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Here’s The Scoop … 7/14/09 …LBTS Commission Meeting …#9 ….Vice Mayor’s 13 Minute Comm. Comments … #1 ….Apples To Oranges ….4th Of July …

July 24, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers….Part one of the Vice Mayor’s “electioneering” Commissioner Comments at the July 14,2009 Comm. meeting had to do with his assertions about July 4th…and the “tremendous savings” that came from the Mc-Furth Gang event…in contrast with the previous 2 years…BUT…what he spouted from his “bully pulpit” were not the final numbers and he chose to compare the net from his 2009 co- chaired event to the gross from the previous 2007/2008 events….Thus apples to oranges…

Also of note….the goal in 2008 was to not exceed the 2007 costs of the event put on by the Old Guard….the goal of the 2009 event was to cut down to the bare bones…(re-election year coming)…BUT  when you play fair and compare purchases and size of production to purchases and size of  production for the July 4th 2008/2009 both planned by Marc Furth…..thus apples to apples… realize the Vice Mayor tossed out the usual Mc-Furth “bait and switch!”….First his comments…then the figures…

VM- ” First the ah, 4th of July was a huge success. Just to put some figures to the ah, event ah, 2 years ago this town spent $90,000 for the 4th of July. One year ago we spent $80,000. Today we have got a preliminary cost for the 4th of July and it was $20,000 [in 7/14/09 memo]. That event you saw or participated in was done for $20,000 including the fireworks. That’s absolutely phenomenal. It’s , it’s a $60,000 savings over last year and $70,000 over the year before and that can only be attributed to the tremendous work of Marc Furth assisted by his wife Cristie and the tremendous work of the volunteers. My wife and Gail were instrumental in getting them together and Mikos Angeles from the fire department got all the volunteers working together.But,it,it,it went off like ah, like the Olympics! Everything went on time when it was scheduled. Everybody was laughing and ah, I think we eventually collected 13,000 or 14,000 in donations. It was down from the year before um, ah, in general it was a great event and it’s sad that a lot of people chose to boycott it for whatever reasons, I don’t know, but it was non-political. There wasn’t any political hyping from the stand and you know everybody had an opportunity to ah, to be part of a great event and it’s really sad that ah, it wasn’t ah, it wasn’t joined by all in town . But again, to put  that event on for $20,000 that is absolutely a great feat!”

BC- First a quick review…2 years a go the Mc-Furth Gang called for a boycott of the Town July 4th event…and we CIC members followed their marching orders…in fact the ousted VFD put on their own barbecue at the Community Church…This event WAS political from the get-go by being sponsored jointly by the Town/CIC (a PAC Org.)/VFD….The planning was done solely by Marc Furth (fearless leader Marc Furth)…and decisions were made out of the sunshine with an assist from the Town Manager with the RFPs to the notices being put up ….The donations were massively different…due to the Mc-Furth Gang anti-business actions as well as the political divide within the resident voting factions….The parade entries were depleted as well for the same reasons as were those who passed on lining the streets…..The numbers of those who came to the afternoon event also took a nose dive we were told but the food costs compared to the previous year increased…The events should not be compared with fireworks due to the FACT that there was no comparison in the fireworks display shows…from the previous 2 years and this years display put on from the beach at odds with the Broward DEP and their concern for the turtles ….So some comparisons 2007/2008/2009…. purchases and production for 2008 vs 2009….. net minus fireworks for 2007/2008/2009…

JULY 4, 2007 EVENT….

Total $84,333.72

Donations $34,398.00

Fireworks $53,500.00

(Display $34,000.00/ Pier $15,000.00 / Add. Ins & Firewatch $ 4500.00)

NET COST TO TOWN $49,935.72

JULY 4, 2008 EVENT….

Total $83,877.66

Donations $ 34,041.00

Fireworks $46,850.00

Display $26,850.00 [orig $35,000.00 – refund $8150.00]/ Pier $20,000.00

NET COST TO TOWN $49,836.66

JULY 4, 2009 EVENT…..

Total $ 38,488.17

Donations $ 13,782.00

Fireworks $17,325.65

Display 15,000/ fencing for fireworks $2,274.90/ stage supplies 51.65

NET COST TO TOWN $24,706.17

Also compare the following…BOTH Events were planned by Marc Furth…(some of the differences)….

2008 Event…

Temple Display-Purchased 4th of July Decorations….$6,948.00

2009 Event…

No decorations purchased……. $0

2008 Event…

Temple Display- Purchased Banners….$2460.00

2009 Event…

No Banners purchased…. $0

2008 Event…

Classic Car Show…..$1500.00

2009 Event…

Classic Car Show (less cars)…$1000.00

2008 Event…

Cee Jay/ Standing Ovations…Sand castle Flown in per Cristie Furth…$1300.00

2009 Event…

No Sandcastles….$0

2008 Event…

All Star Events…Rides… $ 4674.00

2009 Event…

All Star Events…Rides (less rides)…$ 2410.00

2008 Event…

2 Bands $1000.00

2009 Event….

1 steel Band  $300.00

2008 Event…

Marc Furth Expenses…REPAID…$2,342.12

2009 Event…

Marc Furth Expenses…REPAID….$ 273.17

The Difference 2008/2009  …$14,740.95 ….for Marc Furth purchases…not needed  to re purchase in year 2  & cut backs in production size…..

added to the 2009 Net Cost To Town…$39,447.12/ 2008 Net Cost To Town…$38,488.17 …

So the Mc-Furth 2009 July 4th Event (if all was equal in purchases and size of production) cost $958.95 more with just these listed item (there are more see below scans)…

Taking out the Fireworks……..from the Net Cost To Town…would produce the following…

2007  Net Cost to the town +$3,565.00

2008 Net Cost to the Town  -$2,986.66

2009 Net Cost to the Town -$ 7,380.52

So the 2009 pared down Mc-Furth July 4th event cost the town $4,393.86 MORE than the year before!…

Apples to Apples….Gang….

The Expenditure Sheets…


july 4 2007 exp. sht


july4,2008 exp.sht


july 4 2009 expd sht

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …. VFD ….The Leadership …. The Members …. The Perception ….

July 23, 2009 by Barbara






Dear Readers …

Recently this writer has been hearing from a few that they feel I am “not just going after the leadership of the VFD” with my postings…I guess I would have to say at times that is a correct assumption……. sadly correct……Because while  I know it ALL stems from the present leadership…it does grow harder with the expanding incidents and sightings to let them off the hook by saying they are JUST being “led” by Mc-bad example!…

Yes, I’ve heard the leaks…the scuttlebutt of “fearing” the Deputy Chief…His flashing, well documented temper…his ultimatums…getting rid of those that disagree or question…and the “mantra” ( a Jimmy-boy reference) of holding out until he is loses in March election… then be able to “kick him out of the department”…BUT what about us residents? …What about those  of us who still believe in the VFD (with or without a professional Chief/Dep. Chief) and want to see them succeed?….Our patience is growing thin…Our collective antennae is up when observing the “blatant” displays of what some inside the department are saying are “Jerry’s favorites at play”…riding along on the beach …wearing no safety belts…..their feet on the dashboard…. shooting the breeze…rather than diligently on patrol….boating on the intercoastal ….jet skiing ……running stop signs…parking wherever…and “cutting” around town on the 102″ ladder truck already “in service” ….These supporters of the VFD members are shaking their heads in disbelief when they see yet another new VFD purchase…. barely catching their breath before turning to the Manager’s “justification” of BSO “fiscal irresponsibility” in “transferring ”  Chief Gooding………How do you separate the troops from the taskmasters when the troops let their own bylaws slide?…..Look at incident reports that are still written up days  after the incident…containing questionable accounts …(in this writer’s opinion)…Is it alright at this point in time to not question those that do not question insubordination and covering your tracks?…The longer it goes on…the more the VFD members become intertwined and indistinguishable from those leading them down this wrong path….

So yes, some posts take aim at the whole department…because it is not what THIS supporter was told it would be…I want what I was promised…A department that is run by the book…above reproach…top notch…with the right leadership according to the VFD bylaws….fiscally responsible….P.R. savvy…with open books  and open meetings……A department looking for ways to better themselves…acting responsibly from the top down…and making this THE department of choice for those young trained professional associate members to keep their certification current while waiting to go to paid departments…

When that starts to be what this writer and others see coming from the VFD….then I guarantee you the positive posts will reflect the positive changes in our volunteer fire department…and I too look forward to that!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop…. This And That ……

July 22, 2009 by Barbara


We’re pretty sure at least 2 elected officials will have plenty of questions…and some complaints….doing their due diligence for their constituents…As for the “Gang of 3″…we surmise will only make an appearance to shoot the breeze!



AMR will be hosting a
Heartsaver CPR class for
LBTS residents on July 25th
from 9:00am to 4:00 pm at Jarvis Hall.
Fees for the course are $15.00 with a
minimum class size of 10 participants.
The Heartsaver course is designed for the
layperson with little or no medical training.
Please contact Keya Holloway to register at:
954-229-1486 or
at [email protected]



Just how long will the Portals anonymous blog continue with the Sentinel no longer paying the bills?…

BC-This site is still standing!….so of course….

more to come……

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Here’s The Scoop …. 7/14/09 …. LBTS …. Commission Meeting ….. #7 …. STUCK IN TIME ….RFPS ….

July 21, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers….Continuing on with the July 14,2009 LBTS Commission meeting ….we now address the exchange over the Processing Citations Parking Services RFP…(prev. posts)….This was the item that was put back on after a rather lame and suspect attempt made by the Town staff to appease Comm. Dodd’s request that it go out for an RFP after he found out this was not just a $2100 consent item as it was being presented as……but the tip of a rather large contract with a company that has enjoyed its contract with the town for years with no competition ….The RFP the Town reluctantly put in the Sentinel was 1″ by 1 1/2″…and contained no dates …resulting in no bids and leaving the Manager to “job” the item and return it to get the 3-2 vote for what she wanted in the first place….BUT…unfortunately for Town Manager Colon …it didn’t quite turn out that way……

The Mayor read the Old Business Agenda item 15A. a. Commission approval of amendment to existing agreement with Enforcement Technology, Inc. for Processing Parking Citations – $2,100.00 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock) (This item was deferred at the April 29, 2009 Commission meeting by Commissioner Dodd) Deferred at the June 23,2009 Commission meeting as requested by staff

Previously Chris Hood came forward to speak at public comments on this item and was asked by the Mayor to wait until the item came up for discussion.

Chris Hood- ” I’m a non- resident. My name is Chris Hood. I represent a company called ITek. I’m not here for myself this evening, I’m actually here to ask this Commission to put the RFP back on the street. I don’t feel it was published appropriately. I had a chance, ah  to just to give you a general ideal of what we do we provide traffic ticket systems for municipalities around the country. Over 300 departments use our system for both parking and moving violations. We found this RFP on Barbara Cole’s website which ah, that was never supposed to happen. We subscribe to many services. We do searches on the internet, We have two people that exclusively do that, so I don’t feel this was put out properly and we would like a chance to bid on it and I would like to see other vendors I compete with bid on it also. I’ll be glad to supply you the names of those people who do that. I looked over your current contract. I think you’re being overcharged. I think there’s more technology that you should be getting for the money you’re paying. I think that it’s a ten year old contract and it needs to be reviewed completely and I think there’s alot of vendors out there including ourselves that can really help this city with new technology and eliminate some of the costs that you’re now being charged because of the way things were done ten years ago. So I want to make that offer to this Commission. I think it’s appropriate. I think that there are some things that you can benefit from. It can bring you more revenue with a newer system. Devices now that used to be single- use which you’re using in this city for parking violations can now be multi- use. They can be used by parking and also the police force to issue tickets, and that doesn’t cost you anymore, it actually costs you less. As you know technology changed very rapidly and in just over the past year there have been some great things happening in law enforcement, even allowing officers to accept signatures on the street, transfer tickets directly into the court and eliminate alot of paper costs. And  with the way our budgets are now you know that is an essential element in operating a city and a police department. So I thank you.”

The Mayor asked Mr. Hood to stay for any questions from the Commission…

Vice Mayor McIntee- ” Did you receive any calls to come here?”

Chris Hood- ” No, I did this all on my own I….”

VM- ” How did you know there was a meeting tonight?”

CH- ” I contacted your city about the RFP.”

VM- ” And you’re saying you just picked it up on a website?”

CH- ” Yes, Barbara Cole’s website. We did a word search and we found on a website that there was an RFP.”

VM- ” Ah, you make a very nice presentation.”

CH- ” Thank you very much.”

VM- “Just thought I’d tell you that.”…He laughed…

BC- Ever the “Detective” …

Comm. Silverstone-” I just have one question and it was a nice presentation, makes alot of sense. To the Town Manager, was this RFP put out any differently than any other RFPs were?”

TM- ” No it wasn’t”

CS- ” OK, then I don’t understand how he did not, you [Mr. Hood] were not aware of this. It’s always been done the same way, that’s my concern. And I’m all for getting as many competitive prices out there as possible.”

CH- ” I did find out it was published in the Sun Sentinel, am I correct? Somebody told me it was published in the Sentinel, but there was also no bids, no responses.”

CS- ” Right, but I do not get, the original bid that was put in the Sun Sentinel, that’s my concern, because if you didn’t do then, the other people also, were it competitive didn’t see it.”

CH- ” Exactly, for example we subscribe to different data bases and we get results everyday. This never appeared.

CS- ” I would call those data bases up and yell at them (laughing), that’s my concern, thanks.”

BC- Could Comm. Silverstone be catching the “clueless” bug from the Comm. to his left?…Jeeze…the data bases do not need to be yelled at…the Town Manager needs to be directed to do what is needed to get the RFPs out there!…The Sentinel ad was insufficient with no information…in this writer’s opinion intentionally…top get the results she wanted!…

Comm. Dodd- ” I just want to show everybody out there  here’s the Sun Sentinel and you can see the crosshatched, those are the bids that are put in normally by other municipalities. This is the amount of space in the column (4x 11/2) inches. They’re trying to find word searches whether there’s a competitive contract whatever they want to bid on.” (He showed the difference of the LBTS parking Citation RFP 1×11/2″) saying the Town published 9 lines, no date and no closing information for bidding . ” I accept the Town Manager is probably trying to be very frugal with advertising inches but this is actually a $46,000 contract for the equipment alone plus the penalties and I believe that our RFPs deserve the space that other municipalities get for their RFPs. So that companies can actually find them. So that we get the best deal as far as this town is concerned. Because there are websites out there.” He asked the TM if she knew of a few and read them out, adding they were free to the municipalities, that the companies paid to do the searches, saying it would make us really competitive without RFPs. He went on to discuss the previous contracts that went out for Garbage and electrician that produce “major savings” for the town (Thanks CD’s “micro-managing”) ” We need to go out with every single RFP even if it makes more work for this town and we should make every effort that they’re advertised properly, they get the coverage they deserve and we get the companies and the quality of companies we’re looking for to do the work in this town.” He made a motion to go out for bid a gain on the Parking RFP and called the TM on her previous dire  “the sky is falling” assertions that the current devices can go at anytime resulting in parking enforcement coming to a standstill saying “so be it! He stated it was fiscally responsible for doing so and asked the TM to do so….APPLAUSE!…

BC- Comm. Dodd was right on target…

Town Manager Colon- “Dependin’ on the type of RFP they’re published in the Sun Sentinel. A construction RFP by guideline is advertised different than a professional service RFP. If your company [Mr. Hood’s] did not come in, pick up, an RFP package is in Town Hall and would you please review the entire RFP package that is in your agenda package. If he [Mr Hood] decides to go to Barbara Cole’s website because she decides to advertise, I thank her for the advertisement. All other vendors have the same right that everybody else has to abide an RFP deadline. They’re some RFPs that are a quarter a page like for example the construction RFP that was bigger than the other one. Um, if you want to make an exception because an individual did not bid are we gonna start making exceptions when other people don’t bid for other projects?” HUH?

BC- The TM’s shooting the “messenger” calling her on the Town’s misstep with this RFP!….The RFP package she referred to clearly showed the huge difference in information between the Sentinel ad and the “posted” ads on Town boards and in the bid packages…(prev. post)…

Comm. Dodd- ” Ah, no absolutely not, but these weren’t in the advert in the Sun Sentinel as to when the bids were closing and no bids were put in.”

TM- ” Sir, sir, Commissioner that is not a requirement. What is required to tell him when he has to pick up the bid package and in the bid package it tells you when the specifications are, it is in your agenda package. But to say that this staff or about my office Commissioners. We have bidding more than the norm in the past two years. If because someone goes into someone’s web page and decides to look up RFPs that are duplicated that’s ok. There is no change in the process. The Town Clerk does the RFP in the Sun Sentinel as she has done for the past two years since she worked under my administration. John Olinzock writes the RFP with the assistance of Town Engineers, sometimes professional services and they’re all done the same way. There’s nothin’ new or nothing different.”


VM- ” Mr Hood I have a question. You listened to the Town Manager, is that correct?”

CH- ” Yes”

VM- ” Do you disagree with anything she said?”

CH- ” Yes, I do.”

VM- “OK, what do you disagree with?”

CH-” Um, no one bid on this RFP which makes it impossible for your city to get the best deal.”

VM- ” That’s, that’s not the point at all. Did you see the RFPs without dates that she was referring to?”

CH- “No, I didn’t No, I’m afraid I didn’t and I wasn’t looking for Barbara Cole’s website, it came up with a word search,”

VM- ” Have you seen other RFPs where dates weren’t specifically on them?”

CH- ” I see RFPs WITH dates all the time.”

VM- ” And you see them without dates all the time.”

CH- “No, I can’t say that I do, no,”

VM- ” You don’t believe that?”

CH- ” You asked me a question and I answered it.”

VM- ” OK and you, you want us to reject the, the process because you didn’t see it in the Sun Sentinel?”

CH- “No, not because I didn’t see it, this is not, I’m not here for myself. I’m here for the fair process of getting the town the best deal. I will bid on it with my competition. I’ll provide you my competition, names, addresses, contacts, everything. So, I’m not here for myself.”

VM- “I love the community spirit, thank you.”

CH- ” You’re welcome.”

BC- What can be said…twisting to accommodate the irrational reasoning of the TM, her “protector” sounded like an ass….

Comm. Clottey- asked Mr Hood what company he was from and he answered ..” OK, if Joe Schmo had something on his website about this RFP, then you go and pay somebody to do this search, it comes up, that, that’s the new technology out there folks, like it or not” …HUH?…” And people have been usin’ it for quite a few years now. Ah, so it doesn’t matter who’s website you just type some words and turn it on “…HUH?…” and it looks. So it could have been fro anybody’s website. This is technology that has been in use for a while now, it’s new technology. So I think the issue is here. We have been doing something a certain way and we cannot fault the Town Manager for doing things that have been done correctly in the past.”…

BC-Yes we can…

CC- ” But I think that maybe we should look at this particular instance and say hey maybe we can avail ourselves of this new technology. What is it that we could do that this search engine would have picked up our request for proposals? You would have picked this up if it had been on our website?”…Mr Hood said that was correct…” We’re just talkin’ about the application of technology here and I think that unfortunately it took something like this.”

BC- It should have been done from technology savvy employees…ages ago!…

CC-” But I believe we should be using technology and um, I would request the Town Manager to consider that and say OK um, let’s go ahead and let’s put this out again because we now want to use some new, some technology that’s been around that we haven’t been using yet and I hope my request to the Town Manager is not taken the wrong way, as a slap in the face that she didn’t (OOPS) do something correct but times change and we need to change with the times.”

BC- Comm. Clottey once told this writer she was “used to walking on eggshells”…guess she still is!…The TM was incorrect…purposefully incorrect…in my opinion…and it STILL is a Commission- Manager form of government… act accordingly Dr. Clottey…please!…

Mr Hood again said the city could get a much better deal than the one we have from him or somebody else….Comm. Clottey again asked if it were on the Town website the search engines would pick it up…and Mr. Hood agreed they would…

Mr Hood walked back to his seat to applause from an appreciative audience!…

This writer was allowed to speak …I spoke of my website and the process being “misconstrued and used in a negative fashion”…explaining how “tags” work and how this same situation with a vendor had occurred in the past when the Town dealt with “pods”…resulting in the Town hearing from a representative interested in a code change being introduced…”I believe that the excuse that this is how it was always done and it is legal or it is acceptable or whatever. It is not going after the staff, it is going after the process. And if you want to move forward with your infrastructure and you want to move forward with all the other things in this town and you’re going to streamline your staff and you’re going to do all of these innovative things then you get innovative when it comes to your RFPs. And it’s mot only to put it on the town website because that’s limited. Take advantage of having the use if Steve d’Oliveira’, he must know how to do all this and go out and go on the websites that are free and see what you can do with them. This is along the same lines as the issue I had when it came to hiring practices. The same sort of technology should be used,”

BC- The VM tried to stop me , saying I was off topic, but I told hme it di “tie in”…

BC- ” I just don’t think the status quo, you can’t say that the status quo is the way things are one in one area and not in the other. And if we have an administration that is unwilling to bend and move forward in the process, then maybe that’s another item for the review [Town Manager Annual Performance Review], Thank you.”

Comm. Dodd spoke again saying there were no bids including the current vendor. He implored the Town Manager and the dais to “take this gentleman’s [ Mr. Hood] advice ” ending with reiterating he was looking for the best deal for the town…..APPLAUSE!…

BC- HOLD ON…IT TAKES A NOSE DIVE FROM HERE…a bigger nose dive…that is!…Yikes!…

Town Manager – “Commissioner Dodd, no one disagrees with you. but it is the constant derogatory way that things are said about what I do or my staff does. In this town RFPs were limited. We have put , I would say more than tripled RFPs.The point of the matter is the company did not respond by the deadline date.”

BC- The paper did not provide that information!…

TM- ” I have no problems going out for RFP. What I do have a problem with with is that when a company who supposedly has all these great search engines does not submit a bid because the company that has this great technology did not submit or pick up a package on time.”

BC- The Sun Sentinel 1″ ad did not have any information with a submittal date and as Mr. Hood stated did not show up in a search…The Manager needs help!…

TM- “and that’s what I have a problem with because by his own admission he will be submitting a bid. The current company does not have to submit a bid because they do have a current existing contract.”…HUH?…” I just want to make sure any staff starting with the Town Clerk and my assistant, there is no impropriety and they have been RFPin’ the way we have done in the past differently because things were not RFP.”…HUH?…” And there ares some items that by purchasing policy does not have to be RFP. It’s the tone and the accusations that continue to come out that things are bein’ done wrong.”


TM- ” And again that can be your opinion and the opinion of some of the residents (most!) and I have no problem accepting that but impropriety is not existing.”

BC- This writer STRONGLY disagrees …impropriety does exist in my opinion!…

Comm. Dodd answered the TM and tried to get away from her “victim responses” by getting back to his motion …Comm. Clottey wanted to bypass the Sun Sentinel and only use the net…(Guess she didn’t read the recent news about the legislature having to pass their attempts to bypass hard print for public notices …prev. post)…She wanted it to be a “friendly amendment to Comm. Dodd’s motion…he said no, he wanted both…the VM was seen discussing it with the TM and asked the Town Atty. about the “statutory procedures” required…The TA said they were mandated…Comm. Clottey tried again after the TM spoke of the Sentinel requirements…saying she would do any additional advertising the Comm. wanted…she just wanted “to make sure we do all of them the same way. That we don’t pick and choose where we advertise this way so everything is done in the same fashion”…

BC- This is precisely what the Manager has been doing…”picking and choosing” who would be privy to the RFPs…in my opinion!…OUCH!…

Comm Dodd produced the Town Purchasing Manual that already spelled out the procedures INCLUDING the internet…adding it was policy but we are not doing it!…The TM stated we ARE a member of Demand Star…(an online site)…YIKES!…and Comm. Dodd asked if we used it…the TM did not know!…She said she would have to check….and then….

Commissioner Clottey wanted to DEFER this until the next meeting!..She has really lost it!…

The VM agreed and seconded it!….UNBELIEVABLE!…

Comm. Dodd reminded them he had made the 1st motion…BUT…he had no second…the Town Atty. was asked for how to proceed by the Mayor…The TA said there was no 2nd…the call could be made again for a 2nd but the motion (Dodd’s) was “pending for some time”…The Mayor handed the gavel to the VM and 2nd the Dodd motion…Comm. Clottey still wanted to defer it…and said they still did not know if the RFP went online…


The Town Manager said…” June can knock on the closet. If it was put in, you can ask Steve [d’Oliviera] if Steve put it on the web page and if he didn’t you have your answer if it was put online.”

BC- Yes, Comm. Clottey we really are a “Honky Tonk Town”..

June went to the “closet”…and knocked…we all waited and found that it was NOT put on the website we are a member of …(we hear the Town pays annually for the servicewe do not use!)…

The VM said call the roll…hit the gavel and it PASSED 5-0!….

BC- Below is the 2nd attempt for RFPs for Processing Citations Parking Services ..

THE NEW REVISED SENTINEL AD….placed 7/18/09…with dates added!…/Town Website RFP….

parking citation rfp

town rfp pking

What online sites were used should be forthcoming to the Commission….Also, it will be interesting to see if the current contractor was encouraged by the Town to bid as well…

Next up should be the Auditors…that should have gone out last month!…On the new budget for $55,000

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop…. THE VFD’S …. OVER $100,000.00 Purchase ….

July 21, 2009 by Barbara



We are hearing by way of searches on the net that the new 102′ VFD Ladder Truck was purchased for over $100,00.00 by the VFD…
We hear the Chief has said the VFD will be asking the Town to pay for it in full or part of it!…
We hear that the VFD thinks it will be called on to provide mutual aid to Pompano Beach and Hillsboro now that we have the truck…
We hear the VFD according to the Chief will now use it for “training” at highrises…
Below is am e-mal received after the purchase was posted by a faithful reader…
Barbara, the ladder truck was certified in February of this year according to the company. So, it meets the ISO standard of 5 years in that aspect and LBTS should receive credit. Platforms are inherently larger and les s Here is some ladder operation info to give you an idea of what should be considered on incident scenes.maneuverable. Most issues with aerial device access have to be addressed prior to building construction by Municipal Building Departments with foresight. You will never get the full-elevation vertically of any ladder truck unless it is basically parked with the turntable within twenty feet of the building you are trying to access. That is if what you are trying to access is directly overhead and not “set back.” Obviously, ladders do not bend around building corners or roofs and if this happens there are bigger issues that the fire personnel have to contend with then just the incident. They basically have brought their own emergency with them. (That’s fire department humor for you.)Regardless, there appears to be relatively low miles and hours on the vehicle so it may have been a good find. But, you never know what other issues may be involved with a twenty-year old truck. It is a fraction of a cost of a new rig but it is almost an antique when looked at as a motor vehicle. It is kind of funny where most people would have an issue with buying a twenty year old car for personal use. However, when it comes to the safety of the civilians and firefighters people will settle for less.

BC- Don’t hold your breath for Pompano/Hillsboro to call the VFD ….

BC- We were told that the ladder trucks of this size could not be used at most of our highrises due to the underground parking and the limited access to get close…

BC- This should be something…if the VFD actually come to the Town and asks us to pay for the truck…Right after we heard that the BSO Chief was “fiscally irresponsible”…The TM is on record from the outset of the VFD taking over informing the taxpayers that we must own all out equipment…justifying the payment for the 1st truck the VFD bought after Oct. 1st…She was mute when Mc-VFD bought the 2nd on…and sat back as McIntee told us all his favorite line…”It won’t cost the taxpayers a dime”…saying the VFD had voted to buy the second apparatus on their own….So what exactly will the the TM do with this white elephant after her admonishment and termination of Scott Gooding and withholding funding for the renovations of the BSO offices?…All eyes will be on her when this is put forth on the dais….How in the world can the VFD justify a purchase of this amount with no RFPs going out …no foresight to seek out other options such as grants and/or stimulus for a newer ladder truck being discussed ahead of this major purchase. This is the problem we find ourselves facing with dealing with a private contractor…( this comment coming from Comm. Dodd upon hearing of the purchase) who is in or out of our decision making arena  depending on sticking the proverbial finger in the wind!…Can you even imagine the “2-Hats” attempting to introduce a return of the McIntee referendum for a lifetime of VFD “purchases” like this?…If the information is correct and the VFD and the TM now want the Town to pay for the truck…will the “2-Hats” vote on it?…(Ethics Comm?) If they do not and the vote goes down 2-1 (Mayor/ Dodd – Clottey?) then the Town does not own the ladder truck…The CIC-Mc-Furth Gang will play up the vote for the next election as not backing the VFD but this election it will fall on deaf ears……. AND again why in the world are we to pay in 2009/2010 a $130 fire assessment (compared to Pompano / Davie…$108/$104) and paying the VFD a 4% increase when they are flush with monies?…YIKES!…

There is definitely more to come….

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July 20, 2009 by Barbara


The Master Plan Steering Committee invited the Commission to meet with them in order to get some reason to continue on as a MPSC….What they got in this writer’s opinion was a reason to “drag their feet” and wait until March 2010 to replace the Broom Boys and the Town Manager…and then perhaps have a newly appointed committee that will be productive due to constructive direction coming from those that replace these 3!…

This meeting was a total embarrassment…a waste of time for the committee…and those who attended and are well aware of how truly lacking in information the majority STILL is……

In attendance were the MPSC / Commission/ Town Clerk/Town Manager/ Town Engineer/ Town Architect-Planner/ 3 residents/Mc-Furth Times Editor Cristie Furth/ Pompano Pelican Reporter Judy Vik/ this writer….

The Mayor spoke of what this meeting was called ….for direction concerning the El Mar Drive Project. and turned it over to MPSC Chair Paul Novak ….He spoke of the purpose being the El Mar project but hoped to discuss other matters as well….He spoke of the project winner …the million…and where to go from here…The Mayor said they should go around the table for Commissioners to speak…She asked the Vice Mayor to begin…he passed…Comm. Clottey said she wanted the architect to incorporate the existing plantings (she said they cost $150,000) in front of Oriana…she spoke of underground wiring…storm sewers and not having the money go all to landscaping…Comm. Silverstone repeated what he has said from the dais…that the medians should not be the focus…and he feels it’s dangerous for pedestrians to be using the medians…he agreed with Comm. Clottey about  underground wiring ….along with flooding and spoke (incredibly) about long time flooding in the north end of El Mar by Washingtonia…he ended with saying it should have a”feeling of pride”…make it “more pleasing” … “keeping a mantra of a small seaside community.”…HUH?…Comm. Dodd informed Comm. Silverstone (correctly) Washingtonia was not part of this (it can only be used south of Commercial Blvd….Homework Jimmy?)….He spoke of the expense of underground wiring and that 1 million won’t cover it…Comm. Dodd said we should include as much as we can of the student’s work and again spoke of his desire of El Mar not being a straight lane…(His pet project is for a meandering road)…Vice Mayor McIntee disagreed with Comm. Dodd saying it should be a straight road and compared it to Misner Park…”straight from one end to another”…He said we were stuck with 1 lane (in front of Oriana) and we should not take the $150,000 landscaping in the mediums out (where did that figure come from?)…Comm. Clottey added that during special events people parked along the medians and that needs to be “kept in mind”…Paul said we should start out with a landscape architect…and agree with leaving the median in front of Oriana alone…stating that left only 3…He asked if any monies could go to the North and VM McIntee said it cannot…..Paul added the need for lighting…and said at least we will see something and it would be a “great accomplishment”…Comm. Clottey said she spoke to “Mr Sehl” and he said solar lighting was not yet available in the U.S….but it was something that we should think about …(audience members disagreed with the assertion of unavailability)…Sandra Booth again spoke of Barbara Wayne who was available to present to the committee and the town her expertise with the most sustainable plant materials available….The Vice Mayor asked if we needed an RFP “if we can afford it”…The Mayor indicated that at the the meeting were Chen and Assoc. Engineers and Ocampo and Assoc. (architect)…and offered them each 5 minutes …

The Town Manager’s lack of informing them about the history of LBTS and El Mar Drive….was embarrassingly evident when Ben Chen of Chen and Assoc. came the podium to speak of having a long term development plan with the community coming together and having charettes!…HELLO?…We have done that…we have had long term development plans…we have had Master plans…3 of them Comm. Silverstone said…Mr Chen also spoke of having a “Ritz Carlton” at one end of El Mar!….OUCH!…He must have picked up the vibe that he was heading in the wrong direction and reeled his comments back in to address underground wiring…the problems with FPL and the prohibitive costs to do so….He spoke of the “unusual elevations we have on El Mar and said we “don’t have a serious flooding problem”…HUH?…He said it could be remedied with paving….REALLY?….and then finally addressed the students work and what could be created …talking of a linear park…a signature project for residents and tourists…going on to speak of planning…and the costs…that having only a million and deciding where that million would be could create a problem…(again was he not informed that we are tied to where it can be used?)…He added we could use grants and stimulus money …even putting forth the idea (and saying this probably wasn’t the time to talk about it) for a special assessment for burying the lines…ending with saying all options were put on the table….Marc Furth asked his opinion about burying the lines under the medians instead of the sidewalks…Mr. Chen went further into the costs…and the hoops required in dealing with FPL…adding if we ever decided to do it his company could do for less….Marc said he had concerns of doing the medians only to dig them up later…wanting instead 8 foot sidewalks….Ernie Ojito from Ocampo then stood at the podium and spoke of projects his company had done…being architects/planners/ and landscape architects…He too was not informed prior …bringing up a Master Plan…and phases …beautifying and incorporating the designs….He spoke of funding available and artists who will get involved such projects. …The VM said we were “off on a tangent” and spoke of the students…the contest …the meetings …that this was like the pavilion ….and how much will it cost to do the student’s project….He wanted it broken down “This is pie in the sky”…(must have wanted to get back on his newest VFD acquisition the 102 ft. ladder truck waiting for him in the El Prado parking lot)…”trust in the students”…The Mayor said the students aren’t professionals…they came up with “thoughts, ideas” they were “creative” with their concepts but now the professionals needed to work to make it a “pedestrian friendly walkway” and take care of the hospitality businesses like Mr. Furths…when phasing it in…Mr Ojito said they can come up with the concept and then it can be scaled down…Again a Master Plan…The Mayor said we’ve done that…the Town Manager said they were outdated….and Comm. Clottey chimed in to ask the TM about a memo she received saying we (LBTS) cannot get stimulus funds “because we’re too small” [in population]…Yann Brandt was sitting a few rows behind Ms. Colon and said that was wrong…TM Colon said that it was correct…Mr. Brandt disagreed and the Town Manager said  to taxpayer/resident Brandt…”I’m not going to argue with you”…Below is an e-mail sent to the Comm./TM from Yann after the meeting and the letter he sent in response to an inquiry fro the TM….(Yann had a discussion with Comm. Clottey after the 1st budget meeting and then received a letter from the TM)…


Members of the Commission and Town Manager,

I had the distinct pleasure to attend today’s MPSC meeting with all in attendance. In a short 30 minute timeframe, you managed to say something utterly ridiculous, but said it with conviction.

First of, the Town Manager managed to completely rework how stimulus funding is allocated. According to her “expertise”, LBTS is not eligible for EECBG funding. I do have to give it to our TM, she says things with conviction. Since it is her method to ensure that those beneath her are less qualified and does not wish to listen to the resident’s that may know better. Let me reiterate as I did in the meeting, the Town Manager is wrong yet again.

DE-FOA-000013 is the funding guideline for the energy efficiency and community block grant (EECBG). I have attached the guideline for your leisure and to show you in black and white that her conviction does not work for those of us that have the ability to do our homework, which apparently the TM does not wish to do.

• The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 appropriated $3.2 Billion ($3,200,000,000)
for EECBG for fiscal year 2009. DOE will retain $59 million to provide technical assistance and
training for grantees under the program. The amounts available for grants are as follows:
• $1,863,881,000 for formula grants to eligible cities and counties
• $767,480,000 for formula grants to states
• $54,819,900 for formula grants to eligible Indian tribes”

Please see the portion which differentiates between formula allocation and to State allocation. LBTS does not qualify for formula allocation as that was restricted to the largest Cities and Counties in each State, even Broward County did not qualify for formula allocation. As described by DE-FOA-000013 below

Each state that receives a grant under the program shall use not less than 60 percent of the amount
received to provide subgrants to units of local government in the state that are not eligible for direct
formula grants. The state shall provide the subgrants not later than 180 days after the date on which the
Secretary approves the proposed energy efficiency and conservation strategy.
States are required to develop a sub-granting process that expeditiously allocates funding, prevents
fraudulent spending, generates robust reporting, and promotes the EECBG Program principles stated

The State of Florida will be subgranting over $16 million dollars to non formula allocated Cities and Counties across our State. Now, you may think that this is simple oversight by the Town Manager, however she knew about this. Why? Because she had corresponded with me via USPS mail on the subject to which I replied via USPS and even had a follow up conversation with the Asst. TM. The letter is attached and portion of it states

“A vast majority of the funding was made available through formula allocation to Cities and Counties across the Country. $168 million dollars was allocated to the State of Florida. The share of funds allocated to the State Energy Office was approximately $30 million, 60% of which must be made available to non-formula allocated government entities.
The grant applications will be forthcoming shortly from Governor Crist’s Energy Office, led by Mr. Jeremy Susac. His office can provide guidance to the Town for further information. Feel free to mention my name as an introduction.”

When correct at the meeting, TM Colon told me with authority or shall I say with conviction that I was wrong and did not wish to argue with me. I do not wish to argue either, but be sure to be correct when stating something with “conviction” in a publicly aired meeting because you are our “expert” our “manager” and we must be able to believe that what the TM says is the truth and is correct.

With continuing great concern for the lack of adequate leadership shown in our Town.

Yann Brandt
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Resident and Taxpayer

yann brandt letter

Chen and Assoc. Engineer Shaun Bamforth went further into the abyss by speaking about the “big question” one lane or two lanes …GULP!….saying we have both…talking of incorporating some designs and having 8 foot sidewalks and a bike lane!….Paul reiterated what happened with the lanes on El Mar and all that stated even with 8 foot sidewalks they will continue to walk in the street….Marc brought up the 440 parking spaces…and Paul asked for a ballpark figure for the report…Mr. Bamforth said we still had $1900 left over from the MPSC height study (recently done for P&Z/MPSC) and that would be more than enough to cover it…The Manager spoke up and said “I thought this Commission wanted to incorporate the students”…HUH?…Comm. Silverstone never disappointing in providing material said he watched the Tour De France and he would like to have art in the medians and keep the 2 lanes but have “squiggly lines” in one lane and that would be the walking lane…Michael San Miguel said they did their homework…the students did an  excellent job and we have no numbers at this point…but if it was going to be 20 million they [committee] were wasting their time….Again Ocampo talked Master Plan…the Mayor reiterated the points …walking friendly…2 lanes…drainage…residents…businesses….and parking capable…Comm. Clottey asked for the preliminary work in a week…saying “we don’t have to drag our feet.”…(That’s exactly what they should do)…Paul said they had consensus to get a number from each firm…the Mayor said with a million to use…the VM said he disagreed with that…Paul said it was what we could do with a million…and Comm. Clottey asked to save the trees or they needed to be moved elsewhere in thee town… …Mr. Bamforth felt some would need to be moved….The Town Manager wanted to make sure each company knew which project they were working with…project #1….and proceeded to point out the wrong one…She said it was missmarked…BUT…the winning project was the only model submitted (asleep at the wheel?)…Sandra spoke of the 2005 Master Plan (which shows it certainly is not outdated)…and problems encountered with maintenance…Paul said we should not call it a Master Plan…it brought forth negative reactions…and Shaun Bamforth said call it a Conceptual Plan…Paul asked to go down the list although he understood the meeting was called to address only El Mar Drive (on the agenda)…He wanted to talk of some future things for MPSC to do…Briefly they spoke of grant monies …and the Mayor said most were matching funds in this economic climate…Bus Shelters…went untouched…Paul’s pet project…a pedestrian overpass over A1A…no discussion (no money)…and parking for new restaurants…getting rid of the requirement…and this one brought out a real humdinger!…Vice Mayor/Dep Chief McIntee warned this was “dangerous” …”very political” for a board member to talk about something that could benefit themselves….saying the “perception is there!”….HA!…What a joke for the VM to be warning anybody about “perception” …Paul was not deterred and continued on about the death knell in our town from being tied down with parking requirements…and it ended with discussion on a parking garage with Jimmy-boy then stating we have an small inventory of parking spaces with none available…stating business owners should build a parking garage…not the town…Hmmm…

BC- So there you have it…to see if there is any forward movement in this million dollar El Mar Project….stay tuned for next week’s report….

Is it August yet?…..

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop….MPSC/Commison Meeting Tonight…

July 20, 2009 by Barbara


The Master Plan Steering Committee invited the Commission to come and give them direction for where the committee can best serve them and the town…

They will meeting in Jarvis Hall at 5 pm tonight (7/20/09)…public is welcomed and should have an opportunity to comment!…

It will be televised on Comcast Ch.78/ online at the Town website…

The Manager indicated it is time to deal with a new 5 year Master Plan…. along with El Mar Drive….

will post afterward…..on the content…

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Here’s The Scoop…. IT’S A MONSTER …..

July 19, 2009 by Barbara





Daylight pics to come….But we hear from those observers on the scene it’s an “Antique”…and it was quite a production to get it under the canopy!…

LBTS…. a little seaside village of 2 &1/2 miles…with approximately 4 fires a year now has 5 firetrucks!…According to ISO a town this size needs 2 and having a reserve is a plus!…

So we now have 2 trucks in the firehouse bays…this 100 ft. ladder truck (finally) under the canopy…(until it goes in for “works” in detailing…new #s etc…) and the other 2 engines previously stored under the canopy and the ATVs are now not covered……(wasn’t that a requirement from ISO? Deputy Chief?)…

Word going around…McIntee and Colon will now put forward the URGENT need to build a NEW fire garage next to the hotel where the Development trailer is!…So much for saving money by getting rid of BSO!….

Questions flying around fast and furious…Who purchased the truck?…Who made the deal?…Who checked it out?…(The Deputy Chief?)….AND WILL THE TOWN MANAGER INSIST THE TOWN PURCHASE IT FROM THE VFD?…(sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn’t)….

BC- It really leaves a bad taste in many taxpayers mouths…witnessing the “piling on” of VFD apparatus purchases..and the lame responses from the Town Manager that the VFD is a contracted non-profit private corporation…(Hands off!…No oversight!)….UGHHHHHH…..

More to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … With The Stroke Of Her Pen ….

July 19, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers….You may recall from a previous post on the July 14,2009 Commission meeting…Comm. Dodd wanted to waive the fees that would require a business to reimburse the town for the time code personnel spent at the event…Somehow it veered away from what the permit said….


It was voted 3-2 not to waive the fees…The same disconnect carried over to the vote on the actual special permit request from Athena when the Vice Mayor again asked if Mr. Marchelos was ever charged…Mr. Marchelos answered it had only been a month or so and he was told by Town staff he would be billed just as the clause in the permit stated. The only way to not be charged was for the Commission to waive it…

BC- and that just was voted down by the “Gang of 3″….

The line of questioning continued with Comm. Clottey and Mr. Marchelos….

CC- ” Yes, Mr Marchelos um, sometimes when people get excited they don’t hear what a person is saying and I have a feeling this is what I’m hearing from you. The Town Manager has said and we’ve also talked to the police chief and he said that if somebody complains about you the police will come there first and if you do what the police ask you to do whatever it is, there, you will not pay anything. Only if you refuse to do what the police as you will there be any charge for a code enforcement officer. So if you have the Town Manager and you say something publicly in a commission meeting I think that overrides anything else that somebody else has told you.”

Louis Marchelos- ” Um, Commissioner Clottey on the permit we sign every Saturday night there is a line in the middle of that page that says we will be charged for fees UNLESS this commission waives it. That’s what it says, so that’s why I am up here. UNLESS this commission waives it they could charge us!”

CC- ” If you do not abide by the police.”

LM- ” It does not say that! It does not say that! Let’s be factual.”

CC- ” Let’s wait , if you do get charged , come back and this commission will take care of it.because I don’t believe you will be.”

LM- ” I got your word on that?”

CC- ” You have my word.”

LM- ” Thank you.”

BC- This writer is told that the permits received this week after the July 14,2009 Commission meeting and this exchange NO LONGER have the original reimbursement clause…It now reads just as Comm. Clottey said…the business will ONLY be charged if BSO comes and then has to call in code!…

How is it possible for the Town Manager to change a permit passed by the Commission (albeit they did not “catch” the original reimbursement clause and were not informed by the staff)….for a 3 month period? ….There was not a motion made or vote taken to remove the one clause and insert the other….WOW!…

BC- The Manager at the end of her diatribe on New Business item 16 c ended with this…” I DO MY JOB AND YOU’RE THE POLITICIANS, I’M NOT. YOU SET POLICY, I DON’T!”…Hmmmm…This writer thinks otherwise….and the above action is just the latest in a long line of unilateral acts!….

BC- No wonder this Town Manager and The Vice Mayor/Deputy Chief are so simpatico!…They operate like soul-mates in their respective roles of authority!…OUCH!…

more to come…..

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July 19, 2009 by Barbara



(Notice the VFD shirt)…Thanks Reader…




So why is it that we are going to pay $130 again this year for our fire assessment fees?….To keep Jerry buying more and more?….

In the budget it says it is for 82 firefighters….we know that for months now the number is really around 60 if that!

Other towns such as Davie and Pompano beach will pay fire assessments fees of $104 & $108 respectively for professional departments!…

Next year the 4% increase will be $877,783.00….for just the VFD contract portion…the total fire budget is $1,025,776.00…

“ACHIEVEMENTS”….page 66 2009/2010 Budget

“Increased skills and competency of firefighters and WATER RESCUE PERSONNEL. REVISION OF DEPARTMENTS MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE AND OPERATING PROCEDURES. ISO rating of 4 measured within a 5 month assessment period. PURCHASED TWO FULLY EQUIPPED FIRST LINE TRUCKS, (The Town purchased 1 and the VFD said they purchased the 2nd one…who purchased the new ladder truck ?) JET SKI AND A FIRE BOAT TO PATROL THE INTERCOASTAL WATERWAYS. (The jet ski was NOT of any use per the presentation, per the Dep. Chief’s statement …for the potential drownings a few months back, and still no proper certified trainers to train the members/ the fire boat is not a fire boat…it has no pumper… according to those who live on the intercoastal it is a fun boat for cruising and such by McIntee and his favorites) With the town, installed safety numbered beach poles with life rings attached. Established a station watch program resulting in improved staffing of the station and response times.”


more to come….

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