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‘over the past few years we heard the mantra (i looked up the meaning of mantra=”a mythical formula of invocation and incantation”=seems to fit) about the “will of the people” and believed it was intended to mean the will of the majority of the people. but, alas, that appears not to be so. it appears that it is more like the “will of my people”. the town charter reflects the will of the people, the majority of voters who approved the 44′ height limits. so how can the current commission refuse to honor the wishes of the majority who put each of them in their seats on the dais? “all authority is derived from the will of the people. the power and authority to rule, to legislate…resides with the people. and it is only by the people granting this power and authority…to legislators…do these same individuals become legislators…” and it is the power of the “will of the people” that the power and authority can be taken away. while the commission doesn’t have a legal responsibility here they do have an ethical one.’


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