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Here’s The Scoop … LBTS Halloween 2009 ….Became A Political Football …

October 31, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …I had intended to do as I did last year and write what a great amount effort went into the 2009 LBTS Halloween Event at the direction of the Furths … I had intended to do as I did last year and speak of the hours spent on this production and the incredible man hours put in once again by that small knit CIC group that are very generous with their time each year in accommodating the Furth’s perfectionism and their countless artistic changes during the annual 3 week process in getting the many props just so … I was going to write of the service this town does for all the neighboring communities who come in droves to partake of Lauderdale By Sea’s generosity in time and talent along with taxpayer funds… And while that is all true  this year as well as all the last such Halloween extravaganzas …This time it was marred by politics…Blatant…biased politics and an in your face encounter with one half of the event coordinators…Marc Furth…

Before the event began this writer was contacted by those who happened by the park, only to observe banners being used for Commissioner Silverstone, the CIC (a political action committee) and the By The Sea Times… What gives these resident asked?…We were told by Commissioner Silverstone and Vice Mayor McIntee that this was not a political event…Well obviously Comm. Silverstone, Vice Mayor McIntee, the CIC and the By The Sea Times decided to not abide by their own rules…

I had thought of wearing an old CIC t-shirt as my costume…along the lines of the latest editions of the BTSTimes…and all their “FLASHBACKS”…But I was having 2nd thoughts…That is until I got the tips that something rotten was brewing this Halloween in LBTS… So I went with the T-shirt and added on the back a a combo of the “WHO DO YOU TRUST” photo-shopped blimp on the last cover of the BTSTimes (prev. post)…their last edition with the old Villas By The Sea on the cover below the blimp and  I put it on top of the last cover of the BTSFutures with the 4 new commission candidates ready to run against the incumbents…McIntee and Silverstone… A point made by wearing a “costume” of the CIC’s past and the Town’s Future…sans the CIC…

As we approached the event near Publix a loud booming voice came throughout the town, it was Vice Mayor McIntee …saying how long until the event and that he was going sound the VFD siren…( to be used for emergencies only…such as disaster)…People came out of their homes…it was quite a site…most were disturbed and were anything but pleased… We arrived at the park to hear the siren go off..and go off …and go off…as people looked around in disbelief…It continued on throughout the event…this unnecessary disturbance of the noise level wafting way beyond the boundaries of the event itself in the tiny town park…….It was such a display of overbearing self- aggrandizing that even the VFD “rank and file” were looking at the Vice Mayor’s actions and shaking their heads….as he kept saying “This is Vice Mayor McIntee”……over and over again…

As we made the rounds through the maze in the park…We looked at the 3 banners and thought, it was not a smart move …It was very unfair …It was just not right and totally inappropriate..but then desperation does make for inappropriate actions … and from what we have seen around town going door to door… the Mc-Furths have much to be desperate about…

As I stood by the BTSFuture table, the paper with no banner, though they have one…. (they play fair)…BTSTimes Editor, Town Photographer, VFD Photographer, Event Coordinator, blue Easter egg dye suspect,Marc Furth came by and said hello, ( because my husband was standing next to me)…I did not answer…He said you’re not going to say hello? I answered why? …I have no reason to speak to Marc Furth…But he would not accept that and move on… Instead he chose to get in my face and try to say he has never done anything to me..(yeah, right)….I told him this was not the time or the place…He continued and said he was once my friend and never done anything to me…(yeah, right)…I am sorry to say I answered, I couldn’t help it …I said, “come on!” (as give me a break!)…He went on to say the only reason I was mad at him is because he is friends with Jerry…(yeah, right!)… I just looked at him like he was nuts..(and he is!)….He kept pushing, and I finally said he was being disingenuous and untruthful…and again said this wasn’t the time or the place…Then he said “You write all lies”…and I responded “See! Now why should I say hello?”….He walked off…but then  he then kept trying to take my picture … Later as I was with my husband he again got in my face and took the photo, I told him he did not have my permission to put my picture in his paper, he told me to sue him. He said he could sue me for the lies I write, I told go ahead…as there is nothing I have written that I cannot back up…and much more I have kept quiet….(He knows it)… So if he goes forth and puts my picture in his paper…so be it…It will fit right in…It will just be another BTSTimes ” flashback” to the 2 years my life that I spent wearing a CIC shirt, drinking the CIC kool-aid and thinking he was a good guy…who wanted the right things for this town…just like his pal Jerry and his pal Jimmy…

The Furth’s BTSTimes said…”WHO DO YOU TRUST?”….The same guys who said this Halloween event would not be political?…….Nahhh……

Time to open your eyes voters …and think twice who you say “hello” to….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … The Last Gasp …Election 2010 …

October 31, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … unless they move it after this is is posted …out in front of this year’s 3 week , $4000 Halloween production at Jarvis Hall is a headstone that says “RIP Marc & Cristie”…. A few readers have made mention of it already wondering if it was a prank by the Mc-Furth opponents or if it means something else?… First of all it’s not’s been on display in the back room among others with local names on them as well….found after going through the haunted hallway to where the coffin is… The placement this year, as of right now at least to this writer…may be another  “sign”…pun intended …. of the “Last Gasp” to retain the past they want at all costs….while knowing the tide is turning…

The Furths may be successful in their “Last Gasp” campaign which is how I will refer to the March 2010 election in LBTS…( the term is thanks to an observant pal, intuitive observation)…by getting the height referendum back on the ballot…That would be a shame…under the “guise” of “clarification” ..You heard that word come from the Furth commission “devotees” on the dais less than 24 hours after the Oct. 26th Referendum Workshop when it seemed the 3 (McIntee, Silverstone and Marc Furth besotted Clottey) were faltering from the 33 feet issue that THE FURTHS  NEED IN THIS ELECTION… If they can’t get it…they do not have an issue to run on, at least a tried and true  Furth issue….. So in what appears again to be totally a disregard of Sunshine  all 3 came to the dais on the 27th to say “clarify” the 33′ height limit in town…WOW!…

Ms. Furth spoke of  working with “co-sponsor” Oliver Parker…and all 3 commissioners were involved in the one or more past renditions of the same issue…and now they need it again?…Why?…..The Furth’s want it ..Cristie wants it…so is she wants it…Marc wants it and to keep Cristie happy…..Marc will besot Clottey and pal around with Jerry and Jimmy…same as in the past….that’s why!…

This writer, as readers know was a part of the last 2006 height campaign… and was caught up in delivering with fervor erroneous information “buried deep within” the backup of those 75 words on the ballot…We were told by certain  CIC tin charge to tell those in the south who really did not care about the north end’s  15 story height that if the south let it get passed then the commission would have a right with their majority  vote to raise the heights in our end of town..Eeeeks…. It was scary stuff….BUT…it was not true!… What will the CIC-Mc-Furths come up with this time?…And do they have anybody left to carry out erroneous information?….The numbers for their organization clearly show the CIC has indeed dwindled down to a membership of new members in January 2009 coming from a new members apartment building in the south and the VFD…along with a smattering of old timers …..very telling of the downfall from out in front watchdog group to cheerleading for Jerry’s tired tales …

There are some things that matter more than 33′ in this town…and that is the change in our demographics  and what Paul Novak President of the Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Master Plan Steering Committee, and longtime hotelier in town brought out at the end of the Oct. 26th Referendum Workshop…with the 33′ feet we will have no more hotels…we will become a residential community …..

I moved to this town 10 years ago…We bought a 3 bedroom condo in Sea Ranch Club after living for 6 years in Pompano Beach on the Intercoastal …We had originally moved here from the North Shore of Chicago and missed terribly the ability to walk around …into the store etc…to eat and to be entertained…something we could never do in Pompano… Lauderdale By The Sea in 1999 as a new resident was a wonder to behold ..It was vital…It was busy…It was beautiful…It was a sort of contagious bliss…and it came from the tourists who were here for however long days, weeks or months…… The hotels and motels were full…Mack Groves was bustling with longtime devotees as well as newcomers who sat lined up in chairs happily and contently observing the sunshine, feeling the ocean breezes and smugly acknowledging each other in this shared experience… It was really something…it was heaven…

Now we no longer have Mack Groves, no chairs…no congregating of tourists and locals alike in acknowledging anything close to what we had back then… It’s not because we have development of 3 taller buildings that have gone up on El Mar Drive… It’s a loss of vitality in the commercial areas that bring about the current dismay…and the ongoing construction that mucks up the marvelous vistas for those that chose this town for  their vacation destination…

I do disagree with my friend Commissioner Dodd  and others who believe 33′ or 44′  with no equipment or pools on the roofs…It’s too constricting and it can be done to keep it aesthetically pleasing……I disagree with getting rid of all of the “Overlay Districts” forever…and quickly realized as I have written before that the Mc-Furth CIC “sweep” of repealing them right after the CIC win on the dais in 2008 was not thought out well, ( former CIC board member John Thompson tried and was defeated in warning us of the fallout ) …but a “knee-jerk” reaction that was orchestrated by the Mc-Furths who had their own “agenda” to stack the town boards with CIC pals and thwart any and all attempts to fix the demolition of “overlays”  without realizing the consequences…

We need a “Hotel Hospitality District”…and we need business people like Mr. Novak to assure that tourism remains in our town…We need an “Entertainment Hospitality District” to ensure that business remains in this town…and that includes getting rid of the parking requirements as Mr Novak himself discussed at a MPSC meeting  months ago…(prev. post)…

It strikes me as really funny that the Mc-Furth- Silverstone -Clottey contingency of the dais with their pal Manager Colon want to have a “Recreation” program for “our kids”, our “families” …but will do nothing for the “entertainment” of the larger new group of residents in this town, the younger ( not seniors) home buyers without kids who are looking to dine in town…and spend money…

Without the parking requirements…Mr Novak has assured us the storefronts would be filled with coffee shops, cafes, galleries and more…and I  wholeheartedly believe him…

Last night we had dinner at the new Vietnamese restaurant in town, Basilic Vietnamese Grill on Commercial  Blvd.  (the old Tedesco location)…and by 7 pm it was full with patrons waiting outside..There would be no way they all parked by the restaurant…They came as we did, by foot…from home and from nearby parking lots…But it was not something they even mentioned…They came for the food…imagine that!.. That’s what I’m talking about…throughout the downtown…to the east and to the west of this new restaurant…We could be a destination for more scenes such as this…

We are headed into the most important juncture for this town 10 years since my arriving here…This 2010 election will lead to who decides who will sit on the Town boards and committees…and who will have the say of the 10 year Comprehensive Master Plan for what this town becomes…  Despite disingenuous accolades made a few meetings back by Vice Mayor McIntee to Sandra Booth…(The VM disparaged Mrs Booth’s reappointment to the MPSC in 2008, joined by Comm. Silverstone…despite the FACT that Mrs Booth as past  MPSC-Chair had brought so much to the town in that role… including the Art Institute students who provided the original Beach Pavilion ….Incredibly, Comm. Clottey and Town Manager Colon disparaged Mrs. Booth as well, when they prepared for the ribbon cutting of the Beach pavilion…both actions were “orchestrated” by the Furths)…If we maintain the “Broom Boys” majority  up on the dais…we will see 2 more years of the same…

The MPSC in the last 2 years have been a waste of time, 2 giant steps back in progress for this town….It was canceled for lack of participation in conflicts of scheduling whether it was the CIC-VFD 4th of July or a CIC monthly meeting…( most members on the board are old-time Mc-Furth CIC pals) and as for direction from the dais to get a move on a new Master Plan in 2008-2009 …to get the old plans down off the  “shelves” somewhere…forget about it.!..Despite Comm. Dodd’s many attempts to provide it,  by going to the meetings or directing staff from the dais….the Mc-Furths and the Town Manager ignored and criticized…even calling Dodd out of order for “going there” and “directing”on his own!……They got what they wanted in the end… the MPSC did nothing… The Planning and Zoning which could have met throughout the past 2 years…not just when an applicant required a ruling… …has met less than a half a dozen times…At this month’s meeting they approved the minutes from the last time they met …last April!….

Is that what the voters want?…Nahhhh…..

We, the voters  need to see that this really is the “Last Gasp” election for the small-minded selfish Mc-Furths…. It’s time now to get a healthy dose of new blood on the dais…who will provide from the new demographics in town new blood on the Town boards and committees as well …. It’s the only way to ensure that we find in 10 years time we again have a LBTS Tourist destination locale that makes us, the majority in town …. all realize the “Last Gasp” election in 2010….was just that …”The Last Gasp”…and we  the voters…banded together to stop the demise of what brought us here in the first place…

RIP Cristie & Marc…. RIP…..(politically that is)…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …. Want S’More …Places To Go … For The Halloween Weekend In LBTS …

October 30, 2009 by Barbara


( Anglin’s Pier In LBTS ….”Ladybug” Marchelos…10/30/09 ….)


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Here’s The Scoop … SAY NO TO DO-OVERS …. In March 2010 …..

October 30, 2009 by Barbara


Rules of chess

Each piece moves in a different pattern.

Pieces capture opposing pieces by replacing them on their square.  A captured piece is removed from the board. Only one piece may occupy a given square.
The rules of chess (also known as the laws of chess) are rules governing the play of the game of chess.

Chess is a game played by two persons on a chessboard,  Each type of piece moves in a distinct way. The goal of the game is to checkmate, i.e. to threaten the opponent’s king with inevitable capture. Players often resign if they believe they will lose.

Besides the basic movement of the pieces, rules also govern the equipment used, the time control, the conduct and ethics of players,the recording of moves using chess notation, as well as procedures for irregularities that occur during a game.

Remember-  Initial setup, identifying squares, Play of the game, Movement, Basic moves ,Timing, Conduct, Check, End of the game,Checkmate

Dear Readers … SAY NO TO DO-OVERS  in this upcoming election…It’s time for those old “chess pieces” to stay off the “board”…and keep their “egos” in check…Let the “knights” have their chance to show what they they can do this round… Nobody wants to see old “pieces” coming in to ruin the game!… Not this “game” it’s way too important…In chess it’s the “queen” that’s the most powerful and in that that would be the Town Managerin this town……If we lose this “game” her control is guaranteed  for another 4 years…The “kings”  in this game, “Broom-Boys” McIntee and Silverstone are trying to avoid being “captured”…and bringing out their old  “enemies” will just allow them to oppose some familiar old “moves”!…

We saw Terra Mar resident, former candidate for town commission, former candidate for Broward County Clerk of the Courts, and wife of former Town Commissioner Ed. Kennedy who lost to Vice Mayor McIntee in 2006, Beverly Kennedy come forward to the podium the other night and declare she was putting her hat in the ring…(although it was hard to decipher her “pre-amble”)…She made the same announcement previously at UOT at their last meeint…and had a whole hall in varying states of disbelief…Well, Ms. Kennedy I will repeat what I told you as you arrived in the hall last Tuesday night, and told me of your plans. You will lose!…You will either lose to McIntee if you were to be his only opponent in the north or you will split the vote as the 3rd candidate in the race in the north and you will let McIntee retain his “power”…If that happens,  we will all lose!… I told you it was not personal, and believe me,it is not!… But no one wants to see a repeat of 2006 with a McIntee-Kennedy race in the north!.. You said  to me, the Mayor needs “protection” and “We” need a “pit bull”…well, Ms. Kennedy, if you believe that, it is all the more reason to stay off the “board”…You are way off  base!…… Open your eyes and look around you, the Mayor needs NO protection!.. Mayor Minnet has grown in her role more than anyone on that dais and needs no “pit bull” by her side, quite the opposite, she needs what we all need in this town to ” muzzle” the “dangerous dogs”  (humanely of course, by voting them out)…… Ms. Kennedy may have some very good friends  in Terra Mar, and it is time for those good friends to have a talk with her and explain this time, it’s not her “game”, she must stand down and offer from the sidelines her valued expertize to the new “knights” that can absolutely prevail if you give them their chance ….

There is an undercurrent of absurdity in the south end of town right now, with the political dynamics of a dwindling CIC  and who they will call on to play and what square that player  will occupy…Jimmy-boy Silverstone…for Commissioner or Mayor?…Want a Furth?…It will be  Crisite, not Marc for Commissioner or Mayor?… If that’s the Town Hall East “strategy”…Surprise, it’s nothing new…(Is there ever anything “New” coming from Furth Headquarters?)… A look at the “How the sausage was made” category recounts that in 2007 the “idea” of having a Furth on the ticket to go up against Mayor Parker, who seemed ready to run again despite term limits and a failed CIC recall, was the first “blow” between this writer and then-Comm. McIntee who only wanted  Marc Furth, and Marc wasn’t gonna comply…(He had his “reasons”…in fact both Furths had the same “reasons” not to run)…. Cristie Furth only wanted to be a commissioner and McIntee had promised his support in 2006 to her after his big win, but  Stuart Dodd was running for that south commission seat so she had no chance at it……and then as long-time readers know McIntee proceeded to undermined Cristie for Mayor with “Peanuts” Wick…. This time around though ….. McIntee “owes” her!…and she thinks the “reasons” are forgotten…Hmmm….So with the switch in positions for Jimmy…it’s not outside the realm…This “do-over”  will also not succeed…in 2010…But this one, is the exception to the rule……This writer is all for it!… You, go girl!.. I cannot wait!…(Judging from the town clubs joined, and the wardrobe change…it’s looking pretty good!)…

From the “Simpsons” version of chess comes this one…The CIC will run former Mayor Oliver Parker!… I’m not kidding …Here’s how this one goes… Commissioner Clottey spoke “fondly” of “Mr. Oliver” and how he spoke with her about the Oriana million dollar funds at her commissioner comments on Oct. 20th…Now where would Clottey come in contact with “Mr Oliver”?…Any red truck sightings at Town Hall east?…..Add to that potential candidate Cristie Furth speaking  at the podium of writing up the 33 foot height referendum with “co-sponsor” Parker at her public comments on Oct. 26that the Referendum Workshop…And then the incredible pronouncement at public comments on the 27th by Maureen McIntee with glowing words of admiration , yep admiration…for former Mayor Parker’s ability to rule from the dais and keep decorum in Jarvis Hall!… We hear the former Mayor was quite hurt in 2007 when his supporters enlisted Roseann Minnet to run and were candid with him that they would not be backing him (So, they can do this again this election, and invoke no do-overs) … I recall when he ran for his current position  on the Broward Soil and Water Conservation District Parker spoke of low- rise building in the whole County…BUT, would the dwindling CIC and Furth pals, Former Town Mayor Ken Wardlaw and wife  Maryann ever get on board…Nah!… This writer can’t see it, the CIC spearheaded the Parker recall and to think Parker, the CIC and the Wardlaws.could get them past all that history….is too much of a stretch even for a half hour cartoon show on Fox!…

So where is the future coming from in this town?…From the new blood, the new “Knights”…those who ready with their new strategies…planning their new moves, after doing their homework, to avoid being “captured”at all costs  and deciding the time is right for them to play this 2010 LBTS “Chess”  game…

Public comments October 27, 2009 Commission Meeting…Meet the “Knights”…

Candidate Chris Vincent
“Chris Vincent – Corsair Avenue – Lauderdale By The Sea

Good evening Madame Mayor, Commissioners, Town Attorney.

I was pleased to see last evening that all members sitting on the dais agree to support an ethics reform code for our town.

Ethics is not a left or right issue. It is a common sense practical good government issue.

You are the forefront of ethics everyday when you report to work as a sitting official.

You serve the public interest. Transparency guards the public trust.

What will be critical to the success of this initiative will be the limited wording allowed on the ballot of just 75 words.

These 75 words are important.

With any referendum written for this up coming election the words on the ballot must be written in a manner that ALL who vote can understand what they are actually voting for….

It must be clear and easy to distinguish the direction the town is taking when placing these issues on the ballot….

As with past elections the wording was not written clearly, and confused many of the voters.

Fortunately we have an new Town Attorney to guide us this time and I am confident will work with this commission to make sure no one leaves the voting booth thinking they did not vote the way they intended because they did not quite understand the wording.

This is a great challenge, I am hopeful this can be accomplished with reasonable dialogue and clear heads.

The members of this Dais and the Town Attorney have the ability to make that happen.

I am sure you will make the correct choices and follow the will of the people. The ball is in your court.”

Candidate Edmund Malkoon…
“Edmund Malkoon
Good Evening
At the continuation commission meeting last Tuesday, I was disheartened by the lack of support for the creation of an Ethics ordinance.
A carefully crafted and defined “ethics” code or ordinance can establish behavioral standards of integrity, fair dealing, responsibility, accountability, and disinterested conduct which are not specifically covered by existing laws, but which are an essential part of the fiduciary duty (the highest standard of conduct) which is owed to the public by its public servants and officials.
A well crafted ordinance will provide standards which will guard against misconduct by public officials. These standards must include:
1. Conflicts of interest
2. Disclosure
3. Impartiality
4. Improper use of position
5. Incompatible employment
6. Nepotism
7. Personal interests
8. Political activity
9. Public information
10. Public property and personnel
Therefore, when we talk about a “two hats” referendum and an “Ethics” Referendum we are essentially talking about the same thing. The “Two Hats” issue can also be a component of an ethics code. It is my opinion that if you are affiliated either directly or indirectly with a town vendor you must recuses yourself from voting.
Many other communities, as well as Broward county, either have or are in the process of drafting ethics laws which go beyond the existing state ethics law. An Ethics policy is about holding yourself and the town to a higher standard. People have a right to expect their elected officials to be fair and independent.
If you continue to fail to establish one through ordinance, I know myself and others would work hard to get the signatures necessary to place this on the upcoming ballot. We must provide a transparent government that all citizens can trust. Thank you.”


Candidate Ben Freeny…
“Good evening Commissioners, Mayor,

I cringe when I hear talk of referendums to change the town charter.

The Charter for Lauderdale By The Sea can be likened to our national constitution.

Our constitution was written by brilliant men, selfless men, fighting for freedom from oppression.

Any change made to our Town Charter should be made with utmost caution,

It should come from the core value of integrity in governance

Any change should be rather general in nature to be used as a device to set a foundation from which direction can be taken in the operations of the town.

Many of the communities in Broward and Palm Beach county have established comprehensive Ethics rules. Broward County is currently initiating Ethical Standards to try to avoid the conflicts of interest that have recently been identified on their commissions.

The creation of comprehensive Ethical Standards is similar to the making of a mission statement. The governing entity is proclaiming how they chose to operate: Openly, in the light of day, with no self serving conflicts where they can benefit directly or indirectly from the decisions they make as a governing body.

Any hesitation to make such a statement by any particular
elected official or appointee gives the “appearance” of conflict
from the very beginning.

Ethical Standards,… at the very least,… are the framework for
protecting the integrity of the dais,…

for avoiding the appearance of impropriety and conflict of interest.

My personal reason for developing higher ethical standards than what the state may have is this.

Over the past several weeks I have had conversations with different officials from the county. I am embarrassed at the descriptions I was told about this town and how it is run.

The citizens of this town are better than what was described to me.

The potential leaders of this town are not the people that were described to me.

We must take action to prove to ourselves, the towns people that we are sophisticated enough to manage our affairs with our heads held high.

That we are not the Mayberry of Broward County, but rather a peaceful little seaside town, where people enjoy living, tourist enjoy vacationing and the town leaders can hold their heads up and be proud of the efficient and excellent service they give the townspeople.”


Candidate John Oughten  took a pass at public comments…

more to come…….

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Here’s The Scoop … LBTS Commission Meeting 10/27/09 …#2 …”Cone Of Silence”… For Whom? …

October 29, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… at the Oct. 27, 2009 commission meeting Town Manager Colon took a “stab” at Commissioner Dodd and his fellow commissioners for ignoring the “cone of silence”in the Parking Citation Processing Services RFP # 09–07-02…..contained in some documents that she said the commissioners received in January 2009 …..

TM Colon -” We got some documents about ethics and in those documents there was a document bout “cone of silence” and I have copies for everyone and I will distribute them now.”

The “cone of silence” document does not appear to be among the “packet” she passed out to the commissioners on the dais. that evening…..

The Town Manager went on to describe the e-mails in question (previous post) and added ” Talkin’ about ethics, I guess we forgot the “cone of silence” that was handed out to this commission in January 2009.”…again she spoke of the e-mail in question from Comm. Dodd…and she said this ” If this Town commission is gonna allow or is gonna communicate with the vendors and accept bids that are non-responsible then the issue is on this dais.” …OOPS!…she meant non-responsive, which Iye-Tek disputes and non- responsiveness was not a point made in the e-mail exchanges……

Commissioner Silverstone of course decided to add his uninformed 2-cents … “Also the “cone of silence” Ah, you know that needs to be reminded that we’re not allowed to, to interfere with the Town Manager’s duty when sh’s going through these RFPs and I think we can’t do that.”…

Commissioner Clottey at her “2nd bite of the apple” and “2nd bite” at dressing down Mr Hill who she repeatedly called “Mr Hughs” also acknowledged that she exchanged e-mail with him during the process…OOPS!…

Well, this writer did not recall a “cone of silence” being discussed in January…in fact I heard the term “cone of silence” used for the first time concerning LBTS RFPs when I received a call from a contractor on Oct. 16th (prev. post) when they inquiring on the BSO Police RFP  well past the 10 days from the day the sealed bids were opened publicly but NOT read aloud…She said the “cone of silence” has passed…I did not pursue the comment…I was just was amused by it…So imagine my surprise to hear it again a few weeks later on the 27th… I looked at the January 2009 LBTS archived agenda minutes…no such discussion on “cone of silence” (I did not check the video)…I looked at the past LBTS RFPs to see if they contained the “cone of silence” after receiving an e-mail the following day indicating the Parking Citation Processing Services RFP 09-07-02 did NOT contain a “cone of silence” clause in it…I could find no “cone of silence ” clause in the recent town RFPs… I looked at the the town’s Purchasing manual which  I know had one update in this last year (…It contained no “cone of silence” in the “Definitions” or anywhere else in the manual…. Hmmm…

So as usual I decided to “Google” …and what popped up was the City of Hollywood Florida….they do have a “cone of silence” contained in their RFPs (we do not) and they have an ordinance for a “cone of silence” (we do not)… See below…



“hollywood A Cone of Silence is in effect with respect to this
Bid. The Cone of Silence prohibits certain
communications between potential vendors and
the City. For further information, please refer to
Section 30.15(F) of the City’s Code of Ordinance”


FROM THE …Lauderdale- By-The-Sea Town Website…
Results for: cone of silence
0.014 seconds

No Documents found


I was very curious and sent in a Public Records Request to the town….

Thursday, October 29, 2009 2:11 PM
“Barbara Cole”

[email protected]
Steve, I am making a public records request for the “cone of silence” the Town Manager spoke about at the 10/27/09 commission meeting.
She said it was given to the commission in documents on ethics in Jan. 2009.
I can find no such item in the minutes for either Jan. meeting.
I can find no Town Ordinance online at the Town website.
I can find no “cone of silence” provision in our RFP bid packages.
I can find no “cone of silence” in the Town Purchasing Manual definitions or RFP procedures.
Please acknowledge this request.
Please let me know if the cost will be more than $20.
Thank you, Barbara Cole


It appears Readers, that one of two things has happened and neither one bode well for the Town Manager of our town…

She either “used” the “cone of silence” as a “weapon” against  Comm. Dodd and the commissioners to aid in “payback” for the accusations made toward her staff for these ongoing RFP problems that are apparently self-inflicted by the Town Manager in her quest to be all important at all costs…

Or she botched up the requirement to enact the “cone of silence” in our town by NOT introducing an ordinance and therefore it could not be added to the RFPs  and the Purchasing Manual content as this writer has found in the other towns that do correctly observe their town ordinance of a  “cone of silence’!…OUCH!…

As far as the commissioners observing any  “cone of silence”, it has not been observed by most of them …Most of the commissioners  have met separately with vendors at various junctures while the manager/ town staff has been involved in “negotiations” with vendors, developers, businesses  and residents… Most met with the Senior Center Director DURING the RFP according to the Director (contrary to McIntee’s statement on the dais)…Most met with various waste companies while bidding was in the works… Most have been asked separately and complied in meeting with businesses such as the local hardware store. during a long drawn-out variance process… ..and recently  most of them met with Minto, who is looking to make major changes in their development plans…so a “cone of silence”…in LBTS is a crock!…

I will await the response back from the town to see what they have, if anything that proves the town has such a “cone of silence” on the books and the explanation of why it is nowhere to be found…(as described above) ….but alas…. waiting for Public Records Requests to be completed in a “reasonable” amount of time in LBTS……Now there folks is the REAL LBTS “cone of silence”!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … LBTS Commission Meeting 10/27/09… #1 … There’s No Crying In Town Management …

October 29, 2009 by Barbara

There’s No Crying Esther …

Dear Readers… The Town Manager is “takin’ it personal” again… She’s all in a tither because an e-mail was sent to her by Commissioner Dodd after he received an e-mail from a vendor who was informed of the behavior of town staff in September… and she’s crying about it on the dais… It’s getting to be a regular thing…and unfortunately it comes with a cost…In an effort to cover for “her staff” and to prove that she is right it costs in time…money and in LBTS public relations!…

Chris Hood, the Grant and Partnership Manager from a company called Iye Tek read about the Parking Citation Process RFP in LBTS not having any responses due to an inferior advertising on this site and took it upon himself to get involved …He came to a meeting  and spoke about it …The commission decided to go back and re-issue the RFP despite the protestations of the Town Manager …and although she  reluctantly complied  with the direction given to her…we knew there was no way this would go smoothly and in all likelihood Mr Hood, who was now on Ms. Colon’s “radar” would not go away unscathed…Nope, he was in her “Dodd” sights and you all know what that means!… As the process proceeded there was another RFP put out, though marginally better than the first one…and after that the “exchanges” began…between vendors, staff and commissioners…not just commissioner Dodd as Commissioner Clottey also admitted to from the dais…(OOPS!)…saying she exchanged e-mails including those with Mr. “Hughs” (Mr Hill)…

It is this writer’s understanding that Mr Hood complied as did other vendors with all that was required by the town to fulfill the RFP in its entirety…The process required staff to contact references and  that involved e-mails and phone calls to check out each company….which they did…

On Sept. 29th Comm. Dodd received an e-mail from Chris Hood who was contacted by the Plantation Police Dept. which included the following statement in quotations “What the hell is going on in Lauderdale By The Sea?”…also expressing how rude a person from our town was. It was a person from the Plantation PD IT department and Mr Hood expressed that it happened more than once…Mr . Hood wrote “For the customer to call me- it must have been bad. The people in the Plantation PD are great and if this was minor they would have just brushed it off.”….Comm. Dodd responded and apologized for the situation on “behalf of the commission” and went on to explain his own problems in the process with town staff for information he [Dodd] was asking for in doing his own research on the RFP comparisons. Comm. Dodd went on to relay his personal opinion that the reluctance he observed was due to a resistance on behalf of some to “change.”…

Commissioner Dodd then sent in a copy of the e-mails  to the Town Manager on Oct. 1st…… Unlike the portrayal on the dais from the Town Manager on Tuesday night, she did not uncover some nefarious act by Comm. Dodd….. NOPE…In fact Comm. Dodd sent it to her for her to be aware of what took place and thought perhaps she might want to remedy the situation…You would never know that from how Ms. Colon put her “spin” on it as she passed out the “packet”… She spoke of the “cone of silence”..(next post)…and then went into her all too familiar “takin’ it personal” mode …She read from a portion of the e-mail sent from Mr Hood about the staff member and from a portion of the e-mail response from Comm. Dodd …She said “I happen to know who the two staff members were. One was Nikki Smith and the other was Kaola King. I took that real personal and that is why I personally validated this grid.” She went on to read from the packet a portion of a reply sent to a woman in the Plantation PD from Kaola King asking about the situation and any problem, a portion of the reply was read “not at all you’ve been nothing but professional.”… Town Manager Colon was incensed…But here’s the problem with all this…it should not have been done on the dais…It was way off in left field! …

Why didn’t the Town Manager or staff contact Mr Hood first after receiving the e-mail from Comm. Dodd?… Why would the above alleged action be the impetus for the Town Manger to “personally validate this grid”?…What does one thing have to do with the other?…Why go to such lengths on the dais to make it appear that Comm. Dodd had done something that was  unethical when it was not!…

I have heard countless times other commissioners and other members of boards, committees etc…apologize “on behalf” of the”members over the years…It is not unethical…It’s just something people do…and it’s usually seen as “good form”…something common to the English as most are people aware… As usual in his buffoonish style…Jimmy-boy got on board with his gal-pal with the “thin skin”  and said he doesn’t know where Commissioner Dodd’s “thinking process” was …emphatically expressing as only Jimmy-boy can…. Comm. Dodd does not speak “on our behalf”…”that is unacceptable to me, do not speak on my behalf, you may speak on your behalf”…It must be more of that “Carl Young”! (Jimmy-boy called Jung …Young …he’s so fond of!…ARGHHHH….

Look, this too has got to stop. It’s improper and it’s embarrassing for a Town Manager to be “takin’ it personal” and going off like this from the dais in what amounted to nothing but a botched attempt at a “gotcha”squarely aimed  towards Comm. Dodd for his interference in the Town Manager’s RFP process …There was nothing to “get” him on especially  when her own handed out “packet”  clearly proves that Comm Dodd sent her his e-mail exchange in order for her to be aware of the problem that arose  within her staff in this  RFP process….The only real “gotcha” found….is that once again it shows this Town Manager’s out of her league!…

There’s no crying in Town Management… Esther!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … LBTS- BSO Gets New ATV ….

October 28, 2009 by Barbara



LBTS- BSO received their new ATV yesterday….another way to protect our beaches …

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop….. Is Vice Mayor McIntee Religiously Tone-“Def” In His Bid For Re-Election? …

October 28, 2009 by Barbara


“Koufax is also remembered as one of the outstanding Jewish athletes in American sports. His decision not to pitch Game 1 of the 1965 World Series because it fell on Yom Kippur garnered national attention as an example of conflict between social pressures and personal beliefs.”

Dear Readers… First we had the Yom Kippur fiasco… when the Town Clerk  was errant in her duties to advise the commission of this high holy day conflicting with the final adoption of the Town budget (prev. posts)………This Colon administration in true form made excuses and made false statements  to cover for the clerk…saying the Broward County Jewish Federation said this was an “acceptable” holiday and that the Jewish Federation had given them a calendar…only to have to change course and haphazardly admit that was not true when this writer contacted the Jewish Federation Community Director who was quite taken aback and called the Town that day……The Town Clerk asserted the Community Director said “mistakes happen”..We doubt that…And the later produced documentation  from the clerk further showed how poorly the she did with the material provided to her 2 years prior after another such incident occurred!… A resident came forward afterward to say he had called the Town Clerk on the matter and she was rude and then hung up on him!…BFF Jimmy-boy Silverstone put his foot in it as well…asking if this was an “applicable or non-applicable Jewish holiday”!…After this to try and  solve this quickly in full  pre-re-election mode…… Chabad of LBTS was contacted for lighting the menorah this year (it was not lit last year)…In choosing this observant Rabbi, the menorah can not be lit the first night of Hanukkah due to it falling on a Friday…..This writer wrote that it should be done by someone else who could light it on the first night…but that too fell on the tone-deaf ears of the Town…and the lighting will be on the 3rd night… Now we head into the latest installment of this debacle ….

Last night at the commission meeting… the Vice Mayor compared his Town Manager Performance Review of all 5’s given to Esther Colon to Pitcher Sandy Koufax!….OH, MY GOD!… (Yep, my God)…Sandy Koufax is not only for his pitching but for his observance of not pitching in the World Series on Yom Kippur!… YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!…

VM comments- ” I wasn’t gonna bring up the Town Manager evaluation but since you threw a curve (speaking to Comm. Dodd) I gotta say, you know Sandy Koufax was a great pitcher and if somebody said how would you rate that pitcher on a one to five scale. I would say five. Was he perfect? No. Was he the best? Yep. Why don’t I say four because the guy was an absolutely phenomenal pitcher, he did everything and nobody is always right. This guy was just the best of the best.”

In this writer’s opinion there is no doubt that Town Hall East (AKA the Taco Bell Motel) is running the dais…  Protocol was ignored in an effort to appease the Jewish voters in LBTS…. We heard that the Town Chaplain was called by Comm. Clottey to inform him “We have a Rabbi for the invocations”…Then Vice Mayor McIntee approached the Town Chaplain to inform him “We have a Rabbi for the invocation”… Marc Furth also spoke to the Town Chaplain and asked him if he knew about the Rabbi for the invocation… Now that’s  CHUTZPAH !….We hear the Town Chaplain was quite surprised due to proper protocol being disregarded by these 3. When adhered to correctly it would be his duty to contact those who offer their service…. The Vice Mayor at his commissioner comments (continued below) really showed his truly distasteful colors…and  while it’s producing great fodder around these parts for his udder (Jimmy-boy-ism) stupidity and lack of sensitivity …it is also incredibly offensive, and disturbing!… Observing the after meeting dining at the Ale House of the McIntees, Furths and Comm. Clottey looks  adds to the “perception” of  what happened in this case…..It’s an ongoing event… for these 2 commissioners…

VM comments -” Now I’ve got some very good news for the Jewish community. A Rabbi has come forward we, we in the four years I’ve been up here, I’ve never seen a Rabbi come in and do our invocations. He has volunteered to come in and do it as many times as requested. He’s ah, I hear he’s a great guy. He’s got a great personality. He’ll keep GENDER NEUTRAL or however you want to say it and I hope we get some Catholic priests and some Protestant Priests and have an Iman (McIntee said E-man) who wants to come in. We need to spread it around because there’s a lot of different people in in this town and I think we should encourage this and it’s great. Our Jewish community in town has been neglected an awful lot in the last four  years and this is one way to say Hey, we know you’re out there and we support ya!”…

There’s no way around this one… It just needs to stop…now!…

more to come…..

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Here’s The Scoop … I’m Makin’ Sausage …In 2009 …

October 28, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … A real late night meeting last night … wasn’t over until  midnight … It was a new low ..It proved to be the lowest common denominator in dais diatribes seen to date in the last 2 years!…

This Jewish LBTS resident writer is gettin’ together with the new McIntee approved LBTS  “gender neutral” Rabbi …(to be explained in the posts ) to bless the stuff that’s going’ into this year’s product!..

So while you all wait for the first batch…

As promised to so many who asked me for this during the break after public comments last night …

The YOUTUBE  video … What the Mc-Furth “Gang “wants you to forget….. But voters must not…

Don’t you worry now, Dear Readers…I’ve go all the “right ingredients” to present LBTS quite a gift basket in 2010!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … MEETING TONIGHT/ October 27, 2009 Regular Commission Meeting Agenda …..

October 27, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …meeting # ????….Here’s the agenda …with some points of interest…and of course the full backup / video link is below….

3. INVOCATION -Reverend George Hunsaker
a. Presentation by Broward County Resource Recovery Board Executive
Director, Ron Greenstein, regarding the proposed new Service Agreement
with Wheelabrator, the Waste to Energy Plant Operator, for continued
disposal of solid waste. Adoption of Resolution and execution of
Memorandum of Agreement by Town Commission required to continue
Interlocal Agreement

b. Presentation by Choice Environmental Services of Broward regarding Solid

Waste and Recycling (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- we will be following LHP in single stream…in the backup was a letter from Choice including Choice will purchase at a depreciated price the bins that the town currently owns…
c. Presentation referencing Butterfly City (Mayor Minnet)
a. Finance and Budget Monthly Report -September 2009 (Manager Colon)

BC- Unencumbered funds… Advalorem taxes- 84,659.27/prop tax fire asses.-16,128.07/ water utility tax -39,080.01/ Occ. license -13,968.09/ fire review fees -27,279.00/ fire inspection fees -17,526.55/ parking meters El Prado – 16,922,94 &  Town Hall -14,460.99/ parking fines and forfeitures -47,913.00/ misc. rev. -5,092.00/ group ins. – 7,109.84/ legal exp. -3,132.34/ capital outlay vehicles – 40,556.00/ Capital Fund – 1,685,744.75/ General Fund  Exp.-4,521,132.72/ Parking Fund -1,614, 735.19/General Gov. -5,269,352.63

DEBTS… (paid-0ff ) Debt serv. -3,154,454.03/ Debt serv. -2,617,986.72/ -226,937.08/ Debt int. -86,868.80

b. Development Services Monthly Report -September 2009 (Assistant Town
Manager Olinzock)

BC- visitors 480/inf. calls 479/  verb warnings12/notice of violations 149/ citations issued o/ spec master cases  15/ complaints invest. 15/ re-inspec. 154/ lien searches  13/ zoning reviews 134/ final zoning inspec. 14/ bus tax license inspe. 12/ pub rec req. 0/ spec event reviews 3/ new bus. searches 5/ courtesy letters 10/ bldg permits issued OOPS…each wk 0 total 134…indiv. actions -46) staff performed evening sea turtle lighting inspec. for over 100 complaints/ 52) staff delivered 3 sidewalk cafe’ invoices & delivered 2 2nd notice for same invoices /Hmmm.. pg 4. “A residence with no trash service. The owners were advised and issued a Notice of Violation. The owners have complied and reinstated their trash service.”/ Hmmm. …pg 4 ” A drainage issue was forwarded to public works for repair.”/ Hmmm… Alcohol  being used on private property and using bait for shark fishing. No violation of Town ordinances found.”…

Also included a letter from Wings for a slight change in their site plan…changing the finish on the alleyway …to match the pink sidewalks….
c. Municipal Services Monthly Report -September 2009 (Assistant Town
Manager Olinzock)
d. BSO Police Monthly Report -September 2009 (Chief Llerena)

BC- Cases Reported 08-09-increase/ decrease yr….auto 14-8 dec. 42.9%/ burg bus. 3-8 inc 166.7%/ burg convey. 25-38 inc. 52%/ burg res. 35-13 dec. 62.9%/ burg struct. 6-2 dec. 66.7%/ forc. sex 1-0 dec. 100.0%/ homicide 0-0 -o%/ robbery 0-0 0%/ theft grand 27-21 dec. 22.2%/ theft  petit 29-40 inc . 37.9% / totals  143-133 dec. 7.0%
e. VFD Fire Monthly Report -September 2009 (Chief Perkins)

BC- 66 members/ new addition to backup “inactive” members… curious # after the VM chewed out Comm. Dodd about the increase in member in the month backed up by his “little chief” Perkins..OOPS!/ some calls of interest..a rat stuck in a toilet brought 14 FF in response/ (another ) bee’s nest in a “walk-up” brought 10 FF in response/ calls canceled by DP 212 (McIntee ) medical  calls 4/ Unit Resp. Time Avg. calls & times Eng. 12 85 & 0:07:24/ Eng 212 18 & 0:03:01/ Eng. 312 1 & 0:03:14/ Sqrt. 12 25 & 0:03:16/ Ch12 16 & 0:00:15/ DP12 31 0:02:01/ Util 12 14 & 0:01:56/ STA 12 14 & 0:03:59 / Beach 12 6 & 0:08:30…Hmmm the Chief (Perkins ) is avg 15 seconds on calls and the Dep Chief (McIntee) is behind him ?…Is the Chief really arriving on scene?…
f. AMR EMS Monthly Report -September 2009 (Operations Manager Liddle)

BC- avg. time 0:02:59 less than 6 min. response time 100%
a. Bicycle Safety (Chief Llerena)
b. AMR EMS -Selection of Commission Representative for the AMR EMS
Review Committee meeting on November 18, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.
(Operations Manager Liddle)

BC- will the “gang “say it’s Comm. Dodd’s turn or will he have to wait until March 2010?…

BC- as usual no backup provided…
a. September 22, 2009 Regular Meeting Minutes
b. September 28, 2009 Special Public Hearing Minutes
1. Ordinances 1St Reading
2. Ordinances 2″d Reading

BC- Fishing ordinance… fast tracked for the election with a lot of drama that made this writer sorry to have assisted with the applicant  from the get-go… of how to proceed to get help (prev. posts)…

BC- Line em’ up….extensions…Hmmm. Comm. Dodd sent in an e-mail asking for extension info after meeting with Minto reps…as each commissioner did…we hear Minto is looking for some changes and could face some challenges…with the scrapped Overlay Districts…the impending lowering of heights per the Mc-Furths…Does Minto realize they gave the “keys” to the VFD “drill site” (Minto construction site on west side of El Mar) to the very group that will keep them boxed in with new height restrictions if they get their way?…Also conflict of Interest should arise if the “2-Hats” vote on any changes after using the Minto sites for the VFD…Hmmmm….. As for the applicants on the agenda today……”Who ya gonna vote for in March, Baby?”….

a. Commission to approve an extension until April 30, 2010 for the completion
of the development at 4608 EI Mar Dr., per the applicant’s request and per
Ordinance 6-12(c). Backup attached (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)
b. Commission to approve a two (2) year time extension for the completion of
the development at 231 Shore Court per the applicant’s request and per
Ordinance 6-12(c). Backup attached (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)
c. Commission to approve a two (2) year time extension for the completion of
the development at 226 Garden Court per the applicant’s request and per
Ordinance 6-12(c). Backup attached (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)
d. Commission to approve an extension until February 1, 2010 for construction
of the town homes located at 4432, 4434, 4436, 4438 Bougainvilla Drive.
Backup Attached (Second Request) (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)
e. Commission approval of the issuance of ten (10) parking permits for Broward
County Association of Student Council Beach Clean-Up Broward, Saturday,
November 21, 2009 8:00 AM till 2:00 PM, in the Bougainvilla Parking Lot
(Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)
f. Commission approval of amendment to Special Event Permit application for
LBTS Chamber Christmas By-The-Sea Event providing for two Town
employees, a Town truck and use of the Town dumpster from 6:00 PM till
10:00 PM, the day of the event (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- will the commission just let this one pass or will they take the opportunity to go after them again…Any advice from Marc Comm. Clottey?….If so it will show!…
13. RESOLUTION – “Public Comments”


a. Commission selection of contractor and award of RFP 09-07-02 -Parking
Citation Processing Services (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock) Deferred at
the September 10, 2009 Commission meeting by Commissioner Clottey
BC- This is the 1st RFP to watch to find out  why it was ludicrous for the Town Manager to stop opening up the sealed bids…as was done prior to July 29 2009… Despite the uninformed “Gang of 3” and the Vice Mayor’s Oct. 23rd assertions showing once again his medications must be impairing his ability to retain information, or perhaps it’s his usual  aversion to doing his homework rearin’ it’s head again…We had the staff themselves produce the fact that most towns open both ITB/RFPs …and since an overwhelming number of companies send their reps to these opening you know it is standard…again staff doesn’t want to read “all the numbers”…lay the sheets out on the table for the bidders to get the info they need…10/23/09 Sentinel 2 RFPs for Deerfield Beach both will be “opened and read aloud.”… A look at the backup on this one shows some interesting comparisons…check out backup page 110…

b. Discussion and/or action regarding draft Resolution 2009-23 concerning
street names in Bel Air (Commissioner Clottey) Deferred at the September
10, 2009 Commission meeting by Commissioner Clottey Deferred at the
September 22, 2009 Commission meeting by Vice Mayor Mclntee

BC- in the backup the Bel Air Civic Assoc. went around ..222 homes in Bel Air…Directors visited 156 homes…14 no +6%…142 voted yes +64%…30% unavailable or unreachable…70% of neighborhood homes polled / names offered up…Coral Reef Dr/ Blue Water Dr north & south/ Waters Edge/ Ocean Mist  Dr/ Sailfish Lane/ Windward Place/ Coco Palm Court/ Tropic Isle/ Bel Air Dr…signed by all director except candidate Edmund Malkoon and Maureen McIntee and Virginia Holder on 9/7/09…
a. Commission approval of six (6) Hardship Permit Applications (Clerk White)
• Coral Key Inn
• Gemini
• Basin Drive LLC
• 4344 LLC (4344 E. Tradewinds Ave)
• 4244 LLC (4346 E. Tradewinds Ave)
• Windjammer Resort and Beach Club

BC- last time the commission wanted to drop the cost of the hardship permits for CIC emebers in the audience at the 10/13/09 meeting…will they now that opponents will get the decrease as well?…
b. Discussion and/or action regarding the price of Employee Parking Permits

(Vice Mayor Mclntee)

BC- no backup except for the approval and list of charges…This writer still has a PRR for when the commission voted on lowering the residential annual pass to be the same as the beach …and now we are going to what further reduce parking fees across the board?…Anybody see what the ord. changes are costing us?… On this one with a 17.50 chg. it has to be location the VM is addressing…
c. Discussion and/or action -Bike riders riding in packs on A1A and interfering
with traffic flow (Commissioner Clottey)

BC- we had a resident speaking on this last meeting..too many bikers across the road in the morning riding “packs”…a new BSO sign with a warning has shown up around town…and who’s gonna go after the morning clubs?…
d. Discussion and/or action -Hillsboro Inlet (Commissioner Clottey)

BC- What’s with Comm. Clottey..she too have trouble with meds…she’s no longer just a “pawn” for the Mc-Furths…she’s an active willing participant…just watch her go after Comm. Dodd at the Oct. 23, 2009 Manager review…at last night’s Referendum workshop about the ethics being VFD only…and now the Hillsboro Inlet…Comm. Dodd gets his ins. only… a pointy brought up when Mayor Parker was reinstated shortly before he stepped down. It was VM McIntee who promoted Dodd for the position…since then CIC Pres. Boib Roberts has been a regular PRR gatherer on all things Hillsboro Inlet and then acted in his own BTSTimes (he’s an Editor) as just a resident “letter writer” on his ongoing quest… If the “Gang” replace Comm. Dodd on Hillsboro…he will join Comm. Silverstone and Comm. Clottey in getting his health ins. from the Town!…OOPS!… We hear that Comm Clottey has been approaching new candidates and telling them to run…Hmmm…careful …not all are “clueless”…
e. Town Commission authorization to short list the three (3) lowest responsive
proposers for the Public Safety Complex -Police Office Improvements, RFP
# 09-08-01, and to allow Town Manager to negotiate contract agreement for
construction of work (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- RFP #2 that was a travesty…it was late  in being available to the companies and id not allow them to turn in their  bond bids within 10 days…(prev. post) …It was handed over at an additional cost for our contracted engineer to do the work and for the “expert” response back…that the lowest bidder is from Naples and might be too far away for the job/ and the change orders run 5-15% per (actually one was 17.5%)…and need some negotiation….thus the request for the TM to “negotiate”… another “fallout ” from TMbeing so obstinent!…

November 10, 2009 -Amend Ordinance 2009-19 -Vacation Rentals 1St read
November 10, 2009 -Proposed Ordinance -Hours of Business – 1St Read
November 10, 2009 -Proposed Marine Park Ordinance – 1St Read
November 10, 2009 -Ordinance 2009-28 – Stormwater – 2″a Read
November 10, 2009 -Resolution 2009-27 -Encroachments upon public
November 10, 2009 – 16 Commercial Btvd
November 10, 2009 -Public Hearing -Proposed Regulatory Changes -Chapter
November 10, 2009 -Revision of Resolution 2009-12 -Parking Permits
November 10, 2009 -Resolution 2009-23 -Bel Air Street Names
November 10, 2009 – ITB 09-09-02 -Senior Center
November 24 20091 December 1/December 8, 2009 -Environmental
December 1, 2009 -Ordinance 2009-** on Regulatory Changes -Chapter 30 –
1 St read.
January 12, 2010 -Ordinance 2009-** on Regulatory Changes -Chapter 30 –
2″a read.

Town agenda backup link ….

Meeting at 7 pm…on Comcast channel 78/ online Town Website …

more to come…

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