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Here’s The Scoop… AMR … AutoPulse…and more….

In less than 48 hours AMR will be the first responder town wide in LBTS for emergencies…

Today they arrived in town with the Auto-pulse in tow…as promised…Commissioner Clottey observed the training this morning…–Medical-Services/AutoPulse-Cardiac-Pump-


It will definitely be on board the ambulance located within the town…this writer has a call in to Brooke Liddle of AMR to see if the backups will supply them also…will update later…

Battalion Chief Pointu said he thinks we will also have the first hypothermic protocol on board in Florida…will update this verification also..–Medical-Services/Raising-the-Dead/1$8225

In an article in BTSTimes by Rev Jim Pollock…page 12& 14……he is now an AMR employed EMT/Driver…”that is why your three EMT /DRIVERS are from the LBTS VFD.”…

Good for the finding of the destination…but will this open up a can of worms with the cross-over…of VFD/AMR…guess we will see in the next Future’s edition….

Why is this allowable…but the AMR Fire Fighter is not allowed to assist the VFD…per the Town Manager at the 9/25/08 commission meeting?…

updates to come….

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  1. Ms. Cole,

    To tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of either VFD’s who think that they on par with a well-trained, well-staffed career department or private ambulance companies who run 9-1-1 transports. However, I am happy that AMR is going to have an Autopulse available in LBTS. It is an incredible tool and will serve your people well. It should be used with any patient that meets the criteria with no questions asked. It is far superior than standard CPR. In fact, it performs so well it will produce a measurable blood pressure in a patient who is clinically dead. (I have seen this during codes.) If a family member of mine went into cardiac arrest in a hospital ER, I would want them placed on this machine.

    Comment by SCFFEMT-P — September 29, 2008 @ 6:50 pm

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