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Here’s The Scoop…She Got The Job…The Title…The Car… And The Contract… The One With The Annual Performance Review…OOPS!…


The LBTS Town Manager was voted in on April 24,2007…(previous  post…scoops category) …asking for the same contract as the outgoing Town Manager Bob Baldwin with one exception…she would not work on a “day to day basis”…

On May 22, 2007 it came back before the Commission …

‘ Commissioner Silverstone stated that Esther  took over Robert Baldwin’s old contract, and in that contract he was given 10 weeks off a year that was supposed to be unpaid.’

‘Town Manger Colon indicated that her contract does not include the 10 weeks.’

‘ Commissioner Silverstone stated that she was being paid the same but working more, and he thanked her for doing that.’

‘Mayor Parker wanted to correct the previous statement and indicated that the 10 weeks were unpaid leave, and if he took it would have reduced his salary.’

‘ Commissioner McIntee said that Town Manager Colon took the 10 weeks out of the contract without anyone asking her to do it. He said that if she is gone for 10 weeks, then the second in command has to step in and get paid 10% over his payroll. She , he stated that she gave the Commission a very nice gesture without asking for it. She said that she removed other things as well, on her own.’

‘Mayor Parker stated he commends the Town Manager for taking out the 10 weeks, he noted that he was just pointing out that it was unpaid leave.’

‘ Commissioner Clark motioned, seconded by Vice Mayor Yanni, to approve the contract. The motion passed 5-0

Dear Readers…previously posted…scoops category…was a post about the Deerfield Advocate Site……asking about their Commission being delinquent with the Performance Review of their Town Manager…which set this writer in motion to see if our Commission was derelict in its duties as well….especially after looking at the April 24 & May 22, 2007 minutes…covering Ms Colon’s installation to the Town Manager position…1st with the “falling all over themselves” to make it happen scenario on the 24th…and then with the disturbing follow-up minutes under Consent Agenda item g. a few weeks later…with the following statement made…….”She said that she removed other things as well, on her own.”…WHOAAAAA…….

Nobody seemed to know what was removed, and nobody seemed to know if there was a “performance Review” required….in the new contract…

Then after the last issue of the Pompano Pelican included a letter to the Editor…which also pointed out that Pompano Beach was  supposed to have an annual review of their Manager that had recently kept his job by a close Commission vote after an outcry for his removal…(previous posts…J.P. Bender-“Wizard of Pompano Beach” series….scroll down the page for the series...….this writer decided to make a public records request to see if…one of those “other things “…”she removed’… “on her own” was the annual Performance Review…

Promptly the Town made the contract available…and a look at the “Employment Agreement” made and entered on May 22, 2007…included…on page 6…

15.0…. Performance Evaluation

15.1 The Commission shall review and evaluate the performance or the Employee at least annually in advance of the adoption of the annual operating budget. Said review and evaluation shall be in accordance with specific criteria developed jointly by Employer and Employee. Said criteria may be added to or deleted from as the Commission may from time determine, in consultation with the Employee. Further, the Commission shall provide an adequate opportunity for the Employee to discuss his/her evaluation of the Commission.

15.2 Annually, the Commission and the Employee shall define such goals and performance objectives that they determine necessary for the proper operation of the Town and in the attainment of the Commission policy objectives and shall further establish a relative priority among those various goals and objectives, said goals and objectives to be reduced to writing. They shall generally be attainable within time limitations as specified and annual operating and capital budgets and appropriations provided.

So what happened?….

Why no annual Commission “Performance Review” of Town Manager Colon?….

Simple…because the Commission does not have a copy of the contract and the Manager did not provide them with the information that a Performance Review was to be done each year before the yearly budget…

Don’t ask…Don’t tell….

Commissioner Dodd at the continuation of the 2/24/09 meeting on 2/25/09 spoke of the lack of material given to new Commissioners…such as the ongoing projects while holding up the Pavilion plans…he was in receipt of for the very first time…

He had it right…for the Manager’s contract should be included in the changeover…to make sure such a Performance Review is enacted…each year…to ensure the check and balances of good and transparent government…

Now the question is…do we have to wait until next September for the Commission to do the Review?….

more to come……..

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