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Here’s The Scoop… It’s Not Goodbye Chief ….. IT’S GAME OVER ….


Dear Readers… First the news…

‘LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA – There will be a new chief in town Monday when Capt. Oscar Llerena replaces Broward Sheriff’s Chief Scott Gooding, who was removed from office last month by Town Manager Esther Colon.

Gooding’s departure was protested at a raucous town meeting where more than 100 residents and business owners praised his leadership and demanded his reinstatement. They were unsuccessful.

Gooding’s removal came as a surprise, after Colon faulted the cost of his renovation plans for police office space. She had never complained about his performance or financial management and had reviewed the construction costs with his supervisors prior to removing him.

Colon chose the new leader from within the sheriff’s ranks but from outside the town’s 28-member force.

In 2004, Llerena was named in a widespread inquiry into improperly closed cases during former Sheriff Ken Jenne’s administration. Sheriff’s investigators recommended a three-day suspension for Llerena.

“Captain Llerena challenged the finding and the investigators’ recommendation was not sustained,” agency spokesman Jim Leljedal said. “He was never suspended.”

Colon declined to comment on her selection of Llerena, 37, who is on vacation and did not return messages seeking comment about his goals for the new job.

Llerena will work under a $2.9 million contract with the town that ends Sept. 30, 2011.

He joined the Broward Sheriff’s Office as a road patrol deputy in 1996 and has been a training officer and detective. An agency spokeswoman said Llerena’s most recent post was night watch commander.

Gooding will remain with the sheriff’s office as a field commander.’


What a turnout…what a crowd…and what a way to say thank you to outgoing Chief Scott Gooding…for a job well done!

We gathered around as Village Grill owner Dave Gadsby (no relation)  stepped on the stage to explain why we had all come out this evening…saying a few words about Chief Scott Gooding…He then introduced BSO Sheriff Al  Lamberti who came to support the Chief ….The Sheriff spoke about the BSO and what they stand for…and how they stand together…saying it’s not about one person …it’s about the BSO department as a whole…He then brought Scott up to speak to the crowd….Scott  spoke about the LBTS department and of the people he worked with in his 5 1/2 years in town…His voice cracked a little as he said it was hard to move on when you weren’t ready to leave ….but added in his new position….this was not goodbye…he would be able to return anytime he wanted!….The crowd burst into applause!…He gave special thanks to close friends …. pointed out his sister ( and her date) and his neighbors from Pompano Beach who had joined him for this event…..and then said the drinks were free courtesy of Dave Gadsby!…(all in good fun)….Dave Gadsby came back to the mike and asked everyone to join in to sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”….followed by more applause and shouts of support ……Also in attendance…former LBTS Chief Tyre, incoming Chief, Capt. Oscar Llerena  …. Lt. Angelo Cedeno…many of Chief Gooding’s LBTS-BSO staff…Mayor Minnet… Commissioner Dodd…and former Town Commissioners…

Walking around the square the  subject was the same no matter where you walked…no matter who you talked to…IT’S GAME OVER…for  McIntee/ Silverstone/ Colon and the Furths…They went to far …and there’s no turning back… there’s no letting up….. to see that come this March…they are marched right out of power!…

This writer has never seen anything like it…a town full of residents…business owners….BSO ….and VFD ….ALL saying the McIntee and Gang are toast…they crossed the line and they can NEVER  recover from this action….NEVER….

Some spoke and snickered about the “UNSPINNING ” the spin campaign latest edition of the Mc-Furth times…saying it was more the “UNRAVELING” the campaign in 2010…THEIRS…”WE SWEPT THEM IN….WE CAN SWEEP THEM OUT”….Bye Bye BROOMS……..

With the Deputy Chief safely out of town, leaks from the VFD were front and center on these downtown sidewalks …Word is there is no support for McIntee in the VFD ….they’re  just waiting …for Dec/Jan VFD elections…where this writer is told McIntee will not be  re-elected Deputy Chief…We hear his bad acts are out of control……It is only a matter of time……..We’ll supply a medal for that!…

As the hour turned late and the music died down we all were in agreement….The man we came to thank tonight made his mark, was appreciated and richly supported by a community that will honor him by making “sweeping changes” in March ….of that this writer has no doubt……lights out…GAME OVER….

Thank you Chief, see you around town!….

link to Sentinel….,0,3298688.story

more to come….

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