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Here’s The Scoop…A Whole Lot Of “Baitin” Goin’ On….Are You Willing To Take It?….

June 30, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…Many of you have asked …”Did the Manager/Vice Mayor “bait” Chief Gooding at the June 23,2009 meeting?”….The simple answer ….NO…NO… and YES!………No…. because the Mayor called Chief Gooding up to the dais….. N0…because unlike the “usual suspects on the dais”…Chief Gooding doesn’t mince words…he represented the facts….and stood his ground for the facts and the truth….and YES…..the “Gang of 3” tried to “bait” the Chief with words of “tightening our belts”… talk of the inclusion of a gym and a conference room being too much for “our little town”…and “needs and wants”…all to no avail…The “Gangly-bait”…slipped right off the hook!…”Bait” seems to do that when it’s  bloated…slippery and rotten!….OOPS!….

On the other hand we hear …the Manager is looking for a way to avoid being reviewed….Hmmm….Case in point …Manager Colon “baited” Comm. Dodd to fire her…to avoid a review that she herself could have taken out of her contract in 2007….Why, we ask again would she fight so hard to thwart what is required….when she “covets” those annual Audit Awards…lining the walls and offering a photo-op for another  “real”  waste of money in these hard economic-belt tightening times…Town Topics?…She is fully aware…and so are readers of this site that a vote to terminate her contract will bring her a 365+ day payout that is not on the table if she resigns….Perhaps if a review is voted down…or becomes a 3-2 “sham”….that CIC  election time “promised” Forensic Audit should be placed upon a future agenda?…OUCH!…

We hear Commissioner Dodd is home and will spending a few hours cramming in the last week’s worth of “orchestrated” plans by the Town Manager and the McIntee -Furth Gang to remove the BSO Police and make the LBTS-McIntee Police Department a reality…The Town Manager we hear said the Commission did not want to go ahead with the renovations on the Sheriff’s offices in the Public Safety Complex…Which Commission was that?…Perhaps Comm. Dodd should ask her (as she asked him at the 6/9/09 fire assessment meeting… if there are 2 Commissions?….We have posted the absurd P.R. coming from the “circled wagons” of the Administration…”Gang of 3″ and the CIC that this was a “promotion” for the Chief…That this is “normal” …That a Chief only lasts 5 years before they get “cocky and too comfortable”…That the Chief did not understand the “economic climate” of out town…was “insubordinate”….We have heard the Town Manager overstepped her authority…not on dismissing the the Chief …but on not allowing the Mayor to call for a special meeting…remedied by the Town Ordinance (prev. post) being brought to the Town Attorney who set the Manager straight….We hear the Vice Mayor…feeling emboldened by his clan …is talking to residents and asserting the BSO is too expensive and HE has the experience to put together a police department!…The Future’s got it right…No matter the “Mc-Furth Truth Detector’s” impending protestations sure to be spun in the next VFD Booster Funded BTSTimes issue!…YIKES!….

Tonight…. LBTS Residents and Voters…is the night …

6:30 pm Jarvis Hall Special Meeting BSO Police Chief Gooding/ 7pm Commission Round Table Town Manager Annual Review Discussion…Comcast 78/ online…

There can be no more doubt …….that the McIntee- Furth-Colon- “Gang of 3″…has hijacked LBTS and we are headed on a track that can only come crashing down on all of us….

Stop the train wreck….derail the train….come …stand up for your town….support your BSO Police Department….and throw the “Gang” out!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop…Morning In LBTS…June 30,2009…Some Capital Improvement….Do We Have A Rainy Day(s) Fund?…

June 30, 2009 by Barbara



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Here’s The Scoop…”Tightening Our Belts”…The 2nd LBTS-VFD Statement Of Income And Expense 1/1/09-3/31/09…

June 29, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…This is the 2nd statement requested by this writer for the LBTS-VFD income and expense over 3 months (the 1st …10/1/08-12/31/08…prev. post..VFD cat.)….As the Vice Mayor/ Dep. Chief pompously sat on the dais June 23, 2009 and spoke of how all Town departments were “tightening our belts”….He must have been joking….He surely did not include his department…The VFD under his direction has collected assets …perks…and big-boy toys with ongoing regularity….Starting with the McIntee Public Safety Complex…(Including a Conference room….filled with Jerry McIntee memorabilia on the walls…for your information Comm. Clottey)…and ATVs…firetrucks…jet ski(s)..a boat…new lights and sirens…special jackets……a new Dep Chief command vehicle…all from the funds paid from the contract and our annual $130 fire assessment …along with the never ending …Booster Fund and an assist from the Chief forgoing part of his salary…HMMMM…

The Report….

Ordinary Income/ Expense


400 Contributions for Support….o.00

401-Booster Drive….0.00

455- Basketball “shits/ball”….0.00

Total 400 Contributions for Support….0.00

BC- no contributions to the Booster Fund…This is all that is reported about the Booster Fund…no expenses will be shown…and no Booster Fund expenses for advertising …although in the Oct.6,2008 VFD Minutes from their monthly meeting…”McIntee made a motion to post a full page ad in the “By-The-Times” to recruit new members and public relations; ad fee $550/ to run several months out of the Booster Fund. All agreed, passed”…and as all readers are aware the VFD is still regularly putting a full page ad (if not more) in the Mc-Furth Times…so where is the expense for advertising?…

500 Service Contract -Revenues

501-LBTS Contract Rev….0.00

520- Other LBTS Payments….0.00

501- LBTS Contract Rev- Other….0.00

Total 501- LBTS Contract Rev….211,205.51

535 Public Records Request….5.00

BC- This writer has receipts for at least $31.00 in this time period and I am sure others made request…each request is written in a receipt book…with a copy to the recipient…

BC requests…

Thursday, January 8, 2009 1:24 PM
[email protected]” <[email protected]>
Add sender to Contacts
[email protected]
[email protected]

The monthly business meeting was moved to the 2nd Monday of the month.  You may have a copy of the minutes after this Monday coming, January 12th. Cost will be $25, includes labor to prepare minutes.

Cheryl Louvaris

LBTS VFD Budget request
Tuesday, February 3, 2009 9:34 AM
“Cheryl Louvaris” <[email protected]>
Add sender to Contacts
[email protected]

Mrs. Cole,

Your budget request is ready, you may pick it up anytime today after noon.  Cost 2$.

Ex. Sec. Louvaris

RE: LBTS VFD Budget request
Thursday, February 19, 2009 12:57 PM
“Cheryl Louvaris” <[email protected]>
Add sender to Contacts
[email protected]
[email protected]

Mrs. Cole,

The name of our attorney is John W. Stevens, III of Stevens & Goldwyn.  He can be reached at (954)458-9393.  Please note, you will be personally responsible for any and all expenses that may generate from contacting this attorney,  not the fire department.

In addition to your second request, a copy of the Hyperbaric fire call will be ready for pick-up tomorrow, Friday 20th, after 12noon.  The fee will be $2.00

RE: LBTS VFD – Requested report ready for pick-up
Tuesday, March 10, 2009 11:52 AM
“Cheryl Louvaris” <[email protected]>
Add sender to Contacts
[email protected]

Mrs. Cole,

Your request will be ready for pick-up tomorrow, March 11th.  The fee is $2.00

Ex. Secretary Louvaris

540- Bank Interest….1,026.86

600- Fire Inspection…

601- Income…..4,600.00

602- Fire Watch…375.00

Total 600- Fire Inspection…..4.975.50

Total Income 217,212.87


700- Personnel Related Non Pay

701- AWARDS…..400.00

702- Gifts….250.00

703- Health Club Expense….490.00

BC- kinda like a VFD-GYM?…Hmmmm…

704- Background Checks

704.1 Background check….254.65

704.2 Drug Test….710.00

Total 704- Background Checks ….137.05….101.70

705- Other…..600.00

Total 700- Personnel Related Non Pay……2,841.70

710- Fire Sup. Pers.

711- Fire Call Incentive…..34,860.00

712- Medical Call Incentive….7,250.00

BC- We hear medical calls cannot be funded from Fire Assess. …Hmmmm

713- Drill Incentive….7,220.00

714- Tech Hours

714- 1 Fire Inspections….1,533.25

714- 2 Driver/Eng….2,693.75

BC- what was there for driver/eng…in ISO report?…zip?…

714- 3 Equipment maintenance….1,067.75

714- 4 “Administation”…..2,788.75

714- 5 Other….315.00

714- 6 Hydrant Testing….262.00

Total 714- Tech Hours……8,660.50

715- Beach Patrol Incentive….1,675.00

BC- we hear beach patrol cannot be paid from the fire assessment…and both beach/med call will be paid by the VFD Booster Fund for the remaining 6 mo. of the contract for year 1….Hmmmmm

716- Admin pay…0.00

717- In House Training Incent….8,000.00

718- Instructor Incent…..1,945.00

BC- Instructor incentive?…who and for what?….Hmmmm…

720- Other Incentive

721- Pension Contrib

723- Federal Income Tax….(847.05)

724- Social Security….659.75

725- Medicare….154.25

726- Workmans Comp….3,369.32

(2-hats get workmans comp)…

727- Salary…11, 487.76

Total 710- Fire Pers……84,434.53

BC- in the previous 3 mo. statement 716- Admin Pay was …19,760.77/ no 727- Salary)

730- Beach Rescue Service

733- Uniforms….217.01

734- Equipment….4,859.43

735- Fuel….218.98

737- Other….669.54

738- Supplies

739- Sea Doo….8,820.00

Total 730- Beach Rescue Service…..14,785.74

BC- again we hear the use of the fire assessment for VFD beach patrol was illegal….1st statement…beach patrol incent-445.00/beach rescue serv- 2,157.44…so who repays the taxpayers for the illegal use of funds…including funds that will be included in 3rd statement ending on 6/30/09?)….

758-Promo Items Exp….1,679.95

762- Consulting Services

765- Member Fund Expenses….250.00

790- Sales Tax Paid….11.45

795- Attorney Fees VS BSO….1,152.00

BC- If the 2-Hats are members of an organization in litigation with BSO should they be voting on anything that relates to BSO?…Conflict of interest?……(the 1st statement shows a VFD VS BSO legal fee of 900.00)….Hmmmm….

799- Other Expense….156.97

800- Fire Service Exp

801- Phone…1,588.01

BC- whose phones are paid for…cell phones?…

802- Fuel….882.76

803- TV….993.86

BC- What’s on pay-per-view in the VFD?…

804- Postage….636.42

805- Utilites….194.63

806- Internet Service….22.95

BC- Who’s their internet provider??…3 mos. for $22!..Hmmmm

807- Station Operation Expense….(432.10)

809- Apparatus Misc……10.74

810 Equipment

810.1 Office….1,792.26

810.2 Fire Apparatus….14,382.89

810.3 Computer….3,331.20

810.4 Radio communications….12,426.95

810.5 Station….573.27

810-Equipment- Other

Total 810- Equipment….32,506.57

811- Supplies

811.1 Office…4,499.71

811.3 Stattion….2,344.04

811.3 Apparatus….1,601.42

Total 811- Supplies…..8,445.17

812- Copy Machine…222.00

814- Repair, maintenance

814.1 Engine 12….1,267.39

814.2 Engine 212….284.12

814.3 Squirt 12….133.34

814.4 Command 12….26.80

814.5 Utility 12….62.32

814.5 Office….1,916.25

814.8 Station….1,693.55

814.9- Repair, maintenance-Other….240.77

Total 814- Repair, maintenance….5,624.54

815- Uniforms

815.1 Bunker Gear….3,492.51

815.2 Station uniform….2,189.57

Total 815- Uniforms…5,682.08

816 Subscriptions…0.00

817- Meals….1,641.65

818- Insurance….9,385.14

819- Training….225.00

819.1 Supplies….20.53

819.2 Contractor…..1,125.00

Total 819- Training….1,370.53

820- Misc…..14,760.36

821- Shipping Cost….4,500.00

BC- shipping a firetruck?….

Total 800- Fire Service Exp…..88,035.31

840- Fire prevention bureau

841- Equipment….40.75


841.3 Radio communications

Total 841- Equipment…..40.75

Total 842- Fuel….412.21

Total 840- Fire prevention bureau….452.96

850- Fire Inspection

851- Printing….277.94

851- Inspector Comp…..12,499.01

851- Misc…..2,552.75


851- Printing

Total 850- Fire Inspection….15,329.70

Total Expense…..209,172.31

Future Purchase Fund ….8,155.56

BC…1st statement …Future Purchase Fund….(26,530.59)/ due to Booster Fund (50,000) per Jim Silverstone’s 9/8/09  motion “for the authority(in lieu of an emergency meeting) for funds up to $50,000 shall be made available for the purchase of new radios….Another motion was made to move $25,000 from the booster acct into the operation acct until October 1st upon which said funds shall be returned, all in favor”…Total fund adj. (76,530.59)…Hmmmm


Net Balance….0.00

more to come…3rd income/expense will be requested…and posted soon…..

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Here’s The Scoop…We Made The News/Town Manager Colon Shoots With Both Barrels….To The Media…

June 29, 2009 by Barbara


Full Text…(link below)….

‘Lauderdale-by-the-Sea town manager removes sheriff district chief

By Linda Trischitta | South Florida Sun-Sentinel
6:48 PM EDT, June 29, 2009

‘LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA – Town Manager Esther Colon removed Broward Sheriff District Chief Scott Gooding on Friday with a single sentence fax.

Gooding will stay in the job until Colon agrees to his replacement. Both actions are within her powers according to the town’s contract with the agency.

In a press release Monday, Colon said Gooding’s removal was due to his proposed budget to renovate the police portion of an old motel the town purchased that also houses its fire and ambulance contractors.

Gooding’s $424,000 plan included air conditioning, a jail cell, conference room, offices and a treadmill room to be funded by $284,000 in forfeiture money won by sheriff’s deputies and $140,000 paid by the town. Currently there is no jail; prisoners are chained to a floor bolt.

When comissioners balked last week, Gooding said even $50,000 would help. But three days later, Colon sent the fax to the Sheriff’s Office.

“Chief Gooding’s leadership skills as a law enforcement officer have never been in doubt,” her statement said, “but he failed to demonstrate a clear understanding of the current state of the economy. His recommendations were fiscally irresponsible.”

Gooding said Monday, “That’s the first I’ve heard about that.”

His boss, Sheriff Al Lamberti, also was surprised: “This statement warrants further explanation.”

Of Gooding, Lamberti said, “We’re proud of our record of service in LBTS. The crime rate is low and the service level is high and Chief Gooding deserves much of the credit.”

The agency’s $2.9 million annual contract expires in March 2011. Crime is down 11 percent for the period January to June 2009, Gooding said, compared to the same period last year.

“I was totally shocked,” said Paul Novak, president of the town’s 264-member Chamber of Commerce. “I think he’s the best police chief we’ve ever had here. Our members are not happy.”

Mayor Roseann Minnet called for a special commission meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday to discuss Gooding’s dismissal.’,0,7638339.story


Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Town Manager Esther’s Colon statement on why she requested Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti to reassign Chief Scott Gooding on Friday (June 26):

“In this tough economic climate all department heads must be mindful of the fiscal challenges the Town faces. Chief Gooding’s budget request was not in step with this administration’s ongoing efforts to keep expenditures under control. Chief Gooding’s leadership skills as a law enforcement officer have never been in doubt, but he failed to demonstrate a clear understanding of the current state of the economy. His recommendations were fiscally irresponsible.”

PS: this statement went out to media outlets that called requesting info about the matter; it was not part of a press release.

Steve d’Oliveira
Public Information Officer
Town of Lauderale-By-The-Sea

BC- Impugning this fine BSO Officer in such a manner reinforces calls for a tough review of the Town Manager!….After all she seems to have no problem “reviewing” the Chief!…

a link to the video….Old Business 15 C.

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop…THE 6:30 PM “SHOOTOUT”….AT JARVIS HALL….

June 29, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers….It’s a go…the “Special Meeting” that the residents were asking for…will be tomorrow night …June 30, 2009…thanks to Mayor Minnet!…

The Mayor was out of town…and worked on getting this into play while away…KUDOS!…

The “Gang of 3” were in town…and either turned their phones off…deleted their e-mails….or gave excuses both pitiful…full of holes…or downright laughable…all the while strongly backing the Town Manager in taking this action to “reassign” LBTS-BSO Police Chief Scott Gooding….. Now there is a call to all CIC/VFD members to fall in line!…

Commissioner Dodd was out of the country…but will arrive for both meetings….

The meeting will take place at 6:30 pm in Jarvis Hall and will be televised and online



Dear CIC Members:

The July 4th Beach Blast Extravaganza is just around the corner and we want to remind you of the Volunteer meeting this  Wednesday, July 1, 7:00 PM in Jarvis Hall.  This meeting is for anyone who would like to be a part of helping put on the event.  Your spirit and valuable service is truly appreciated by all the townspeople!  Pizza will also be served so bring your appetite!

On another note, this Tuesday, June 30th at 7:00 PM, there will be an important meeting at Jarvis Hall.  It will be a round table discussion of the Town Commissioners and the topic will be an annual job review for Town Manager, Esther Colon.  On Friday, Mrs. Colon had LBTS BSO Police Chief Gooding reassigned out of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.  The Town Manager has contractual discretion to reassign any BSO employee without cause something that has been done numerous times in the past .

A couple of months ago 29 LBTS citizens (many of them CIC members) spoke at public comments in support of Town Manager, Colon.  Since one of the CIC’s founding intentions is the commitment to monitor the performance of elected officials, the CIC must keep abreast of this important unfolding situation and that is why your attendance at this round table discussion is critical.  Tuesday, June 30th, 7:00 PM Jarvis Hall .

Happy 4th of July!

Your CIC Board of Directors


Emergency Commission Meeting Scheduled
Tuesday, June 30 – 6:30 PM
At the request of Mayor Roseann Minnet, an emergency meeting of the LBTS Town Commission has been scheduled for tomorrow evening (Tuesday), beginning at 6:30 PM in Jarvis Hall. The topic to be discussed is the dismissal of Police Chief Scott Gooding by Town Manager Esther Colon.

The public will be permitted to speak at this meeting. So please attend and sign up.

Note: The previously-scheduled review of the Town Manager’s job performance will follow the emergency commission meeting concerning her recent actions. Now is the time to step up, speak up, and return our town to sanity.


BC-OOPS!….OR PURPOSEFULLY ALTERED?…The “Special Meeting” from the CIC e-mail says “discussion of removal of Chief Gooding”…but….check the “Special Meeting” from the Town below…HMMM!…It really says it all about the CIC….

To: CIC Members
The Tuesday night Commission meeting has changed from a round table discussion to a special meeting on the re-assignment of Chief Gooding.  The agenda is printed below.  Note the starting time at 6:30pm  Please plan to attend if at all possible!  We believe that public comments will be allowed.
Bob Roberts




a. Discussion of removal of Chief Gooding by Town Manager







a.    Discussion and or action of removal of Chief Gooding by Town Manager.


more to come………

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June 29, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…There have been concerns of what happens if there are further steps taken by the Manager in a move to remove the BSO Police Department from LBTS….included in the LBTS-BSO 2001Agreement is the following….


BSO does hereby acknowledge that TOWN is making this Agreement in reliance upon BSO’s fulfillment of the obligations herein imposed for the full term contemplated herein. Accordingly, TOWN does hereby acknowledge that BSO shall have the right of  termination only for cause attributed to a material breach during the initial term hereof and/or any renewal or extension term hereof.

22.1 TOWN may terminate this Service Agreement as its discretion either with or without cause, by giving written notice thereof to BSO; provided, however, that such termination shall not be effective until the ninety-first (91) day after the receipt thereof by BSO.

22.2 In the event of termination by either party, the other party shall render such aid, coordination and cooperation as might be required for an expedious and efficient termination of service.


23.1 In the event of the termination or expiration hereof, BSO and TOWN shall cooperate in good faith in order to effectuate a smooth and harmonious transition from BSO to a TOWN police department and to maintain during such period of transition the same high quality of police protection otherwise afforded to the residents of the TOWN pursuant to the terms hereof. In the event of such termination or expiration and in the further event that the TOWN is unable to provide the same level of police protection through its own police force at the time of such termination or expiration, the then pending term of this Agreement shall automatically extend upon the same terms and conditions set forth herein (including annual percentage increases not to exceed five percent (5%), as more fully described in Article 11.2 for the shorter of (a) twenty-four (24) months, or (b) at least ninety (90) days after BSO’s receipt of the TOWN’s written notice that it is capable of providing adequate police related service.

23.2 The renumeration’s to be paid to BSO during transition period shall be based upon the actual cost of providing such services during the transition period, but shall not exceed the pro rata cost of the most recent Agreement.

23.3 In the event this Agreement expires or is terminated, BSO and the TOWN will develop a transition plan that will include the transfer of BSO personnel out of the TOWN as the TOWN’s personnel are capable of assuming their respective law enforcement functions. The consideration payable by the TOWN to BSO shall be adjusted to account for reduction of BSO personnel within the TOWN, as that occurs.

BC- So the good news is we will be covered in the event of a termination of the BSO …The bad news…..does  anybody doubt the Mc-Furth/Colon/ “Gang” could  attempt to use the agreement and the possibility of Broward County looking for the Town to pay the additional funds for BSO service to enact the LBTS-McIntee Police Department?…

The residents/ voters and taxpayers must let it be known …if their desire is to keep the BSO Police ….at this juncture in the 2009-10 budget process….

The resident/voters and taxpayers must let the LBTS-BSO Police Department know they must stay in place until March 2010…when the “broom-boys” will be voted out and the Town Manager will either resign or be terminated…assuring this town will indeed be provided with the CONTINUED high quality of police protection afforded to to the residents of LBTS….

THE SENTINEL….June 29,2009….


‘The budget war being waged between Broward County commissioners and Sheriff Al Lamberti has suddenly left 14 municipalities caught in the crossfire.

A county audit found those communities pay the Broward Sheriff’s Office about $14.4 million less than they should for law enforcement and, in some cases, fire services. In response, the county ordered Lamberti to collect more or face additional funding cuts.

“It’s a fairness issue,” said County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman.

At the same time, the Broward City County Management Association, which represents Broward’s 32 local governments, says it may hire a consultant to review the county’s audit and determine how much, if anything, the cities owe the Sheriff’s Office.

Since this spring, Broward commissioners and Lamberti have been locked in a dispute over how much to cut from his $722.1 million budget for the 2009-10 fiscal year, which begins in October.

The county has sought $54 million in cuts, but county budget analysts said Lamberti had proposed $10 million, including closing the old stockade jail and laying off 177 employees.

The Sheriff’s Office said their proposed budget cuts are worth closer to $35.7 million. The sheriff says deeper cuts would jeopardize public safety.

County officials have long raised the issue of cutting subsidies to contract municipalities. This year’s deficit prompted county auditors to take a closer look. Auditors pinpointed how much the municipalities were receiving and found the sums varied widely.

According to figures provided by County Auditor Evan Lukic, at the high end the county covers 21 percent of the $3.8 million cost of providing roughly 30 police employees to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. At the low end, the county pays 3 percent of the $39.8 million cost of providing 323 police employees to Pompano Beach.

full text link below….,0,3957513.story

REMINDER….call and send e-mails to your Commissioners/ Town Administration and BSO Police….

ROUND TABLE MEETING…TOWN MANAGER REVIEW…..7 PM JARVIS HALL….TUES. 6/30/09…televised/ online …(link above)…


more to come…….

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Here’s The Scoop….We Made The News….OOPS!…

June 28, 2009 by Barbara


MIAMI HERALD  June 28,2009 (paper…pg. 3BN)/ Online June 26,2009


Three days of free fun are on the agenda for the holiday weekend. Join the Patriot Party with Elvis from 6:30 to 11 p.m. Thursday and head to the Sister Cities Party from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, both at Town Hall, 4501 Ocean Dr. Independence Day brings a 10 a.m. parade through the tiny town’s streets; an 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. picnic at Town Hall and a 4 to 7 p.m. street party at Anglin’s Square. At 9 p.m., be on the beach by the Clarion Hotel, 4660 N. Ocean Dr., for a fireworks show. Buy $15 raffle tickets to win an $8,000 plasma television. Money goes to the fireworks fund. Call 954-772-0847.

HMMMM….Google in the number….it’s Ron Piersante….and the event was……in 2005….. OOPS!

It was a McIntee free 4th though….so maybe they could repeat it in 2010?….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop…Writing On The Wall….When Vandals Put Their Heads Together…In The Wee Hours…

June 28, 2009 by Barbara

Dear Readers…We hear much has happened 48 hours after the Town Manager took it upon herself to use her sole authority to request that LBTS-BSO Chief Scott Gooding be “reassigned”…

This writer posted on the happenings…from the get-go…(see previous posts)….

The Unite Our Town (growing in numbers) Organization has sent out a mass e-mail to ask its members to call and/or e-mail the commissioners and administration with their reaction to the Town Manager’s actions….

The By-The-Sea-Future has sent out their mass Newsflash…to online recipients of their publication to spread the word …and inform the residents that their Town Manager has acted in this manner…..along with information  on the upcoming Tues. night Round Table meeting at 7 pm in Jarvis Hall… also asking concerned constituents to let their elected officials and Town administration know where they stand…

We hear some off the wall responses have come from the “Gang of 3″…to those who have called and e-mailed thus far…So utterly ridiculous and implausible that it could only come from some inner circle wee hour head to head concoctions to come up with the “story”…One that could only sound real for those truly sleep deprived.. altered…or impaired…….HMMM……..(must have kept the vandals from going out and pouring blue Easter egg dye on driveways…while out and about on the regular nightly  “tour” checking on “their” town…etc…)….

The Mc-Furth/Jimmy Boy circling the wagons explanation they came up with…is a humdinger!…….The concocted Mc-spin with a little added tongue-in-cheek…for good measure…

“This was a “promotion”…and Chief Gooding was ah, gonna be moved up in the Sheirff’s Office anyhooo…so ah, it’s ah, normal…yeah, ah,it’s normal …and the Town Manager, ah, she was assisting in the BSO’s decision to promote Chief Gooding…yeah, that’s it…she did a good thing…ah, she um, gave them a little shove in the ah, right direction…um, yeah…the Chief should thank the Town Manager, she had his best interests at heart when she gave him the “boot” um, ah the “slipper”…We ah,…well, ah,  we all back the Manager, she knows what she’s doing…we ah, support her totally…yeah, that’s right cause she’s the Manager and nobody (but us) are gonna tell her what to do…There’s no emergency…nah, no emergency…this stuff happens all the time, and it’s not like the VFD being locked out, nah, that was big, really big, that got people all riled up, that was ah, um.  that was the VFD and the VFD that trumps the BSO, and anyhooo….we got it covered…the town…there’s  a new command car coming any day….and ah, so the town is safe…so ah, don’t get your panties in a bunch, folks…we got it all under control…we’re tightening our belts….circling our wagons…watching each others back and heading into the biggest, best July 4th event you all have ever seen…so calm down, it’s all good….yeah, it’s all good”….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop….Holes In The LBTS Dam….Are Increasing At An Alarming Rate!…

June 28, 2009 by Barbara


They to tend to become gushers!….

It must be something to be the Town Manager of LBTS right now…when you’re in over your head… Your pockets appear full of I.O.U.s to the usual suspects…You get thin skinned and lash out when you are found to be floundering after unilaterally making decisions…on major Capital Improvement projects…Acting as Town Attorney in writing  garbage contracts…codes…ordinances and resolutions….Informing the Commission of a 3 year audit contract for approx. $200,000 that required their seeing the actual proposal for their commission approval …then falsely stating in a letter that approval was obtained….Looking the other way when serious charges have been made concerning  the Town’s fire safety contracted provider the VFD…Fighting with a sitting Commissioner on and off the dais and refusing to correspond with him when you feel threatened, although it is your duty to continue to do so…..calling to task those that ask for you to be reviewed annually as required in your contract (already in breach of said contract for missing the first annual review)…that you yourself proclaimed in 2007  to have written and produced with no input from others…and now the use of power to “reassign” the BSO Police Chief…WOW!…All those leaks…

Well not all….

We hear that there is more….Hold on to your hats taxpayers…LBTS residents and voters get out your raincoats and umbrellas…the flood is coming!…

First the exchange….

6/9/09 the first LBTS Budget Workshop….Fire Assessment…

Comm. Dodd- “The beach patrol is that anywhere, i that anywhere in this part or is it found in something separately?”

Town Manager- “The total contractual agreement that we have with VFD includes the beach patrol operations.”

CD- ” It does because are we therefore using the fire assessment to pay for EMS. Because the function of the beach patrol is EMS and I am concerned because that was the basis of a recall (former Mayor Parker) and we are not allowed to use a fire assessment to deal with EMS costs.”

TM- ” Commissioner Dodd if we would be funding the EMS. We’d be collecting a double fire assessment. EMS is an actual obligation, is separate and apart from the VFD. We’re only speakin’ fire.”

CD- ” That wasn’t my question, my question was the beach patrol, part of the VFD is essentially EMS.”

TM- ” No it is not sir! It is funded and operated under the VFD. If there’s another beach patrol managed by the AMR I guess you know something I don’t know.”

CD- ” No, I didn’t think that the beach patrol fought fires in the ATVs and we’ve been having discussions regarding lifeguards and all the rest of it. One of the primary functions within the that is EMS and I just want to make sure it doesn’t open this dais to any form of, that we’re doing something wrong, that we know and we’ve had a lot of situations and a lot of discussion. A fire assessment can only be used to pay for the fire department services. And this beach patrol is not essentially to fight fires.”

Comm. Silverstone- ” Point of information. Why can’t we ask the Town Attorney who would be more apt to answer that question?”

CD- ” Sure, sure.”

Town Attorney- ” I have not been asked to look at any aspect of this prior to tonight. I can certainly investigate and get back. That’s what I could do.”

CD- “I’m not trying to be a nitpicker or anything. I just want to make absolutely sure because we have a problem with fire assessments in the past. That’s all, I just wanted to clear the air on it.”

TM-” Commissioner Dodd, maybe if, I have no problem with your question. I do have a problem with the timing of your question. If this was a question that you had maybe you and I and Mike Burton (fire assess. co.Burton & Assoc.) could have talked about it. I could have had the Chief (Perkins) in the meeting and we could address those questions. But this is strictly the fire assessment. If you want to bring in budgeting in this, that’s not the, we’re talking about the fire assessment right now,”

CD- ” Okay, to me it’s part of the fire assessment. It’s what we spend the money on. We’re looking at this and we’ve got two scenarios and I totally agree scenario number two is the better option. Which is what I’m gonna come to in a minute. I’m just asking questions. You asked whether I had any questions on the information here.”

Comm. Silverstone-” I can answer that question if you’d like? Well, this question came up with a um, because of the insurance we have. The fire department needs to make sure that it’s ah, insured so we spoke to the ah, representative from the insurance company and he pacifically (specifically) said we are a fire rescue department. Rescues meaning rescuing people. After we rescue a person that’s where the EMT service come in place. Ah, same thing as rescuing somebody in a fire. It’s the same basic precedent. We provide basic ah, first aid, first responder service which is part of our state mandated um, um services that we provide. But that’s it, we don’t provide, we don’t perform EMT functions. The VFD does not perform any medical services besides basic first aid when needed other than rescuing the people.”

CD- “Okay, thank you. I just wanted to clarify the issue. To make sure that there’s no problems with it, that’s all.”


We hear that the Town Attorney found that indeed the VFD CANNOT use fire assessment funds for their medical call and beach patrol service!!!!! (Who directed her to look into it is not known, as no such direction was given on the dais June 9th.)….

The Manager was incorrect in allowing it…and we the taxpayers paid for the VFD to make the countless medical call since Oct. 1st…along with their ever growing beach patrol division!

We heat there was a VFD board meeting ant the VFD has decided in the next 6 months to continue the call and the beach patrol using the VFD Booster fund!…

So how will the Manager explain her actions?….She again owes Comm. Dodd an apology!…Will the taxpayers be refunded for the illegal use?….The 2nd 3 mos. income/expense report for the VFD…(posted soon) … shows no amt. balance in the Booster Fund…with no donation received/ no expenses from the fund…HMMM….We hear the Town Manager wanted to lower the VFD contract amount after receiving the news…but she cannot due to it being an agreement signed by both parties…OUCH!….

To add insult to injury with this latest abuse of authority on the part of the Town Manager and the VFD Deputy Chief …the De-facto VFD Chief….(as he spoke of all “tightening their belts”!) ….We hear the new Dep . Chief Command vehicle has been purchased and will be delivered any day…that lights and sirens have been purchased and installed on the beach patrol ATVs and the Jet Ski…with a second jet ski to be purchased (if not already done)!….

The audacity of it all ….The Town Manager and the Vice Mayor along with Comm. Clottey sat on the dais…June 23,2009 berating the BSO Police Chief for wanting to use confiscated funds for the BSO Public Safety Complex renovations!…

Is now the time to call for the Manager’s resignation?…Perhaps she is waiting to be fired?…Why?…A look at her May 22, 2007 employment agreement which  shows the following…

page 2- 5.0 Rights and Obligations Upon Unilateral Termination by TOWN

5.1 Unilateral termination shall be in writing following a vote by the TOWN Commission and need not reflect performance related reasons. If this Contract is terminated by unilateral action by the TOWN, TOWN MANAGER shall be entitled to:

5.1.1 three hundred and sixty-five (365) days of severance pay, less customary withholding.

5.1.2 reimbursement for as- yet unreimbursed expenses pursuant to this Contract:

5.1.3 an amount for all accrued and unused vacation leave.

5.1.4 an amount for accrued and unused sick leave.


6.0 Mutual agreement by TOWN and Manager

6.1.1  severance benefits as mutually agreed to in writing by TOWN and TOWN MANAGER.



8.1.1 base salary through the date of resignation or such other date as mutually agreed between TOWN MANAGER and the TOWN.

8.1.2. reimbursement for as-yet unreimbursed expenses pursuant to this Contract;

8.1.3 accrued and unused sick vacation leave

8.1.4. an amount for accrued compensatory time accrued prior to appointment as TOWN MANAGER

8.2 A resignation shall be submitted in writing to the Commission through the TOWN Clerk and shall provide for actual resignation date no later than thirty (30) days following the date of notice of resignation, or later with the consent of the TOWN Commission.

8.3 In the event of a resignation, the TOWN Commission may establish an earlier resignation date tha the date established by the TOWN MANAGER

BC- Perhaps this is why the Manager was “baiting” Comm. Dodd on the dais to fire her when he discussed the contract required Town Manager Review?…

The Vice Mayor/ Dep Chief and Comm. Silverstone should also be reprimanded and should resign for their roles in this illegal use of the fire assessment!…


more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop…THE #1 LBTS Local Newspaper Is Now READY To Peruse!…

June 28, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers….Finally the boxes for Comcast were fixed in our area on Thursday afternoon….so the rest of the June 23,2009 Commission meeting can be posted…the comments…public/ Commission…along with the heated and embarrassing exchange over the LBTS-BSP Public Safety Complex between “reassigned” BSO Chief Scott Gooding and the Town Manager along with the “Clueless” “Gang of 3″…

As you await those posts…take the time to get a copy or use the link above to this edition of the BTSFuture….We hear this explosive front page story on the Town Manager/Vice Mayor’s plans for a McIntee Police Department is the straw that broke the camels back!….OUCH!…

No wonder this is now the paper of choice in LBTS…

This story has the “Mc-Furth Times Truth Detector” shaking in her slippers and madly swiping at her keyboard!…Not a pretty picture…as we can see the  steam rising from a certain rooftop in Bel Air!…

more to come…

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