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Sunrise Service

January 31, 2008 by Barbara

Talking about construction problems that seem to be over running certain areas of our town, a resident has voiced concern for a tradition that might be altered?

With the Minto construction in full swing….where will the traditional Sunrise Service take place….(not being a participant myself and if info relayed was correct,) it was right in the middle of the 4 corner fiasco on ElMar Drive.

If , indeed this is fact, an alternative, suitable site should be announced in this next month.

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Sidewalks,Signs,Sunrise Service

January 31, 2008 by Barbara

Much talk about sidewalks abounds for residents….where they are being put in (Seagrape Drive), where they are planned to be added (Washingtonia Ave.), and where they are STILL missing (in front of Oriana)!

On Seagrape the scuttle going round is …9 month long project, not enough workers, water main not correctly identified producing cost increases for changes to accommodate, a flood occurred, sidewalk at north end will not allow the continuity of the proposed plans with curb, grass,sidewalk, landscaping as was touted! Heard the tab is 80 thousand plus to the Town Planner and we are not done yet!

Washingtonia residents were in receipt of a notice for 5 foot sidewalks on both sides of the street, allowing only 30 days notice for removal of lighting, shrubbery etc…in the right of way.

This was the first notice given, without proper paperwork, who is at fault ….might just be the contractor, our Town Planner?

5 foot sidewalks will be a joke (in my opinion), causing 2 apartment owners on both the north and south side, to have big problems with tenants parking their cars….either they will take away 2 feet of the sidewalks due to their auto’s overhang or they will need to park on the street!

Permits and correct drawings must be presented, making 30 days unlikely. Also, a change order must be made, due to obvious hindrences not included in the original proposal to the previous commission for this additional work. The increase to the bill on this one is anyone’s guess!

When oh when will we have sidewalks back in front of the Oriana? Shouldn’t there be a time limit for a public safety issue like this?

How embarrassing to hotel owners on the south side of ElMar Drive when their patrons must risk life and limb dodging oncoming traffic!

Time to call it day on this extended construction nightmare!

More to come…..

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Waste Management is Expanding

January 31, 2008 by Barbara

Excellent article online today about our garbage provider, the one that donated to the new mayor (in limbo due to count certification), and the losing incumbants. Take a look at the Pompano local paper The Sentry at

Seems Waste Management is used to giving political allies donations in many municipalities. According to the Sentry, they need to expand their “mountain” landfill, but at what price to those who live in the area?

No such majority allies on our commission this go round…..will they face competitive bids?

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January 31, 2008 by Barbara

Looks like Ken Jenne’s old dream of a Broward strong mayor died again!

It was widely known that the former sheriff had dreams of fulfilling that role many years ago…alas it was not to be!

With his current accommodations, he would no longer qualify but, thanks to a narrow 9-8 vote, no one else will be having that yearned for power either!

Now let’s hope the plan to increase the number of Broward Commissioners meets the same fate!

Do we really need more government employees, with more golden pensions?

Stay tuned!

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Mayor,Vice Mayor,Mayor Pro Tem….. Oh My!

January 31, 2008 by Barbara

Potential vote change exists.

Mayoral race not a done deal?

There is still a chance with the provisional votes, that Peanuts Wick might have a chance. If the count proves to be 1/2 percent difference it is an automatic recount.

Peanuts sure encountered some bad breaks in this election process at the polls. First it was reported in the Sun-Sentinel that one voter reported he was unable to vote for mayor of LBTS in early voting at the Pompano Beach Library. After getting the wrong info from a poll worker, and pursuing it further, the man reported it to the Supervisor of Elections office, where they did admit it had occurred. How many others did not get to vote for mayor there?

Then there were voters that relayed problems with voting for mayor on the day of the election. One told of pushing for Wick and at the end in review it turned up with Minnet. He was able to fix it, but how many others who did not hit review had the same result?

Last a friend of a volunteer at the election campaign tents relayed that she missed the mayor vote completely, it appeared at the bottom of the Democratic primary and she changed to the next screen. She did not go back and realized after she left. A few others encounter same?

All in all makes you wonder if it would all add up to a different result!

We had 340,298 voters vote in Broward on Tuesday. Here in LBTS we had 48-58% voter turnout!

With the mayoral race still if flux, will the certification be done in the allowable time to proceed with the changing of the guard….the swearing in ceremony on Feb.4,2008? Will it hold up all or just the mayor? If it is on, tune in on channel 78 (comcast) or online, or come to Jarvis…should be standing room only!

Next big thing….Feb.12,2008 organizational meeting 5-7pm, where the commissioners will decide who will be who on the dais!

They will chose a Vice Mayor, who has in the past had the privilege of speaking and voting first.

But many hope that the changes up there from this election will include more than just the participants.

First and foremost….no more Mayor Pro Tem….not needed, not a correct title or position, let it go!

Second …rotate the vote and who speaks first and who speaks last. Makes Mayor/Vice-Mayor equal to the others on the dais.

The invocation, rotate that too. With all the uproar from the church taking sides politically, why not be more inclusive to others who might want to lead us in a moment of prayer?

The seating….where else do they have the Town Atty. and Manager sit on the dais? Is it necessary? If so, why in the middle?

The big table, do we really need to keep it in front with all the BSO etc….?

Win or lose…consider the proposed election idea of Peanuts, which was met with enthusiasm, a time for residents to meet with commissioners and have their say outside of public comments.

Around town to come….

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Future Vanished?

January 30, 2008 by Barbara

Many have wondered what would happen to the rival newspapers after one side won or lost yesterday.

Upon the loss of Yanni and Clark, it is the Futures that is down for the count?

A look at their site online shows a congrats to new mayor Roseann Minnet…PERIOD!

Is this permanent or just an extended vacation?

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The Beginning

January 30, 2008 by Barbara

January 30,2008
Good day to all who have chosen to visit my new endeavor!

It seemed only fitting to enter into the world of websites after finishing up a successful commission campaign, here in Lauderdale By The Sea!

Months of hard work, that involved standing firmly behind 2 fine upstanding members of our organization, the CIC and our community running for office, Stuart Dodd and Birute Ann Clottey have brought back town wide optimism that we can indeed move forward with developing a cohesive future, whether it is with our public safety, neighborhood streets-cape, or dare I mention it, decorum on the dais!

I have kept notes of this whirlwind experience, which I jokingly refer to as Anatomy Of An Election, for use in some form for a later undetermined date! A valued friend of mine came up with the perfect way to describe what this vast amount of notes I have accumulated entails. He said it is like sausage….everyone loves sausage but no one would want to know what goes into it!

So, with the campaign over, and the candidates moving forward into their elected positions, I too will move forward to put down in words, my opinions, observations, suggestions and information dealing with events, meetings and items of interest along the way.

Sit back and enjoy ……from my vantage point…..more to come!

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