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Here’s The Scoop….5/26-27 2009…LBTS Commission Meeting …#6….Commissioner Comments…Pure Cock and Bull….

May 31, 2009 by Barbara




Unknown –
[edit] Noun

cock-and-bull story

cock-and-bull stories

cock-and-bull story (plural cock-and-bull stories)

1. (idiomatic) A far-fetched and fanciful story or tale of highly dubious validity

Dear Readers…This writer will post the 5/27/09 Commissioner Comments out of sequence in order to show the ” COCK- and- BULL stories “… that came from the “BROOM BOYS” on the dais……

Commissioner Silverstone…”Thank you Mayor, I just want to first start out by um, saying that the meeting we had yesterday was very ah, displeasing to me. It seems like the same people who um, have preached to us the need to get along and unite the town are ah, the same ones that seem to be busy um, disturbing of these meetings.  And um, what happened yesterday was an example of this and um, what I will do from this point on if I feel the meeting is gonna be, is being interrupted will call for a point of order and hopefully that will cease the um, interruptions that are being caused because I, we’re not getting the business of ah, the Town done here.”

BC- Highly suspect this “point of order” as it comes again from his BFF VM McIntee… Comm. Silverstone may want to take a look at what caused this disturbance…take a look to his left to Comm. Clottey who has lost her ability to “filter” what is being “spoon fed” to her by her mentor putting forth an “ethnic slur” towards the Marchelos brothers standing before her addressing a special event permit they placed on the agenda for July 4th  & 5th…Comm. Clottey also revealed private  information about their  lease on the pier…opening the Town up to a possible lawsuit…So for these applicants to react was totally understandable…as it was repugnant to hear and watch such an obvious planned attack upon these two!…

Comm. Silverstone…”Um, I do have a comment regarding the ah, Bert Harris issue. Um, these are mine personal ah, thoughts regarding this um, this ah, very important issue which was placed before us, before I ran ah, for ah, a seat up here. The Bert J. Harris act was done because of a loophole in the law. But what happened was the way I understand it, I’m not a lawyer but Mr. Harris was, I think a Senator in the state of Florida. He owned a bunch of farmland and found out some government entities were in fact um, changing the laws devaluing the properties that they wanted to buy and then in effect using eminent domain to buy some of these properties at a greatly reduced value. Um, and because of that loophole the, the state of Florida started to protect these landowners from um, the devaluation, artificial devaluations. These properties because um, of an action by a government entity to, to make them more to get a better price and buy these areas. What’s before us, I believe is a loophole that the developers have found and some property owners um, to say that because of a government change in the laws there’s a projected loss. Um, on these properties and I think both are equally unjust the um, both the four Bert Harris J, Bert J. Harris acts have started lwasuits starting in 2006 um, that’s causing a lot of um, unnecessary I think um, issues regarding the fear factor of the lawsuits and the costs that’s gonna be and so forth. But at the end of the day um, the way I try, I rationalize this and the reasoning I’m using is if they’re found to be true then everybody in the state of Florida who owns property that has at the time of ownership there was any laws changed would then have a potential lawsuit. If I own a home and I have a two story heighth ( he said heighth) limit at one time there was no heighth limit at one time before zoning laws took an effect I could build whatever I wanted to. In effect everybody would have an equal chance of suing ah, all the governments (he said plural). Of course, it’s not gonna happen. Because we’re basing this on a projected loss and because I think the lawsuits that are, that are out there are not based upon any plans to build or people have not bought these properties with the intent to change it um, as well as if I bought a home here, if I was in the process of buying something to build say fifteen stories and once I bought it the government changed the rules on me ah, then I think I would have ah, a suit. I would have a case here. And that’s why the Bert J. Harris act was placed before the state of Florida to protect those people. But the people who do not have any, any plans to build or any, any um, any um, investment back um, projections um, to do so I, I think this issue is going to be found um, ah, unfulfilled. Um, anyway so, I wrote an article about this or I helped write an article (which is it?) about this in the local By The Sea Times. I hope that ah, people read it because I think I made a good point there. But I think the logic, I don’t think there’s really much to worry about there.”

BC- Why didn’t Jimmy-boy follow Comm. Clottey’s lead when she spoke before him saying she would not comment on this “important issue” leaving it to the Town Atty. because she had “no desire to put the Town at risk.”…Why didn’t the Town Atty. direct all the Commissioners to refrain from commenting on this litigation from the dais (with the Defendant’s court reporter seated in the front row ) and in local paper?…Even Norm Crosby would have shut his mouth!…YIKES!…

Comm. Silverstone…finished up by thanking Marc and Crisite Furth and the volunteers who have helped with the July 4th planning…(previous post only 1 meeting posted on the board  in Town Hall/Jarvis Hall to limit the public from attending)…and he went on to challenge the naysayers to call him, Moe McIntee or Marc Furth to prove themselves by volunteering for the event……

BC- as stated before…. secretive meetings where all the planning was done…no input on the fireworks display…with suspect fire display RFPs…and announcing this as a CIC/VFD event…which all know is the kick-off the the “BROOM-BOYS” re-election…does not make it an attractive offer to contact the perpetrators of this event!…

BC- As you read the Vice Mayor’s comments…you are safe to laugh out loud from the comfort of your home…but beware laughing will be outlawed soon in Jarvis Hall…Seems the VM is a little “thin skinned” these days…

VM McIntee…” Ah, yesterday the meeting was an absolute disaster. Ah, two of the individuals in this ah, room shouted out from the back of the room continually raising their voice. People to my left ah, cackled throughout the whole meeting. We could hear it throughout. That’s gonna have to stop or points of order will be called. We’ll have to overrule the Chair and I hope that the dais will react to it. We cannot run a meeting where there is not control of the audience in a rational manner. But the worst part of what happened yesterday is three individuals went outside and verbally attacked Marc Furth as he was walking in. They called him names, they threatened to destroy his business. They told him they’d have him out of business by March. They said derogatory terms about his mother. They surrounded him. They told him to raise his arms and fight them.It was witnessed by multiple people. It was a disgrace and shows the level of, of unprofessionalism by these people you’re saying we should be kind and gentle to. They attack a resident who was walking into this hall. So,I’m gonna ask Chief Gooding through the Town Manager to detail a man outside this hall from ten to eleven every night that we have a meeting to protect our residents coming and going. No resident, I don’t care what side you’re on north or south should be accosted verbally abused or threatened by anybody.That’s out of line. To yell from the back of the room and to allow that to happen is out of line. When one commissioner asks one person to come up and a second person comes up and nobody says anything and people start talking, attacking the one commissioner that’s out of line. Control has been lost. If we lose control of the meetings we lose control of the government and there’s chaos. And that’s what happened to the meeting last night People are not acting professionally, are not acting like gentleman, are verbally attacking. Way out of line, way out of line. Ah, In the next four or five days I’m gonna make a decision on how to go after this problem, I’m gonna go after it aggressively. The meetings have to, after all we can no longer put up with people laughing every two seconds where everybody in this room can hear it. Our clerk can hear it. They can’t hear us talking because there’s people laughing out there insulting the dais. It has to stop. It just has to stop. What Commissioner Silverstone said about these are the people who want peace. These are the people who want to unite. They don’t want to unite, they’re trying to cause trouble. Can you imagine attacking a businessman walking in? Three people threatening to destroy his business in March. Telling him you’ll be out of here in March. We’re gonna take your business away. Calling him, negative terms about his mother. I mean just outrageous, outrageous. This isn’t the acts of a,a gentleman, this is the acts of bullies , absolute bullies (you’ll need a moment to catch your breath from uncontrollable laughter on this remark!) O.K., so it’s gonna stop. And it’s , it’s going to, it has to stop because this dais has to clean their own house’

BC- Where to start?….The Marc Furth outside “attack”…we hear there were four people standing there and Marc Furth approached them…We hear Marc Furth told the applicants who were just the victims of an ethnic slight from Comm. Clottey and just had private information about their lease divulged when it had nothing to do with their application that they “blew it”…We are told that it was Marc Furth that “baited” them to hit him…We are told that some remarks were made similar to what a would be heard from kids on any street in Buffalo or any borough about someone’s mother …and all that happened was a “he said- he said”….until and unless there is an investigation under oath…BUT this writer can attest to the following…Mrs. Furth walked into the hall and walked calmly to Chief Gooding…We saw Chief Gooding make a call…supposedly to send someone outside…If Marc Furth was in such dire straits…wouldn’t his wife have run and yelled for help?…Wouldn’t the Chief or the deputy in the back of the room hightailed it out of the hall?…HMMM…. And if Marc Furth was so afraid of the Marchelos brothers, then why would he have joined Comm. Silverstone and VM McIntee just forty five minutes before this very meeting where VM McIntee made these comments on the Marchelos’ pier parking lot property?…HMMMM…We hear Spiros Marchelos had to ask a BSO Officer to ask Marc Furth to leave his property after Marc Furth refused to do so on his own and (Marc) said an expletive…(Hardly sounds like Marc was afraid of his “attacker!”)….There was yelling from the back of the room…limited to these very slights and the Commissioner using their lease as an excuse to deny the July 4th  & 5th special event permit….There were shouts that can be heard on the video as they left the hall of “Shame on you”…There was laughter in the hall…not throughout…but when the VM was so obviously ignorant on topics he was addressing!….Laughter was kept in check though when the VM  spoke this day …hard as it was…when HE was speaking of of gentlemen…control…and bullies!…He must be watching Hugo Chavez too much…thinking he is Chavez lite?….He must also have lost all memory of years 2006 and 2007 and the members of the CIC who shouted, yelled and got riled up into a frenzy with a major assist from then-commissioner McIntee himself!…Pick an archived meeting …any meeting…to verify the facts!…OOPS!…

VM McIntee…”We have worked a lot of hours up here. The average town meeting in Broward County is two hours and forty five minutes. We’re running six to eight hours. Why because we lose control. That’s the bottom line. They’re not controlled. They have to be brought under control. Gavels have to be slammed down on both sides of the dais is out of control, control the dais. If the people are out of control , control the people. But no longer am I gonna sit here and let people yell from the back of the room and not give them a warning. They’re entitled to a warning that I accept. But the warnings gonna be issued. It has to be issued because we have to control. ”

BC- The meetings run hours long due to what we saw again the evening before…the “2-HATS”induced…hours of VFD P.R….such as this unnecessary VFD  presentation…VM led personal vendettas  such as Greenfest….VM long commentary disputing newspaper articles that do not support him…VM diatribes over whatever suits his fancy..VM parades orchestrated to thwart the mandated Town Manager review in her contract…VM orchestrated P.R. stunts such as Palm Club for the Federal stimulus funds…etc…etc…etc…just check the minutes…the videos…to verify the facts!….Again, yelling from the back of the room…nothing compared to 2006-2007!….A glimmer of hope that the VM realizes a warning is to take place before throwing a citizen out…(the previous evening his BFF Jimmy-boy is on video saying “Throw them out”, no warning offered!…

VM McIntee…” The continued attacks on the Town administration by Commissioner Dodd is unacceptable. It is just not acceptable. Now to say they’re gestapo tactics, folks, we voted on it (the reimbursement for code enforcement to cover special events for noise and head counts), on what he says he knew nothing about. It was 5-0. I know I voted on it and to say they’re doing gestapo. Nobody’s telling them except us, we’re the ones that voted on it.”

BC- The Commission had the noise ordinance on for 1st reading, reimbursement from the businesses was never discussed and it is not in the ordinance. The Commission had a “field trip” ..a workshop, no votes could be taken at a workshop. This memory is more “smoke and mirrors” from McIntee-Colon ala the pavilion changes! OUCH!… It is another nail in the coffin for any future special events if the VM/Town Manager have their way to charge the businesses fees for code enforcement to be required…and to pay for the use of the street!….Gestapo tactics?…may be more like the “Godfather”!…

VM McIntee went on to say that Commissioner Dodd had a complaint about the July 4th meeting in the Public Safety Complex …requiring a 4 page response. He said Comm. Dodd had a meeting in Town Hall and they were the same…

BC- Not so fast…The Manager is on record saying no public meetings of this type were to taker place in the Complex…when she stopped the use for the businesses to meet there for the valet parking meeting…They needed to move it…Comm. Dodd and Comm. Clottey had a full scheduled month of meetings posted well in advance in all in Jarvis Hall with an exception of two…One at the start …due to lack of proper posting, leaving Comm. Clottey to leave…and a second well after many in the hall due to a conflict of hall use!…No comparison…

The Vice Mayor again brought up that the employees are unhappy, moral is low and blamed Comm. Dodd saying they are fed up with him…that he is “abusing them” and they are afraid to come forward…

BC- We hear the same is said of the VM/Dep. Chief within the VFD…abuse and a fear to come forward…We hear the same is said with employees within Town Hall but not of Dodd…of McIntee!…Two times …(By Comms. Dodd/Clottey) the administration has been offered extra help if overwhelmed by backup material requirements….Two times they ( the staff) have said they do not require it…You can’t have it both ways!…Other towns such as Pembroke Pines are contracting out for staff…Bet they would not complain if offered a job in our town…HMMM…

The Mayor was last after McIntee and she gave a big smile and welcomed everyone…She thanked all for being in attendance …that went well into the night the evening before and again this afternoon…She countered a recent article in the Mc-Furth Times about her lack of controlling the meetings, reminding them that there were “multiple meetings to discuss that we do wan to hear from the people”…as she again spoke of the respectful manner required and said “as I have stated many times before it does start from this dais.”….”I have reviewed months of meetings including last night’s meeting for the interruptions from the audience trying to understand where they all began. Needless to say nothing compares to the interruptions from one particular Commissioner (VM McIntee) who over and over again interjects his personal opinion only to benefit his self interests, certainly not the public’s. So pass the gavel (she laughed), don’t make me laugh!”…


The Mayor went on to inform all of the visit to town from Congressman Ron Klein that coming Friday…along with his schedule…She also brought up the Pelican Hopper route meeting in Jarvis Hall on June 8th from 6-8 pm…imploring participation from the residents…And she finished up with speaking highly of the Spring Concert that took place at the Community Church …looking forward to having more…giving an update on her attendance at a census meeting…and the A1A scenic Highway tour…

Comm. Dodd…gave an update on Hillsboro Inlet…the artificial reef has been completed and the growth of the marine life is being monitored for the next three years….  the actual transformation into a reef is going  better than expected….. initial reports are that marine life has moved back in abundance
….The new crane will be arriving at the end of the month. It will allow them to replace a rather old and dilapidated machine that is on it’s last legs

….The RFPs for two new work boats were sent out again with a more detailed specification and further advertising in Marine publications….To date they  have had 18 inquiries which goes to re-enforce my personal opinion this municipality should take every opportunity to go out for RFP’s and bids rather than take the easy way out and piggy back or award an extension. “During the previous administration’s tenure  I was always frustrated that the commission meeting opened and then all the commissioners disappeared for 45 minutes making the public sit and wait while they held a shade session.  I would hope we can reach an agreement to start any shade sessions at say 6.00 before the main meeting or some other convenient time so as not to make the public wait. Now that it is official that the Palm Club has filed a law suite against the town I hope the town staff and all the commissioners will treat the Palm Club residents with respect and not take the attitude that you can only speak to me through my attorney.   The Marcello’s brothers are trying to defend their pier sign and only that issue should be referred to attorneys when discussed. I would hope common sense will prevail and all other issues should be discussed freely and openly as it is totally non productive for town staff  to speak to the Palm Club or the Marcello brothers on everything through their attorneys  just because one single issue has taken on legal ramifications.” “I have had a problem with the unified land code as discussed at the workshop and subsequently by P & Z and want to ask the town attorney to clarify an issue for me.

A lot of everyone’s time was spent discussing a 50% rule for rebuilding following partial destruction of a building under the land code section 30-21. This seems at complete odd with the Charter section 7.1 clause (5) – not withstanding the maximum building height limit established in paragraph (1) above, of this section of the charter, an existing non-conforming building may be replaced by a new non conforming building when, and only when(a) The existing non conforming building has (1) been destroyed by fire, natural disaster, or other act of god ……..To me it looks as if the charter trumps the land regulations and we can’t circumvent the clauses in the charter with ordinances.   Nothing in the Charter talks about 50% so why was there any discussion at all about loosing one’s grandfathered rights and having to rebuild to today’s current code.   If we had adopted the 50% clause then wouldn’t that have been illegal?

If this assessment is correct can I respectfully ask the town attorney to jump in at anytime if you feel we are wandering off course.”

BC- The Town Atty. gave no response…

Comm. Dodd…”I was appalled at the new policy invented by the town administration that has not been approved by this commissioner.   To charge businesses to check for possible infringements of the noise ordinance or the number of people  present at street events before there has been a complaint smacks “Gestapo tactics’. What next – Charge businesses for their sidewalk café inspection.  Charge residents for checking on garden sheds?  Send bills out for any and every code inspection. Where does it end ?    Yet we don’t have enough code people to spot Sea Lord or the construction on Seagrape where their driveways are flooding our streets.  Code is there to be enforced when we have a problem since we are not a police state the last time I looked.  We live in a town and not a condo association with the corresponding condo commanders although at times I could be excused for being confused. Lastly I’m again saddened by members of this dais‘s treatment of one business in town – I ask again “where is the conflict with Athena holding an event in the evening of July 4th since the town’s Car show and festivities  finishes at 5 p.m. all but for the fireworks.  It seems apparent to me that three commissioners are trying very hard to kill the street events in town for no justifiable reason other than a personal vendetta and unfortunately it will take the businesses and the town a long time to recover – if ever to build back this thriving community after they are voted out of power for their actions.   It ain’t broke, there haven’t been many complaints so why are you messing with it.”

Comm. Clottey …who began the comments…saying her comments would be brief tonight (HUH? Wed. 4:30 pm) First she thanked all those who have served ….She stated ” I will refrain from speaking on several important matters because I believe direction on some issues must come from our Town Attorney and I have no desire to put the Town at risk…. She then thanked all who braved the rain and attended the Spring Concert and also thanked the Garden Club…

more to come…as we see what the Mc-Furth Gang comes up with to control the Town…

Post Division

Here’s The Scoop…How The Sausage Was Made….It Was True Then…It’s True Now…Plus…..Trainwrecks…E-mails……

May 30, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…Before we take a walk down the factual “memory lane”…

If you choose to read the new May 29,2009 Mc-Furth BTSTimes…. let this writer point out a few facts…I have always found it interesting when people “skirt” the issues…”bend the rules” that apply to themselves…and revise history to suit there own agenda …..The Mc-Furth Gang does all three…They put out a paper where they “conveniently” leave out the facts…such as in the article on the referendum workshop saying “Citizens have never voted to implement 4 story buildings in any areas in Town”…3 over 1 means 4 no matter how you look at it…and  having to comply with coastal building of an uninhabitable first floor cannot be ignored no matter how many time Mrs. Furth shakes her head and keeps her blinders on…Speaking of the Referendum Workshop…it showed the lack of backing for yet another height referendum, along with the McIntee pulled from the agenda VFD  in perpetuity referendum…(due to an overwhelming presence in the hall of those opposing it), while ignoring what the people really want…a referendum on lifeguards and ethics preventing the very “2-Hats” Commission we find our town saddled with at present. time…….Mrs. Furth has a short memory for why she herself is not sitting on the dais …..It was after she was shoved aside by VM McIntee in her quest for a seat to serve in a most callous underhanded way……Comm. Clottey has also lost her recollection of the attempt to shut her out of her place on the Commission by McIntee and MacMillan…along with  all the hair-brained ideas they wanted her to follow during her campaign which if enacted by her would have found her sitting  down below instead of in the seat she now occupies…. Sadly these two independent women have joined in with their suppressors and have chosen to go after another independent woman, as the Vice Mayor leads the way in taking aim at the Mayor, the one woman of these three who has grown into her job with a steady hand on the gavel while showing great grace under constant uncalled for fire….. Mrs. Furth writes a column castigating  the Mayor for seeking a legal opinion for the VFD ocean rescues…. The Mayor had every right and did her due diligence by inquiring further on the liability to the Town with the VFD going into the water on Sea Doos, especially after the VFD advertising such a service on the back of the Mc-Furth Times with the VFD Chief photo- shopped in by Marc Furth insinuating  a guarantee of protection to all those who read it…Many believe that VFD Booster club full page ad left a new door open for a lawsuit by a victim …Also, as previously posted…a look at the recent beach rescues actually show there was just one  VFD Captain that did the lifesaving of the 2 victims…As the Dep. Chief pointed out (unintentionally)  with the VFD presentation using  the Marc Furth “training” photos…(both on screen in the hall and in this edition’s paper) …Careful in his “semantics”, the VM/Dep. Chief said he never “directs” members into the water he “asks for volunteers”…possible cover for liability?…YEP!….The victims that day were lucky a young, strong VFD Captain was on scene because if the “volunteers” had been McIntee, Conn and McGirr…the saves might not have gone so well!……The paper reiterated the McIntee ISO lies, without doing any further research to find that in fact …no unions had contacted ISO as VM McIntee asserted…No Times reporter researched the low 2.3 out of 9 for training that was substandard…training done under the Dep. Chief…(A possible conflict for the Times as they are in receipt of  VFD Booster Club funds for each issue and the Editor/Owner is the Official VFD photog.?)….Bert J. Harris…The Mc-Furth Gang threw John Thompson under the bus…( ala Comm. Dodd)…kept him off the CIC board despite the fact he was voted to sit there by the CIC members…and took away his membership this year for not living in town…or working in town (they saw to that) and then they had the gall, the nerve  to ask for and use all his research on Bert J. Harris…Truly boggles the mind!…Funny they chose to bring up the Fl. Ethics Comm. two times in the paper…with reminding all of Mrs. Geesey, and her Oriana “flip”…. and with Jimmy-boy himself in his commentary blaming the complainants for his Fl. Ethics  Commission inquiry…Perhaps a case of revisionist history in attempt to rewrite that fact that the Ethics Commission did find probable cause for both him and McIntee…(previous post)..The  Ethics Commission gave them all a  pass to go forth and not do it again…Mrs. Geesey now knows what needs to be included in any future financial disclosures if she serves on another Town board… For Jimmy Silverstone and VM McIntee though it seems they have chosen to skirt the advice offered “going forth”……What Jimmy seems to have conveniently left out of  his …what he “won’t do to win ” article …is the other finding of probable cause for him and his BFF “2-Hats/Broom Boy” pal McIntee……when probable cause was found in their Florida Elections Commission inquiry for numerous election law violations as they thwarted the inquiry itself…as noted in the Commission conclusions…(previous post)…More on BFF Silverstone’s “commentary ” to come….How dishonest is it for the Editor of the Times to use his initials and write a letter to the Editor also neglecting to say he is the Chair of the CIC?…That is what Editor/Chair of the CIC Bob Roberts did with the letter to himself, in this edition…Second time he has done it!…..(Guess the Truth Detector won’t go down that lane…right Moe?)……As for two of the byline writers, (non-CIC members) you may want to reconsider where you are publishing your articles….for to do so in a paper that has purposely done harm to your fellow condo owners,potential clients…  hurting them perhaps financially in a quest to politically harm the Mayor……as a licensed Decorator, a POA board member and a licensed Real Estate agent, is this how you want to be aligned?…..Showing the “red tags”of the Mayor’s condo building…is a “BLACK EYE”…for ALL of the condo owners…just as it would have been for the residents of the Palm Club if the plan the Mc-Furth’s had to put a “bulls eye”  photo of the Palm Club front entry gate on the cover of the BTSTimes special election issue was distributed… ..It was pulled from use  when  Comm. Dodd…Peanuts Wick…and Comm. Clottey  joined forces to fight for them to stop it! (previous sausage post)… This group pointing fingers at permits!….HAH!…(Glass houses)….enough said…for now!

Now about that commentary Jimmy-boy, do yourself a favor, be a one term Commissioner, because you won riding on McIntee’s coattails and this time you will lose in the same manner….with or without a broom!…Heed your own advice, you have spent much time using doublespeak, most often leaving many befuddled in trying to decipher your “Norm Crosby” butchering of the English language…You were breaking rules from the get-go whether fully cognizant, or blindly following your BFF, as was found in your Fl Election Comm. probable cause findings……You have been found with probable cause for ethics violations,…you have ignored your VFD by-laws and backed VM/Dep. Chief McIntee by allowing him to be both an Officer in the VFD and an elected official…If you think your latest notions of what the people want are what the people want…break out from the gang!…In fact, better yet…. just turn over one night and ask the the smart lady beside you what the people want!…They do not want more government..bringing more fees…more codes…..more ordinances…They do not want to stick it to business…kill the music…the events…and the kiteboading…Just as they did not want a sliding scale for fire assessments…as you proposed through Burton and Assoc….Get some info from those who possess all the research…to save yourself from further embarrassment…such as you almost encountered when you though you “HAD” Sea Ranch Club on their sewers…..only to find out you were DEAD WRONG…looking for the billing in the wrong neighboring town!…OOPS!…You were not privy to much in the last election…by design per your BFF…keeping you apart from the group….So it’s very funny you choose to write the things you do…very funny indeed…such as “tell people what they want to hear”……Palm Club- McIntee says it all!…The name change the “FIST” (need a proof reader?).. …perhaps you have forgotten the Wardlaw attempt to change Peanuts to Lawrence (We hear Peanuts is listening now, for his next  run for Mayor)…and the MacMillan attempt to re-name Birute …”Betty”…finally settling on “Birute Ann”…About the local papers…and “savvy political writers”…have you looked into the political backgrounds…the educational backgrounds of each? …Hands down the the winner is the Futures…now that the Times tossed Thompson aside…Jimmy-boy,  it’s sort of like you are the Times…and Ben Freeny is the Futures…Non-CPA vs CPA!…OOPS!…Blogs as many know by now can offer what print journalism is sorely lacking …due to budget cuts of municipal coverage…a subject that has been duly noted as of late in the news, with kudos going to those who are proactive in keeping government and officials transparent …When it goes bad…is when it is done anonymously …reactive, and unseemly… especially by those elected officials themselves and their spouses/significant others…to retaliate for being required to be transparent or caught in nefarious acts…(strike a cord Jimmy-boy?)…Joining a Town organization…it used to be a plus..but when you overpower that group …take away its watchdog status…leaving it to be a cheerleader…it becomes a political liability…Once you are  elected…you are supposed to do what you promised…represent ALL of the people …not just the ones that voted for you or you owe something to…Not to strong arm yourself into a Vice Mayoral position…help your BFF get insurance…vote yourselves perks and make large property purchases while circling the wagons with the Administration arm in arm with your own private agendas…Not to wreak havoc on those who dare to question …who will not sit mute…..who are not afraid…It’s nothing new…as readers will see below….




screamed from the back room last night ….at the CIC celebration of the very event that honored him and his wife…….just a week before…. July 4th… the Co- Chair of that event… newly elected….. Commissioner Stuart Dodd…… who was endorsed by his paper….. 6 months earlier…..


WOW!…. Nice pick for “Citizen of the Year”…….CIC….

Commissioner Dodd was INVITED by the CIC Board to explain his reasons for a e-mail he sent to the Board asking for a “leave of absence.”….

He came to explain what he desired to do….and set the record straight ….

From the time Stuart hit the “send” button on his computer ….to send the request to the CIC Chair …Cristie Furth… to distribute to Board members only…….all hell broke lose….from a series of mis-communications…mis-interpretations….and a mob mentality….that resulted in…

The Editor of the By The Sea Times John MacMillan …and his Pal… Vice Mayor McIntee… yelling from the back of the room … at the “yacht Club” on Palm Ave…….like a lynch mob!

BCbythesea….hears….these two told Commissioner Dodd…he needed to repay the CIC for their contributions to his campaign….

They told him “You cannot leave the CIC!”…..

Guess the “sausage is starting to cook!”….

more to come…..

Train Wreck…the Beginning….

On Thursday night….July 10, 2008…Commissioner Dodd sat down and wrote an e-mail to send to the CIC Board of Directors….

On Friday morning Commissioner Dodd…showed it to his wife….and ….hit the “send” button….. around 7:30 a.m.

Commissioner Dodd sent this e-mail to the Chair of the CIC….Cristie Furth …to distribute to the CIC Directors….

Commissioner Dodd made a call to Marc Furth sometime afterward to speak about a left over problem from the 4th of July event they both worked on the week before….

Commissioner Dodd thought Marc was “cool” towards him….and thought he was acting this way due to the e-mail…although Marc did not mention the e-mail…and neither did Stuart….

Marc Furth….did not read the e-mail prior to talking to Stuart….he read it shortly afterward….and was stunned ….

Marc did not call Stuart …..and Stuart did not call Marc…..and so it began……this train wreck!…..

Stuart unfortunately used the “header” “Resignation” on this “ill-fated” e-mail….although…contained in the “body” of the e-mail……. that was NOT what he was requesting….

The correct action that should have taken place upon receipt of this e-mail by the Chair…(aside from a phone call to clear up any confusion)….

(BCbythesea…HISTORY….during the election both Cristie and this writer “resigned” ….with e-mails sent to the board….those e-mails never went any further….and both of us reconsidered after numerous phone call from board members… so a “protocol” was known ….prior to this request….)

The Chair should have sent it immediately to the 8 other Directors….

It should have been discussed among themselves how to respond to this member of the organization….

A board meeting should have been called….perhaps following the scheduled meeting of last night….with the member possibly being invited to speak…and answer questions….

The request ….if not covered in the current by-laws …should have been discussed…and a vote should have taken place to put it out to the full membership to vote on or not….

The member should have been confident that his situation would be handled…accordingly and in the meantime…instructed to wait until a vote was taken…. in order to come to a proper organizational response…and conclusion…..

None of this occurred….

After the e-mail was received….a “volcano” erupted…..and “innuendo”…accusations….and volatile “personalities” ran amok!…..

The e-mail was not sent to the Directors….ASAP….

Slanderous finger pointing went wild….. for some inexplicable reason NO ONE……NO ONE… ….involved at this point could stop the insanity…with a phone call… ask this fine FRIEND….. who worked side by side with them for so long….what he meant….by what he sent!….

They all knew …all too well…that Stuart’s verbiage….from his “Queen’s English”…often means something very different…from the American version…..

This had been a subject of much “good hearted” joking in the past….

The recipients of the e-mail….simply “fed” off each other…. dug in their heels ….turned their backs on one of their own…..and went way off base from his intentions ….

This train was just not going to slow down….much less stop… just kept going …….increasing in speed….bypassing all opportunities….to idle…..until it hit the wall….culminating in ….incredibly nasty e-mails…name calling…of “traitor”…..”puppet”….”user”…..and the anger that came last night…

How Sad!…..

The e-mail….. sent to CIC Chair Cristie Furth…. copied as Commissioner Stuart Dodd wrote it….

C.I.C. Board of Directors

Please distribute accordingly

Thursday, July 10,2008

Dear All,

As a new commissioner I feel that it is necessary be seen to be totally impartial by all the residents of this town who elected me. I am therefore asking to temporarily suspend my membership from the CIC so as to resolve any possible conflict of being labeled or associated directly with any political organization as a paid up member. I don’t want anyone to feel I’m not extremely grateful for all the assistance and help given to me by the organization during the campaign and election.

I have thought long and hard about this request and I think it best to ask that I suspend my membership so as to be able to maintain complete impartiality on all issues that effect the town. I would like to still be invited to address the CIC in my capacity as a commissioner on a regular basis and answer questions as well as take the full weight of input from all the members as I have and will continue to so do during my period up on the Dias. I will continue to follow very closely all the ideals of the organization without actually being a full member.

If I continue to try to do what I believe is best for the whole town I hope the CIC will continue to support me during my period as an elected official for Lauderdale by the Sea. I hope none of you will be upset or feel I’m being a traitor to the organization since I value greatly all the friendships I have established as well as the invaluable input from my closest advisors.


Stuart Dodd

more to come……

Here is the second e-mail … Commissioner Stuart Dodd sent to the CIC board and others ….after more than 48 hours of the train to hell…

Stuart read it last night at the CIC meeting….

I am very disappointed with the reaction to my request to suspend my membership. I did not say resign. I have been accused of being a traitor; it’s all Barbara’s fault, despicable treatment of Mark and Cristie, out for my own gains to name but a few comments. I hold the CIC very dear to my heart and having been president there is nothing further from the truth. Let me state on the record that Barbara knew absolutely nothing of my actions or intention, nor did my wife till she read my letter. I had discussed the possibility openly and made no secret of the possibility with a few other individuals.

These actions were not intended to be hurtful to Mark, Cristie, any of the directors or the CIC. It was my decision and I accept the consequences. I personally feel the Ethics committee ruling may have stopped short of specifically finding a conflict between being a member of a political action committee and a commissioner but I have always tried to set an example when it comes to integrity, honesty and avoiding any conceivable appearance of impropriety. It is my personal belief that there is a big conflict to being a commissioner and a member of the CIC and I believe it weakens the CIC as an effective political action committee.

For example, if the CIC as a body wants to discuss amongst the membership sanctions, petitions, referenda or whom they are going to support as candidates in the next election I feel that having four current commissioners sitting in the audience would be totally damaging to the freedom of the general membership to voice their opinions openly. The CIC & CAC before it is and has always been an very effective “watch dog” of the town’s elected officials and the members and directors of the CIC should be completely free from any influence or pressure from those elected officials. This is actually why I was against wives of commissioners serving as directors but that’s my own personal opinion that was voted down. I happen to think that it is unhealthy for the CIC to continue with four commissioners sitting in the general membership and have chosen to take the lead in doing what I believe will strengthen rather than weaken the standing of the CIC in the eyes of the town or potential new members. What is the point of joining a political action committee if the committee already has 4 out of the 5 commissioners in the membership that they are supposed to be monitoring.

I would sincerely hope to be invited to the future CIC meetings in order to be able to listen to the concern of the CIC membership, update the membership on my position on any current issues and listen to all ideas and opinions of the directors and membership. I personally feel that by asking for a sabbatical I will be in a better position to serve the town and uphold the values and mantra of the CIC that I have steadfastly campaigned on and never once flip-flopped on any issue during the election or since I was elected.

If this request has been interpreted as anything other than a genuine desire for what I believe is the correct thing to do then I am guilty as charged. Do any of you who I call friends believe I want to stand down and distance myself from my friends and the strongest political organization in town that I spent countless hours to bring together and unite against the previous commission.

The CIC can not be as effective an organization with the fox guarding the hen house and I stand by doing what is right and not taking the easy way out.

I thank you for all the help and hope you will continue to help me be a better commissioner so I can serve the town and the CIC ideals without being an actual member. If you must label it- call it a sabbatical.

Stuart Dodd

BCbythesea….So readers….after reading “Train Wreck…#2 & Train Wreck…..#3…. (Scoops below)

How could it all result in………. “Train Wreck #1” ?

more to come’

Dear Readers…..

Below is HOW THE SAUSAGE WAS MADE part 1…To read the part 2-8…go to CATEGORIES  on the right hand side…click on HOW THE SAUSAGE WAS MADE and scroll all the way down for part 2 and continue up…It’s the best way to answer…Commissioner Silverstone’s Mc-Furth BTSTimes…article titled “How I Won’t Win a Town Election”in the 5/29/09 edition……Due to the FACT that the Silverstone ways to NOT win…were practiced wholeheartedly by those he clings to today The Mc-Furth Gang!…..It is quite amusing that the new owners and fellow staff writers of the Mc-Furth BTSTimes paper where he wrote his “Simple” man commentary  (He definitely is ” a Simple man”) were the biggest perpetrators of all he finds so unseemly in running for a Town Election…You know who they were…they were the  “SAUSAGE MAKERS!”…………



For those unaware…….of the above reference….

a friend and confidant…told this writer…in the height of the ongoing insanity….leading up to the LBTS election in January 2008…….

“Elections are like sausage ….nobody wants to how they’re made!”….


The “problem” with Stuart Dodd…in this writer’s opinion came from his stubborn…independence …front and center ….from the get-go…

When he became the name of record for the Oliver Parker Recall….and again when he put his name on the ethics complaint …of then-Vice Mayor Yanni….because he thought it was the right thing to do….

Stuart was elected to the Board of the CIC…and then appointed Chair by the directors…(the procedure in 2007) which still included then- Commissioner/Chair Jerry McIntee

BCbythesea…a little history….

in the previous year as Chair of the CIC…then -Commissioner McIntee…loved to “run the show”…regale in his trials and tribulations…his going to “bat” for the CIC…taking on the “bad guys”…the “evil Old Guard”….the “dastardly developers”…the supposed “briber”…and his “nemesis”…the Mayor…Oliver Parker…

We… who were fully immersed in all things McIntee…”oohed and ahhed”…at the “Great Protector “…of the “little guy”…as he so often reminded us!….

It was McIntee who decided that a President/Chair..should serve for 1 year…with the “caveat”… that they could come back after sitting it out …serve 1 more and so and so on…and so on….

BCbythesea…of course it was not a correct call…..which he should have known…for he was charged with a conflict of interest…ethics complaint…for being the Chair…and being the Commissioner….(most of us were unaware of this at the time…but McIntee was….)

DESPITE..recent CIC e-mails…and “selective memory” declarations on the dais or in BTSTimes….McIntee was indeed in a “conflict of Interest” situation….and “Probable Cause” WAS FOUND…on June 6,2008….lucky for him …they “threw him a bone”…”gave him a one time only free pass”…due to not benefiting financially…and being INSTRUCTED by the Ethics Commission…to NOT do it again!….

Back to Stuart….he was now the new Chair…and this writer…the new Vice Chair….after some maneuvering from McIntee…to push aside…the present CIC Chair …then Board member Cristie Furth…who was voted in as Vice-Chair …by the board…including this writer…(it was “decided” before the actual vote…that I would be Vice Chair….although a board member forgot…this writer did not care…and stated so….as long as Cristie would fulfill the role.)……but…McIntee and a former Mayor…pushed for it…and Cristie stepped down….

We..the New Chair and Vice- Chair had the “audacity” to believe that this organization would work like all others…newly in charge….we were now “allowed” to run it in a manner that suited our style…VS McIntee’s…WRONG!…

What transpired…in this writer’s opinion…we were a “RUSE”… a “FRONT”….we were to continue on as if McIntee were still Chair…and he would continue to “run” the meetings…to continue to “regale” the CIC in all things McIntee!…..

Well…Stu stood up…and so did this writer…and some others on the new board…to “tell” McIntee otherwise…

It caused the expected …”The WRATH of McIntee”….due to being “challenged”…. responding with his customary….”Don’t be telling me what to do!”…..retort…..

Pizza Night…. the get together ….took place while a group of us were “on the outs” with McIntee……due to a series of confrontations over “control”…and “pitting” us against each other with “stories”…a little “mind game” he liked to play…as he proudly told one of us later on….whether it was the upcoming campaign…or CIC…..issues…some previously posted …

Stu and this writer stood our ground…and McIntee fought back…most assembled at this pizza night..agreed with the rights of the newly acquired position…including .. one very vocal….John MacMillan…who seemed at that time to be “above” McIntee in a position of “authority”…resulting in McIntee’s backing off…..surprisingly so….

BCbythesea…in fact this “on the outs with McIntee” group were so impressed with MacMillan…and his “authority” we each “prevailed” upon him to further implement this action…and get McIntee “in line”…MacMillan…spent a significant amount of time with each of us…assuring us of his “stature” and “ability” to do just that….

We waited….feeling all was good…only to be totally “blindsided”….when MacMillan….not only did not do as he promised….but joined McIntee…to become….a team….that caused double the trouble…going forth!…

We went ahead with what was the primary cause for the pizza night “showdown”……going ahead with the invitation to the monthly CIC meeting of former candidate for the Florida House.of Representatives…..Chris Chiari….

Chris Chiari came…producing a “welcome change” according to the responses received afterward from those CIC members in attendance….

The meeting itself…was “boycotted” by McIntee and wife along with their “pal”…MacMillan and wife… he “proudly” stated some time later!…

BCbythesea…a sitting LBTS Commissioner and CIC Board member… and the Editor of a LBTS newspaper…..”boycotted”…a past and possible future candidate and potential elected official….. who could likely be representing our town…NICE MOVE!….

Stuart Dodd ultimately decided to run for Commissioner from the south end of town…after a few “episodes” of dissent were put to rest……and being the candidate …decided he would put together a small “campaign committee”…and get a handle on who along side him would advise him…and put together a plan…seems the “appropriate” move …right?……..WRONG!…

BCbythesea…McIntee had a “fit”….the candidates…were “expected” to “re-enact” the “BROOM BOYS CAMPAIGN!”….

An aside… for …the Ms & Ms & Fs…to take another shot at “BROOM BOYS… PART 2″… their re-election for McMayor…..kicking off July 4th…2009!…..

The “DEMAND” for absolutely…. no deviation… what-so-ever…from the prior VFD/ Commission campaign…..was later brought to the Dodd campaign committee meeting…via “MESSENGER” Maureen McIntee…followed by a “barage” of phone “attacks” coming from McIntee himself…not long after the conclusion of the meeting…and after he was “filled in” on the campaign strategy from his wife…

BCbythesea….This is why…Stuart and this writer as members of the CIC Board…pushed for no spouses or significant others to be allowed on the CIC Board…when deciding new By-Laws for the April 2008 CIC election….previous post….

Palm Club sewers….was the next big problem….Stuart was against them…and said so from the start…..due to it being private property…and therefor it could not be the recipient of taxpayers monies….

McIntee and MacMillan…were FOR it!….

They both were on the “rampage” again ……with a “set-up” meeting at the BTSTimes office…between the Palm Club and their CIC candidates…

Prior to the meeting…….MacMillan attempted to “guide” the candidates to change their position….to be FOR the sewers…to be prepared to tell the Palm Club so….in short order …upon the arrival of the Palm Club representative….

Dodd and Clottey declined…Wick…appeared to “flip-flop” over the sewers about this time….saying as much at the next public comments…at the next regular commission meeting….

BCbythesea…it was told to this writer by MacMillan at the time…”his wife was the largest real estate agent in the Palm Club.”….HMMM….sounds…like a Cooney “promise”…..

Also…..McIntee said to get those 90+ votes…”Give them the sewers”…..

Stuart did not change his stance…and informed the Palm Club representative of just that….

BCbythesea…. later…with the political climate …showing it was NOT the right decision to be FOR the sewers…with the majority of the voters…especially in the condos…the M&Ms…did an about face….

As is his “M.O.” McIntee…spoke at a debate prep meeting…at the VFD office on Commercial Blvd. ….as if…he was always AGAINST the sewers!…

Many in attendance…just knowingly “smirked”…at the “revisionist history”… well known …. by now….

Further trouble arose………with the last BTSTimes newspaper…the Election Edition…including a real “over-the-top”…reversal for the Ms & Ms & Fs…. the 1st “mock-up” …cover…of the paper….

A photo of the front of the Palm Club…with $ signs all over it…to put it in the face of the voters…the candidates were AGAINST the Palm Club!…

This writer ….upon hearing the plan from Stuart…was appalled….and outraged….as was he!….

This candidates …all three……were never against the Palm Club….for they were unfortunately caught between “promises” of the outgoing Old Guard Mayor…and what was allowed under the law….

So to put a “BULLS-EYE” of their gated entry …on the cover….. YIKES!…GREAT WAY TO BLOW AN ELECTION!

Stuart..called on the other candidates……who were paying for this whole BTSTimes candidate issue…and the three of them put the “Kabosh” on it….resulting….. in yet again….. hours of verbal rebuke from the Ms& Ms & Fs!….

In the end…after a multitude of CIC Board exchanges….a pleasant photo of the three candidates…became the final cover….. that came out…. PHEW!…..

Both candidates Dodd and Clottey had to stand up against numerous…”hair-brained” ideas..throughout the campaign……”zigging…and zagging”…with no continuity…arising from the Ms & Ms & Fs….on fire safety protection….and such…incredible…. unpredictable ….. increasingly disturbing… ideas….

Each time Stuart and Birute…said…”NO”…you guessed it…”It’s Barbara’s fault!’..

Thus the “joke”…previously posted…anything not Ms & Ms & Fs…was “Barbara’s fault!”….still is……

Stuart Dodd was the Sun-Sentinel choice for commissioner….big deal…right?…..WRONG!…

That “green-eyed monster”…came decidedly quick in the responses from McIntee and MacMillan…

To anyone who heard these two….it meant nothing!…HUH?….

Election….biggest winner…Stuart Dodd….

A night for this newly elected Commissioner to savor….right?….WRONG!….

In his victory speech this evening… winning candidate Dodd….was kind enough to single this writer out…to mention some others…and apologize if anyone was left out…a normal addition…for any victory or acceptance speech…all well and good…right?…WRONG!…

A “BOOMING” voice came from the sidelines….McIntee….”YOU FORGOT MOE!”….”YOU BETTER DO SOMETHING!”…


Maureen McIntee…ran from the room…and proceeded to “require” a group of good hearted people … to “console” the absence of recognition …the “perceived betrayal”….”done to her”….

BCbythesea….a grudge some say…she has never gotten over….. carried over to the reaction and subsequent actions towards Stuart’s July 11th e-mail…perhaps?….

Commissioner- elect…Dodd’s wife’s….election night evening was also “torpedoed” ….she was “ambushed” by the MacMillans…and “raked over the coals”…pun intended…for what they said happened …to Moe….

On this night…that should have been “HIS” night…the McIntees…and the MacMillans….”pulled the rug out from under him”…….NICE!…

Commissioner Dodd…as previously posted…asked to step away from the CIC periodically… starting from the time he he decided to run for office……..but remained…… due to many events……such as electing the new CIC Board…and the 4th of July ……he waited…to fulfill his personal decision…well known to those who are so angry now…

BCbythesea…” Methinks they Doth protest too much”…comes to mind…from the Ms & Ms & Fs….(they knew!)

Not known for a good 6 weeks though…… by Commissioner Dodd…. was that Vice Mayor McIntee…”threw him under the bus”…at the June 6th Ethics hearings in Talahhassee…..previous post….

Well known to Commissioner Dodd …. increasingly well aware … in recent months….McIntee on the dais…taking over …Commissioner Dodd’s agenda items….and making them his own…”cutting to the chase”….says McIntee….

BCbythesea….perhaps this is due…to the BCbythesea…previous post…on how the Commissioners were doing …in the first months on dais…extolling….the campaign promised agenda items…swiftly being enacted by Commissioners Dodd and Clottey…along with the glaring…lack of agenda items…non-VFD…that is…. from Silverstone and McIntee….this writer was immediately “informed”…McIntee was “angry”….and had “planned” it this way……..

At the 6/24/08….1st “pre-commission” meeting…….put together by Commissioner Dodd….the increasingly overbearing …Vice Mayor…suddenly sat forward ….( in his customary dais behavior…lean back in the chair…rub your head….and sit forward….and pounce)….to declare….. to Commissioner Dodd…. that he was “trying to upstage me….and I don’t need that.”…..


Coming up to the present now….

July 4th…..a day of happiness…unity…success….after months of meetings…endless re-dos…of the event site plans….and pulling it all together….amongst friends….CIC members…and Commissioners….

July 9th…a meeting to that was “supposed” to be to discuss the above…iron out what went wrong…and what can be done to fix it …next year….

With “talk” in the audience…of Stuart coming back…to do it once again….(no “figurehead” was he!)

Unfortunately…in what could have been a sign of what was to come…in the following days….

as previously posted…it quickly…in this writer’s opinion…took a “wrong turn”…into discussion for next year….treating the Chair of Donations…amazingly bad…by talking of his replacement….as he sat there….. discarding any voice of reason…from Commissioner Clottey….for the correct “protocol” required for a final event meeting of the present committee…

July 10th….Stuart Dodd….decided…it was now finally the right time…to act on his desire to step away from the CIC UNTIL his time as Commissioner was over…..writing up a letter making his intentions known….

July 11th….early in the morning…Stuart showed the e-mail to his wife….and sent it…to the Chair…Cristie Furth…as was the correct action to take….

See scoops…..The Train Wreck series…..for what transpired…next….

July 13th…The CIC PARTY.. the July 4th celebration…and…..the “Tar and Feathering…of Stuart Dodd”….

see previous scoop posts…


see previous scoop posts…..

more to come…..’


Go back to the CATEGORIES…scroll down to E-mails…to see the rest of the story…and Scoops will provide the previous scoops posts referenced  just above…

To the detriment of any future McIntee/ Silverstone “2-HATS/BROOM BOYS” run for Commission in March 2010…this writer will continue on ……


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May 29, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…The VFD site is still not updated…No new information…no VFD Roster…No way to see where the ATVs are as promised…nada…zilch…zero…although the Chief said it was being done “as we speak” at last month’s VFD Report…It goes hand- in- hand with the lax manner we have seen in other areas such as VFD Incident Reports that are not done right after the incident as is the practice that was promised during their transition period and is diligently adhered to by all other public safety providers…such as our own BSO Police and the Pompano Fire Dept..(previously posted)……Their reports also include firsthand accounts by responders from each apparatus on- scene which is not the case with the VFD…..The Sunbiz site shows that the VFD finally updated their officers but it flawed in its accuracy…It lists Captain Hopping as living in Oakland Park, (which may be within the 2 miles in-town rule which some feel is a joke as a rule ) while he is listed on the VFD Roster as a “Regular-In-Town” member…That goes for Capt. Ron McGirr  as well….He is also listed as a “Regular-In-Town” member…while online he has a Fort Lauderdale address…We know that McGirr lives in town….from the Dep. Chief Command Vehicle parked in front when he fills in for Dep. Chief McIntee…OOPS!…

While it’s sadly amusing to see the old photos of former Mayor Parker and old members…along with references to being a part of BSO Fire-emergency…it makes one wonder where the priorities are…Are they only with Mc-Furth P.R. and Big-Boy Toys such as ATVs…Sea Doos and boats?….

One section though really made this writer sit up and take notice…This one should remain…Hell, this one should be put front and center as we face the new budget year…

‘Responsibilities and Objectives
To deliver the right level of fire and rescue services to the Town of Lauderdale By The Sea that assures the needed level of public safety required by the Town; in the most cost effective manner.’

I put forth a challenge to the VFD…Since we have so few fires.. and you have chosen to go on all medical calls for training purposes……You have now cut down the department to only 60 members….Your “2-Hats” members receive no monies….Your Booster Club is flush with advertising and apparatus funds….It looks like  you are doing very well on the current budgeted amount……Therefore the VFD should forgo the 2009-2010 LBTS-VFD contracted 4% increase and/or the $130 fire assessment ….and “give back” to the people you protect …in the most cost effective manner!

Now that would be some good P.R…..

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop……Scene And Heard Around Town…TURNIPS!…

May 29, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…The comments are far reaching of late…with the sightings from all around the town…

Today we hear that Congressman Klein was “monopolized” by the Mc-Furth Gang….and once again a “gang” member has acted in the most unbecoming manner….

Recently we heard on the Scenic Highway Trolly Mc-Furth Gang member Comm. Clottey…commandeered the microphone from the Mayor…and today we hear the “Besotted” Commissioner’s “special Mentor” official McIntee photg. Marc Furth wanted the Mayor out of the way during a VFD photo-op…Calling Ms. Manners!

We hear Comm. Clottey was raked over the coals (pun intended) from a longtime resident…for listening to her “Mentor” yet again …and being on record on the dais Tuesday night bringing up the Pier lease to stop the Marchelos brothers from having their July 4th event….It’s a sure way we are told to put the Town in jeopardy for a lawsuit!….STAND IN LINE PLAINTIFF…You can be right after the vacation rental plaintiffs if Jimmy-boy changes his vote!…

We also hear the comment she made at the Tues. night meeting to BSO Chief Gooding about a “hand to hand drug deal” going down may have come from a high ranking member of the VFD…leading many upon hearing of her  “source” to respond was it HIS hand? OUCH!…No VFD official photog. at this call?

This writer thought we “dodged a bullet” last Sunday when the elevator got stuck on our floor in our building as we were set to enter it …..We laughed that it would have been just awful if the VFD was called and VM/Dep. Chief McIntee responded…Later we learned…the VFD did respond…WHEW!…It gets better…Yesterday we heard the young VFD member came …wearing sunglasses and holding the radio as he opened the elevator with the key…He proceeded to walk straight into  it…The Manager of the building..”saved” him…The floor of the elevator was at the top and he was about to enter the shaft!…Guess that won’t be in the VFD  Incident Report!…

The Town is abuzz…(after VM McIntee’s Commissioner comments…about going to “battle”  yet again)…Hot and heavy over  the Mc-Furths vs. the Marchelos…All agree the Mc-Furths are out to destroy the Marchelos livelihood…It may be a “He said-He said”…But we hear there were witnesses who saw  Marc Furth  “baiting” the Marchelos to “Hit me”…Sounds about right…and it gives one pause ….because it was said that CIC Vice-Chair “McIntee is GOD” Joe Couriel did the same “baiting” not long ago…Is this the new tactic coming from the shrinking CIC ?… Mc-Furth M.O. ALERT!…or another  “Roach Police Report?”…

We hear it was mighty lonely back at the CIC-VFD July 4th sign-up table in Jarvis Hall the other night…despite Co-Chair of July 4th Volunteers/newbie Moe McIntee BFF Gail Albohn’s time at the podium …..A select CIC/VFD  few allowed to participate in the planning…tends to lead to select CIC/VFD few giving a helping hand!…Not to worry we also hear the word from the VFD Dep. Chief…is the same as last year to his VFD troops…you better come or you’re fired!…The Donald Trump of LBTS!…

We hear the new Mc-Furth Times has come out today…many calls and e-mails…of the “advice” article from Jimmy-boy Silverstone…haven’t got a copy yet…(so will reserve comment on the content…or lack thereof!)…but the word on the street…His advice on politics is like his advice on finances…or better yet choosing your best friend…”It’s like trying to get blood from a turnip”…A remarkable resemblance we must admit!

Keep those scene and heard comments coming!….

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …5/26/09…LBTS Commission Meeting…#5…Surfing For Permits and Permission…

May 29, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…At the May 26,2009 meeting the kitesurfers were asked to come back with some ideas of how do deal with the (McIntee instigated non-existent) problem with kite surfing on our beach..The real “problem” stemmed from someone teaching the sport behind the hotel near Pine Ave. and the interference for they cause McIntee in his daily beach patrol politicizing on the the VFD-ATVs…trolling for votes for 2010…while handing out business cards and lollipops…(we hear many folks think twice before heading to the beach these days…dreading the sight of the ATV approaching with his personalized board attached!)…Just as with his and Jimmy-boy Silverstone’s past foibles…with Sea Ranch Club residents..this one…will go down in flames!…Remember these are the “2-Hats” who wanted to introduce the “sliding scale” for fire assessments and then backed off after SRC resident McGinnis put forth a petition….These are the “2-Hats” who wanted to make sprinkler installation mandatory ….These are the “2-Hats” plus their McFurth -Gang and guaranteed 3rd vote from “Clueless Clottey”  along with Town Manager Colon who are on the fast track for taking away Friday and Saturday night LBTS street events and special events with their new Town fees…for code enforcement reimbursement to cover head counts and the new “noise” ordinance  (a shoo-in with their  a 3-2 vote)…along with the McIntee introduced strong-armed “lock-box” fee for using the Town’s streets…Now they want to permit and register the kite surfers…from our beachfront…The Town is to send a letter to SRC to see how we feel about them being back behind the buildings…(This writer hears with the exception of a few CIC member residents in building C who were not happy about the teaching…the overwhelming reply…after “How ya gonna enforce it?”( another use for the VFD Sea Doo/ boat?)…was “leave them alone! We love it!”…Most would prefer to keep McIntee off the beach!…..

Waiting in the hall until long past 11 pm…the kitesurfers were all ears to see what was coming next…First the Vice Mayor spoke of a woman who contacted him to tell him about her daughter being hurt…..and the proposal focusing on the business aspect of it negatively…The Mayor then recognized a resident from town come up to speak, Mike had been at the prior meeting and had offered to help with coming up with some answers …He is a kitesurfer and said that until this year and the teaching problem by the hotel…there have been no problems…He said the rules to follow are easy…stay 100ft. away from bathers/no flying on the beach-period/ no teaching on the beach…that’s it …and he added a registration done by the town was in his opinion the way to go…He did not want to see a designated area or vendors…

Rick Iossi came forward and of kitesurfing going “mainstream” that the people in the hall had collectively devoted in excess of 300 man hours to come up with solutions to maintain the ability to kitesurf here…and as asked for at the last meeting they came up with a proposal (see below)…It included the Crandon Park plan, because that had been brought up…He said it seemed that the agreement was for the Town to be the registering agent and that this could be managed…

This  proposal was given to the Commission before the May 26,2009 meeting…

Proposed Solutions
Three proposed approaches are presented to the Commission for discussion and
consideration in support of sustainable kitesurfing activities within a designed
kitesurfing operation area. These proposals have been the subject of multiple meetings
with members of the kiting community in the area including those that reside within the
Town. Like bicycling. boating, walking and use of public spaces such as parks and
beaches, kitesurfing is routinely enjoyed throughout the various seaside towns and
cities within Broward County and in fact, nationwide. These places are typically enjoyed
without consideration of place of residency understanding that residents may benefit
from privileges such as lower fees. Adherence to reasonable, safe and sustainable
kitesurfing practices is expected of participants. Observance of Ordinances forbidding
unlicensed commerce such as instruction should also be strictly adhered to and
aggressively promoted by the kitesurfing community.
Our goal is to request a designated kitesurfing operation area within Lauderdale By‐The
–Sea (LBTS) and to manage kitesurfing within this area in a safe, responsible and
accountable fashion in accordance with a set of rules.
Our intention is to facilitate reasonable separation of the kitesurfing activities from the
beach users. There are 2 very distinct groups of kitesurfers that currently kitesurf from
the area immediately north of the Pine Street public easement next to Damon’s. The
principle group is roughly 12 kitesurfers whose median age is 40, the second group are
local resident kids whose average age is closer to 17 years of age. As you might image
each group conducts themselves differently both on‐the‐beach and in‐the‐water. We
share this information by way of background to perhaps further enlighten you to the
unique problems of that specific area.
It is our intention to offer solutions that accommodate the concerns of the Commission,
residents, visiting tourists and kitesurfing community in that order. By way of
background it is important to acknowledge that presently; there are NO established
rules or policies in place at Lauderdale‐by‐the‐Sea Beach to our knowledge relating to
kitesurfing activities, therefore our proposal is not intended to encourage additional
resident or non‐resident kitesurfers using the LBTS beach. Instead it is designed to offer
guidelines for written policies and procedures that can be posted and enforced. We
believe this will add to the safety and enjoyment of all the beach facilities.
Some additional pertinent background points include:
• The kites parked on LBTS beach are parked high on the beach so as not to impede the
Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) vehicles or beach goers. This placement should not
interfere with the public easement or beach access and is further motivated by the
proximity of volleyball courts and tall beach signage.
• Approximately, 80% of all beach activity in this area takes place directly in front of
Damon’s or south of the beach easement towards the Commercial Pier, approximately
10% takes place within a 50 yard stretch immediately north of the easements and the
remaining 10% takes place over 1‐mile stretch north of the easement.
• Rarely are there ever more than 15 kites in the air or on the water at any time
• The stretch of beach much north of the Pine Street easement gets quiet due to the
lack of public vehicle parking and amenities. There are lots of people in front of the
Lauderdale Beach Hotel/Damon’s and south however,especially during spring break.
Another factor in lighter beach populations is that the buildings of Sea Ranch Lakes
Condos shadow the beach, preventing sunbathing by mid‐day.
• Kitesurfing in Florida is primarily a cooler month activity as the best winds come with
seasonal cold fronts. Summer is typically a quiet season for kitesurfing due to the
frequent lack of sufficient wind. Numbers of kitesurfers attending the beach will likely
be sharply reduced if not eliminated entirely by light winds for extended periods during
the calmer periods in summer.
The following proposals are intended to effectively manage kitesurfing activities on
Lauderdale By‐the‐Sea Beach. These proposals were developed from procedures
utilized in Crandon Park and proposed in discussions with Capt. Gooding of the BSO and
Town staff in 2005. It further incorporates procedures currently in‐place in Pompano
Beach and Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Nothing in this proposal is intended to speak to or
effect operation of “sport” and other varieties of kites not utilized for kitesurfing.
What kitesurfing problems that have been historically reported, typically have occurred
in the more crowded beach areas around Pine Road and southward to the southern
boundary of the Town. Few if any complaints have been noted north of Sea Ranch
Condominium within the Town. We recommend that limitations proposed on kitesurfing
activities proposed herein not be applied to these northern areas of the Town,
frequented by some resident kitesurfers. We recommend that the proposed “Kitesurf
Operating Area” serve for kiting ingress and egress and that kitesurfing within 100 yards
of shore along with normal launching and landing not be permitted on the beach to the
south of this proposed area. We recommend following discussion and finalization of
the approach, that an ordinance be created to formalizing kitesurfing criteria and
enforcement. We propose the following for the Commission’s consideration:
1. Create an area approximately 200+ yards north of the Pine Street (Damon’s) public
access path as a kite launch/recovery area that is a minimum 200 yards in width
referred to as the “Kitesurf Operating Area”.
2. The area will be properly identified with either posted signage or safety cones to warn
& advise the sunbathers of the “Kitesurf Operating Area.” Example requested signage
will be provided to the Town for consideration.
3. Similar to Crandon Park in Miami and 16th Street in Pompano normal water entry and
egress will take place only in the designated “Kitesurf Operating Area”
4. Any kitesurfing outside the designated “operating area” will be outside the existing
buoys. The goal of this is to avoid kitesurfers riding inside the buoys and away from
swimmers. This will also increase the viable number of kiteboarders that could use this
area without negative impact on other beach users.
5. Kitesurfing in the LBTS “kitesurf operating area” will require an International
Kiteboarding Organization (IKO), equivalent certification similar to Key Biscayne’s
Crandon Park or written endorsement by kiteboarding committee members once
established. This certification and/or endorsement is awarded only after demonstrating
competence in controlling the kite and rider in a safe manner. A nominal registration fee
is proposed to be charged and remitted to the Town for this authorization.
6. We recommend that the proposed “Kitesurf Operating Area” serve for kiting ingress
and egress and that kitesurfing within 100 yards of shore along with normal launching
and landing not be permitted on the beach to the south of this proposed area.
7. We recommend following discussion and finalization of the approach, that an
ordinance be created to formalize kitesurfing criteria and to facilitate enforcement.
8. We recommend that limitations proposed on kitesurfing activities proposed herein
not be applied to these northern areas of the Town, frequented by some resident
Proposal “A”
9A Registration is proposed to be performed by a private, insured, not‐for‐profit
corporation/entity, charged with registering and tracking kiteboarders, issuing
registration cards and kite streamers designating registration, subject to suspension or
forfeiture if guidelines are breached per set criteria. Guidelines will be drafted by the
entity in concert with Town and BSO representatives with the intent of promoting safe,
sustainable kitesurfing practices and in consideration of other beach users. Self‐policing
of kiteboarders will be performed by kiteboarders and problems reported to the entity
for enforcement. If necessary, the BSO will be notified (and Town representatives if
desired) if legal enforcement is indicated. No kitesurfing instruction in the kitesurfing
operating area is contemplated or requested under this approach.
Proposal “B”
9B. Registration will be performed by the Town of LBTS, with a database of kitesurfers
maintained by the BSO under Captain Gooding as previously discussed in 2005. Fees will
be paid for registration on an annual basis. Registration cards and kite streamers
designating registration will be issued by the Town and be subject to suspension or
forfeiture if guidelines are breached per set criteria. Guidelines will be drafted by the
entity in concert with Town and BSO representatives with the intent of promoting safe,
sustainable kitesurfing practices and in consideration of other beach users. Self‐policing
will still be actively pursued by the kitesurfing community with the BSO providing
ultimate enforcement of the guidelines.
In time after establishment of a supportive track record of kitesurfing with the Town, a
subsequent approach may be pursued, subject to the wishes of the Commission and

prospective bidding vendors.

Proposal “C”
9C. Similar to Crandon Park, a concession will be advertised for public bidding. The
successful concession ideally should be established to oversee the kiting activities within
the kitersurfing operation area. This concessionaire, would be licensed, insured and will
be responsible to ensure that all kitesurfers are properly trained and accredited prior to
using the “kitesurfing operating area”. To ensure safety and continued enjoyment of the
sport the concessionaire will be responsible for providing lessons to beginners using an
accredited teaching method and issuing IKO certification cards. The concessionaire will
be the direct link with the Town and the entity in charge of enforcement. If someone
gets out‐of‐line he will be the entity responsible to notify the local authorities for
enforcement. No kitesurfing instruction in the kitesurfing operating area is
contemplated or requested under this approach. It is proposed that concessionaire will
contribute 10% of his teaching & certification revenues to the Town to offset the
“operating area” sign maintenance and concession stand. This should be subject to
discussion with prospective concessionaires prior to bidding. Unlicensed, unpermitted
instruction is prohibited and instances of this observed will be aggressively discouraged
by the concessionaire, kitersurfing community and reported to BSO as necessary. The
concessionaire will endeavor to assist the VFD with distressed swimmers and be on the
lookout to assist bathers.

The Commissioners …

Comm. Clottey – spoke about the resident’s suggestion for a $150 permit…(he was for a fee $100 …to cover signage and administration costs…not to be paid for by the taxpayers)…”Last time when one of the commissioners asked about teaching , we didn’t get an answer.It was like closing ranks. The person that teaches obviously is the one causing some problems and if you guys are not gonna tell who it is um, that’s gonna cause problems. So how do we identify this person and keep him off our beach?”…HUH?…

BC- Comm. Clottey, who had called for a special meeting on dais decorum and often refers to herself being an “expert” in marketing, needs to start “marketing” herself…By referring to those who stand before as “you guys”…she does herself and the speakers a great disservice!…

The resident said that if there is no kiteflying allowed on the beach as he stated before in the 3 rules…there would be no teaching…that’s the solution and it worked for 6 years that way with no problems…

Comm. Clottey- wanted to know about certification for kiteflying and photo I.D.s ( none required)…

Rick Iossa replied that there were 3 options that could be used for certification….

Vice Mayor McIntee- ” Let me clarify some things. People at home have no idea what you’re talking about walking on the beach. What he’s referring to. the beginners walk along the beach with the kite in full flight and they aren’t in the water (HUH?) and if they lose the kite. What’s the span of the kite? (25 meters) 75 feet close to 80 actually. If that kite comes down there’s 80 feet of potential danger area in where those lines are coming down at a high rate of speed.”…He liked the streamer idea and thought the designated area was unfair for residents who wanted to use the beach further north…

Rick Iossa said there have been no problems north of SRC…whatsoever…

VM- said “That’s absolutely untrue, two people came up to me to say they were struck by kites.”

Rick responded again “North of Sea Ranch condos”..(VM realized he was wrong)…Rick went on to speak of lack of access up north for parking and it would not be a concern for visitors using that area…saying to the commission..”I submit if it ain’t broke don’t attempte to fix it. Focus on the area where there are issues.”…He went on to say he proposed north of Pine Ave. (SRC)  and do not impose any requirements on nrth of SRC other than registration and srteamer for the kite…

VM- (In election mode)…said that SRC was the biggest condos in town…the proposed area was “dead center” in the middle of “their beach “…and unless the board calls him and says fine he has to get their approval before he considers that a launch point.

Rick said he was looking for 200 feet and called to the Vice Mayor’s attention the afternoon shade in those areas…adding if their it was a problem for the condos he understood (It’s not!)…

Comm. Clottey- said she agreed with Commissioner (demoted again) McIntee about the SRC being asked because even though many people she has heard from like it …it could be a case of “It’s fine as long as it’s not in my back yard”…..(HMMM…like music/ events in the south end of town, Comm?)…She wanted to “poll” them….(HMMM…why no “poll” for noise, special events etc…Comm?)…

Comm. Clottey then asked the Town Atty. about residential preference for permits…(Did she not read the backup material?)…and the Town Atty. repeated what the backup material included and what was previously advised that it could present a problem…it could not be regulated on safety and the reason for this item being on the agenda was for the commission to give input for the Town firm and staff to get  a more definitive proposal to see what could be enacted…adding as the backup stated they were still awaiting a response from the state…the beach is not out beach it is a state beach!…

Comm. Clottey asked how many residents kitesurf and the resident at the podium answered 10-12…She responded it was not really an issue then. …ARGHHH….

Comm. Dodd said he had done a certain amount of reading on this and was not for concessions…was for self policing…in favor of a permit fee perhaps $75 ..and registration…no streamers and 2 launch areas….

BC-How about $20 annually …if it’s good enough for the CIC beach permit people…why not this?…

The Mayor then read from the memo, the Town Attorney had provided in the backup…she thanked them for staying…and added her points …admiring the beauty of it…while cognizant of the weight  (500-600 lbs.) and the safety implications of it…She was not in favor of streamers or concessions..and reminded all it was a state beach..

Comm. Silverstone…said he wished he was a kitesurfer (umpteenth time said)…and wished he was younger taller (smarter..independent?)…liked the 3 simple rules saw where they launched not being a “big issue”…and wanted them to form a committee ..HUH?…

VM McIntee…in his usall style said kitesurfing had gotten out of control in the last 2 years and the “in-towners” should form a committee…

It was deferred to the 2nd meeting in July with the Town Manager directed to send a letter to SRC…passed 5-0…

BC- Rick Iossi said when he began this evening this was a “seasonal pursuit” …the “wind Gods turn the wind off”…unfortunately the Vice Mayor…is not seasonal ( but may be 1 term!)…and this item will continue on……SRC needs to hear from the kitesurfers…as well as the Town…in order to maintain the only “show”we have left right outside our condos….We no longer have the 4th of July fireworks display barge…and the Air and Sea show!…

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop…LBTS In 2009….8.3% Decrease …GULP!…

May 28, 2009 by Barbara


Lauderdale by the Sea will see a decrease of 8.3% in total taxable value in 2009.

From 2,117,169,658 to 1,940,448,668  net new taxable value 69,228,320

BC- Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…About that millage rate  Mayor/Commissioners…Remember it’s an election year!..
Thanks, Faithful Reader… for the scoop!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop…5/26/09 LBTS Commission Meeting …#4……The Trouble With Training…

May 28, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…

Vice Mayor/Deputy Chief McIntee as we all know is the de-facto Chief of the VFD as well as its “Chief Training Officer”…

We have been told repeatedly …( by him or his spouse)…that he is the most experienced FF in the VFD…( Yep, that’s scary!)…

We were told by him at the the May 12,2009 Commission meeting the ISO was inundated with calls from unions while they did the VFD report….That ISO would be coming back in 3 months…That the training rating was off due to the BSO not providing 5 years of data for the hydrants…That ISO did not have the right info for driving instruction etc…..and for good measure his BFF “Jimmy-boy” Silverstone …in his new “pit-bull” role made the assertion to Comm. Dodd that the ISO report was a summary and a “detailed report” was on its way…

This writer previously posted an unsuccessful attempt to verify these claims…but Comm. Dodd was able to follow through and secure the truthfulness of the “2-Hats” statements…which he brought forth in the 6.e Reports…

UNTRUE….is what came from the ISO….No unions called..not even one!

UNTRUE….ISO will not be returning in 3 months…they plan to return in 1 year!

UNTRUE…..the low training score is due to inferior training…and Comm. Dodd was provided a way to improve it..through the VFD training in neighboring towns…with available “tower training”…etc… (something that has been done in the past)…

UNTRUE….the ISO report was the only report we will receive!…..

BC- Interesting that after this was brought forward by Comm. Dodd at the 5/26/09 meeting…no comments came to from VFD Chief Perkins or the “2-Hats” to challenge the ISO Representative!

BC- Interesting note…..about the lack of driver training…we hear the certified driving instructor for the VFD was former Battalion Chief Pointu…

BC- We also hear there might be some VFD members with lapsed certification….and that the VFD is not following the LBTS-VFD contract requirement that all members must go on 20% of all calls each month …

4. Presentations…

A. Presentation recognizing the VFD for significant events…


Chief Perkins was dressed in his proper VFD attire this evening…and came to the podium to make comments while  photos by Marc Furth were shown on the screen …

“A few minutes here for a synopsis of what went on this month. We had a pretty busy month as far as calls, and ah, we’re gonna take you through it briefly, maybe 5,10 minutes tops.”

He began with the hyperbaric chamber…as photos were shown..(by official VFD photog. Furth) This was a call that came in on May 1st. Front of the building was where we took the patients out and AMR was waiting for the patients right in front of the building. We had come through the front. Quick pictures of what happened that day of May 1st. AMR did a fantastic job, were out in front waiting for us as we brought the patients out they did a great job. Cross training with AMR helps knowing what we’re doing with each other. What each guy’s doing, really worked out really well that day.” He pointed out a triage photo set up …the pointed out the photos of various VFD …”Some of the guys coming out from upstairs, all the officers upstairs trying to vent the building at this time.” another photo..”Discussing what our next plan was and how to work the building. We just had vented the top floor, we got smoke going through the roof we had a hatch on top of the roof we had to open up for the smoke to clear.” ” AMR COULDN’T GO INTO THE BUILDING IN THE BEGINNING BECAUSE THERE WAS JUST TOO MUCH SMOKE’ ” Quick pics of our guys, all these guys did a great job out there, I’m really proud of them. Sorry to say we did lose the grandmother but as far as we know the son is till alive.”  (photos of BSO helicopter at Fountainhead)…..” The helicopter was across the street. It had to land on the grass. We didn’t want to land in the middle of the street. This was a perfect landing zone for the copter. Boy, that Broward’s Sheriff’s Office , they do a great job bringing the FIRE BOATS (HUH?) and the helicopters in, do a great job.”…

BC- The Chief finished and was about to turn the next part of the presentation over to VM/ Dep. Chief McIntee sitting on the dais…as he spoke the camera was zoned in on the power presentation …


BC- Under the Dep. Chief’s direction couple were dragged out to sea by rip currents!…OOPS!…

VM/Dep. Chief McIntee…”Before I take it any further , the man standing in front of you Chief Perkins WENT INTO THAT BUILDING WITH NO MASK ON to try and save the individuals and working with the deputy Sheriff they were able to remove both the child and the ah, the ah, lady, the grandmother. So what you’re looking at is a real hero standing here”…

BC- A few FFs have informed this writer that the Chief should have had his mask on…as he entered… The Chief himself said above AMR could not go into the building because of the heavy smoke…The BSO Deputy took a mask  and put it on upon entering the building…

VM/Dep.Chief McIntee……” Next thing we should clarify for everybody we have a Firefighter photographer Marc Furth…(Anybody unaware of this?) …who provided all these photos and has been a tremendous asset because we can use these photos for training forever.”

BC- We hear that Marc Furth has a VFD pager (Is this Hipaa violation …as it was stated to Comm. Dodd?) and is on all calls without being trained as a FF1…A look at the photos while nice looking should also provide the VFD for what NOT to do…and present some glaring problems that certified trainers would want addressed immediately…

VM/Dep. Chief McIntee continued as photos were shown for the rip current rescues saying it was a “concerted effort to rescue 2 people TRAPPED (HUH?) on the beach”…He went on to say  “at 12:55 pm on Sunday a call came out for a drowning”.  That there was “one of our ATVs was on the beach under the command of Capt. Conn and he was there within 30-40 seconds…THE VICTIM WAS ALREADY SECURED TO THE BEACH …and he transferred the waiting AMR ambulance which was there in about a minute and a half.”…..”Part of the protocol we activated a jet ski and the crew…1st piece equipment out of here now is the jet ski. The jet ski then transported to the beach behind Minto property and launched and responds to the scene of a drowning call. IN THIS SITUATION THERE WAS NO NEED TO USE THE JET SKI., WE THOUGHT. He said there was no radio communication on the jet ski for obvious reasons with waves and going 30 miles per hour. “After Conn got victim onto AMR ambulance, I was on location and walked back down the beach to hand signal the jet ski I knew was coming they could go back”..He said the ocean waves were” 8s and 10s…terrible rip currents”….”Two people from Holland, middle aged couple grabbed by the rip tide and gone. JET SKI COULDN’T GET TO THEM NEAR THE SHORE because of the intense wave activity WOULD HAVE FLIPPED THEM so the jet ski was highlighted to the beach.” ” Now we’ll go through the process of how this went down”…

VM/ Dep. Chief McIntee describing photos…” Actually, Jet ski coming on initial call”…/ photo of Capt. McGirr on front  and Capt. Hopping on back…NO SLED ATTACHED…

“At this time got signal come to the beach”…” They’re just about to come to the beach and obviously getting prepared because he knows something is going on, he doesn’t know what.” /photos show they came on shore……

VM/ Dep. Chief McIntee…” NOBODY IN OUR DEPARTMENT IS ORDERED IN THE WATER, THEY HAVE TO VOLUNTEER.” “Jet ski is beached.” / photo shows empty jet ski…

“Look to your right there. I said we need a volunteer to go get that guy and that’s Hopping going after the first victim, a gentleman from Holland with a female.”/ photo show Capt. Hopping swimming out…

” Now he’s got him and fighting the surf and that’s me to the right and Capt. McGirr left. I’m saying uh, oh we got another one out there . We saw the female about 100 feet east of here and I asked for a volunteer and Capt. McGirr went in and STARTED SWIMMING TOWARDS HER. Meantime Capt. Hopping is bringing the gentleman to shore. He is whipped”../ photos shows Capt. McGirr aand McInee on beach with Capt. Hopping  and tourist approaching shore in water up to waist…next photo show Capt.Hopping and tourist up to the waist still in water (McIntee says he sent Capt. McGirr after female when these are shown)…

“Capt. Hopping after he got the gentleman went right back into the water to go to this female, she’s a lot further out”/ photos show Capt. Hopping approaching beach knee deep in water and McIntee on the beach alone / Capt. Hopping reaches woman… NO McGIRR…

In the next photo it show Capt. McGirr with Capt.Hopping and the female…”Now there’s Capt McGirr coming in to aid in the recovery of the female…(He was sent in before Capt.Hopping)…

The next photo shows only Capt.Hopping and the victim…as McIntee says ” They’re securing her and taking her to shore…

In the next one she is still only with Capt. Hopping as McIntee says “She’s got a hold of the float…/ Capt. Conn has surf board holding it and is knee deep in water ..NO McGIRR…

The next photo shows Capt. McGirr on the left side by himself as McIntee/ Capt. Conn approach Capt. Hopping and female who are waist deep in water …heading to shore…

The next photo shows McIntee alone with the surf board waist deep approaching shore…( don’t see a gash yet)…

BC- So what happened with Capt. McGirr after he “volunteered” to swim to the female?…Looks like Capt. Hopping did all the rescues solo..from the Furth photos..

VM/Dep Chief McIntee went on to say the woman was “successfully ” brought to shore…she was “spent” and “grateful”…she thanked them…

The next photos shown were of the AMR personnel…the couple sitting down with AMR -EMT  Pollack…then a photo of the 2 VFD- ATVs …another photo of the couple the woman standing the man sitting with McIntee saying they were being “stabilized and refused medical treatment”…They looked fine…

VM/Dep. Chief McIntee proceeds to talk about another call and a photo of the jet ski is shown with Capt. Hopping/ Capt. McGirr  trying to put it in the water…

The next photo showed AMR heading off the beach to another call…

The jet ski is shown in the water to go to the next call….. CAPT. HOPPING IS ALONE ON BOARD…NO SLED…as VM/Dep. Chief McIntee says…” THAT VICTIM WAS PULLED TO SHORE AHEAD OF THE ARRIVAL OF THE JET SKI EMERGENCY PERSONNEL”…

After that the photos were shown of post # 7 with the life rings and the Dep. Chief spoke of the “civilian” that used it to save a drowning person…with more photos following of the young man saved with the ring…and phot0s of the Captains / Dep Chief / VFD members and a  young man who was saved by the ring…standing by pole #7…

VM/Dep. Chief McIntee said “That sequence of pictures made national news on CNN and the weather channel and were tremendous publicity for Lauderdale-By-The-Sea community and all the citizens who supported this development of safety procedures for the beach. Everything came into play. They were the luckiest people in the world that we were on the beach on the other drowning call. They should have bought a lottery ticket because that was a lucky day for them.”

Captain Hopping was brought to the podium…with the lights off…no Capt. McGirr or Capt. Conn…(The VFD was not in attendance)…and commended for saving 2 people…

VM McIntee said that within 3 days the posts on the beach with the life rings set every 500 feet…saved people and were a good investment…

Tomorrow expect another round of LBTS-VFD  P.R. (as previously posted) when Congressman Klein arrives…in town…

BC- While the VFD did assist these 2 people…questions still need to be asked about the program being run by Dep. Chief McIntee …especially after viewing these Furth “training” photos…

more to come…

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Places To Go…May 29, 2009…Congressman Ron Klein In LBTS…

May 28, 2009 by Barbara


Schedule for Friday, May 29th in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea:

-8:30 a.m. RJK to Stop by local diner Country Ham N’ Eggs Restaurant with Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee

BC- VM/Dep Chief McIntee Personal Photog Marc Furth will be following his every move….to be used in the Mc-Furth BTSTimes…

BC- Who set this up?….

4405 El-Mar Drive

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL

-9:00 a.m. RJK to tour beach area with Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee and look at new Beach Safety Posts that run along the entire beach in lbts.  There is a post every 500 ft that has a number on it (to let people know where they are and to notify fire and police in case they had to make a distress call for someone on the beach) and a lifejacket since there are no lifeguards on duty on this particular beach.  He also wants to show him new seadoo rescue vessel, BSO Broward Sheriff’s Office rescue boat, etc.

BC- We hope the Congressman will be sure to ask about the VFD Sea Doo/(newly acquired from BSO ) VFD boat rescue training program..which lacks the proper certified instruction for the VFD members…….and if the voters will be able to decide on lifeguards per referendum in March 2010…

-10:00 a.m. Religious Leader Meeting at Community Presbyterian Church, 4433 Bougainvilla Dr, Lauderdale By Sea, FL

Reverend Jim Goldsmith, Community Presbyterian Church

Father Heekin from the Assumption Catholic Church, 2001 S. Ocean Blvd. LBTS , FL

-11:00 a.m. LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA Chamber of Commerce
4201 Ocean Drive
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida 33308
President – Paul Novak – High Noon Resort

Executive Director: Judy Swaggerty

BC- Does the Congressman know that the current Town Manager held up the County check for the Welcome  Center and  VM/Dep. Chief  McIntee tried to move the Chamber and was responsible for its canceling the 2008 Christmas-By- The-Sea…and that both will most likely try to cut funding for the Chamber/Welcome Center this budget year?…

-12:00 p.m. RJK to speak at Gray Robinson Community Leadership Event

Location: Riverside Hotel on E. Las Olas Blvd.

-1:30 p.m. Meeting with BSO Sgt. Doug Brown and Citizens on Patrol, 4501 Ocean Drive (Right next to the Town Hall – Jarvis Hall)

-2:00 p.m. RJK to stop by scheduled Town Hall Meeting re: Veterans and Passport Issues

Location: Jarvis Hall (Town Hall for LBTS)

4501 Ocean Drive
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL   33308
Tel: 954-776-0576

BC- Welcome to LBTS Congressman ….

schedule subject to change….

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop….5/26/09…. LBTS Commission Meeting…#2…Sit Down…Sit Down….Sit Down…Sit Down…You’re Rocking The Boat!…

May 27, 2009 by Barbara


588 PAGES!……..

10 b…Ordinance 2009-19….the vacation rental ordinance…brought forth 9 speakers and many others who sat in the hall to show their presence at the 11th hour to address the injustice of this commission imposing yet another ordinance upon the property owners that would curtail their property rights….It was certainly on track to pass with a vote of the “Gang of 3” to 2 ….

Once again we went down the disjointed costly path of putting forth a new ordinance…without any of the “Mc-3” reading what was already contained in the present code…with “claims” made of complaints…and an “underbelly” of problems that had no legs to stand on (just like the noise and kitesurfing ordinances)…and left only to be stopped by the sheer number of those who made it their business to get the facts…do the research…contact each commissioner…join forces and arrive en’ masse at Jarvis Hall to take their turn at the podium!…

Note to those living in the north end of town…your cup runneth over with potential candidates to run in 2010…if these fine speakers are so inclined!….

We had been told that it was a strong possibility this would be tabled after hearing of pending litigation in neighboring towns…and that rumor may have been more than enough for a few to walk away…but they stayed and they waited until it was read by the Town Attorney….then one by one they rose to address the dais…

BC- If any names are misspelled/ missing …please let me know for an updated correction….

Matthew Schwartz….came to speak in opposition and the cost to him and the Town…starting off a familiar recurring theme …that what they are looking to do is already in the code…and what the commission is trying accomplish is behavioral problems and there was nothing in the proposed ordinance to address that…

Kai Stadler…This was a gentleman this writer first met after he and Brendan Berry had a meeting with Comm. Clottey in Town Hall…He spoke about his love for this town…and gave a brief synopsis of how it came to be he found himself in the position of renting out his home…He said he bought it to live in…then had a change of plans…tried to sell it…and could not and then he found he could rent it out weekly to vacationers from all over the world including from Germany and South America…that in these difficult times it made the difference between keeping afloat and foreclosing on it…He repeated responses made to him from Comm. Clottey before he went through the fallout of what enacting this ordinance would do…stating 46 homes ( maybe more) who actively bring $2.5 million a year in revenue to the town…would slide away and bring instead a large loss of approximately $500,000 off the town’s tax rolls…”big numbers for a small town”…He said he’s booked for next year already and this venture has been very successful…..He spoke of  the lawsuit the town would be in receipt of if this passed……He stated the present ordinances for the city are the size of a New York phone book…anything you can think of to defeat the culprit is in it…that it covers every possible angle…He implored the commission to realize the many people this ordinance would affect…and asked them to keep the city safe …but to help them get through these hard economic times…

Dr. Natalia Stadler came up after her husband and spoke of renting their town home…the impact that would come from no longer being able to do so…to the businesses reiterating the current state of hard economic times…and those who rely on these rentals…She said the renters of these homes are not the same as those who come to the hotels…and that restricting the use will be restricting the visitors to LBTS…

Brendan Berry  a former member of the LBTS P & Z …came armed with the code book itself…588 pages long …it lists what we can and cannot do…”Comm. Clottey you told me you don’t like seeing them there”…it was for “safety concerns”…..Mr. Barry said “it’s all here”…The means to prohibit it all is contained in the 588 page book he held in his hand…He read a list of prohibitions…loud music…loud live music…open containers of beverages…fighting…fighting words…garage sales without permits….boats, trailers…parking on the swales, grass and dirt….all prohibited….It prohibits speeding in our town…loud vehicles…driving on the beach…It prohibits fishing in the beach….sleeping on your boat tied to your dock behind your house…It prohibits weeds in your garden, wild growth, palmettos and rubbish….disturbing the peace…fire’s are prohibited…disorderly assembling ….trespassing…loitering…is prohibited…false alarms… fake sounds that sound like a fire truck…more than 3 animals in your home are prohibited…adding he was just listing a few…”Concerned about houses?”…chipping paint….dead, dying bushes are prohibited…anything the “awful,disgusting, scary short term renters are doing Commissioner Clottey,…it’s here!”…He exclaimed as he aggressively tapped that code book…He went on… “It allows you the mechanism to enforce it”…..”you can fine people”…”suspend or revoke licenses “…”police can seize property”…”it’s here”…he said…imprison people for up to 60 days…skateboarding [also not allowed in certain areas of town] can be imprisoned for up to 30 days…He said “We don’t need another stupid  ordinance”…and he spoke of the other lawsuits pending across the state….stating the Town Attorney was well aware of them…

Enrico……Comm. Clottey’s next door neighbor brought some unintentional levity to the room…saying ” I’m afraid, I feel bad. I was the reason this ordinance is going forward”……speaking with regret and remorse of lessons learned as he did not do as he should in renting out his home…He said it has been a struggle…but he was learning from his mistakes…taking care of the property…taking care of those he rents to…and that the many who rent out their homes should not be harmed due to a couple of complaints…He added the rental customers will go to Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale  or Deerfield Beach…He wasn’t saying the properties shouldn’t be policed…fined etc…He spoke of the previous long discussions on the alleyway…saying it was not as important as t this when comparing the impact…the massive implications if not done right…

Jason Clarke (who is a Realtor along with his wife Tanya) came and spoke as a real estate agent about the vacation rentals…and how many of those renters become residents after time spent here…He spoke of VM McIntee’s P.R. presentation of the riptide saves making the news…and reminded all of the recent N.Y. Times article on the pier and local businesses that presented LBTS as a 1st class resort town…He said they have never had any issues with their rentals…no code…no BSO …He said there is case law …many cases where homeowners prevailed when restrictions were placed on them bringing monetary loss…He asked the commission to table this item…to come together …and thwart a class action lawsuit…He said post the ordinance ( the present one)…fine … lose the right to rent…saying “far more are doing it right.”..and finished up by saying…”let this be the 1st class town that it is”

A real estate broker came to speak on behalf of a gentleman from Georgia that had spoken to Comm. Clottey and VM McIntee ( discussed earlier with Assist. Olinzock..this owner was concerned that the ordinance affected his property located on Commercial Blvd….it did not …due to his property being zoned commercial)……She too brought forth conversations with Comm. Clottey of the Comm. wanting to “stop these rentals”…and “somebody will get hurt”…[if they were not shut down]…This agent spoke of those who rent in this fashion…saying they were families with children…

Another real estate broke came up to say she represented 20 different property owners …2 condo associations Sandy- By- The- Sea and Oceanside…and she too spoke of who was seeking out homes on a weekly basis and they do not want to stay in hotels…that they are law-abiding she read some comments from those vacation renters of why they prefer these kinds of rentals…But, she said if they cannot rent in LBTS they will go to Fort Lauderdale where it is allowed…She too said the commission needed to “quantify the impact”…and she too asked about the alleyway …and the study that was requested…asking if a study was done on this…..(it was not)…asking for one with recommendations…

Dan(wish I had a last name!)…walked to the podium and said he was there to speak on one rental property ..saying this was a “destructive prescription” in this economy…speaking about the increasing burden and the Town of LBTS…as a destination…using the LBTS Chamber of Commerce website and reciting what is says….He went on to talk of the implications how this action fails to show a compelling reason of the public interest being served…He asked “are there any definable, quantifiable metric that inform this policy? Are vacationers that rent a private home or small properties any more inclined to criminal or antisocial behaviors than those that rent in hotels, motels or time shares?…He went after Comm. Clottey…. bringing to light a possible conflict of interest  revealing that he found the timing of this action curious…. saying it was an “understatement” after finding on Sept. 3,2008 she purchased interest in local timeshare property Royal Vista Vacations…He spoke of Comm. Clottey’s assertions at the April 28th meeting concerning signage of low rates and the undesirables it brought to town…He added the Sheriff said there were no problems…he asked for data to back up all the claims made of the negative implications…comparing the action the Commission was about to enact to” radical surgery for  non-specific symptoms!”…He said “this ordinance was remarkable for its short sighted intent, far reaching impact and this is an abuse of power!”

This writer spoke to say that after what the commissioners had heard from these speakers and the fact that yet again a 2nd reading of an ordinance would mostly be tabled…it is time to make some changes in how they operate…by having workshops…getting the word out collecting information before they went down this long road again…saving everyone time and money…for a more productive outcome…

Time for the Commission…and “pitbull Jimmy-boy” Silverstone was up first…He said the issue was not the duration… HUH?…They [commission] should not be “attacked” with looming lawsuits…as if they were “somehow responsible ” the economy and those who bought their homes not to live in but to “flip” and to rent out until they can find the right price for those whose fault it is”…He said he was looking to those who came forward to come up with a “cure” for the noise..the college kids and a way to enforce the problems…because the problems are unenforcable…that BSO can not remove “those people” it is “almost impossible”…He said he didn’t care about the duration that it was their property…but we need to regulate and control people to be able to have BSO throw people out….(Maybe Jimmy-boy isn’t running again after all?)…

Vice Mayor McIntee said he “listened to all your dissertations” (no paperback behind the dais this meeting?)…and he did not like all the direction being put on Comm. Clottey…saying “multiple people” (in the hall may implored “who?”)…had come to her…and were “supportive”…that she was “responding” and this was not a “personal vendetta”…He had done some research (got some swampland for sale…if you buy this…pun intended)…that it’s a terrible time..( for businesses too, VM?)…but added going after Comm. Clottey was “a little out of line”….He asked the Town Atty. if she saw any problems with this…(About that proclaimed research, VM!)…The Town Atty. replied that the commission directed an ordinance…for it to be drafted with a 1 month minimum stay…that she had previously brought to their attention that there was “a lot of litigation” with the minimum rentals…that the longer the time the bigger the issue…Going over his head…VM McIntee got it wrong saying they should go for longer!…Everyone tried to straighten him out!…The Town Atty. spoke of 4 pending matters…and the VM said it might be “advantagious to sit back”…(Groans from the hall)…The Atty. said it might be valid to stand back…delay for a time..but there was no guarantee of a time frame especially in litigation…

Comm. Dodd said this exemplifies why we need workshops…round tables…input …and then write the ordinance…He suggested 3 ways to go…to table for 90 days…for a workshop…or go for the 1 week rental…so we don’t open ourselves up to lawsuits…He too pointed out that the Chief said there were only 2 incidents and they were spring breakers…

Comm. Clottey…clearly looking rattled…said she had been accused of a lot (rightly so)…saying things she says she she did not (some…as previously posted this writer heard firsthand)…admonishing one speaker by saying he was told what to write and making innuendo about her neighbor…her constituent…(unbecoming for an elected official to say)….attempting to set the record straight on her “E-bay” purchase of points on a timeshare trade…saying she recommended it to others for what you can get foe a dollar…and the signage was concerning hotels…She said the “spin is wonderful” …speaking of her neighbors problem with rodents…saying that says it all…She asked the Town Atty. about the 28 days…saying she thought the Atty. did not believe it was a problem….

Comm. Silverstone said they should vote on it …and they could change it later…Comm. Clottey said the “problem has been 7 days”….and asked for a friendly amendment to make 14 (more groans from the hall)…Comm. Silverstone told Comm. Clottey the Town Atty. said it would be a problem….The Vice Mayor said they should table it for 90 days…get background (admitting they were not informed to be at 2nd reading)…and prevent themselves from “putting our foot into a lawsuit”…The Mayor corrected him yet again on the difference between tabling an item and deferring it to a date certain…(Table it..means starting over…with notices etc…deferring it no notice required…leaving it for the residents to keep an eye on its reurn!)…

Mayor Minnet took her shot at it by tying it all up which has become her practice…thanking all that came out…giving kudos to Comm. Clotteys neighbor for admitting his mistakes … making changes….and speaking about it …..She spoke of the landlords adhering to the existing rules…of not supporting this ordinance…understanding the current economic climate…that an ordinance should have stringent permitting…and they should be proactive to support business…regulate and give relief…She spoke of the ramifications ……to increase the bed tax to enforce with hefty fines…suspension of rentals …and then asked BSO Chief Gooding to come and address how many complaints he has received…Chief Gooding said there was a problem in Comm. Clottey’s neighborhood…it turned out to be a mortgage fraud case…He spoke of the multiple call for the spring breakers…about the compliance the BSO has with the landlords tha  it doesn’t take much (Hear that Jimmy?)…minimal calls…less than 10…and most were at the same address… Comm. Silverstone was not letting go of his assertions…asking the Chief…imploring the Chief …about the ability the BSO had in removing somebody…Chief Gooding went through the process….said the landlords could give them that ability…as Realtor Jason Clarke tried unsuccessfully to offer that the ability to remove was contained in the signed leases….and in closing Chief Gooding told Comm. Silverstone what he was looking for (the “cure”) would not even happen with this new ordinance!…OUCH!…

The Mayor called for the motion for a 1 week rental…it passed 3-2 (Comm. Clottey/VM McIntee dissenting)…Comm. Dodd made a motion for a workshop….it passed 5-0…no date set…

As previously posted…vacation renters…keep your eye on this one……For a commissioner who voted on the prevailing side …(Comm. Silverstone voted for it)…can put it back on to overturn!…

Don’t sit down…Don’t sit down…keep on rocking the boat….2010!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop…5/26/09 LBTS Commission Meeting…#1…What’s Up With Her?…

May 27, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…for quite some time now…no matter where I go…I hear the same comment…”What’s up with her”…The “her” is Commissioner Clottey…The residents former backers…and those that never backed “her”……are just totally befuddled by the behavior they are witnessing on the dais and off…..

What happened to our “Sandra Day O’Connor?”…

The only answer I have is…”She is besotted”…by a certain”mentor”….a former commissioner…who has the unfettered ability to give her the last word and guide her into the abyss she has now found herself in…

Last night reached a crescendo in absurd questions she asked …and adverse remarks she heard coming from her constituents….

It started with her question to BSO Chief Scott Gooding at the BSO monthly report…” I would like you to tell the residents what to do when they observe a drug deal go down.”…YIKES!…Chief Gooding stepped to the podium and remarked that he hoped there was not too much of that…and asked her if she meant a “hand to hand drug deal?”…She said ‘yes”…He went on to say the “observer” should not call 911…but should call the police and give a description and assured the Commissioner that within 30-50 seconds a patrol car would show up…Comm. Clottey had said it was on El Mar Drive and the Chief used that as an example for giving the information to the police…”the corner of Washingtonia and El Mar Drive”…He added that there are drug deals going on in LBTS…and said the BSO is appreciative of these calls….

BC- Let’s see we had the Vice Mayor on TV saying tourists “would be going home in a box” if it were not for the VFD and now we have this Commissioner talking about drug deals on the street we just gave out awards to students for beautifying …WOW!…Great P.R.

Next up was the VFD report and Comm. Clottey wanted to know why Fort Lauderdale could keep people out of the water and we could not…She wanted the Town to have something we could “put teeth in” to restrict people…and asked the Town Atty…The Town Atty. replied that LBTS does not have lifeguards….and it was a state owned beach…although the Town Atty. could look into something…(one more ordinance!)…

BC-We won’t pay for lifeguards at the beach around the pier…offering tourists professional protection…and a speedy response from those lifeguards already stationed on the beach…but we should keep residents from going in the water… ARGHHH…..

Comm. Clottey became McIntee “LITE” with her “questioning” of AMR Operations Manager Brook Liddle…about how many AMR ambulances were there for the hyperbaric chamber explosion…..Liddle responded 4 were on the island…3 on scene and 1 ready for anything else……along with 1 off the island…Comm. Clottey (using McIntee- like  “leading” questioning)…”Why did you do this?”…Liddle replied that the “scene required it”…Clottey “We had a lot of protection”…

BC- Groans were heard as this line of questioning took place so soon after the VFD presentation P.R…..

Commissioner Clottey did seem to have a momentary lapse of independence …when she corrected the Vice Mayor about the flawed alleyway study…and reminding him that the commission approval for egress from the pier parking lot was for “emergency reasons”…and not “emergency vehicles”…as he was trying hard to railroad the engineer and commissioners into accepting ….She even offered up  a temporary 2nd for a further study by the engineer to actually …physically come to the alley to make a report …that she withdrew as quickly as she made it…

BC- Visions of that imaginary little devil came to mind…sitting upon her shoulder…..

Commissioner Clottey was clobbered by the vacation rental “people” who came to speak their minds…It was not a pretty sight…but it was accurate…from what this writer heard as I sat in Town Hall the previous Friday afternoon…(I was looking at the backup material and she was in the conference room with 2 of the speakers)….and she did say exactly what they called her on… when they said she said….”they fell through the cracks”…that they (rentals) “were ugly”… ‘a nuisance”…and “don’t like seeing them all”….giving  credence to the other speakers who brought forward her similar comments made to them…about stopping the rentals…that “somebody could get hurt”…along with other comments…and ending with one speaker questioning a conflict of interest with her purported purchase of a timeshare in LBTS…OUCH!…

Vice Mayor McIntee said Comm. Clottey had multiple people in Bel-Air  contacting her …who were supportive …that this was no “personal vendetta”…(He would know!)

Comm. Clottey said she had been accused of a lot…of “saying things I did not say”  (beg to differ)….that she went on E-bay and bought points on a timeshare to trade …adding the low cost signage had to do with hotels…not residential rentals…going further into the “Mc-Gang” mantra…of saying the “spin is wonderful” and throwing a few uncalled for responses in the direction of one speaker who is her next door neighbor…and ending with being truly tone deaf to the Town Atty.’s position on the time allowance even after the Town Atty. “reminded” her of  the atty’s previous legal opinion…with Clottey offering up a “friendly amendment” of 14 days rather than 7!…Comm. Silverstone reiterated the Town Atty’s opinion yet again… …and Chief Gooding verified what he has said before…that there have been no major problems with short term renters……as the constituents themselves had informed her…….but to no avail…when she proceeded to vote against it…in a 3-2 vote…losing this one with Vice Mayor McIntee…After the vote came a vote for a workshop…with a vote of 5-0…no date set…as Comm. Clottey said it was not her that started this… was former Comm. Clark…(So there!)….

BC- Note to the vacation rental “people” keep checking on this site…to see when this comes back…for the “wagons will circle” and the “3-2 ” vote can be  overturned  at any time…with Comm. Silverstone bringing it back…since he voted on the prevailing side!….

The Bel-Air entryway signage…was “restitution” Commissioner Clottey said for someone removing the wall…(That would be the Town Administration)…and she and her neighbors were “harmed by some of the equipment” …( for the sewers)…stating no one should “begrudge restitution”…

BC- Many still feel that rather than 2nding a motion made by fellow Bel-Air resident VM McIntee…she should have joined him in recusing herself!…

Truly funny was Comm. Clottey’s request for Assist. Town Manager Olinzock to prepare Town residents ahead of time for Consent Agenda item h…the special event application for the Lauren Katzenbaum Celebration Ride 2009 on June 28,2009…for the Commissioner  feared for the residents being caught unaware of the noise from the motorcycles heading their way…Only problem…it was for a bikes…and this is the 5th year…with no problems previously….OOPS!…

“Besotted” Comm. Clottey went further down the path of no return when dealing with the 2-day event requested by the Marchelos brothers for a request for a special  event in their own pier parking lot…a private property…at 5 pm on the 4th of July…It was to begin after the VFD-CIC 4th of July “2-Hats/Broom Boys Re-election Kickoff Party”…… and for a second day on Sunday…Commisioner Clottey made outrageous remarks….such as asking how they could refer to it as a “wine and food” event if they were serving hot dogs and gyros…(she pronounced it jeerose)…Then leaping into the McFurth -muck by asking them about their “lease” not allowing food to be served after 3 pm…The brothers could not understand what she was talking about…The request for a special event permit in the parking lot had nothing to do with a lease …and the requirements for the permit were all in order per the Town staff…Comm. Clottey showed her “hand” when she said a copy of the lease was put in her box (we hear it was a McIntee request)…HMMMM….A back and forth exchange took place with the Vice Mayor and the Mayor over Spiros Marchelos coming to the podium to respond to her…with BFF “Jimmy” saying “Throw them out”…never mind they received no warning…(old habits die hard)…Comm. Clottey said she just asked a question…(some question!)  and instructed them to go back to their seats….Not done yet…after all she knew what was “required” of her…and she again did a “McIntee lite”…by asking the 2 Commissioners chairing the event what they thought about the 2 -day event…they said “no”…(surprise…surprise)…It went down…3-2 ( Dodd and Minnet voted for it)…Her constituents…yelled “Shame on you…shame on you…2010…2010!”….and walked out in disgust!…

BC- Later on after they had long left the hall and before the meeting ended…. she asked to amend the item…to offer the Marchelos brothers Sunday only…The Mayor made a second…again handing the gavel to the VM…and it passed 5-0…with instructions for the Town staff to contact them…

BC….Too little…too late…LITERALLY!….Which Town staff will be allowed to make contact with the pier owners?…( The staff has been instructed not to speak to the Marchelos brothers)….

Final topic of the 1st commission night was the kitesurfing…where she wanted to know about certification…and picture I.D.s…and agreed with “Commissioner” (She demoted him) McIntee…to “poll” the condos on launching from the beach behind them (Sea Ranch Club)….as she asked the Town Atty. about preferential residential treatment….and was met with the Town Atty. reminding her that she was told before…that the atty. had not heard back from the state and you have to have a “reason”……to treat non-residents differently….preferentially……as this issue also saw another delay…to the 2nd meeting in July…

BC- “Sandra Day O’Connor” come back soon!….

more to come….

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