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Here’s The Scoop … LOWV- LBTS Meet The Candidates Night #2 … Part 2 … Silvertone’s Promises Old & New Provide A Field Day …

February 27, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers ….at the 2nd League of Women Voters Meet The Candidates Night on February 25th the second candidates to answer the questions emailed in were the candidates running from District 2, Incumbent Commissioner Jim Silverstone and Chris Vincent … This writer is going to have a “Field Day” with the promises Jim”He’s not a nice guy” Silverstone says he made and kept along with the desperate and laughable ones he is making to get another 4 years..without his BFF McIntee… For this writer, Avid Readers know there is no way Silverstone should be allowed to go forward after his full and active participation with all McIntee’s bad acts and his decision to join in, assist and remain mute on a whole host of serious matters…that cost the taxpayers big time in time, money and embarrassment… He should not be given a pass just because McIntee is out of the picture…as he leaves LBTS… I am well aware that Jimmy-boy has used the CIC site to dispel what he says are untruths…They are not and as stated before…just take a look at the Town Website and the 2007 minutes (the only minutes over the last 4 years that provide detail and no bias) and the videos that show all Silverstone/McIntee actions and votes…virtually identical…(only time they were different was when they were orchestrated to allow one or the other to be on the prevailing side to bring the item back up)… Silverstone has been seen 24-7 over at the Furths  (perhaps he feels it’s his turn for the full on treatment from Marc & Cristie)… even parking in the Handicapped parking space (…That in mind…the 2nd debate between the 2 candidates…

In his opening Silverstone began in the befuddled and disjointed “Norm Crosby” style that old and new find disconcerting…(A woman at SRClub on the Feb. 22nd made reference to the fact she could not understand anything Silverstone was saying… I told her welcome to the club…and asked her if she remembered Norm Crosby…she said she did and laughed at the comparison while nodding her head in agreement)…He said good evening to the “Ladies and Gentlemen of this great place we call home”… He thanked all for allowing him to serve for 4 years saying he believes he has “earned your trust”… He went into his bringing back the VFD and this meeting after finding himself in quite a bind due to the recent 12 month activity report concerning the languishing warehouse out west which he, Mcintee and Colon told the taxpayers would sell and provide “a wash” for the purchase of the crappy hotel next door purchased to house out public safety providers…Silverstone did a “political pivot” and now says the “savings” of having the VFD and AMR allowed for the purchase…(Readers again take a look at the 2008 meeting on purchasing to see what was said).. He also keeps trying to say the “plan” was for a”grand complex for 7 million”..Not true…at the same meetings you will see it was this writer that was the lone voice asking why they would not go that route, I knew we had the money…and that was without the disclosed 11 million ( as stated by auditors at the 2-23-10 Comm.meeting)… I knew we had 6+million from the sewers not going in at Palm Club (designated funds were Capital Improvements..not sewers as Jim claims…if just for sewers…For Jim to be correct in his assertions…  it would then be a total lack of due diligence on the part of the Manager and the majority to not have followed the Mayor’s motion to pay it back!…OUCH!)….Silverstone went on to do his “funny math”…(must be what happens when you don’t have a CPA, didn’t finish college and profess to be a financial expert)…by saying we saved 5 million by not going for a complex!…That’s the kind of small thinking that needs to be replaced… He spoke of the Beach Patrol and not having a single drowning since they came to be…That in my opinion, is most disingenuous…One had nothing to do with the other…and a look at the Furth/McIntee presentation of the busiest day (prev. post)…shows much of the saving came from beachgoers and for the Beach Patrol it was really one member who was front and center with some VFD members looking as if they needed attention themselves…The jet ski was useless so close to shore… He spoke again about his role in the website being his idea…but a look at the agendas from his first term in 2006-2007 when Granicus was introduced do not show Silverstone put this item on (in fact a look at those agendas show how very little Silverstone did put on.. A monument to public officials..that was tabled over and over again…A naming of a portal for the Karleys…(the parents of VFD member Bob Karley who keeps on complaining about the north annexing in and accusing people of “spittin’ on us)… and a Citizen’s Review Board )…As for the backup material it was Comm. Dodd and the PIO D’Oliveira that finally got it going after Silverstone followed the false assertions made by TM Colon that it would be too costly (it was not)… He talked of the Town codes being available.. a check on the website shows… “Codified through Ordinance No. 2009-17, enacted March 24, 2009.(Supplement No. 6)”.. and not all the finance budget info is available…To Jim Silverstone a 1.6 million dollar debt for parking is debt “cut virtually to zero”…He did a “feel good” on the artificial reef project (there was some concern written up in the news after this project in the Palm Beach Post…The man behind the project Dr. Goreau )…He spoke of his “multiple hats”…a reference to the “2 hats” label concerning his VDS-Commissioner hats…and said he is “better for this”.. He said he “risks my life” and that was being used against him…HUH?… In what capacity has he risked his life in a VFD capacity..and the concern is that Comm. Silverstone has voted on the VFD when he did indeed receive a salary as the Chief and he sat in a “Shade session” with the Commission and the Town Atty. after the VFD sued the Town and the BSO when terminated…He sat along with McIntee knowing what was transpiring in legal strategy for both… (prev. post)…and he says he receives no monetary benefit, but he will receive a pension…and he ended saying we are strong financially and he has a proven record… I take issue with both..

Chris Vincent took the opportunity to introduce himself to those unfamiliar with him and to again dispel the false statements made that he is some “newcomer” speaking of his being a resident of Silver Shores for the last 8 years and his wife’s family ties to town being 35 years…He again reiterated his reasons for running …the lack of decorum and respect …greater transparency a code of ethics beyond the State code (a jibe perhaps at the probable cause found against his opponent and McIntee with no consequences)…He said he would bring leadership and consensus to the dais and had done so in his own building of his career of building a business (He is an interior contractor who assist with disabled occupants …he’s the guy you call when you need something fixed inside your home or business…property management…no development or being a builder as he has been misrepresented by his opponent’s supporters to be)…He promised to keep the height limits as they are now…saying he doesn’t understand why it is still an issue (He voted for the height limits in 2006)…He spoke of beautification for the Town in terms of maintenance of our community assets and reading all contracts ( another jibe at Silverstone for Jim either lying about the Town Manager’s 1 year salary for termination…plus cost to the Town to pay her legal fees if any litigation should arise…or he too was unaware of the content for 2+ years as he is on record for falsely stating it was the same as her predecessor…(prev.posts)…and the Choice contract as well)…He offered listening, dignity and respect…

Question one was a beaut!…”How this issue could effect you please identify 2 issues where you might need to recuse yourself from voting because of perceived or real conflict of interest.” …Vincent spoke of it being a “commonsense question”…and spoke about if a property he manages came or possibly could come before him he would absolutely recuse himself… It got real interesting for his opponent as many sat forward to hear how he was going to wiggle out of this one…

Silverstone-“The 2 instances I would think of originally would be I have a business in town. I’ve been on Commercial for 6 years and if something came before us that would a conflict of interest, I would make a special benefit from I would recuse myself. That is the standard, am I making a benefit by something I decided on here. Is, is, is it ah, enriching me somehow? That is the first issue.”

BC- Then Jim Silverstone has not followed his own declaration…He is on record for voting at least 2 times on 2 properties owned by a man who is his client, his biggest client some say in his pension business…and one was made as Silverstone lived in the apartment building his client owns…Benefited him…enriched him somehow?…You bet!….Add to that votes as described above for the VFD as a paid Fire Chief…

Silverstone-” I would not join the, the Chamber. I’ve been a member but if I voted on the Chamber’s budget as some Commissioners being a member of the Chamber I think that would be a conflict of interest.”

BC- How is that any different than voting on the VFD?…The Chamber members do not benefit from belonging to the Chamber…Pot-Black you know the rest…

Silverstone -“Um, there’s udder issues in town but the general rule is if if affects me if I benefit from it or I may benefit from it that would be wrong and I would recuse myself from that.”…Too little too late, in my opinion ….

The next question turned to traffic congestion and both were for studies while Silverstone did a Furth-er opportunity to say “no more high-rises”…Next was the first piece of legislation each would pass if elected… Vincent said ethics and Jimmy-boy went for his big blunder on the 22nd at SRClub (prev. post) to bring back a Kitesurfing Ord. that he claimed he had passed…This night he again was incorrect saying it was “tabled”..only 2 days after receiving a memo from the Town Manager with the minutes showing it was “withdrawn” by VM Mcintee as no one was in attendance (exactly as I said it was)…on ethics again…foot in mouth “If it doesn’t benefit anything specifically I would think it would be a bad decision to go in that direction”…HUH?….He did the campaign mantra of the outdoor dining …promoting business (this is the same Commissioner who voted to short the Chamber 2 times and was against an Entertainment District put forth by Comm. Dodd after he was contacted by Silverstone’s Fiancee’)…

A thing of beauty…the stars were aligned when the perfect question was paired with the perfect pair of opponents..

“Do you feel it’s appropriate to challenge residents to a debate during a commission meeting or ask questions back and forth or wahtever. Why or why not?… (Silverstone has challenged from the dais during Commissioner comments and in the By The Sea Times in his Comm. Comment column residents to debate him…and he has used his comments to answer back to residents who came to speak at public comments)…

Silverstone-” Well, I ah, our form of government I think promotes a, a communication between both parties. If, if only , you’re only hearing one side of the story at one time you’re no getting the whole picture. It’s doing a disservice for everybody.”

BC- Seems Silverstone et al are not happy they can no longer go along with no counter of the facts…OUCH!…

Silverstone-” I’ve been begging for a debate for the last couple of months (longer) because I’ve been accused of, of, of doing some ah, ah things which were wrong. But, but, the but, the misinformation which I think is affecting everybody’s judgment in a way to vote here and I think it’s done intentionally.”

BC- Yep, intentionally to keep the voters from being “hoodwinked ” in 2010!…

Silverstone-” The key would be to, to debate the issues bring forth I mean that’s the best way of getting both sides and and hearing both sides  and coming up and making your own minds up. In a sense we’ve been kind of ruled by mob rule lately and that’s unfair. I think it’s unfair for the rest of the residents. I, I promote debates on critical issues because you have to hear both sides.”

BC- So Silverstone doesn’t trust the voters can read and do their homework…they can only decide from a debate…Silverstone believes it is “mob rule” when the hall is no longer filled with his old supporters…I ask the voters again..go online…and look at 2006 and 2007…unfortunately the videos do not go back far enough…you would need a friend who has kept the DVDs to see this current “mob rule” is no such thing compared to the CIC- Broom Boys of 2005-2006-2007 in their prime!…

Vincent responded “I personally would never challenge a resident of our small community to debate.”..He spoke of being available by phone t speak to anyone as needed …for any concerns…How udderly approachable!…

The firehouse question arose…Vincent felt it was not feasible at the current time with the purchase of the public safety building and the need for a plan that offered where we are going with out town…alluding to the much discussed Master Plan to be addressed this next year…Silverstone was predictable in his want of a new firehouse but his words raised “red flags” for this taxpayer…and should get a rise out of those who have ever donated to the VFD Booster Fund…

Silverstone- ” The Volunteer Fire Department has wisely planned on this years ago. They have raised money for a new building fund. There’s quite a bit of money in the bank right now sitting there for this very purpose.”

BC- How much…and why did the VFD not offer up to pay for it before or after learning we did not get the grant the Town Manager applied for?…

Silverstone “We need to have something in the future. Right now we  bought a, a  enclosure right behind us which will last us for a couple of years. We’re gonna need a new building. We have a lot of equipment and it’s more of a housing area for the fire trucks.” …He spoke of the logistics of the public works garage and the perfect spot of where the Development trailer is for a 2 way drive- thru station for all 3 providers…He then went on the “Free money” train of saying “there’s a lot of money out there” for grants…saying “So that’s the direction I’d like to see. We, we’re to go on to because we NEED IT!”

BC- According to the CAFR report we have 28 VFD vehicles/30 BSO vehicles…the canopy cost over $20 thousand and we were told it was required by the ISO and would help our rating…That amount of money for only “a couple of years”…Hmmm… fiscally responsible?… Also the equipment as previously posted ALL the firetrucks were NOT needed according to the ISO per their meeting…and the VFD recently were going to discard one McIntee led purchase of  a truck (The VFD Board voted it down)…So if the VFD can build the drive-thru that will sleep the Assoc.members…have at it…otherwise…lose the extra truck and fix up what you have…until we have a plan…

Lights for turtle season and how to have a greener town…. Silverstone again was loose with the facts after a very weird and disturbing start “I would address the lights during turtle season by, by introducing myself as Jim Silverstone”…HUH?…He was quite amused by himself and went on to talk of putting “blinders on these lights”…and being in a “phase to correct” the situation stating the Town is getting the lights “certified”…HUH?…calling it a public safety issue saying we would be doing every light…(Since when?)… Silverstone did not answer the green portion of the question…. Vincent agreed it was public safety and critical to address it with the experts …he addressed the green question with asking residents and businesses to recycle…stop using Styrofoam at restaurants…

The Town Manager question was asked and Ms. Smith chose a PC one out of the bunch..”The performance of our current Town Manager Esther Colon has been criticized by some. Do you think she deserved it. What would we stand to lose if she was no longer here?”

Vincent was “diplomatic” in this writer’s opinion stating she had a performance review as required by her contract and the Commission gave her their reviews…he said he would honor the contracts requirement…but he did not say what would happen to us if she was “no longer here”…

BC- Come on!…Who thinks anyone is irreplaceable or the sky will fall without this Town Manager no matter if you support her or feel she is the first real change needed? …

Silverstone did a “Brian Piccolo” sob, sob…He said he was around for Baldwin (her predecessor the one without the years severance pkg.) and for her first 2 years and “I have never seen a public official work harder than our Esther Colon. She’s not perfect by any measure. Nobody’s perfect by any measure. But she knows those numbers better than anybody I’ve ever met in my life.”

BC- You bet she knows the numbers better than anybody else…case in point the holding onto the $6.8 million and not letting go of the financial statements…Always so smug when only she could answer to McIntee yes we have the money…and if there was any doubt of her being the only one who knows the numbers the CAFR Report for 2009…and the 13 million dollars…”Our Esther Colon”…Yep, yep…

Silverstone-“I have to have faith that the reporting being done is correct. If not everything else falls apart. We’re very lucky to have Esther Colon. If she leaves it would take a miracle to find somebody to replace her a strong as she is.”…

BC-Gayle Sayers…”I love Brian Piccolo”…I do believe there was football after Brian was gone…no offense…

Here is the question and the answers that make the choice between these 2 candidates clear and easy to decide…

“What do you think has cased the divisiveness  in Lauderdale- By- The- Sea? What would you do to improve relations between opposing sides to help bring the Town together?

Silverstone-” I think as in many major problem it’s usually compromised of smaller problems. The annexation was a problem it brought up a lot of anger. But the current state of  our federal government is bringing up a lot of anger. People are losing values in their homes and unfortunately we’re the first line here. That you and sometimes we get unfairly focused on this anger.”

BC- What?…When was the last or for that matter the first time any public comment was made on the above assertions…WOW!..

Silverstone-” The to, to promote the, the, the dais to promote, I still believe because we were allowed to, the public was allowed to attack us, which was against our rules this has caused an environment that’s festered hate and it got out of hand.”…

BC- Again 2005-2006-2007 ….enough said…

Silverstone ended wanting to do what he did not do in the last 2 years…follow the rules on the dais…and as we all saw with McIntee off the dais…it was easy…

Chris Vincent-” First of all I don’t think the divisiveness was started because of the annexation of the north. That’s blaming the north for bringing anger into the town. I find that despicable to even say that. I’m sorry to even comment on that now. We are one town. The divisiveness started here at the dais when my opponent sat in my living room 4 years ago and promised decorum and respect to our citizens and residents. He promised fiscal responsibility. He promised transparency and ethics. All these promises made were promises not kept. I as your commissioner will promise to bring decorum to this dais to bring this town together and unite our town once and for all as one town.”

The audience could not contain their applause!…

BC- How many voters will be able to relate to that?…That alone should decide the election…If all those who allowed the “Broom Boys” in their living rooms and no longer would do the same come out to vote…YIKES!…

Next was the coral reef question…and Chris Vincent answered first with his being all for the project as a diver of 20 years…and an advocate for protecting this asset…Silverstone clearly rattled by Vincents response …could no let it go without responding…

Silverstone-” I have to comment on the last issue here, when I said annexation I didn’t say any side. Annexation was a problem for both sides of the town. I never said that. Another case of misinformation.”…He went on to answer the PC response…coral reef …good…environment….good and it will “bring tourism BACK in town”…HUH?…He said it had been proven oversees…Really?…”It’s gonna put us on the map!”… Pure McIntee by the heir-apparent…

The parking problem…as Comm. Dodd often says Silverstone was a little “wobbly” with his account of limited inventory…more business…the impact more business might have on the residents and he would “NEVER that line to impact the residents in this town negatively.”…How exactly does that work with more outdoor cafes … and all the tourists coming for the coral reef once we’re on the map?… Vincent was quite amusing as he described the experience we have all had as he did a little “ditty” travelogue describing the jaunt over the bridge headed for the square and finding no parking …heading north or south on El Mar and passing up the Bougainvilla parking lot due to the poor signage (and location of the A1A drive-in)…

The quest was beautification and as Vincent was answering rudeness rang out loud…CIC newbie Lilliana Pomarada walked up during the meeting and handed questions to the timer…he chose to stand up instead of timing right as Chris was answering… more bad form from the LOWVs… Chris said he would address the drainage..the sidewalks and the medians…using the recommendations and consensus of the Town’s boards and residents…Silverstone talked about running again because “There’s a vision I haven’t completed”…and he did the now obligatory Furth campaign talking points of over the bridge (Little Red Riding Hood comes to mind)…He was so irritating to those of us who have been involved for some time…He spoke of doing so many things that he and his “Gang” poo-pooed”…such as entryways…color palettes for the buildings and then…(This is for you Sandra Booth, yep, again) Surfside and what they have to offer…We should follow suit… UGH!…Long ago the MPSC had plans for the entryways…Pelicans and the Mcintee-Silverstone-Furth led commission shot it down and stopped it in 2008…Long ago Michael Arker introduced a color palette for buildings…and as Avid Readers know it was Sandra Booth the Chair of the MPSC in 2007 who brought the Surfside Architect Elizabeth Plater-Zybert to the MPSC to offer up her expertize…She was ignored…and it was Jim Silverstone and Jerry Mcintee who did everything they could to demean and try to keep Mrs Booth from returning to the committee… WOW!…

The closings …out of order…

Chris Vincent

“I want to thank everyone here and at home for your interest and support in this election.

We can use this election to turn the page and have a fresh start without loosing sight of our town’s history, charm and community spirit.

We can restore decorum and respect to the dais

We can restore trust in government by ensuring a code of ethics that holds officials to the highest standards of integrity and prevents conflicts of interest, real or perceived.

We can move forward on town plans and contracts, making fiscally responsible decisions by listening to our boards and committees.

We can maintain and grow our business community by working together to find solutions that meet the common interest of residents and businesses.

We can and we will maintain open green space while enjoying the beach and ocean views without obstruction.

At the end of the day the future of the town is in your hands, where it should be.

This is your opportunity to have your voice heard and participated in this very important election. My name is Chris Vincent and I am asking for your trust and vote.

Thank you”

Jim Silverstone thanked the LOWV and thanked everyone for listening “with an open mind”…he said “some of you would like you to believe what we say. This involves trust.”…He played the experience card…and said that’s what he brings to the table…He said he had earned our trust…and he has more to accomplish…He blew this writer away with his final promise…I just could not believe it!…He said if he were re-elected he would lower the millage rate now that the $6.8 million had been paid back!…

Dear Readers..Do yourselves a favor….take a look at the meetings online…at the budget meeting for the millage it was Commissioner Dodd who said to lower the millage rate…and Commissioner Silverstone who was against along with his majority!…They spoke of the impact!… What a joke we had $18 million dollars!… Now he wants to make that promise…why not go all the way Jimmy…promise no town taxes next year…and we would still be ahead!… Talk about a last ditch effort to pull out ahead…unbelievable!…

Silverstone continued ” I promise to unite the town even if I have put you all in a room and hide the key until we work it put. Because I believe at the end of the day we all love this the town. Please vote for me, Jim Silverstone. I kept my promise we are a better place. We are Lauderdale-By-The-Sea.”

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words…and this one sums up his 4 years….. When he thinks no one is watching…

Please voters….no more “Broom Boys” this time around ……Even the thought of  the smaller one is enough to make this writer bristle!…

more to come….

Next District 1 Candidates Sasser vs  Evans….

Post Division

Here’s The Scoop … LOWV Meet The Candidate Debate #2 … Part 1 …You Sunk My Battleship ….

February 27, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … The 2nd Meet the Candidates night is over and done…and in this writer’s opinion so are the Furth-CIC endorsed Candidates Silverstone,Evans and Couriel!… The clear choice again was Vincent, Sasser and Minnet…If voters really want to put an end to fear-mongering…hidden agendas…hidden monies and propaganda…and return to decorum, unity and a plan that finally gets us out of this vicious cycle of LBTS being a  Furthdum(b)… We again saw in Vincent, Sasser and Minnet, professionalism along with knowledge, Candidates that can actually form sentences…and are able to respond in a manner that doesn’t make you want to run and hide!… The moderator was LOWV Carol Smith who again was disappointing in her disjointed questions and appeared bias in her behavior from time to time…Did she really start to clap for Jimmy?… The room was full, not packed and the overwhelming presence was that of Vincent, Sasser and Minnet supporters…Although the dwindling CIC contingency tried unsuccessfully to counter with boos and yelling out… At one point they were used by Commissioner Silverstone as a case in point for what he has to put up with…further relaying false information to unaware T.V. listeners who did not know the bad behavior was coming from his own supporters …… Mayoral candidates went first in a reversal of the first event…and Joe Couriel was first to give his opening… He started with his customary “Friends and neighbors”…. and spoke of judging a candidate’s record and what they will do in the future…He touched on his service in Korea …At first the average person thinks Korean War Veteran …But we know Joe is not old enough for that war…A look at his bio sets it straight he was drafted in 1969 and went to Korea instead of Vietnam…He spoke of involvement in referendums over the last 16 years but neglected to say the climate of those days brought for a divisiveness that makes today’s division look like a Sunday picnic in the park  ..and that he led the way in loud taunts from inside and outside Jarvis Hall…(He is on record for being proud of his actions)….He said he would provide a Community Center with programs for all groups …Apparently he does not know we already provide many such programs such as Karate and Tennis for under 7 years old and have been in the process over the last 2 years of increasing the budget and the programs for Recreation…It began with Vice Mayor McIntee in 2008…… He again stressed his plan for having outdoor dining in the Commercial Area……What does he call 101 Ocean, Village Grille and Aruba?…… But Joe should have clarified  those outdoor dining privileges come with a price…. that if you fall out of favor with certain Commissioners or  the Town Manager…a restaurant’s outdoor dining easily becomes a target used for payback with code making life difficult!… Joe should also be aware and this goes for his running mates who are also running on this outdoor cafe “platform” this election…Their main opponent is and will be not their opposition for this election but their beloved Town Manager Esther Colon and Commissioner “Clueless” Clottey!…For it was the Manager that put in place the stricter rules to be observed and took away the bench in front of the ice cream store by the Pier months back…It was the Manager who said no to a mannequin being placed outside a new shop on Commercial west of A1A in an effort to try and get customers in the door…It was Commissioner Clottey who thought it was the Commissions job to decide who would be allowed to have a chair or a table or a flowerpot in a breezeway or outside their side street store… and not have it for free… Of course Mr Couriel should recall this after all he was for keeping the renewal of special permits every 3 months and charging the businesses for using the streets!.. Perhaps he conveniently forget this sort of like he forgot the $21 Residential parking permits..when offering his “plan to fix them once and for all” for $75!…at SRClub on the 22nd… (prev. post)… He bucked the Town Manager again when he spoke of no interest payment loans (Hmmm)… He went after the Mayor on her previous votes…again perpetuating the false statement that she voted against the VFD (prev. post)…She voted for their contract…

Mayor Minnet was again prepared and succinct in presenting her opening ..she addressed the height limits and once more assured the voters the height limit would not be increased and the charter would be adhered to …. and that she too felt the Town’s low-rise character and traditions should be preserved… She spoke of her place in the center of the dais and her accomplishments, which included her ability to be fiscally responsible when it came to unnecessary purchases and Commissioner perks…She told the voters that if she is elected for another 2 years she would continue to govern that way…She was most elegant in her handling of the ridiculous claims that it was she that could not control the dais or the hall…She said leadership does not come from being loud and a being heavy on the gavel… She addressed her obstacles to decorum and anyone who watched the Feb 23rd Commission meeting with the empty seat two seats to her left (Vice Mayor McIntee) …knew exactly where the instigation arose from over the last 2 years…..Funny thing is her opponent Mr. Couriel has made those same remarks himself at meet and greets in this campaign with the “blessing” of his Campaign Managers the Furths…He used it when it suited his needs to try and sway a few votes …OOPS!…

The questions for both were on taxes and who pays more residents or businesses…Minnet was correct and answered the question as asked to address the residents this time around (the moderator said the businesses were addressed at meeting #1)… Couriel apparently did not listen…even though he asked for the question to be repeated before he answered it…He went off into hoteliers feeding restaurants and stakeholders …HUH?… On fees and infrastructure… pay as you, equitable payments and advalorem ….Couriel was again at odds with Town Manager Colon on borrowing money…He also was for putting as much as possible under advalorem because “People don’t like to write a check every month”…Mayor Minnet spoke of the Town Survey and even though the response was small it was pay as you go that was preferred by hose who did…She spoke of identifying areas townwide and what areas are benefiting …Divisiveness was next up and the Mayor spoke about both sides caring about the community and the lack of communication and respect…Couriel said the division started up there and again jumped on the Furth-fear-mongering train to speak of too much conflict, rants and raves and it will “not be allowed in my administration”…(Why does that verbage scare me so much?)…Ah, Joe you must be forgetting the times when you were thrown out by this Mayor and those that preceded her and stated you were proud to be a CIC rabble-rouser…(This writer can fully relate)… Guess that was then and this is now…The Mayor was too nice in not jumping on that point… (I would have, especially when he hit her hard on his turn at the question)…Parliamentary Procedure acumen was asked and while the Mayor could name herself as being one of the few Commission members or candidates who has come up through the ranks of Town boards to become Mayor …her opponent was left to his time on the Board of Adjustment…That Vice Chair position for this writer proved he should not be on the dais in any capacity much less as mayor of our town (prev. posts, boards cat.)… They were asked about the reef project and of course the Mayor was all for it…lack of time precluded her from stating her vote against it was due to being fiscal at the time with questions needing answers……Aha…the debate prep we hear that went on at Town Hall East last night must have kicked in…for Joltin’ Joe  went after the Mayor saying it was a “popular program” that the Mayor tried to “kill”…and falsely claimed it was “time sensitive”…Not so!…Next question a fire on the 15th floor and is the VFD up to the job?… Couriel jumped at his answer …the VFD has rigorous training as he “dissed” the Pompano Beach Fire Dept. by claiming Pompano Beach did not have enough hoses and claiming the VFD responded with hoses because our VFD has a “level of competency” and our VFD in our town would never be without the right number!…OUCH!…Mayor Minnet concurred the VFD was up to the job but she added no one could put out a 15th floor fire without mutual aid … and explained also adding a 15 story fire was always a multi- town event..(as seen in Pompano)… The moderator needed help in her question of off-site buildings…as she bundled (bungled) the warehouse out west with the public safety building next door…The Mayor assisted and spoke of the problems with warehouse being unsold and the public safety building not being a purchase that was fiscally responsible… Couriel gave the Furth-CIC version (long believed by this writer) that the warehouse was purchased by the Town to make way for a new firehouse promised by BSO …He spoke of the “illegal triple-wide trailer and said the public safety building was bought at a very good price…Hmmm…the triple- wide moving trailer?…Comm. Silverstone insisted at SRClub (prev. post) that the trailer was moved every time we were evacuated…As far as the building being a good price $1.7 and with renovation costs close to $2 million…for a crappy hotel..That kind of thinking should give voters pause…especially when he called it a “modern building”…The question of a Hospitality District was presented …Joe thinks El Mar Drive and Commercial Blvd. are intertwined and all we have to do “promote it-enhance it and make use of it”…Ahhh…why didn’t those who came before him think of that?…(He sounds much like running mate Evans)… Mayor Minnet clarified the warehouse purchase saying it was for storage of records and equipment off the barrier island in case of hurricane…she spoke of the Hospitality areas in town and the Chamber /Welcome Center and what it brings to us with those who were tourists only then became taxpayers like many of the people watching this evening…… Forensic audit and RFPs being read aloud… The Mayor was fro RFPs (Request for Proposals) being read aloud to keep transparency and make it easy for staff and vendors (something done until July 2009) …As for a forensic audit she said more of an internal controls audit…Couriel again broke away from the Town Manager saying it depended on the feasibility …”why not?”…as for Forensic audit he was willing to rely on Esther Colon’s “track record” over the last “11-15 years”…Ms. Colon has just begun her 10th year…Special events to bring people together brought out the “I like to party” line…Joe and his “Party guy” responses are beginning to remind this writer of Ricardo Montalban and his “You look Mahvelous” line  …OOPS!…according to Marjorie Evans during her portion of the meeting… Mr. Couriel could sue me for making fun!…..He referred back again to outdoor dining ..with tables and chairs out on the sidewalks…changing the codes…he’s all in favor of “entertainment”…The Mayor took a “different approach” as she thought the question was to pull people together in participation in Town events……and those events meant  Easter, the 4th of July  …volunteering, the Beach Clean-up …and the events that the Chamber is instrumental in throughout the year…Mayor Minnet closed by telling all what an honor it has been to serve …she will continue to do so and is asking for voters to vote for Roseann Minnet…Joe Couriel said he thanked the LOWV that he was the direction to go in…he knows Roberts Rules and said ” I trust your judgment”…

That judgment should be to vote for Roseann Minnet…especially after their second debate…

more to come…

Next Vincent vs Silverstone…

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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town … And More ….

February 26, 2010 by Barbara


Today an Avid Reader drove by “Town Hall East” aka Blue Seas Inn aka Campaign Headquarters for Silverstone/Evans/ Couriel aka as By The Sea Times and as we have seen practically 24-7 parked out in front are 2 Town Commissioners…Silverstone (Silver Porsche) and Clottey (white prius)…

Today as Readers will see Comm. Silverstone is parked in a Handicapped spot (fitting most will reply) and Clottey is parked in 2 spots (fitting as well )… These 2 are sticking their middle finger up to Sunshine rules by being together with the Furths and discussing what they must be discussing.. …No one believes they are 24-7 discussing the Obama Health Care Package or the weather!…

Puts quite a damper on Candidate Silverstone’s claims at the 2nd Meet the Candidates Night….insisting  HE  follows the rules!…

It’s not NICE to park in the Handicapped spaces!… Commissioner Jim “He’s not a Nice Guy” Silverstone…a moniker that still fits!…



So much for not being political…Town Manager Esther Colon has done it again…She has put on the March 4, 2010 agenda to present past and present accomplishments of  Commission and Staff!… Give me a break…pure politics at its worst!…There are 2 Commissioner that are candidates and the Town Manager knows her job is jeopardy with all she has done  and her outbursts on the dais (See Feb 9, 2010 online meeting for her at her finest… ) This should be deferred to the first meeting of the new Commission when the old Commission is addressed and says their farewells!…

March 4, 2010

a. Commission & Staff Past & Present Accomplishments



The Town has decided after all these years to try and pull a fast one …to say that pop-up tents used outside the Polling places will not be allowed without a special permit…That permit must be in 60 days before!… True  to the style of management we have endured over the last 2+ years with this Town Manager she never ever said she would be pulling this stunt!… Here we are days away and her Asst. Town Clerk Nikki Smith stood in Jarvis Hall last night giving the Esther Colon “no gray area” spiel! …Nikki said just because it was not enforced before it will be now!…The only way to override this travesty is for the Commission to waive it…and it should!… Notice was given to candidates for their signs…notice was given to businesses for the Manager’s lousy “Special Events and Street Closures Forums” …but not a word that the Administration would try this final stunt to stick it to all those who are involved in this election!… Shame on any member of the Administration or the Commission that goes along with this one!…



The Asst. State Atty. has sent a “close-out memorandum” on the e-mail situation in LBTS…Readers this is about the Vice Mayor being asked for his e-mails after BSO Chief Scott Gooding was terminated by Town Manager Esther Colon…The Vice Mayor is on video stating he deleted all his e-mails (3 1/2 yrs worth of Town related business a req. per sunshine rules)… Then to retaliate VM McIntee went after Comm. Dodd for months of e-mails to perhaps dig into any correspondence with this writer… Comm. Dodd went to a great deal of time and expense to separate out his e-mail and offered it up at a cost as was his right…the VM perhaps knowing full well he was about to be tossed aside by the VFD and the CIC and slither out of town with his tail between his legs… (Quack, Quack)…took a pass at spending the big bucks… Now the outcome …which should produce an outcry!…

Feb. 18, 2010

“Reason for Close-Out:

The memo explains the above and includes the dates..of who made complaints against who and why…Then the SAO gave case law and the conclusions to close-out the complaints…

“In State v, City of Clearwater, 883 So2d. 149 (Fla. 2003), the Florida Supreme Court held that personal emails are not considered public records by virtue of their placement on a government owned computer system. However 119.011 (12) can be interpreted to mean that emails stored in a personal computer which were “made or received pursuant to law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business by any agency” are public records

In the matter, I have concluded that Commissioner Dodd is not n violation of Chapter 119 as he made a good faith effort to segregate Town related business emails from his personal emails and the Broward SAO should not be involved in determining the reasonable cost of producing Town related emails.

While I have also concluded that Vice Mayor McIntee should not have deleted any Town related emails from his personal computer, I do not find his actions in this particular case warrant prosecution for a violation of Chapter 119. Specifically, Mr. Brandt was primarily seeking email communications between Town Manager Colon and Vice Mayor McIntee and if they were ever sent, these Town related emails would be stored and remain preserved in the government-owned computer system utilized by Town Manager Colon.

Thus, the matter, as it pertains to the related complaints filed by Vice Mayor McIntee against Commissioner Dodd and by Mark Brown and Yann Brandt against Vice Mayor McIntee should now be closed.”


This is what is wrong with the system…in this writer’s opinion…It appears that once again Vice Mayor McIntee will be given a “pass” …not even a “slap on the wrist”…Yes, he deleted 3 1/2 years Town related email…Yes, it was not to be allowed…But it appears because the complaint was specified on email that was backed up elsewhere…the rest of the emails ( prev. posts proved the VM’s statements of not “even knowing how to email” were false)… that were deleted are no big deal!… YIKES….

More to come…..

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Here’s The Scoop … 2/23/10 LBTS Commission Meeting … #2 …. Saving The Best For The End … Totally ….

February 26, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers…as you know full well by now whenever the Town Manager says “As you recall”…It means antenna alert…and don’t fall for it …We have been seeing it a a record pace lately as it appears the Town Manager is chasing her tale (not a spelling error) and is falling behind in trying to clear up her major mishaps due to unilateral decisions…and keeping the Commission and the taxpayers in the dark…essentially waiting for the other shoe to drop…

At the Feb. 23, 2010 Commission meeting Commissioner Dodd decided to give the Town Manager a dose of her own medicine …(she had put under TM Report at the Feb 9th meeting 8. TOWN MANAGER REPORT a. Clarification of recent issues)… So he put on…16c “Discussion and/or action on Town related business items.”…

Commissioner Dodd began with informing the Town Manager he had a copy of his questions for her and to enter into the minutes (good luck with that)…Here is what he submitted…

“16c)  I put this on the agenda since the last time I went to see the manager and ask about her item – Clarification of Recent issues I received the answer – I’ll tell you tomorrow. I decided to publically ask for an update to be available at the next commission meeting on the following topics.

1)      Please produce a time line over the negotiations from the first complaint to the final projected resolution date with Choice on the multi family and the mixed commercial/residential issues.  I first placed this on an agenda on Oct 13th long after the first complaint was received. – At that time the manager stated we had to change the ordinance before she could go and talk to Choice.  An Ordinance was drawn up but put on hold.  The manager changed her stance because there was no point in doing an ordinance if Choice wasn’t willing to negotiate. The manager was then instructed to go and negotiate and if successful the commission would then change the code.. Where have those negotiations stalled and why?   I will be asking for those affected to receive a rebate based on the date the contract was given to Choice.  I find it surprising this has taken so long when we can put through plans, approvals, permits and complete drainage repairs in Bel Air outside a commissioner’s house and yet picking up the phone and resolving two small issues in a contract is dragging out into months and months.

2)      Sale of the Dixie property – Why did the town manager not bring this back to the commission once the six months had expired.  According to the video the commission granted Asset Management the right to sell and promote the property for a very low commission for six months.  You get what you pay for and nearly 18 months later we still own the site – it doesn’t appear to have been advertised properly on the MLS and we still own it and it’s costing us money.  Why wasn’t this added to the famous “tickler” or “brought forward” scheme that I was informed about when I first became a commissioner – I guess it fell through the cracks?  We need to place this commercial property in the hand of the best commercial real estate broker and alter the price to reflect the current market.

3)      Turtle lighting – Could you please refresh my memory as to when the commission passed the expense to put up the shields or did the manager make the decision and keep the cost under $15,000?

4)      What action would town staff recommend to resolve the lighting at the Minto parking lot.  I don’t propose to ask why were the wrong lights installed in the first place or who was responsible since that’s unproductive.  I would like to ask staff to bring a solution back to this dais because the town could be liable if someone falls over because we have to turn off all the lights again this year.  I personally feel this should be a higher priority than the tennis court lighting and want to ask the manager whether there is enough money in the budget to resolve both issues.

5)      Please confirm the funding for the senior center to Bien Aime has not been stopped as stated in a recent memo and that Amelio will be present at the proposed audit by Broward County . He is primarily responsible for the wonderful senior center support and success over the past few years and knows more about the internal workings than town staff since he deals with the members every day.  I have stated on record if the terms of the grant can’t be met because they are too onerous I am publicly asking the town manager to bring it back to the dais before taking any unilateral actions of her own. It is up to the dais to make the decision if they wish to fund the centre from other sources and not the managers.

6)      While this town employs Chen and Associates as the engineer of record can I ask the town manager whether the town complied with all the requirements of the Florida statute

287.055 Acquisition of professional architectural, engineering, landscape architectural, or surveying and mapping services; definitions; procedures; contingent fees prohibited; penalties.—otherwise known as the Consultants Competitive Negotiation Act.

My question is simple – Should this town have gone out for an RFQ knowing the size of the project to be $1,000,000 in order to comply with the terms of the act.

I feel compelled to ask these questions publicly and to ask this copy of my questions be placed in the minutes as a record.”


The Town Manager ” I believe I have responded to three of these items in writing via memo. I have met with Choice. I have provided the information that they have requested. At the second meeting they came with their attorney. I told em I would not meet with their attorney unless my attorney was present. The attorney stayed out in the lobby. You both got copies of the letters I sent. It is in the hands of Choice to come back and tell us what they want to negotiate. I cannot do anything else but provide you with the information they provided me.

As far as the sale of the property. I gave you a memo of that. You are correct you have all the dates right. I gave you a chronological event of what happened and IF YOU RECALL when I attached the documents to the memo purposely because we had over 25 Realtors, most of them came from the ah, our tourist guide and we had some local Realtors. I believe one was called By The Sea. One was called Sandy Stella and it appeared that we had a lot of local competition with different rates and The Commission chose not to go that route. I sent  the memo for that reason. The Commission has not given me direction. If they want me to RFP it or what they want me to to do.

The turtle lighting. We had a workshop the other day. FPL is workin’ with Florida Wildlife and staff.They are trying a sample cover for the light. It’s some creative thing that they did for us and if they accept that those shields will be going up.

Minto parking , I’m surprised you aksd (asked) me that question. I wrote you a memo. I also informed you that Minot gave me a couple of thousands of dollars to put shields those lights. What happened was FPL put in the wrong lights. So I do have the money in the bank. FPL, the manufacturer, Mintos and the Florida Wildlife are currently workin’ with us to see if the shield that they came up with will adapt to the lights that are there. If they do we’ll probably be givin’ some of the funds back to Mintos because they gave us a little bit extra than we needed.

As far as the Senior Center  audit we have been put on notice um. the auditors like any other auditor of the county. They have informed us that when they’re ready to come in and do an audit they will pick up the phone and say we will be here on x date and they will perform the audit.

Um as far as section 287.155. I know we’re abidin’ by it. I, I know the competitive act but I will respond to your memo and I will attach the same memos that I already supplied you and every Commission member. But I will respond to the inquiries.”

Commissioner Silverstone” I just want to say I’m disappointed. This is no way to ah, transact Town business. Um these issues are important. I remember getting these memos. We discussed theses. Um, why are we wasting time on this. I don’t know. It’s not the way we do things. To get the business done of the people and um, I just want to make sure that I stand cause it’s not the way we do business here. I yield.”

Mayor Minnet” Thank you Commissioner Dodd for bringing that up.”


Here we go… Choice is at a standstill and the residents are suffering…Commissioner Silverstone thinks it’s wasting time…just hours after yet another resident came at public comments looking for a solution…OUCH!… Yesterday the Town Manager reissued the contract and a time-line

The warehouse property…(prev. post) according to the July 2008 meeting the Commissioners gave the Town Manager direction..a 6 month contract after the Manager and Asst. TM Olinzock added to the packet Advanced Assets Management without informing the Commission of prior contracts with the company…The Mayor read aloud what the company would do…and according to the memos a year and a half later …most of that was not done…Now the TM is saying she had no direction?…Come on!… Her recollection of “I believe one was called By The Sea ” was disingenuous at best…

The lights and the shields…we first heard about shields being installed at the 2/17/10 MPSC meeting when Comm. Silverstone stood up and told us they were being installed he saw the plans from Don Prince  (Municipal Works Director)… The shields the TM says will go up “if they accept ” have been put up on every other or every their light pole on El mar last week…So why no advance notice or update at the prior meetings and the workshop as many residents spoke up?.. Since when did FPL do any shields for free?…

The wrong lights were put up in the Minto /El Prado Parking lot…we all knew that…but that it was FPL that did it…that’s sure a new one!…I want to see that memo ..the date and some proof from FPL and Minto…”who gave me a couple of thousands dollars”…and just where in the financial reports did it show it in the bank?…

The Senior Center …Who called whom for the audit…We heard the hard worked and much admired Director has been treated badly by this Manager …The Manger we heard has all his books after she demanded they be turned over…We were told the Town Manager said a staff member would g to the audit and not the Director…who was also informed his payments have been stopped…Someone needs to call the county to see if they are aware of the Town Manger’s strong-arming…

As for the Million dollar project without an RFP…this one should be quite interesting…as many questioned the size and thes cope with no RFP early on in the process…Just one more big ticket project that it look like this Town Manager may have bungled…

Commissioner Silverstone says he remembers all the above, read the memos…perhaps he remembers it the same way he remembers the Kite surfing Ordinance he tried to pass off as instituted by him…only to find out it never happened…and he wrongly stated at the 2nd debate it was “tabled”…after declaring if elected it would be the first thing he brings back… A memo came on February 23, 2010

“Kite surfing

We received phone calls pertaining to Kite Surfing and both Police and Code Enforcement departments are monitoring the area. The above subject has been the topic of discussion since April 28, 2009. This discussion was deferred to July 29, 2009 as a presentation was made by supporters of Kite Surfing, but they never came to the meeting so Vice mayor McIntee withdrew the item

Respectfully submitted EC”

Just as I said when I was so rudely told to “shut up” and told it was “Tabled” at SRClub the evening before…I said exactly what TM Colon states in her memo…So when Jimmy-boy says he remembers something…it’s akin to Town Manager Colon’s “as you will recall”…”Total Recall?” ….Totally unbelievable!…..

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … A Reminder … 2nd LOWV Meet The Candidates Night In LBTS … Sink Or Swim Time …

February 25, 2010 by Barbara









Let’s hope this time the league of Women Voters gives out questions that are accurate and have done their due diligence prior reading them aloud and filling the hall and the airwaves with propaganda such as was the case with the purportedly supplied “Cuban” question that appears to have come from the self professed “non- political” Town Manager …This writer still believes as I stated in an e-mail to Ms. Smith (prev. posts)…she needs to offer an apology to the Town…

We also hear from many Chamber Taste of the Beach attendees that there seemed to be “Debate Prep” going on at Town Hall East…(Furth’s Blue Seas Inn)…The Campaign Headquarters for Silverstone/Evans/ Couriel last night…BUT also in attendance Commissioner “Clueless” Clottey… Helloooo…SUNSHINE ANYBODY?…

This writer returning  home today saw Commissioners Clottey and Silverstone parked out front once again… Does the Wizard and the Man (Woman) behind the curtain ring a bell?….

A majority win for Silverstone/Evans/ Couriel…means…Clottey/ Colon/ Furths… YIKES!…Where’s the Ruby Slippers when you need em’?…..

The debate is on Comcast channel 78 and online

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Stand By Your Man Part 2 …

February 25, 2010 by Barbara

WAS IT WORTH $34.20?…..

Dear Readers…every so often this writer does a Google to see where my posts go…If they have been copied elsewhere…(they are copyrighted)…and so forth…. It’s always interesting…and always provides some surprises…Sometimes it’s where they have traveled throughout the world…and sometimes it’s pure fodder…Last night it was the both… Take a look…(link below for verification)…and you will see if Candidate Commissioner Jim Silverstone was really a nice guy…he would have chosen to “stand by his woman”…who told everyone and anyone prior to his filing on day 1 of the qualifying that she did not want him to run…and their wedding was on hold…This included those he would be opposing for his seat on the dais……Jim “He’s not a nice guy” chose to run again…His Fiancee’ has chosen in this writer’s opinion,  to put anger elsewhere and it looks like she thought it was worth $34.20 to go online to see if they could sue this writer for posting his record…his actions and my opinion….. She received her answer…She cannot..Freedom of Speech…..”Stand by Freedom of Speech”….(Can’t you see Tammy singing that one?)…..

I “stand by my posts” …and ask voters if you want to see what is what…go to a post…such as the commission meetings …or the ethic charges of probable cause…and then either go to the Town website and go to the videos and watch… ….Go to Google and put in James Silverstone Florida Ethics Commission…and so and so forth…

Why do I do it…because I too was an uninformed voter who was told alot of stories…told a lot of promises and was hoodwinked ….It has not changed  in campaign 2010 ….Just the other night this writer watched in horror as Candidate Jim Silverstone “stood” and told SRClub residents we had an ordinance for kitesurfing…His pal Peanuts Wick tried to say it was tabled…This writer said it was not…Jerry McIntee incarnate Bob Dickman turned to scream at me to “Shut up” and followed that up with a nasty and sarcastic “It’s a good thing we have you.”.. I responded “Yes it is”… I told the residents the kitesurfing “died” because not enough people were there to address the 2nd day…A memo was received by the Commissioners  shortly after that visit..and it verified that the kitesurfing did indeed die after VM McIntee let it go…no table…no ordinance…no bull…”Stand by no bull”….

Just a reminder to the Fiancee’ I could have saved you $34.20……..This writer will stop writing about the “husband to be” after the “husband to be” is off the dais…and it is of course this writer’s hope that will be on March 9, 2010!… “Stand by voting him out”….

In the meantime…I will continue to call Candidate Commissioner Jim “He’s not a nice guy” Silverstone on all of his actions..his claims…and his McIntee -like record!… “Stand by your record”…



My husband to be is a commissioner we have this blogger in town who is filled of hate calling names putting false info on her blogg about him and me, its election time again she is just pure of hate having someone take pictures of his car at a friends house saying all kinds of lie. how can we stop this harresing all of his friends,,it could be a class action law suit about 10 people what type of lawyer do we go to and could anything be done
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nothing she is just a liar calling everyone names from fat just pure hate

Posted by Dimitry Alexander Kaplun 29 days and 9 hours ago.
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Thank you for your question.

What types of lies is the blogger stating?

29 days and 9 hours ago.
un true things about him his signs calling names.if you would like go to Barbara cole by the almost all of it is lies you would have to just look at it to see what type of person she is

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Could you be more specific? Some comments are protected speech and some are not–I need to know what the blogger is stating to tell you if you have a cause of action.

Please advise.



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While Comm. Jim (He’s not a nice guy) Silverstone is being portrayed by his camapaign manager’s Furth as “Coach Jim”…and Santa Clause…Many see him as the “Pillsbury Dough Boy” or Norm Crosby…a man who “Pecifically”…saw “Udder”…. ways to enact a code of “Ethnics” for the Town Commission… Voters need to remember…Silverstone is no “harmless ” Commissioner…worth a vote in 2010 now that his BFF McIntee will not be on the dais to lead him by the nose in how to vote ( a look at their records over the last 4 years show they were identical )… There is no such thing as a “harmless elected official”… Not when that elected official is “armed” with a vote that impacts their constituents!… Jimmy-boy also has a problem with details and following election rules…as seen from his site…”For Commissioner COMMITTEE”…Hmmm….something new he has in mind for LBTS if he returns?….OOPS…(this writer printed it out to retain proof before he can fix it)…

“© Jim Silvserstone for commissioner committee 2010″



Accepted Answer
Thank you for your follow-up.

From what you posted, most of it is protected speech. Since your husband is a “public figure”, so long as the information is not false and is opinion, it is considered protected speech. For example, if your husband does have an identical record, then it is not defamation or slander as it is true.

If such information is not true, however, you can consider filing a defamation suit against the person. This is not a class action suit, as all parties have different injuries–all have to file separately. You will need a civil litigation attorney who has experience with first amendment rights to help you.”

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …. 2/23/10 LBTS Commission Meeting …#1 … Light At The End Of TheTunnel ….

February 24, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … At the last meeting of month of February for this current majority’s first term in office we saw why it so imperative that the voters of LBTS get it right on March 9, 2010… So frustrating it was, even without all the drama which usually accompanies these meetings when all five Commissioners are in attendance. Due to the excused absence of outgoing Vice Mayor McIntee and his “illness” (he was seen filling his “pod” in the afternoon) the voters could see once again where the “lack of decorum” came from!… With McIntee off the dais it is a moot point…Thus Commission “Clueless” Clottey’s lame attempt to point fingers at her nemesis Mayor Minnet being the one who should control the meetings fell flat much like the rest of her callous and comical Commissioner comments (nails on a chalkboard come to mind when she speaks)… For those Readers unaware of why Clottey is so obsessed with the Mayor…It’s a “girl thing”…You see when campaigning in 2008 Clottey tried to “bond” with the Mayor over both being “professional women” running for office…Roseann was not interested and Clottey felt slighted…and never got over it…going after Minnet in any way shape and form she could dream up…with a little assistance from her :”gang”…UGH!…Quite something not only was the VM a no-show but so were the Furths (They were MIA for the MPSC as well)…and the CIC contingency was sparse with a total of 5 in audience along with the sleeping Candidate Marjorie Evans (can watch it online during presentations) and Mayoral Candidate Couriel….The Town Chaplain was unable to attend due a conflicting commitment and the Mayor asked for a “moment of reflection”… The first presentation from the Daughters of the American Revolution followed by “Clueless” Clottey asking if the organization allowed an associate membership to those who were not direct decedents… It brought forth an awkward exchange from the presenter…perhaps Comm. Clottey was looking for the Lithuanian contingency of the American Revolution?… Next up was the School Board Staff presentation…brought to you by those who think we should be involved in this…Readers know this writer’s opinion we should have opted out when we could (SRLakes did)…It was later deferred under new business…4-0 vote…The firefighters pension fund was presented by TM Colon’s favorite longtime Auditors Rachlin now Marcum-Rachlin…After the presentation the Mayor asked about the IRS not making a determination but Rachlin accepting it as if they had…a little chagrined the presenter will look into it…OOPS!…

Then on to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report… and here is where the “rubber meets the road” voters…Here is where the first major frustration of not only the night but of the past two years under this Town Manager and this current Silverstone-McIntee -Clottey majority comes from!… To use one of outgoing VM McIntee’s favorite  lines…”Let’s cut to the chase”… Talk about having the “wool pulled over our eyes”…WOW!… While Silverstone and the Rachlin Rep along with the Town Manager want us all to look over “here” to exclaim they actually “saved” us $700,000 NET from returning the two promissory notes last September with a pre-penalty clause- paid without negotiating down… What was over “THERE” was the fact…that according to the figures being rambled out…the Town has  an “UNRESTRICTED 11 million”… an “EMERGENCY FUND (Catastrophic) $2.3 million and and an “AVAILABLE $2,189. million!…

What does that mean…it means we had 13+ million plus the $6.8 million we returned…and the $1.8 million we paid for the crappy hotel to use for a brand new Town Complex and to do “The Whole Enchilada” of El Mar Drive!

The $6.8 million despite Commissioner Silverstone’s constant false assertions was not for “sewers” only…For that to be true the Town would have had to pay it back to the bank as the Mayor put forth in 2008 due to the fact there were no more sewers to be put in, in town!… The loan was for Capital Improvements… And the Manager was well aware of that as well as McIntee and Silverstone… When the two promissory notes were brought up last year and Sun Trust Reps were brought in by the Town Manager…it was Comm. Silverstone who is on record stating the pre-payment amount climbed up near $100,000 in a just the last month…he wanted to hold off to see if it would go down…McIntee did not want to pay it back …he saw a firehouse being built after his triumphant return to a 2nd term (it was last summer, before he gambled on the fire chief position)…This was when the TM threw out the “$600,000 savings” …line t…it was to stop as Resident John Oughten said at his public comments last night the “hemorrhaging”, being felt from holding on to these noes for too long without using the funds….The $600,000 was if we kept the notes until they were due…The dais decided to hold off and have a workshop..per Comm. Clottey…But after holding his proverbial finger up to the wind…Silverstone did not wait for Comm. Clottey’s workshop…and it was brought up at the Budget meeting in Sept. while Clottey was absent…It was voted on 4-0 and the Manager remained mute about any attempt to negotiate down the $300,000 pre-payment penalty… Comm. Dodd last night said the Commission did not direct her…This writer counters that with this…TM Colon was the finance director before being the Town Manager ad it should have been her job to advise the Commission of negotiating down the pre-payment…instead she sent an e-mail asap after the meeting to pay it off “as directed”…GULP!…

The money shown above is the very reason this Town Manager was able so often to answer Vice Mayor McIntee inquires on the dais about having the big bucks for large ticket item purchases such as the crappy hotel or fire dept. apparatus with such certainty!… Funny isn’t it that Candidate Marjorie Evans is stomping around declaring we are operating this town on a “bare-bones” budget…and stating at SRClub she runs her non-profit business exactly the same way as Esther Colon runs the town…Now that I believe and that is truly frightening!…

The above information should further give pause to the politically motivated Clottey Special Meeting on 2/17/10…for Stimulus Funds…and Marjorie Evans SRClub claim of first falsely stating Commissioner Clottey turned 1 million into 2 million…and telling MPSC Chair/ Chamber Pres. Paul Novak she cannot spend money we don’t have after he asked why the town did not just go for 2 million to do all of El Mar…Msrs. Evans was so smug about meeting with her “galpal” Esther Colon…but seems TM Colon did not inform Evans of the real monies we have available!…OUCH!…

Public Comments produced calm and collected commentary for the most part…Here are a few…A resident again looking for some relief from the waste contract and the receptical per dwelling charges… again it was met with erroneous remarks from the Town Manager and Comm. Silverstone pointing fingers at Waste Management and people not paying their fair share… Newbie CIC member Lilliana Pomerada spoke again on the “Cuban” remark that did not happen..Ms. Pomerada should take a look at the tape…perhaps she was too busy throwing paper at a resident  to realize she is wrong…and festering a falsehood of “racism” in town is a disservice to us all…John Oughten as stated above set the record straight on  Silverstone and the Town Manager’s false net savings assertion…(Comm. Silverstone would later address him at Comm. comments) … Mayoral Candidate Joe Couriel spoke about the matching fund meeting for El Mar beautification and hoped for a beginning of a new era…after March…(Only if Joe is in the audience, if he is on the dais…expect 2-4 yrs more of Manager Colon’s style of government…and more hidden taxpayer funds)….Candidate Marjorie Evans woke up after Maryann Wardlaw poked her to speak about the audit and congratulate the commission…Looks like she did not read it…she should be thanking the taxpayers!… She was also incorrect in her statement of the staff cutting to 30 hrs…if she looked she would see that while their hours were cut…and it was just a few …they were paid in line with neighboring 40 hr. employees and retained their benefits..OOPS!… A little less sleeping…a lot less professions of a quick fix based on no knowledge and maybe Marjorie can speak…(She really is most McIntee like…ready to put out the fires…but not to do the cleanup)…Our neighbor from Pompano Beach returned to speak…and had one of the best commentary’s of the nigh including …The majority must rule… the minority has rights…don’t repress decent …educate your citizenry….The worst were the CIC old-timers…VFD member Bob Karly who again took to the podium to complain about bitterness as he himself spouted nothing but…it is a poor representation for the VFD every time he does so…Rosa the tomato lady..who made a remark about pit bulls and said hello to “Our beautiful GANG”…that says it all…watch out for rotten tomatoes!…

Monthly Reports questions from the dais…for Finance and Budget Report…This is one reason this writer wants a new commission…Development Services…Comm. Dodd asked about some funky addition 0+0+0 = 67?…Municipal Services no discussion…BSO as prev. posted big drop from 09-10 …The Chief was thanked for following up on items brought to his attention…He was put in a precarious situation when asked by Comm. Silverstone on their new digs…He answered they were an improvement…This writer has heard otherwise …behind the scenes…VFD Report…The Mayor said she saw Chief Perkins on Ch. 4…he responded “Thanks to you”…The Mayor was contacted by FIU and Channel 4 to meet and discuss riptides…The Mayor contacted all and put it together for the Chief to be in charge as it is the VFD who is at the center of the beach patrol…Nice!… The Sentinel article after the interview was a total setup..and did a great disservice to our town…The Stormwater Master Plan as prev. posted deserved more commentary from the dais.. James Barton answered back Comm. Dodd that staff made “revisions” but did not elaborate…the backup states it could just go to the staff and/ or the commission…it needs to be back in front of a new commission prepared to ask for details…the study is too important and cost the big bucks!…

The Town Manager was short on reporting…until at the end of the evening in responding to Comm. Dodd…She thanked the VFD, municipal workers, police etc…for helping the BSO move into the crappy hotel…Hmmm. we paid for municipal workers to help move the BSO?…No wonder the portals look so bad…

Approval of the minutes…not so fast..1/26/10 were wrong…Feb 9th although passed were misleading in what was left out…Next commission…we need minutes that make it unnecessary to go to the video (see 2007 minutes to see the difference)…

2nd Reading …Ord. for theaters etc…passed no public comments/ comm. discussion…

Commissioner Comments …The Mayor spoke of the emergency funds being 2.3 million…upcoming events…and why she voted NO for the public safety building…the cost…the property behind that came up for half the price and the unsold warehouse out west… Comm. Clottey went off the deep end and made her sick political comments after chiding Comm. Dodd for doing the very same thing (according to her)… She tried to clear up where she stood on the noise (still unnecessary…still undocumented in her claims of complaints)…She decided to join her buddy Silverstone in addressing public commenter (always a winner in the eyes of the constituents- not!)…and went to her Sizzle vs steak comment..and her attempt to discredit the Mayor…Comm. Silverstone stood behind his false assertions just as he has on the campaign trail…(perhaps it’s too late for him to relearn the facts)…He mispronounced residents names as he answered back their comments..and he too was politicking for Marjorie Evans…who had left the hall long before!…OOPS!… He also falsely stated again that the warehouse in the west doesn’t cost us anything…(Hmmm… he and Marjorie…and Joe money)…Silverstone was on the dais when he, McIntee and TM Colon said the $2 million sale would make the crappy hotel purchase a wash…He was also again false in his statements why we bought it…and that the Bougainvilla property has less room than the crappy hotel…Comm. Dodd said the Commission did not direct the Manager to negotiate..again it was not their job, to do so it should have been the Town Manger advising it was a fiscally responsible action she would take…He spoke of everyone voting and updated us on his Feb. Hillsboro meeting…

Consent agenda… The Nova Southeaster University staff was the recipient once again of Clottey being “Clueless” again and stubborn as she has been in the past 2 year…which will once again lead to the applicants coming back again to be allowed to use the portals or for them to wait and see if they get parking violations…just watch…it passed 4-0 to add they must move their cars after unloading…St. Pattys Day for Village/101 Ocean approved 4-0…A1A project approval of PBS & J was deferred after Candidate Scot Sasser brought it to the Commission’s attention they are under investigation…Comm. Dodd cognizant of the new info asked to postpone the approval…The TM was none too pleased and played the “no problem” card which usually means the kiss of death for whomever thwarts her mission…”you’re the policy makers”…and then added the company was approved by FDOT…Comm. Silverstone got visibly nervous and asked if the delay could cost us the project… the TM said we have until June 30th …and Silverstone then asked if the public comments concerned the Tm …The Tm said FDO approved PBS&J and there was no impropriety …she would send an e-mail asap to see what the FDOT says..and if they give “clearance” of any allegations made…Silverstone said he would defer to March 4th with Dodd 2nd..Clottey asked about the deadline and the Manager explained what needed to be done by June 30th..citizen forum conceptual plans (we are in Feb…quite a 180 from the timetable of getting things done for the El Mar Stimulus pkg. in less than 48 hrs.!)…Clottey further rode the fear of loss of the 600,000 and said it “could go down the train”…HUH?… The Manager then made a comment her door was open and insinuated the Candidate (Sasser) should have come to her with his concerns asap…. Perhaps Mr. Sasser believed the TM wa doing her homework and read the papers as it was pretty front and center the day after  the Feb 9, 2010 meeting…She said “just heard about it today)… Silverstone started to fret and wanted to pull his motion to go ahead…despite the new info…Dodd would not remove his 2nd feeling it needed to be answered …Clottey asked the Atty. if they could allow the Manager to jump to her 2nd choice if PBS&J turned out to be a dud…Before the Atty. could answer TM Colon said she would be on top it…as would the Town Atty. “just look at her face” said Colon and the answers would be forthcoming…Silverstone flip-flopped again and it was differed to March 4th…with Silverstone again saying he didn’t want to lose the money…The extensions on the contracts for Electrical maint./Street lighting maint./Tree Trimming were deferred until April 13th after the Mayor let it be known no backup of the cost and no info on renegotiating a better price…

Resolution for revised multi-jurisdictional local mitigation…hurricane response pub comments/ no discussion 4-0/ added on Resolution put on by Comm. Silverstone was questioned by the Mayor for not being announced and advertised…after discussion it too was deferred until April 13th…

Old Business was the dreaded slogan contest…It began in bad taste in the By The Sea Times…as a sort of a middle finger to the Chamber of Commerce…”Clueless” Clottey picked up the “gauntlet” and despite fully being aware of its unpopularity …she kept moving forward on it…that is until last night when she found Editor Mark Brown from By The Sea Future had asked to speak his 3 minutes on this agenda item…As Mr. Brown was being asked to come to the podium, Commissioner Clottey said she would defer until the next commission came in… Mark Brown was still allowed to speak and he spoke about the seriousness of a slogan and what it entailed by way of focus groups, professional marketers and the impact it might have if used for marketing the town, in the town’s logo …stationary etc…He wanted clarification on how this would be handled and that it would not be haphazardly dealt with…..Comm. Clottey took offense and answered that she taught people how to do this and said “I am not an idiot”…(sounding very much like her new “galpal” Candidate Marjorie Evans when she is not well received or questioned) … Clottey feels our current slogan is common elsewhere …and said she will stay out of it when it comes back…deferred to April 13th…”From bad taste to no taste”…(New Slogan? )…really says it all….

New Business was on the presentation with the Interlocal Agreement of the schools and it was Commissioner Clottey that put the brakes on saying more input and research needed to take places adding that at the Broward League of Cities it was discussed “to prevent busing”… Quite amusing that she did not want to defer it too soon in April ….saying  “We’re in the middle of an election”…Too, too funny…the same Commissioner who saw nothing wrong with the Town Manager’s “Forum” for Special Event and Street Closures done not once but twice and her own Special Meeting on Feb. 17th for the stimulus money with no backup provided!…Someone tell Commissioner Clottey April 13th  is a month after the election…OOPS!..deferred to May 11th…

The bus shelters…were definitely another confusing exchange with no real forthcoming info…and a disagreement of sorts over its time..and whether or not it is part of the A1A project…The Manager said it is…Comm. Clottey said she thought not…In any event it is stated under TBD…It has no rendering that includes sides…It was in black and white and not color …and according to Clottey each will cost 35-40,000 dollars…but its government funded so… (In true Candidate Marjorie Evans-eeze…) It won’t cost the town anything…so it’s “FREE MONEY”…After much back and forth and more discrepancies on a time frame the item was deferred to April 13th with the color renderings to be put on the Town website… all 12 pages…

What came next was item New Business 16c. Commissioners Dodd item…..and that will be LBTS Commission meeting….#2….

more to come…..

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Here’s The Scoop … The Sizzle Or The Steak?…

February 23, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …..  Commissioner “CLUELESS” Clottey  took to task a certain commissioner (Dodd) for what she said was politicking at a prior meeting when he spoke of getting the right people up on the dais after March 9th to help him  get the Town’s business done……Then true to her “CLUELESS” Clottey lack of character she proceeded to do just that!.. Once again she made all of us who voted for her sorry that we did…(2 more years)…as she told voters not to try the “sizzle” over the “steak”…

Judging from her choice of candidate…District 1 Candidate Marjorie Evans…definitely “no “sizzle” …… as she sat in Jarvis Hall and again either had her head in her hands or was leaning forward with her head in her lap, appearing to be asleep as the first presentations were being addressed…and if her “galpal” “CLUELESS” Clottey was insinuating Evans was the “Steak”…she was definitely “Cooked”!…

Voters should also be aware Candidate Evans again left the meeting early before public comments were done!…(approx. 8:45 pm)  Buyer Beware!…



District 1 Candidate Scot Sasser  ( in the suit) who sat upright at all times at the meeting…came prepared with public comments to address the Commission on the A1A project and informed the Town Manager of problems with her choice to give the contract to ….as well as the problem of not presenting the Commission with all the information to make their decision…Candidate Sasser stayed until the end of meeting…Fully engaged and in his upright position! …

Candidate Scot Sasser Public Comments….
“I would like to address the Consent Agenda Item for approval of contract agreement with PBS&J in the amount of $58,300.00 for the design of the FDOT Local Agency Program SR-A1A Enhancement Project. According to the minutes from January 26, 2010 3 companies were selected by a 4-1 vote. This begs the question; where are the other 2 design proposals? Shouldn’t the Commission at least be provided all 3 bids before making a decision? There is no back-up relating to the other bids, only the bid for PBS&J. While the header for the item listed in the minutes states to give authorization for the Town Manager to negotiate the contract it also states to set a date for presentation of short listed forms. This would indicate that there would be a presentation of ALL short listed responses.

Also, a quick Google of PBS&J provided information that they are being investigated for a “Corporate pay to play scandal” and two of their former chairmen have submitted guilty pleas. This was posted in two separate articles by the Miami Herald dated January 9, 2010 and February 2, 2010. I can only assume this was not known before short-listing the firms since it never came up in the discussion on January 26.

I would suggest that the Commission hold off on approval of this until all short-listed firms are presented (as was specified) and some consideration is given to the current state of affairs of this company in particular.”

He also addressed the $700,000 …that Comm. Silverstone,the Town and the Town’s auditor were trying to say “we saved” in the CAFR Presentation by stating he could do the math… “we should have saved a million.”…or in “steak” speak…Time to put a fork in it!…

links to PBS&J articles…


Thanks to the roving photog!….

This post is for a special Avid Reader in Georgia!….

more to come……

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Here’s The Scoop … Silverstone … Evans … Couriel’s Less Than Candid Condo Visit …

February 23, 2010 by Barbara


No one can forget that even though Jerry McIntee is busy filling the “pod” in front of his house to make a move …Jimmy-boy is the heir apparent who has voted along with McIntee without fail…Jimmy was instrumental in following Jerry’s lead in every bad act…on and off the dais… And though he now stands by mute as his fellow running mate for Mayor “trashes” for a vote…no one should give Jim Silverstone a pass for his inept and insufficient 4 years on the dais…aiding and abetting McIntee….Colon….and Furth…


Candidate Marjorie Evans reminds of that person who comes to the check-out counter and sees the long lines of people standing waiting their turn… Marjorie Evans suddenly spots an empty check -out counter and smugly walks toward it to claim it as hers…So proud that she, Marjorie Evans of her “find”… She has found the answer to those long lines!…Aha!…

Of course those standing in line shoot Marjorie Evans “that look”…because we all know that the counter is empty for a very good reason…. There is no one to checker!…

Now what do you say to a person who waltzes in and thinks she has “spotted” something no one else can see?…

Imagine, voters…we’re not talking about an empty check-out counter…we’re talking about a Commission seat and all those who have stood in line long before Marjorie Evans came to the front of the store!….


Mayoral Candidate Joe Couriel is making lots of promises…a “chicken in every pot”… He’s no longer talking “McIntee is God” as he did when his opponent Mayor Minnet had him removed from the hall last year…Nope he’s a quick study…Joe is…McIntee doesn’t play well in front of the condo crowd…so Joe…is trashin’ McIntee…McIntee was good until he wasn’t…


The candidates came to SRClub to speak to the residents…without the candidates…and their tag team ( CIC Chair Bob Roberts, CIC Board member Renee’ O’Neal, CIC Secretary Carol Dickman and her husband Bob, CIC asst. Secretary Gail Albohn, CIC member Peanuts Wick) the turnout was approximately 20… The candidates brought catered food and bottles of wine (will they ever show up on their election reports?) ..They had the By The Sea Times…and handouts…Renee O’neal went to each person giving them the handout and saying to take a look at Marjorie Evans accomplishments (none within Town limits despite being a resident as the north annexed in)…Jim Silverstone went to a couple and told them his dais assertion that the administration has cut down its staff and cost…(not letting on…but knowing Jim perhaps he doesn’t even know the “staff” was moved from Administration to Community Standards in 07-08…and the Asst. TM is listed under that!… OOPS!…

A member of the audience said  “These politicians know ho to wine and dine”…

Peanuts introduced Commissioner Jim Silverstone…he said Jim had been a basketball as long as he was a little kid, as long as he could remember……then spoke of Jim being Dracula and Jim responded he gave him away (pshaw)… Jim thanked the Dickmans and said he looked forward to all the questions… He gave his VFD  resume.. did his commissioner comment spiel about giving back in a positive way…his tired old line of learning more from the kids…He spoke of what he brought in his 4 years…VFD, AMR and saving 2 million dollars (leaving out it was spent on the crappy hotel next door)…He spoke of the 15.5 million dollar budget and how it had  been cut down (leaving out it came from no sewers in the Palm Club and the non- negotiated $300,000 pre-penalty loan repayment)… He told the audience to read the brochures and said they (the commission) were the “followers”…that his “record is good”… (He left out the $160,000 severance to the Town Manager in her contract if terminated that he either knew about and lied about for 2 years or he did not know and voted without reading… He left out the warehouse not being sold and his “it will be a wash in the cost of the crappy hotel…that is now a “washout” and sits idle at 50% less in market value to sell…. He leaves out his identical vote record to McIntee…His vote for McIntee to be Dep. Fire Chief…and Fire Chief despite it breaking VFD By-laws…He leaves out his probable cause found for Ethics violation from Fl. Ethics Commission….He leaves out his vote to allow anonymous letters in Town Hall…to name a few)…

He further stated the following …as he talked about Marjorie Evans who has been involved with “the worst of the worst kid”…OOPS!… when talking of her non-profit organization…He spoke of her grants and her budget being the same as the Town’s…(a point being “driven” home much like the Olympics of the past when each and every time the announcer would point out Nancy Kerrigan the figure skater they would just have to add “who’s mother is legally blind”.)..

Mayoral Candidate Joe Couriel was next and stated he never expected to be standing there…after he gave his bio…CIC founding member…BOA vice Chair (no mention of his horrible participation when dealing with the single family owner who was getting a variance for the Courtyard Hotel…when Joe actually asked the applicant why he needed  such a large chandelier …why he needed wider stairs outside…whey he needed large rooms…prev. post and he conveniently left out the FACT that is is still the Vice Chair of the CIC which is a conflict according to the FL. Election laws.)… He speaks of his involvement in founding the CIC (CAC) …and gathering petitions for referendums…(He leaves out he was fully engaged in the fear-mongering of that time…and he was among the most vocal in the hall yelling crooks and thieves and being removed from the hall…At the Feb. 9, 2010 meeting he said he was proud to have done so!)… He called his activism and the height limits his “contribution to the town”… He said the town was divisive and he was going to change that and contribute (by not getting thrown out?)…

Candidate Marjorie Evans said she runs an organization that is totally funded by public funds (the government)…but unless I missed it a look on google shows $100,000 from Bank of America..Walmart…and other such private companies… Mrs. Evans gets a salary from these public funds of over $150,000 a year…She was false in her first statement coming right out of the box …She stated “Commissioner Clottey was able to get 1 million dollars and turn it into 2 million dollars”…in referring to the 2/17/10 Special Meeting (prev. post)…No one knows if this will happen it is part of the “Jobs Bill”… She spoke of the neighborhood stabilization plan she wants to bring  in…She spoke of getting $150,000 to redo a kitchen (free money in Marjorie Evans eyes)…She said she never went to the condos before this campaign and has had a good experience…so good in fact she knows how to run them all better and it only took a single visit (able to leap tall buildings in a single bound)…She said the condos don’t get the issues…but never fear she’s gonna bring Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff and the the Broward Legislation to Jarvis Hall to tell the condos about how to deal with foreclosures…and she wants all the condos to have their presidents form an association… (She must not think much of the condo crowd to think they are not up to snuff on legislation…that is certainly not the crowds that I remember seeing at previous condo visits 2 years ago and especially not at SRC)…. She spoke of people in condos not having access to the Town Hall and are “tearing their hair out”..(Who?)… She spoke of a building in the north who was impacted when a building was built beside them and that new building made a “deal with Tallahassee” and took away their sun…(She left out or perhaps she did not know that it happened BEFORE annexation)…She spoke of a condo not allowing access to another and asking them to pay…(What she doesn’t say is 2 law firms in town said it is not a town issue it is between the properties)…She again spoke of a library a historical society …and she will get the zip code changed (She does not say that Congressman Klein, Ellyn Bogdanoff, Ken Keechl and others have all been well aware…as well as former Commissioner with just as many if not more “connections as Mrs. Evans) … She threw a few slanted vies of citizens caught in the middle and “preventing people from undermining people on the dais (was she looking at me?)… She did her Furth fear-mongering…

As previously posted the Furth-CIC endorsed candidates did not follow the rules…they put fliers in every door…The SRC board was livid and received phone calls of complaints…One board member told this writer she wanted to cancel the meeting…She rose to ask “What was the parameter of his meeting?”…She stated they were told 1 sign…Peanuts Wick stood and took the blame (he took the bullet was more like it…because this former CIC member clearly remembers how “proud” we were at the election 2 years ago when “Marvelous Marvin” and the Dickmans went and did the very same thing…look for it again with the Furth-CIC election paper right before the election…SRC Board …a heads-up)… She was booed and not treated too nicely from Mrs. Evans who said that was between Peanuts and the board and had nothing to do with the candidates…A resident asked a “substantive question” …and Couriel took to the floor to talk down McIntee that he did some good and he did ” a lot of bad”…McIntee was “out of line!”… A member of the audience said Couriel was known to have be “explosive”…Couriel never responded to it… A gentleman who sits on the board asked about the kites…

This writer was totally blown away when Comm. Jim Silverstone told the man he passed an Ordinance… (They did not!)… Silverstone even said they needed a license…a tag on the kite and  included many of the recommendations that never came to fruition…Couriel brought up that the experienced kite surfers brought it up (not so)…and they were for policing themselves (partly so)… He put them in the same category as the Tennis court members saying they “offered solutions” (Hmmm)… Silverstone after hearing this writer from the back inform him he was wrong said it was “tabled” (wrong again)…and he “will bring it back”…

Bob Dickman (a nasty piece of work…and Jerry McIntee pal) tuned around and told me to shut up…then said “It’s a good thing we have you” ..nastier still… until his wife made him move…

A resident did not let the Commissioner off  the hook …he asked the first resident when he brought the issue up…the resident responded it was last March…and the second resident said almost a year later… Marjorie Evans said “In my opinion it’s dangerous”…”no compromise in this issue”…She also insisted she herself has almost been hit by kite surfer (She seems to have a lot of things happen to her too…haven’t we seen this before in a commissioner?)…Comm. Silverstone woke up (he had the least to say of all 3 throughout) ..and “What I’m hearing here it, If elected I’ll take care of it!”…”Now I’m hearing it.”…Couriel said “this is why it’s important that people can talk” … Silverstone was totally disingenuous once again by saying “First time I’ve heard about it since last April.”… (Come on… It was removed by VM McIntee after a second day marathon meeting…and no one was there from the kite surfers to the residents…not tabled just dropped…

A resident asked about the fire engines coming with the ambulance…Couriel said that it’s “standard operating procedure”…(false)…and Silverstone said “the cost to the fire dept. is minimal”…”there’s no a lot for the guys to do” and said “they can’t ell from the call”…(Not true…the pager tells them…and the Fire Dept. only gets the page because they have asked to be included in the dispatch)…Couriel said they get $25 a call and Silverstone said it was $10…Couriel repeated the “if they need to knock the door down” ploy…Rare it would be called for and AMR would get them there in minutes (Neither one exposed the prior to returning the VFD to action statements of no need for this to happen with so many paramedics and ambulances available from AMR)… El Mar Drive was addressed and Silverstone talked up the free money in matching funds again as if it were a done deal… He id a John Kerry “First he was against the medians…before he was for the medians”… and now just like the kite surfing he hears it now…and the people didn’t want it…He also said the sidewalks will be dug up for new drainage… Couriel grabbed the “gold ring” of free money for the project as well saying with a million they’ll do the south and with 2 they’ll do the north as well (HUH?)… Paul Novak asked about Marjorie’s assertions for the funding asking if if was realistic… and she was very emphatic…then she went off on a disturbing junket off explaining it as if it correlated to LBTS being “specifically mentioned on a google for the “tidal surge” and that the Oriana build the 1st floor parking for this reason… She started to talk about New Orleans…when I shook my head …she asked to respond I stood and Peanuts Wick went wild…I said she asked …she said she asked and I sat back down…(Oriana info was off and I wondered if that meant she was for 3 over 1 on El Mar?…OOPS!)… Paul spoke about matching 1.5 and then Marjorie let it slip she was in “conference” with the Town Manger to get the low-down…she said the TM told her it was a million needed in cash to match the million …for leverage…(Fancy that…the TM could not come to the MPSC meeting or the Special Meeting…The TM could provide no backup for the Commission for that meeting …but the TM could be “Political” and inform 1 candidate over her Commission and the taxpayers…OUCH!”)… The west warehouse was asked about and Jim Silverstone again said the hotel was purchased to have room…(no more trailer illegal excuse as was used from the get- go) …He said he didn’t know why they bought the warehouse (off-site away from town for records in a hurricane)…He said we move the development trailer when we have to evacuate…(since when..never happened)… Tried the complex excuse as well (not true)… A resident asked if the candidates belonged to a party …Marjorie said the “only way to run is supported by the UOT or the CIC”…you “can’t run independently” and “I don’t think it’s a great idea.”…. Again with the library…and astonishment we have no “bookmobile”…when  a resident pointed out 2 libraries close by…Mrs. Evans showed she does not handle being taken to task all that well …”You think it’s a bad idea?”..”Here’s what I’m trying to say. I’m 67, do you think I never made a mistake.”… Couriel took off and said they will expand the Senior Center add a  library after school activities and save the “equivalent” of  $400 per child by not having to take them to activities over the bridge (HUH?)…An audience member leaned over to say The others [Sasser, Vincent, Minnet] were much more professional”…. A question of empty real estate and Marjorie’s got a way to get “free money” for that as well…the neighborhood stabilization …allows getting people to move into them…More “government money”… She again poke of Ellyn Bogdanoff…to give relief…(Do the Wardlaws know their candidate is talking up the Republican Rep….after all they boycotted her speaking at the CIC a few years back)… Couriel piped in “you’re the troops”…talking of a letter writing campaign they can all do together to Tallahassee  and Washington…and stating Jeff Atwater knows Ellyn Bogdanoff (YIKES!)… Marjorie spoke of the confusion with having 2 newspapers and saying her “Idea is to present people with analysis of both sides”…”Not from both papers!”…(Do the Furths know of their demise?)…..Back to the volunteers where a speaker incorrectly stated that the Mayor voted against the VFD…Mayor Minnet voted FOR the VFD contract in a 5-0 vote!… The candidates did not straighten out the mistake (that would have taken some sense of right and wrong)… Marjorie (she spoke the most)…said “half the people did not want the VFD “the VFD won “…”We got them and now everybody likes them”…Couriel added that folks liked the BSO and the south did not know the they liked them (HUH?)… He said “people thought our police were very good. BSO is now good. People are happy with the VFD.”…He wants to do a special mail in election to decide the vendor for supplying police protection… Waste management and Choice came up with Jim saying he was the 1st to want to bid out for Waste Management but was lied to and told no one would compete (Actually what happened is LHP did just that could not find any bidders and Waste ended up raising the fees)…He told the McIntee in Orlando story (without the $500,000 gala they attended put on by Waste which wowed them both!) …He again misrepresented the Waste and Choice contracts ..(Has ever read them?)… He incorrectly stated the TM words of saying some residents have been paying for others (nope)… He went on to add a “Marjorie-ism” by saying she will keep them out of jail…by seeing no gray area (HUH?)… Couriel tried to tie the problem into the codes (HUH?)…And Marjorie …again looking for free money said “I think I can assist”…she said she could “get them to give something”…Choice already has that in their contract (Did she read the contract?)…more discussion of the higher costs to the condos SRC included…Asked about the demographics Condos vs the houses…no one knew right away then took a guessed 50/50 …with Marjorie “lifting” from this writer that SRC has enough to sway the election…Silverstone talked districts…saying they are over in 2012…(Not so fast read the Charter)… Couriel agreed… Beautification came up and talk about the stores with Couriel calling the “Tacky stores”…”Seedy stores”…Silverstone did his turn of the “vision over the bridge when you enter LBTS”…(Must be an after Siesta lesson at Town Hall East)… He said they did not have the power to change the shops and talked parking…and also talked of Marjorie’s idea for sidewalk cafes and Bed & Breakfasts…she want s new ordinances…and said they are not allowed…(The Little Inn is listed as a B & B…and sidewalk cafes…when she met with the TM did she not learn that it was TM Colon who took everything off the sidewalks …such as the longtime bench in front of the ice cream shop? with a big assist from galpal Comm. Clottey?)…… Paul Novak countered on the validity and the taxes for land …and Paul addressed the parking requirement hindrances that keep these very businesses away … Never fear Marjorie had a “story”…(I’m getting McIntee vibes from this candidate and her “stories”)… She said on Super Bowl weekend she stayed at a hotel for $144 and it was “dier cheap” (Taco Bell Inn?)… she wants to upgrade the clientele… Couriel again talked old codes…outdated codes and spoke of bringing them into the 21st century (HUH?)…and this one’s for Sandra Booth…Couriel said he wants to bring that “New Urbanism, the latest fad in town”… (He must have missed the meeting when Sandra brought Elizabeth Plater- Zyberk here a few years back)… Couriel had his “Over the bridge” moment…wanting a brand like Boca Raton ( Up is down and down is up in the Furth-CIC campaign)… The Boardwalk was brought up and Jim could not recall it’s over and done… but to get a vote he said the resident had his “commitment” he would not support it…Marjorie has yet more up her sleeve..with talking of a new Master plan…she has an idea to have citizen input…(Now remember folks…this is the candidate that never attended a MPSC until last month when she cam after announcing and proceeded to insult the entire committee)…Joe had more up his sleeve as well on this “free money” train campaign… he spoke of “any money that doesn’t come out o our pockets”…(Federal money does not come from our pockets…HUH?)…said he heard from someone we should go for federal money for lifeguards…get or foot in the door…Paul Novak asked about borrowing money if the Town is “debt free”…..rates are low…. Marjorie (again)…said she was going to do things “exactly as Esther Cole is doing with her budget”(OOPS!) …(Piecemeal and in secrecy?) …She then mis- represented her opponent on his stance with the Senior Center funds..and decided for good measure to do the same and misrepresent Silverstone’s opponent as well…The question turned to Bert J. Harris and Marjorie told a story (see a pattern here?)..She said at her business she employed a Haitian and she fired him…he said it was because he was Haitian…She went to an attorney…She says the attorney told her t pay the Haitian…she said she did not fire him because he was a Haitian…but because he did a bad job…She said she found another attorney…then she said she wrote a letter herself…then she said she ended up not paying anything…She feels the Town will win in the long run…Joe Couriel agreed … Asked about port a potties…Silverstone decided to chime in…he spoke of restaurants in the original plans but it was a NIMBY for most…(leaving out it was his Fiancee’ restaurant.)… . He was for them ….somewhere…sometime…Music was next…and Silverstone told the “Athena Brothers story about coming to McIntee saying it wasn’t “fair for Dave Gadsby” and “we allowed it”…He spoke of the noise ordinance and his being “trashed lately”…He said “I probably spend more money than anyone else”…downtown on the weekend nights…He went on to his “balance spiel” ..Couriel want s more music…Sundays…he wants to make LBTS a “”entertainment mecca”…Destination”…(Isn’t it already…Quick somebody give Joe the Chamber Tourist Guide!)…Paul Novak spoke of the Chamber and the Commission not helping support it…Marjorie (yep, again…who knew she could out talk Couriel?)… She said she belongs the the Pompano Beach and the Fort Lauderdale Chambers…she had asked for the Chamber books for she was going to find a way for them to balance their budget…and was disturbed by who belongs and who does not in and outside of town…Paul took the opportunity to tell all of Taste of the Beach a way for the Chamber to get some revenue…and ever the hypocrite Jim said it was a great time…thanking Paul…(Jim voted down the full budgeted funds and backed the TM as she shorted them -prev. post)…Next up was a theater group and …you guessed it Marjorie has that too…(Just keep saying McIntee…McIntee…McIntee)…

I could take it no more…I stood and said what I have written…I told her where has she been for the last 9 years?…She is going to tell the Chamber what to do after a few weeks after saying she belongs to the Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale Chambers but not the one in her own town…She walked into Jarvis Hall for the very 1st time when she announced her candidacy…Why start as Commissioner?..

She responded that her husband was very ill and she survived cancer…she had a business to run and she was picking up the gauntlet..

I responded I knew her husband…He was the secretary on the CIC…when I was the Vice Chair…he was not a Commissioner…nor was he active to this extent…I meant no disrespect for her husband, but her reason was, in this writer’s opinion just another “story” (McIntee)…

She asked me (again, she does not take being called out well)…why didn’t I run…I said I would answer and explained…My daughter is expecting my 1st grandchild and is getting her PHD and I am going to go to help out and would not be able to serve…(cannot miss 3 meetings in a row)…A few of their pals in the audience were quite verbal saying that my reason was not valid (HUH?)…

We went on to parking…and the loss of the  non-metered spaces …Joe Couriel had a plan a $75 dollar sticker to fix it once and for all!…It was Peanuts who said we already have one for $21!..(Guess Joe forgot it was he who came to speak for the $21 beach parking)…Talk ensued about where to get one…and it was Joe who got perturbed when he spoke of non-metered parking “all over the place”…asked where he said Commercial and Bougainvilla…when countered he tersely replied “You don’t see them, I do”… (those spots are special permit spaces)… Paul Novak asked Marjorie about the Historical Society and the Chamber being considered…she sad “Perfect”… (does she have free government money for this as well?)….He added that the Town wants to put an aluminum roof on it (TM denies it although 2 roofers and Director Prince told the Chamber it was so)…….Marjorie said she already had a “Guy” who has all the stuff… (That can only be CIC-Furth Pal and advertiser Jerry Sehl)…

It ended…and a  couple sat down beside me and asked me to answer some questions …I did…I explained the 2 million dollar hotel…the warehouse that is sitting idle…the $160,000 termination severance to the Town Manger…and the problem I have with all three of these candidates… I gave them the info on my site and told them to check out the facts… and I do believe that anyone who checks them here and then checks the Town videos will see they are the same…

Not happy with the outcome?….

After the meeting Bob Dickman approached me…I asked him not to speak to me…I always wondered (as did many others in SRC) how he ended up a close pal to McIntee after I departed the CIC ..and tonight I found out…When it comes to being looney…telling outrageous stories of things that NEVER happened … Bob Dickman sure showed this writer…he can sure give Jerry McIntee a run for his money… Nasty…big mouthed and telling total fabrications…It was truly sad…truly, truly sad…But his guests… Comm. Silverstone, and Renee O’Neal drank it up…like Kool aid!… YUCK!…

more to come….

Post Division

Here’s The Scoop … Feb. 23, 2010 LBTS Agenda … Time To Pack Up …

February 22, 2010 by Barbara




3. INVOCATION -Reverend George Hunsaker


a. Presentation from the Daughters of the American Revolution – Betty Schulz

BC-The “Daughters” are coming ….

b. Presentation by School Board staff regarding Second ILA (Interlocal

Agreement -Chris Akabosu, Director, Growth Management Division & Lisa

White, Planner, Growth Management Division (Assistant Town Manager


BC- “The Oversight Committee ” or implementation of this program which this writer thinks and previously posted/ spoke at the podium on we should have opted out as Sea Ranch did…The committee deliberated and the conclusion was “the Committee unanimously voted to approve the proposed amendments, which include changing the level of service  standard (LOS) from the current 110% permanent FISH capacity to 100% gross capacity, sunsetting the use of relocatables in the year 2018, and retaining the concurrency service areas (CSA’s) in individual school boundaries.”

c. Volunteer Firefighters Pension Plan Audit Report – FY 2008-2009 -Marcum

Rachlin, Susan Friend, Partner-Quality Control, Andrew Fierman, Manager

(Town Manager Colon)

BC- Well…well…well….Marcum Rachlin the auditor of choice for TM Colon (prev. posts) does the VFD Pension Plan…The Town pays for it…then they “expressed an unqualified opinion of those financial statements ” (pg 1- report)….Don’t get your panties in a bunch …as previously posted when this writer called the TM on her unilateral hiring of Rachlin (the prior name of the Auditor) I had a little fun with the standard auditor–eeze…of such statements…want more?…”An audit includes consideration of internal control over financial reporting as a basis for designing audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the Plan’s internal control over financing reporting. Accordingly, we express no such opinion. …

Contributions 2009 $127, 646/2008 76,724

Invest inc. (loss) net 2009 $65,977/2008 (155,118)

Total additions 2009 $193,623/ 2008 (78,394)

Deductions Total 2009 $18,355/ 2008 27,336

Net increase (decrease) 2009 $175,268/(105,730)

Net assets, beginning 2009 $612,560/ 2008 718,290

Net assets, ending 2009 $787, 828/ 2008 612,560

Plan membership Active participants

vested 2009 4/2008 5

non-vested 2009 75/2008 87

Retirees and Beneficiaries 2009 8/ 2008 8

Pension Benefits “All volunteer firefighters of the Town are eligible for membership in the plan; eligibility is determined by a point system whereby a firefighter must accumulate 30 points a Plan year to be credited with one year of service. Points are accumulated by attendance at meetings, drill, fires and false alarms. Normal retirement is at 55 and 10 years of credited service. The benefit is $10 per months for each year of credited service payable in a life annuity, with other options available. Disability benefits are available for a total and permanent disability payable at $10 per month for each year of credited service. Death benefits are available under the same terms as normal retirement benefits.”

Funding- actual contributions in fiscal 2009 State of Fl. $82,649/ Town $30,372/ VFD $14,625

d. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report – FY 2008-2009 -Marcum Rachlin,

Susan Friend, Partner-Quality Control, Andrew Fierman, Manager (Town

Manager Colon)

BC- Will do separate post to come…



a. Finance and Budget Monthly Report -January 2010 (Town Manager Colon)

BC- Points of interest-… Utility taxes YTD/ Curr. Months

FPL 186,415.26/60,063.96

Gas 4,569.23/2,045.37

Water 69,139.02/14,975.06

Franchise taxes YTD/Curr. Mo.

FPL 197,634.39/ 62,246.98

Waste 18,923.74/ 6,662.55

Gas 4,935.55/ 2,500.03

Towing 260.00/ 200.00

Occupational license 70,665.08/ 1,917.76

State Grants

BCC SENIOR CENTER GRANT YTD 0/ CURR MO. 0…Yep, ZERO!… (state grant 24,275.00)

Communication Service Tax YTD 93,866.39/ Curr. Mo. 23,368.37

Recycling Rev. YTD 0/ Curr. Mo. 0…Yep, Zero

Parking fines and forfeits YTD 48,188.14/ Curr. Mo. 14,899.76

Transfers from other funds

Trans from Parking Rev. Imp.  YTD 165,645.00

Commission salaries/FICA/Retirement/Group ins. (curr. mo 1,328.24) Total  YTD  $29,784.63

Chamber of Commerce YTD 27,277.08/Curr. Mo. 20,718.87

Audit YTD  55,000.00/ Curr. Mo. 11,150.00

Transfer to CIP Fund YTD $807,878.00

TW Sidewalks Main Repair YTD 7,400.00/ Curr Mo. 3,700.00

b. Development Services Monthly Report -January 2010 (Assistant Town

Manager Olinzock)

BC-Inf call 508/verb warnings 886/notices of violations 57/courtesy notices 59/citations issued 0/Spec. Master cases 22/ complaints invtg 25/ re-inspec 153/ lien searches 12/ courtesy letters issued 142/ pub records req. 2/ bus. tax license 7/ fire-permit inspec. 7/ fire app. resubmit 2/ final zoning inspec.15/ zoning reviews 72/ bldg. perms. issued 31/ perm app. submitted 67

30) staff delivered the sign code ordinance to candidates.

31 staff hand delivered 26 public hearing notices to businesses regarding special events

Political signs in the Right of Ways. Staff assessed the total number in violation. Staff went to several properties and asked if they would move them out of the Right of Way. Several owners and candidates were advised. Twenty Four cases were entered into computer system.

A large political sign. Owner was advised the sign Ordinance and size regulations. A verbal warning was given and the signs were removed.

A large political sign at a residence. Sign had been removed and complaint was unfounded.

Political signs in Right of Way. The resident was given a verbal warning and advised. The signs were moved.

c. Municipal Services Monthly Report -January 2010 (Assistant Town Manager


BC- Off-Site “Washout Warehouse” (prev. post) Worker hrs.- 1-12 1:50/1-25 3:00/ 1-25 1:00/ 1-14 1:00/ 1-20 1:00/ 1-21 .50/ 1-15 6:00/ 1-19 3:00 = 17:50 for an empty bldg. worth less than 50% of its 2008 appraisal to sell

d. BSO Police Monthly Report -January 2010 (Chief Llerena)

BC- 2010 YTD auto o/burg bus. 2/burg. convey. 1/ burg. res. 0/ burg struct. 0/ forc. sex 0/ homicide 0/ robbery 1/ theft grand 2/ theft petit 2/ total 8 decrease of 42.9%

e. VFD Fire Monthly Report -January 2010 (Chief Perkins)

BC- 31 reg in-town members/ 26 out of town members

calls fire-rescue 40/ 1st responder training 70

training fire drills 7/ water drill 2

McIntee still listed as member- we hear his “memorabilia” is gone… “packed up”…

Avg. resp time 1st engine out 4:12

Perhaps the Chief can tell us about the Sentinel Lifeguard article/ his interview on Ch. 4 ….

f. AMR EMS Monthly Report -January 2010 (Operations Manager Liddle)

BC- 0:03:25 resp. time 98% of the time

g. Stormwater Master Plan -Progress Status Report (James Barton)

BC- Feb 12, 2010 Letter to John Olinzock from Chen & Assoc….commenced work on Oct. 29, 2009…included status of various tasks….updating digital stormwater atlas adding new info/ analyze existing topography by collecting and sorting LIDAR data/ calculate the stormwater runoff “curve number”  for use in existing conditions model/ locate and record the condition of outfalls throughout the Town/ perform field visits during rainfall events to observe the stormwater runoff/ collect resident complaints of stormwater issues from Town staff/ Research public records for land use existing permits, and plats

The above tasks were done…it will be ongoing for new findings to be incorporated into the models as they arise. “According to the project scope geotechnical and surrveying services will be contracted if deemed necessary for the model. A draftt report was submitted to the Town for comment and review. Chen & Assoc. met with Town staff to receive comments on the report and is presently reviewing the report.”

Chen is working on task 2 involves setting up and running the existing conditioned stormwater model. “The deliverable for this task is a technical memorandum outlining the results of the model.”…That will be submitted on Feb 26, 2010.

Task 3 Chen “will create a future conditions stormwater model and provide technical memorandum outlining the results of the model. This will be submitted within 15 days from the receipt of review comments from Town staff on task 2 deliverable.” Task 4  Chen “will provide the Town with complete Stormwater Master Plan and will present findings to Town staff and/ or the Commission. This will be submitted within 25 calendar days from receipt of review comments from Town staff on the Task 3 deliverable.”

James Barton P.E. Senior Engineer


BC-not needed due to reports…seems the staff cannot get that one straightened out…


BC- Could she either give a succinct and professional progress report…or remain silent?…


a. January 26, 2010 Regular Meeting Minutes

BC- again…anyone who wants to see what actually transpired…go to the video..

b. February 9, 2010 Regular Meeting Minutes

BC- especially this meeting…the video tells you why March 9th…it’s time for a change!…The worst of the worst for Town Hall meetings…in the last 2 years…


1. Ordinances 1st Reading

2. Ordinances 2nd Reading

a. Ordinance 2009-36: AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF











Approved on 1St Reading January 12, 2010

BC- should be a 5-0 pass…


BC- Anything goes…and goes and goes….


a. Commission approval for issuance of five (5) parking permits to be used at all

Town Beach Portals for Service Vehicles only, from March 1, 2010 thru

February 28, 2011 by Nova Southeastern University staff during Sea Turtle

Stranding and Disorientation events (Clerk White)

BC- will they or won’t they?…Will Commissioner “Clueless” Clottey and her Galpal TM Colon once again make it difficult for the sturdents this turtle season?…Give it rest ladies…let em’ park at the portals…

b. Commission approval of Special Event Application for Village Grille and 101

Ocean Saint Patrick’s Day Party 2010, Wednesday, March 17, 2010, 2:30

PM till 12:00 AM (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- The Commission should have gotten the message loud and clear after the unnecessary “Forum” put on by the Town Manager and then a repeat “Forum” put on by her “partner in crime” Asst. TN Olinzock…in order to debut the new Town logo embossed table cloth!… A street event with music…You betcha…passes 5-0 unless someone wants to play “political suicide”…

c. Commission approval of contract agreement with PBS&J, Fort Lauderdale, in

the amount of $58,300.00 for the design of the Florida Department of

Transportation (FDOT) Local Agency Program (LAP) SR-A1A Enhancement

Project FM-418022-1, Pine Avenue to Terra Mar Drive (Assistant Town

Manager Olinzock)

BC- YUCK…I absolutely hate this one…..commission let the TM “negotiate” without having all the qualified RFQ vendors submit an RFP…even though the Town Manger is on record saying they ALL qualified to do so!…She is shown if the Town minutes as having said she did “a courtesy review” of the RFOs…(Need to check the video for that comment)…That was included to let her off the hook for prior non-review stances after she stopped the RFPs being read aloud in July 2009!… The Commission is not supplied in the backup with the 3 RFPs…and have no way of knowing if the TM made the proper choice…With her track’s questionable!…PBS & J have done work in town before ….something if true to form TM Colon will not disclose … Watch for a “dig her heels ” ultimatum if any Commissioner  says they want to wait on it…She will most likely pull “If you want to stop this project” move using a scare tactic of monies going elsewhere…Commsissioners don’t fall for that one again!…

d. Town Commission approval of one (1) year extension to Electrical

Maintenance Services Agreement with Imperial Electric, Inc., per existing

contract agreement, paragraph #8 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- Defer to date certain… until new Commission….

e. Town Commission approval of one (1) year extension to Street Light

Maintenance Services Agreement, with Imperial Electrical, Inc. per existing

BC- Defer to a date certain….until a new Commission….

contract agreement, paragraph #8 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

f. Town Commission approval of one (1) year extension to Tree Trimming

Services Agreement, with Lawn Logic, LLC per existing contract agreement,

paragraph #8 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- Ditto….

g. Town Commission approval of agreement contract for Plumbing Maintenance

Services Agreement with A-1 Paradise Plumbing, Inc. -ITB# 09-12-04

(Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- Ditto….

h. Town Commission approval of contract agreement for Uniform Rental

Services Agreement with Cintas -ITB# 09-12-03 (Assistant Town Manager


BC- Ditto….

13. RESOLUTION – “Public Comments”







a. Discussion and/or action regarding a contest for a new slogan (Commissioner

Clottey) Deferred at the December 7, 2009 Commission meeting

BC- “Clueless” should defer to date certain… and if not next Commission will put the kibosh on it ….


a. Discussion and/or action to approve the Second ILA (Interlocal Agreement)

for the Public School Facility Planning of Broward County -Back up attached

BC- see above…

b. Commission selection of Bus Shelter Design for the two eligible locations

within Town for the Broward County Transit Shelter and Amenities Program

(Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- It’s political posturing time…The Broward Bus Shelters…are in the backup as being for 2 locations Pine and Seagrape…they are shown in different renderings with no sides…so that side rain we get…you’ll be feeling it…but when?…on page 29…”Installation Start Date”…LBTS “Project Schedule TBD (To Be  Decided)… Funding 10 million from MPO for 242 sites/ 11.1 million from Fl Stim. Grant -96-001 for 358 sites/ 2,4 million from Fl. Stim. Grant-66-x001….

c. Discussion and/or action on Town related business (Commissioner Dodd)

BC- Worth the wait…To Commissioner Dodd….this writer says “TOUCHE'”!!!!….


BC- I want to take this opportunity to thank the Town Atty. for finally directing the Commission to summarize their final directive at the special meeting last Wed. night…I hope she will continue this practice and the staff and Commission will catch on!…Kudos, Ms. Trevarthen…



March 15, 2010 Special – Election Results

March 23, 2010 Special – Organizational procedures

March 23, 2010 – Board & Committee Member Selection

BC- Give me a break…The Town Manger sent a letter and disbanded the boards…despite the direction from the Commission at that special meeting on 2/17 asking them to work on the El Mar Drive project for the next 2 months… Now the TM actually thinks that the new commission can be sworn in on the 15th…and by the 23rd they will be able to select new board members?…

Most in town will be waiting to see who wins before applying to the boards…and that will take a little time…for those who have stayed away to come forward (fingers crossed!)…

Note to Commission…whomever wins the seats…please follow John Thompson’s wise advice from 2008 (it was ignored) and let each Commissioner appoint a member …it is reflective of the voters and will allow those submitting their names to be assured they will not be treated poorly in public by the dais members… Something to be decided at the Organizational meeting on the 23rd!…

more to come………

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