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Here’s The Scoop … April 27, 2010 LBTS Commission Meeting ..#2 … Round Up!..

April 30, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers… Tuesday night’s Commission meeting while still long at certain …it was quite productive…and informative and the first insight to the changes coming from this new Manager as previously posted… Below is a “Round Up” of the rest of the meeting …

The invocation was made by Rev. Hunsaker and he again spoke of the coming together in light of the major changes seen in the week leading up the the meeting and having a sense of gratitude for where we live and work…

The Mayor did a little “housecleaning” with items on the agenda moving items to the Round Table …which are now to take place the evening after each Commission meeting until the Commission is all caught up… The Capital Improvement Workshop that was canceled on Mon. was set up for Mon. May 10th at 7 pm and the Stormwater Workshop will be addressed as well…The Mayor announced the presentation by the BSO would be re-scheduled to May11th…and she added one more item after all the Comms. received a letter concerning a change in code that was holding up a building project…

A Proclamation for AMR was read by the Mayor … and then it was time for Public Comments …16 were made 2 were CIC members clearly unhappy with the termination of Colon/Olinzock…and the other 14 clearly took an opposite view of the changes …welcoming the new Town Manager …some still voicing concerns over what the former TM and Asst. TM might have left that called for an investigation…

Reports from Dept. Heads and Public Safety followed as they always do the 2nd meeting of the month…but these are to be the last such Dept. Reports after discussion and agreement at the Round Table the following night…Finance was previously covered in the 1st Comm. meeting post…Development had one question from VM Dodd to Director Bowman whose response showed why he too needs to be replaced as Director…Municipal Director Don Prince looked like a man who just took a load off…somehow with the termination of the top 2 Administrators…Hmmm…. He also answered a few questions on the bus shelters and maintaining them with Comm. Sasser asking the questions after receiving some concerns from SRLakes…Prince said all would be handled…The Mayor asked Prince what exactly was stored at the “off site” warehouse…He responded poles, signs, special event items and other needed items… (Comm. Vincent went with Don Prince to see the warehouse the next day and gave some input to what he saw)… Prince was also asked about the antiquated phone system and Prince responded by this week that would change…Prince also discussed the move from the trailer that should be done this week by Development office and the trailer ready for the Coast Guard to remove… (No one asked about the excessive hours the Municipal workers put into the former BSO office in March)… BSO was up next and VM Dodd asked BSO Chief Llerena to come and speak about the increase in drug busts etc…Llerena explained the “selective enforcement” being used and the 30% decrease in crime here to date…Comm. Sasser asked about A1A being closed with no notice to BSO or resident s and asked that the Town update the website and channel 78 with specific dates.. The VFD was on the hotseat with the VFD boat that sunk (prev. post)…It was quite a shocker when Chief Perkins let the dais and the taxpayers know the boat had previously been turned back over to the Town…but the VFD had not moved it from the dock due to trailer problems and the boat…We hear the Town may have owned the boat the whole time leasing it to the VFD as they do with other apparatus…In any event it was not being taken care of and it sunk …(at least the back end)…motors ruined …It was taken back to the VFD Firehouse and a claim was being made ..We hear ..Good luck with that since the batteries were dead etc… How much money did the VFD under McIntee put into the sunken boat?…Why didn’t the former TM send a memo to the Comms. of the boat’s return?…Hmmm….Comm. Vincent also asked about a fire alarm incident at a motel on El Mar Drive…The Chief explained the motel was turning off the alarm…and doing work without VFD input and the VFD is looking into any action to take due to the situation that was improper… The Mayor asked Perkins how often he updated the VFD Roster …due to Jerry McIntee still being listed as an active member in March…The Chief responded the members are active for 45 days after no shows..then it is considered “abandonment”..Jerry McIntee according to Chief Bob Perkins “abandoned the VFD”…He (Jerry) never contacted the VFD  …just left!…He’s now off the roster…. WOW!….AMR was given a congrats from the VM for 100% response time under 6 minutes….All reports were passed 5-0

The Stormwater Master Plan was shown as a powerpoint presentation with Town Engineer James Barton (on call-hourly rate) with Mr. Chen himself of Chen and Assoc. and Barton’s boss… Barton said the specifics were given this evening to all on the dais in CD form but a paper copy was available if need be… The project was shown with the project limits-land use soils- drainage- existing system- visiting the floods- and they looked at the grades- elevations-swales-Barton spoke of the rains and what is attainable to allow it to go away as quickly as possible…The cost estimates were from $300,000-$4 million… in general…for the 13 projects deemed to be the worst …cost $12,500.00 !… The usual ways of getting the funding were mentioned…Stormwater Utility fees… (get ready for a rumble) … grants (shovel ready projects were pushed – Barton’s ears were open with the El Mar Project -another Chen & Assoc. deal w/ the Town -prev. posts)…and loans..Hmmm…like the loans we pre-paid w/ a penalty?…OUCH!… Also when asked about BelAir and Terra mar Barton said he had not looked at Terra Mar…. As prev. posted … swales were addressed quite often in the past…as a major cause…Wkshop on May 10th..7 pm….

The TM Report was previously posted…and will no longer be at the top of the agenda as discussed the following evening…The Town Atty. Report was moved up for a try at it being early…per the mayor..It will not be again as discussed the next night with reports being done at the end of the meeting…The TAtty. spoke of the BJHarris decision going to court..and said she will schedule a shade session for the Comms. when a decision comes from the judge who requested a transcript…(at the Town’s expense/ we hear the Atty. for the owners said they would split the cost…see Mark Brown story BTSFuture … Comm. Sasser asked the Town Atty. about the districts and clarified they are not gone in 2010 as some candidates said while running…But the Charter does call for a renewed study before the deadline to balance out the boundaries…The consensus while running for office was keep the districts and the setup of 2 Comm. from each end of Town and an At-large Mayor in 2012…

More discussion under Old Business Ord. 2010-01 had no public comment for 24 hr businesses which grew out of the desire for Walgreens to remain open in season for the pharmacy was sent to the P & Z and believe it or not the new TM offered to provide P & Z with research to assist them …(New P&Z members will be appointed at the next Comm. meeting)…passes 5-0 …The Special meetings Ord 2010-02 had no public comment and was changed to allow for 1 Comm./ Mayor/ TM to be able to call for it…passes 5-0…

Commissioner Comments which will remain between Old Bus. & New Bus. on future agendas …was again chosen from a “hat”…Comm. Sasser welcomed again the new TM  and Asst. TM as well as the MPSC members and spoke highly of the MPSC meeting he attended the previous week with the outside contractors who provided info and input to the committee / Comm. Clottey gave her “nails on a chalk board” or “Carrie” commentary …prev. posted on those “looking for blood” with the firing of Colon/ Olinzock (whom she dissed by stating his appt. to Int. TM was the “Peter Principal”… Clottey again insinuated the BSO was stalling in response to the budget…This writer was informed today was the day for the Sheriff to respond to the County and Municipalities!…OOPS!… The Mayor did not call out Clottey and went on with the agreed upon use of Comm. Comments by thanking staff for what they went through with the upheaval in Town Hall and spoke of never participating in a contract for a manager that would hold a future Commission hostage in its payout… She spoke of the new direction and the excitement of it…Mayor Minnet talked of the Census and warned once more that LBTS was below the national average and the need to raise it for the $ to come back to the Town…She spoke briefly about July 4th which she is chairing to say we will have fireworks!..We will have the parade and the VFD will provide the food and participate in an event after the parade…the Chamber is involved and so are the businesses in a 3 day downtown event…update to come next meeting..(Earlier Ron Piersante asked for all who want to volunteer to contact him at the Chamber …LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA Chamber of Commerce 4201 Ocean Drive Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida 33308 /tel: (954) 776-1000 /fax: (954) 776-6203/ [email protected])….The Vice Mayor said he was welcomed back to the Hillsboro Inlet by the members (prev. post Clueless Clotty and her “gang” tried to oust him)… He spoke of a new boat being purchased ..He spoke of the new TM and fresh ideas …that her new perspective will be a “breath of fresh air”…with “no hidden agendas”… Comm. Vincent spoke also of the TM and countered Clottey’s lame claims alluding to the former TM being asked to resign without severance …Vincent pointed ou the terms of Colon’s contract to counter the notion… He spoke of attending Waste Management’s facility and observing the “single stream recycling” process…He said it coincided with his daughter’s own look into recycling…He also spoke of helping out a tourist who was concerned about parking changes made in front of the tennis courts…and the signage…When he finished the Mayor said she had a few ideas on that for the next meeting…

The Consent Agenda was quick …permits for Caribe’ parking for Jarvis Hall …at no cost to discussion …passes 5-0The Mayor pulled the Special Events for Athena  who was asking for 12 months…after discussion …and a few off-handed statements that BSO “Detail Officers” were oblivious  to bad acts being done right in front of them by “Clueless” and answered by Chief Llerena and some talk of the traffic calming needing to be addressed by the Mayor… along with Director Bowman again not in the right position…with answering the costs covered or not by the fees annual or quarterly…the Comm. decided $200 annually for a 12 month special permit!…Town Manager Hoffman stated the next evening after hearing Bowman about Code going every week with permits…that she was looking into it (it was payback pure and simple)…passes 5-0

The Resolution for Interim Town Manager (prev. post) was read and passed 5-0

The ILA was again on the agenda and despite attempts from Clottey/mayor Minnet and the school rep…Vincent /Sasser and Dodd voted no…failed 3-2… VM Dodd wanted a letter sent to other communities stating why LBTS was not for it…It received no traction…and according to the rep. 16 have voted for it…Oakland Park also voted no…They need 21 communities to pass it…

The BOA being moved to night put on by Comm. Sasser was passed 5-0 …The next night it was set for the 1st Wed. of the month at 6:30 pm…

The warehouse was on the agenda by Comm. Vincnet and previously posted …The TM is looking into it…the Realtor and getting more information which was not forthcoming in the “scant file”…

Ord. 2010-03 on Officers and Employees was on being on of those the TAtyy. put forth for its being out of date…it was deferred to June 22nd passes 5-0

Ord. 2010-04 Administrative Elections …was also deferred to June 22nd…

Ord. 2010-05 was the P &Z/ BOA appointments…and some changes were made for appointments to terminate with new election and to start at the 2nd full Comm. meeting…passes 4-1/ also for the boards to choose their own Chair passes 5-0

Audit Services RFP.. It was briefly discussed and the TM stated it was not required to be in place until the 1st meeting in Sept… Hmmm… The TM will look into the RFP and present it (prev. post- TM stated Auditors report to the Comm. not staff0…

BC- A PRR was received today from Town on the Auditing Committee and Chris Wallace the Finance Dir. from West Park (prev. post)…The PRR included 2 sheets of paper (45 cents)..

Page 1.

“January 22, 2010

Dear Chris ,

Thank you for participating in the audit review committee. The audit committee shall rank and recommend in order of preference no fewer than three firms to be most qualified to perform the required services. I am requesting you provide your recommendation to me no later than 02/04/10 by 4 pm.

Sincerely, Esther”

BC…At one of her last meetings as TM Colon could not name the auditing consultant!…

Page 2… E-mail transmittals between TClerk White and Mr Wallace..

The Top of the page from Wallace to white Mon. Feb 1, 2010 12:11 pm

“Subject: RFQ 09-12-02 Auditing Service

June, my ranking for the auditor selection is as follows (there was no ranking sheet, so I’ve ranked them based on Technical Qualification listed in the RFP:

1. Marcum, Rachlin

2. Keefe, McCullough and Co. LLP.

3. Moore Stevens Lovelace. P.A.

4. GLSC and Company, PLLC.

5. Harvey, Covington & Thomas, LLC.

If you need this in a differnt format, please let me know

Christopher Wallace

Finance Director

Village of Bal harbor

City of West Park”


“Feb 1, 2010 10:42 June White wrote

This is a follow-up to my previous e-mail below

I have received the recommendation of the Town Manager and the Finance Director. I have not received your response.”


“From: June White

Sent: Monday January 25, 2010 3:23pm


I am in receipt of the recommendation for auditing Services (RFQ 09-12-02) from the Town Manager.

Please forward your recommendation to me at [email protected]

Thank you, June”


BC- a $200,000+ 3 year contract and this was the only backup? … Also, VM Dodd should have a field day with the no ranking sheet included!… YIKES!….

The Mayor was returned to be the rep. from LBTS with the Broward League…even Clottey motioned for her appointment and VM Dodd 2nd … passes 5-0/ alternates…Vincent- Sasser…passes 5-0

Martial Arts was extended 180 days …motion made by VM Dodd  & 2nd by Comm. Sasser …passes 5-0

The contracts for electrical and streetlights were previously posted..inferior RFPs and no look into recommendations…Asst. TM and TM will look into it and it was deferred to May 11th…

The last item was confusing and the Mayor recused herself as a gentleman presented his project for El Mar Drive and a change in staff and code that impedes going ahead…After much discussion the TM and TAtty. with staff will look into what took place and how they could assist him…Boy is he lucky he came when he did with a whole new Administration!…

With the other new business items already moved to the Round Table…the meeting was adjourned…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … April 28, 2010 LBTS Commission Round Table … Shoulders Relaxed …

April 29, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …  It was more than a “pilot program” for valet parking in LBTS that was validated last night..It was a sense that what this writer… Mayor Minnet…Vice Mayor Dodd…the newly elected Comms. Sasser and Vincent …the By The Sea Future and the UOT supporters along with commonsense folk knew ….that good government administration is possible…and LBTS can attain it!..

In her second meeting as Interim Town Manager Connie Hoffman provided snippets of that each and every time she took the mike to offer up a response … It began right from the start as the Commission sat at the Round Table…and made sure this was a less formal way of addressing the  Town’s business …no jackets and ties…first names were used in their exchanges and the Commissioners were free to get up and stretch, get tea or whatever, without concern …. The Mayor set that up and as she did with the Round Table was sans Colon/Olinzock…shoulders were now visibly seen in a relaxed position!…

The Commission began with the Resolution 2010-07 on the meeting and agenda procedures… The Mayor had her list and wanted to clarify certain items that gave the TM the call for deciding if Dept. Heads should be required at a Commission meeting…She found no response and this writer was sure the Commission would need to rectify the lack of response later…but that was taken care of in a far different way than I could have imagined..The Town Manager after hearing some back and forth and listening to the Town Atty. explain why she did not think her report should be moved up on the agenda (reports elsewhere in other municipalities are last on the agenda Tevarthen said to get the business of the Town done first …which includes TM Report-Dept. Report- Public Comments)…TM Hoffman in concurring with Trevarthen added that Dept. Heads should not even need to do reports  if their reports turned over monthly were done right!.. She said the reports she has seen (from the Tues. night meeting) were not!…She went on to explain that it was her stance that Dept. Heads stay at the meeting just in case they needed to assist the Commission…Imagine that!… She added that she and Steve D’Oliveira (PIO) were going to meet with 1 Dept. Head and streamline the reports  to have more substance .. WOW!…Comm. Clottey asked that the reports be available online still…Hoffman said they would be… Hoffman is for less forms…less memos…and e-mails!….The Mayor and Commissioners concurred their aim was for shorter meetings and getting the Town’s business done…So they were more than receptive with the plan…The agendas will keep Public Comments where they are…and also keep Comm. Comments between old and new business… The Mayor changed the organizational rules back to having to pass the gavel  after looking at other municipalities and deciding it was what she wanted to do…not what was done to her  (as was the case in 2008…rectified by VM Dodd in 2010)….The special meetings were verified as to the 24 hrs and what was included to allow shorter for any emergency such as hurricanes etc…It was reiterated from the evening before that it will be one Comm. or the mayor or the TM having the ability and and in the emergency it will only take 2 not 3 to have the meeting…on such short notice…The Commissioners made a few reference here and there to the new TM to make her understand why they asked for some inclusions and why they operated as they did in the past…lack of communication…lack of providing what they asked for etc…Clottey asked that the “minutia” be kept off the dais and that Commissioners go in to see the TM…as she did …She attempted to lay the blame on VM Dodd for such actions…But it was made clear by the Mayor and VM Dodd that it was not possible to do that under the Colon “Regime” for some.. (Colon  we are told would meet with certain Comms. and sandbag them later on the dais)… It was agreed with the new Manager the meetings are again available to all… They talked of changing the agenda the night of…and the TAtty. talked of the pros and cons…It was decided they could continue to do such…but if Trevarthen thought it was not appropriate due to lack of notification to the public she would advise to defer it…The Mayor did the courtesy to ask Ms. Hoffman if she would like to sit elsewhere on the dais…Minnet explained where Colon had sat prior to asking her to move down  a few months ago…Ms. Hoffman said she did not care where she sat and to leave it as it is…A highlight was right afterward when TM Hoffman asked about the agenda closing dates …did the Comm. want them enforced…You could have heard a pin drop on this long discussed issue…BUT…she quickly added if an item was really wanted on an agenda …”I’ll get it done!”…WOW!.. It’s a new day in LBTS!… Hoffman asked about the background materials required …and again received the explanation …it was due to lack of material (later brought to light once more with the materials asked for by Comm. Vincent)…The TM assured that was not going to be a problem going forth…and after Comm. Sasser reiterated his inclusion of the action wanted and a new form that offered that…it was understood again…It’s a new day on LBTS!… The TM said her way of doing business includes staff recommendations that are on 90% of items !.. The Commission was grinning!… That done…the TAtty. will clean it up to bring to the dais  next meeting…

The next item was the “pilot program” for the valet in Pelican Square …it was an idea brought forth last year and it went down in flames…many though due to some “leaning on” certain former Comms. from certain businesses…Now with a new Commission …it has a green light to try as long as the program holds no liability to the Town and is easy to change if it presents logistical problems for traffic and blocking the existing parking lot by the Ham and Egg restaurant … Comm. Sasser who is at the helm this go- round (last time it was Dodd) asked that a meeting with all businesses be called as the program gets going…Clottey spoke of the impact to El Mar Drive small hotels and the prevention of tourists getting to accommodations …The Mayor added the Town should look into how Las Olas  does it …and again addressed the need for “calming traffic detail officers” for the weekend events…More discussion on the major problem of the traffic signal light at A1A and Commercial Blvd….Everyone knows it needs a big fix on the turn time going east but no traction from FDOT…the valet program was referred to TAtty and staff to move forward with the idea the time was right to try it off season…

Comm. Clottey had speedbumps on to discuss putting them on Seagrape Drive south… VM Dodd jumped in to explain the history of that street and Bougainvilla and the previous traffic studies …that Comm. Clottey either hadn’t looked in to or was not provided to her by the prev. Managers…OUCH!… The Mayor and Comms. Vincent and Sasser were nodding in agreement as Dodd spoke of the situation on both streets …and they added their own observations about the cut through use on Bougainvilla and the A1A light problem affecting this as well…The Town Manager concurred and said they would get BSO to oversee both  as Hoffman added that speedbumps were the least effective remedy…It was referred to staff…

The POA was put on the agenda by the Mayor…It has a new President and it needs some exposure…to remain a viable organization…It was not televised over the last 2 years due to political payback from the outgoing majority toward the past Pres. of the group…The Commission seemed to be agreement..but Clottey wanted other groups to be able to have the same use alluding to the CIC…VM Dodd was against that and thought the only political use should be for a visiting elected official who comes to the hall…His concern was that it not turn into an “infomercial”…The TAtty. will do some looking into requirements and return it to the Round Table…

Vice Mayor Dodd put the Purchasing Manual on to get the RFPs opened and again read aloud…the Town Manager asked if it could be deferred as she prioritizes the items…Dodd and others agreed…it goes to staff…

The Realtor was discussed for the warehouse …Comm. Vincent had some additional information to present and passed it around…The Town Manager said she too was already on it…Hoffman said the rent collected in the past amounted to $448,000!…(TM Colon/Asst. Olinzock had the place empty over at least the last year)…Hoffman also said the way to look for a Realtor to was not done the way she felt was appropriate…Comm. Vincent spoke of going to the off site building and explaining what he saw inside with Municipal Dir. Don Prince…It is not being utilized as it should be if we are to keep it in this type of market …Also the Town Manager will look into the taxes…did we pay $15,000 or were we exempt?… Referred to staff …

Commissioner Sasser’s Code of Conduct was on for discussion… Sasser asked for input from others and the TAtty…Trevarthen did look at his Code of Conduct and stated she looked at it as more of a “pledge” …Sasser agreed that was his intent..It was to add to the Code of Ethics and as Trevarthen stated it was for the Commissioners to aspire to hold themselves to a certain level of conduct on the dais …Comm. Vincent had doine some research into the FLOC and their Sunshine Amendment to make sure the Commission not “re-invent the wheel”..The Atty. said it was a difference between the legal Ethics Code and the “pledge” which was seen as more of a case of disapproval from fellow dais members if the Code of Conduct was not seen in a fellow Commissioner… The Tatty. will fine tooth the Code…One Avid Raeder suggested the Code of Conduct should also be for staff to “pledge” to as well…

Comm. Sasser put forth the change of Board of Adjustment to a night time meeting…It is presently at 11:30 am on the 3rd Wed. of the month…As previously posted the BOA appointees have for the most part been inadequate when it comes to hearing variances that have cost the applicants big bucks and time… The Town Clerk said she looked and the 1st Wed. night of each month was available…Easy and quick …right?.. Except for the snafu of none of the table remembering that P &Z/BOA and MPSC are all televised.. … after a question arose from the Mayor on the cost to have it televised on a different night…Why didn’t Steve D’oliveira come out to verify?…All 3 are indeed televised so BOA costs no matter if in the am or at night…What is really required is for the meetings to be taped for later viewing which they are not at this time!… It should be now at 6:30pm on the 1st Wed. in June…

Approval of Special Events…provided another steller moment for the new Town Manager who heartily agreed with the Mayor and the provided backup showing an easy way to apply for an event that is going to be the same as it was previously…commonsense!… Clottey tried mightily to interject pure garbage …and found no takers…The Town Manger also said she was looking into the Code personnel going each week to the Special Events…and the overtime for doing it!…YEA!… payback to the businesses will be a thing of the past…as this Code Enforcement …with overtime was just that!… Referred to staff… Great news for the Chamber!…

Comm. Clottey brought up the fire fees…and perhaps led to a big red flag for the VFD!… Clottey spoke of the smaller 1 room office type businesses without a kitchen getting charged at the same rate as larger…(Hmmm…former Comm. Silverstone rents a small office)….The Town Manager said she had spoken to the VFD Chief , Danny Chavez (Full Time Administrator) and Fire Inspec-Marshall Paine…While the change in cost would be minimal in revenue loss for the Town per the TM …the TAtty. was not sure it would be legal …..The Mayor pointed out that half way through our budget the Town has only collected 16% of the projected revenue that was to be collected by the VFD… Either the VFD was not turning the revenue over or was lacking in their collections as it was pointed out the annual required inspections were large in number ….Clottey who is forever putting her foot in her mouth (yes, still)…stated that some condos were not paying …perhaps to protest ..but did so after they learned it would go to the Special magistrate…(We have never seen any documentation to support this claim)…Referred to TAtty. and staff …

The search for a Permanent Town Manager was discussed and Ms. Hoffman who it seems will be one of the candidates…assisted in offering up the ways this could be done…This writer appreciates Ms. Hoffman’s style of management …in which she has alternatives to offer that are applicable to out Town by way of services that can be obtained to help the process without the cost of a full blown Recruiter ..a cost in the area of $20,000….She also brought up the use of the range Riders (NO!) as the Mayor brought up a committee to assist…VM Dodd thought a Headhunter was called for …stating you get what you pay for… Comm. Sasser was interested in an approach that used many of the aspects of what was discussed…to be cost effective and successful…The Town Manager explained further of what would be entailed after the resume’s come in…cutting to a short list…meeting with the candidates separately and together as a Commission and having a community gathering with the top 3 as well… Th Town Manager if one of them needs to be separate from the process …In the end it was decided to get the RFP that Pompano Beach used recently  (Hoffman was involved with the last City Mgr. search for Pompano) and Broward County…It is this writer’s opinion that we can use what is applicable to LBTS from the 2 or 3 RFPs contained and add any additions as well…put them out on the FLOC classifieds…websites aimed at Top Administrators and in hard print…Once back have the Commission each appoint one person to sit on a committee to represent them and sift through the resume’s …The task should not be difficult with the criteria being known…to the committee…Then do as the TM described in meeting the top 3-5 and make a decision…Interesting also was Hoffman’s statement that Managers are not getting the same severance they once were …and stating she typically advised 3 month severance and later increasing it to 6 month s…Benefits were brought up by the Mayor as needing much scrutiny ion light of the pay-outs we just went through…Referred to Tatty. …staff and agreed upon liaison Mayor Minnet…

The Atty. Generals LETF Opinion was the last item…VM Dodd brought it to the Round Table to discuss if it should be re-addressed on moral grounds …due to his continued and verified (I agree) belief the LETF was not used in accordance with the state statute…Clottey lamely countered the use complied because it was a new Police Facility not the old one!…The examples used in the opinion canceled out her theory… The TAtty. tired to poo-poo it by speaking of the AGO “hierarchy” and that the response to the Commission was the lowest form in that it was from an asst. and not the A.G…. Hmmm…. The Mayor spoke of making it policy going forth not to make the same call as a Commisison…Comm. Sasser clarified he understood where VM Dodd was coming from and concurred on the moral point…but also clarified the TAtty. stated the Town was not in any trouble…after she stated there was no penalty or enforcement to be made by the state… The Mayor was also concerned about the budget if it was paid back from the General Fund…The Town Manager stated she would break the costs down and return with them…Vice mayor Dodd was looking that as well in order to see if any other Commissioners wanted to join him in separating out what was actually “normal” equipment provided and what could be LETF appropriate uses…Referred to staff…

The meeting was adjourned 2 hrs and 17 minutes after it began at 9:17pm!…What this writer feared a mere few days ago was going to be a “bear’ of a Round Table…became a “cub”…NICE!… We are on a roll folks…A roll of seeing just what we were missing!…KUDOS!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Resolution 2010-XX Provides A Life Ring For Taxpayers … …

April 28, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … The Resolution passed last night for new Interim Town Manager Connie Hoffman was a quick savings for the taxpayers of LBTS and should put to rest those ongoing diatribes coming from the disingenuous or the truly uninformed who are acting as if the former Town Manager’s pay-out amount including severance was some sudden unknown surprise…This writer posted it long ago and often, as did By The Sea Future Editor Mark Brown… The only surprise was how it was enacted and how the former Interim Town Manager (Peter Principal employee JohnO according to Clottey) chose to ignore the Commission and the Town Attys. attempts to make sure the compensation was accurate…….The other big surprise was the 1988 Personnel Policy Manual that was kept at bay by the former Town Manager and perhaps her predecessor…It was  just another one of Colon’s inept acts, in this writer’s opinion…It was her responsibility to update it and the Purchasing Manual once she took the top position… Quite something, that she could get on top of what would hit the taxpayers in their pocketbooks picking which codes to update.. and raising fees…but the manual that would have capped her pay-out and perhaps would only have provided her a percentage of accrued and unused leave..not 100% ….stayed far away from the sunshine!…

The question as the inquiry is done is how it all comes out in the wash… Did she and her predecessor get too much? …Is there any recourse to recover the hundreds of thousands they received? … If nothing is done will some past managerial employees  prepare to come back armed with attys. to collect the same big bucks they too accrued ?… The contract for Colon is somewhat confusing …Under 10.0 Vacation, Holiday, Sick, Disability etc… it has the following…

“10.1 Except as provided herein, TOWN MANAGER shall receive the same vacation, holiday, sick leave, dental , health, disability, hospitalization and life insurance benefits as are granted to other non-union employees of the TOWN, without cap.”

And then it diverts with the following…

“10.2 TOWN MANAGER shall receive an fifteen (15) vacation days added to the current bank of vacation days upon commencement of employment. Thereafter she shall accumulate vacation leave as provided under the rules and regulations for other managerial employees of the TOWN, Including pay-out for unused vacation leave on termination.”

10.3 TOWN MANAGER shall be credited with ten (10) sick leave days added to her bank of sick leave upon commencement of employment. Thereafter he shall accumulate sick leave provided under the rules and regulations for other managerial employees of the TOWN, including pay-out for unused sick leave on termination. ”

Was there some difference due to non-union vs. union employee…and which category did Colon/Baldwin fall under?….

According to the information this writer has from the previous two Manager’s Baldwin and Horton (prev. posts)…Bob Baldwin assumed the same contract as Horton when he was voted on to become Interim Town Manager at a Special Meeting on August 23, 1995 (which by the way shows no public comment)… A subsequent update from Baldwin on Dec. 28, 2001 states he was “appointed  as the Interim Town Manager under the same terms as the previous Town Manager” (Horton) …”At that time, it was agreed that my tenure was on a week- to- week basis, therefore, obviating the need for the severance provision or notice requirements in the contract.” “Subsequently, the Commission requested I drop the use of the word “Interim” on the title. Additionally, the Commission has made changes to the Manager’s pay and benefits. The week-to-week basis of my appointment is unchanged. I continue to serve at out mutual desire.” …In a  June 14 2006 Memorandum Baldwin again spoke of his employment  agreement stating the week-to-week basis stating it only required 5 days notice to resign severance pay provision and the agreed upon up to 10 weeks unpaid time to perform consulting assignments … I have not obtained the above mentioned changes of salary benefits stated in the 2001 “Town Manager Reminder”…

The former Manager Horton’s contract (prev. post) includes page 2 “Section 4 Termination and Severance Pay” in which it states “In the event the Employee is terminated by the Commission before expiration of the aforesaid term of employment (Agreement was July 11, 1994 …term expired Sept. 30, 1996) and during such time under that Employee is willing and able to perform his/her duties under this agreement, then in that event Employer agrees to pay Employee a lump sum cash payment equal to four (4) months aggregate salary, benefits, and deferred compensation. Employee shall be compensated for all earned sic leave, vacation, holiday, compensatory time, and other accrued benefits to date. In the event the Employee is terminated for cause or for conviction, then in that event, Employer shall have no obligation to pay the aggregate severance sum designated in the above paragraph.” …Page 4 ” Section 14 Vacation, Sick, and Military Leave” states …”A. As an inducement to Employee to become Town Manger, Employee shall be credited with fifteen (15) days vacation leave and ten (10) days of sick leave. Thereafter, Employee shall accrue and have credited to his/her personal account, vacation  and sick leave at the same rate as other general employees of the Employer.”

BC- So it seems that the payout for vacation and sick leave before Baldwin and Colon was to be at the same percentage and cap as other Town Employees…unless their is documentation found that states otherwise…It seems highly unlikely due to the fact that Horton was terminated with cause according to the Aug. 2001 meeting stating Horton was suspended with pay as they chose to replace him with Baldwin… What needs to be found is Baldwin’s agreement and the changes made by the Commission to his benefits made as he states on Dec. 28,2001 to see why he was given an agreement to not comply with the 1988 Personnel Policy Manual… and walked away with $150,000+ in accrued and unused sick and vacation leave hours … (Colon received close to $100,000)…

The Interim Agreement voted on in a Resolution last night for Interim Town Manager Hoffman…

“1. You shall receive a salary at the bi-weekly rate of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00), which shall be payable in installments at the same time as other employees of the Town are paid. For bi-weekly periods of time in which you work less than 80 hours, you shall be compensated on a pro rata basis for the number of business days that you work in that period. The Town shall provide for all customary and appropriate withholding and contributions in accordance with applicable laws.

2. Your performance may be reviewed by the Town Commission periodically, and you may be entitled to receive wage adjustments at the sole discretion of the Town Commission.

3. You shall be provided with a Town cell phone with unlimited calls, internet and data service plan by the Town; alternatively, you will receive a cell phone allowance of $150 per month.

4.You will accrue sick leave at the accrual rate of 3.70 hours per each two weeks worked. The use of such leave shall be in accordance with the Town’s Personnel Policy Manual dated October 1, 1988. We agree that sick leave is to be used in event that you are sick, but that you will not have the right to a payout for unused sick leave in the event of your separation from Town employment.

5. You will not accrue vacation leave. No car expenses will be reimbursed, except for mileage reimbursement at the current IRS rate for Town-related business activities outside of the Town.

6. You will be eligible to receive health, vision and dental insurance benefits in the manner provided all other Town management employees. Please note that there is a waiting period of 31 days or a full month before health insurance coverage begins.

7. In the event that your Town employment ceases for any reason, you will be entitled only to the following:

a. Your base salary through the date of separation from the Town; and

b. Reimbursement for as-yet unreimbursed expenses under paragraph 3 and 5.

8. You agree to submit to a drug and background check within two (2) weeks of beginning work on April 26, 2010, and understand that if significant issues arise from these checks, your employment may be terminated. The results of this check will be received and communicated to the Commission by the Town Attorney.

9. Except as otherwise provide herein, the Town’s Personnel Policy Manual dated October 1, 1988 shall not be applicable to your employment.

It concluded that if Ms. Hoffman wished to be considered at a later time to serve a Town Manager and was selected neither she or the Town are bound by the terms of this offer agreement. They would negotiate a completely new agreement.

BC- so as it stands on April 28, 2010…the new Commission in the hiring of Ms. Hoffman for the Interim Town Manager position have already saved the taxpayers and have adhered to the “long in the tooth” Personnel Policy Manual…for what appears to be the first time in a very long time…after that manual was found and finally dusted off!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … April 27, 2010 LBTS Commission Meeting …#1 …We Knew It Was Going To Be Different ..

April 28, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers… Last night’s meeting was like the windows were opened wide …and the fresh air finally came in ….While there were definitely a few bad “whiffs” from something “stale” and at times pretty “putrid”…it passed by rather quickly with the overriding “breezes” of commonsense and professionalism found on and off the dais with the newly hired Interim Town Manager, Connie Hoffman and Interim Asst. Town Manager Bud Bentley…It seemed to have traveled to the table where the Dept. Heads sat and remained at throughout the meeting rather then hightailing it out of there as they did under the former Town Manager… Hmmm….

First let’s get the negative energy out of the way…We were all taking bets on whether Cristie Furth would clickity clack her way to the podium for public comments and she did not disappoint with her scurrilous attacks and  ridiculous remarks…They were old “Hat” to all of us who have heard this speech umpteenth times before…It was of the same ilk that lost the election big time for her candidates and her CIC PAC … The “deed” had been done she spouted as she dove right into the former Town Manager’s demise…It was at the top of the mandate that came with the landslide victory for the new Commission… A look back at what we uncovered during  the Colon Administration as well as a look at what will be uncovered will show that the former Town Manager did not “play fair” and certainly did “play political games”… For Ms. Furth to bring up “Totalitarianism” was sure a hoot especially with her longtime pal McIntee’s record use of stopping public comments and shutting speakers off …along with his “gang”…The Special Meetings recently held did not require public comment a fact the Town Atty. repeated yet again tonight…The Mayor made it clear at the Special Meeting that the opportunity to speak would be available this evening… As for the “deed” itself …Ms. Furth fell short again on her recall…or she was just full her usual hypo-Crissie…along with “galpal” “Clueless ” Clottey….the CIC had plans to remove the former Administration in place in 2007-2008…To try as she did (and later by Clottey ) to say the money the $296,000.00 + dollars was somehow on the heads of this new Commission and it is they who have impacted the Town with the payout…is pure lunacy! …The contract was signed… sealed and delivered by her “Broom Boys” and kept under wraps by Colon until it was no longer possible to keep it that way… The Town Manager as previously posted, first tried for a 5 years severance upon termination!… On what planet do you come from to think that keeping her with no term would save us money down the line?… She made 160,000.00 + and the new Interim and permanent Town Manager will not come anywhere near that …and will not have the same accrued perks…That alone will be a savings to the taxpayers in 2010!…. To say Ms. Colon was left with no transportation home having to leave her car and keys (Town property) was disingenuous at best…How is it possible that the pay-out was in the works as soon as the meeting for her termination ended at 5:45, but none of her trusty employees were jumping all over each other to provide her a ride…(if she had not planned for the action to be taken)…says it all…doesn’t it?….We hear there was no show of support from the audience after she made these comments …No applause….and this time unlike Monday morning ….there were no applause as Ms. Furth walked out of Jarvis Hall…

Sad to say VFD member and longtime resident Bob Karley stood up at the podium and made even less sense in his comments to the Commission …At least he didn’t talk about the annexation this time…He spoke of getting severance right away being a normal thing ($296,000?) …and ruining her character …of possible lawsuits for addressing her in the aftermath…and then he became in more incoherent when he spoke making some sort of insinuation as to why the new commission “quit the Chamber”or “gave up the telephone”…HUH?… It was sad  to say the least…

Neither one could hold a candle to “Clueless” Clottey though in her Commissioner Comments… She had the audacity to say “accusations” were made to Cristie Furth for her comments…saying there was name calling when there was not…”suppression” …Give me a break…Furth had her say and others who spoke said they disagreed and found her remarks unfounded  …Freedom of speech was seen from the dais unlike in the prior 2 years….Not one Commissioner responded negatively or tried to stop her from having her say…Clottey picked up where she left off when asking the Finance Director about the $300,000 …She actually tried to put forth that “if asked” the former TM would have stuck around for the transition and resigned without her severance (previously she wanted 5 yrs!)… She hit another new low in saying “some Commissioners wanted blood, and they got it” …She said they “appointed someone in haste”…”An example of the Peter Principal”…OUCH!…She actually said that about JohnO!… She called for a forensic audit …saying none of us want a cover-up…She did her gloom and doom over the BSO and higher taxes…Both the new Interim Managers have dealt with BSO …and have a better chance of negotiating than Colon…in this writer’s opinion…As for higher taxes…Clottey was talking higher taxes when Colon looked like she was here to stay!…So much for that late night visit to the closed down Town Hall East…

No matter ….for these momentary lapses were no match for what was seen and heard last evening…It was something we knew was possible… There was no “Aks”…No “As you recall”…No smarmy JohnO responses…Nope…There was a well spoken woman who sat at the end of the dais who when she spoke was actually easy on the ears .. without the condescending manner seen often in her predecessor when Colon was on the dais… It was really something when Finance Director Kaola King came forward during reports and when asked by Commission Sasser for additional information in the monthly budget report to see if we are ahead or behind on expenditures and revenues…with Ms. King responding she would do what he was requesting and asking if he would also like an explanation included!… Town Manager Hoffman added it was “traditional” to present the commission with a midyear analysis of the budget…in May!… Clottey made her remarks about the $300,000 and Ms King and the Town Manager said it would not impact the Town’s budget or Town staff  payroll…VM Dodd asked Ms King if she was ready to take on the budget which would fall on her shoulders this year…Ms. King did not miss a beat when she responded she was comfortable and confident!…Comm. Sasser asked Her about West Park Finance Director being the 3rd member of the Audit Committee for the RFQ…(prev. post)… Ms. King stated she could confirm he was…But it was very disturbing when she added that she knows Mr Wallace was sent FedEx packages with the audit RFQs but was not privy to their return!…HUH?…If you were an Audit Committee wouldn’t you talk?… Wouldn’t she be involved with Mr. Wallace’s choices?.. WOW… Later on when the audit was discussed for an RFP (prev. post)…TM Hoffman actually said the auditor works and answers to the commission not administration!… Ms. Hoffman would probably be flabbergasted if she was to hear about the former TM’s actions in 2008 when she informed that Commission she was extending the auditors….without providing them the backup…and sent a letter to the auditor that the commission approved the $200,000.00 3 yr. contract!… As most of the attendees did in their public comment…the Commission welcomed the new Interim Town Manager after she thanked all for her warm welcome during the Town Manager Report…She spoke of her connection to the Town, with her husband living here while they were dating…She remembered fishing from the Pier and spoke of meeting most of the employees in the last day and a half…Ms. Hoffman introduced her new Asst. Interim Town Manager Bud Bentley (resume’ prev. post ) and spoke highly of him …stating he has a “sterling reputation”… We have heard she kept her word from the meeting the day before and contacted all Commissioners before she hired Mr.Bentley who we hear was in the lobby in Town Hall bright and early this morning…We also hear Ms.Hoffman was in Town Hall late…as well as early this morning…Yep!…. When the ordinance came up for the 24 hr. opening of certain businesses…it was the new TM who said she would research what other cities have done and bring the information to the P&Z Board to assist!…WOW!… We actually had a Resolution for the employment of the Interim Town Manager…something that was not done for Esther Colon… It passed 5-0…The warehouse was finally discussed (it had been deferred from the last Commission meeting)…and after Comm. Vincent spoke about the lack of backup he requested being provided by the staff…the new TM said she too looked at the file …and found “the file very scant”…She asked Comm.Vincent who he asked for the information and then said she would bring the information he was requesting back to him in a month!…NICE!…. The Town Manager then spoke about the auditors and said we actually have until the first meeting in Sept. to get them in p;ace and she would get to work on an RFP for the commission… again, this is when she said the auditors report to the Commission not the staff…It’s a whole new world!…. There were 2 contracts to approve …electrical and street lights maint….and the new Asst. Town Manager had met with Municipal Director Don Prince according to Ms.Hoffman…who added the bidding could be “improved”…producing a chuckle from a few of the dais members….Mr. Bentley came to the podium and cautioned that typically the bidders are checked for references …and this had not been done!… He asked for a contingency for this to be done if the commission went ahead…The Commission decided to go for an extension with the current vendor to allow for the new Town Manager to evaluate and return with the answers on May 11th… At the end a gentleman came to speak of a problem that was impeding his ability to move ahead on his El Mar Drive project…the new TM said she would like to take the time to speak to staff and the Town Atty… There was no admonishing the gentleman…just the offer to see what was what…Imagine that!…

If this first meeting is any indication of what is to come as we move forward……it is more than a welcoming breeze…I really do believe in time it will show all the naysayers…the agitators and those who are just too plain stubborn to admit all was not right in the last 3 years……just what they did or didn’t even know they were missing…good Town management…from a Town Manager who encompasses a certain style and a definite flair that can only come from being a seasoned professional who is experienced … organized and transparent in her actions …thus providing this Commission and the taxpayers of LBTS an administration that will be proactive…receptive and accountable… to all!… KUDOS… to the 5 Commissioners who selected new Interim Town Manager Connie Hoffman!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … LBTS April 27, 2010 Agenda … It’s A Whole New Game …

April 27, 2010 by Barbara

DAY 2 ….



3. INVOCATION -Reverend George Hunsaker


a. Presentation of Proclamation recognizing Emergency Medical Services Week

(Mayor Minnet)

BC- AMR …self explanatory …a little over the top with the VFD inclusion…especially since most still want to separate out the EMS from VFD calls…Calling the VFD responses 1st Responder Calls ” doesn’t change the fact they are still unnecessary…As one Avid Reader stated  in response to the “knock down the door” excuse…AMR employs VFD officers…they can carry an ax on board if need be …can’t they?…

b. Presentation by Christine Sawyer from BSO External Affairs concerning the

“Operation Medicine Cabinet” take-back event scheduled on May 22, 2010 at

Jarvis Hall (Chief Llerena)


BC- The burning question…will the CIC stand up for the newly terminated Colon and Olinzock?… Will the UOT stand in support of the new Commission following through on changes …or take a wrong turn from the top  …. in not understanding the process itself under legal advice to protect the Town?…


a. Finance and Budget Monthly Report – March 2010 (Director of Finance and

Budget Kaola King)

BC- As reported by Mark Brown the Town Attys. Dan Abbott and Susan Trevarthen went to court a few weeks back to get a dismissal for Bert J. Harris…When were the Commissioners informed of the upcoming court date?…Before the 1st date or after?…

In the backup…

Legal Exp. Curr. Mo. (March) 22,864.50/ Legal exp-Other Curr. Mo. 2,202.16/ BJH Curr. Mo. 698,21/ Total 25,754.87

Sidewalk Main Repair budget 40,000.00/ YTD 11, 100.00…Have a sidewalk in need of repair?…Make a Citizen request…

b. Development Services Monthly Report – March 2010 (Director of

Development Services Jeff Bowman)

BC- YIKES!…8 Bel Air Residents have Liens due to not hooking up to the sewer system/ 2 Residents have liens due to non-visible addresses 1-Terra mar/1 Bel Air that had final Spec. Master orders from Oct. 2009..

644 visitors/1332 informational calls/20 verbal warnings/ 75 notices of violations/ 107courtesy notices/1 citations issued /20 Spec. Master case/ 33 complaints investigated/ 212 re-inspections/23 lien searches/ 0 courtesy letters/ 1 PRR/ 6 business tax license inspec/ 4 fire permit inspec/ 8 fire re-submittals/ 14 final zoning inspec/ 91 zoning reviews/ 45 building permits issued/80  permit applications ..Hmmm.submitted

c. Municipal Services Monthly Report – March 2010 (Director of Municipal

Services Don Prince)

BC- Now with Colon gone/ JohnO gone some splainin’ needs to come from the Building maintenance hours…Town Hall 90 hrs/ Pub Safety Complex 35 hrs /BSO Building 173 hrs/ Fire Dept. 3.5 hrs/offsite bldg. 7 hrs….

d. BSO Police Monthly Report – March 2010 (Chief Oscar Llerena)

BC- Employee of Mo. Toni Anderson CCN 14344

YTD -9.3%

e. VFD Fire Monthly Report – March 2010 (Chief Robert Perkins)

BC- 36 Reg members/ 28 Assoc. members… 22 Fire calls…1st responder call 92 “1st responder calls”…. Beach patrol 60.5 hrs & 29 hrs Station Watch 3363 combined hrs… Lists Safe Place training on Mar. 25 & 29th 1 hr. training/ Aerial Apparatus Course no. SFPC 703 CFA Instructor Mike Cadaro …included John Lavaris as trainee…back now that Colon is gone?…also states 56.4 hrs Beach Rescue Jet Ski Drills no hrs. or trainees listed… 4:18 first engine out avg. for mo….and the sunk boat?….

f. AMR EMS Monthly Report – March 2010 (Chief Brooke Liddle)

BC- 3 :34 100% response time avg.

g. Stormwater Master Plan Final Report (Town Engineer James Barton)

BC- From the backup..the hope is the promised data presented will make it worth the big buck$- because so far it looks like VM Dodds’ idea to go around and look-see…was about the same …thus far!…



a. Status Report

BC- What will TM Hoffman have in her 1st full day to report?…More than the Fl.Atty. General’s LETF opinion that verified what VM Dodd and this writer said all along that the funds were improperly used?…The Town was responsible for providing the changes needed for routine police quarters …The Town Atty. and Town Manager Colon said a reply would take a long time…it took about 3 weeks!..The two also indicated the request from BSO made it the BSO’s bailiwick when dealing with any questions from the state on the criteria being met..Not so!…The opinion said despite the request from BSO it falls squarely on the Commission that approved the use …as meeting the state statutes…which it did not!… Apologies “Cluuless” to VM Dodd?….


a. March 23, 2010 Regular Meeting

BC- so looks like no minutes to approve…


1. Ordinances 1st Reading






DATE -Deferred at the February 9, 2010 Commission meeting by

Commissioner Clottey

BC- Needs to go to Round Table for discussion w/ new Commission…






— Approved 24hr written notice for 1St reading at the April 13, 2010

Commission meeting.

BC- Needs a few tweaks to go to 2nd Ord…the time and who may call the meeting…why should it take 2 Comms. vs 1 TM or the Mayor?…

2. Ordinances 2nd Reading



a. Commission approval of issuance of forty-five (45) parking permits to the

Caribe, Inc. of Broward County for use in EI Prado Parking lot, on Monda~

March 7, 2011, from 8:30 a.m. till 12:00 p.m. during use of Jarvis Hall for 49t

Annual Shareholders Meeting (Interim Town Manager John Olinzock)

b. Commission approval of Special Event Permit Application

The Sea/101 Ocean for Music By The Sea 2010, annual,

night, 4:00 PM till 11:00 PM, May 1, 2010 through April 30

Town Manager John Olinzock)

BC- missed opportunity for Round Table due to erroneous and incorrect statements made by “Clueless” Clottey and formerly employed JohnO about how we ended up w/ a 3 mo. permit…Back to Round table for 12 mos. and equal time for these 2 applicants that was given to Village Grille…

13. RESOLUTION – “Public Comments”



a. Resolution re: Second ILA Public School Facility Planning of Broward

County (Town Attorney Susan Trevarthen) Deferred from the April 13, 2010

Commission meeting by Vice Mayor Dodd

BC- A big thumbs down…vote no…

b. Commission approval to proceed with RFP 10-03-02 for Realtor (Town

Manager Esther Colon) Deferred from the April 13, 2010 Commission

meeting by Vice Mayor Dodd

BC- should be moot until after Round Table discussion on what now?…

c. Code of Conduct far Commission. This will be in addition to a Code of Ethics.

Attached backup is simply a draft for discussion and consideration. I would

like to have the Town Attorney, after discussion from the Commission, begin

drafting the Code of Conduct for the Commission. I expect this to be pushed

to Roundtable discussion but wanted To get this in front of the Commission

for immediate attention (Commissioner Scot Sasser) Deferred from the

April 13, 2010 Commission meeting by Vice Mayor Dodd

BC- Needs Round Table Discussion after Comm. Sasser comments…

d. Discussion and/or action regarding changing the time for the Board of

Adjustment Meeting to an evening hour. I believe this will generate more

interest and applications for this Board. I expect a motion to make the

meeting time to 6:00 PM or 7:00 PM on a date specified by the Board

(Commissioner Scot Sasser) Deferred from the April 13, 2010 Commission

meeting by Vice Mayor Dodd

BC- KUDOS!… Pick a night!…

e. Request update on Warehouse Located at: 5423 NE 14th Avenue

(Commissioner Chris Vincent) Deferred from the April 13, 2010

Commission meeting by Vice Mayor Dodd

BC- After Comm. Vincent comments ….go to Round Table for discussion on what to do next now that Colon is gone…

f. Discussion regarding Ordinance 2010-03 amending Chapter 2

“Administration,” Article III “Departments,” and Article IV, “Officers And

Employees,” of the Town Code of Ordinances, in order to update Town

departments and duties (Town Attorney Susan Trevarthen) Deferred at the

April 13, 2010 Commission meeting by Vice Mayor Dodd

BC- This needs lots of input …the “obsolete” Town Clerk Auditor description in backup…crossed contains what has sorely been “obsolete” in the last 3 years or more….

g Discussion regarding Ordinance 2010-04 amending Chapter 2

“Administration”, Article II “Town Commission” and Chapter 7 “Elections” of

the Town Code of Ordinances, in order to address conflicts with the Town

Charter and within the code regarding election procedures (Town Attorney

Susan Trevarthen) Deferred at the April 13, 2010 Commission meeting by

Vice Mayor Dodd

BC- Some tweaking required …

h. Discussion regarding Ordinance 2010-05 amending Chapter 30, Unified Land

Development Regulations of the Code of Ordinances by amending the

provisions applicable to the Planning and Zoning Board and the Board of

Adjustment (Town Attorney Susan Trevarthen) Deferred at the April 13,

2010 Commission meeting by Vice Mayor Dodd

i. Commission approval to proceed with RFP 10-03-01 for Audit Services (Town

Manager Esther Colon) Deferred at the April 13, 2010 Commission

meeting by Vice Mayor Dodd

BC- Now that Colon is gone…let’s see what the new TM has to add…AND who was the 3rd person on the Audit Committee…I still have no response for PRR requests to Town of LBTS or West Park…Finance Dir. Chris Wallace just replied I needed to make PRR and would not “answer the simple question”..yes or no .. he was committee member #3!…


a. Commission selection of a Municipal Director, Alternate and Second

Alternate to the Broward League of Cities for the 2010 – 2011 year (Town

Clerk June White)

BC- Mayor Minnet should have the position…

b. Commission approval for a ninety (90) day contract extension for Martial Arts

Instructor to Japan Karate-Do Genbu of Florida, Inc. (Interim Town Manager

John Olinzock)

BC- was this the 1st instructor or the one who replaced the 1st instructor w/out his knowledge?..We hear the 1st Instructor never did hear why he was replaced!…

c. Commission approval of contractor and approval of contract for Electrical

Maintenance Services Agreement ITB 10-03-01 (Interim Town Manager John


BC- TM input  if she had time to look the bids and bid process over…

d. Commission approval of contractor and approval of contract for Streetlight

Maintenance Services ITB 10-03-02 (Interim Town Manager John Olinzock)

BC- Ditto!…

e. Change of Method for approving Annual Special Events (Mayor Minnet)

BC- With JohnO gone…let the commonsense return!…This should get a big 5-0 pass!…

f. Discussion and/or Action: Fire inspection fees for small business/offices are

very high compared to larger businesses. Offices up to 15,000 sq. ft .are

changed the same fee. A small one room office pays the same fee as a large

office with a number of employees. The VFD is currently using the fee

structure used by Broward County but it can be adjusted by the Town

Commission to help out the small businesses -Expected Outcome Fire

inspection fees should be reduced for small offices (Commissioner Birute

Ann Clottey)

BC-A  business talking to “Clueless”?…WOW!…


BC- The TA needs to speak on progress etc…just as the TM


Meeting open to public…on Ch. 78 Comcast/ online Town Website

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … April 26, 2010 Special Meeting … Part 2 … Let’s Try This Again … Interim Town Manager

April 26, 2010 by Barbara


Interim Town Manager Connie Hoffmann 954-776-0576

Dear Readers …. the Town has already changed once again the Town Manager online….after the Commission hired her this morning at the Special Meeting to deal with the aftermath of the termination of Esther Colon and the subsequent (was it subsequent of did it pre-date the firing of Ms. Colon) actions of the newly appointed Interim Town Manager John Olinzock and staff…(prev. post)…

With JohnO now officially terminated and making his way out of Jarvis Hall …the Mayor turned to the next item which was to find his replacement… The Mayor stated the candidates for the position “have heard it all”…alluding to the incredible exchange that took place in front of them leading up to the 5-0 vote…Comm. Vincent asked if any of the candidates would not be able to serve as Town Manager immediately as that was now of the utmost importance…He went on to speak of allowing the applicants 2-3 minutes to speak and do so in alphabetical order… “Clueless” Clottey interjected that it was an important decision and was it advisable to do this now without checking their references …because she said we all know that resume’s can “have some errors in them” (meaning they could be falsified, we opine) … Atty. Weiss shored up the ability to move forward and the Mayor said she had done her due diligence since receiving the resumes’ …3 others on the dais concurred… It turned out that a few of the candidates thought this was for the whole enchilada and took a pass on the short stint as Interim…It appears they would throw their hats in the ring for the RFP when it comes out…Someone shouted out that the candidates should not be in the room when others were introducing themselves and answering questions…Atty. Weiss countered the opposite was required for Sunshine unless the applicants all decided to go that route …It appeared they did and Finance Director Kaola King led them to the Senior Center to await their turns due to Town Hall still being locked down… They started with Bud Bentley (resume’ prev. post) …he stated among his qualifications negotiating with BSO…no questions were asked of him from the Commissioners… Next was Daniel Coffer…His resume’ was among those distributed on Friday to the Commission … (we hear it was in their boxes after the lock down precluding them to see it before the meeting)…He stated he lived in LBTS …Clottey decided that she should ask each if they were for the interim job and/ or the permanent position…He was for both…Up next was Connie Hoffman (resume’ prev. post)…Ms. Hoffman took the opportunity to speak about what an interim does and her expertise in the role as well as her prior experience as a City Manager (Ft. Laud.) …She had put the interim only position on her cover Page according to Clottey…But Ms. Hoffman seemed to be reconsidering it… Mark Lauzier came to the podium (resume’ prev. post) and said he was a consultant who was also the prev. City Mgr. of Parkland …He was asked by Clottey his preference and said both and also answered Clottey as to why he left Parkland …He said he has a “special needs” child…and left to make a change…was not satisfied and that references will show no termination… Mike Mahaney  (resume’ prev. post) was the recently fired Deerfield Beach City Mgr. who described his sense of the issues here in town such as restrooms sewer problems and such and the plus of having his engineering degree…He said he has a close personal relationship with God and explained the family tragedy of an ill son and not wanting to leave the area while the son is in treatment…Asked by Clottey about the permanent position as well as his termination in Deerfield Mr. Mahaney spoke of his stance over a Fire Inspector and his downfall due to politics over his decision…John Thompson came to re-introduce himself to Commissioners he knew and introduce himself to the two new dais members…He explained his wanting to offer to serve as he had in the past if needed and to assure it was for interim only when asked by Clottey stating he would consult afterward if need be … Edward J. Werder  (resume’ prev. post) the Col. from BSO said he received a phone call last Tues.night and came to offer his service …he explained his current role as a consultant to the BSO dealing with the crime lab and explained he was looking to  see if their was a conflict …as to not cause any for the Town and for himself and his reputation…He spoke of the “stressers” felt in Town  and the ability to assist in an investigation without impeding the Commission’s ability to move on with the business of the Town…Clottey asked her permanent/interim question…told of her conflict issues with BSO’s contract coming up and asked if Werder sign an agreement not to consult with BSO for a year or two after leaving employment from the Town…Werder said it would depend if the position was for interim or permanent…verifying in any case he would not allow for any conflict of interest…Last up was Elbert E.Wrains (resume’ prev. post) …He said he was ready to serve immediately…spoke of his experience …hands on style and was here to serve as an interim Town Manager ..but would not rule out the permanent position… With that the Commission took a break…

The Mayor returned to reiterate Town Hall was still closed until the new Town Manager was in place…Comm. Clottey asked they prioritize and get a short list of 3-4 candidates…Comm. Vincent again reiterated a short list as well and how it would work with each dais member choosing 3 and sending the list on down to the Town Clerk (Oh ye of great faith in the Town Clerk’s tabulating skills!)… Comm. Vincent went on to explain his process for a tie as well…Once it was clarified and accepted  with one Town Atty. change to read the names aloud, the process began with the Commissioners filling out a sheet of paper and passing it down…Town Clerk White didn’t disappoint those of us who know how truly inept she is in her position when she was unable to tabulate the results…She said there was a tie… The Commission asked her to read them..even that was a problem and the Town Atty. needed to step in..

Comm. Clottey- Hoffman/Mahoney/ Thompson

Comm. Vincent -Hoffman/ Bentley/ Lauzier

VM Dodd- Hoffman/ Werder/ Coffer

Mayor Minnet – Hoffman/ Wraines/ Lauzier

Comm. Sasser- Hoffman/ Werder/ Mahaney

The Commission informed the Town Clerk there was no tie (for 1st choice)…as VM Dodd informed the rest of the candidates an RFP would be going out and they could re-apply…Clottey tried to say the process was not proper because she thought they were done..with no second choice… and it still required a final vote…The Mayor assured her a motion was going to follow …Comm. Vincent also thanked the candidates as did Mayor Minnet ..who added thanks to her fellow Commissioners for moving this process ahead…The Atty. gave advice for the motion and offered there needed to be direction for guidance in the employment of Ms. Hoffman… The Mayor then added a clear 2nd choice was required due to any problems in negotiation…That was where there was a tie of sorts… and the Commission needed to vote once more …But not before the Town Clerk incorrectly read back the 2nd choices…The votes were as follows…Clottey- Mahaney….Sasser- Werder….Minnet & Vincent & Dodd – Lauzier… ..A name that Town Clerk White could not wrap around her tongue…(she did apologize)… So 2nd choice was Mark Lauzier… The appointment was made for Hoffman and Lauzier if she could not serve…by Dodd and Vincent..But a vote did not come until “Clueless” Clottey again put a crimp in the process by stating the problem with past salary amounts…The Town Atty. said make motion and then proceed with the negotiations…The vote was taken 5-0… Connie Hoffman was the new Interim Town Manager of LBTS!…

Atty. Brett Schneider said a member of the Commission should be a liaison …and Vincent-Dodd made the 1-2 motion for the Mayor to take on that role…passed 5-0….The Mayor addressed the investigation aspect that was separated out from the Olinzock termination motion…being the first priority for the new TM to expedite…Clottey said it was putting the “cart before the horse” …The Town Atty. was asked for a recommendation …Trevarthen acknowledged Ms. Hoffman who came to the podium and offered to negotiate there and then in a 10 minute break to hit the ground running and even offered to work with no compensation for a few days if there was no immediate  agreement…Town Atty. Trevarthen was agreeable and said it could be done this way with the Resolution to be voted on at Tuesday night’s Comm. meeting (a Resolution was never done for Colon)… A 10 minute break was called after Comm. Sasser said if they were not finished in 10 minutes they should go for the non-compensation offered up by Hoffman… A break was called….

At 11:08 am the Mayor came to the dais as did the rest of the Commission etc…She thanked the Commission..Hoffman and the Town Atty…The Town Atty. recapped the discussion that took place…The new Interim Town Manager would be an “at will’ employee and would be compensated $10,000 a month…with the ability for health ins. after 31 days…cell phone expenses …No car…or  reimbursement…No accrued vacation or sick leave…and she would not get paid for time not working …such a being sick …The Commission and Hoffman would start all over if she stayed on after being again chosen by the Commission for a permanent position… Clottey crass as usual asked that Hoffman get a background check and drug test…Hoffman of course said she would (it is a requirement)…but informed Clottey that would require  a few days…Clottey said it was customary…Hoffman joke she would of course get one and if their were any problems found she would be gone!…Atty. Schneider added the agreement would still be terminable without cause…serving at the pleasure of the Commission… Comm. Sasser wanted to clarify the amount and if terminated the costs entailed just for time owed…and was assured it was so….The Mayor reminded all the Resolution would be tomorrow night and allow for public comment…The Town Atty. again went over the agreement …The motion made by Dodd- Vincent was passed 5-0…

The Mayor then gave direction concerning the payout to the newly terminated John Olinzock to the new Town Manager along with the inquiry…Clottey said she wanted the results made public …The other Commissioners looked at her yet again with a look of “Clueless”…and added of course…transparency yadayadayada….The direction passed 5-0… Clottey tried to state the Charter requires an Asst. Town Manager for taking the place of the Town Manager when the Town Manager is away…NOPE!… She is wrong as Comm. Vincent informed her ….In fact as prev. posted when JohnO was elevated in 2008 from Asst. To TM to Asst. TM the employment agreement took that out!… The new Town Manager said that while she did not have to discuss it she would with each Commissioner knowing the situation and the would get feedback to present her decision tomorrow night…NICE!…

A motion was then made by VM Dodd to cancel the 7 pm meeting for Capital Improvement Projects…it was to be led by the just terminated JohnO and it can be brought back under TM Hoffman at another time…passed 5-0…

The meeting was adjourned…

We hear new Interim Town Manager went right into the now opened Town Hall …. rolled up her sleeves to get right to work…and to deal with whatever she walked into to when she accepted her new position!…

More pics…

Thanks to the Roving Photogs….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Did They Call Themselves?….

April 26, 2010 by Barbara


Perhaps, it is indicative of the Colon Administration…….a sinking ship?…OUCH!…

more to come…..

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Here’s The Scoop …. LBTS April 26, 2010 Special Meeting …. Part 1….. The Colon Administration …Another One Bites The Dust …

April 26, 2010 by Barbara


Soon to be terminated Interim Town Manager John Olinzock at Special Meeting answering to the Commission….

Dear Readers …at 8 am this morning the new majority of the LBTS Town Commission surprisingly joined by a rather reluctant and even more “Clueless”, Comm. Clottey to terminate the Interim Town Manager John Olinzock!…

The Commission moved the agenda around and put this disturbing situation first …as it was the most important job in Town …The only one who thought otherwise was the outgoing Interim Town Manager JohnO!….

The Mayor assisted by the Town Attorney, Atty. Brett Schneider and Atty. Richard Weiss were more than advisers in the process of this termination…they became the focal point of finger pointing by the Interim Town Manager as he accused them of not doing their jobs!…

This came right after Atty. Brett Schneider asked by the Town Atty. Trevarthen spelled out once more what had transpired between the Town’s law firm and the Town Manager and his staff…(prev. post e-mail )…Comm. Vincent stated that JohnO did not do his job and asked to terminate without discussion…An opinion given by Atty. Schneider was that John Olinzock as of that time “stood in the Town Manager’s shoes” and as such he could be terminated from employment without cause…and not to return to the Asst. Town Manager position as offered up by “Clueless” Clottey …(perhaps emboldened this morning by a sun-glassed appearance by Cristie Furth who had yelled out for public comment only to admonished by the Mayor)…Clottey said she too was not told the payout and not happy with the actions taken (eggshells don’t ya know)…Comm. Sasser asked about the Town’s personnel manual and Mr. Schneider answered  they had found it and it was from 1988 …with a Resolution made in 1991..No updating could be located …and no information on the adherence to it was known…(we hear it was adhered to for some managerial/ full-time employees and not others)…It contained a “cap” for Vacation accrued and unused leave hours of 240 hrs and a cap of 480 hrs. for unused and accrued sick leave with a 25% of the hours not 100% as provided to both Colon and Baldwin and whomever else received that in their pay-out packages…We have heard this could leave the door open for former employees to come back and fight for their unused hours!….Comm. Dodd  asked if the Town law firm had ever made a public records request to a Town for the information being asked for…The answer a resounding NO!… They had never experienced anything like this…Mr. Schneider went on to speak of the usual experience where the Town Attys. would be an integral part of the payout process…. The Mayor asked that in the event there was an investigation the staff be included due to the non responsiveness that beyond the Interim Town Manager… added as a “friendly amendment”…”Clueless” Clottey after hearing the Atty. Schneider still went ahead to ask that JohnO be put back as Asst. Town Manager because of budget time!… The Mayor promptly replied we have a Finance Director, Kaola King and we would not be left without anyone as “Clueless” stated…Com. Sasser wanted clarification on the holding back of JohnO’s own pay-out and the Mayor said her intention when she put it forth was after the investigation into Colon’s payout was resolved..

Vice Mayor Dodd then asked to question Interim TM John Olinzock …The Mayor asked JohnO to go down and stand at the podium which he did…He was visibly nervous and his voice was shaky …He began by thanking the VM and said he was beginning to wonder if he was not living in the United States of America…The Mayor unappreciative of his opening remark set him straight… This is where JohnO dug himself a bigger hole than the one he was already in…He called Town Atty. Trevarthen by her first name Susan and tried to put the onus on her for not being involved from the time of his appointment last Tues. night…He insinuated that they had commiserated in the predicament of what had transpired with the termination of TM Colon…and then went to say Trevarthen had left Jarvis Hall and the process itself…He sounded like he had been coached in this writer’s opinion by none other than the former Town Manager when he spoke of the contract being “silent” as to how the payment was received…He actually tried to admonish the Commissioners by stating they were all aware of the payout week and they too had received their checks on Fri. (Apr. 23rd)…He again used the lame and weak excuse that the termination fell within this pay period and he did exactly as instructed by the Commission…He said he spoke to all the Commissioners and said a Special Meeting was required for him to act on their request to stop or hold payment (it was not) and cited past incidents when something was done without such meetings…He was also way off base and equally weak as he tried to say once he received in writing what the Town Atty. wanted it was”disseminated” as quickly as possible…Comm. Sasser asked JohnO why he immediately left and asked Town staff to get to work (it was after close of business at 5:45 pm -overtime?)…Olinzock again threw the Town Atty. under the bus stating she could have come to Town Hall at any time to get whatever she wanted and id not…The Town Atty. spoke in her own defense and stated she had no idea the pay-out was to begin as soon as the termination meeting was over  and the written form request was done “at great reluctance” after at least 6 attempts to procure the information …She also stated that JohnO thought agendas were more important that the pay-out …Atty. Schneider stood at the podium to counter John Olinzock’s claims and pronounced them “not accurate” that the firm was very specific what was being asked from the Town Manager and his staff…JohnO said he had 2 questions for “Susan” (TAtty.) He went on to speak of that Tues. night exchange and further added that Trevarthen was “caught in the middle” of representing the Town and the Commission …He made his public meeting historical point and the need for “consensus” from the board…It seemed Atty. Richard Weiss (longtime friend and choice for Town Atty. of former TM Colon) could not sit still in the audience anymore…He took the podium to say in 30 years he has never seen a situation like this  before!…Mr Weiss said he had never seen a check cleared this quickly!…And he said to Olinzock “in all due respect, we are always consulted!”…Normally it’s a couple of days and Commissioners would be be informed…The idea that the check was issued that night and that this was not the most important thing …that other things were more important ..He couldn’t believe this happened!…If this had happened in his office those who did it would be gone…Weiss added none of the Managers in the hall today would act this way!… (Would I love to be a fly on the wall if Weiss ever spoke to Colon again!)…Olinzock said that some Commisioners wanted the check stopped or asked about 12 month payment of the funds ..Comm. Sasser asked it there was a hold placed…Olinzock answered no…Sasser went on to ask about the verification Atty. Schneider asked for…JohnO acted like he did not get the question…and answered no…VM Dodd asked how quickly former TM Baldwin was payed…JohnO said he was noit there and spoke of other situations …again going back to the pay period ending… Dodd asked him if ADP (payroll co.) ended the pay period at close of business or 12 am…Olinzock did not know…(The question was due to the TM missing the pay period and the thought it should have been held to the next pay period)…Dodd reiterated the Commissioners and the Town Atty. direct communications to JohnO and stated JohnO had the authority to authorize the payment and t hold the payment…The Interim TM had the audacity to try and compare the expediency of the TM pay-out with the pre-penalty loan payback debacle!…VM Dodd was having none of it and straightened him “flat out” (a Dodd-ism) on that expediency being part and parcel to the termination of his former boss!…. JohnO was barely treading water at this point as he tried to use the contract was “silent” as to the payout once more…He was asked by Dodd if he discussed the pay-out with Colon …JohnO replied no…VM Dodd asked about the figures including the 1266 hrs of unused sick/vacation time adding up to 31 weeks …in less than 3 years…and JohnO looking as if he was only minutes from hitting the bottom of the ocean responded that he looked at the records …compared them …BUT …”did not know how it was done”…He stupidly replied that he could not know every function to this business (Administration.. remember he applied for the interim position) and added “if you’re and accountant you may have a good atty….if your a builder you may have a good salesman”…HUH?…Comm.Vincent pointed out to JohnO his lack of judgment and asked if he would have gone back to Town Hall at 5:45 to do the pay-out for any other employee in this situation…JohnO replied he did not see it as an issue!…JohnO returned to the payroll and how it coincided once more…He stated the instructions from the Commission that evening were immediate…and the contract was “silent” as to TM Colon being paid…He was called out on that claim…Comm. Sasser asked about the calculations  and read the Atty. letter on what was asked for…JohnO asked for it to be read again..Sasser complied …and asked Olinzock if their was “any ambiguity” …JohnO replied “I don’t believe so”…The Town Atty. asked to add that each time she spoke to him she was trying to carry out her assignment…JohnO said he believed the payment was correct…The Mayor said “we all make choices time will tell if this was a good one.”….Comm. Sasser asked the motion be read again…the Mayor added in her friendly amendment of the investigation… Comm. Sasser clarified no cause was required …and clarified the conditions did not insinuate reason…The Atty. affirmed no problem …Clottey asked for the motion to be separated from each other …adding she wanted the Comm. to consider it even though it came from her…The Mayor cut her down by stating it was something she intended for the length as well of the motion…The Atty. conferred it could be done either way… Atty. Weiss stated he agreed with 2 motions to allow the new interim to deal with direction after the termination of Olinzock… Clottey (who must have swallowed a lot of Kool-aid the evening before at the CIC meeting) stated an apology should come from the dais if nothing was wrong..throwing a “zinger” on VM Dodd saying he was “keen on apologies”….(Nothing wrong?…CLUELESS!)… Comm. Sasser tying up loose ends wanted it stated that JohnO was terminated from employment and would not go back to being Asst. Tm…Town Atty. Trevarthen had to take some pleasure in stating that was correct after enduring Olinzock’s statements thus far this morning…Clueless wasn’t done though she took aim at the Mayor insisting the Mayor was talking about a “conspiracy” with the need to investigate Town staff… and she was “troubled by the Mayor taking it to another level.”…HUH?…Due diligence to inquire on staff when the Town Attys. have already stated their involvement?… All together now “CLUELESS!”… The Mayor stated we just want to understand how and why and then said this meeting was “deteriorating” (due to Clottey)….Finance Director Kaola King came to the Hall (we hear that although certain staff was asked by VM Dodd to the Interim Town Manager to attend they were in the Town trailer…Town Hall remained locked down until a new Interim was appointed ) …Ms. King pointed out the need for a two signatures on check…HUH?…Seemed unnecessary to come forward with in the scheme of things… Atty. Weiss again reiterated the need for two motions …The motion to terminate Interim Town Manager John Olinzock was read by the Town Atty. including no pay-out until after the full calculations of the Colon pay-out were submitted to the Town Attys. and presented for appoval to the Town Commission….Comm.Vincent made the motion …second by VM Dodd the votes were 5-0…Another one bites the dust!…

The Mayor allowed the newly terminated John Olinzock to speak when he followed in the footsteps of his former boss and asked for a “point of personal privilege” to thank the residents and the Commission for this opportunity …stating he learned a lot (apparently not enough to run a Town)…OOPS!…He went on t speak about learning a lot about freedoms….

Comm. Vincent asked to give direction for John to collect his personal belongings…and the Mayor asked the BSO Sherif to escort Olinzock…

We hear there were possibly 3-4 people CIC members for his support…and as Cristie Furth walked out…there was applause for her leaving not for JohnO!…OUCH!….

On the way out it was said that JohnO turned to Atty. Brett Schneider and warned him he would be next to be fired!…

Outside it was said Cristie Furth was dogged as if JohnO needed protection and threatened that pics of her if published would be cause for a lawsuit…Hmmm… seems Ms. Furth forgot her husband stating to this writer at Halloween that no such thing applies on public property…and he proceeded to publish a photo of this writer in their long gone local paper… So in the interest of “fair’s fair”..This writer will return the “fair”…below!…

Photos from this morning…

Atty. Brett Scneider

Interim Town Manager Olinzock, Comm. Clottey

A disgruntled? sun- glassed Cristie Furth

Atty. Schneider setting Interim TM Olinzock’s straight on statements made

Newly terminated John Olizock escorted by BSO

JohnO, escorted by Cristie Furth , Atty. Brett Schneider and BSO Officer

JohnO and Cristie Furth camera- shy after termination and applause for Furth’s exit from Jarvis Hall?

Thanks to the roving photogs…

The new Interim Town Manager post is next…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …Lauderdale- By- The- Sea Interim Town Manager … Resume’s

April 25, 2010 by Barbara

IT’S A CHOICE POSITION …. pun intended……

Dear Readers … The Commission has a choice to make tomorrow morning…Who will be the Interim Town Manager while we look for a replacement for former Town Manager Esther Colon… We have had quite a nice response between close of business Tues. April 20th and noon on Friday April 23rd… They include the former City Manager of Fort Lauderdale/The Colonel in the BSO who spoke for former Chief Scott Gooding/The former Asst. City Manager of Fort Lauderdale/The Deputy Director of Recreation for Deerfield Beach/ The recently fired Town Manager of Deerfield Beach/ The soon to be terminated ? Interim Town Manager of LBTS/The former City Manager of for the City of Parkland- Asst. City Mgr. Pompano Beach/The Town Clerk for Davie/The City Financial Consultant/ Accountant for the City of Plantation/A Senior U.S. Foreign Service Officer -Founder of the CAC+ CIC PAC organization – Local BTSTimes Newspaper staff writer – CIC Citizen of the Year- with a brief stint as “Town Historian” in town …..

RESUME’S …  in no particular order…..

1. Constance W. Hoffman –

Professional Experience-currently Senior VP  The Mercer Group, Inc. 2008-present/ Constance Hoffman Management Consulting 1997-present/VP of Human Resources & Public  Relations Executive Director of Human Resources & Public Relations Alamo Rent-A-Car 1990-1996/ City Manager  City of Fort Lauderdale 1980-1990/Administrative Assistant (Budget Analyst) – Asst. City Manager- Deputy City Manager 1974-1980/

Education-B.A. and M.A. Degrees in Political Science FAU

BC- We hear she was a close friend of former Asst. Town Manager  Laura Ward …surprised Ms. Hoffman did not go for a return to Fort Lauderdale …A google shows her name popped up as they too are in the process for replacing their terminated City Manager ..

2. Edward J. Werder-

Education- Nova University, Ft. Laud.  completed course work for Doctorate of Public Administration/ Nova U.,Ft. Laud. Completed course work for Master of Public Administration/ FIU , Miami Master of Science in Management /FAU, Boca Raton Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree awarded from School of Social Sciences  with a concentration in Criminal Justice /BCC, Ft. Laud. Associate of Science Degree awarded with a concentration in Criminal Justice Technology/ BCC, Ft. Laud Assoc. of Arts Degree was awarded with a concentration in Pre-Education

Professional Experience-Administration Senior Public Safety Consultant International City Mgr. Assoc./ Colonel, Executive Director of the Dept. of Law Enforcement, BSO/ Professor BCC Inst. of Public Safety/ Werder and Assoc. Inc. , President/ Major BSO Chief of Police Cooper City Police Dept./ Undersheriff St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Dept./ Chief of Staff BSO rank of Colonel/ Chief of Police Miramar Police Dept./Undersheriff  holding rank of Col. assigned as chief operating officer BSO/ Dir. of Strategic Planning BSO rank Col./ Chief of Police Port St. Lucie  Police Dept./ Dept Dir. BSO rank of Major/ Ex. Asst. of BSO rank of Captain/ Ex. Asst. to BSO Rank of Capt./ Cat. of Admin. BSO/ Director of Training BSO rank of Capt./ Capt. in chg. of the Criminal Investigations Div. BSO  / Lt. in chg of crimes against persons in uninc. Broward County/ Teaching  Exp. Fl. Criminal Justice Executive Inst./ Southern Police  Institute / U. of N. Carolina/ Nova U./ FAU/ American Soc. of Criminology/ St. Thomas of Villanova U./ Inst. of Public Safety BCC/ Miami Dade Comm. College/Indian River Comm. College

Col. Werder also listed in his 14 page resume 10 project development items/ 19 Recognition & add. skills / 18 Specialized Training /39 Community Involvement- Committees/ 10 Professional Associations/7 publications

BC-Again as VM Dodd stated from the dais this is the Col. who spoke on behalf of former Chief Scott Gooding and was very impressive as he did so…

3. Ralph “Bud” Bentley-

Professional Experience -Broward Partnership For The Homeless Inc. Consultant 2009 /Broward County Ft. Laud. Fl. Asst. to County Administrator 2006-2008/ City of Oakland Park Fl. Director of Parks and Recreation 2004-2006/City of Ft. Laud. Fl. Asst. City Manager 1993-2004/ City of Rio Rancho, NM City Administrator 1989-1993

Prior Exp. -Indian River Fruit Co. Ft. Laud. Fl. Pres/CEO/ City of West palm Beach Fl. Asst. City Manager Asst./ Jackson County, Medford Oregon Asst. County Administrator , Senior Administrative and Administrative Asst.

Education- Master of Administration U of Arizona Tuscon Ariz./Bachelor of Science Public Administration U. of Oregon Eugene Oregon

Mr. Bentley listed 5 items of community service from 2004-present

BC- looks like Mr. Bentley came in 3 yrs after Ms. Hoffman to Ft. Laud to serve that city…

4. Jack Disher –

Government Experience- City of Deerfield Beach Deputy Director of Recreation 2005- present- Acting Director 2005-2005-Asst. Director  Community Services Dept. 2002-2005/ City of Jacksonville, Fl. Senior Recreation Leader 2000-2002/ Spartanburg County SC Director Parks and Rec.1994-1995 / City of Columbia SC Director Parks and Rec. 1980-1992

Additional  Prof. Exp.Columbia SC General Mgr.The Motherload Superstore Furniture Liquidation 1990-2000/Magr-Asst. Mgr. Rooms To Go 1998-1999 Columbia SC/ Operations Mgr. Cleaning By The Best 1995-1998 Atlanta Georgia/ Lexington SC Pres. & Owner P & D Plastics 1992-1994

Education- Masters Public Administration U of North Fl. Jacksonville, Fl./ Master of Arts, Political Science Fairfield U. Fairfield Connecticut/ Bachelor of Science Parks and Recreation Administration U. Of Massachusetts, Amherst Mass.

Mr Disher listed 11 items of prof. affiliations & accomplishments

BC- Mr Disher included a 2 page letter with his philosophy to the Mayor on April 21st…including his climb through the ranks, the need to budget for the taxpayers rather than be a “budget buster”and to hire certified and qualified department heads and employees…

5. Michael G. Mahaney P.E.-

Education- B.S. Civil Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University/ M.B.A. Master of Business Administration, James Madison University

Registration – Commonwealth of Virginia Professional Engineer (P.E.) # 11494/ Ohio P.E. #45766/ Pennsylvania P.E. #03060

Professional Experience- 2007-2010 City Manager City of Deerfield Beach, Fl/2004-2007 County Administrator, Nassau County, Fl./ 2002-2004 City Manager, City of Kannapolis, NC/

BC- Mr. Mahaney was recently fired by Deerfield Beach and a Google produced some familiar complaints seen in our Town from the newly terminated TM…

6. John Olinzock-

Education- Bachelor of Science Construction Engineering 1981 Lawrence Technological University, Southfield MI.

Work Experience- Interim Town Manger, Town of LBTS Appointed April 20, 2010/ Asst. Town Manager, Town of LBTS Oct. 2008- April 2010/ Asst to the Town Manager, Town of LBTS June 2007-Oct. 2008/ Interim Municipal Director, Town of LBTS April 2007- June 2007/ Special Projects Coordinator, Town of LBTS Jan 2007- April 2007/ Project Manager Public Works, City of Tamarac April 2005- Dec. 2006/ Acting Property Manager Key West Blight City of Key West Fl. May 2004- Dec. 2004/ Project Manager, Port Operations City of Key West Fl. Sept. 2001- Dec. 2004/ Projects Eng. Engineering Services  City of Key West Fl. Nov. 1999-Sept. 2001/ Co-Owner and CFO Trayne Investment Corp. Birmingham MI Boutique and Residential Property Management Oct. 1986-July 2001/ Project Eng. Research and Development Fruhauf Corp. Detroit MI 1982-1986/ Project Manager Real Estate and Construction Little Caesar Ent. Detroit MI. 1982-1984/ Project Engineer New Systems Development Southeastern Michigan Transportation Authority (renamed SMART) Detroit MI. 1979-1982

Mr Olinzock listed 8 professional affiliations

BC- Mr Olinzock does not have the educational or professional qualifications required to be a Town Manager …and in this writer’s opinion from his 4 day stint as Interim TM …he’s “toast”!

7. Marl R. Lauzier-

Professional Experience- City Manager City of Parkland Fl. Oct. 2004- Feb. 2007/ Asst. City Manager City of Pompano Beach Fl. Dec. 1995-Oct. 2004/ Senior Budget & Management Analyst-Internal Consultant Budget & Management Analyst Office of Budget and Management Broward County, Fl. Mar. 1992- Nov. 1995

Management Consultant Experience- Management Consultant President, Management Research and Consulting Assoc. Inc. Coral Springs, Fl. d/b/a The Budget experts… Oct. 2008-present/ Management Consultant Senior Manager Matrix Consulting Group, Coral Springs, Fl Feb 2007- Oct. 2008

Education- Masters of Public Administration (MPA), City Management Major University of New Haven, West Haven CT. Aug. 1991/ Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice Bryant College, Smithfield RI May 1983

Mr Lauzier included his ICMA membership and being a credentialed ICMA Manager& Trainer/listed 6 items of volunteerism including cert. “reserve” Police officer Pomp.Beach and in LBTS Police Dept.

BC- Mr Lauzier also included a letter to the Mayor/ Comms. stating his desire to return to city management…

8. Russel C. Muniz-

Work Experience- 2001-present Town Clerk Town of Davie/ Feb 2006-Oct. 2006 Acting Asst. Town Administrator Town of Davie/ 1995-200 Permit Supervisor City of Pembroke Pines / 1987-1994 Apple Bank For Savings 1987-1994

Education- B.S. Business and Professional Management Nova Southeastern U. 1997/ M.B.A. Business Administration Nova SEtern U. 1998/ M.P.A. Public Administration FAU July 2009

Mr Muniz included 8 professional affiliations and certifications..

BC- Mr Muniz included a letter to Town Clerk White stating interest in the Interim Position and stating his current position may not convey the level of experience and skill he holds and spelled out other areas he has served in within town government…Perhaps Mr. Muniz would consider the Town Clerk position in the future in LBTS…he is qualified and certified …which the recipient of his letter…TClerk White is not!…

9. -Elbert E. Wrains-

Professional Experience- City Of Plantation, Fl. Financial Consultant Accountant Dec 2009-present/ Town of Southwest Ranches Fl. Interim Town Administrator Sept. 2008-May 2009- Asst. Town Administrator June 2007-Sept. 2008 and May 2009-Sept. 30, 2009- Finance Administrator Mar. 2007- May 2007/ City of Wilton Manors, Fl. Financial Consultant Sept. 2006-Feb. 2007/ City of Lauderdale Lakes, Fl. Financial Consultant Feb. 2005- Aug. 2006/ City of Oakland Park, Fl. Dir. of Office of Mgmt. and Budgt Oct 2001-Apr. 2002- Dir. of Mgmt. Services and Finance June 1995-Oct. 2001- Finance Dir. Oct. 1981-June 1995- Asst. City Mgr. May 1975- Sept. 1981- Purchasing Agent May 1973- May 1989- Admin. Asst. May 1973- Apr. 1975 – also acting City Mgr.- Acting Buyilding and Code Enforcement- Purchasing AgentActing  Planning Dir.- Acting City Engineer- Public Works Coordinator

Education- Corllins University Bachelor of Business Administration 2009/ BCC Computer programming 1969-1970/ FAU Computer Systems Design and Business Management 1971-1972/ Florida Government Finance Officers Assoc. certification

Mr. Wrains included 7 Prof. Associations/ 3 Affiliation

10. John B. Thompson-

Senior U.S. Foreign Service Officer (Minister-Counselor, SFS-5), Retired

• B.A. (History & Foreign Affairs) with high honors, Phi Beta Kappa, Swarthmore College, 1962
• M.P.A. (Master of Public Affairs), with honors, in Economics; Woodrow Wilson School Fellow,
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University, 1964
• U.S. Army Soviet & Eastern European Area Studies School, Garmisch, Germany, 1970-1971
• Post-Degree Study (Mid-Career Fellow) Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University, 1979-1980
2009-Present – Member, Board of Directors, Health & Building Committees, John Knox Village of Florida, Inc.
2003-2008 — Columnist, By-the-Sea Times, 223 Commercial Boulevard, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL
1993-2003 — Private Consultant, NATO Infrastructure Management, Funding and Contracting
1982-1993 — Deputy Assistant NATO Secretary General and “Controller” (Director) for Infrastructure:
• Chairman of NATO’s 16-nation Infrastructure Committee, which was responsible for approving annual infrastructure (commonly funded NATO military facilities and communications-electronic equipment) budgets ($2 billion per annum) and agreeing (by unanimity) which projects (installations and/or equip- ment) and in which host-nation(s) to include in the annual infrastructure “slices” within those budgets;
• Head of the Infrastructure Directorate within the NATO International (civilian) Staff: responsible for developing annual budgets; screening individual projects to be included in the annual infrastructure slices; accounting for all national financial contributions and disbursements to the “host nations”; and for performing joint final acceptance inspections (JFAIs) on all completed Infrastructure projects.
1980-1982 — Counselor of Embassy for Administrative Affairs, U.S. Embassy, Vienna, Austria: responsible for human resources, facilities, budget & finance, maintenance & supply, communications, and physical as well as personnel security at the Embassy in Vienna and at the U.S. Consulate in Salzburg. Austria *
1979-1980 — Senior University Training, (Mid-Career Fellow) Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University
1976-1979 — Counselor of Embassy for Administrative Affairs, United States Embassy, Warsaw, Poland *
1973-1978 — Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Administration, United States Department of State: responsible, inter alia, for planning and coordinating with host nations and White House Advance Office of travel by Presidents Nixon and Ford to U.S.S.R. (three times), Austria, Germany, Romania and Poland.
1971-1973 — Second Secretary of Embassy, United States Embassy, Moscow, Russia (Former USSR)
1968-1970 — Political Officer, Soviet Desk (Bilateral Affairs), United States Department of State
1965-1967 — Vice Consul, United States Consulate General, Zagreb (Croatia, Former Yugoslavia)
1956-1959 — Active enlisted service with U.S. Army intelligence community in Berlin and Western Germany
* Note: The duties of an Administrative Counselor at a large American embassy – overall responsibility for budget and finance, human resources, contracting, procurement, buildings and grounds, personnel & physical security, and communications, both at the Embassy and at consular posts in country — are virtually identical, mutatis mutandis, with those of a city manager at a medium-sized city in the United States.
Thompson’s professional publications include: “Coping with Saudi Oil Income”, “American Internationals and Saudi Industrialization”, “NATO’s Infrastructure Posture: How Engineers Can Improve It”, and “NATO Infrastructure in the 1990s: Common Funding in a post-CFE [Treaty limiting conventional military forces in Europe] Environment”. He has been a frequent contributor to local journals (Hi-Riser, By-the-Sea Times, Sun-Sentinel) on tax matters & other civic issues.
Awards and Honors:
• National Defense Education Act Fellow, Indiana University Slavic Workshop (Indiana & USSR), 1962;
• Honorary Woodrow Wilson National Fellow, 1962;
• Woodrow Wilson School Fellow, Princeton University, 1962-1964;
• State Dept. Superior Honor Award (1987): “For his inspired chairmanship of the NATO Infrastructure Committee and dynamic leadership of NATO Infrastructure Directorate … a $2 billion-a-year success story.”

Thompson speaks Russian, German and French and has passive knowledge of Polish and Croatian. He and Mrs. Thompson have a married daughter living in Pennsylvania, and five grandchildren. Their late son, a USAR Military Intelligence Colonel, served two lengthy post-9/11 mobilization tours. For over a quarter century the Thompsons owned a condominium at the Sea Ranch Club in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL, where they lived for 12 years after John’s departure from NATO. They now reside at John Knox Village in Pompano Beach, FL. After the move, Thompson remained active for several years in local civic affairs in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, and as a columnist on the local newspaper. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors and on several key committees of John Knox Village of Florida, Inc.

BC- Mr Thompson sent in the following e-mail with his resume’…
Please accept this writing as my application for the position of Interim Town Manager. In support of this application, I attach a copy of my March 2007 letter applying for the position of Assistant Town Manager and my updated curriculum vitae.

After I was notified that Esther Colon had been chosen for the Assistant Manager position in 2007, and when it later became apparent that Bob Baldwin would not be returning as Town Manager, while Esther had initially indicated that she might prefer grand-mothering to the job of Town Manager, I resubmitted my application for either the Manager or Assistant Manager job. At that time, I wrote:

“In light of the urgency that might attach to filling one or both of those posts, I would once again like to offer my services to the Town in either capacity. As mentioned in my previous letter, I would be quite willing to accept appointment for a limited period of a year or two, during which time the Commission could conduct a proper, deliberate search for a fully qualified and motivated younger candidate able to provide a greater measure of continuity in those positions. In that context, I see one of the advantages that I could offer as my immediate availability, my extensive familiarity with the business of the Town, and therefore my ability to hit the ground running, bringing to bear my skills and experience in managing US Government communities abroad.”

Even after my move from LBTS to John Knox Village in 2006, I remained fully involved in the affairs of the Town through 2008, after which I withdrew from active participation following significant policy differences with the former Editor and Publisher of By-the-Sea Times and with the post-2008 leadership of the Citizens Initiative Committee. But to this day I retain extensive files on the significant issues the Town continues to face, and I have continued to respond to periodic requests from commissioners and other concerned citizens for background information and advice on numerous issues. Although I currently serve on the John Knox Village Board of Directors, that is a part-time, volunteer position which should not restrict my ability to devote a full measure of effort to the affairs of LBTS.

I am copying this email to those Commission Members whose email addresses I have, and ask that you kindly forward it also to the two recently elected Commissioners, whose email addresses I do not have.

Very truly yours,

John Thompson, Pompano Beach


All were asked to be present at the 8 am Special Meeting in Jarvis Hall Tomorrow April 26, 2010…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … GET THE SHARPIE OUT …..

April 25, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … as previously posted the previous 2 Town Managers walked away with an excess of  approximately $150,000 and $98,000 dollars  respectively from accrued and unused vacation and sick hours upon their departure from the Town…Resignation or termination it did not matter… Some of what was in the Town Manager’s contract runs contrary to the Town’s Charter…The contract itself has been questioned by many due to the lack of a Resolution for compensation and and the employment of the Town Manager being enacted in 2007….(there is none we have seen or has been included in any backup )……There has also been some question about the Charter and compensation accrued  and the correct calculations for sick leave …We hear it states a 50% pay-out not 100% plus the “padding” of days upon commencement of employment added to the “bank” (now that’s an appropriate word to use ) of unused days …(see below)…..

According to Town Manager Colon’s May 22, 2007 contract here is what makes her payouts possible…

Esther Colon Employment Agreement…

5.0 Rights and Obligations Upon Unilateral Termination by TOWN

5.1.1 (365) days of severance pay, less customary withholding

5.1.2 reimbursement for as-yet unimbursed expenses pursuant to this contract;

5.1.3 an amount for all accrued and unused vacation leave

5.1.4 an amount for accrued or unused sick leave.

5.1.5 an amount for accrued compensatory time accrued prior to appointment as Town Manager

Page 4- 10.0 “Vacation, Holiday, Sick Leave, Disability, Dental, Health, Life Insurance, Retirement, Memberships and Professional/Educational Development”

“10.2 TOWN MANAGER shall receive an fifteen (15) vacation days added to the current bank of vacation days upon commencement of employment. Thereafter she shall accumulate vacation leave as provided under the rules and regulations for other managerial employees of the TOWN , Including pay-out for unused vacation leave on termination.”

10.3 TOWN MANAGER shall be credited with ten (10) sick leave days added to her bank of sick leave upon commencement of employment. Thereafter he shall accumulate sick leave provided under the rules and regulations for other managerial employees of the TOWN, including pay-out for unused sick leave on termination. ”

BC- The rules and regulations for other managerial employees is not online/nor is it spelled out in the Town Manager’s contract of the Employment Agreement of John Olinzock… It needs to be requested and addressed ASAP!… Why in the world should sick/vacation days need to be “padded” upon commencement of the TM position?…Sick/vacation day hours need to either be used or you lose is or if there would be an uproar and no takers for the position… being a long coveted “get” for the top job and a deal breaker…accrued for that year only and paid out ..(a comment made by an Avid Reader)…with no “padding” allowed at commencement or termination!…

Why would the former Town Manager or any managerial employee need to take vacation days when she/they can take the “jaunts” provided to them in the below sections…

10.6 “The TOWN agrees to budget and pay for the registration, travel and subsistence expenses of the TOWN MANAGER for professional and official travel and meetings to continue the professional development of the TOWN MANAGER  and to pursue the necessary official and other functions for the TOWN including but not limited to her attendance at the Annual Conference of the International TOWN/County Management Association, and conferences and meetings sponsored by the National League of Cities, Florida TOWN/County Management Association, and such national, regional, state and local organizations and committees which the TOWN MANAGER of the TOWN is a member and as the TOWN may designate.”

10.7 of her contract “TOWN also agrees to budget and pay for registration, travel and subsistence expenses of the TOWN MANAGER for short courses, institutes, and seminars that are necessary for the professional department of the TOWN MANAGER and the good of the TOWN”…

Don’t forget 12.0 “Business Expenses ” 12.1 “TOWN agrees to reimburse the TOWN MANAGER for all business-related expenses upon presentation of duly executed expense vouchers, receipts, statements and personal affidavits.”

In other words the Town Manager/managerial employee goes to the multitude of such offerings..stops in for a few hours of the program and then does some major vacation time…paid for by the taxpayers…and at the same time accruing unused vacation time for a big payout on termination day!.. That’s really “jobbing” the system!…

There is a need to discuss automobiles for the Town Manager and other managerial employees… still a need to offer them up?…Especially for unrestricted personal use… with the insurance  paid by the taxpayer and exactly who pays the gas?…

Pensions…Colon had TWO!… It’s a killer as well…and someone needs to stop the bleeding of what these pensions will do to all municipalities!… As prev. posted by the time she is done…Colon will receive approx. $2 million added to her pay-out…


The chance to deal with the termination…the aftermath payout…and the future of the Town Manager position will begin bright and early Mon. morning…Below is the agenda from the Town website… Below that is some information from the muni-code link on the website (link below)…It contains the requirements for the candidates to be Town Manager … and appointing a temporary Town Manager by the Commission…… Vice Mayor Dodd has requested certain staff to be at the meeting and if answers are not forthcoming from the Interim Town Manager and staff this week as they were not last week …there is Article III Sec. 2-31. Investigations of affairs of departments, officers and employees….available to the Commission and the taxpayers to get to the bottom of what transpired with the termination of the former Town Manager…


a. Matters of Concern affecting the Town
b. Appointment of Interim Town Manager
c. Discussion and/or action regarding current Interim Town Manager Olinzock
Article V-

Sec. 5.3. Town Manager–Appointment, qualifications and compensation.
The Town Commission shall appoint a Town Manager who shall be the administrative head of the municipal government under the direction and supervision of the Town Commission. The Town Manager shall hold office at the pleasure of the Town Commission. The Town Manager shall receive such compensation as determined by the Town Commission through the adoption of an appropriate resolution. The Town Manager shall be appointed by resolution approving an employment contract between the Town and the Town Manager. The Town Manager shall be appointed solely on the basis of education and experience in the accepted competencies and practices of local public management including, a graduate degree with a concentration in public administration, public affairs, public policy, or public finance and two (2) years’ experience as an appointed city manager or county manager, or four (4) years’ experience as an assistant or deputy city manager or assistant or deputy county manager.
Sec. 5.4. Town Manager–Absence or disability; removal.
During the absence or disability of the Town Manager, the Town Commission may by resolution designate some properly qualified person to temporarily execute the functions of the Town Manager. The person thus designated shall have the same powers and duties as the Town Manager, and shall be known while so serving as “Acting Town Manager.” The Town Manager or Acting Town Manager may be removed by the Town Commission at any time.



*Cross references: Fire department, § 8-21 et seq.; police department, § 15-26 et seq.



Sec. 2-31. Investigations of affairs of departments, officers and employees.
The Town Commission, or any committee thereof, the Town Manager or any advisory board appointed by the Town Commission for such purpose shall have the power at any time to cause the affairs of any department or the conduct of any officer or employee of the Town to be investigated and for such purpose shall have the power to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of books, papers and other evidence and for that purpose summonses or subpoenas may be issued by the presiding officer of the body or by the officer making the investigation, and summonses or subpoenas shall be served by any officer authorized by law to serve such process. The authority making such investigation shall have the power to cause testimony to be given under oath, such oath to be administered by some officer having authority under the law of the State to administer oaths, and shall have the power to punish as for contempt any person failing or refusing to testify to any fact within his knowledge, or to produce any book or paper under his care or control, relating to the matter under investigation.
(Sp. Acts 1951, Ch. 27675, Pt. X, Art. 6, § 1)
Secs. 2-32–2-40. Reserved.

All eyes will be on Interim Town Manager John Olinzock and his staff.. Will he show up and answer questions?…He has submitted his resume’ for the Interim Town Manager position!…Or will he resign prior to the 8 am meeting?… Will the Town staff answer the questions posed to them by the Commission?…Or will there be more resignations?… Will the Town Commission direct an investigation into what took place in the aftermath of former Town Manager Colon’s termination?… Is the Town going to make sure that the pay-out was correct to assure Ms. Colon was correctly compensated…but not overcompensated?…. The candidates for the Interim Town Manager position will also face some questions from the dais…and we hope they will be candid about their approach to move the Town forward …A decision for a temporary Town Manager will need to be made at this morning meeting and the job needs to be filled effective immediately….The direction then turns to the search for a new Town Manager …and it is this writer’s opinion VM Dodd was correct …an RFP for Town Manager in the myriad of online and hard copy publications directed toward those looking for such a prime position with no need for headhunters…

The meeting will be open to the public…on Ch. 78 (Comcast)/ Town website and the speakers are now working!…

Next up the candidates for Interim Town Manager resume’s ….

more to come……

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