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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town …. BY POPULAR DEMAND …

January 30, 2010 by Barbara






Contact the Candidates …

Mayor Rosann Minnet…954-942-2194 [email protected]

Scot Sasser … 954-254-1743

Chris Vincent ….  954-612-8606

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town … WE HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE ….

January 30, 2010 by Barbara


This is Comm. Birute Clottey’s “galpal” Maria….Maria is a member of the defunct McIntee Walk Around Committee…. Maria recently put her name in as a Hillsboro Inlet candidate after her “galpal” Comm. Clottey threw Comm. Dodd under the bus on his appointment to the position less than 2 years into his term…. We watched Maria do the “sandwich board” thing 2 years ago for “Clueless” Clottey…and we ALL know how well that turned out!..(especially this writer)…. Do voters really want to follow Maria’s choice for Commissioner again?.. From her expression, it appears even Maria is not too sure about her candidates…Joe Couriel /Marjorie Evans!…OUCH!….

more to come…………

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Here’s The Scoop …. Welcome To The Town Of Esther Colon … She Calls For Music “Forum” # 2 …. Without A Vote Of The Commission …

January 30, 2010 by Barbara

“THIS IS A TOWN MANAGER FORM OF GOVERNMENT “….Town Manager Esther Colon Jan. 21, 2010…

Jan. 21,2010 Assist. Town Manager John Olinzock, Deputy Twn Clerk Nikki Smith, and Town Manager Ester Colon

Dear Readers …On Jan. 21st Town Manager put together what she deemed an “appropriate meeting” for addressing the special events and street closures that were addressed at the Jan. 12, 2010 Commission meeting (prev. posts)… The meeting was packed (see cover photo and story 1/29/10 By The Sea Future … as reported most in attendance were overwhelmingly residents angered over even having such a “forum” and any attempts to stop the events being made by the Town Manager and her “Gang”!… One- by- one speakers came in support of the events and the music…including the gentlemen in the center of this controversy…There was  one lone voice of “praise” for “allowing individuals to come forward and inform the Town Commission of their concern”… coming from Diane Boutin Manager of the Windjammer Resort …That lone voice was all it took for the Manager to keep up with her payback and her “Town Manager form of government”…


On January 22, 2010 The Town Manager sent a letter to Diane Boutin –

” Dear Mrs. Boutin,

Thank you for attending the January 21, 2010 public meeting and sharing your thoughts pertaining to special events & street closures. I am sure that your opinion will assist the Town Commission in making a sound policy decision and aid Town staff in making a recommendation to the Commission.

Approximately 113 concerned citizens attended the public hearing and the comments made were greatly appreciated. This public meeting was a forum to allow citizens to express their concerns and I believe that we accomplished that.

I appreciate the point you made which expressed that this forum allowed individuals to come forward and inform the Town Commission of their concerns.

Your participation was greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Esther Colon”


Also, on Jan 21, 2010 The Town Manager sent out letters to other speakers who participated in the meeting…including this writer… The letters were all the same in content as below (with the exception of Mrs. Boutin’s above)…..

January 22, 2010

” Dear Mrs. Cole,

Thank you for attending the January 21, 2010 public meeting and sharing your thoughts pertaining to special events & street closures. I am sure that your opinion will assist the Town Commission in making a sound policy decision and aid Town staff in making a recommendation to the Commission.

Approximately 113 concerned citizens attended the public hearing and the comments made were greatly appreciated. This public meeting was a forum to allow citizens to express their concerns and I believe that we accomplished that.

As expressed by Mrs Diane Boutin, Manager of the Windjammer Resort,this forum allowed individuals to come forward and inform the Town Commission of their concerns.

Your participation was greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Esther Colon”


On January 24, 2010 Diane Boutin sent a letter to the Mayor and Commissioners…

” Dear Madame Mayor and Commissioner:

I wish to commend you on your choice of format to discuss the above matter. Staff chaired and guided where needed, but the in-put from the general public was loud and clear. The people have spoken and love the unique ambiance of music on Friday and Saturday night. It became very apparent after numerous speakers that the issue at hand is NOT the music, but actually parking availability for Pacific Blue.

I took the time to actually walk the already this business and tried to comprehend the issue at hand. In retrospect would like to respectfully mention a few solution:

#1 Friday/ Saturday identify and restrict 5 or 6 meters solely for the business impacted on the South side of Commercial and limit parking to one half hour for shopping.

#2 Reconfigure the fence delineating the music area and the south side of Commercial so access may be given to pedestrian just east of the corner of A1A/Commercial and just West of the corner of El Mar/ Commercial.

#3 In order to allow more accessible parking, increase parking hours at Datura and Hibiscus portals from 9 PM to 11PM during 7 days per week. Would allow local residents and visitors alike to feed the meters till 11 PM. Give it a 6 month trial basis and then revisit. It is just a matter of increasing the time on the signs.

#4 Place notice of these changes on Channel 78 so that the entire Town is familiar with the up-dated polices regarding parking.

#5 Let merchants/restaurateurs discuss amongst themselves and come up with suggestions that are a win/win for everyone.

Cordially, Diane Y. Boutin”


On January 25, 2010 the attorney for the businesses Pacific Blue and US Vintage….

Esther Colon, Town Manger Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea:

” Dear Ms Colon:

As you know we represent the owner of the Businesses. Special Events Permits were approved on January 12, 2010 by the Town Commission for Athena by the sea/101 Ocean and The Village Grille. At the January 21, 2010 Special meeting called to discuss the Special Event Permits, our client expressed its concerns regarding NOT the music at the events , but with the effect of the pedestrian closure of E. Commercial Blvd. on the readily accessible parking and the constraints on pedestrian traffic associated with the Athena /101 Ocean event.

The attraction of pedestrians to the area is highly desirable. The music associated with the events is welcomed by our client.

However, the parking constraint on one half of E. Commercial Blvd. is an issue, and the fencing corrals pedestrians onto the N. half of E. Commercial Blvd. keeps pedestrians on that half of the block.

We request the opportunity to:

1. Meet with the Athena/101 Ocean applicants in order to discuss alternatives like perhaps, closing the entire block so pedestrians may walk both sides.

2. Sit with your staff to understand the code issues that mandate the current fencing and layout.

3. Reach out to the neighboring businesses on the South side of E. Commercial Blvd. in order to help reach a consensus on their respective needs.

We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you or Mr. Olinzock to discuss the parameters of street closures and opportunities for same. As requested at the January 12, 2010 Town Commission meeting my client has researched the financial impact on its business due to both Special Events. If you require any further details regarding this matter prior to such a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me. Look forward to working together to make these events beneficial for all businesses.

Very Truly Yours, Courtney Callahan Crush”


On January 26, 2010 at the Town Commission meeting…Atty. Courtney Crush was in attendance and spoke at public comments. So did many of those residents who attended and spoke at the 21st meeting….all reiterated The problem is NOT the music … leave the music alone! …

The Town Manager in her Town Manager report made this statement ” I’ve had some Commissioners indicate that there are some residents that would like to participate in some kind of forum similar to what we had with the businesses and I was wondering idf the Commission would entertain a forum for residents only having to do with the street closures or the music concerns that they have. In the same fashion we had the forum last week.”

The Commission never voted or gave direction to have another on of Esther’s forums….BUT…

Esther Colon, Town Manager has put one on the schedule!…

She, alone  has posted for the exact same meeting on Feb.11, 2010 at 6 pm in Jarvis Hall!…


And because Esther Colon wants it,  here we go again, the fliers and the phone calls are already in the works and will again call for residents and businesses to mobilize big time against Candidate-Commissioner Jim Silverstone-Commissioner Clottey and Vice Mayor McIntee as well as  Candidate Joe Couriel and Candidate Marjorie Evans, all on record for wholeheartedly supporting Town Manager Esther Colon and her self imposed, incorrect assertion that this is a  “Town Manager form of government” allowing her to initiate unilateral actions such as this repeat meeting on special events & street closures

All the Commissioners but outgoing VM McIntee attended the meeting on the 21st….It will be the same people who came the first time…mostly residents…and as stated at that meeting and in the letters printed above…it is NOT the music …it is NOT the events… it is the parking …And as such…to put this meeting on again…so close to the March 9th election when 2 candidate-commissioners and 4 candidates are in the throes of campaigning hard…again shows why this Town Manager needs to go…and until she does…she needs to be off the dais…sitting at the staff table and mute!…

In the past week we hear that Town Manager Colon again been on the warpath and has sicked her code people on the downtown businesses…Maybe that’s why so many businesses in town refuse to put up the candidates that support the Manager (Silverstone/Evans /Couriel) signs…and why outrage from patrons forced some businesses to remove them!…OUCH!

Town Manager Esther Colon, Candidate -Commissioner Jim Silverstone- Candidate Joe Couriel-Candidate Marjorie Evanns- Commissioner Birute Clottey-Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee  are no friends and supporters of downtown business!

Let your Commissioners and the Administration know…any meetings to deal with issues of parking and events…should be done after the election and if they don’t listen to you now …they will listen when you vote March 9, 2010 for Candidate Mayor Roseann Minnet-Candidate Scot Sasser- and Candidate Chris Vincent who oppose this Feb 11, 2010 repeat meeting on special events & street closures and support Friday and Saturday night music in downtown Lauderdale-By-The-Sea!

Mayor Roseann Minnet
Tel: 954-326-0594
[email protected]

Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee
Tel: 954-943-8539
No e-mail is available.

Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey
Tel: 954-895-6595
[email protected]

Commissioner Stuard Dodd
Tel: 954-772-4121
[email protected]

Commissioner Jim Silvertone
Tel: 954-771-0355
[email protected]


[email protected]

This writer suggests …a parting gift for the Manager as she departs LBTS in 2010… a plaque that states…..


Sec. 3.1. Commission-manager form of government.
The form of government of the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, provided for under this Charter, shall be known as the “commission-manager” form of government.”

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Judge Jim (He’s Not A Nice Guy) Silverstone By His Actions …. He Wants You To ….

January 29, 2010 by Barbara

“It’s wise to judge others by their actions; all I ask is for you is to judge me the same.” -Jim Silverstone 2010

Just remember….The votes of Commissioner Jim “He’s not a nice guy” Silverstone were identical to his “Broom Boy” BFF Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee…There is NO SUCH THING AS A HARMLESS COMMISSIONER WHEN THEY ARE ARMED WITH A VOTE!…






Jim Silverstone voted for the Manager’s $250,000 + if terminated -no term contract and lied about it for 2 years….

Jim Silverstone wanted to give her a raise…

Jim Silverstone voted for his pre-2008 election agenda item $2 million dollar crappy motel…

Jim Silverstone  wanted to purchase the $800,000 motel behind it…

Jim Silverstone voted for the Sea grape Drive sidewalks after promising he would not until after the 2008 election…

Jim Silverstone wanted to annex in his Fiancee’s street in Pompano Beach …

Jim Silverstone backed the Manager and disparaged BSO Chief Gooding by making insinuations on the dais for the cause being other than the Manager’s lame “fiscal responsibility”…never producing any facts…

Jim Silverstone tried to get a different fence height for himself than the code allowed in a variance…

Jim Silverstone  did a Study” to replace the BSO police…

Jim Silverstone broke the VFD By-laws by voting McIntee in as Deputy Chief and again with his vote for McIntee for Fire Chief…

Jim Silverstone  voted against having bank statement accounts made available monthly to the commission……

Jim Silverstone voted for insurance for himself…

Jim Silverstone voted for cell phone allowance for himself…

Jim Silverstone voted for not allowing RFPs to be read aloud…

Jim Silverstone backed the Manager when the Jazz of the Square was shut down…

Jim Silverstone voted for the noise ordinance…

Jim  Silverstone voted to not allow public speakers to  call Commissioners by name…

Jim Silverstone voted to not allow “outsiders” to use Jarvis Hall despite “Historian” John Thompson informing him the Anglin’s intent was to allow it….

Jim Silverstone voted for vendors recommended by the Town Manager that were not the most cost effective…

Jim Silverstone voted the Town Attorney the Town Manager wanted and would not go back out for bid..

Jim Silverstone voted for a COLA increase for Town employees …

Jim Silverstone did not forgo a 5% increase for the VFD….

Jim Silverstone voted to spend $980,000 for a walkway in three El Mar medians in the south…

Jim Silverstone voted to buy new Town vehicles…

Jim Silverstone voted for the VFD to return…while a member and the registered agent for the VFD Inc….

Jim Silverstone backed the dismissal of the Fire Marshal..

Jim Silverstone voted on business items that appear as a  conflict with his Fiancee’s business…

Jim Silverstone voted on items from the dais for clients in town…

Jim Silverstone had probable cause charges from both the Fl. Ethics and Fl. Elections Commission over the last 4 years…(the charges were found and he and McIntee received a slap on the wrist with the advisement to got forth and not do it again)…

Jim Silverstone never gave a directive to negotiate the $300,000 pre-penalty clause payment on the debt…

Jim Silverstone voted for $56,000 to blacktop Mayoral candidate Joe Couriel’s street

Jim Silverstone voted to keep investigating Greenfest

Jim Silverstone voted to allow anonymous letters

Jim Silverstone who cannot put 2 sentences together…is not a CPA and who is not a nice guy or a gentleman…

Jim Silverstone fully complicit in every bad act his pals McIntee and Colon have made!…


more to come…..

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January 28, 2010 by Barbara


OCTOBER 1,2009- JANUARY 15, 2010…

Dear Readers ….in any campaign the candidates need to report their contributions and their expenditures…The 1st filing was required in LBTS last Friday Jan 22nd…The reports are public record and available by request from Town Hall…A look at all 6 candidate’s filings show the same glaring difference we have seen from the candidates themselves in this race…We have the reports from Candidates Minnet/Sasser and Vincent typed and professional …The report from Comm. Silverstone is done in the same manner…but not so with his two running mate’s reports which are poorly handwritten and lacking information…


“Candidate for Mayor Roseann Minnet-Candidate Office sought Mayor of Lauderdale By The Sea”

Contributions This Report-

cash and checks 2,100

loans 515.14

Total Monetary -2,615.14

In-Kind 0.00

Total Monetary Contributions too date 2,615.14

Expenditures This Report-

Monetary Expenditures 1,443.34

Transfers to Office Account 0.00

Total Monetary1,443.34

Other Distribution 0.00

Total Monetary Expenditures To date 1,443.34

Treasurer Charles A Krblich/ Candidate Roseann Minnet examined this report and it is true, correct and complete

Itemized Contributions- listed occupations as req.

Itemized Expenditures- listed purpose as req.

Artype Inc- advertising sign and sign stands 1,169.20/Fedex -shipping 15.14/ Town of LBTS campaign -campaign filing fee 25.00/ Town of LBTS Campaign filing fee 134.00/ Tom Schagger (TLS photography) Campaign photo shoot 100.00


“Candidate for Mayor Joseph A. Couriel  Candidate office sought Mayor-Commissioner”

Contribution This Report

Cash & Checks 1,150

Loans o

Total Monetary 1,150.00

In-Kind -left blank

Total Monetary Contributions To date 1,150.00

Expenditures This Report


Transfers to Office

Total Monetary 1.066.37

Other distributions -left blank

Total Monetary Expenditures To date 1,066.37

Treasurer Joseph A. Couriel/ Candidate Joseph A.  Couriel examined this report and it is true, correct and complete.

Itemized Contributions- listed all retired

Itemized Expenditures -had “purpose” column on report- not listed as req.

Town of LBTS 134.00-no purpose stated/ “same as above” 25.00 -no purpose stated/ Marc Furth 907.37- no purpose stated (Hmmm- Town Hall East)…(YIKES!)

This Guy, Candidate for Mayor Joe Couriel runs his own business? Who does his books?…….YIKES!….


Dist. 1 Candidate Scot Wayne Sasser-

“Candidate office sought Commissioner District 1 Lauderdale By The Sea”

Contributions This Report

Cash & Checks $3,525.00

Loans $1,000

Total Monetary $4,525.00

In-Kind $0.00 Total Monetary Contributions To date $4,525.00

Expenditures This Report

Monetary Expenditures $1,140.00

Transfers to Office Account $0.00

Other Distributions $0.00

Total Monetary Expenditures to Date $1,140.00

Raymond W. Wolowicz treasurer/ Candidate Scot Wayne Sasser examined this report and it it true, correct and complete

Itemized Contributions – listed occupations as req.

Itemized Expenditures -note Scot Sasser amended his report to include “purpose” 1/28/10

Scot Sasser Exp. type PCW $95.40/Snapfish Exp. type MON $60.90 /Adjutant Software Exp. type MON $140.00/ By The Sea Future Exp. type MON $600.00/ Supervisor of Elections Exp. type MON $11.50/ Schager, Thomas Exp. type MON $100.00/ Town of LBTS Exp. type MON $25.00/ Town of LBTS Exp. type MON $107.20


Candidate Dist. 1 Marjorie Evans

“Candidate office sought Commissioner”

Contributions This Report

Cash & Checks 1200

Loans 0

Total Monetary 1200

In-Kind 0

Total Monetary Contributions To Date

Marjorie crossed out 1200/Marjorie  crossed out 723/ 855.33 (YIKES!)

Expenditures This Report

Monetary Expenditures 344.67

Transfers to office Account 0

Total Monetary 344.67

Other Distributions N/A

Total Monetary Expenditures To date 344.67

Treasurer Marjorie Evans/ Candidate Marjorie Evans examined this report and it is true, correct and complete

Itemized Contributions – listed occupations as req.

Marjorie included -NO NAMES -AS REQUIRED (form -states “full name, street address,city ,state, zip code”) (YIKES!)

“1941 SE 18th St. L.B.T. S. 500.00  / 4900 N Ocean Dr. LBS. Fl 33308 250.00 (NO APT.#)/ 254 Maramar LBS, 33308 150.00 / 220 Imperial LBS, FL 33308 300.00 ”

Itemized Expenditures

Alankimple Plantation fl website design Dis 344.67 (“Skip” Kimple sits on Marjorie Evans Broward Children’s Center Board )(YIKES!)

BC- This woman, Candidate Marjorie Evans  is a CEO of an $8 million dollar a year government funded non-profit organization in Pompano Beach!…YIKES!….


Candidate Dist. 2 Chris Vincent-

“Candidate office sought Lauderdale By The Sea Commissioner District 2”

Contributions This Report

Cash & Checks $8,060.00

Loans $750.00

Total Monetary $8,810.00

Total Monetary Contributions to Date $8,810.00

Expenditures This Report

Monetary Expenditures $1,705.39

Transfers to office Account $0.00

Total Monetary $1,705.39

Other Distributions $0.00

Total Monetary to Date $1,705.39

Treasurer Ben Freeny/ Candidate Chris Vincent  examined this report and it is true, correct and complete

Itemized Contributions- occupations included as req.

Itemized Expenditures – Note Chris Vincent amended his report to include “purpose” 1/28/10

Advanced Images expenditure type MON $164.30/Jo Ann’s Paper expenditure type MON $113.69/ Harlan Clark c/o Suntrust bank expenditure type MON $12.75/ Panache expenditure type MON $87.45/ By The Sea Future expenditure type MON $300.00/ Town of LBTS expenditure type MON $25.00/ Town of LBTS expenditure type MON $107.20/ TLS Photography expenditure type MON $100.00/ Pak Mail expenditure type MON $55.00/ By The Sea Future expenditure type MON $300.00/ By The Sea Future expenditure type MON $400.00/ Lauderdale By The Sea Garden Club expenditure type MON $40.00


Candidate Dist. 2 James J. Silverstone-

“Candidate  office sought Town Commissioner”

Cash & Checks 1,500.00

Loans 600.00

Total Monetary 2,100.00

Total Monetary Contributions To Date 2,100

Expenditures This Report

Monetary Expenditures 347.20

Transfers to Office Account 0.00

Total Monetary 347.20

Other Distributions 0.00

Total Monetary Expenditures To Date 347.20

MaryAnn Wardlaw Treasurer/ Candidate James J. Silverstone examined this report and it is true, correct and complete

Itemized Contributions- occupations included as req.

Itemized Expenditures- purpose included as req.

Town of LBTS state fee expenditure type DIS $25.00/ Town of LBTS State fee expenditure type DIS $107.20/ Hubley, William Web Page Design expenditure type DIS $215.00


The G2 reports are due on Friday Feb. 5, 2010…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … 1/26/10 …. LBTS Commission Meeting …#2 … McIntee Median Walkways … Had Walkers Seeing Red …. Then Green…

January 28, 2010 by Barbara

QUOTES FROM THE MPSC MEETING… (prev. post- boards cat.)

1/19/10 -BTSTime Owner/Publisher /Editor Campaign Manager For -Couriel/Evans/ Silverstone, Cristie Furth -“As a stakeholder on El Mar Drive I’m all for it and a lot of my neighbors and friends are. I don’t know who’s talking to you but my people that I know love the idea!”…

1/19/10 -Mayoral candidate Joe Couriel-“It just needs to get done! Now quit talking about it otherwise nothing will ever happen, thank you.”…

1/19/10- Candidate Marjorie Evans Dist 1-“It’s the fact that all this time has gone by there’s a million dollars, nothing has been done with it and I don’t understand. Like if you go back to the drawing board again nobody’s ever going to be 100% happy with this.”

1/19/10- Candidate Commissioner Jim Silverstone Dist. 2- “But as Marc Furth said it always seems when the decision’s made  we get you know, people saying it’s the wrong thing to do. Well, maybe that’s true maybe people haven’t been paying attention. Hopefully we are now as a commission. I hope the other commissioners will agree to do this if we get a lot of calls. I think one of us can put it back on the agenda. Maybe review this or look at this again. I think that’s fair but until I hear from people out there, um, I’m gonna pretty much say what the vote of the, the  commission.” …

Mayor Minnet was unable to attend due to a prior commitment but was on record voting against the $980,000 and asking for the Comm. to allow the MPSC more meetings to discuss the medians…

1/19/10- Candidate Scot Sasser Dist. 1-“Mr. Novak, I couldn’t have said it better than these people have. I’ll just let you know that in my journey’s all across town and talking with people, tonight is just a microcosm of what I’m hearing personally. and a few people are for it, many are against it.Me personally, I would just like to see an overall plan as many of the Maser Plan Steering Committee have already stated before we move forward with anything.”

1/19/10- Candidate Chris Vincent Dist. 2- “It’s not a good safety idea, a sidewalk down 1320 feet of El Mar Drive. So people can walk on the street, on the sidewalks, cross over and say hey there’s 1320 feet of sidewalk lets’ go walk that, get to the end and walk back over on the other sidewalk. If you think that’s going to entice people to come into our town because we’re going to spend a million dollars for 1320 lineal feet of a new sidewalk, you’re dreaming! That’s not helping the town, that’s polarizing the town by spending a million dollars on a sidewalk in the middle of the median on the south end of El Mar where the majority of the residents do not want it.”

Dear Readers… once again the current majority on the dais has made a situation more difficult by not listening to a Town Board or their constituents… Lets’ quickly review…the MPSC were given (finally) direction to come up with ideas for the “Oriana million” that the Town Manager insisted could only be used for the south end of El Mar Drive per the agreement…The MPSC went back the students at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale with the assistance once again of Vice- Chair Sandra Booth…The students quickly tackled the project due to their semester already being started and in a matter of weeks presented their creative ideas for the medians sought of Commercial…and south of Oriana…The Commission dropped the ball and caused unnecessary delays in making a decision on a winner causing much embarrassment for the MPSC and some  real upset for some of the student and their families for the poorly executed non- event when the item finally made it to the dais…Fast forward to the incredible chain of events that started with Commissioner  “Clueless” Clottey having a burger with former Mayor Oliver Parker (She was active in his failed CIC recall)…and the unbelievable news at the 11th hour from the Town Attorney that the staff simply checked and informed her that the million was for ALL of El Mar Drive!… The Manager was never taken to task for her false statements…The MPSC was caught off guard and the consensus was they would not have proceeded in the same manner if they were provided the correct information at the start… After some back and forth and a meeting with the Commission, the consensus was give the MPSC some more meetings to work with the new info and several plans offered up …The next meeting the majority on the dais Silverstone, Clottey and McIntee did a 180 and decided to go for option #1…that fit the cost of the dollars available…On that very night residents were voicing opposition…It didn’t matter…these 3 had their marching orders from Town Hall East!…

As word spread throughout the Town, walkers, residents, and “stakeholders” all agreed they did not want to walk in the medians and they did not want to spend the money!… Another MPSC meeting was convened on Jan 19, 2010 (prev. post)…and the candidates and commissioners are on record for their remarks…

What changed from that meeting to the Commission meeting on Jan 26th…door to door politics of a municipal election that’s what!… Feedback of what candidates Minnet/Sasser and Vincent heard early on in their door to door travels finally sunk in for their opponents who did not hit the streets until after the MPSC meeting!…OOPS!…

Now I guess as a “swan (quack, quack) song” for the McIntees…Moe and Jerry as they prepare to depart to darken the town limits of some new low-rise village up north…The “Muckrakin” McIntee’s” decided with a few loyal leftover supporters that it was okay to demean the residents for not speaking up until now…HUH?…

Let’s put it this way, when you remodel your home…you get the contractor ..the drawings …the permits(?)….. and proceed…BUT…as we all know when it comes down to the end…there are changes made…depending on circumstances…financial…or a change of mind…Perhaps you are adding on room and after you see the final drawing, the final costs involved you decide to either add the addition you were planning for a few years down the road…or you decide to back away and wait until you can afford to do it all… nothing unusual…nothing abnormal…in fact it’s being responsible!…

As for already investing some money (around $21,000+ per the Jan finance report backup – reflecting expenses in Dec.)… LBTS has done this before with this same group …when it came to stopping the entryway pelicans and the Jarvis Hall enclosures…In fact they were adamant about it being worth it to lose money in order to get it right…even on the pavilion…OOPS!…

At the Jan. 26th meeting …comments were made again…take a look voters to see your choice of candidates for the commission … speaking on this topic…

Public /Commissioner Comments-


Candidate Scot Sasser Dist. 1-

“I would like to express my opinion regarding Agenda Item 16 (h) regarding the El Mar beautification project. I was in attendance at the MPSC meeting on Jan. 19th and it was clear that my concerns are also felt by many of the residents. I ask the Commission to start listening to our concerns especially those who reside on El Mar Drive in the south end. The overwhelming majority of speakers were not in favor of moving this initiative forward at this time. Some of the concerns brought up during the meeting were as follows:

• It makes no sense to put a walkway down the middle of the road.
• It is not safe with traffic moving in both directions
• Car exhaust and emissions will prevent walkers in the middle of the road
• We need to address flooding
• Corroding water and sewer lines should take priority
• We should put outdated power lines underground first
• We need an overall plan. No more piecemealing
• We need greenspace and this is paving over greenspace
• Greenspace has always been a major priority for any new development in town

These are but a few of the concerns that were expressed during the meeting. In fact, the MPSC themselves agreed that an overall plan is needed before moving forward with this project. They are not asking for a year, just a few additional meetings with professional assistance to present the best plan and ensure we are not making a mistake. One common theme that I am hearing from the small amount of people that are actually for this project is “we have been discussing this too long, it’s time to move forward and begin work”. Let me be as clear as possible…just because you have been discussing this over a year doesn’t make it right. El Mar can be our Champs Ulysses but not if we take this detour. Let’s pause and make sure we get this right.”

Candidate Chris Vincent Dist. 2-

” I would like to speak on Item 16 h- Final approval of construction drawings for El Mar Drive

I want to thank commissioner Dodd for putting this on the agenda.

This is a hot topic and for good reason.   Certain members of this commission who do not live on El Mar Drive or walk on El Mar Drive chose to ignore the citizens that do and the majority of the citizens in this town that oppose this plan.  They also ignored the Master Plan Steering Committee recommendation.  It was understood that the commission was going to give the Master Plan Steering Committee additional time to make sure the design to be voted on was what would work best for the community and the citizens that use it.    However that request fell on deaf ears.  Instead it was put to a vote and passed  3 -2.  No one was asking to delay this for 6 months or a year; the committee just needed a few more meetings to get additional input from the people.  Makes sense to me.

Your spending a million dollars to begin a piece meal project of approx. 1000 feet of walkway with the attitude we have the money, lets just do it and hope for the best.  You’re gambling with the taxpayer’s money…that is just plain wrong.

If this decision is made we will be committed to a design that the people do not want. Then we will be stuck finishing a project that the people do not want.

It all sounds great on paper but will this turn out to be another failed project, because once again you did not take the time to get it right.”


BC- both candidates Sasser and Vincent have stayed consistent with their stance and their comments throughout the process …..


Mayoral candidate Joe Couriel-

“Good evening Joe Couriel, ah, ladies and gentleman, friends and neighbors ah, just wanted to make a brief comment on the discussion of the El Mar Drive beautification and ah, I’d like to say that I think we should get the most bang for the buck as far as greening the area is concerned. Um, med, the walkway the concrete the um, walkway and see if we can apply those funds to increase the ah, the greening of the area maybe perhaps take some of that money and repair all the cracks on sidewalks. Make it more pedestrian friendly, which is the object of the ,of the money anyway. That’s the end, the ah, the desired result we improve the walkability, so ah, I’d like to see it finalized tonight and take into consideration those two issues. Improve walkability by fixing the sidewalks. I know we don’t have the money to put brand new sidewalks but but if we can improve those ah, that, that would be beneficial. Also the more green the better so ah, please let’s make it as lush as possible and enjoy for all of us. Thank You”

BC- What comes to mind…”A chicken in every pot”!….


Candidate Marjorie Evans Dist. 1-

” Um, I would like to speak, to speak to the El Mar Drive. As a person who was, a gone into the condominiums and spoken to some of the residents. They’re very concerned about the cracks in the sidewalks. Some of our elderly and disabled are afraid they’re going to fall. I would like to suggest that we use some of this money to repair those cracks. The second thing I would to assist, I believe her name was Betty Ross in providing um, um, County resources for disabled elderly. I think I can assist ingetting um, more provisions into this city. Thank You”


BC- Perhaps nobody informed  candidates Couriel and Evans..We already have a sidewalk repair program in the budget!…This has been going on for the past years…and if they walked the town they would have observed the repair…the marked sidewalks and the new ones!…If they were participating before they announced they would have heard the updates on the program and would have seen the budget showing the Town sidewalk repair program!…OOPS!…

BC- Candidate Marjorie like a double dose of Clueless Clottey!…Betty Ross who came to speak about her program specifically pointed out she deals with “mental wellness” and does not “deal with physical body”!…Right after her presentation Clueless Clottey asked her about helping fragile and disabled residents..Ms. Ross was understandably confused by the question…and then Marjorie Evans comes to the podium to repeat what Clueless #1 said…..Do we really want 2 “Clueless” Commissioners on the dais?…


Candidate Comm Jim Silverstone Dist. 2-

First repeated his early calls for turning El Mar Drive into a one lane road with a side lane of squiggly lines for walking and artwork …He went on…

” Streets that are abating, albeiting the, the, ah, ah medium ( Silverstone calls  the medians-mediums)to be used for walkways if possible that’s the direction I was going into but again we had this board who’s an advisory board for this community, for, for the commission and their job was to go out there and get input from the people out there. But people are so angered over what’s going on in here. Nobody wants to get involved so that’ feedback is lessened and that’s the worst thing we can do in this town is, is doing anything to stifle the, the the peoples getting involved in town. Getting feedback to what should be so then it came before us it’s seems like that’s the way the committee wanted it based upon the, the assumption that’s what the people wanted and now we find out the people don’t want that. Well, I’m also gonna try ah, change that. Nothing’s been done with that yet except the starting RFPs but I think we can change the ideas and start working into something we all agree upon. But it’s unfortunate all that time to get to that point.”


BC- HUH?….Later on the item was addressed in item 16h put on by Comm. Dodd…


The meeting was running over 11 pm and Vice Mayor McIntee was already packing up to get outta there…He tried to thwart Resident David Nixon from speaking saying “Point of order, I think we pretty much agreed public comments we were gonna push this thing off for 4 months so you, you know you’re gonna be saying everything twice you’re better off waiting.”

BC- Who said that we were pushing it off for 4 months?…

Mr Nixon asked for thirty seconds and spoke of his delight for a fresh look at this, stating it “was wise for them to not do the proposal the way it had been structured”…and explained the greenspace of the medians were the “signature of this Town”…He said to let the MPSC work with landscape architects to come up with renderings and produce a “lasting effect for the Town”…

Diane Boutin spoke as well about a 3-5 year plan maintenance monies and caring for the portals…infrastructure and lights…and proper plants …sidewalks that were wide and not sitting in a median absorbing gasoline fumes…

Comm Silverstone -” I just want to give a little history of this whole, how we got the million dollars um, when the , when the, when the Oriana built out five feet too much I actually did a calculation based upon the current prices that, that actually had an increase of five million dollars on a piece of property. In my old office on Commercial before I moved into next door into my new office ah, two of the owners came in and they said Jim what’s going on? Are you going to tear it down? Cause one of the first things we were gonna do thought about doing was tearing down the whole thing down which we had the right to do. And I said to them well it looks like you got a benefit here of about five million bucks and he, the person, the owner said that’s a little heavy. He said how about three million? I said great! I’m thinkin’ to myself ok I’m gonna go back to the dais til I found out that the former Mayor made a deal already for a million dollars which is unfortunate. So we coulda got three million dollars out of that thing, but we have a million dollars and um, I still believe my original idea of having as Mr. Nixon said and I think the consensus of the ah, people in this town to beautify what we have and take care of the problems of drainage if we can. But let’s beautify the, the center property the ah, a great start um, um, I’m going in that direction, I Yield.”

BC- One night later this writer ran into the former Mayor and he was asked by a resident about Comm. Silverstone’s comments and the new story that he [jimmy] was going to get 3 million dollars…Without missing a beat the former Mayor replied,” he’s blowing smoke out of his ass” …and went on to explain that he[former Mayor] negotiated with the lawyer for the property owners and was lucky to get the million when it was though at the time we would be lucky to get $500,000…OUCH!…

This writer has never ever heard the Silverstone 3 million dollar story…and if it is to be believed, it would have come out long before this commission meeting…and if it is to be believed for all the time and all the talk of McIntee/Silverstone accusing the former Mayor of making a “backdoor deal” for the “Oriana million”…moot…For Jimmy-boy just admitted he too was making deals on his own!…OOPS!…

Comm. Dodd made a motion to move the issue along and wanted to put a hold on the project waiting for a new commission or a new MPSC…after March… Comm. Clottey did not want to defer…she wanted it to go back to the committee but wanted it to move forward in a couple of months…

Commissioner Silverstone- ” Can I make a friendly amendment? I’m making a friendly amendment since we got this ball already going and why don’t we just amend it to say take the sidewalks out, bring us back something that beautifies the ah, the, the medium landscaping and lighting and see what they come back with. I mean we already spent money correct me if I’m wrong Town Manager to do something with this so why don’t we just amend the plans and say now we want this. Why can’t we just do that cause I think that’s the consensus of everybody out there?”

BC- Hmmm…1/19/10 – Cristie Furth -“As a stakeholder on El Mar Drive I’m all for it and a lot of my neighbors and friends are. I don’t know who’s talking to you but my people that I know love the idea!”…

The Town Manager went over what she had sent in response to Comm. Dodd on this agenda item and spoke of the way the Commission had voted…and spoke of the project, the plans and having the 5 commissioners and the MPSC come and see what Ocampo is working  thus far and tell them of any changes …She spoke about stopping altogether and the need to involve the Town Attorney to assist with the contract…

Comm. Silverstone- ” My friendly motion would be to not stop it but continue with another direction. Bring back that direction so everybody could see what we come up with.”

The Town manger brought up a past project when this happened and there were ten different directions…she wanted them to look at the plans thus far and again saiud she would need the Town Attorney to look at the contractual obligations they have with Ocampo…

Comm. Silverstone- ” I mean I guess, I’m makin’ a friendly amendment to the original amendment to, to, to proceed with this because I don’t understand what doesn’t make sense to me for them to come back her with the design, spend all this money and time on it and it has a sidewalk in the middle of it.”

BC- Hmmm…1/19/10 – Cristie Furth -“As a stakeholder on El Mar Drive I’m all for it and a lot of my neighbors and friends are. I don’t know who’s talking to you but my people that I know love the idea!”…

The Mayor reminded the residents it had been a 3-2 vote …She and Comm. Dodd did not vote for it…Ocampo was brought up to the podium…

Comm. Silverstone- ” I’m not sure how far you are? Is it possible to direct you to focus on landscaping and lighting for that area and not do the walkway on the udder plans the plans you presented had gazebos and other factors in there. Um, to do away with that to increase the landscaping, the lighting which I think is the key and beautify the, the medium because I think this is the general consensus. So the question pacifically is I’m not sure how long, how far you are along with this?”

BC- Hmmm…1/19/10 – Cristie Furth -“As a stakeholder on El Mar Drive I’m all for it and a lot of my neighbors and friends are. I don’t know who’s talking to you but my people that I know love the idea!”…

Ocamapo said he was 50-75% complete!…

Comm. Silverstone ” How much of an issue?”

Ocamapo answered as if he did not get it explaining the “hardscape” (walkway) and how it is the most important component…and the drainage required (I though this #1 portion of the “whole enchilada” for $980,000 did not include any drainage)…

Comm. Silverstone- “Ok, you understand the, the intent of the people out there, I believe that there’s been in the thought of how to do this they don’t want the walkway through the middle anymore. They would rather see a beautification of the medium and so um, I would hate to have you finish up the rest of 40% of this work and find out that the major part of doing it is, is not necessary anymore. That’s my concern. I, I just don’t want to waste anymore money on something we can all agree is sure…”

BC- Hmmm…1/19/10 – Cristie Furth -“As a stakeholder on El Mar Drive I’m all for it and a lot of my neighbors and friends are. I don’t know who’s talking to you but my people that I know love the idea!”… Cristie Furth went for round two…saying the design was “lovely”…and saying stop the “stalling”..spend the million!…

Ocampo said they didn’t need the practice and he was ready to accommodate the Town…although he needed to look a the costs incurred and those of his consultants as well…and get back to the Town Manager…

Comm. Silverstone ” Town Attorney, what can we do at this juncture? You heard what is wanted.”

BC- Hmmm…1/19/10 – Cristie Furth -“As a stakeholder on El Mar Drive I’m all for it and a lot of my neighbors and friends are. I don’t know who’s talking to you but my people that I know love the idea!”…

The Town Atty said she saw no disagreement from Ocampo or the Town to change the direction, butr spoke of the costs and what a hit the budget would take for this going so far as to imply there might not be enough left in the budget to finish!…OUCH!…

Comm. Silverstone- ” We could do that even though we voted one way before are we in the position to change that?”

The Mayor jumped in and asked at what cost…Ocampo did not know!

Candidate Mayor Minnet -” I voted no to this to begin with because I knew this wasn’t a project that I felt the residents would want to move forward with and now we’re seeing it and now we’re sidestepping and we wasted a lot of money and that’s a problem. And I think the residents are seeing that that’s a problem consistent mode on, with the direction on this dais. I wasn’t for it to begin with and I’m not for it now. It’s unfortunate that now we have to sidestep and piecemeal this project. It wasn’t right to begin with and now what  do we do? We’re sitting with the architects and the engineers who’ve done 50-75% and spent quite a bit of money on a direction that the majority of this town doesn’t want. We need to decide as a dais where we go. Who are we going to give this to? Is it going to go back to the Master Plan Steering Committee or are your thoughts and ideas going to come back to this commission for consensus? So that commissioners is the question. Number one do we decide to hold off on this project for a specified period of time? Number two who does it go back to for clarification? Those would be my questions.”

Commissioner Clottey said she thought Ocampo knew what the commission wanted and it should go back to the MPSC …stating the commission “can’t slap them [MPSC] in the face that’s their job and they’re an advisory to us and most of the time we accept their recommendations”…

BC- Hmmm…1/19/10 – Cristie Furth -“As a stakeholder on El Mar Drive I’m all for it and a lot of my neighbors and friends are. I don’t know who’s talking to you but my people that I know love the idea!”…

Comm. Dodd said the public comments from the residents were “a plea” for no walkways, greenspace and he wanted it passed back to the MPSC with Ocampo in attendance …

BC- this was exactly what was asked for by the MPSC and the consensus at the end of last year… right after the MPSC and the residents learned that the “Oriana million” could be used for the entire length of El Mar Drive!… To be at this juncture now …is the fault of the majority on the dais (who chose to disregard the consensus early on)….Silverstone-Clottey- McIntee  and…

Cristie Furth -“As a stakeholder on El Mar Drive I’m all for it and a lot of my neighbors and friends are. I don’t know who’s talking to you but my people that I know love the idea!”…

The MPSC will meet in February..and in March it is up to the voters what kind of representation you have on the dais for the next 4 years!…Judging from the El Mar Drive median mess-up..”mucked-up” by the Silverstone-Clottey-McIntee-majority…the choice is easy… and it’s being heard loud and clear!….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … 1/26/10 LBTS Commission Meeting …. #1 …. THE Chief Blogger …

January 27, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers… Thanks to Commissioner Silverstone and Commissioner Clottey…this writer is now known as “The Chief Blogger” …or as one resident put it “The Blogger in Chief”!…

Commissioner Silverstone and his “gang” must be receiving a mighty cold reception as they try to campaign on his 4 year record,with Marjorie Evans jumping in at the 11th hour with absolutely no knowledge on anything to do with the Town even thought she has lived in Bel Air for 40 years (She has been a resident of LBTS for 9 since the annexation of unincorporated Broward in Oct. 2001)… she did not make it through the entire commission meeting again, in her 2nd commission meeting ever!….She left the hall.early on did Mayoral candidate Joe Couriel who has also made a name for himself by calling Mcntee “God”  losing his cool ( he ‘s an equal opportunity hot-head yelling at Comm. Dodd’s wife)…and talking out of both sides of his mouth on any subject!…

The Mayor in her public comments called out the “By The Sea Times” or as she referred to it the “By The Sea Lies”…(A big OHHH…came from the back staff table…the responder-none other than  Moe McIntee, the BTSTimes”Truth Deflector”)…for inaccurately reporting her voting record ( this was followed up by a CIC e-mail stating the same false statements from BTSTimes Editor and CIC-Chair Bob Roberts)… The Mayor said the paper made these false claims and she had sent a letter in for a retraction…The Letter was sent certified mail to the Furths on earlier in the day…In it she pointed out her votes ..YES for the VFD fire suppression services on 9/12/2008…YES to the VFD transition on 3/25/2008…YES to the signposts on the beach 9/25/2008…The Times falsely stated the Mayor voted no on all three!…. The Mayor went on to speak of the false statements she has heard as she runs for reelection and set the record straight on that as well…She concluded her comments and that’s when the lunacy began to unfold…..

“Clueless” Commissioner Clottey has really lost her mind…She is way beyond Clueless”…she is now incoherent…rambling on about politicking done by the Mayor when she herself sat mute as the Vice Mayor did the very same in his declarations of false statements and threats made toward the By The Sea Futures… ( only one had any merit and it was erroneously stated to be printed in the paper,…the VM asked for legal action to be taken…over a few commission meetings ….it was only on a newsflash to a limited number of online recipients and  it was retracted…the rest of McIntee’s charges of slander…had no merit…. It was just a lot of McIntee blowing smoke!)…Comm. Clottey spoke of a local blogger, the “Chief Blogge”r and could hardly contain her disdain … The Comm. has only herself and her own words and actions such as these to blame for the “negative” posts…To go after the Mayor for calling out the Times on falsely stating her votes… To sit up there and say she did not ” stir the pot” with the Senior Center….Get real, she did!…The Senior center was going along just fine until she started down that path of no return…Her memory lapses on the MPSC and her and Commm. Silverstone’s role…perhaps come from to many late night house call to Town Hall East…And saying that sidewalks down El Mar would cost millions…come on!..Tthat was for a ful-l out plan of #1,2 and 3 including the medians….It was in fact “The whole enchilada”!..Pretty funny to be called the “Big Blogger”…kind of like the Vice Mayor calling the Attorney for Pacific Blue a “Big Girl”…and then for Clottey to disparage Comm. Dodd  on what he can accomplish on the Hillsboro Inlet being from little old LBTS and implying he is unable to speak up and be forceful enough or carry any weight on the Hillsboro board…That the board requires someone who can really read financial statements ….What a loon!…Phone calls were made from those watching from home…deeply disturbed by what they were hearing and seeing as she continued on!….She lost all credibility in offering up a plan to rent the dredging equipment from Port Everglades to save money…Who’s filling her in on this?…Frank Rysavy?…( a candidate for the positon-prev. post) ….The Hillsboro Inlet isn’t exactly chomping at the bit for his return from what this writer hears!…Comm. Clottey decided to pull her item not wanting it to be political…(Now she decides she doesn’t want it to be political!)…She did an about face yet again from her vote that she made as instructed by the Furths for the McIntee median walkways..A look back shows her flip-flops as she dutifully towed the Furth line…(Cristie put her foot down…”her people” loved the walkways”per the MPSC meeitng1/19/10…prev. post)….

Commissioner Silverstone said he was going to expand on Comm. Clottey’s comments in his…(A pre- meeting pow-wow in Town Hall East?)… He spoke of a friend from Chicago (would that be the “inner city” where according to the Times Jimmy-boy hails from ..Cabrini Green, Commissioner?)…. He said his “friend” googled Lauderdale By The Sea and found on the first page all negative info from a blogger…and his pal asked what kind of crazy place it LBTS?…He warned of such blog sites showing up on google being a “major danger” that brings down property values and effects businesses and properties”…Furth-er fearmongering….That” it’s on the internet forever”… The “negativity” ..the “attacks on the staff “or him…the spinning of issues…The he says there a lot of “smart people” doing it for negative reasons…and named the Future’s paper…HA!… Comm. Silverstone and his running mates Evans and Couriel sent in answers to questions to be published in the By The Sea Future on Friday… OOPS!…(Will he read it?)…He again tried to to bully the residents as he has been passed the”bully baton” from his BFF, one foot out the door, Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee…He again tries to challenge residents and voters in a debate…Note to Jimmy “He’s not a nice guy” Silverstone…debates are on Feb 16th and Feb 25th with your opponent!…Candidates should be listening to residents and voters one on one……as your opponent, Chris Vincent has been doing as he goes to  each and every door throughout the town…(perhaps that’s why Silverstone is running so scared…Who would want to open their door to be dared to debate him?)…Back to his old habit of “taking on” constituents who decide to speak at public comments to critique or to berate them.. PUBLIC SPEAKERS…NEXT TIME, SIGN UP AND SPEAK ON ONE TOPIC AFTER COMMISSIONER COMMENTS TO AVOID HAVING TO HEAR SILVERSTONE’S UNWANTED FEEDBACK!… Calling Al Gore ….according to Jimmy-boy it was he who started the internet!…(In LBTS)… YIKES!…

What fun it was in the aftermathof their comments……The texts and e-mails came pouring in o ..”The Chief Blogger”…Voters and residents in the hall came over grinning  and laughing, giving high-fives and thumbs -up!….A special thanks to Comms. Silverstone and Clottey!…..You always give me so much material …so many posts…in each every comment…keep it up!…

By the way…a google of Lauderdale By The Sea …produces….NO BCbythesea on the 1st page…But a google of Jim Silverstone and Birute Clottey…yep…page 1!… The best way for either commissioners to get off google page 1?….Get off the dais!… OUCH!…

more to come…from “The Chief Blogger”……

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Here’s The Scoop … Jan. 26, 2010 LBTS Agenda …. WE’VE SEEN IT ALL BEFORE …..

January 26, 2010 by Barbara


BC- most of the items that are a rerun were covered in greater detail prev. post under the LBTS agenda/meetings cat. for Jan 12, 2010…



3. INVOCATION -Reverend George Hunsaker


a. Presentation from Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl on the state of

Broward County (Mayor Minnet)

BC- No questions allowed on the recent Bob Norman/ Michael Mayo articles about Keechl’s campaign expenditures…

b. Presentation from Broward County, Betty Rosse of the Elderly and Veteran’s

Services Division (Town Manager Colon)



a. Finance and Budget Monthly Report -December 2009 (Manager Colon)

BC- some interesting entries… Town Atty. YTD legal exp. 80,775.50/ legal (other) 4,655.75/ Bert.J legal 10,371.14

Fire dept. curr. mo. 73,621.09

El Mar streetscape cur. mo 21,477.50

b. Development Services Monthly Report -December 2009 (Assistant Town

Manager Olinzock)

BC- visitor calls 870/verbal warnings 29/notice of violation 33/courtesy notices 39/citation notices 0/spec. master cases 5/ complaints investigated 31/re-inspections 141/lien searches 29/ courtesy letters 62/ pub records req. 1/ bus. tax license inspec. 5/ fire- permit inspections 14/ fire- app + resubmittals 0/ final zoning inspections 18/ zoning reviews 69/ building permits reviews 38/

c. Municipal Services Monthly Report -December 2009 (Assistant Town

Manager Olinzock)

BC- 28 hours at the warehouse out west…

d. BSO Police Monthly Report -December 2009 (Chief Llerena)

BC- auto theft 8/burg business 9/ burg conveyance 50/ burg res. 21/ burg. structure 2/ forcible sex 0/ homicide 0/ robbery 4/ theft grand 28/ theft petit 48/ total 170 -7.1%

e. VFD Fire Monthly Report -December 2009 (Chief Perkins)

BC- 34 in-town members/ 26 out of town members / Nov. resp. time Dep 12 1:44 vs Dec 9:38/Nov. avg resp. time 4:02 vs Dec. 4:30 …a change to accurate resp.times?…

f. AMR EMS Monthly Report -December 2009 (Operations Manager Liddle)

BC- 98% -avg. resp. time 3:43



a. Chamber of Commerce

BC- The Town Manager has again acted as if this is a Town Manager form of government (it is a comm-manager form of govt.)…and unilaterally SHORTED the 2009-10 budgeted amt. of $28,000 the commission voted in last Sept. for the Chamber!..The Manager sent the Chamber $19,100 to bring them to 0…and after the fact she is going to inform the commission this evening!…This is why this Manager needs to go!…



1. Ordinances 1St Reading

2. Ordinances 2″d Reading












Bc- This is to allow for theaters in the bus. district- will pass 5-0








BC- This will go back  to the drawing board…The problem in Town is that no one finishes up decisions on the dais with what the final direction is…In this case the comm. after discussion left the impression they were allowing front yard pools to the ord. that was to clear up side yard pools for corner lots…The P & Z (prev. post) saw this and voted it down…Because we do not have a real Development Director in charge and one that comes to the Comm. meetings …the comm. voted move to 2nd reading without any discussion or realizing their mistake and the P&Z’s vote (it was in the backup) …thus it will need to be re-done to exclude front yard pools…OOPS!…



a. Commission approval of use of Jarvis Hall by LBTS Garden Club on Friday,

January 29, 2010 and Saturday, January 30, 2010, for Annual Rummage

Sale, additional Town staff hours on Saturday for cleaning and set-up, and to

allow use of deposit to offset additional staff time (Assistant Town Manager


b. Commission approval of a one (1) year contract extension for Air

Conditioning Maintenance Services with Advanced Roofing, Inc. (Assistant

Town Manager Olinzock)

c. Commission approval of a ninety (90) day contract extension for Martial Arts

Instructor (Town Manager Colon)

13. RESOLUTION – “Public Comments”



a. Commission approval of Special Event Permit Application for Jazz on the

Square -Village Pump and Grille “Jazz on the Square” Event, Quarter 2,

every Friday night, 4:30 PM till 11:30 PM, April 23, 2010 through July 23,

2010 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock) -Deferred at the January 12,

2010 Commission Meeting by Commissioner Dodd

BC- Strange this is on- as the rules made by the comm. is every 3 months…if they do it for Village Grille they need to do it for Athena -101 Ocean..From the response throughout Town it needs to return to a n annual yearly special event permit for both nights…any funny business against the Sat. night event interjected will show up at the polls at the March 9th election!…

b. Discussion and/or action – Hillsboro Inlet -Deferred at the January 12,

2010 Commission Meeting by Commissioner Dodd – Applications


BC- prev. agenda post had who was on…including Frank Rysavy former longtime Hillsboro Inlet Rep. for LBTS who was required to pay fine for hiring his son for a job…..and the unqualified gal-pal of Comm. Clottey (who instigated this mess-after a burger & fries with new BFF M.r Oliver [Parker] who changed his mind) …others who applied Editor Mark Brown, Chamber Board member Yann Brandt and Comm. Stuart Dodd…

The Hillsboro Inlet met for their Jan. meeting last night (1-25) and will meet only 1 more time  before the march election…So for Clottey to go forth with this will cost the taxpayers, and Hillsboro for possibly 1 meeting before it is changed again…CLUELESS!….

c. Discussion and/or action by Town Commission regarding appointment of a

Local Complete Count Committee for the purpose of building awareness of

the 2010 Census (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock) -Deferred at the

January 12, 2010 Commission Meeting by Vice Mayor Mc-Intee –

Application attached

BC- Still only one taker…

d. Discussion and/or action regarding amendment to the current BSO Contract

(Chief Llerena) -This item was deferred at the January 12, 2010

Commission Meeting by Commissioner Silverstone

BC- the Town Manger and others want to keep to the “hybrid” hours schedule that both BSO & Town say is working well…look for the status quo to remain…no to 12 hr. shifts…

e. Discussion and/or action to have the Town Engineer research the traffic flow

on Imperial Lane to see if signage or a barrier is needed to prevent through

traffic from A1A from entering this street (Commissioner Clottey) -This item

was deferred at the January 12, 2010 Commission Meeting by

Commissioner Silverstone

BC- 2 camps on this one?…Looks like some want to pay for it themselves/ others have an alternative to doing it all….


a. Discussion and/or action: Commission to consider approving amendments to

Ordinance 6-42 “Maintenance of sites under development” (Assistant Town

Manager Olinzock)

BC- a response to the Garden Court problems seen a few months back ..(prev post)

b. Discussion and or action: Commission to consider approving an ordinance

requiring mortgagee to register with the Town upon default by the mortgagor

(Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

c. Town Commission short-listing selection of no fewer than three firms for the

design of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Local Agency

Program (LAP) SR-A1A Enhancement Project FM – 418022-1, Pine Ave to

Terra Mar Drive, to set date for presentation of short-listed forms, and

authorization for Town Manager to negotiate contract agreement for

completion of the design (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- There were 14 companies that applied and the Asst. TM want the comm. to allow the Manger a “short list” of 3 to negotiate with…This writer say NO!…Not this manager – she should not be allowed any unilateral negotiating no way no how!…

d. Discussion and/or action regarding updating Fire Suppression System in

Jarvis Hall Kitchen (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- from the backup it appears that Jarvis Hall’s kitchen needs the stove to be in compliance with fire safety codes as the fire dept. is requiring of other community used stoves throughout town… Assumption was required…Was the Community Church?….

e. Discussion and/or action to direct the Town Attorney to proceed with legal

action against Terry Arthur regarding Greenfest (Vice Mayor Mclntee)

BC- What a waste of time for the taxpayers footing the legal expenses from our hourly rate Town law firm…..McIntee has been M.I.A. since he was tossed aside by both the VFD and the CIC to rule another year in the VFD department and another term the dais…If he’s smart he’ll take a powder on this loser…as well!…Move on!…

f. Discussion and/or action: safety barrier for the north entrance of Bel-Air (SE

15th Street) Mayor Minnet

BC- Continuing on in her efforts to put public safety issues first and foremost- after getting a request to look at a problem that calls for quick attention in Bel Air, Mayor Minnet has put this on to do just that.

g. Discussion and/or action on rules for Senior Center Activities (Commissioner


BC- What a mess- the Senior Center is still in disarray as a result of the one-two “punch” it took from Comm. Clottey-TM Colon and a disgruntled outspokne CIC member who have it in for the Director… They are trying to make him not viable to continue on…The Director has been unfairly targeted by the TM as doing something wrong over the past years…NOT TRUE!… The Director ALWAYS HAD 2 LISTS!… and he was annually audited in Jarvis Hall by both the Town and Broward County!…The blame for all the mess rests squarely on these 3 women!… And we extend our apologies to the Director that he is just the latest victim of the Town Manager’s wrath!…Hang on …March 9th is coming!…

h. Discussion and/or action for the Commission to give its final approval to the
Drive Beautification before the final construction drawings for the EI Mar construction begins (Commissioner Dodd)



more to come……

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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town …

January 26, 2010 by Barbara


Did you get your letter yet from Town Manager Esther Colon?… Seems TM Colon is just basking in the glow of her choice of “appropriate meeting”…(per Jan. 12, 2010 comm. meeting) .. for the “music problem resulting from downtown special events”… What planet is the Town Manager living on?…This writer has not met anyone who thinks there is anything to feel positive about much less bask in with her choice and style of a forum to deal with this issue!… It was a poorly executed, hastily put together and unnecessary meeting to begin with…It gave rise to anger throughout the town…and began the meeting itself with the attorney representing the businesses who brought their charges to the Jan 12th commission meeting to state this forum in Jarvis Hall  was not what she or her clients deemed appropriate!… The hall was full and with the exception of one comment by a Windjammer Manager Diane Boutin stating she felt it was positive, thanking the Manager, there was no one who was on board with the Town Manager’s choice of “appropriate meeting”!… Never mine that though…this Town Manager who falsely spent the last 2 years stating LBTS is a Town Manager form of government (prev. post)…when in fact it is a Commission-manager form of government…(just as she spent 2 years stating she had the same contract as her predecessor, aided by contract signer Candidate -Comm. Jim Silverstone. when she in fact she gave herself a $250,000+ termination clause)… decided to politicize her choice of “appropriate meeting” by sending out letters of thanks to some of the speakers!.. That’s right she spent 44 cents each and sent letters thanking speakers for their participation…including the only positive quote of the evening from Windjammer Manager Diane Boutin, (if this writer was Ms. Boutin I would not have liked to been used in such a manner to pat the Manager on the back for this fiasco!)…. The Town Manager has done this before…when she sent letters and pins to thank volunteers for 4th of July…Ms. Colon really has come to think that SHE runs her Town”…..Time to Burst her bubble!…


Have LBTS voters had enough of the false statements made by the LBTS-CIC in campaign 2010 yet?…The CIC paid for ads in the BTSTimes and did not include the required disclaimer…Their candidates signs are missing the required “for” a violation of the elections rules…Their CIC- funded- Furth BTSTimes  newspaper has violated the elections rules for not including “for” under the names of the candidates on their last edition…Mayoral Candidate Jo Couriel has under his ad “AS” Mayor instead of “For”… The CIC has co-mingled in their paid ads with the candidates…another violation…and while their CIC backed candidate Comm. Jim Silverstone states he is the author of the campaign finance reform in LBTS lowering the allowable amount from $500 to $300…the CIC website as of today 1/26/10…states otherwise!…OUCH… The above is another reason why…it is time for new leadership in LBTS…from those that pay attention to details, know the rules and play by them!


CIC WEBSITE…1/26/10 (this writer printed out the page …as proof before they fix it)….
“You can be assured that your contribution will be a well-spent investment in your own community as the CIC continues to support candidates who support our views on behalf of traditional small-town values, controlled development, responsive and transparent government, and low taxes and assessments.
You don’t even have to be a member of the CIC to donate and we gratefully welcome any donation up to a maximum of $500. You can make your contribution by sending a check payable to the LBTS Citizens Initiative Committee to:
• Carol Dickman
• Treasurer, LBTS CIC
• 4900 N Ocean Blvd Apt 1607
• Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308
If you would like a receipt, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.”

Sec. 2-25. Campaign finance restrictions.
(d) Campaign contribution limits. No candidate for the office of Mayor or Town Commissioner shall accept a campaign contribution, and no person or entity shall make a campaign contribution to such a candidate, in an amount which exceeds the aggregate amount of $300.00 per election, adjusted for inflation based upon the consumer price index.
(e) Penalty. Violations of this section shall be punishable as provided in section 1-12 of this Code.
(f) Applicability. This section shall be applied only prospectively to campaign contributions which are made after the date of adoption of this section.
(Ord. No. 2009-04, § 2, 1-27-09)
Secs. 2-26–2-30. Reserved.



We hear that some well placed “moles” will be on hand to see if any VFD give $ to the CIC or CIC-endorsed candidates at their upcoming”Fundraiser”….. It is against rules for VFD “vendors” to contribute to candidates…directly or indirectly!… OUCH!… Cash under a certain amount is not reported but…the moles will watch any money changing hands!….PRR have been made for the candidate campaign G1 reports filed  on Jan. 22nd  as well….to be posted soon…



While Comm. Jim (He’s not a nice guy) Silverstone is being portrayed by his camapaign manager’s Furth as “Coach Jim”…and Santa Clause…Many see him as the “Pillsbury Dough Boy” or Norm Crosby…a man who “Pecifically”…saw “Udder”…. ways to enact a code of “Ethnics” for the Town Commission… Voters need to remember…Silverstone is no “harmless ” Commissioner…worth a vote in 2010 now that his BFF McIntee will not be on the dais to lead him by the nose in how to vote ( a look at their records over the last 4 years show they were identical )… There is no such thing as a “harmless elected official”…  Not when that elected official is “armed” with a vote that impacts their constituents!… Jimmy-boy also has a problem with details and following election rules…as seen from his site…”For Commissioner COMMITTEE”…Hmmm….something new he has in mind for LBTS if he returns?….OOPS…(this writer printed it out to retain proof before he can fix it)…

“© Jim Silvserstone for commissioner committee 2010”



Looks like the LBTS Town website needs a little look-see for accuracy…OOPS!…


Comm. “Silvertone”…YIKES!….

“Commissioner Jim Silvertone
Tel: 954-771-0355
[email protected]



The website says..”A limited number of names are randomly selected by the Town Clerk”…OOPS!… The commission changed this a while back…the public comments are now done in order!….WOW!….

“Can I speak about issues at Town Commission meetings?

Yes. The Town Commission holds public hearings on all proposed ordinances. Members of the public are also allowed to speak during the Public Comments portion of the meeting. Residents must sign up beforehand. Public Comments lasts for 30 minutes. A limited number of names are randomly selected by the Town Clerk. During Public Comments, members of the public can address the Commission for up to three minutes.”


more to come……

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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town …

January 25, 2010 by Barbara


By The Sea Future Editor Marc Brown sent the candidates a question in the mail on Jan. 12, 2010 to answer for the paper’s Friday Jan. 29, 2010 edition and asked them to respond by Jan. 25th… Candidates Roseann Minnet , Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent answered as they have done for some time now ….Today on the last day to respond the CIC-endorsed candidates  responded as well!…In the morning came a response from Marjorie Evans and in the afternoon came responses from candidates Couriel and Comm. Jim Silverstone! WOW!… At the last LBTS Commission meeting Town Manager Esther held up the BTSFuture newspaper and spoke negatively of its content…Comm. Silverstone repeatedly badmouths the BTSFuture and Editor Mark Brown …Vice Mayor McIntee has threatened to sue the paper and Editor Brown (empty threats due to them having no merit)… Marc and Cristie Furth owners-publishers- editors of the BTSTimes and campaign managers for CIC-endorsed candidates Silverstone, Evans and Couriel go after the Future newspaper every chance they can and doubled up on casting aspersions in their latest CIC- backed candidate edition…the one that still has not been fully distributed 4 days after publication….What’s up with this?…Is the “Truth Deflector” home tossing back a few extra glasses of wine to soften the blow?… Those CIC- minions who regularly hisss about there being “two  newspapers in town” while cursing those who bring the indisputable facts to residents every 3 weeks will surely be left in flux after hearing and reading their candidates have crossed over into the Future!…

While Mark Brown followed protocol and sent a letter to the candidates giving them a couple of weeks to respond, Cristie Furth called candidates Minnet, Sasser and Vincent the day before the Times came out on Jan. 22nd…Cristie left a voice mail for Scot Sasser who was away on business …She called Mayor Minnet and Chris Vincent and asked if they would answer questions for her paper, each said yes and send them over them…. Mayor Minnet,  Chris Vincent and  Scot Sasser never received any questions from Cristie Furth and the BTSTimes…despite that, Cristie Furth falsely stated the following in her paper the next day… “By The Sea Times asked each candidate to submit biographies and personal statements.”…No- Guard Candidates Minnet, Sasser and Vincent all state Ms. Furth not only never sent the e-mail questions…M.s Furth never asked for a biography or a personal statement!… Candidate Sasser called Editor Cristie Furth today to ask about the questions and Editor Marc Furth indicated that the BTSTimes would be following the BTSFuture’s and asking questions of all the candidates in their upcoming editions…OOPS!…

Perhaps, with the dismal distribution of the BTSTimes and the less than exemplary quality of the content…(The Nat. Enquirer comes in at a close second)…the CIC -candidates know they need to reach BTSFuture readers in order to have any chance at becoming an elected official in LBTS!…OUCH!….



Today  CIC Chair and Editor of the BTSTimes Bob Roberts chose to perpetuate the false statements made int the Times concerning Mayor Minnet’s voting record!….

“Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 16:57:51 -0500
From: Bob Roberts
Subject: LBTS Commission meeting

Dear CIC Member

The last LBTS Commission meeting for January, and the third from the
last meeting with the present Commissioners, will be held on Tuesday
evening, January 26th. It is again important that as many of us as
possible attend the meeting to show support for those Commissioners that
support policies that enhance the quality of life for Town residents.
Mayor Minnet now claims to be for the same policies that the CIC has
always endorsed, however her record shows that she voted NO on every
major action such as bringing back the VFD.

See you at the Commission meeting!

Bob Roberts, Chair”






I see a retraction coming…..



After sending the code enforcement officers throughout the Town when candidates Minnet, Sasser and Vincent put out their lawn signs…..where they knocked on doors and informed residents of the rules……and after a 4 day “pass” for CIC- candidates signs boldly put in the Right- of- Ways and anywhere else Marc Furth and his Mc- pals wanted to stick em’…the Town has suddenly decided the candidates should become code enforcement and police the signs going forward!…WOW!… We hear one code enforcer told a resident they had over 400 complaints…HUH?…..Maybe the Town Manager believes this too falls under a “Town Manager form of government” (prev. Post)… OOPS!….


“From: June White
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010
To: , , Mayor Roseann Minnet , Scot Sasser , Commissioner Jim Silverstone
Cc: John Olinzock , Jeff Bowman
Subject: Political Signs

Code Enforcement has observed violations of the sign code 30-308 (a)(5), (b)(7) and (c)(8) that was included in your Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Elections Manual, March 9, 2010. Your cooperation is being requested to observe the sign code.

Thank you.

June White, Town Clerk
4501 N. Ocean Drive
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL 33308
Phone: 954-776-0576
Fax: 954-776-1857”


more to come……….

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