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Here’s The Scoop…2/24/09…LBTS Commission Meeting # 5…VFD…Working Fire Version # 3/Follow That Ambulance Or Not…

February 28, 2009 by Barbara


Will they or won’t they?…

The discussion still front and center within the departments and on the minds of the residents is …should the VFD follow AMR on medical calls?…

We were told…despite being asked to erase these memories that the real beauty of AMR was the fact it offered us a service that would eliminate the need for a firetruck to follow the ambulance on medical calls…due to the extra EMS personnel contained within the EMS vehicle …that was lacking with BSO….a point driven home….pun intended …from the get-go by the “2-Hats”…

Now 5 months in…we are still at the mercy of “training”excuses…and AMR deflating scenarios such as a “bee sting” that could escalate into a need for the VFD to be on scene?…HUH?…

The Chief informed Comm. Dodd that there had been a meeting that day (2/24/09) with AMR and they were discussing the possibility of forgoing “other medical” calls…which I guess would be headaches…sprains and bee stings?…

The Chief made an about face from his initial response to Comm Dodd …for he started out by saying as Chief he wanted to do all 911 call ….(they do not do overnight or BSO Police)…but wanted to leave it to the Commission to decide…Comm. Dodd told the Chief that was not up him (Dodd) to decide……But there were categories followed by other fire departments to decide which calls should be calls for VFD to go on and which calls required no assistance…This is where the Chief  backed down from his “all 911” calls response desire to his “we’re in the decision making process now” statement……

Later on in the Vice Mayor’s “spin” he brought the VFD Fire Inspector to the podium  to use the comparison of Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach…with their fire/ ambulance response and ours…Trouble is…it’s apples and bananas…..These neighboring towns use the BSO model of response…the one we were told by VFD/Commissioners  McIntee and Silverstone we would forgo with AMR coming to town…OOPS!…

Wow…another “whopper”…..came from the dais and the podium…I knew people were adept at telling certain sounds from others…bird watchers…musicians with perfect pitch……but sirens?…Who knew…that the VFD can tell the difference in sirens between Pompano Beach…Fort Lauderdale and ours?…I see a talent contest in their future….now that the calendar idea has gone bust!…

This was asserted during the VM’s statement that the town was being called “a ghetto” from all the sirens going off daily in our little seaside village……Once again…he got the statement wrong!…Beware of the “Cliff Notes”…VM…read it for yourself…

Will they take a giant step back?…Will they stop suffocating the AMR in the eyes of the residents…It’s all up to the Deputy Chief…and his need to “play”….” Vigilante’s Fun Day”…

Next up….from Commissioner Dodd…the “working fire” at 1965 N. Ocean …having received the Incident Report at the last Commission meeting Dodd had informed the Chief he would be discussing it at the next meeting…

Pick a version….We have 3…Press Release 2/2/09….Incident Report 2/3/09…Chif at the podium 2/24/09…(#1 & 2 previous posts VFD category…LBTS agenda/meetings categories)…

Version 1- The Press Release- 2/2/09…..

The first unit on scene was Deputy Chief Jerry McIntee in command vehicle 212. The Deputy Chief arrived on location at 11:52 am one minute after the alarm was transmitted. Upon arrival the Deputy Chief observed  a smoke condition and advised fire dispatch of a working fire. The Deputy advised the incoming units to be prepared for a working fire and he then went into the structure to search for any victims and the fire source. It was determined that the fire had engulfed the kitchen of apartment 302 on the 3rd floor. Fire was rolling in the kitchen of this unit when first observed. The Deputy advised Chief Perkins via radio of the condition and involvement of the fire in the structure, this allowed Chief Perkins to set up the incoming units for the attack on this fire to suppress the event. While the incoming units were hooking up to the standpipes and laying the lines to control this fire, Deputy Chief McIntee made an aggressive attack on the fire with an interior hose line. This held the further spread of the fire temporarily and when all were committed to the fire they were successful in stopping the spread of the fire in this unit.

Version 2- The Incident Report-2/3/09….

Arson- Entry Method 14- window forced or broken

NOTE: C212- is McIntee


‘At 1151 hours on Monday February 2,2009 we were dispatched to a building fire. Six units were assigned to this incident.Thirteen personnel responded. We arrived on scene at 1153 hours and cleared at 1313 hours. The incident occurred at 1965 S Ocean Blvd.LBTS in District 12B. Th local station is 12. The general description of this property is multifamily dwelling. The primary task(s) performed at the scene by responding personnel was extinguishment. No mutual/automatic aid was given or received.

The involved structure is described as an enclosed building. The building was occupied and operating. “Cooking area, kitchen”best describes the primary use of the room or space where the fire originated. This building has four stories above ground. The fire occurred on the third floor. The fire was confined to the object of origin. The cause of ignition was unintentional. The material first ignited was “plastic”. “Heat source too close to combustibles” contributed to the ignition of the fire.

NOTE: Standpipe was unaccessible to FD due to landscape overgrown, no knox box found. For information,photographs and cost damages concerning incident see fire origin and cost report.

Version 3- The Chief at the Podium- 2/24/09…

Chief Perkins-” Mr McIntee was first because he was 2 minutes ah, a minute away from his home. He got on scene and found out where the fire was. He didn’t see any smoke from the outside when he arrived and he said that to dispatch but what he, someone I guess was screaming their was flames coming out of an apartment and he went in and found the fire, Um as the apparatuses were coming he radioed and told us what to do, hook up the standpipe. I hooked up the standpipe and we had it ready to go. And he fought the fire. He broke through the window from the outside. We didn’t fight the fire from the inside. We were outside. Okay? On a breezeway and we had to break the window to the kitchen because as you looked in the kitchen you see the fire rolling , it was pretty high and it was rolling. He broke the window and took the hose from inside the hallway ran it to the window and put the fire out with the hose through the window on the outside.”

BC- In the Incident Report situations stand out……quite differently from Version 1 and Version 3…..(differences between the press release & Incident Report previously posted VFD category)….

In the Incident Report the broken window…the Chief said from the podium McIntee broke to use the hose from the hallway to put out….”On a breezeway and we had to break the window to the kitchen because as you looked in the kitchen you see the fire rolling , it was pretty high and it was rolling. He broke the window and took the hose from inside the hallway ran it to the window and put the fire out with the hose through the window on the outside.”……..was only in the Arson section…

Incident Report-‘Arson- Entry Method 14- window forced or broken’…no mention in the narrative….

In the Incident Report the standpipe that the Chief  said at the podium he was hooking up…”I hooked up the standpipe and we had it ready to go”

Incident Report-‘NOTE: Standpipe was unaccessible to FD due to landscape overgrown, no knox box found. For information,photographs and cost damages concerning incident see fire origin and cost report.’

In the Incident Report the response times of the apparatuses…that the Chief said McIntee radioed instructions to while they were coming … “Um as the apparatuses were coming he radioed and told us what to do hook up the standpipe.”……..E212 arrived either 1 second before or at the same time as the Deputy Chief….

Incident Report-APPARATUS-E212

Apparatus I.D.-E212/Response Time 0:02:20/Apparatus Dispatch Date & Time 11:51:18 Mon. Feb 2,2009/En Route to scene date & time-11:51:18/Apparatus arrival date & time-11:53:38/apparatus priority response-yes/number of people-3/apparatus use-1/apparatus action taken 1-11- Extinguish/apparatus type-11-engine/personnel 1-585-Chavez,Daniel (cert.FF2)-position FF/Personnel 2- 123-Johnson,Kenneth (12/10/08 roster-trainee)-position DE(driver-engineer)/Personnel 3- 078- Louvaris,John (cert.FF1)-position-BC(Battalion Chief)

BC- NOTE….E-212 arrival time 11:53:38…arrived on scene 1 second BEFORE Deputy Chief…..3 Personnel…1 was a trainee…(trainees not allowed inside fire scene)…problematic for 2 in/2 out?…

APPARATUS-C212 (Deputy Chief McIntee)

response time-0:01:16/En route to scene date & time-11:52:23 Mon. Feb.2,2009/Apparatus arrival date & time-11:53:39/apparatus clear date & time-13:10:30/apparatus priority response -yes/number of people-1/apparatus use-1/apparatus type-92-Chief Officer car/Personnel-1-o58- McIntee,Jerry-(cert.FF1)position FF

BC-NOTE…arrival time-11:53:39..1 second AFTER E212….


Response time-0:02:45/apparatus dispatch date & time- 11:51:36 Mon. Feb.2,2009/En route scene date & time-11:52:16/apparatus arrival date & time-11:55:01/apparatus clear date & time- 12:54:35/apparatus priority response-yes/apparatus use-1/apparatus type-72-rescue unit


Response time-0:03:28/ apparatus dispatch time date & time-11:59:04 Mon. Feb 2,2009/ En route to scene date & time-11:59:06/ apparatus date & time-12:02:34/ apparatus clear date & time-12:54:30/ apparatus priority response-yes/ number of people-4/ apparatus use-1/apparatus type-12-truck or aerial/personnel-110-Chase, Gordon (12/10/08-trainee) position FF/Personnel 2- 054-Hopping, Judson-cert. FF2-position CP(Captain)/Personnel 3- Padden, Kevin-cert. FF 2-position CP (Captain)/ Personnel 4-Smythe,Doug-cert.FF1- position DE (driver engineer)


Response time-0:02:02/apparatus dispatch date & time- 11:51:37/En route to scene date & time-12:07:13/apparatus arrival date & time-12:09:15/apparatus clear date & time-12:54:26/apparatus priority response-yes/ number of people-4/apparatus use-1/apparatus type-11-engine/Personnel 1-124-Louvaris II, John(trainee-12/10/08)-position-FF/Personnel 2-Maddock,Christopher-cert. FF-position-LT(lieutenant)/Personnel 3-105-Sanchez, Juan- cert. FF2-position FF/personnel 4-025,Silverstone,James-cert.-FF1-position DE (driver engineer)

APPARATUS -C12 …(Chief Perkins)

Response time 1:00:07/En Route to scene date & time-11:54:58 Mon. Feb 2,2009/ apparatus arrival date & time-12:55:05/ apparatus clear date & time-13:13:44/ apparatus priority response-yes/number of people -1/apparatus use-1/ apparatus type 91-mobile command post/Personnel 1-081-Perkins, Robert- cert. FF1- position C (Chief)

BC- It is my understanding that several Incident Reports should have been made by each apparatus, and the discriptions made by the Chief in the press release and at the podium of how the fire was put out…how many men were used etc….should have been included…Why it wasn’t remains the question….

Commissioner Dodd made it clear the reason behind his questioning the Chief about McIntee going in on his own was concern that such action could jeopardise furture mutual aid from other municipalities…

The Chief replied that all the rules were obeyed…

When it came time the following day for Commissioner comments…the Vice Mayor/Deputy Chief said…”Ah, the VFD got a request for a volume of information from Commissioner Dodd. They spent 37 hours by our computations researching everything and he was supposed to ask the questions yesterday. So they did a great deal of research, spent a lot of money, assets to do the research, provide the paperwork and then it just didn’t seem to go anywhere. I mean that’s, that’s not fair. I think  if Commissioner Dodd walks over to see Chief Perkins he’ll give him anything he wants and show him anything he wants.”

BC- The “research” Commissioner Dodd requested was answered by the Chief  at the podium……The Commissioner  had also  requested  the Dispatch reports from Oct. to the present which was just a matter of printing it out…(it was not all turned over)… if you follow the Vice Mayor’s suggestion …which Commissioner Dodd already acted on……what would be the difference in the time used…whether in person or by e-mail?…And really 37 hours was required in research……and a lot of money was spent?……That would be an interesting accounting to see….seems highly suspect for information that should have been readily available….accessible…and just common knowledge for the Chief to supply the answers to…

The more intersesting question brought to this writer’s attention by a faithful reader…….Was the Deputy Chief/Vice Mayor involved with the research….and if so would that constitute a violation of Sunshine…since it was questions coming from the dais from a fellow Commissioner?….Hmmm….

Now to see if the VFD decides to back away from AMR assistance on “other calls”….as of yesterday…it seems …it was “lip service” at the podium…with the 1st hand view last night of the Deputy Chief “flying up” A1A…turning onto Pine Ave….entering Bougainvilla…to meet the AMR ambulances at the corner of Bougainvilla for a heart attack…ARGHHHHH……..

more to come….

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Places To Go….To Cook…In March….

February 28, 2009 by Barbara

Lenore Nolan-Ryan Cooking School

228 Commercial Blvd
Lauderdale by the Sea, FL 33308
(954) 491-2340

#764 “Exotic Erotic Shrimp” … Lip smackin’ Finger lickin’

Tuesday, March 3 /     7pm / Hands On / $48.00 pp
Mardi Gras Shrimp & Biscuits / Grilled BBQ Shrimp Bloody Mary Dipping Sauce / Baked Shrimp Scampi Soldiers

#765 At Your Fingertips

Thursday, March 5 / 7 pm / Hands On / $48.00 pp
“Homemade Mozzarella” Enjoy this hands on class with award winning chef Willie McCray of Todd English’s restaurant “Osteria da Campo.” You will each take home your own hand made “mozzarella ball”

#766 Tilapia…5 Big Flavors “Low Cost”

Monday, March 9 / 7pm / Hands On / $48.00 pp
Costa Rican Tilapia / Skillet Herb Tilapia / Tilapia Parmesan / Baked Tilapia with Tomatoes and Olives / Thai Tilapia

#767 Go Green Farmers Market Local Vegetables

Thursday, March 12 / 7pm / Hands On / $48.00 pp
Toasted Israeli Couscous Printinaire and Lemon Basil Vinaigrette / Vegetable Ribbon Pasta Primavera / Roasted Harvest Vegetable Tian w/ Checca Tomatoes
#768 Begone the Irish myth ! ….We can COOK!

Monday, March 16 / 6 pm / Hands On / $48.00 pp
Braised Beef Shepherds Pie with Garlic Mash / Baked Mustard Crusted Corned Beef / Guinness Braised Pork Shoulder

#769“ Down to the Keys Fish”

Thursday, March 19 / 7 pm / Hands On / $48.00 pp
Sauteed Grouper w/ Sweet Potato & Smoked Chile Grits & Green Onion Cilantro Sauce / Grilled Mahi w/ Smoked Chile Butter & Tomatillo Salsa / Yellow Tail Snapper w/ Pineapple Mustard Glazed & Cilantro Mint Chimichurri
#770“ Couples that Cook Together, Stay Together”

Monday, March 23 / 7 pm / Hands On / $48.00 pp
Couples Class…AhSo Easy
Tofu Pad Thai / Sticky Black Bean and Chicken / Shanghai Vegetable Noodle Cakes / Shrimp Toasts

#771 “Men’s Club Cooking” Boy’s Night Out

Tuesday, March 24 / 7pm / Hands On? #48.00 pp
AppleWood Smoked London Broil & Zinfandel Sauce /
Chipolte Chicken & Shredded Pork Chili w/ Cheese Cornbread /
Grilled Garlic Chicken Salsa Verde

#772  A Journey for Food Lovers … Tuscany

Tuesday, March 31 / 7 pm / Hands On / $48.00 pp
Tuscan Roasted Sea Bass w/ Three Tomato / Broccoli Souffle Wrapped in Proscuitto / Mascarpone, Honey and Nut Turnover

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Update…20 Trees…..Still Not Enough…A Brief Commission Meeting Interuption……UPDATE/CORRECTION…

February 27, 2009 by Barbara

20 Trees…

When last we discussed the Esther Colon “20 tree” theory of projects…(previous post…scoop &LBTS agenda/metings category..2/24/09 Commission meeting #3)…Ms. Colon was painfully  trying to “cover” for her administration’s inability to follow through with a major Capital Improvement project wherein proper personnel were in place to see that the companies hired had fully reviewed the structure and that all the “t’s” were crossed and” i’s”  were dotted so that “20 trees” meant 20 trees …In allowing for Commissioners and those long involved in Town events to have  regular updates …providing transparency because an extra set of eyes familiar with the needs of the Town might have found in the pre-planning stages….that 20 trees meant an inferior landscape…..pointing out those extras needed to make this landscape full and lush …exactly what was required!…

The late change order on the Pavilion only offered after all the discussion…and the lambasting of Comm. Dodd…. 10 extra EFI outlets…at a cost of $1200 …no extra amperage….no “boards” as were the costly electrical discovery Comm. Dodd pointed out at the July 4th event. He brought this up in his Commissioner comments on 2/25/09…after seeing the late addition to the agenda and looking it over after the meeting…after the vote saying the $13 thousand and change as Comm. Silverstone referred to it ….did not do what would have been required to ensure this. The Town Manager informed Comm. Dodd after these meetings that in order to have 2- 50 amp plugs that would make it possible to purchase the boards and not pay each time for the electricians, he would have to request it! What was used was a 60 amp service as is used by Dave Gadsby for Village Grille events…What Comm. Dodd was looking for … a “uniform” system to use for El Prado and the Pavilion….but if you “play” by the “2-Hats” code of being a Commissioner…Hands off!…Commissioner Dodd just keep mum and let the Town Manager and staff do their job ….inferior or not!

By the way…Dear Readers….during this Town Manager Report exchange we all saw government spending at it’s best…whether it was Commissioner Clottey saying it was “only a thousand dollars”…”nothing lavish.”……Vice Mayor Mcintee calling it a “nominal amount” … Commissioner Silverstone with his “13 and change” remark…along with the Town Manager saying …quite evasively that there was” an additional amount in her memo”…the amount really asked for…voted on and approved…….close to $20 thousand….

UPDATE/CORRECTION…after reviewing the backup exhibits a,b &c……the amount was $13,298.50…the confusion from the tape was cleared up with the backup materials…

Why did $2o thousand stick in this writer’s craw?….Because way back when in the “real planning stage” of the Pavilion in 2007…the MPSC was asked to choose an architectural firm…and they did Russell Partnership…but the Town Manager asked the Commission to hold off …Why?… She thought she could get it done for less…with O’campo…$20 thousand dollars less!…OOPS!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop…2/24/09 LBTS Commission Meeting …#4…Cockroach…The Hiss Heard Around The Town…

February 27, 2009 by Barbara


Well the Mc-“Cockroach” story sure has legs….pun definitely intended…

A little background from previous posts….

At the 1/22/09 Commission meeting the Marchelos brothers were at the podium to deal with the Vice Mayor trying to cause them trouble yet again…this time to try and take away the Pier Fishing sign that stands in the median located on the east side  of A1A on Commercial Blvd….. as it has for over 40 years….in fact in better days when the VM was a mere Commissioner …without a VFD ….he was championing  the effort for rewiring the “historic” sign and that was heard in on a CD this very evening…courtesy of Louie …despite efforts made from the dais to stop the VM’s words from coming back to bite him….

Attempting to disturb them, Louie said the VM’s wife was “hissing at him…and he turned to tell her that she “hissed” just like a roach…a “Cockroach”….

from a previous post…scoops category ….after the meeting……

‘Mrs. Hisser must have clued her husband in just outside the door…….after a quick exit…from the hall that became a lightning fast  boom-a -rang back inside……pointing his finger menacingly at the “Boys”…for calling his wife a “cockroach”…the Vice Mayor then repeated it out loud for all to hear…he wanted Chief Gooding to do something…to which the Chief replied “It’s not illegal” and he hadn’t heard it….the Vice Mayor then approached the dais to address a few of the dais members still packing up…told them loudly a constituent…the “Athena Boys” were ” A SON OF A BITCH”…and  chastised Commissioner Clottey for voting to help them out!’…

Then thanks to her husband…the story went north and made its debut in the Pompano Pelican…(previous post local news category…)

Fast forward…to February 24,2009…and a heads up at Taste of the Beach…there’s a report an incident report made on the day after with the LBTS- BSO Police…I heard about it…but didn’t think it was true…it was!…The Vice Mayor went in the next day to file a report…he was told…he could not file for his wife, she would need to come herself…and she did……

The Report…

Police Information….Incident type- other: Deatail in Description….incident date 01/22/09….Thursday….1/22/09 22:30 4501 N Ocean Dr. LBTS …Offices-Gov’t Ofice Building….report date-10/23/09…13:31—arrived 13:31….cleared 13:40…person reporting McIntee Maureen …female…birthdate and age…address….mentioned person Marchelos, Elias…male…birthdate….age….employment…Athena’s Greek…address….

Duncan, Joseph 10930….(BSO Police Officer)

Maureen McIntee came to the Lauderdale By The Sea District Station and advised me of an incident that occurred at the Town Commission meeting Thursday night ( January 22,2009)- Jarvis Hall.

Maureen McIntee advised that “Louie” Elias Marchelos and brother Spiro Marchelos of Athena’s Greek had been in her opinion, disruptive during the night, making personal attacks towards her husband Vice mayor Jerome McIntee. During a time at podium, Louie Marchelos looked at Maureen McIntee and told her, “You’re a cockroach”. Maureen McIntee advised she found the comment rude but did not mention being in fear of Louie Marchelos due to the comment. I asked Maureen McIntee if she had made any comments to incite this reply and she replied ” I don’t remember”.

At public comments on Feb 24th, 2009…Louie Marchelos spoke ….

A portion of his public comments concerned the “Cockroach” remark……

” During the last meeting in Commissioner comments a Commissioner in justifying his official treatment of me and  my business said I have crossed the line in calling his wife a “cockroach”. To clear the record during that meeting when I returned to my seat after defending myself from one of the Commissioner’s continual attacks and it is on tape, the lady “hissed” at me and I told her she sounded like one of those roaches. This was improper on my part and I do apologize, Um she even though “hissing” in support campaigning against me and “hissing” is less than ladylike manner is still a lady and must be treated as such. I reacted out of frustration and real fear that these attacks by this “bully” were aimed at destroying my business. Please note that I do not have sole franchise in bad words. During that meeting, after the meeting was over while the Commissioner was cleaning up he referred to me as “a son of a B”, which would refer to my mother as a dog. Once again I think an apology is due from that person. Whether you favor dogs instead of roaches, none of us should venture into this territory. “…

When Mr. Marchelos finished…Maureen McIntee stood up from the back of the room and said, ” I have a right to defend myself from a lie!”…

The Vice Mayor made a point of order to allow his wife to come forward…and at first the Mayor was going to not recognize him…then he went on to ask wasn’t this what the dais had agreed to if someone was personally attacked…the dais was non- responsive to him…he then called for a motion to override the Chair seconded by his BFF Comm. Silverstone…The VM went on to say his wife had a right to defend herself…Comm. Clottey wanted the Town Attorney’s opinion…and the Town Attorney…said ” I think you are all doing just fine.”…resulting in the hall erupting in laughter…the T.A. apologized that his remark sounded “light”, that was not his intention…Comm. Clottey asked him again about whether the remarks made met the threshold of offensiveness…and the T.A. refreshed the Commissioner’s memory from his prior statements when dealing in freedom of speech VS recognizing a persons right to speak…and in this situation it was not a freedom of speech issue…therefor it was left to the discretion of the dais to decide…which is the process now being acted on with a vote…Comm. Dodd felt the criteria agreed to on answering personal attacks came from a Commission member and a member of the audience not 2 audience members…thus leaving the door open to more such episodes to occur down the line…The VM wasn’t having any of that and said it was for anyone attacked…Comm. Dodd mentioned that this writer was not afforded such right to reply (after derogatory comments from the VMin the past)…The VM responded that that was the “purpose” of now allowing it!”..(really?)…The VM went on to say his wife was attacked and had the right to defend herself, it was fair and reasonable…a vote was taken and it failed 3-2…with Clottey…Minnet…and Dodd voting no…

Later on a gentleman gave up his public comments time to allow Maureen McIntee to speak…a nice gesture but never has it been allowed in the past when attempted by others…this time it was…

Maureen McIntee came to the podium…” I thank the gentleman very much, Maureen McIntee. I have been accused by Louis Marchelos of making loud noises, “hissing” sounds whatever disturbing this assembly because he has said remarks which he believes do not believe in. It is an absolute lie. Marc Furth was sitting next to me. I was sitting in the front. If I had done anything like that you people on the dais would have heard me. I was sitting in the back, and I hear Mr. Marchelos making remarks right now. ( The Mayor requested respect from the hall) As a matter of fact at this same particular meeting the 2 Marchelos’ were sitting in the back making derogatory statements. I always sit in the back. I was sitting there, they were sitting near me, I absolutely got up and moved from my seat because of the nasty remarks they were saying out loud about various people on the dais. I came to the front of the room. Marc Furth was sitting next to me. When this statement came out Marc Furth said it was an absolute lie. I did not “hiss”. I did not make a sound. What happened, Louis Marchelos left the podium and he said as he walked past me “you have to live with him.” And I kept my mouth shut and I turned around and very nicely not loudly, nothing , I said “and you have to live with yourself.” I did not make a “hiss”. I did not make a sound. I did not do anything which he has the right (Freudian?)…the wrong to call any name to anyone in this assembly. Marc Furth is my witness and if it had happened all you people on the dais would have heard it, I was sitting right in front. And I thank the gentleman for giving me his time. Thank you very much.”

BC- Well which is it?…

The comments made at the podium on the Feb. 24th…1 month later…….”What happened, Louis Marchelos left the podium and he said as he walked past me “you have to live with him.” And I kept my mouth shut and I turned around and very nicely not loudly, nothing , I said “and you have to live with yourself.” I did not make a “hiss”. I did not make a sound.”


The reply to the BSO on January 23rd…1 day later…..”I asked Maureen McIntee if she had made any comments to incite this reply and she replied ” I don’t remember”.

Well which is it?…

” I was sitting in the front. If I had done anything like that you people on the dais would have heard me.”…”Marc Furth is my witness and if it had happened all you people on the dais would have heard it, I was sitting right in front.”


“What happened, Louis Marchelos left the podium and he said as he walked past me “you have to live with him.” And I kept my mouth shut and I turned around and very nicely not loudly, nothing , I said “and you have to live with yourself.”

Did the dais hear that?….If not …then maybe the dais did not hear the “hiss”…that Maureen McIntee said on Jan. 23,2009 to the BSO…she “did not remember”….HMMMM….

Not over yet…the next day was Commissioner comments at the continuation of the 2/24/09 Commission meeting…and Vice Mayor McIntee wasn’t going to let this one go….

VM-” Now in closing , yesterday my wife was again, was attacked. I say to all of you, you can attack me anytime you want. When my wife was attacked, I asked for an override of the Chair and it was voted down. I listened to the minutes this morning when we discussed people talking at public comments. It was decided that somebody could sign in for somebody as long as they put their  name with it as the person signing them in. It was also discussed that if somebody comes late and wants to speak we would allow it. That was clearly said. Now in that case of my wife had I felt a right to speak. This dais didn’t bu a person from the left side, the other side gave her the courtesy and privilege of his time to give her her chance to speak back. By the way what he did should not have been allowed, it should not have been allowed, but it was done to do here is the Commission sitting here should have given my wife that opportunity and I say to you Commissioner Clottey that woman worked for 15 hours on a hot summer day to get you elected ( election day was Jan 29,2008) and that was a simple courtesy and she came up as a lady and explained what happened. (a version) Personal attacks against family members are unacceptable. If somebody attacked Penny, I would fight them vigorously (fight yourself VM?) , If somebody attacked P.J. (Mayor’s son’s name is C.J.-oops!), I would fight them vigorously, If somebody attacked your daughter Commissioner Clottey , I would fight them vigorously, If somebody attacked Peggy I would fight them vigorously. But I would at least give the family member the opportunity to respond. And I am really disappointed in you Commissioner Clottey ,you hurt a woman who was one of your biggest helpers and supporters, I yield.”

The Mayor asked Comm. Clottey if she wanted to respond…Com. Clottey said ” No, I think I’ll rise above it this time.”…Comm. Dodd had his button pushed and the Mayor asked that maybe he wanted to follow Comm. Clottey’s lead…he said yes…but …wanted to set a few facts straight…including that the VM and MacMillan had in fact attacked his wife at his election night celebration in front of his family…why?…because Comm. Dodd in his acceptance speech did not acknowledge Maureen McIntee to thank her……an unintentional oversight on Comm. Dodd’s part…(previous post …the sausage series…Some things never change….)…

Now… any doubt that the sincere ladylike behavior should be in question…all this writer can reply is……slap site…topix blog…CIC …John Thompson….staff writer…and full time co-hort on the vigilante brigade…fully engaged…. riding shotgun…McIntee all the way…….

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Here’s The Scoop…2/24/09…LBTS Commisssion Meeting …#3….The Pavilion Makes It To The Manager Report….Or A Double Standard At It’s Worst…

February 27, 2009 by Barbara


At the 2/24/09 Commission meeting there was an interesting addition…not seen before…and never on this topic…the Manager had added after the agenda was closed…and out for the public and Commissioners on Friday Feb.20th…to add the Pavilion to her report…imagine that some information  on the Pavilion…a change order…brought in front of the Commission…and the public BEFORE any action was taken…WOW!…

Below is what took place…some verbatim…some overview…it went on for quite some time…the change order…was the addition of electrical outlets …cutting back the median on Commercial at the “roundabout” by the Pavilion and a required sand dune…and in the discussion what is heard…and much of what is said is really selective memory…disingenuous assertions of the source of the change order and a definite “double standard” that brings forth this late addition to her standard report….

7- Town Manager Report

a. Commercial Boulevard Beach Pavilion-Change Order

Town Manager-” I have spoken to several Commissioners Um, concerning the Beach Pavilion. There’s been some Um, questions brought up on the receptacles Um, Commissioner Clottey brought it up to me. I was able to speak to the contractors and a civil engineer and that’s part of the change order. In addition it appears that some residents thought that the median at the roundabout was gonna be cut, be reduced. It was not part of the plan, it was never part of the discussions. We’ve included this in your change order. In addition I included the permitted plans and notices from the state because we have to build a dune. It’s a requirement. So, I attached the complete change order and the reason I have it on the agenda order Town Manager because it was received after the agenda and the deadline and since we’d like to meet our schedule I have it for your consideration and approval. When we get to the consent agenda. If you have any questions.”

Comm. Dodd-” I have a question, I received that much at 7 o’clock (holding up the backup received) tonight and I’m expected to read it and make decisions on it which the Pavilion is one of them? I can’t do it , there’s no way I can do justice to this to read it and understand it and make the proper comments and I’m gonna have to ask that this particular one is tabled and this doesn’t happen because that amount of reading there is not a hope of ever getting through this lot before the Commission meeting when I get this at 5 to 7 when I arrive. I’m, with the greatest respect Esther, we have to sort the agenda out. If that means we need a round table to build more time into it so we can have more time to consider it. ”

Commissioner Dodd went on to describe his research preparation  time and day and being yet again given materials upon arriving at the hall in need of a snap decision…a scenario that has been commonplace…

T.M. -” May I respond Commissioner Dodd? (Dodd tells her to go ahead)…Um, I believe on Monday,um, this plan that’s in front was part of the RFP package. There is no changes to this plan. In the outline I clearly say the 10 receptacles the electrical receptacles. I mean it’s, I have no problem, the only reason I brought it on this agenda is they’re gettin’ ready to pave, they’re gettin’ ready to do asphalt. Personally if you want to table it, I have no problem. But do we stop the project or do we address it as it was brought up. For example the electrical circuits, it was a good observation by Commissioner Clottey ( Marc Furth) ”

C.D.- ” I may have a good observation about something else.”

T.M.-” Commissioner Dodd, but you have not brought up anything to me.”


T.M.-” I brought this up only because it was brought to my attention. I believe at the last meeting there was 2 or 3 residents that talked about the roundabout. So we went out, I went out there 2 or 3 times to see if we can address it before they proceed. Once they proceed this will cost much more money to do or like I said last week if we need to stop work on this project we can do that. I have no problem , I can tell them to continue as is but if we have to come back and ask them to do 10 electrical outlets it’s gonna cost more money. If we have to tell, well they probably won’t do the roundabout cutting ,we’ll probably have to do that. Once they fill the asphalt, we’re gonna come back and start cutting. I have no problem, I’m just trying to avoid any additional costs. I’m trying to avoid an additional delay and since this is something that was brought up to me by a Commissioner  (Marc Furth) just as if you brought up something to me that I need to have attention it. I will do that,. This is no more no less. ”


T.M.-” This can be tabled and everything can be done after they finish, whatever is they’re doing. I have no problem with this.”

C.D.-” I have no desire to increase the cost on it and I have no desire to stop the project, but I do have a desire to try and plan ahead okay, because that’s the object of the exercise. So that we can get all the ideas on it. Now I’m sorry certain things came up at the last minute and I accept that but to expect to try and make a reasonable decision right at this point in time only having the information.”

T.M.-” And I have no problem and I did not plan it’s not my lack of planning. I am just trying to resolve us either incurring additional expense because when they have to start paving we’re going to have to undo what they have done. When they start laying the pavers and we have to undo to put in the electrical outlets this is only, If Commissioner Clottey wouldn’t have brought it to my attention ( Marc Furth) I  would have probably been here  a month month from now and somebody would have said why didn’t you put in all the electrical outlets. That’s all I’m trying to say. No one said cut back that median this is something that was brought out.”

BC- When the MPSC was in the process of the pavilion with the students…Marc Furth spoke of cutting the median back….all the way back to the Aruba drive into their lot…during the 4th of July preparation meetings…Marc Furth and the committee went numerous times to the roundabout and spoke of cutting the median back…and it has been spoken about often in the duration of the project…(Comm. Clottey may have been out of town at that time)…

C.D.-” The electrical purpose of the Pavilion all along was to run bands and everything, so there it should have had at the planning stage and the design stage the correct 50 amp outlets that were done for the July the 4th and everything (T.M. agreed) Why weren’t these reviewed at the planning stage?”

T.M.- ” I guess we’ll have to go back to the commission meetings to see which Commissioners chose not to bring it up at that time.”

BC- Madam Manager passes the buck!…If the Manager would have brought the Pavilion project before the Commission regularly…on and off the dais…we would have seen what the project had…and what was missing…wall…no wall…plumbing…no plumbing…outlets…no outlets…medians cut back…the whole nine yards …for this was to be as directed…by the prior Commission and the Former Mayor a structure for concerts….bands…(previous posts…scoops categories…and in the minutes online)…

C.D.-” I don’t think it’s a question of that it’s a question of a review that this  bit got missed off  by whoever reviewed the plans.”

T.M.-” I can’t say it was missed off. If the project says put in 1o trees and then midstream somebody wants to put in 20 trees is that lack of review? This is the way the  project was approved and this is the way it was going. I have no qualms with you Commissioner, I’m just saying I don’t want to incur an additional expense. If in the future this Commission does not want me to bring change orders which can avoid an additional change before a project’s say asphalt is done I won’t bring it and at least we will all be on the same page here. That’s all, I just don’t want to have an additional expense.”

BC- NO WONDER…the Manager and McIntee are so in sync …They talk out of both sides of their mouths…Think about what she just stated AFTER Comm. Dodd tried to make her understand that a review should be done BEFORE the project was started…We now know the Pavilion plans were purposely kept under wraps with no updates for anyone to be able to start with the “20 trees” in the first place and now it’s being covered up with illogical deflective declarations …YIKES!…

Comm. Clottey-” Okay, I brought this to the Town Manager’s attention because both Commissioner Dodd and I chaired the July 4th event and we found out about how much the Town electrician cost and how much he was charging to put up those electrical boards. He put them and take them down and last summer the decision was made and I believe the committee that put on the event was charged for this. But what we did was we put permanent boards up there that can be used by everyone and that is one of the reasons why the Chamber is not paying that much money to use that parking lot, is because we did something permanent.”

BC- Comm. Dodd upon seeing the electrician with the boards and seeing the electrician bill receipts was the one who brought this to the attention of Marc Furth, the committee and the Town…so following this fact…readers can now see if the Manager and staff had presented the Pavilion plans to the Commission during the process of the plans being changed and being  finalized …perhaps Comm. Dodd and others would have “zoned in” on the lack of outlets…thus “20 trees” to start with…nothing left to “midstream”!…

C.C.-” Now, I was talking to one of the town residents (Marc Furth) once and we talked about this and they said will you please make sure that there are enough outlets in the Pavilion and I immediately got a hold of the Town Manager and I said please make sure that there are enough outlets in there so if we want to put an event on now’s the time to do it not when the thing is done. And the next day I went in to see the Town Manager and I said this is important because I grew up in Ohio and there were some terrible incidents of government buildings going up without a single electrical outlet. Millions of dollars were spent and I wanted this taken care of right away and I impressed that on the Town Manager and she went and immediately got the architects to look at the plan and they realized that we had been planning concerts and other stuff there we needed more electrical outlets and I don’t think anybody should be smearing anybody here. I think we ought to say let’s get this thing done right now. ”

BC- Marc Furth has the daily ear of the VM and Marc Furth sees and speaks to the Town Manager often…so in this writer’s opinion…Comm. Clottey was used as a go between…and to say that the Architects did not know about concerts…come on…look at the videos…check the minutes…the final instructions  to Ocampo from the former Commissioners were what this Pavilion would be used for. “Smearing” there was no “smearing” there was accountability being implored…accountability not “cover”…

C.C.- ” It’s only a few thousand dollars right now, it’s like a thousand dollars. If we finish the building and then we have to put those things in or have an electrician come and put in a thousand dollars each time for him to put the boards in and take them away that’s foolish very, very, foolish and it’s my understanding that as they were going over the plans and looking to see what else could be done to improve it that it was the engineer from the contractor suggested we move this thing back a few feet and we would be able to have easier access we can have 2 full lanes at this particular roundabout.Now I personally would like it moved back even further so that at about the place where Aruba’s driveway is.( See above Marc Furth July 4th same remarks made) When I saw the Town Manager about that she said well why didn’t you tell us earlier. Because it’s cheaper to do it now than to pull up the pavers and pull everything else up. And Commissioner Dodd, I believe the total cost of moving the thing back 4 feet putting the electricity that we need is about 12 thousand dollars. I really don’t know if we should stall the contractor and put the businesses through a minimum of another 2 weeks of all that congestion that they have for just a few thousand dollars that we’re going to have to spend anyway. We’re not being ripped off here. Ah, yes somebody missed it, but please let’s not crucify anybody because somebody missed the outlets. I think we ought to say thank you ,we found the problem and we will correct it right away. With that I yield.”

BC- This writer is truly disappointed with words used by Comm. Clottey…”smearing”…and now “crucify”…although she apologized the next day in her Comm. comments to Comm. Dodd…the Comm. should really analyze the facts and the accountability of the Town Manager and the Architects…and the facts of how this was mismanaged…..

Vice Mayor-” Um, this is government run awry. Esther ah, reacted to a request from a Town  ah, Commissioner. She did it rapidly. She got the report to us as rapidly as possible. It’s a nominal figure (13 thousand) on a half a million dollar project. We’re going after the Town Manager for not having more notice on it. Ah, this is over 12 outlets we’ve just wasted 20 minutes on 12 outlets, 20 minutes. This is off the wall.”

BC- 2o minutes wasted on…Greenfest…VFD calls….Cockroaches…cul de sacs…signs….etc….etc…etc….HMMM……

VM- ” Esther did what a Town Commissioner asked it’s not a major change  it’s a nominal charge (13 thousand) and as a result we’re saying the Town Manager why wasn’t I prepared. Well we all had this a long time ago we all had the right to look at it. Esther had it all, the Commission had it.”

BC- Not so… the open Pavilion presented to the DEP in June. 2008…..and open Pavilion plans  with no plumbing dated 9/08…were never given to the Commission…presented to the public …because at that time the former plans…shown in Town Topics in the Aug/Sept 2008 edition were with walls and were still thought to be the final plans…including plumbing for future bathrooms…and as recently as the last few months..a “dog and pony show” was put on by the Town Manager and the VM instead of presenting Comm. Dodd with the materials he received this night!…

VM-” Commissioner Clottey had it. ( in Dec. 2008 a final rendering only) Somebody (Marc Furth) came up with the 12 plugs. It was a major flaw. They fixed it. How do we get mad at the Town Manager for not having more information in front of us? (see above) When it’s an event over 12 outlets on a project that’s ahead of schedule. It’s looking great and we’re gonna pick on the Town Manager for 12 outlets, not me , I yield.”

BC- As expected “cop” loyalty….at its finest!

Comm. Silverstone- “Okay to the Town Manager, what is the additional cost hat you’re projecting this to be? I’m looking at one figure that 13 thousand and change and another one about 6 thousand dollars.”

TM- ” With the roundabout and the changes a..b..c…total net charge $13,298.00″

C.S.-” Just to clarify this, this will include 10 additional outlets ah, moving the curb back to allow more um, turn around right there paving and everything else is included with that and something about um, fixing a sand dune something back there?”

TM- pointed out exhibit 3 the required sand dune…went over the RFP…where she states….” Some people have seen it, some people haven’t but this is the plan that went with the RFP.”

BC- sitting in at the bidding meeting…(previously posted scoops categories)…the plans shown to the bidders included walls and non- walls due to time constraints and funding…along with plumbing for future bathrooms…again the Town Manager has just admitted what was in the RFP plans and that some people (who?) had this and some people did not!…Mad you bet this writer is mad!…

C.S.- ” Well I’m gonna vote for this cause you’re basically saying 3 things here the sand dune was required 10 outlets that commissioner Clottey found (Marc Furth) and thankfully came up with the idea and move back the roadway there to allow more traffic to flow through, correct?”

TM-” Right and the cost associated with Ocampo outlined in my memo.” (Comm. Silverstone said okay and that was all he had.)

C.D.-tried once again to state where he was coming from…the proper process for a electrical review and he was not mad at the Town Manager for bringing it to the Commission’s attention, and tried once more to clear up what needs to happen to prevent this type of situation….saying it was not a personal attack on the TM or anyone else but he was simply trying to see how to learn from these mistakes and rectify the situation to not go down this road again.

Mayor- She wanted to clarify that there were 4 outlets included in the plans, Comm. Clottey wanted more (Marc Furth) and after reviewing the plans there was a need for more. It was also stated by the Mayor and concurred by the TM that Town DID know there was to be a median cut back but felt the company would be better to use to do it…

BC- a conflict with the TM assertions that there was no knowledge of the medians being cut back….

C.S.- was not done…he made a comment to Comm. Dodd (something BFF Silverstone has been doing increasingly of late on the dais, is this a good example  for his basketball kids to observe? ) “Jimmy” rewrote history…( BFF type behavior) ” The buck stops here.”…going on to recount a whole new scenario of the Pavilion’s history…again thanking Comm. Clottey (Marc Furth)…and snidely saying he’d take the blame if that would make Comm. Dodd happy….( perhaps Coach Silverstone…has been around the children far too long?)…

C.C.- went on to again with talk of the 12 thousand (13 thousand) being a pittance…worrying about the businesses…high season …and saying 2x this was not a “lavish” expense…ending with the hope it would be caught the next time around…..

Comm. Dodd went on to talk about concern of the road being closed down for days for paving and regrading in front of the Pavilion…asking to open up Pier egress through the alleyway…which of course led to the VM trying to stop it…and the Asst. Town Manager reporting he had received no submittals for the  Town required changes…thus the VM said it was”not really in the game”…adding that with the construction company paying flagmen…the road should be usable…The TM said they were working with all to deal with the interruptions…but to get it done in time …March 10th everybody’s got to work together…

The item…for the Pavilion change order was moved to the consent agenda …item 12 f…which passed 5-0…

BC- Time for a Town Manager Performance Review….

more to come……

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Here’s The Scoop…2/24/09..LBTS Commission Meeting #2…Public Comment…. #1….Or The Past Comes Back To Haunt Him…

February 26, 2009 by Barbara


There must have been a little extra head rubbing going on in the 3rd seat from the end of the Mayor’s left…Yep, that would be the Vice Mayor…seeing his past come back to haunt him…Patrick Pointu was in the hall…and he signed up to speak…and speak he did….because…the Vice Mayor’s bad acts…are still in full swing. ….in the months since Patrick resigned…

Patrick Pointu….From the podium….

“When this commission evaluated the VFD proposal, your decision was based
on the VFD by Laws and Standard Operating Procedures that we presented.
It was made clear by Chief Perkins that they were the VFD Bible and that
they shall be followed.

It was also said numerous time that the VFD meetings were and will be
open to everyone.

Now you have the same Chief Perkins, telling you that the meeting are
confidential and that the SOPs should not be followed because they are I
quote ‘a living document’. Yes SOPs needs to be improved over time, but
it does not mean that you can ignore them.

But who cares about Policies when they are supposed to prevent a Chief
officer to damage an ATV while backing up without first looking for an

But who cares about Policies when they explain that it is stupid and
unsafe for a Chief Officer to drive at 90 miles an hour on A1A to
respond to a routine medical call when the med unit is already on scene.

But who cares about Policies when it says that a chief officer cannot
spend thousands and thousands of dollars without comparative quotes nor
approval from the membership.

But who cares about By Laws when it says that an elected official cannot
hold an officer position.

But who cares about by laws when it will not let a Chief Officer
demoting an elected officer as only the membership has this authority.

You voted for a VFD that was expected to run by a set of written
safeguards that are the policies and bylaws. That is not the case today.
I have always said and I am still claiming that the VFD is a strong and
competent department, but letting it run that way it is only a matter of
time that someone will get injured or worse killed. You have the duty to
make sure that policies and procedures are followed by *every* members.
You have the duty to make sure that the VFD is trustworthy and does not
hide its actions. Only then, the VFD will be able to start rebuilding
the faith that the actual management destroyed in four months.

This task should begin with all members of the VFD. They should be proud
of their department and not always live in the fear of the threats of
one of its egomaniac member who brags that he has the Town manager in
his pocket and can shut down the department in one commission meeting.

Talking about threats, I remember that this same individual threatened
me to use one of his close relative working with a Federal Law
Bureau to have me deported out the county.


Who in the recent history got elected then decided that he was above the
Law; start eliminating all his political opponents or former influent
friends. Then deported millions of people?

Beware resident of Lauderdale By the Sea, soon you will have to wear a
yellow star on your jacket if you dare disagree with this man. But for
all the others who are mute and let him do whatever he wants, your
cowardice will not be a sufficient excuse.

Join the resistance today and let show this man that we are not afraid
of him.”

The original Pointu Resignation letter…

9/30/08…8:17 am…

Dear BOD, officers or members,

You hired me as administrator until September 30st to organize the department during the transition period that is ending today. I am not happy with the result, we’ve gone a long way, but I was expecting much more. Our SOPs are not ready, no written training goals or recurrent training requirement are in place., the required ICS training are not completed by our older members., the mandatory (by our contract and NFPA) medical exam is not in place, our by laws were not updated and the current ones are not followed, purchasing procedures are not enforced, decisions from the business meetings are not applied, etc….

I have dealt with a war zone, I have dealt with terrorism as a victim, as a first responder or as a law enforcement officer. I have managed emergency operations with as many as 1 million people or a budget over 3 million dollars. Even if stressful, these operations were a breeze compare to the last six months because I was working with a supporting team of people.

I am tired of the lack of support and the constant fights with Jerry. I’ve tried to take on myself to let it go by looking on all the good sides of the work he was doing. but everyone has its limit. I can’t deal anymore with Jerry’s threats,intimidations,insults and constant disregard for procedures,by laws and chain of command.

Some of you may remember the threat he’s made to me two months ago when he wanted to “shove his fist in my ass” and “punch me in the face” or the statement that he was ” the one who brought back the department” and if it is not going the way _he_ wanted that he will “in one commission meeting bring back the BSO to replace us.”

You will also remember that Jerry went ballistic when Captain Scot Fowler countermands his order regarding a probationary member wanted to attend the beach rescue class. When I confirmed it and informed the Chief about it, he threatened me and said I had no authority to change his order. (For your information, our by-laws Jerry as a rank of Lieutenant) That’s one of the reasons why Scott resigned despite what Jerry is trying to let you believe.

I will pass on the multiple instances when Jerry accused me of lying about some facts that were not going the way he wanted or even accused me many times of not following proper procedure for the medical equipment.

Yesterday, the Chief asked me to organize the demo of the battery operated extrication tools for our officers to be able to choose the one we will buy. The company traveled 300 miles to come for this demo. Jerry just canceled it, refused to obey my order or the Chief’s order. That’s when I decided to resign.

That’s not the first time that Jerry is making department policy by himself or taking decisions on behalf of the members. He fired members without prior approval from the Chief, he decided to give $5,000 cash to the chamber of commerce, he throw out of a meeting people that were invited to attend by the Chief.

As I said before I can’t deal with it anymore. Members are calling Jerry ‘Chief’ and are all believing that he is indeed in charge because nobody is challenging it. I hope that on the fire scene there will not be any confusion and proper chain of command will prevail.

I have reached a point where I can’t deal with Jerry anymore and this fight is damaging for the department. One of us needs to leave and the department can’t afford losing him.

I am sure Cheryl will do a good job to keep the administrative work. Please help her by filling out properly all the forms, including the ones regarding expenses.

You will have to find a certified instructor for the Fire 1 class. Beau is in town for a few weeks, he can probably fill in until you find someone.

It was an honor to be a member of this department for all these past years. I’m leaving sad but that’s the right thing to do for the sake of the department.

Please stay safe out there,

Patrick Pointu

Unfortunately it was the letter that  showed us all that the Town Manager’s words rang hollow…her talk of “oversight”…”full access” ..and being independent from Vice Mayor McIntee…She ignored…dodged …and weaved in the aftermath of this explosive resignation letter……doing little of what was asked of by other Commissioners……”artfully”…not dealing with any of it…Perhaps in this writer’s opinion to keep on doing her own version of the Mc-VFD within her own administration…by elevating personnel that are  undeniably not up to snuff ….keeping them under her thumb…and control….while making decisions…without full disclosure to the Commission…whether it is the Pavilion…the codes…or deciding whether she will write up Ordinances…Resolutions…or give it ti the Town Attorney without interference…Leaving McIntee alone …the VFD alone…guarantees the status quo…for the VFD and the Administration…with the “odds” in their favor of 3-2 0n the dais…sadly we’ve seen it often throughout the year…

Commissioner Clottey in her Commissioner Comments…spoke of Patrick Pointu’s comments…(continuation meeting 2/25/09 2 pm)…

‘ One thing that was said by Mr. Pointu yesterday bothered me. I kept looking at my note. Basically it had to do with you Vice Mayor I, I hope that you address this in the future either refute it or do something. I am very troubled when people get up publicly and at other venues say that if things don’t go a certain way within the VFD that the VFD will be voted out immediately by this Commission. I know that, that’s not going to be the case and I would hope, you can take the appropriate time to address that issue because um, these things tend to get out of hand and they are very spiteful and they can do a lot of harm.”

BC- Commissioner Clottey, should know…that Patrick Pointu has never waivered in his assertions, and has many witnesses to the “end of the VFD” occurring  if the VM were removed from the department…according to his rants…So calling his courage to stand up for the department when others seeing the “dirt” spread about him to deflect from the truth…stand silent …”spiteful”…in this writer’s opinion…Commissioner …put the “kool aid down”…and speak to Patrick Pointu yourself…

Vice Mayor McIntee’s Commissioner comments on Pointu…(continuation meeting 2/25/09)…

“Ah, regarding Commissioner Clottey’s question of Pointu. He’s been gone for six months. Commissioner Clottey, I suggest if you have some personal questions to ask any of the troops over there how they feel about him and you’ll get a very truthful response. Ah, we haven’t heard from him in six months. Now, he pops up and he’s stirring the pot. He was obviously encouraged to do that. I mean he’s a non entity at this stage and if anybody doubts what I’m saying just contact somebody at Davie Fire Department and they’ll clarify whatever you want to know.”

BC- Not partaking in the anonymous blog sites…this writer was told shortly after the Pointu public comments…the usual suspect…went on the blogs to disparage Pointu with the same Davie claims…HMMMM…

Commissioner Clottey will not get the truthful answers from the troops…who know they better take the Pointu- party line to keep the VM off their backs…But, tread lightly VM for the “encouragers” of Pointu we hear come from within the VFD “walls”…your own  “troops”! …

Looking over you shoulder VM?…

As the “cracks” continue to grow in the VFD with the number of members leaving or being thrown out of the department with the leaders ignoring proper VFD procedures for such dismissals…You can try and keep all the holes “plugged” within your leaky walls….but that kind of a fix is only temporary ……because everyone knows when you get one plugged…another one pops open…and another one… and another one…and we all know how that turns out in the end… the walls comes tumbling down…lack of support you know…lack of support….

That always happens without the proper foundation……

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop…She Got The Job…The Title…The Car… And The Contract… The One With The Annual Performance Review…OOPS!…

February 26, 2009 by Barbara


The LBTS Town Manager was voted in on April 24,2007…(previous  post…scoops category) …asking for the same contract as the outgoing Town Manager Bob Baldwin with one exception…she would not work on a “day to day basis”…

On May 22, 2007 it came back before the Commission …

‘ Commissioner Silverstone stated that Esther  took over Robert Baldwin’s old contract, and in that contract he was given 10 weeks off a year that was supposed to be unpaid.’

‘Town Manger Colon indicated that her contract does not include the 10 weeks.’

‘ Commissioner Silverstone stated that she was being paid the same but working more, and he thanked her for doing that.’

‘Mayor Parker wanted to correct the previous statement and indicated that the 10 weeks were unpaid leave, and if he took it would have reduced his salary.’

‘ Commissioner McIntee said that Town Manager Colon took the 10 weeks out of the contract without anyone asking her to do it. He said that if she is gone for 10 weeks, then the second in command has to step in and get paid 10% over his payroll. She , he stated that she gave the Commission a very nice gesture without asking for it. She said that she removed other things as well, on her own.’

‘Mayor Parker stated he commends the Town Manager for taking out the 10 weeks, he noted that he was just pointing out that it was unpaid leave.’

‘ Commissioner Clark motioned, seconded by Vice Mayor Yanni, to approve the contract. The motion passed 5-0

Dear Readers…previously posted…scoops category…was a post about the Deerfield Advocate Site……asking about their Commission being delinquent with the Performance Review of their Town Manager…which set this writer in motion to see if our Commission was derelict in its duties as well….especially after looking at the April 24 & May 22, 2007 minutes…covering Ms Colon’s installation to the Town Manager position…1st with the “falling all over themselves” to make it happen scenario on the 24th…and then with the disturbing follow-up minutes under Consent Agenda item g. a few weeks later…with the following statement made…….”She said that she removed other things as well, on her own.”…WHOAAAAA…….

Nobody seemed to know what was removed, and nobody seemed to know if there was a “performance Review” required….in the new contract…

Then after the last issue of the Pompano Pelican included a letter to the Editor…which also pointed out that Pompano Beach was  supposed to have an annual review of their Manager that had recently kept his job by a close Commission vote after an outcry for his removal…(previous posts…J.P. Bender-“Wizard of Pompano Beach” series….scroll down the page for the series...….this writer decided to make a public records request to see if…one of those “other things “…”she removed’… “on her own” was the annual Performance Review…

Promptly the Town made the contract available…and a look at the “Employment Agreement” made and entered on May 22, 2007…included…on page 6…

15.0…. Performance Evaluation

15.1 The Commission shall review and evaluate the performance or the Employee at least annually in advance of the adoption of the annual operating budget. Said review and evaluation shall be in accordance with specific criteria developed jointly by Employer and Employee. Said criteria may be added to or deleted from as the Commission may from time determine, in consultation with the Employee. Further, the Commission shall provide an adequate opportunity for the Employee to discuss his/her evaluation of the Commission.

15.2 Annually, the Commission and the Employee shall define such goals and performance objectives that they determine necessary for the proper operation of the Town and in the attainment of the Commission policy objectives and shall further establish a relative priority among those various goals and objectives, said goals and objectives to be reduced to writing. They shall generally be attainable within time limitations as specified and annual operating and capital budgets and appropriations provided.

So what happened?….

Why no annual Commission “Performance Review” of Town Manager Colon?….

Simple…because the Commission does not have a copy of the contract and the Manager did not provide them with the information that a Performance Review was to be done each year before the yearly budget…

Don’t ask…Don’t tell….

Commissioner Dodd at the continuation of the 2/24/09 meeting on 2/25/09 spoke of the lack of material given to new Commissioners…such as the ongoing projects while holding up the Pavilion plans…he was in receipt of for the very first time…

He had it right…for the Manager’s contract should be included in the changeover…to make sure such a Performance Review is enacted…each year…to ensure the check and balances of good and transparent government…

Now the question is…do we have to wait until next September for the Commission to do the Review?….

more to come……..

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Places To Go…February 27, 2009….

February 25, 2009 by Barbara

The Altar Guild of the Assumption Church
Invites you to join us for our
Friday, February, 27, 2009
Assumption Church Parish Hall
2001 S. Ocean Blvd.
LBTS (behind the Rectory)
4:45 – 6:00 & 7:15 Seating
$10.00 Adults; $5.00 Children 10 and under
Complete Fried or Baked Fish Dinner
with Dessert/Coffee
Prepared by:
Chef Buster Celestino and
Chef Carmela Chiaravalle
Underwritten by:
Aruba Beach Cafe
Beer, Wine & Soda will be
available for a donation
For Information Call
Lorene Parker – (954) 599-6466
Elaine Grant – (954) 784-6856
Joyce Murray – (954) 941-7773

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Places To Go….Feb. 27,2009…..

February 25, 2009 by Barbara

Friday, February 27, 2009 – 6:00pm
Including, fine, new premium cigars
& gourmet snacks by
Old City News Stand & Cigars ‘n Wine
4400 Bougainvilla Drive
(954) 772-4119

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Here’s The Scoop…. 2/24/09 LBTS Commssion Meeting…#1…Wednesday Matinee….

February 25, 2009 by Barbara


2 pm Today Wed. 2/25/09…Jarvis Hall…

For those of you who missed Act 1…a brief overview…with the “scenes” to come in later posts….

For the truly addicted ….who chose to attend the political “theater” on the west side of A1A…..leaving the party goers to mingle across the way …at Taste of the Beach…it says volumes…. about our social skills…Tongue- in- cheek…fellow attendees…tongue-in-cheek…

While the “Taste “patrons were wining and dining…we were hearing Whining and digging…posturing…disingenuous statements on and off the dais…while watching “orchestrated” vignettes …

“It’s the VFD Chief’s Discretion….or giving the Deputy Chief a Hall Pass”…

“It Was Brought To My Attention, A Problem With The Pavilion….or A Definite Double Standard”….

” I Am Not A Cockroach….or You Have To Live With Him”…..

” An Auditor’s Unqualified Opinions…or Not For The Purpose Of Expressing An Opinion On The Effectiveness Of The Town’s Internal Control Over Financial Reporting for $31,000.00″….

” The Manager’s Report…or Taming Of The Shrew”…..

” Public Commentary….or The Past Comes Back To Haunt You”…..

“Show me the Ordinance 1st Reading…2nd Reading…or Do Not Pass Go”…..

So….dear readers…have a hearty breakfast… enjoy that second cup of coffee…and chill out ……for when these “actors” congregate…returning to their places on the “stage”….they’ll be starting with Commissioner Comments….and you “regulars”  all know what that means…..

“2-Hats…chewing up the scenery…..and  spitting out their brand of nonsense……hype…and ….drama…..or The Emperors Have No Clothes”….

more to come….

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