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Here’s The Scoop … Bringing In The New Year At Town Hall East …

December 31, 2009 by Barbara






Happy New Year Readers…. 2010 is finally here……..

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … He’s Doing A Saddam …

December 31, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … Well the VFD didn’t pull down his statue in the square and we haven’t verified the McIntee memorabilia has been taken down off the VFD walls …but Vice Mayor McIntee has decided to do a “Saddam” on those who were not loyal to him and did not vote him in as Fire Chief of the VFD… In the aftermath of that loss he was out of town…laying low …but he has returned and he is on a rampage of destruction to take the VFD down!… Why else would he go to the Town Manager and make requests for Chief Perkins salary for his first year as Chief…and the current VFD roster (prev. post) …Today McIntee and the Commissioners received more requests made by McIntee through Town Manager Colon …who suddenly is more than happy to “oversee” a “contractor” of the Town… Today’s memo “As requested, attached please find the VFD table for the Total Number of Drills, Medicals & Fires Credited and Compensated for Chief Bob Perkins.”…This is just too “rich”!.. McIntee has become the  laughingstock in town!… Going after the VFD….is political suicide!… It’s time for the VFD membership to vote him out! …How can the VFD keep him as a member when he is trying to torpedo them!… How nuts is it that the former Deputy Chief  is asking for information on the Chief who was side by side with him in the time frame he is making the requests for?… What does it say besides “scorched earth”?… If McIntee is trying to say things were amiss or questionable…then just as he did with the Town Manager’s 2007 contract…he was either complicit in pulling the wool over our eyes or he did not do his due diligence!…Either way he toast…with a short memory…

Jan 2009- Excerpts…When McIntee was newly elected as Deuty Chief and was “protecting”his “troops” from any questions or requests to the Manager from residents or Commissioner Dodd!….


Commissioner Comments-VM McIntee……BC-commentary …Fire Department…

From the meeting….1/28/09….

VM- “Regarding the fire department. Going after people from communicating on a cell phone when going to a call , the pickup truck does not have a vehicle based radio. It has portable radios. If the person they’re referring to is going down the street with a siren he has something to his mouth. It’s probably the portable fire radio going to command and saying utility 12 responding. There are a hundred reasons.”

VM- “The other question about the uniform of the Chief, the equipment , the cost, those are all questions Commissioner Dodd could walk into the Chief’s office and ask him if he wasn’t satisfied with the answers then he could bring it up to the dais.”

VM- “I think it’s really blatantly an attack on the whole department to go after little things like that. I don’t understand those things. I mean the three trucks over there are the town property. The utilities, the ATVs are town property. Every time one of these trucks goes in for repair  and the last one was probably 1500 -2000 dollars. The town doesn’t pay for those repairs . The volunteer fire department pays for those repairs. Their budget from the town money that was sent to them to keep that stuff up to snuff. An oil change is 500 dollars in a diesel. All the trucks need their oil changed every few months.When that SUV or ATV went into the shop it wasn’t the town that was gonna pay for it. It was out the pocket of money distributed from the volunteers to run their equipment that was part of our budget. So things break down.”

VM- “Why would you go after for a vehicle breaking down. There’s no hot rodding on the beaches. We got printouts of anybody going over 20 miles a hour. That vehicle was near the water . It went down into the dirt and it went down before the multiple wheel drive stopped working and it wouldn’t run through the gook. But to pick little items like that and attack the fire chief, I don’t know where you’re going with tat. Just don’t understand it.”

VM-“Let’s clear up the Deputy Chief thing once and for all. When I decided to run for Deputy Chief, I was asked by the department by a vast majority to run. I said well we know what’s going to happen, there’s gonna be certain people on the dais who’s gonna scream, certain people out there are gonna scream. So they called for a board of directors meeting. The board of directors sat down. I presented my position. They voted to allow me to run. They then called a special meeting of the whole department and they voted. I won’t give you the vote but it was 2 against and the rest were in favor for me running because I am not a corporate officer. I’m a line officer, I tell guys where to squirt the water and they wanted my vast years of experience in the field with them, leading them because I’m the best leader there for that. It was done by the rules of the department and done properly.”

VM-“Now I’ve got another, Commissioner Dodd asking the Town Manager about an ethics situation. How can I be Deputy Chief and where’s the paperwork on it. How would she know?”

Response from the Manager-‘They are contractors of the Town. Compliance with standard operating procedures of organization is a responsibility of the board, command staff and its members.’

Response from the Manager: ‘ They are contractors for the Town. Compliance with the by-laws of an organization is the responsibility of the board and its members.’

VM- ” I sent a letter to Tallahassee laying out what my position was on plain paper, not the Town’s paper and gt a letter back saying YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO. Now Judy Vik the reporter for the Pompano Pelican back there. She did her homework. She called Tallahassee and got exactly the information I just gave. Commissioner Dodd could have done that too. It’s public information. So there’s nothing being hidden here. I mean pickayu stuff.”


‘Dear Mr. Claypool,

I would like the Ethics opinion of this writer holding the position of Deputy Chief of the Lauderdale By The Sea Volunteer Fire Department.

I would like you to consider the following information before you render a Ethics decision.

A. The Lauderdale By The Sea Fire Department is the sole provider of Fire protection in the town of Lauderdale By The Sea.

B. This writer receives absolutely no compensation for service provided to the Volunteer fire department and if in the position of Deputy Chief I would still receive zero compensation from this department.

C. The LBTS VFD is a Florida corporation with corporate officers and company business officers. The Deputy Chief does not sit or act in any of these capacities under the corporate by-laws.

D. The Deputy Chief duties supervise  and direct fire operations at active scenes and makes sure all training demands are met by the department members. The Deputy Chief has nothing to do with Corporate decisions or company policies, or spending funds of the department. It should be clear that the Deputy chief position is a line officer position only dealing with firefighting activities.

E. I am the most experienced fire fighter in the department and have over 45 years of experience.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Respectfully, Vice Mayor Jerome S McIntee’

The Response…12/19/08…

Re: Request for opinion,conflict of interest

‘Dear Mr. McIntee:

I have been asked to respond to your request for an opinion on the issue of whether a conflict of interest would be created by your serving as Deputy Chief of the Lauderdale By The Sea Volunteer Fire Department while also serving as a member of the LBTS Town Commission

You advise that the VD is the sole provider of fire suppression services in the Town, that you would receive no compensation for your services, that the VFD is a corporate entity and the Deputy Chief is neither a director nor officer of the corporation, and that the position on Deputy Chief is a “line officer position,” having nothing to do with budgetary or policy decisions of the corporation. The Code of Ethics for Public Officers or Contractual Relationship- No public officer or employee of an agency shall have or hold any employment or contractual relationship with any business entity or any agency which is subject to the regulation of, or is doing business with, an agency of which he or she is an officer or employee, excluding those organizations and their officers who, when acting in their official capacity, enter into or negotiate a collective bargaining contract with the state or any municipality, county or other political subdivision of the state; nor shall an officer or employee of an agency have or hold any employment or contractual relationship that will create a continuing or frequently recurring conflict between his or her private interests and the performance of his or her public duties or would impede the full and faithful discharge of his or her public duties {Section 112.313(7)(a), Florida Statutes.}

The Commission has already dealt with the issue in CEO 08-22, an opinion you requested. There, it was observed that Section 112.313(7) to be implicated, there must first exist an employment or contractual relationship. The Commission said:

It must then be determined whether you have a “contractual or employment relationship” with the VFD, since in the absence of such a relationship, there can be no violation. Although you relate that you were paid $160 in “training funds” for the months of March and April, you state that as of May 1, you have specifically declined any compensation from the Department. In CEO 00-23 we stated our view that refusal to accept compensation, given in advance and in writing, coupled with actual refusal of said compensation, would negate the element of employment, and therefore the potential of a prohibited conflict.

In the materials you provided in requesting that opinion, you indicated you received no compensation from the VFD and “have no intention of receiving any compensation from the LBTSVFD in the future.” Unless something changed in that respect, the previous opinion would still be applicable.


Virlindia Doss

Deputy Executive Director’

VM-” It’s off the wall. Look after the big problem, let the little problems work on a head to head basis.Work it over with the individual and if you aren’t happy then take the next step.”

VM-” At least give the Fire Department Chief the courtesy, can I ask you about this and if you aren’t satisfied then take the next step or the AMR Chief or the Police Chief. I had a problem with the Police Chief about notifying residents about the burglary. Did I come and talk to you Chief? I didn’t make up all these things telling him how he should do it. I had my suggestions I mean but I never take the step of trying to micromanage something I know very little about.”

VM-” They have people going to fire scenes taking pictures of the Chief to see the way he’s dressed. What for? To cause trouble. That’s all, I yield”


Interesting times for the VFD… McIntee held it over their heads that without him…the VFD would be decimated and BSO Fire would be back …The reality is, since December 14th…the VFD are being treated like Heroes…Doors are opening…Pats on the back and congrats greet them everywhere they go and the  lines of communication closed off due to McIntee are now wide open with tons and tons of support…Hmmmm…perhaps we’ll soon find McIntee in a hole somewhere…hiding out?… If …”He’s doing a Saddam”….

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Look Who’s On A Witch Hunt … Micromanaging …Looking For Some Oversight …

December 29, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… You know that oversight many residents including this writer were looking for last year from Town Manager Esther Colon?… Well, now that her “pal and biggest supporter” Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee  ( She is “Tenth” on his list of accomplishments in his BTSTimes Comm. comments – “The hiring of Ester (his spelling) Colon, the best town manager Lauderdale-by-the-Sea has ever had”)  lost by a landslide in his “gamble” to be the new VFD Fire Chief  on December 14th (prev. post) and is ready for some major payback, the Manager is ready, willing and able to take on the assist him!… Vice Mayor McIntee is “gunning” for Chief Perkins…and requested through the Manager the following ” the report indicating compensation received by Chief Robert Perkins during the period of October 2008 through October 2009″…He and his fellow commissioners received it yesterday…McIntee made another request through the Town Manager ….again, not going directly to the VFD…This one was for the current VFD Roster also received by the commission on the 28th…Hmmm…. Perhaps the Vice Mayor wanted to see if he was still on it?…He is…. and so is his son Beau…listed as a training instructor …which confirms he gets paid by the VFD and Vice Mayor McIntee did indeed vote on items that “benefited” his son!… ( a definite conflict of interest, in this writer’s opinion)…We hear the other reason may be due to a reinstatement of  the firefighter that was suspended for some time…..But if McIntee’s going after this action by Chief Perkins …YIKES!…Is that not “the Chief’s discretion”…just as it was for the countless times Chief Perkin’s offered the same “discretion” to the former Deputy Chief ?…OOPS!…. For McIntee to slink back into town and take aim at the new McIntee- free VFD really says it all.. He’s toast!….. And only VFD ally left to “butter” him up ….none other than his BFF Commissioner Jim “Not a nice guy and Not a gentleman” Silverstone… what a guy…”Broom Boys” to the end…( March 9, 2010) …..

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Behind The Snapshots Are Always The “Negatives ” … Part One …

December 28, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …2009 in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea amounted to 2008 in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea on steroids!… “Ramped up” is the only way to describe what we saw and endured from the current Town administration and the majority sitting on the commission….We watched the “Gang” go negative with fearmongering …..from the dais…and in their BTSTimes newspaper … part payback…1 part clean-up crew…1 part Furth campaign playbook…with a big dash of  desperation coming from the rapid decline of supporters …who now have a chance to change things in 10 weeks time!…

Let’s look back … and show the “negatives” behind the Mc-FurthBTSTimes “snapshots”…

“A BTSTimes Retrospective” …..

Besides the fact that a 2009 retrospective begins in January …the Editors needed to add in the previous 3 months of 2008 to give themselves a pat on the back…

Sept. 11, 2008 “The Spirit Continues”…The VFD Beach Patrol in September…not quite what we signed onto…We were introduced to a beach patrol headed up by Ft. Lauderdale Lifeguard/ VFD member Scot Fowler…who left abruptly shortly after when he came head-to-head with training officer Jerry McIntee…who wanted to run the show…The funding of the patrol was also incorrect and a “sudden” account was opened  by the Town Manager almost 9 months later to remedy it after it was addressed by Comm. Dodd at the fire assessment special meeting…The amount of money poured into the purchasing of Seadoos…and upgrades was excessive and done at Vice Mayor/Dep. Chief  McIntee’s whim…Next up the Minto developers and the sidewalks “They said it couldn’t be done”…a snapshot of the 8′ sidewalks…problem is when will it be “done”…due to a vote by the commission in late July that lowered the bond and made it so the sidewalks will not be done anytime soon…Minto is now in a “holding pattern”…with no more construction…a change in plans for the next oceanfront project …and we are left with a doublewide “sales office”  and construction trailers  (no trailers allowed in LBTS- per TM Colon reasoning to buy the Public Safety building…and  no change of the “Furth” medians to keep the trucks from turning in front of Town Hall East (fast-tracked and approved by the administration/commission and Minto)…”LBTS A Diamond In The Rough”…rough times for photo updates at the Times? …A dated photo of former Mayor Wardlaw..circa-1960’s?…He writes that many “new arrivals” do not know the “basic history of our town”…going onto write of “grandiose plans of a few money hungry developers supported by a few politicians”…What the former mayor does not include in the Times…is the pitfalls he wrote this writer about extensively when it comes to bailing on “plans” in his dealing with the Times Editors in the past……and the “ego” of the Vice Mayor…as well as his disenchantment with the CIC- backed choice in 2008 for Mayor…

Sept. 24, 2008…a 2-fer… of “hypo-Crissie”…”Moe” than likely the writer did not realize it as such…”Justice is Served”…”When you allow your political views to trump the vast majority of the town and refuse to do the will of the people, the results can only be catastrophic for the politicians who take this road”…. and so it will be in 10 weeks…and “Town of LBTS Mission Statement”…written by Comm. Silverstone …It was actually written prior to 2008…and again for Jim Silverstone to be in the same sentence as “transparency” …while being fully “complicit” in all things McIntee…it’s the height of you know her name.. much higher than 33’…

Oct. 24, 2008 “A Whistle Sounds”…The VFD came back alright and the writing was on the wall from the start… it was startling to watch …the ceremony to bless their return looked like a funeral…the turnout was CIC backers …and the VFD personnel was somber…Little did we know that behind the scenes Battalion Chief Patrick Pointu resigned and wrote a letter of his reasons why…The letter was published and McIntee-Silverstone-Furth payback ensued with the 1st anonymous letter being distributed to the commission …an “attack” letter put on the commissioners boxes by Vice Mayor McIntee without the ok from the Town Manager (in Dec. we will see that she would have done it for him)…We found from this letter that the Town Manager’s assertions of VFD oversight were empty promises… and to this day there is none…

December 5th,2008 “Surveillance Cameras” …left out was the work done by former BSO Chief Scott Gooding..little did he know his days were numbered…when he stood up for his troops…

December 30, 2008 “Seagrape sidewalks, Finally.The Dirt Settles”…That depends on what kind of “dirt” you are talking about!…..this is one of the McIntee “mantras” he uses when speaking of his accomplishments …conveniently left out was the “pulling the rug out” from under the CIC members who lived on the street and were promised that he and BFF Silverstone would help them…the “majority of the people” who lived on the street…did not want it…and when the vote came down on the dais…former Vice Mayor Yanni commented on the flip-flop made by McIntee and Silverstone…who voted with former Mayor Parker…Also left out was the “appearance” of a few up for re-election commission members buying some new votes with voting to extend the the blacktop on N. Tradewinds at a cost to the taxpayers of over $5o,000!…

Jan. 3, 2009 “Editorial”……It’s always a new year that starts with the heights…33′ or die!…”Slogan contest off and Running”…Yep, the slogan contest started in the Times…unsolicited…not presented to the dais…no input from the Chamber…just full throttle ahead (the Furths did the same with their own Christmas Decorating contest in this issue…POA be damned) …Just as we saw from the VM and his “dream to move the Chamber”…Besotted “Clueless” Comm. Clottey initiated a slogan contest at the end of the year…

February 13, 2009 “Decorum:The New Order of the Day”…The opening salvo to take down the dissipating supportive attendees and Mayor Minnet”… Decorum was shown…whenever McIntee was M.I. A. on the dais…”Happy Valentines Day in LBTS” from a woman who got what she wanted…over $50,000 big ones to blacktop her road…”The new LBTS Public Safety Complex”…an albatross for the Town…and what might take down the current administration and majority on the dais…just as it “did in ” former BSO Chief Scott Gooding …especially now that we know the facts…the BSO and the VFD did not see it as viable ..The Town has not sold the warehouse…and we had the money to build a Town Hall Complex..on the property we already owned…

March 6, 2009 “Town Atty. Bids Adiue “…While his goodbyes may have been heartfelt ..Atty. Abbott is hardly “former”…he is lead atty. for the Bert J. Harris lawsuit…you know the lawsuit that McIntee-Silverstone-Clottey and Furth said would never come!… “Interview with Ken Keechl”…While his responses made the “Cheerleader” perk up…would he have been so responsive if he knew the money he presented to the Chamber was initially held hostage…and held over the Chamber’s head by TM Colon and Comm. Clottey (who never makes a move without her mentor Marc Furth?)….”Art Institute Students Introduced To El Mar”…The Town was ready to spend the Oriana million in the south (McIntee now says in his comments HE secured the million solo…not so!)…The A.I. students were treated so poorly with numerous delays in the commission award ceremony…after their fast-paced( done in a matter of weeks) class project…that Vice Chair Sandra Booth said any the school would be reticent to do it again…We were operating under faulty assertions from TM Colon on the use of the Oriana millions (obtained in a “Backdoor deal with Parker” claimed VM McIntee until his latest pre-election rendition where it was he who made it happen)….”Editorial ” Today’s active minority is very vocal at commission meetings…that “minority” increased 10-fold throughout the year…and the CIC “majority” left in droves after the “tar and feathering of Comm. Dodd and the trashing of John Thompson and anyone who did not tow the line…

March 27, 2009 “Editorial” George Carlin …perfect for the Furths and to follow up the previous Editorial…”one TOKE over the line”… epiphanies at sunrise…

April 17, 2009 “Grand Opening of Commercial Blvd. Beach Pavilion”…While the retrospective showed a photo of Edwin Forbes..the pavilion was the fraught with problems and unilateral TM decisions from before a shovel ever hit the ground…First the pavilion was not THE “Edwin Forbes” design…something we did not find out until the work began…The renderings kept from the commission along with any updates or requests for direction…The A.I. had no sign of recognition…literally…and did not receive one until they made it themselves…The permits were not in place before the project began…The job was done on a shoestring…in the customary Colon “piecemeal” manner…leaving us with a substandard pavilion with massive flooding problems that the contractor is on record informing the Manager about at the beginning…… The TM sat on the dais and insulted not once but twice MPSC Vice Chair Sandra Booth and put Comm. (Clueless) Clottey in charge of the ribbon-cutting event…even though she had absolutely nothing to do with the project..except to initiate the Lynn University Chamber Music a few weeks prior….The pavillion was shut down immediately afterward due to having improper siding installed…and went without lights for months…and is still missing the Silverstone-Furth build $1000 clock…..”Swat Team to the Rescue in LBTS”…The BSO did the job …but the Mc-Furths in their quest to get the LBTS Police Dept. back…(do not believe attempts now made otherwise)…. Editor Furth was in the way and reported a story…and Newsflash in direct contradiction with the BSO- CAD report…and officers on scene…

May 8, 2009″Pocketbook Concerns Oust LBTS Mayor from Condo Board”…The Furths -Clottey- McIntee and “Not a Gentleman” Silverstone lobbed onto the “precursor” to the Dec. 8th anonymous letter that was the lowest of the low points on the dais in 2009…..The “Gang”  got into the business of a private condo and their residents for an unfounded  personal attack against the Mayor…They were reprimanded at the podium by condo unit owners…and of course the charges were bogus… “Heartbreak at the Hyperbaric Chamber”…a terrible situation made worse in the ego-driven P.R. perpetrated by the vacationing and not on scene Vice Mayor/Deputy Chief McIntee…that tried to downgrade the actions of the BSO “Hero” and whose own VFD incident reports were not in sync with the CAD-BSO and Fire Inspector reports of this devastating incident…

May 29, 2009″LBTS Retains High Fire Protection”…a look at the real ISO criteria shows we have the water and the the “kindler, gentler” ISO provided the rest…We had a terrible rating for training under none other than VFD Trainer McIntee… “Tragedy averted in Riptide Rescues”…Another big McIntee VFD-P.R.campaign…when the VM used a power point to show their quick response actions…Instead it showed the Seadoo was useless…and it was really one VFD officer doing most of the rescues while others in distress were helped by beachgoers…

June 1, 2009 “A Moonlight Rendezvous”…we became the laughingstock of the internet with the unseemly comments made by the Vice Mayor…He was ready to jump right in and assist.the manatees….but the wildlife officials instructed “stand down”…That didn’t stop McIntee from using it on the dais…with his usual lack of style and grace…”Editorial This can’t be LBTS ‘s Finest Hour”…seeing their time in control…short as it has been slipping away…the Furth campaign is to fearmonger..The leadership of the Town was theirs to lose…and they did…with bad acts …and bad actions…

July 31, 2009 “Editorial”…”The Real Us”…the real “Old Guard”?…The latest incarnation?…Still reacting to going down for the count …lashing out at those who call it like it is…

September 22, 2009 “Editorial” .. talk of preserving the town…which in Furthspeak means…do nothing to move forward….”LBTS Still affordable”… Talk about propaganda …the longtime unilaterally re-hired auditor stood before the dais and gave high marks …but the double -digit Sun-Trust bank accounts…and the pre-payment penalty loans…were never ever mentioned…”LBTS to host the Nations first Biorock Coral & Fish Habitat Project”…This was questioned for the lack of validity in the press…and the response from the man in charge…no time for that…it will speak for itself…Let’s hope so…

Oct. 2, 2009.”Editorial Mayberry Fl.” even Mayberry evolved from black and white…”Happy One  Year Anniversary VFD” The VFD was one year old…complete with 3 new McIntee assisted purchased firetrucks including the $150,000 102’ ladder truck …(offered to the Town at a discount) …a new Command Car for the Deputy Chief…along with upgrades and toys for all…no oversight for McIntee’s VFD…

Oct. 23, 2009 “What Was Written Was Not What Happened-Wife of Suicide Victim Sets the Record Straight”…The Sept. 25th edition of the BTSFutures along with this site used the BSO  reports and the statements made by McIntee and the widow…The 2nd investigation is still active…and yet to be released…The Vice Mayor/ Dep. Chief admitted he broke VFD bylaws by entering the scene and broke first responder rules by not assisting the victim… Until the 2nd report is released…this writer will go with the initial reports…because not to…implies a massive conspiracy on the part of the BSO vs McIntee’s revisionist history…”Editorial Who Do You Trust”… (My personal favorite) …the “Good Year Blimp”…flying above the old Villas By The Sea…and then to go on and disparage those LBTS family men who have chosen to get involved…Who do we trust…we’ll find out in 10 weeks time… “New Marine Park!”…This one was a feel good vote done way too quickly on the dais…with the Furth pals…and no RFP…putting  lights on the back burner yet again…

Dec. 11, 2009 “A Trojan Horse for Christmas”…All negative…all reactionary.. all in a last ditch attempt to lick their wounds…after a major loss on Dec. 1st……No platforms to run on thanks to their pal McIntee and mighty Moe who cruised off leaving them high and dry …with a 2010 election without the heights referendum….. only to return to shore with more bad news to come…for them anyhow…..

Interesting and very telling for the Furths to leave it off their 2009 By The Sea Times Retrospective…along with so much more…they would prefer to forget…but no such luck….

MORE TO COME…next post…

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Here’s The Scoop … Playing Possum … It Was Town Manager Colon’s “CHOICE” … Updated…

December 28, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … The possums are playing all around Silver Shores these nights…with garbage goodies galore… It’s starting to look like New York City dealing with another garbage strike!… What’s up with this?…Don’t blame Choice Environmental…Nope..this mess-up …(pun intended ) …falls squarely on Town Manager Esther Colon and her faulty Waste Co Agreement with them… along with no direction to staff  to offer the  residents a  heads- up to the new agreement and the impact they would face…It was standard practice when Waste Management took Christmas off…they came the next day …and that is what residents expected with Choice Environmental…But here we are days later and not a truck pick-up in sight…Why?… Because Town Manager Colon negotiated the contract as follows…

RFP #09-02-01 Effective July 1, 2009…page 22- 7.2 “HOLIDAY PICK-UP SCHEDULE Christmas and News (as written) Years Day shall be a Holiday. The CONTRACTOR shall not be required to provide Solid Waste, Bulk Waste, and Recycling Collection or maintain office hours on that Holiday. Solid Waste and Bulk Waste not collected on a designated Holiday SHALL BE COLLECTED ON THE CUSTOMER’S NEXT REGULARLY SCHEDULED PICK-UP DAY AFTER THE HOLIDAY. Recycling Materials not collected on a designated Holiday. The TOWN reserves the tight to add or delete designated holidays for the duration of this agreement.”

WOW!… This means all those residents in Silver Shores will be sitting with their garbage until the following Tues.(tomorrow) Then faced with New Years Day again on Friday…no garbage pick-up until the following Tues. …There will be no recycling  per the contract until the following Friday…which means a there is 3 week interval to recycle!… Next year if this agreement is not changed same scenario…different LBTS neighborhood….and a different group of happy possums!…

Full disclosure, this writer was all for the second holiday for the Choice pick-up crews (New Year’s Day)…but never we thought the Manager would drop the ball and not include the same day -after pickup we all received from our previous provider.

We hear calls and e-mails were sent to Town Hall today…with no response … from the top on down…

UPDATE- a valued Reader a few streets away from “Reader #1″…just informed this writer the garbage was picked up today in front of his house perhaps  due to the many calls …Was it picked up throughout the area?…The Reader did add the recycling remained!… OOPS!… In any event…the contract still needs to be redone!….

Adding insult to injury…while Silver Shore residents received no Choice service on Saturday…..what they received instead, was their Choice quarterly bill in the mail…OUCH!…

You all know the drill…add this one to the long, long, long  list of reasons why this Town Manager and her guaranteed lifeline to 4 more years Vice Mayor McIntee and Commissioner Silverstone must go …. in March 2010!

There’s no “playing possum in politics!”…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Flashback … Dec. 29, 2008 … The Pot Is Boiling Over …

December 28, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… The Mc-Furth BTSTimes is out…and boy the Kool-aid is extra strong this year!…This writer will post the real year in review and not a regurgitated  “peace-meal” (it’s pscho-delic baby) list of  HI-lie-tes  (Hi as in anybody new in town we can appeal to?/lie-te on the facts) from the Times publications spun directly from Town Hall East over the last year…. While the pictures may be Marc Furth pretty … those 1000 words they’re suppose be worth… is pure Mc-Furth-fantasy…circa 1973 !…( as real as the Good Year Blimp cover shown flying over the LBTS of the past)…. Will there be any takers for the “Tall Tales” spun in this year-end  CIC-Commissioner (Clueless) Clotttey -Commissioner (He’s not a nice guy- or a gentleman) Silverstone- Vice Mayor (welcome back/ all is forgiven /we need you to run again-  Furth-fold) McIntee- VFD (Booster Fund?) ad driven “diary” of delusions, diatribes and drivel? It  all comes down to the next 10 weeks …door to door to door!.. It’s up to all of you to open your doors for a change in 2010!….

Below…an excerpt of what was written 1 year ago… BCBYTHESEA …12/29/08….when looking back at 2008…

“February …Swearing in….It began…..

The rules….the hierarchy….the cop-mentality….the payback…the town according to McIntee and his Mc-gang…….

We faced the ridiculous…no names of Commission members allowed to be used…Jarvis Hall not allowed to be used by non-residents…despite the short- lived official “Town Historian” explaining the Jarvis’ words at the dedication of the hall said otherwise….(they made sure the “historian” was soon history…in the CIC …the BTSTimes…and at the Commission meetings)….

We endured the “right out of the gate”….embarrassing “perks”… health insurance…said to be for the “2 Hats” pal…( stated to anyone around…pre-election)… cell phones….and talk of increasing Commission salaries…along with a failed attempt to get the money for insurance not taken….put forth by the Mc-Manager….

We dealt with payback…and insults…to past Board members…Commissioners…Administrators…Residents….newspapers….websites…

We had a no questioning allowed “policy”………just sit back and follow the lead of the Town Manager…with her substandard hires…and hiring practices…with  a hand-picked  Town Attorney…Special Magistrate…Assistant To…becoming Assistant Town Manager…and heads of departments….code citations…independent decisions made…belying the form of government LBTS operates under…whether it was banners…flags..entries…or pavilions…

We scratched our heads as the “savings” on public safety flew out the door with a dilapidated land/ hotel purchase…and the buying of trucks…cars…and ATVs….promised with assurance of the quick sale of  the west-side warehouse making it a wash….

We actively approved the overturn of Overlay Districts…..only to find out….unfortunately we were  duped……not realizing…sinister undercurrents…were working behind the scenes…to thwart the quick repair work  required to rectify their demise….all planned and calculated…to stop the town in its tracks…and keep 33 feet…no matter what the voters …or the Charter said…

We may have felt pride and hope with the return of the “new” VFD…finding it short lived at best….. observing  on the day of their taking over…at the ceremony….all those faces of VFD members…looking more like they were at a funeral…were really mirrors into the behind the scenes…..fallout…from the departure of their Battalion Chief…and the de-facto “2 hats” Vice Mayor/Training Officer Mc-Chief actions……enabled by no accountability…and no oversight coming from within the department…or within the Town Administration….

We saw the increasing anger…the increasing disregard …on and off the dais…towards anyone who questions…or disagrees….the accusations..the half truths…regarding ethics decisions….the endless bloviating…the yells of “traitor”…”witch hunt”…the Mc- “slap” site…the threats…the bullying…..the ongoing attempts to stop the flow of public records information being requested in town or from the VFD……..constant acts of bad behavior……continue to be the status quo…

We saw the promises….pealed away… fiscal responsibility flubbed……decorum disregarded…….inclusion obliterated……transparency tossed…accountability abated…..

What we have in 2008….. is not  a new majority…it is a non- majority………made up of….

“2 Hats”McIntee and Silverstone…Mc-pals…joined in the VFD/Commission and at the hip……

“Old Guard” Mayor Minnet…who has increasing approval numbers from both “guards”……due to her fiscal votes…and her dealing with the Vice Mayor…

“Independent” Commissioner Dodd…happy to be in this position…doing his job….away from the “under the bus” crowd…..

“Sandra Day O’Connor” Commissioner Clottey…..who really has the “catbird seat”…being planted firmly in the middle…with the deciding vote….

In conclusion….in this writer’s opinion …. that initial pre-election “tinge” that crept in ….has given way to what now is  a “tidal wave” of regret…….and for the loss of what might have been….

more to come….”


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Here’s The Scoop … A Candidate’s Christmas …

December 27, 2009 by Barbara


Candidate Scot Sasser and daughter Taylor ……. Christmas 2009

Jennifer Allen (Teresa’s sister), Candidate Scot Sasser, wife Teresa with parents Wayne and Brenda Lovering

The Sasser Family enjoying a little “down time” before a very busy 10 weeks of campaigning door to door in Scot’s run for commission!…

Scot Sasser … 954-254-1743

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … SHE WAS NO “SECOND FIDDLE” ….

December 26, 2009 by Barbara


From the Town Minutes from April 24, 2007…

“Acting Town Manager Colon stated that for 11 weeks she has been doing five jobs, and the only
thing she is asking of the Commission is that they hire professional people in the Town. She
said it may take longer, but she’d rather have a decent staff that can all work together towards.”


Dear Readers… little did we know what “Acting” Town Manager Esther Colon  Commissioner Silverstone and then-Commissioner McIntee had in mind as the past commission fell all over each other to offer her the position of “Permanent” Town Manager ……


Apr. 24, 2007….

“Commissioner McIntee asked to withdraw his previous for acting, and wanted to amend it to permanent Town Manager.
Mayor Parker stated that he already made the motion.

Commissioner McIntee stated that his own motion was before Mayor Parker’s.
Attorney Cherof stated that there is no such position as permanent Town Manager, only Town Manager.
Commissioner McIntee amended his motion to Town Manager”


Acting Town Manager Colon, Comms. Silverstone and McIntee knew 2 years ahead of us along with former Mayor Oliver Parker (per his interview with Editor Mark Brown in the By-The-Sea-Future Newspaper) that Esther Colon would indeed be “permanent ” with a cost to the taxpayers of $250,000 if she is fired!… While we were kept in the dark until this past year that her contract was nothing like her predecessor’s despite the continuous “team” effort from the Manager, McIntee, Silverstone, Clottey and the Furths to keep it under wraps…”deny, deny, deny” until they could no longer  (prev. posts)… Just as underhanded was her request “the only thing she is asking of the Commission is that they hire professional people in the Town. She said it may take longer, but she’d rather have a decent staff that can all work together towards.” …This writer has obtained by public records request the “Offer of Employment” for two key staff employees Town Clerk June White and Assistant Town Manager John Olinzock … (Previously posted were their annual reviews) ……

Town Clerk White hired in July 31, 2007  was hired at an annual salary of $56,057.90 plus full health insurance benefits that kicked in after 31 days…she also received accrued vacation time 3.08 hours per 80 hours worked per pay period…and sick leave accrued 3.70 hours per 80 hours worked per pay period…The “At Will” appointment was the same as it was for the recently terminated Fire Marshall and unlike what Manager Colon drew up for herself…”This appointment may be terminated unilaterally, at any time by the Town Manager and need not reflect performance- related reasons.”…Also unlike the Manager’s sweetheart contract.”If this Appointment is terminated by unilateral action by the Town Manager, you shall be entitled only to base salary earned through the date of termination”…attached was  the description of the Town Clerk’s duties ” An employee in this class is appointed and directed by the Town Manager in accordance with the Town Charter. Responsibilities include organization, direction, and coordination of a wide variety of municipal activities, and providing assistance and service to Town officials and departments, as well as to the public. The incumbent is a Charter Officer, Secretary too the Corporation, Local Elections Official, and Custodian of Public Records. The Town Clerk has many and diverse duties and responsibilities. Duties include maintaining the Town Charter and Town Code Ordinances; overseeing the distribution of the Town Code. The employee records all Town ordinances and resolutions, attesting thereto and serves as custodian of the Town Seal and official Town records. Incumbent acts as a liaison between advisory boards and the Town Commission and is responsible for Town’s records retention program. Supervises subordinate employees through assignment of tasks and review of completed work for accomplishments of desired objectives. Responsibilities are defined by legal requirements although the employee works with considerable independence within these parameters.” …”Training and Experience Considerable professional level administrative experience, including reasonable related supervisory experience; graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree.” and finally “Special Certifications ..Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) designation is desirable or the ability to achieve certification within three (3) years of appointment to position…According to the September 2007 Town Topics …”White worked for Tamarac for more than 8 years before serving as the Town’s Chief Deputy Clerk from April 2005 through June 2006″… In the Town Manager’s review it was stated that Town Clerk White has not yet completed her certification to be a Town Clerk and TM Colon recommends she does……This past year Town Clerk White was given an assistant Town Clerk and is no longer sitting on the dais doing the minutes…In this past year Town Clerk White no longer takes the public records requests…Depending on who you are in town…the PRR go to Asst. Town Clerk Nikki Smith…PIO Steve D’Olivera or if you are especially close to the Town Manager such as Commissioners Silverstone, and Clottey or Vice Mayor McIntee and BTSTimes Editor Marc Furth your PRR goes through the Town Manager’s executive assistant!… It has taken months for the minutes to finally be up to date …a major problem with the previous administration’s Town Clerk…The Muni-Codes are still not on with the last one being codified in March, 24 2009  ord. 2009-17 (the recently failed ordinances for referendum were 32-34) … As we now face the municipal elections we find that the Town Clerk has not supplied the up to date form for no party affiliation…She cannot provide the voluntary ethics forms listed on the Town of LBTS Candidate Checklist and has been less than helpful in trying to remedy the situation to those who have already registered as candidates…

Assistant Town Manager John Olinzock has had a few “titles”… In the March 2007 Town Topics on page 2 was the announcement of his hiring…”Special Projects Coordinator John Olinzock “… “Olinzock, as the Town’s Project’s Coordinator, oversees capital improvement projects, grant projects, safety issues and the Citizen Contact Center. He will also be the Town liaison for the Broward County roadway projects and the Florida Department of Transportation. Olinzock started in January after working two years for the City of Tamarac as its projects manager. Prior to that he worked for the City of Key West for five years”… On May 19, 2007 he received an “Offer of Employment (Promotion)” … It went like this “Dear John Olinzock: I am pleased to offer you a promotion to the position of Assistant To The Town Manager for the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. The job description for the position is attached as Exhibit “A”, and you agree to provide the Town with the services included in that job description. By accepting this position you are representing to the Town that you have reviewed the job description for the position and that you possess the expertise and experience to perform the services to be provided by you pursuant to the terms of this appointment.”…He was also hired as an “At Will” employee at a salary of $65,884.52 full health benefits after 31 days same accrued 3.08 vacation/ 3.70 sick days as Town Clerk White and can be unilaterally terminated by the Town Manager at any time  again it need not reflect performance -related reasons…and he only leaves with base salary earned through date of termination…”Characteristics of the Class…Under the direction of the Town Manager, the assistant to the Town Manager position is a managerial employee who is responsible for assisting in the management of Town operations, and to serve as the Town Manager in the absence of the Town Manager. This position preforms a variety of administrative projects as assigned by the Town Manager.”… “Training and Experience …Possess Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Public Administration or related field; Master’s degree preferred; supplemented by two(2) years previous experience and/ field training that includes municipal administration; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skill, and abilities for this position. Must possess a Florida’s driver license.” …It was signed on May 30, 2007…so according to the beginning of the offer John Olinzock  represented that he possessed the expertise and the experience required…On July 2, 2008 he received another “Offer of Employment (Promotion)”…stating “Dear John Olinzock; I am pleased to offer you a promotion to the position of Assistant Town Manager for the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. ” same description as his prior promotion that job detail was attached and his acceptance represents that he possesses the expertise and experience…still he was to be an “At Will” employee…at a salary of $75,154.22 …same accrued sick/ vacation as before….termination the same …by the Town Manager and still only entitled to base salary earned through the date of termination. The “Characteristics of the Class” for the new position differed from the Assistant to…”Under limited supervision, assists Town Manager in daily city operations, administration, and activities in accordance with policies determined by the Town, to ensure the effective and efficient operation of the Town. Reviews work of staff for completeness and accuracy. Reports to the Town Manager.” No mention of “to serve as the Town Manager in the absence of the Town Manager.” any longer…… “Training and Experience…Must possess a Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, accounting, or liberal arts. Requires five (5) years of progressively responsible experience in administration with ten (10) years experience preferred. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with department officials, other employees, and the general public. Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, both oral and in writing.”… For the promotion from Asst. TO …to Asst. Town Manager what is no longer in the experience required …”Possess Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Public Administration or related field; Master’s degree preferred”…Hmmm…but he does get approximately a $10,000 bump up in pay!… Assistant Town Manager Olinzock has been working out of the Development Office for some time now…He was put in there when the Town Manager was having trouble with the former Development Director and remained to oversee the Development office as Code Officer Jeff Bowman was elevated into that position…. It is often Olinzock who answers for the Development Dept…..relegating Bowman to a subordinate role… Mr Olinzock has come many times to the podium and been less than candid …The most recent episode was his disingenuous and less than truthful comments about the Townwide survey that was definitely the Wilton Manors survey with a few minor additions….( prev. post)…as well as copping an attitude toward certain dais members he sees as adversaries of the current administration… So the question still is, what education and experience did Asst. Olinzock possess …and why are the requirements less to be promoted to  full-fledged Asst. TM than they were for Asst. TO?…

In the Town Topics in 2007 … there is some insight to the early hires…of new Town Manager Colon..

In May …

“LBTS hires new Town Clerk
Tina Angelone, an adjunct
professor at Broward Community
College with considerable administrative
experience, was hired as the
new Town Clerk. Angelone started
April 9th.
Prior to working for the Town,
Angelone, who holds a Master’s
Degree in English from Florida
Atlantic University, worked as a
performing arts center department
head for a public school in Palm
Beach County. She was also part
of a team of four administrators who
headed up a steering committee for
the Southern Association of
Colleges and Schools (SACS),
overseeing work assignments
delegated to more than 30 people.
Angelone has transcribed and
summarized minutes for the Town
of Davie on a part-time basis.
Additionally, she has been a liaison
for various boards and assisted in
writing grant proposals. Angelone is
familiar with charter review, statutory
mandates and the placement of
notices for public forums.
She attended her first Town
Commission meeting on April 10th.
“I will perform my administrative
duties for the Town to the best of my
ability,” Angelone said.”

BC- It is said the new Town Clerk did not get along with the new Town Manager…and soon she was gone and TM Colon brought back June White… A look at the minutes while Tina was in charge in 2007…says it all!…

In the June Town Topics …

Town hires zoning
and code supervisor

The Town has hired Tatiana
Solovieva as its new Zoning and
Code Compliance Supervisor.
She began working here April 15.
Between October 2004 and April
2006, Solovieva was employed North
Lauderdale as a Community
Development Manager. Between
February 2000 and October 2004,
she worked for Margate as an
Associate Planner for the Department
of Environmental and
Engineering Services, where she
was completely involved in the City’s
planning process.
Originally a Russian Citizen, she
received her Master’s degree in
engineering management with a
specialization in land use management
from Moscow’s Institute of
Land Utilization Engineering in
1984. Solovieva moved to the United
States in 1997 and became a U.S.
Citizen in 2002.
She has completed Master’s
degree level courses in Urban
Planning, Statistics, Planning
Information System and Organization
Issues in GIS, Budgeting and
Communication for Public Managers.
She also completed English classes
as a non-degree student at the
University of Hawaii and Florida
Atlantic University. ”

BC- Tatiana was terminated before Development Director Rabinowitz and was the reason John Olinzock (we hear) was placed in the development office…

In the September 2007 Town Topics …

“Martin Sherwood is the Town’s
new Director of Finance and
Budget. He has 25 years experience
as a Certified Public Accountant
and Certified Government
Finance Officer.
He previously worked for
Aventura, Lauderdale Lakes and
Broward County, where he was in
charge of a $100 million operating
and capital budget. ”

BC- No idea what happened to him or how long he stayed….

In the Oct 2007 Town Topics…

“Town hires new
department head
The Town hired a new department
head in September.
Frank Rabinowitz is the Town’s
new Development Services
Director. His employment record
includes six years with the City of
Plantation, where he served as the
Plan Review Manager and designated
Assistant Building Official.
Rabinowitz also worked as a
Building Inspector in Code Enforcement
with the City of Fort
He also worked as a Structural
Plans Examiner and Inspector with
Deerfield Beach/Lighthouse
Rabinowitz began working for the
Town on Sept. 17.”

BC- Director Rabinowitz we were told resigned … before he was terminated…”At Will”…

There are no other announcements in Town Topics from October 2007 to present of new employees…and the “hiring” practices after these were all done “in-house”… elevating those who were under-qualified for the positions  and doing it without publishing in the Sentinel or online (prev. posts)…

As we approach the next municipal election in March…..we are left with the more words spoken by Town Manager Colon at her April 24, 2007 …”Acting Town Manger Colon stated that she was tired of sitting second fiddle to everyone.” …

And with that she began to play “solo” …stringing us along with her $250,000 contract…that guaranteed new Town Manager Esther Colon could do anything and act anyway she pleased…. knowing full well the only way she was no longer the “headliner” would be on her own handwritten terms…plunk!..

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town … Updated …

December 26, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … Here we are on December 26, 2009 … and we really are sitting pretty in the best weather in the country… and the overwhelming feeling that a great weight has been lifted off the town as a whole…It comes still from the VFD vote on Dec. 14th and the ouster of Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee from having any leadership role… In the time since .. we have seen and heard that there has been some real thought coming from those who left the VFD after many of years membership,of possibly coming back…if McIntee leaves altogether… As of now we have not heard that he has resigned, ( no call or letter)  despite not being seen since his final roll of the VFD dice that did him in big time…Of course we have heard he is planning and plotting to undermine the department and those who could not be “bought” or intimidated ….But if he follows through…besides his BFF Commissioner Jimmy( He’s not a nice guy) Silverstone, where will any further support come from?…The Furths? …It is said that some of the old-timers were asked to come to the VFD Christmas party and when they politely declined they were told emphatically…”Next year for sure!”…NICE!.. We know of many who would like to offer their service to the VFD but have not due to the “Reign of McIntee” since 2005!…Yesterday we hear there was a call to Starlight Towers and though it turned out to be a non- incident…all went well…A near- drowning took place Christmas morning..but upon arrival the swimmer …though exhausted had made it back to shore…The VFD is to be monitoring for days with riptide warnings and to be out in full beach patrol force …especially on the holidays… Perhaps when we find that McIntee has exited both VFD and dais…former member Scot Fowler can be asked to return and offer up some viable alternatives to lifeguards as we were promised he could long ago in 2008…

Out and about we saw no lights at all in the Washingtonia portal…the comment made …perhaps the Clottey “lingerers” turned them off to go to sleep!… Construction is moving forward on the White Cap nearby…paint ( familiar color for this writer) and final touches…and up the road in the south-end of El Mar the Seaward is fenced and without roof…finally getting on with their updated approved apartment-private residence… While people were still admiring the Chamber’s Christmas tree in Pelican Square …just south on the west side cameras were clicking on a second outside tree… A Christmas tree decorated with beer cans… by the alleyway..Quite a sight…

Much discussion about where was the expected BTSTimes… out on Christmas?…Out next Friday New Years Day or  in the week between?… Perhaps opposing papers out together on Jan. 8th?…

UPDATE… Ask and you shall receive..We just heard  the Mc- Furth BTSTimes is “scheduled” for the 28th…Their year in “review” …This writer will certainly have some fun with that!… (Thanks to the reader…with this news…pun intended!)

Will the new VFD continue to use their supporters funding to fund a politically charged local paper put out by their own photog-Marc Furth?…If the VFD is going to advertise …it needs to be from their own funds and in both papers to now be fair!…Also being asked after the BTSFutures Editorial and the follow-up on this site…is the VFD going to rectify the very serious problem they have with not being properly registered with the state for their supporters to deduct their donations to the Booster Fund legally?… …And lastly, why is Commissioner Silverstone still listed as of Dec. 16, 2009 as the “registered agent”?…

It seems a little early but the Sun-Sentinel has already made their first call to the candidates to see why they are running…Those declared candidates responded and we hear the Sentinel will have a political blog of sorts following them through the election online…Of course the candidates will still have the Sentinel’s questions and interview to get their endorsement… We have heard many  after seeing Town Topics or reading on this site of the two February debates do not think there should be two debates this time around…The comments,  that the last time it was redundant and boring at debate #2…It should be for the candidates to decide …and if they agree it is possible to cancel the Feb 16th and keep Feb. 25th… In the paper today…Hillsboro also having commission elections in March… Hope they get better info from their Town Clerk than the candidates in LBTS (post to come)….The budget book is out (post to come)…and to this writer it looks as if the Manager spent much more time and money to get her coveted “award” for presentation…No wonder it was so late…(end of the 1st quarter) ….A Public Records Req. was made for the cost/staff time…Cover…was done by BTSTimes Editor-VFD Photog. Marc Furth…

The signs are popping up around town…with many more to come as we approach the the 2010 LBTS Municipal Election… We hear this year there will be “patrols” of supporters to monitor any shenanigans made by those late night “touring ” marauders…Looks like “siestas” will be required for those on both sides of the aisle!…

Scot Sasser … 954-254-1743

Chris Vincent ….  954-612-8606

Finally,… Thanks to all the readers who sent this writer their holiday wishes…and especially those I haven’t heard from for a while who assured they still are avid readers … Please make sure to stay in touch!… This site is still here almost 2 years later (Jan. 30th) for one reason only, to rectify what I helped create in the last municipal election… because certain nefarious “characters” had the last word …and were allowed to forge ahead unchallenged!….The success of this next election and a positive future for the Town Of LBTS comes from all those people who have taken the time to get involved and find the real answers… This does not come from one person alone!…So to all of those who have helped behind the scenes …and there are so very, very many …a special thanks to you all!… But, now is not the time to get complacent…I am counting on you …. for there is much to do between now and March 9, 2010…

Support the “Good Guys”… Scot Sasser/ Chris Vincent/ Roseann Minnet ….and get your friends and neighbors on board…and registered to vote….

It’s A Wonderful Life… In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea ….

more to come…

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December 25, 2009 by Barbara



Want one ? … Contact the “Good Guys”…

Scot Sasser … 954-254-1743

Chris Vincent ….  954-612-8606

more to come…

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