBITS: Memo to Commission dated 10/15/20 regarding Public Safety Reports

From June White
Via Connie Hoffmann Town Manager
Date 10/15/2010
Re: Public Safety Reports
Previously Public Safety Monthly reports were submitted to the Commission on the 4th
Tuesday of every month When the Commission decided to hold the one regular
Commission meeting per month on the 2nd Tuesday of every month we asked BSO,
AMR and VFD to provide their monthly report for September by Tuesday before the
Commission meeting in October
BSO, AMR and VFD all indicate it is very difficult for them to submit them within such
a short period of time
I suggest that the Public Safety Monthly Reports be submitted to the Commission a
month later so that the October 2010 report would not be submitted until the
December 7, 2010 Commission meeting the November 2010 report submitted
January 11, 2011 and so on
If this is the desire of the Commission I will notify BSO, AMR and VFD of the new
schedule for submission of their monthly reports
Thank you

BC- Vice Mayor Dodd is putting forth that the Roundtable be moved to the 2nd meeting of the month with the Comm. Mtg. the 4th Tues. to keep the pubic safety reports current…



Backup online…

Meeting open to the public… on Comcast Ch. 78/ Livestreaming on Town website & archived …

more to come

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Here’s The Scoop … Your October Issue Of By The Sea Future Is Out Today …

October 22, 2010 by Barbara


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Link to online edition …

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Here’s The Scoop … Reminder For Lauderdale-By-The- Sea Voters … Meet Chip La Marca …At Mugs Bar & Grill …./ Link To Places To Go ….In Oct. & Nov. ….

October 21, 2010 by Barbara

Dear Readers … a reminder for LBTS voters……Candidate Chip La Marca has a very good chance of becoming our next Broward County Commissioner according to recent polls and word on the street on Nov. 2, 2010 … Take the time to meet him at Mugs tomorrow night .. He just may be the go-to guy for the Welcome Center funding from the County and so much more as we decide the new vision for LBTS….


Want S’more Places To Go? ….

Link to Places To Go…In Oct/Nov……

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Let’s Get It Right This Time … CIC Reality Check Required …

October 20, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … last night’s Master Plan Steering Committee meeting post was quite critical of this committee now in place… and for good reason… The hope was a new group of appointed volunteers would return the committee to what this writer saw when I attended my first such meeting some years back.. I have written about it before and will just reflect briefly once again … I attended the MPSC in Jarvis Hall when Ernie Fontaine was the Chair and the discussion was on a new Town Hall… The room was packed and the discussion was not only informative …it was invigorating…It was productive and the participation was at that “higher level” Town Manager Hoffmann was trying to achieve last evening… Why was it possible then and not so afterward with the next 2 committees ?… I attended almost every meeting for both….The first committee that followed was appointed while the Old Guard was in power …..while Parker was Mayor …This is the group that were so shortsighted in their interest and responsiveness to Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk… The next MPSC was appointed after the CIC won in 2008 and this rag-tag CIC bunch did not want to move forward on anything…that inaction started from the former TM down..with the poor treatment of the members at the inception …and appointee changes that brought Mark Furth back on the committee… Now we have a new group and unfortunately the makeup of this group still has no resemblance to what I saw at the first meeting and the few I attended prior that committee being disbanded…. I truly believe we should have that type of committee…especially now… It’s really no different than seeing a need to replace a majority on the dais ….certain commissioners…and the former Town Manager for those that can do right by the Town… After last night I am convinced the revision to the Master Plan needs to be done by a different group…a smaller group that might included some of those who were present during the Fontaine led MPSC days…and then the Town Manager should put together vision workshops including another charette such as the one we saw last night to the residents and businesses …

Of Note…this writer also believes that the real decline of the downtown began with the closing of Mack’s Groves….As a resident arriving in town in  1999…I remember the people …both residents and  tourists not thinking twice about crossing A1A to get to Mack’s Groves and crossing back again to head to the beach…the pier…the ice cream shop ..Village Grille and Aruba …They went to Mack’s to see what was inside that was new and unique as well as to just sit outside on the wooden chairs lined up in front to shoot the breeze with whomever sat down next to them enjoying the ambiance of LBTS had to offer.. A new pavilion is nice…but it cannot replace what we lost when Mack’s Groves shut their doors… It made LBTS a “memorable place”!…



How funny…the CIC is still clinging to using half-truths in order to cling to remaining relevant in 2010/2011 in LBTS… After we heard they sent out e-mails for dues to members who did not pay up last year (prev. post)…most likely those who had no intention of  paying or remaining in a group that put forth the dirtiest campaign of fear-mongering seen in LBTS …with CIC candidates losing in a landslide…Then installing a new Chair who falsely made charges of racism during and after the election….The CIC were standing firmly behind the former Town Manager who we know for a fact would still be TM if they had won… the same TM who left us with some huge problems to deal with after she was ousted…Today the CIC sent out another  e-mail for their next meeting (Sept. 24, 2010) still regularly at the private Surf and Yacht Club on Palm Ave….and to tout their updated website…Low and behold on their website’s front page..was the following…

“Commission Actions? – Why did the new Commission, in their first major decision, FIRE the Town Manager while not allowing any public comments? Her contract allowed for two ways to dismiss the TM; i.e., resignation or termination. They chose termination which cost us, the taxpayers, about $250,000 plus legal fees. All they had to do was to ask her to resign. Instead they rushed into the termination “without cause”. One wonders why?”

Give me a break!… There was plenty of opportunity for public comment on the Town Manager…and for the CIC to state “All they had to do was to ask her to resign” ….What a hoot!… Former TM Colon was not leaving without her full year severance and her myriad of benefits and perks….All anyone has to do is take another look at the fight and the lawsuit that ensued when monies were paid out to her over and beyond what she was entitled to…(prev. posts)…

At last night’s MPSC the question was asked by the Town Manager why the 2004 Master Plan was not implemented ….Simple…it was not because in the past the CIC was able to make half-truth statements …and get away with it…with no one to counter with the facts….That ship has sailed….and so has the relevance of the CIC in LBTS in 2010/2011….

Note to the CIC…you may want to check your spelling…It’s calendar not calender….OOPS!….

Also of note…we heard the UOT meeting held on Oct. 11th  had 40+ in attendance while the CIC meeting was purported to have a paltry 14 last month…OUCH!…

more to come…

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