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Here’s The Scoop … The 2012 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea LOWV Meet The Candidate Forum … Mr Myagi And The Kid…

January 11, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers … the 2012 League of Women Voters Meet the Candidate Forum was over in less than hour in part because there were only 2 candidates vying for one seat and a lack of questions to answer although a lot of the questions came from the 35 this writer sent in to the moderator on Dec. 9, 2011  … I’m definitely going to go back and watch the exchange again .. Readers should do the same and will have countless opportunities to do so with the event being re-broadcast on the Town’s channel 78 Jan 12,13,14,15,16,25,26,28,29 at 7 and 9 pm as well as being available anytime on the Town’s website …..

That being said here are my impressions from the first viewing of this forum … I thought it was rather odd that the moderator prefaced the 2 minute opening statements would contain the candidates qualifications and volunteer activities…That’s a new one…Once again this moderator’s impartiality is being called into question by this writer (I questioned it at the last such forum) … It began with Mark Brown who gave the voters a detailed look at his impressive personal and professional biography which was so extensive he could not fit into just 2 minutes…His opponent Edmund Malkoon had quite the opposite problem due to not having much of a professional biography or qualifications to put forth to voters …The questions began and each taking turns in who answered first were allowed 1 minute …The first question was about the top 2 priorities each had for the Town if elected…Malkoon answered they were  high level public safety …scrutinizing finances …and actively engaging people to participate… Brown responded he wanted to continue what this Commission was doing while being careful with spending ..The second question was about the Town promoting local business and Brown was up first to respond…He said the Town should play a small role in it and not a whole lot of Town money should be used citing events the Town already puts on …Malkoon said that the Town has done a lot with the businesses bringing up the hotels and then went on to state what the Town has done legislatively to aid in the businesses …

BC-legislative measures are not promoting town businesses …

Question 3 was on the Charter changes that are necessary and Malkoon answering first stated they needed to answer the redistricting which he said was an issue due to what people voted for and what was not in the charter …

BC-this was discussed last night by the TAtty. who stated there was a discrepancy of what was on the ballot vs. the charter with the residency requirements of candidates ending in 2018 not being included in the Town Charter and the statute of limitations for it to be put in had passed in 2008 (under the CIC majority time on the dais) …thus making the residency requirement permanent if no change is made …The FAU study for extending the districts is still required due to that being in the Town Charter…

Mark Brown answered that this was “a more important issue than you realize” correctly citing the report Consultant Cecelia Ward brought forth to the Commission of many such instances of more issues not making it into the Town Charter…He added he was looking forward to the committee but did not want to impose on them or tie their hands … The question that followed was to ask the candidates where they would cut or increase the current budget …Brown responded that this Commission has done a good job with a lean budget during these economic times…He added that he would look into the Town Attorney’s budget as well as discussing capital improvements and keeping a line on the millage rate …Malkoon spoke of how lucky we are to have a town that is financially sound and spoke of keeping the 3.999 millage rate…He took a jab at his opponent by stating Brown was for raising the millage at budget time …

BC- Brown has stated he was for raising it slightly along with a few others during the budget hearings due to the unknowns in the budget leftover from the previous administration cited by the Administration at these meetings and it was for this millage hearing only…Readers may recall this is the same time that the sewer replacement in the south end of town was also looming as Malkoon will touch upon later in the forum…

The Candidates were asked if they were happy with the current Master Plan and it was Malkoon responding first to once again remind voters he was on the MPSC and was happy with the Master Plan stating it was not set in stone for the 5 years.. Brown shot back that he was “disappointed” with the MPSC and glad that the Town went out beyond the committee to accomplish the plan citing a lack of consensus on the committee…He also corrected Malkoon by stating that only one year of the Master Plan has a budgeted commitment of funding..

BC- Readers will recall (prev. posts boards) that the Comm. thought the MPSC was floundering as well and asked the TM to take over with guiding them through this process…TM Hoffmann came in with some planned committee group building exercises followed by introducing experts to produce outside the box ideas which ed to presentations and the UM study along with resident input to finalize the Master Plan…The Commission cut short the MPSC 5-0 over the objections voiced by Malkoon himself long before their 2-yr terms were up …

Up next was the question concerning the upcoming beach re-nourishment which was also discussed at a recent Town Reg. Comm. meeting… Brown responded that he had experience in beach re-nourishment while working with congress and stated it is imperative to do and he supports it with reservations ..Those include the impact on LBTS which he stated was nowhere as bad off as Galt Ocean Mile…He also stated his concerns about the proposed ideas such as the sand coming from mined areas on trucks and the impact of the trucks carrying it as well as the quality of the sand itself.. He reiterated he supports the project with reservations…  Malkoon responded after Brown that he remembered the beach re-nourishment of the early 1980’s and the problems at that time..

BC- Hmmm… Malkoon is 36 years old…so to remember the project in the early 80’s he would have been  5-8 years how much of a beach re-nourishment project would an 8 year old really recall…I am told that project was not done from the shore but rather brought in from the water although I have not checked it out… So who coached him?… Comm. Clottey who it is said was nodding throughout the forum as he looked toward her for reassurance?… Speaking of “Team Edmund” this writer was also informed that Cindy Geesey and Bob Fleishman made it their business to make faces at Mark Brown throughout such as putting their fingers down their throats when he responded and using the throat slash when it appeared he was running long on a response … Later on in Brown’s closing remarks he took aim at such actions which should send a message not only to these two but to voters …

Public bathrooms was the next topic… Malkoon responded once again that he was on the MPSC and this had come before them for the “80th” time…he did not think it was a top priority citing the sewers and drainage ..

BC- I think a look back at his time on the MPSC will show he was all in when it came to public bathrooms ..

Mark brown stood his ground saying he had written about the need for bathrooms and was not going to change his position now (as his opponent did) ..He spoke up about his idea to do a trial with a modular unit to see if it worked or not..If not then not much would be spent on the trial …He also spoke of walking around town often and the usage of restaurant bathrooms to cover this deficiency…

BC- A look back at this discussion which went on quite a long time with the MPSC will show that Brown’s idea was put forth on the dais by none other than Comm Clottey… Brown also recommended using El Prado as the test area …Talk about parking lots was brought up by others in town and met with concerns of pedestrian safety crossing  A1A or El Mar and using the Aruba alleyway which would put the pedestrians in danger from valeted cars…

A screwy question which was prefaced by the moderator as such but nevertheless still put forth by her concerned the Chamber of Commerce being funded by Town and County taxpayers and a charge of the Chamber paying “thousands” to an out of state contractor… Mark Brown said indeed the question was wrong … Ms. Smith, the moderator then asked if the Chamber should play a bigger role or no role at all in town… Brown responded that he is a big supporter of the Chamber citing what they bring to the town as well as the partnership required now more than ever between the two with what is planned as well as the Town not being able to hire more staff … Malkoon reminded voters once more that he is a Chamber board member ( he made a try for the Chamber board in 2010 but was not elected) …He said he owned a business in town and said we are one of two Welcome Centers in Broward and ours is well run…He then digressed into bids saying he is pro bids and putting forth the Town’s policy of local bids preferences …

BC- The Town’s bid policy has nothing to do with the Chamber bids policies…

The sewer/water fees increase question was finally asked and it was Malkoon’s to answer first… He said he spoke to the Town Manager on this issue and that there is an inequality as well as adding the sewer replacement would cost us about a million dollars which is not as bad as we thought it would be and we have $1.8 million in the sewer fund which “is more than enough needed” … He spoke of the water usage and Fort Lauderdale and the charges “going down” as well as looking at a rate decrease across the board..

BC- I find this disturbing because up til now it was my understanding we do not have the final figures for the cost of the sewers in the south…So where did Malkoon get the million figure from?… Did the TM inform him before the Commission?… The water usage I believe is slated to go up with another increase on the horizon as we only sent in by resolution our complaint concerning the fees…As far as a rate decrease across the board for south end properties under the PB-LBTS Master Sewer Agreement…I believe the only rate decrease to be discussed is concerning multi-family/hotel/condo properties…on Jan 19th..

Mark Brown responded that he supported the Commission’s decision to have everybody pay their fair share in order to maintain the sewers and build up reserves for repairs and replacement…He said if there is now a question of too much money being reserved then it needs to be addressed…but a continued fair share rate should apply …

The question was asked about the need and any support from the Candidates for a new Town Hall… Brown responded that the present Town Hall properties are underutilized and should be consolidated in the future citing the fire station as a component…He did not believe public monies should be used and said it was not a top priority… Malkoon agreed it was not a top priority…

BC- I believe at the time of Town Hall discussions Malkoon was for the “whole enchilada”…

The 5-year Capital Improvement Plan question was put to both and Malkoon responded it addressed the infrastructure adding it was not “set in concrete” so changes could be made…He stated we do not have to go out for monies and spoke of grants for improvements ..Brown stated he was happy we finally have a 5-year plan citing “piecemeal” projects …He added correctly that the projects funded thus far are from reserves and added he will not be voting for increasing taxes to fund projects… The moderator segwayed into the  millage rate and raising it… Brown said only if there was a disaster saying he saw no reason to raise the millage… Malkoon responded “being a taxpayer who wants to pay more”…He said we have $2.3 million in our emergency disaster fund as well as other avenues to cover such an event…

Outsourcing the Parking Dept. was the next question…Malkoon stated that the Parking Dept. has longtime residents as employees and stated it should be made known to taxpayers that it is funded by the Enterprise Fund not from the General Fund and he needed to look at it more …

BC- Malkoon was wrong… The Town employees are not paid from the Enterprise Fund…that funds the parking lots etc…but the department employees are paid for by the taxpayers…

Mark Brown hit right back by saying he has done a lot of knocking on doors and repeatedly heard “Do what you have to do to keep the cost down”…He said he would look at outsourcing case-by-case based on facts not emotion…Traffic flow was up next ..Brown cited the many traffic changes implemented by the Town (Consultant Hughs) and spoke of concerns with pedestrians at the intersection of A1A (and Commercial) as well as the turnaround at the Pavilion …Malkoon went green with agreeing with the A1A/Comm. Blvd. intersection adding that people should get out of their cars and use the Pelican Hopper/the new sharing bikes and walking…Then it was onto the “Does Lauderdale-By-The-Sea have a parking problem” question… Malkoon said no we don’t our parking is underutilized and that talk of a parking garage will be wonderful one day…done by a private entity…

BC- Again voters need to go back to Malkoon’s time on MPSC to see where he stood then vs. now…

Brown said we do have a parking problem because people want to park right in front of where they are going..He cited signage as well being a problem and added that after the recession is over the time will come to think about a garage or some  way to deal with it…No money for it right now… Next was the question of what if any changes the candidates would make in the bid process …large bids… Brown responded the Town under this Commission and Administration made big changes with a limit of $15,000 being kept and the Commissioners seeing all bids first… Malkoon added there has been a big increase in transparency in the last 2 years and he thinks we should bid as much as possible .. That was followed by a question concerning staffing in Town such as a Town Marketing person, Town Planner, Asst. TM and an Asst. To the TM… Malkoon said we should let the TM run the town… Brown stated that as a Chief of Staff he held a similar role to the TM in staffing …He went on to say as long as the TM was mindful of the overall budget it did not matter what title was affixed to the TM’s hires…He added that if the Commission became unhappy with the TM’s actions the TM could be removed… The second to last question was about the recreation/Senior Center and any changes… Brown responded he regularly participates in the program lauding its volunteers and saying he thought there was a need for more space and suggesting more usage of Jarvis Hall ….Malkoon stated it was now called the Community Center and he said Armilio (the director) was doing a “great job” …as far as youth programs he said we are “blessed” with programs in neighboring towns and it’s something we can look in to..

BC- Mark Brown was a big supporter and proponent to save Armilio Bien-Aime’s job and the center itself a few years ago when Malkoons “mentor” Comm. Clottey was in cahoots with former TM Colon to undermine the program and Armilio with Broward County!…Oops!…

The final question was about the Town employing a lobbyist …Malkoon’s response was a swift no …Brown said “we have a Congressman, State Representative, State Senator and County Commissioner, let them do the lobbying for us!”…

The closing came at 10 to 8 due to no one in the 3/4 filled hall coming forth with anymore questions for the candidates despite the moderator repeatedly asking them to do so… Each had 2 minutes…

Malkoon went first and said he was proud that LBTS is financially sound …he would be fiscally responsible and spoke of a cost benefit analysis…He then went on the attack one more time against his opponent and his experience in Washington pleading with the voters to vote for a local boy…

BC- This line of attack was a complete misfire in this writer’s opinion …It made it abundantly clear that Malkoon not being able to match Brown’s experience decided with his small, small cadre of pals to denigrate it!… Sad and pitiful….

Mark Brown had the last words and they were the reason this writer used the Karate Kid reference at the top of this post… Mark spoke of walking around the town over the past 3 months and what an amazing experience it has been…He spoke about the remarks he heard concerning happiness with the commission and the desire to move forward while keeping the uniqueness of out town intact… He followed that up by declaring that he had written hundreds of stories over the last five years (as a volunteer) which he signed his name to and took full responsibility for … He further declared that he would continue doing so when elected your commissioner…He then shot his final blow to those who sat menacingly in the front row as well as his opponent by emphatically stating “I’m not beholden to anyone” … He ended by just as emphatically telling the voters he will listen to the people, do what’s best for  the town and he won’t waste any money doing it!…

With that the meeting ended… As Myagi  said to the “kid” wax on…wax off… Voters…take a look at the forum…take a look at the differences experienced…methodical…factual man who is beholden to no one or a self proclaimed local boy who is apparently beholden to a cadre of supporters who let him believe he is owed a seat on the dais because he is a local boy!… Wax off!…..

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Candidate For Commission Seat 3 In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Needs A “Sick Day” … Asks To Change Candidate Forum Date 48 Hours In Advance …

January 9, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers …just when you think it cannot get any stranger in this LBTS 2012 Commission race for seat 3 …it does!… Candidate Edmund Malkoon was a no-show tonight at the first head-to-head meeting set up for him and his opponent Mark Brown at the UOT-PAC …Before the meeting though a call went out from the Town Manager to at least one Commissioner that Malkoon asked that the scheduled Wed. night LOWV Meet The Candidate Forum be changed due to illness…WHOAAAA…. Are you kidding me!… Never have I heard of a candidate asking 48 hours ahead of time for something to be scratched in anticipation of still being sick!…So what’s wrong with Candidate Cub Malkoon anyway you may be asking?… The word from a few attending the UOT meeting is he has a fever of 102.5!…He sent a proxy with a letter which was rather feisty we hear from someone so ill and in need of a respite during the countdown of days leading up to the Jan. 31st election stating he had a 102.5 fever ad nauseum…pun intended ….and asking that the Wed. night forum be changed due to being under the weather!… This is a new low in my book…I recall VM Dodd showing up at meetings shortly after a hip replacement …I recall not too long ago Comm. Sasser was on the dais throughout a full meeting quite ill after being checked out by AMR… Same goes for former Comm. Chuck Clark as I recall….So to ask for the forum to be changed for a fever that can easily be taken care of within the 48 hours leading up to this event is just another reason why Cub Candidate Edmund Malkoon is not qualified to be a commissioner!… Ask yourself when was the last time you called in sick and missed an important  scheduled meeting? … How long would you employ someone who calls in sick 48 hours ahead of time?…

The Town and the LOWV must carry on with this scheduled forum and allow Candidate Mark Brown this venue to make his opening and closing remarks as well as to answer the questions voters have already sent in for the candidates to respond to…To quash this event and/or move it for a feverish cub is beyond comprehension!…

Mama Bear or the Snicker snicker man or Mensa Meow Meow needs to give their Cub Candidate Malkoon a Z-Pak and a load of chicken soup…wipe his nose …tie his shoes and get him to the LOWV Meet The Candidate Forum Wed. night as planned…If Malkoon is indeed a no-show or the Town reschedules…then voters once more need to tell this Cub he’ll have plenty of time to hibernate after Jan. 31st!

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … One Candidate For Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Seat 3 Is Already Waffling … UPDATED …

January 9, 2012 by Barbara


Dear Readers … the first printed interview with candidates Brown and Malkoon is out today in the Sentinel (see below) …It goes beyond this writer’s last post in a most disturbing way that should again give voters pause when they fill in that bubble for Commission seat 3 on their absentee ballot or at their polling place on Jan. 31st… It appears the reporter pinned down candidate Malkoon on his qualifications thus making Malkoon reel back his election material claim that he majored in “International Finance and Marketing” at FAU conveniently or should I say purposefully in my opinion giving voters the idea that he has a degree in both and perhaps a career in both…In the Sentinel article he has been dialed back to “Education: Graduated from Ely High School, 1993; undergraduate course work at Broward College and Florida Atlantic University”…meaning he took courses and it means nothing except it was a way to embellish his resume and qualifications which are sorely lacking in reality…But that didn’t stop Malkoon who  moved the waffling of his background on to his career in the interview in the paper doing much the same by stating…” Malkoon has worked in credit card, mortgage and real estate fields and says that business background will be a plus when overseeing the management of the town’s finances.”… What Malkoon conveniently or purposefully left out in my opinion was the fact that he is not a licensed real estate agent …That Malkoon was working in insurance from home during the last election from this writer’s recollection of his almost daily conversations with me and the UOT campaign group of which he was an active member (thus that point quashes his printed claims of  “Malkoon said he promoted his favored candidates without criticizing the other side.”..GULP!)… Malkoon does not state the overwhelming concern when he was slated to run pre-Sasser in 2010 concerning his personal problems with his own mortgage on his home … I would not have divulged this one had Malkoon not included mortgage in this article in his list of work experience! … I want a commissioner on the dais who can handle the taxpayer’s monies and that must be based on how they handle their own…or lack thereof!…Malkoon once more gives his work experience as a “Realtor” …but again no mention of being a licensed agent…no mention that he works in a family Real Estate business …(see below)…Waffling on his local contribution to a town board is done by not giving the dates of service as most candidates customarily provide  …His appointment came after the last election in 2010 by those he campaigned hard for and that committee was disbanded by the full commission last year before a full 2-year appointment was realized due to there being no need for the committee to exist anymore as well as the total exasperation felt by many commissioners and taxpayers with what was coming out of those meetings..This writer believes much of that resulted from Malkoon’s actions and input…especially after he declared commissioners should not be allowed to speak at board meetings much less attend them!… I have repeatedly posted that Malkoon was in my opinion  skirting violations of sunshine laws with his emails to some fellow MPSC members and was way out of line when he chose to come to the podium at commission meeting seemingly to represent the committee (although no vote was taken at the meetings for him to do so) misrepresenting the collective opinions of the committee to the commission…Malkoon in his statement “We were forced to take sides, but now, like I said, I feel a certain segment of society is being left out because it didn’t win … I want to restore that voice to people that feel that way.” …is pandering to the CIC most likely due to the lack of support he is seeing from the UOT … It is again this writer’s opinion that if there are even any CIC members left to court votes from …those votes will not be for Malkoon but against his opponent who has held steadfast with his stances,resume and experience…Any CIC voters who are considering such a move should look hard at Malkoon’s stance for he was for making El Mar 2 lanes…for a parking garage…for public bathrooms…and anything else on the “I’ll take one of each”redevelopment menu some were proposing at the MPSC meetings …Of note: Mark Brown has stated he will bring back public bathrooms if elected…MIA was that it was Brown who stated from the get- go to try a temporary structure in the El Prado area to see how it fares…

This writer has been asked why am I so hard on Malkoon…because I do not think he is qualified to be a commissioner in LBTS…I do not think he is “owed” a seat on the dais…He has proven to me he is ineffective …Once again in the “anything can happen” climate of LBTS politics…I could just foresee a low voter turnout for this election and a handful of voters believing that while most voters understand and agree Malkoon is absolutely not right for the job they will throw him and his mom a “bone” by casting a sympathy vote as to not cause him embarrassment of a lack of votes (as we have seen in a lack of contributions) only to have him win as a result!…

This writer has also been informed that a few of Malkoon’s most vocal supporters are supporting him because I support his opponent!…That is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard as a voter! …Can you imagine if all voters supported a candidate using this criteria rather than the candidates qualifications…God help us!…Snicker…snicker!…

Tonight is the UOT-PAC  meeting …It will be the first time in quite a while these candidates will be side- by- side and put in a position of showing the differences between them … Both should be called on what they represent as qualifications and what they can offer voters once on the dais …

“Lauderdale-by-the-Sea candidates support commission agenda
By Larry Barszewski, Sun Sentinel
5:19 p.m. EST, January 8, 2012
The election: On Jan. 31, town voters will choose a new Seat 3 commissioner. Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey is not seeking re-election.
The candidates: Mark Brown and Edmund Malkoon
The background: Warring factions were prevalent in town elections as recently as two years ago, but the feud has essentially disappeared in this year’s Lauderdale-by-the-Sea elections. Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd has been re-elected without opposition and the two candidates for Clottey’s seat share views similar to those of the commission majority.

Town affairs have quieted down considerably since a new commission majority took over in 2010. The commission quickly disposed of former Town Manager Esther Colon and brought in former Fort Lauderdale City Manager Connie Hoffman to take the reins of the town’s administration. Commission meetings have gone from combative to congenial.

The issues: The commission has pushed an aggressive agenda, which both Brown and Malkoon support. They want to continue revitalization plans for Commercial Boulevard and State Road A1A. They agree the town needs to update its aging sewer system and fix drainage problems. And they say the projects need to be accomplished without raising the town’s tax rate.
Each candidate sees himself as the one better able to maintain the town’s progress and to keep the commission from backsliding into past disputes.
Malkoon has worked in credit card, mortgage and real estate fields and says that business background will be a plus when overseeing the management of the town’s finances.
Malkoon stresses his ties to the town, where he has lived most of his life, and his participation in local activities. He says he has tried to build bridges with all sides in town, including those on the losing end of the last elections.
Unlike Brown, who ran editorials critical of past commissioners in the local ByTheSeaFuture paper, Malkoon said he promoted his favored candidates without criticizing the other side.
Brown says that because of his past experiences as a congressional aide and reporter, he knows what it takes for government to get things done and to accomplish the town’s goals. He says his editorials at ByTheSeaFuture, which he started because of his opposition to much of what was being done in town, helped shape decisions in town.
For Brown, ethics and the conduct of town officials continue to be top priorities.
A side issue that Brown says he will pursue if elected is public restrooms for the beach.
The positions:
Brown: “I think the town is headed in the right direction and it wasn’t for a long time … I thought the newspaper provided an outlet for people in town who were unhappy with the way commissioners were conducting themselves and the way the town was spending money.”
Malkoon: “We were forced to take sides, but now, like I said, I feel a certain segment of society is being left out because it didn’t win … I want to restore that voice to people that feel that way.”
[email protected] or 954-356-4556
Mark Brown
Age: 60
Family: Single
Education: Bachelor’s degree, George Washington University, 1973
Occupation: Retired; former editor, ByTheSeaFuture; former reporter, Griffin-Larrabee Washington news bureau
Political career: Former chief of staff, U.S. Rep. William Hughes, D-N.J., 1989-94, and U.S. Rep. Tim Roemer, D-Ind., 1995-2002; congressional aide to Hughes, 1977-89
Civic activities: Former president, North Beach Civic Association; board of directors, Corniche Condominium
Edmund Malkoon
Age: 36
Family: Single
Education: Graduated from Ely High School, 1993; undergraduate course work at Broward College and Florida Atlantic University
Occupation: Realtor
Political career: None
Civic activities: Current vice president and former president, Bel-Air Civic Association; co-chairman, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Master Plan Steering Committee; member, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Chamber of Commerce”,0,3241350,full.story


An update per a Reader’s question about Malkoon’s stated profession…

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING A LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER AND A “SALES ASSOCIATE”…which is what Malkoon is listed as …What it amounts to is that the candidate did not pursue the classwork in order to be a broker..that says a lot when considering his qualifications to be a sitting commissioner…in my opinion…

“The difference between salespersons and brokers

Before the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) was introduced in 1967, when brokers (and their agents) only represented sellers, the term “real estate salesperson” may have been more apt than it is today, given the various ways that brokers and agents now help buyers through the process rather than merely “selling” them a property. Legally, however, the term “salesperson” is still used in many states to describe a real estate agent.

Real estate education: To become licensed, most states require that an applicant take a minimum number of classes before taking the state licensing exam. Such education is often provided by real estate brokerages as a means to finding new agents.

In many states, the real estate agent (acting as an agent of a broker) must disclose to prospective buyers and sellers who represents whom. See below for a broker/agent’s relationship to sellers and their relationship to buyers.

While some people may refer to any licensed real estate agent as a real estate broker, a licensed real estate agent is a professional who has obtained either a real estate salesperson’s license or a real estate broker’s license.

In the United States, there are commonly two levels of real estate professionals licensed by the individual states, but not by the federal government:
[edit] Real estate salesperson (or, in some states, Real estate broker):[2]

When a person first becomes licensed to become a real estate agent, they obtain a real estate salesperson’s license (some states use the term, “broker”) from the state in which they will practice. To obtain a real estate license, the candidate must take specific coursework (of between 40 and 90 hours) and pass a state exam on real estate law and practice. To work, salespersons must be associated with (and act under the authority of) a real estate broker.

Many states also have reciprocal agreements with other states, allowing a licensed individual from a qualified state to take the second state’s exam without completing the course requirements, or, in some cases, take only a state law exam.”

‘Licensee Details
Licensee Information
Name: MALKOON, EDMUND FRED (Primary Name)
(DBA Name)
Main Address: 2073 SE 17TH CT

License Mailing:


License Information
License Type: Real Estate Broker or Sales
Rank: Sales Associate
License Number: SL627358
Status: Current,Active
Licensure Date: 07/10/1995
Expires: 03/31/2013

Special Qualifications Qualification Effective

View Related License Information
View License Complaint’

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … “Snickers” …

December 18, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers … Snickers abound in LBTS we are told … and this writer agrees … that one after another those in the know are snickering…bar none!…


Let’s begin with the ByTheSea Future editorial in this week’s Dec. issue written by Publisher Michael Arker… Surely his three paragraph ode to the former UOT Chair, self promoter Bob Fleishman whose inflated claims of the role he played in the last election met with fodder out of earshot and had to be a “snicker” in print above the fold ….. This writer received the same such big headed claims via an email from Fleishman’s wife and “snickers” were the result of that one as well…….(see e-mail exchange below)…

Excerpt of the Arker BTSF editorial 12/16/11…. link to online BTSFuture below…

“With these realities in mind, I would like to take a moment to reflect on all that
was done to make our town a better, more peaceful and loving community. This
is now our reality, thanks in large part to the strong actions, tireless campaigning
and diligent work behind the scenes of Mr. Bob Fleishman.
As leader of the Unite Our Town movement in 2009-2010, Bob took a real hands on
approach to making the dream of a peaceful LBTS a reality. Yes, it was Bob who
led the way toward bringing us where we are today.
Fleishman’s supreme power of persuasion, gift of oratory, unique command of the
English language, passionate zeal and charismatic personality made it possible for
us all to live in this harmonious new realm, free from the strife and discord we
once knew.’


Below is the e-mail exchange between the Mrs. of the holder of “supreme power of persuasion, gift of oratory,unique command of the English language, passionate zeal and charismatic personality and this writer after my behind the scenes account of the Cindy Geesey candidacy fiasco previously posted…. (email address has been x’d out by this writer)
“Thank goodness you finally got a bone to chew on




[email protected]
Wednesday, December 7, 2011 8:21 PM

The only part of that “ole bone” is that it has caused me to endure “snickers” in this town and become the supposed “butt end of a joke”. As you know Bob and I sometimes have differences of opinion and definitely express them differently. I choose to go to the “Horses mouth”. I did. Although you would like to portray my letters an indication of endorsement for Ms. Geesey, it wasn’t. Old Guard, New Guard, Old Guard. You are very aware that when UOT first came into being, that there was no Bob Fleishman. Bob became active when the Town needed and got a New Guard and was instrumental in aiding and leading, as Chairperson of Unite Our Town, the fight to remove the Old “Dais” Guard.

What Bob inherited in UOT from its Old Guard was improper filings that led into a Hearing by the State of Florida. Thank goodness he and UOT were “cut a break” and the Committee in Tallahassee voted to drop the case against the PAC committee UOT. My one intention and only intension was to avoid a similar occurrence this year, if the PAC organization was found guilty in actions, that would promote another such insident. I didn’t know for sure; however, it is better to be safe than sorry. Since Cindy was making such accusations of an unfair vote occurring against protocol at a UOT meeting, I felt that I should forewarn Ray and then sent out the second E Mail to the Board and a few active UOT members, along with the other Candidates, when I was ignored. It is very interesting how well-meaning guidance to past experience, became a possible endorsement (not) and blackened my thirty-nine year residency here. Even if Cindy were playing “both ends in the middle” as you insinuate, there was still protocol being tested for the UOT PAC. You can imagine just how upset I was to learn, less than 24 hours later, that all of this could of been avoided, if your time line is right and mine wrong. Nonetheless my concern was with UOT, not the Candidates. After all, the UOT Old Guard after Bob’s New Guard, that was instrumental in the last election, financially and fervantly, is now the Old Guard back in charge, offering up their same ‘ole apathetic attitude.

I agree with you, their has been no UOT fundraiser, no phone committee’s that raised just under $10,000.00 for you Barbara, yes, you to direct the payment of the mailings that went out for our three endeared seats. So who was Bob’s Puppet Master – spending the bucks. Guess it was you, huh? So many loose words. I’m a bottom line type person, myself, once you cut through the “petty gossip”, our three Candidates were elected.

Now for my “Town Crier” and Numbers Man”, as you call him – Bob. I hardly think you would of attached those empty words to yourself, would you? After all aren’t you, “The Blogger”, more of a town crier, than Bob Fleishman? Weren’t you part of the back door “Kitchen Cabinet” that worked the numbers for votes (Numbers Gal)?!?!?!?! Sounds like the “pot calling the kettle black” to me. But I, being a little older than you, would rather simply call it POLITICS, as usual.

You seem to feel that unless someone is drinking your flavor of the Kool-aid today, after all you have been for all sides (McIntee, Silverstone, Dodd & Clottey running as the old Dais Guard) (and then against that bunch in the next election), as it fancies you; we are subject to your BLOG. You have the “power of the pen” or computer key pad, as it is, but have a very subjective view.

Just try to stay away from the rumors and ask the “horse” before you go to print.

Your friend,
Cynthia ”
“Re: Thank goodness you finally got a bone to chew on


Barbara Cole


Wednesday, December 7, 2011 9:22 PM
Cynthia, I am fully aware of the past and why Bob became the UOT Chair.It is not quite the version you put forth but so be it. I am also aware of the PAC problem with the state because if you will recall Bob called me to walk him through the answers on the phone a few times and forwarded the information to me which was risky to do at the time. I think you were privy to those conversations even joining in the discussion. I agree he helped get the candidates elected in a certain capacity and at the same time caused the need for multiple “clean-ups” throughout the election from actions he took. There was a core campaign group that met throughout the campaign and were involved in the day- to- day strategy with the candidates. It was the candidates and their hard work who were the most responsible for their big win followed by that core group with the various other extended groups such as the Future paper/ UOT/ Louis and Athena and others who made it what it was. This is the norm in campaigns. We won due to that, multiple strategised preemptive strikes from mailings and signage to debate prep as well as oft needed quick responses to charges made by the CIC et al and finally due to the incredible luck of timing that put Ray Walowicz and Scot Sasser in Anne Siren’s Pompano Pelican office at the exact time of the yellow journalism BTSTimes paper put out door- to- door by the Furths et al. Due to that meeting we were able to get the Pelican front stuffer page that tipped the scales one last time and countered what could have really cost us big time on election night. On the subject of this election and Cindy’s actions I found the timeline and those actions incredulous as they caused weeks of painful uncertainty for some people that was totally uncalled for. I do believe you were duped. That being said I have seen in the past that you sometimes acts in haste whether or not it is done with the best of intentions sending out emails. I remember the first one I was involved with was the one about Rev Hunsaker while we were at Athena’s with Bob early on in the campaign and the fallout afterward. As far as switching sides or drinking the Kool-aid as you stated I have consistently been upfront about why I worked to get the CIC majority out of office after they made the decision in 2008 to act just as badly if not worse than those they replaced on the dais and in the administration. I have also repeatedly made it clear that once a candidate is elected and begins to govern only then do you see what they will really do. Sometimes it works and other times it does not. If they do not govern as this voter or this supporter feels they should then they should be called on their action or inaction and replaced when their term is up. Isn’t that what is happening right now on the Federal level as you yourself pointed out in your email? Lastly two final points, I often offer those who email me the option of printing their emails on my site. If your would like me to post your response I will do so and you can always choose not to read what I write. Barbara”

BC- I did not hear back from Cynthia but after hearing that further attempts are still being made to revise who was responsible for the big win of the 2010 slate of UOT candidates by Fleishman and wife and I was also informed Cynthia blindcopied her email to me to others …I decided to print the email and my response to set the record straight… “snickers” will continue to come the Fleishman’s way if they continue down this path… perhaps not to their faces but not too long after they are done spewing …in my opinion…



The 1st LBTS Candidate Treasurers Reports are in …They were due December 16th …Mark Brown delivered his first with his opponent Edmund Malkoon turning his in in the afternoon… First I was told the cost I was told for my public request for Brown’s would be $2.10 …When I responded I would wait for both and heard back after Malkoon’s arrived I was told the cost would be $2.70 so I immediately knew there was a vast difference in the reports these candidates filed!…

Below are the front pages of each candidates report with content below…

Candidate Mark Brown’s page 1…

Candidate Edmund Malkoon’s page 1…

Brown had a 14 page report done by his treasurer James Corgee… Mark reports he received $7,870.00 ….His donor list contains 67 names …. It included 26 donors from LBTS including many of his condo neighbors which speaks highly of him due to his time on the condo board as president and as a member and what he’s accomplished on the board…He’s received donations from former Commissioners Clark and Wessels which certainly has weight attached their decision to do so …The former president of the Chamber of Commerce /former Chair of the Master Plan Steering Committee Paul Novak per his High Noon motels also chose to support Brown with a donation which is interesting when you take into consideration that Mark’s opponent Edmund Malkoon was Novak’s  Co-Chair for a while before the committee was disbanded …Hmmm……He received donations from some UOT members while his opponent also a UOT member shows no such donations made to him…. This report also shows that I too made a donation ….My support can be summed up in the answer Mark wrote in the current BTSF question posed to both candidates…as well as the time I spent with him during the last election finding him to be a fair and honest man who is always open to listening to all sides of an issue even going so far as to offer those who oppose his the space in the paper to get their position out…I believe he will do the same on the dais…

The BTSFuture Election question… Excerpt …(llink to current online edition is above)…

“Which do you feel are the most important issues facing the town?” …..
Brown excerpt-
“If I have the honor of being elected to the LBTS
town commission, my first official act will be
to sign the code of personal conduct which the
commission enacted last year. To me, ethics
and personal conduct are the single most important
issues in town. The town government
cannot function properly unless residents have
confidence in the honesty and integrity of their
elected officials, and know that they will always
be treated with respect.
I was appalled by the conduct of the town commission
just a few years ago. That is why I
worked so hard as editor of the town’s newspaper
to support passage of both a strong ethics
law to prevent conflicts of interest by commissioners,
and the code of personal conduct to
prohibit personal attacks on town residents. It
is also the main reason why I am running for office
now. If I am elected, I can assure everyone that there will be no going back to
the dark days when commissioners abused their power, wasted our money, argued
for hours over nothing and treated people with disrespect.
As far as other issues are concerned, I strongly support the effort which the current
town commission has undertaken to fix up the town’s infrastructure. I have
knocked on a lot of doors and spoken to many residents in recent weeks. One
message I have heard over and over from residents is fix the drainage problems
on our streets. That will certainly be one of my top priorities, along with road
resurfacing and better lighting in neighborhoods which need it.
I also support the ongoing effort to spruce up the main traffic corridors in town,
especially Commercial Boulevard and A1A. If the town looks better, property
values will increase and people will feel better about living or working here. I
will work diligently to assure that the projects we approve are necessary and
cost-effective, that they truly reflect the highest priorities in town, that they have
public support, and that we don’t do anything which is inconsistent with the basic
look and feel of the town.
After all, we are not Delray Beach or Ft. Lauderdale or Key West. This is Lauderdale-
By-The-Sea. We have our own look and image which has evolved over the
years. We need to fix up the town, but we have to do so in a manner which does
not undermine our basic character or compromise the uniqueness of our community.”
BC- Mark stated as well he will push forth public bathrooms as a priority… While I am not for them at the current time I do know that he offered up some viable alternatives as a sort of test as to their success at the time this heated subject was headlined in 2010 having to do with the structures themselves and the location which struck me as something that might be worth looking in to… I can assure readers that Mark did wholeheartedly support Comm. Sasser’s Code of Personal Conduct plan and in its final form when it was signed by all 5 commissioners …Mark’s answer to the question shows his time out on the campaign trail provided him with the oversight many see of not including their neighborhoods in any future capital improvements and was pleased on his take of the need to keep LBTS distinctively different from other municipalities as we refresh our community …

Mark shows in his first report as well his expenditures which include his website/mailing lists/postage/printer/registration to run/advertisements/yard signs…He hit the ground running in his campaign by sending out an introductory mailer containing not only his introduction bio but supplying a portion of it that could be used to obtain an absentee ballot …He was the first candidate to go door-to door with handouts, stickers and chip clips that we hear are a hit with those voters who received them… He was the first to have signs which are already up at many properties including those whose doors he knocked on and met for the first time …He has put in two ads in the BTSF paper …Nov. was his bio and Dec. was a holiday greeting…and we hear his keeping the customary election time red/white/blue motif is also being noticed and commented on positively over his opponents green- bird rendition for mailers/flyers and T-shirt(s)…

Edmund Malkoon’s first Treasurer’s Report was 4 pages in total done by his treasurer…his mother Rosalee Malkoon …He collected donations in the amount of $790.00 ….Malkoon has 6 names of those that donated to him… 3 are from LBTS … they include former CIC Commission candidate in 2010 Marjorie Evans as well as current Commissioner Chris Vincent and one other resident … Malkoon shows expenditures for a portrait at of himself Sears/registration to run/newspaper advertisement/printing/t-shirt(s) for $21.20 at LBTS T-shirt shop Beach King…We heard some UOT members said they were going to donate to both candidates but that has not shown up thus far according to their absence in Malkoon’s report…Mr Malkoon’s ad in the Dec. issue of the BTSFuture was an election ad which stuck out and seemed very odd considering his opponent as well as Mayor Minnet and Vice Mayor Dodd all put in the customary holiday greeting ads as did the candidates in 2010… In his election ad Malkoon put forth he majored in International Finance and Marketing but does not say if he received a degree …He puts forth he was Co-Chair of the Master Plan Steering Committee .. In fact that was the first time such a title was used and it was most likely not supposed to be …. I have previously posted my change of any support for Edmund came from watching him on this committee and seeing he did not have what it takes to serve on the committee much less the dais… He puts forth he is a member of the LBTS Chamber of Commerce …In fact he ran for the Chamber’s board and did not receive enough votes to get on it… He also puts forth his Bel-Air Civic Assoc. roles as a past president and current vice-president …We heard that many neighbors in Bel-Air had problems with him and the group for some actions taken on behalf of all and presented as such to the commission only to find out they were none too pleased with those declarations made at the podium and in letters  … Malkoon shows only two donations from his neighbors and none from the Chamber of Commerce or his Bel-Air Civic Assoc. fellow members in this report…that doesn’t bode well for a candidate in this writer’s opinion… Malkoon chose to use Facebook for his campaign site …I have regularly looked at it …It is also very telling with photos of events Edmund has attended showing him with  Mayor Minnet and Broward County Comm. Chip LaMarca which could be construed as receiving their support… Were they asked beforehand?…After all this is Malkoon’s campaign site vs. his personal Facebook page…Hmmm… Other than that he has a few updates and comments that seem to be from his young nieces?… As previously posted we have been informed that Edmund was looking for support from the Furths and the Carrs who are a few of the active members of the CIC board representing a PAC that has no candidates to run for office in the 2012 election …After seeing his donation from their former candidate Marjorie Evans perhaps those reports have some validity …Any chance he will attend the CIC holiday party tonight?… Many have commented and this writer tends to agree that Edmund Malkoon is running the race he was going to run in 2010 when the UOT cast him aside and Beverly Kennedy jumped in briefly before Scot Sasser was persuaded to run because she and others did not want Malkoon… His answers to the BTSF question seem to concur with this take on his candidacy… (see link above)….”Snickers” will surely come from those in the north if Malkoon is seen pandering in the south as some claim he is doing to get the votes and perhaps the donations he has not received according to his report…



Comm. Sasser excerpt from Dec. 16, 2011 Pompano Pelican article by Judy Vic (link below)…

“In my opinion, all this centers around pineapples vs. pelicans. It’s childish,” Sasser said vehemently. “In the future, anything we do with Sea Ranch Lakes should come before this commission before we do it.”

The Pompano Pelican reported the “snickers” made on the dais by some LBTS Commissioners such as Comm. Sasser and VM Dodd  played hardball with Sea Ranch Lakes on the A1A FDOT project last month concerning a laundry list of changes SRLakes wanted at the 11th hour of this project including changing the benches from pelican motifs to pineapples… Getting no love from the dais our neighbors decided to send via their Town Atty. a cease and desist letter implying legal action if LBTS proceeded with their plans… They got what they wanted and we the taxpayers of LBTS will be left with paying the price…of change orders etc… leaving us with a  bad taste for some time to come for many as a result of sour pineapples …




Some time ago when this writer first began this blog I posted often about our Town Attorney and his law firm…I posted that they were called the Monarch of Municipal firms in Florida for the many towns and cities they served as counsel … At the Dec. 13, 2011 Regular Commission Meeting Commissioner Clottey stated that the referendum on districts which was placed on the ballot in 2003 and to be entered into our Town Charter was improperly done and the statute of limitations on any fixing it had passed as of this year… I previously posted Comm. Clottey heard this from Marc Furth who had contacted John Thompson on the subject … I also posted that John did not find such  dire straits as Clottey claimed…I have since been informed that our current Town Atty. was the one to disclose the statute of limitations portion of this latest faulty charter inclusion which will be added on to a long list given some months back at the podium by consultant Cecelia Ward… This is the second one that was a referendum issue improperly done by the counsel at the time which was our former Town Atty. Cherof and firm… I have not seen the details of anything the Town Atty. provided in her assertion as passed on to me but that being stated I am quite confused and hope that when this is on the agenda in January at the first Reg. Comm. Mtg. as Clottey said it would be that not only is it presented with plenty of backup but also some input from the former Town Atty. on how this could be so!… If a referendum vote by the people can be subject to a statute of limitations of seven years leaving whatever was either put in its place to be legal or no way to remedy an act done purposefully or due to an inept act is beyond comprehension …If either scenario is fact then would not some municipalities enact such actions as these in order to essentially over turn the will of the people until the people have no choice but to follow the charter alternative as is being suggested from what info I have thus far?… With this districts referendum coming on top of some serious questions concerning  the referendum on heights and how that too was placed in the Town’s charter shouldn’t the Town put our former law firm on the hot seat?… After all just as we will be stuck paying for the mess SRLakes has left us…we will definitely being paying for the changes we can make for the mess our former Town Atty. may have left us with so many years later …This bar comes with a note on the wrapper…fool us once shame on you…fool us twice …shame on us… fool us more than that… “snickers”….

more to come….

Excerpt from Sentinel in 1998 …link below…
“Some firms rarely give to political campaigns, yet snag government business anyway. They bank on their strong reputations or relationships with local officials.

Among them is the monarch of municipal firms: Josias, Goren, Cherof, Doody & Ezrol.

Tight with a campaign buck, Josias, Goren and its attorneys have contributed about $1,400 to the Broward County Commission and School Board races since 1993. The firm also bars its attorneys from contributing money to candidates in cities it represents.

“We think it’s a conflict,” said Jim Cherof, one of the firm’s partners. “That’s not our role.”
“Cash And Connections
A Group Of Lawyers With Political Ties Appears To Enjoy A Monopoly On Local Governments’ Legal Work.
January 12, 1998|By JENNI BERGAL and JAY WEAVER Staff Writers

Still, Josias, Goren has been successful by combining decades of municipal experience with political clout. Josias, Goren, which earned $1.56 million last year from local government contracts, is is city attorney in eight cities.

The small, nine-lawyer Fort Lauderdale firm was founded by Steven Josias, a Citadel graduate who was chairman of the North Broward Hospital District in the 1980s.
Josias is closely aligned with U.S. Sen. Bob Graham. He first served as Graham’s campaign chairman in Broward County and later became the senator’s legal adviser in Washington.

“He is a very political person,” said Scott Frank, a former associate at Josias, Goren who now works for a Tampa firm. “He’s got power and is a very engaging person in that arena.”

Josias also has close ties to Pembroke Pines, where he is city attorney. His relationship with the city dates back 22 years, when he linked up with former mayor Ron Villella, another Citadel graduate. And it was Villella who brought Graham and Josias together.

The firm’s other founding partner, Sam Goren, has fewer political ties but also delivers business.

Goren joined the firm in 1977 after serving a brief stint as an assistant attorney for Broward County. He has been able to transcend the firm’s Democratic profile, serving as general counsel to the Republican supervisor of elections for about 20 years.

These days, Goren appears to be more directly involved with his government clients than Josias, who lately has been spending much of his time traveling aboard his 58-foot yacht.”

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … With Only Two Candidates Left In The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea 2012 Municipal Election Vying For Seat 3 The Question Front And Center … Is There Any Difference Between Them? ..

December 11, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers … this writer is concerned with this upcoming election and the outcome of it that thus far seems to make no difference to a good many LBTS voters we are told who are preparing to skip the whole process as a result … We hear the UOT PAC has decided not to meet until 2 days before the League of Women Voters “Meet the Candidate Night” on January 11, 2012… So in essence they will have a pre-debate debate if they even choose to ask questions of the tow candidates, Mark Brown and Edmund Malkoon! … We hear that UOT will not choose to endorse either one which leaves these candidates even more so on their own beyond a lack of many donations coming in from those so generous in 2010  … A few that are donating are donating to both in order to avoid making a decision … The impact will most likely be seen in manpower help as well in the weeks to come right up to just who will be inside the tents set up at the polling places on Jan. 31st…This writer has been told by someone at the top of the “food chain” in this town that either candidate “will want to move forward” which implied the 5-year re-development plan was solidified either way for the next 2 years…and then some… Hmmm…. Is that a good thing or not? …

I’ve sent an email to one Commissioner as well as to the Town PIO to forward to the Town Manager concerning the Jan. 11, 2012 Meet the Candidate Night being televised and replayed before the Jan. 31st election date…

“Televising Jan 11, 2012 Meet the Candidate Night


Barbara Cole


[email protected]

Sunday, December 11, 2011 11:18 AM
Steve, could you pass this on to the Town Manager before the meeting on Tues. night- Thank you.
Town Manager,
I am requesting that an addition be made at the Dec. 13, 2011 Reg. Comm. Mtg. for the upcoming Jan. 11, 2012 Meet the Candidate Night to be televised and to be replayed as some meetings have been in the past. I believe it must be voted on by the Commission to do so. I think it is important for voters to have an opportunity to see where these two candidates vying for seat 3 stand on important issues. Thank you, Barbara Cole”


I’ve also sent LOWVoters moderator Carol Smith 35 hard-hitting questions for the two candidates covering a myriad of questions that should define these candidates to voters and give an insight to how they would govern once they are positioned on the dais in Comm. Clottey’s seat for their first term as a result of how they answer them. I have not shared these with either candidate and will not do so. At the last two such events in 2008 and 2010 a great many of my questions were used. I hope that will be the result once again in 2012. Residents can do the same right now up until the day of by emailing questions on issues to Carol Smith at … [email protected] ….

I’ve sent in a Public Records Request for the candidate’s required  Treasurer Reports. The first one is due on Dec. 16th and upon receipt of them from the Town I will post them…This should show some differences between them as well as has been the case in prior years …

“From: Barbara Cole [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2011 10:41 AM
To: Steve D’Oliveira
Subject: Public Records Requests

Hi Steve, I would like to request copies of all of the LBTS Candidate’s Treasurer Reports for Dec. 16, 2011. Please respond when they can be picked up.

I will be asking for the reports as well on Dec.30, 2011 and Jan 13, 2012 as well as the Termination in Feb. Is it necessary to make individual requests? If so please let me know that as well. Thank you, Barbara Cole”
This writer heard the candidates have been out going door-to-door with Mark Brown starting off a few weeks back in the southern end of town while Edmund Malkoon began in the north end … Last week it appeared that Malkoon was trailing after Brown in sections of the south wearing his campaign Hanes green t-shirt with the bird on it which match his door hangers while Brown was dressed more appropriately to meet voters the first time according to those who met both …. Brown decided to forgo the campaign t-shirts and opted for stickers along with leaving campaign chip clips along with other pertinent information for those he met as well as for those he missed in his first round of knocking on doors… Thus far the word is that Mark has a better grasp on the topics voters are most interested in and is more readily able to respond to questions dealing with issues from past years in depth…Their signs will most likely be going up in yards soon and those too should provide voters a visual on the willingness of residents to do so for the candidate of their choice…Question is of course will UOT members put up both? ……

We should be able to see if they provide some insight to voters in any public comments they choose to make at the upcoming town meetings including the one this week on Tuesday Dec. 13th using up to three minutes to make known where they stand on hot topics contained in the agenda such as Consent Agenda item 11a. and the $6,000 dollars being requested by the Town under the new marketing budget for what amounts to be a Caribbean themed party under a tent to take place the night after the Chamber of Commerce’s Taste of the Beach event next year…The backup states that after a few months of discussions with hoteliers/restauranteurs/businesses one marketing idea was a 4-day event schedule that would include these two events on a Wed. night and a Thur. night along with the Fri. night Jazz on the Square downtown and  Sat. daytime Alley Oops skim-boarding event followed by the regular Athena Sat. night event which they say would fill the hotels… This writer as a taxpayer never thought a marketing budget would even entertain such a use for that amount of money to fill hotels which in my opinion it will not…It will only bring out people from other Broward municipalities as is the case for all of our town events … On the subject of marketing this rises to the level of the last marketing idea I was glad went by the wayside ….. putting up funds to have a congratulatory meal for the diver trying to break the record for staying underwater by the Bio-Rock coral reef project ….and then when the first attempt failed and that agreed upon Commission vote for $1000 went by the wayside a second attempt for funds to promote the diver’s return on Dec. 1st for even more money…Fortunately that too never moved forward… Perhaps I am in the minority but after reading the Sentinel on what the diver actually did to break this record which included being tied to the Bio-Rock structure in order to sleep…I thought more than ever it was not something I would want to spend money on as a taxpayer…I also found humor in the tied to the Bio-Rock scenario after hearing for so long that certain Bio-Rock proponents were concerned about anyone or anything anywhere near the structure!…Perhaps it will be agenda item 16a. under Old Business concerning the sewer rates in hotels they will want to weigh in on?….This item contains some eye-opening numbers showing the impact of the rate increases to south end customers who are still under the LBTS Master Sewer Agreement with Pompano Beach in the aftermath of the present commission trying to rectify and resolve the long standing “subsidy” (or whatever word one wants to use for the Town making up the difference in what we were billed and what the condos paid the Town)  being paid to the 3 Sea Ranch Club buildings and Sea Ranch North due to actions taken by a few behind the scenes in Town Hall and the perceived imminent infrastructure “hit” the south was going to face with our aging sewers… According to the backup on this item some have been hit alright…hit with increases of  117%-200+% over the rates they were previously charged …To add to the “hit” they received is this statement written by the TM … “Next month we will receive the engineering firm’s analysis of the repairs needed to our sewer infrastructure. From staff’s recent discussions with them, it appears that the Sewer Fund reserve is more than ample to cover the cost of the needed capital repairs. Having that report will be important in any rate restructuring considerations.” (the TM offers up some ways to reconsider the rate increase to these properties prior to this statement) It is in the last few lines of the report made by TM Hoffmann…. WOW!… No wonder Arthur Franczak has not walked away from this situation…This writer only wishes he could  have been more succinct in providing his situation in dollars and cents as the TM has in this report….We were all talking infrastructure …infrastructure…infrastructure …..because we were sure we were going to face millions of dollars of sewer replacement costs placed on the town as soon as the sewer report was finished and released…… If the staff is correct that we already have those funds available for whatever repairs are required it absolutely makes it hard to swallow the practice of continuing to impacting these south end properties at the percentage agreed upon by the commission before this information was supplied!…. This issue along with the parking dept. will be issues the winning candidate will be faced with as soon as they are sworn in ….That being said we absolutely need to know where they stand on sewers before we cast our votes … after all it’s four years of decisions made by them that impacts us all whether it’s the sewers in the south or the sewers in the north which could rise up again with the Palm Club suit still in play and an issue that changed the majority on the dais in 2008…

No one should be anointed to the position of Commissioner I am told by a valued friend…I wholeheartedly believe that to be true especially for this 2012 LBTS election …. It is therefore up to all of us to make these two candidates work hard for the votes we give them on Jan. 31, 2012….and no one should give up their right to cast their vote by taking a pass in any election…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … The Growing “Nose” And Other Non- Fairy Tales In The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Commission Race For A Seat On The Dais In 2012 ….

December 6, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers … by now many of you have seen what this writer calls the homogenized version of Cindy Geesey’s withdrawal from being a candidate for seat 4 opposing her longtime neighbor and our current Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd serving his first term in the Sentinel last Wednesday online and updated in print the following day on Thursday Dec. 1st as well as in the current issue of the Pelican published on Friday Dec. 2nd ….. I call it the homogenized version since it totally glosses over the vitriolic email she sent to her supposed “supporters” which states it was originally written to be read at the planned Wed. Nov. 30th UOT meeting decided on well before the candidate filing time began in LBTS and cancelled just a few days prior to taking place after a series of emails were sent to the UOT Chair and the board by those perceived to be Geesey supporters who no doubt thought they were following through on her wishes of asking for that cancellation in order to be fair and to accommodate her since she would still be out of town…For those who did so perhaps they will feel duped once they realize that her candidacy was already one of talking out of both sides of her mouth which ultimately led to not only the cancellation of the UOT meeting but time and money being spent by her opponent and the town as well as the county although it could have been costlier if she let it go just a little longer according to the Sentinel article according to BSOE  spokeswoman Mary Cooney  with ballots being printed and signs needed to inform voters at the polling site that the race was not being held for seat 4….(see below)…
Here’s what was going on in the days leading up to her withdrawal …
On Nov. 9th the Vice Mayor received an email from Ms. Geesey which is a public record due to the fact it was sent to him electronically… In it she wrote of Michael Arker’s intention to run against Dodd as well unloading her animosity toward both Arker and his paper the ByTheSeaFuture stating it was treatment she received from him after “I made that damn paper what it was”  … She went through the well-known litany of complaints that many people around town have heard from her since she parted ways with the paper including what she said she provided monetarily in ad revenue to her claims that the Arker tried to take credit for her USO program resulting in nasty letters she says went to the USO all the way up the chain of command in Washington D. C….. She went further into personal transactions she says took place with Arker’s former friends in order to further the “detest” she stated she has for him… Ms. Geesey claimed “he hates you and doesn’t want you to have a “pass” and go unopposed”…She stated Arker would close the paper and do whatever it took and that his doctor had given him the go ahead to run…She stated that she was told of another candidate having words with him when that candidate was against his running. She went on to quote the same quote this writer heard elsewhere and previously posted about former UOT Pres. Bob Fleishman being a “real numbers guy” and that Fleishman believed Arker could beat Dodd stating “The CIC doesn’t like him, but they hate you whom they see as a turncoat. You well know how irrational they can be. So if he gets the CIC block vote and just a couple of hundred other votes, he’ll win.” …
BC- please get real…as the former Vice-Chair of the CIC the idea that the CIC would vote for Michael Arker over VM Dodd the former Chair of the CIC shows that both Geesey and Fleishman and whomever else came up with such a tale were off their rockers…big time!… While they can disagree still with Dodd asking for a sabbatical from the CIC (see prev. posts) …and whatever revisionist history a few CIC founders continue to spread …when it come to where Dodd stands on the issues …wanting a referendum for major projects or purchases…heights….etc…He has not strayed from the CIC as it was in 2007 when he was Chair and the CIC was the PAC it was supposed to be with founding member John Thompson still involved and making sure of it … before we three individually walked away from the organization in 2008 due to a different path being followed under the new leaders with an agenda unbeknownst as well as being unacceptable to us…
Ms Geesey went on to write “I’m told that other reasons many people will not back you is because you come across as arrogant, your close association with Cole whom many view as your puppet master,your treatment of Chris when you disagree, a less than inclusive 4th of July celebration, your support of John Thompson and Franzak (sp?)” … After that way off the mark paragraph Geesey stated the following which should be quite stunning to those who cancelled the UOT meeting on the 3oth… “Don’t shoot the messenger, Stuart. I certainly don’t agree with all that is being said and I intend to support you and Edmund. In my opinion, the vast majority of your decisions were thought out and serve the citizens well. I was surprised to hear of all the negativity and feel it could be turned around. However, Michael will have the sympathy vote, hopefully counteracted by those who would like a man of sound mind and body on the dais.”… She ended the email with a request for Dodd to call her and to not forward this email or discuss it with “Cole” “until you and I can get together. The less you have to do with her going forward, the better it will be for you,  and I will explain the many reasons.”… The Vice Mayor spoke to Ms. Geesey after the email was received as she requested and did not tell me about the email until he had done so … I am told that Ms. Geesey stated that she would do whatever it took to thwart Arker in conversations they had before she filed to run one day before Arker’s editorial was published stating he was not going to run and after VM Dodd was informed of that editorial being written and Arker’s decision!… After she filed she continued to talk to Dodd while she was away and continued to tell him she did not intend to run feeling she had succeeded in her mission to stop Arker from being Dodd’s opponent …She knew of the UOT meeting on the 30th and expressed to him she did not want to be in attendance at the meeting and that a letter she was writing  would be read prior to her return to town and her withdrawal from the race… It was to be quite an eye opener she warned… (see below) … I am told she told Dodd he should not go forth with any campaign expense and although he was hoping she was being sincere with him on her plans to bow out having succeeded with her intentions to stop Arker he was still preparing for a campaign against her and had ordered the Broward County voter list disc for his mailings as well as pulling out all his previous campaign paperwork to hit the ground running in case this turned out to be a ruse…..He informed her that if she was withdrawing she needed to do so before the ballots were printed…. She indicated she would do so upon returning to town the following Sunday….
BC-This is really quite something when you compare it to what was happening with her supporters and their emails to stop the meeting for their candidate …We are told that some supposed “supporters” were in fact requested by Geesey to ask that the meeting be changed…WOW!….
As previously posted an email was sent to UOT Chair Ray Wolowicz on Nov. 24th from the former UOT Chair and “numbers guy” Bob Fleishman’s wife stating it had been brought to her attention that one of the candidates was not asked to be part of the meeting on Nov. 30th in order to ask for or possibly receive the UOT’s endorsement…She went on to point out what UOT stands for and write “Cindy Geesey has voiced her desire to meet and greet our membership to answer questions and present her platform, however,unfortunately will not be in Town on the 30th.”…She continued on to state  when Geesey filed her papers to run and to point out the rules of a PAC organization and the image it holds…She told the president “it would behoove you to change this date to Monday December 5,2011 or soon thereafter.”…She ended by saying she was sending the email only to the Chairman for the time being … On Monday Nov. 29th with no response apparently received Mrs. Fleishman sent an email to the UOT board including the email to Ray Walowicz stating it had been ignored…She went on to plead for a change of date on behalf of Geesey “Ms. Geesey has been an active supporter of Unite Our Town and has shared our views in the past. It is just unfair that a PAC group would call for a vote and hear only from Vice Mayor Dodd from the south.”.. She stated it was “politically incorrect” …”lacks the transparency we fought for” and that while she had made “no decision to date” she was “upset that Unite Our Town is taking away the freedoms of choice, I hold so dear.”…
BC- remember at the time Mrs. Fleishman is pleading for Geesey …Geesey is stating she supports Dodd to Dodd and wants to not be at the meeting on Nov. 30th!….
After the email was sent to the board a few more emails followed including one from POA President Dennis Ritchie who stated he agreed with Cynthia Fleishman and  asked “Please tell me, is there ANY reason why this meeting cannot be changed to another date between December 5 and December 7, thus giving fair access to the membership by ALL candidates?”…He added what a good slate of candidates they have from UOT and implored “Let’s not cause an unnecessary split within our organization when the situation can be rectified so easily.” and again asking for the date to be changed…
BC- ultimately that meeting was cancelled on Mon. Nov. 28th with a tentative date set for Dec. 6th said some UOT members who were at the LBTS Regular Commission meeting the following night on Tuesday Nov. 29th…At that commission meeting as previously posted there was a big divide not only on Geesey’s candidacy itself but of the cancellation of the meeting and the lack of many being aware of the cancellation one day before…. At that same meeting news was flying around of those who either encouraged or asked Geesey to run against Dodd…Names such as Louis Marchelos, Bob Fleishman and Comm. Chris Vincent … Hmmmm…..
As this writer previously posted the email sent out on Nov 30th went well beyond stating that familiar longtime political exit strategy of family obligations as a reason to take a hike from this race cited online that afternoon in the Sentinel and in the printed articles to follow… (see below)….
Cindy Geesey sent the following email out on Wednesday Nov. 30th… (address/phone#s/email was x’d out by this writer)…

“The following was respectfully prepared to be read at the now cancelled November 30 UOT meeting, with final paragraphs added November 30 after additional information was received. Town service record may be of interest.

Cindy Geesey
XXX Imperial Lane
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL 33308-5925

Presentation to UOT, November 30

When I ran for commissioner 8 years ago, my goal was to unite our town by welcoming our new neighbors to the north and integrating them into our wonderful small town, old town lifestyle. My slogan was “One Town, One Voice,” and it remains that today. Though I didn’t win 8 years ago, I took enough votes away from John Thompson to prevent his election – a wonderful claim to fame!

6 years ago Jerry McIntee captured this town, fractured it, broke its spirit, and set neighbor against neighbor. The only “One Voice” LBTS had was the voice of discord.

2 years ago, this organization, “Unite Our Town,” brought together individuals committed to transparency and honesty in government, to civility and camaraderie in its citizenry, and to fairness and respect for all. Those virtues were important to the membership and so became the goals of UOT leadership.

I was a very active participant in UOT 2 years ago and remain proud of the part I played in the election. However, contrary to what was stated at the last UOT meeting and at the one just after the election, it took a great group effort by everyone to achieve our tremendous win. It was not accomplished by any one person, by any one editor, by any one newspaper, and certainly not by any one blogger.

This once proud organization has misstepped, however. As President of the LBTS Property Owners Association for 8 years, I ran “Meet The Candidates Night” 4 times. We always waited until all candidates qualified before we chose a date for the event, and we certainly made sure all candidates were available. In 2004, McIntee had already booked a cruise, so we changed the tentative “Meet the Candidates” date so he would be included. We did it to be fair to all candidates, but more so to provide the best possible program for our valued members. One UOT Board Member told me, “Don’t worry if you’re not there on November 30th. UOT’s endorsement really doesn’t mean anything.” Even so, it’s a shame that the UOT leadership chose to set their date before all candidates filed and before making sure of their availability.

It’s also a shame that the once proud By The Sea Future is clearly ignoring one candidate. While I actually filed before some other candidates did, I was never contacted for comments or advertising for the last issue of the newspaper. Fair, impartial, professional, committed to serving the community completely? Obviously not.

And why would one candidate stand before this UOT group a few weeks ago, claim to have severed ties with the local newspaper to avoid “conflict of interest,” and then continue to take pictures and conduct interviews (as at two recent Terra Mar functions), process press releases (as of 11/18), and continue to maintain his newspaper email and respond to questions (as of 11/29)? If a candidate isn’t honest, how can we expect him to have integrity as a commissioner?

In the past few weeks I’ve learned, sadly, that many people don’t want to unite our town. My slogan of “One Town, One Voice” isn’t what a lot of people want. A CIC member told me the only thing that would bring the town together was if the north “seceded from the town. Let them keep the name – we have other names in the basket.” Members of UOT were upset that Commissioner Vincent spoke at the CIC meeting, when in fact that was his duty as a representative of ALL the people. He is THEIR commissioner, too, and to have turned them down would have been highly inappropriate. But neither side of this town divide seems to want to compromise to achieve lasting peace.

While it’s been my long time goal to help return LBTS to a community of neighbors who volunteer along side each other, enjoy this amazing lifestyle together, and coexist happily, I’m no longer sure it can be achieved.

Because of information we’ve just received, unfortunately, I can no longer offer to serve as a Commissioner to try to make this happen. For the last 2 years, my husband Adam has been consulting as a Nuclear Engineer at power plants around the country, and we’ve spent far too much time apart. After multiple professional meetings this week in Pennsylvania, it now appears that he probably will have opportunities out of state again or possibly abroad, and I want to be available to go with him. I must put my family first. Therefore I plan to withdraw my candidacy.

I sincerely thank all the many supporters who have encouraged me to run, who have offered contributions, who have planned neighborhood teas, and who have offered to hold a fundraiser (WHAT A PARTY WE WOULD HAVE HAD!) I know you will understand my most difficult decision.

The town is in great hands. Mayor Minnet is an amazing, strong and compassionate leader. Commissioner Vincent is truly a man of the people and is open to everyone. Commissioner Sasser has shown he’s a great negotiator and problem solver. Vice Mayor Dodd does his homework and keeps the welfare of the people first; I would only remind him that the negativity and viciousness of his out-of-town blogger friend only serve to harm him and keep the town in turmoil. This is a cancer in the community that must be removed.

Finally, I will be working to support Edmund Malkoon as our next commissioner in the north, and I hope you will, too. He has worked tirelessly for many years for this community with many different volunteer groups, he has a strong and long record of service to LBTS, and he has a wide range of knowledge of the issues. He is a gentleman of integrity, a leader without ego, and a committed long time resident. He will continue to respect all the residents and be a team player.

Again, thank you for your support.

Cindy Geesey

Cindy Geesey – A Record of Service to LBTS
• President, LBTS Property Owner’s Association, 2001-2008
• Chairman, Town Planning & Zoning Board, 2002-2006
• Member, Town Board of Adjustment, 2000-2002
• Director, LBTS Chamber of Commerce, 1998-2008
• Editor/Associate Publisher/Advertising Sales Manager, ByTheSeaFuture, 2008-2010
• Co-chair, July 4th Town Celebration, 2002-2005
• Board Member, Community Performing Arts Center, 2003-2005
• Board Member, Humane Society of Broward County, 1999-2002
• Board Member, LBTS Sister Cities, 2003-2005
• Originator and chair of…
“Rest, Relaxation & Romance” for the USO program, 2008-2011
Town Holiday Decoration Contest, 2000-2011
Sandy Paws Pack, Broward Humane Society Walk for the Animals, 2005-2011
• Founding Secretary, Lauderdale Beach Republican Club
• Member of BREC (Broward Republican Executive Comm.)
• Former member of LBTS Kiwanis Club
• MENSA member, 1995-2007′”

BC- Now remember Readers…at the same time Geesey was writing this letter to be read she was playing both ends of the stick with her continued conversations with VM Dodd claiming she supported him, was not going to run, did not want to be at the UOT meeting when her letter was read while feigning her indigence of being excluded to those who went to bat for her to cancel the meeting as well as in the letter itself…WOW!… As previously posted it was classic Cindy Geesey both in what she was doing and what she wrote …For this writer I categorically can tell you Geesey had a very small role in the 2010 campaign and as the campaign manager for the UOT slate I worked very hard to keep her at a distance as well as quite a few others who now claim large roles in that campaign who were told upfront during and after the election that all the hard work done by the candidates, this writer and the group of residents who were truly involved in the day to day campaign operations to win were not in any way, shape or form done to return the Town to the status quo of pre 2008!… Cindy Geesey and a few of her ilk didn’t get the message even when it was stated slowly and clearly to her from this writer in the parking lot on election day!… After reading this letter and reading of her actions throughout this charade of running for commissioner her support of Edmund Malkoon should give not only voters pause but the candidate himself!…

Back to the timeline of this non-fairy tale…

Upon sending her email out word was spread throughout town by “Town Crier” Bob Fleishman and the Town was notified as well…followed up by the Sentinel who put it online that afternoon with an update online that was followed by a print story in the newspaper the following day Dec.1,2011 …
“Broward Politics

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea vice mayor loses challenger

By Larry Barszewski December 1, 2011 12:35 PM

Update 2:30 p.m. with new elections office information

Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea won’t have to run an election campaign after all, with his lone opponent withdrawing from the race on Wednesday.

Election officials said the withdrawal came in time to remove the race between Dodd and Cindy Geesey from the ballot.

“Fortunately, it was early enough that we had not sent the ballot proof to the printer,” Broward Supervisor of Elections spokeswoman Mary Cooney said.

However, even if it had been too late to remove the race, Cooney said any votes would not have been tabulated. Signs would have been posted at polling sites alerting voters that the race is not being held, she said.

Dodd joins Mayor Roseann Minnet with winning automatic re-election because of the lack of opposition.

Geesey is a former president of the Property Owners Association of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. She said she just found out this week that consulting opportunities may take her husband out of town for long stretches next year and she wants to be able to travel with him.

“I love Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, but my husband and being together comes first,” Geesey said. “I can’t commit to four years of serving the people by staying in town.”

Geesey’s decision means there will only be one race in town on Jan. 31, for the seat held by Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey, who is not seeking re-election. Former ByTheSeaFuture newspaper editor Mark Brown is running against Edmund Malkoon, a former president of the Bel Air Civic Association.”

BC-Many elected officials and candidates have used this excuse when caught in lies, extramarital entanglements, questionable acts, unethical behavior, illegal transactions or realizing they have no real support or chance to either proceed in obtaining their desired goal or keeping their position… In this case the homogenized ploy was used …in my opinion… after this flurry of incomprehensible decisions made and carried out by Geesey resulted in her realization that those actions were leading to the proverbial walls caving in on her from all directions depending on who she was telling what as is the case in all such fairy and non-fairy tales…is it not?…

After receiving the email Cynthia Fleishman sent out another email “To All Concerned” stating that the previous day it had come to her attention Geesey withdrew her name from the January 31, 2011 election and that the meeting was cancelled…She went on to claim the the two actions were not the premise of why she wanted the meeting be cancelled and stated it was due to the date being set up unfairly… She said she “ruffled a few feathers and raucous things said via emails: you know who you are.” …

BC-The next part was quite something and perhaps after reading the timeline above Ms. Fleishman will want to rethink it?…

CF email cont. -” There is no way for me or anyone else to know that 24 hours later the “left out” Candidate would relinquish her position. Family dynamics have played a part in all of our lives not to mention some very visible politicians. Cindy has gone through great expense getting her Campaign off the ground to find herself having to withdraw. The slight inconvenience it caused your board and the plans (I’m very used to during my husband’s tenor of Chairperson) were minimal to what transpired for Mrs. Geesey.”…

Another email was sent by Louis Marchelos which backed up Ms. Fleishman’s adding “If the emails and requests “ruffled some feathers” of some uot members, then they should realize the members of the uot will not become the group we fought so valiantly and hard against the in the 2010 campaign. I do not wish for anyone who is a member of uot be “tarred and feathered” as the organization we defeated by  landslide margins did to a member of the commission 3 years ago. We can all respectfully disagree at times and still be united. Let’s be even-handed and continue to make this town a better place.”…

BC- Mr Marchelos of course was referring to VM Dodd and the CIC’s tarring + feathering (prev. posts) in 2008 …which is quite interesting since Marchelos was perceived to be one of those that encouraged Geesey to run against Dodd due we are told to his July 4th less than stellar claims and actions when Dodd was chairing the event…. We were also quite amused to hear the rumor that Marchelos himself is considering a run for office in 2014…My response upon hearing this…he needs to live in town first!…

This writer was told the meeting which some said was to be held tonight would not be …We are told the board would meet and perhaps no meetings would take place anytime soon …The sentiment is that no candidate will be endorsed by UOT this time around due to the fact both candidates in this single race for seat 3 from the north end of town… In my opinion if this is the final decision of the UOT board it certainly lets members and the organization as a whole off the hook in choosing sides but it will definitely leave the candidates with a heavier burden financially due to those who find themselves in quite a quandary over donating to one candidate over the other as well as offering to help or put signs in their yard… I have also heard those few leftover CIC members will be sitting this election out altogether rather than casting a vote for either candidate… They are awaiting 2014 we are told…WOW!…

The single League of Women Voters “Meet the Candidates Night” is set for January 11, 2012 at 7 pm and is open to all to attend as well as being televised if the commission decides to direct the Town to do so and perhaps replay it I believe …. Questions must be on issues only according to Ms.Smith for Mark Brown and Edmund Malkoon and can be sent to LOWV Carol Smith at mailto:[email protected]

The candidates required Treasurer Reports are due on Dec 16, 2011/Dec. 30, 2011/ Jan. 13, 2012 and will be a public record that can be requested to see who their donors are and how they spend their money… This writer has always found these reports to be a good indicator of how fiscally responsible a candidate will be when elected… They are also required to produce Termination Reports …That is for ALL candidates even Geesey!… Those are financial reports and they are a public record as well…Unopposed candidates Minnet /Dodd must produce them on Feb. 20, 2012… The Town believes Geesey’s is due on Feb.20th as well but is checking with the Broward Supervisor to make sure…. Brown/Malkoon are due April 30, 2012…

Well folks, we dodged a bullet in my opinion in LBTS now that this farce is officially over!….What happens now behind the scenes between those now privy to what was what with Geesey will most likely be fodder to most on both sides of the political arena courtesy of the “Town Crier” and a few others… My preference on the dais for seat 3 is Mark Brown as I previously posted… I believe that while I do not agree with him on some items he will join Mayor Minnet, Comm. Sasser and VM Dodd in being an elected official fully capable of governing with the understanding that those who openly disagree with them can do so and can still be assured that they will always be met with an extended hand and a willingness to listen without any questionable antics, cries of foul play and/or personal attacks after doing so…I cannot say that of his opponent ….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … One Less Candidate For The 2012 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Commission Race … Geesey Sends Email Dropping Out …

November 30, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers … the phone started ringing and the texts started arriving a short time ago this afternoon that Cindy Geesey LBTS Candidate for seat 4 challenging Vice- Mayor Stuart Dodd in the upcoming municipal election has sent an email to her “supporters” that was true to form for Geesey… (classic Geesey some would say) … It explained her reasons for dropping out of the race while making sure to include a myriad of her well-known disses aimed at those who oppose her and her pals in any way shape or form! …… This writer is joined in those “slaps” by Candidate Mark Brown and the ByTheSeaFuture paper ….. It was full of pats on her own back for all she says she has done for this town over the years and what she says she wanted to do if elected as Commission …. as the uniter of both ends of town …..(Hmmm isn’t that her chosen candidate Malkoon’s campaign edict? ) … She ended it with her “record of service” list…

Her pal former UOT president Bob Fleishman was the “Town Crier” in getting the word out asap….. a close supporter it appears he must be from the flurry of calls made to many…but we also hear as usual he played both sides of the street politically…

She cautioned her opponent Dodd in her long email after offering him her support to rid himself of this out-of-town blogger who is a “cancer” in the town… I suppose that comes from years back when this writer stood at the podium and spoke about colonoscopies and the process after going through one myself and hearing of many others who just did the same…At that time Geesey and her co-horts somehow made the ridiculous leap that I was speaking of the former Town Clerk’s mother who had cancer!… (How would I know that?) …No matter how many times I have stated the facts Geesey and a few others preferred to hang on to the ruse…

What is ahead now that Geesey is out?…

Well, the UOT cancelled their meeting tonight after hearing it was unfair to have a meeting without her in town from none other than Bob Fleishman’s wife in an email to the UOT President on the 24th followed by another email on the 28th to the board claiming he did not respond …POA President Dennis Ritchie joined her as well as Louis Marchelos…. I am told their actions were met with a big division in the organization once they were carried out by the board … Confrontations took place at last night’s commission meeting over the change and the Geesey candidacy itself ….Most likely it will lead to a further divide now that it was all for naught upon receipt of this Geesey email today and it leaves the group with some real hard choices to make (or not?) as the 2012 LBTS race now comes down to Mark Brown vs Edmund Malkoon… two of their own!..

Mark Brown has been campaigning in the south end of town and has been receiving positive feedback and responses after a first- rate mailer sent out pre- door-to-door visits while we are told Malkoon was going to the north end first with a “green”themed flier stating he is a “uniter”… No red-white and blue …One reader said the green was for no experience while others said it conjures up negatives of greenfest…. and being green…Mark has a website and Edmund has a facebook page…In a town where the new census states we are an older population just how many voters are Facebook aficionados or friends?…

Ms. Geesey threw her support to Malkoon in her email  …. Question is …will that support turn out to be the kiss of death for him at the polls?…

Who in UOT will have a Brown sign in their yard and who will have Malkoon? ….Will the UOT stand across A1A with signs this time around?…Who will be under which tent on the day of the election? … One has to surmise that the CIC- PAC who are without any candidates this time around must be finding a little bit of joy this holiday season with such circumstances in play now for their PAC foes!…

Informed voters need to make a decision this time based on the candidate’s  credentials …as well as one-on-one time they have with each and the League of Women Voters single “Meet the Candidates Night” voted on last night by the commission…

For this voter as I posted last year…it will definitely not be Geesey’s candidate Malkoon ….After watching him in action on the MPSC  (see prev. post under board categories) …He bordered on ethics violations concerning Sunshine Laws with behind the scenes emails to fellow members he sent …..In my opinion…He hit a sour note big time when he emphatically stated commissioners should not be allowed at Master Plan Committee meetings!… He proved to me that he does not have what it takes to serve in an official capacity for this town at this time …

As for the news that Geesey is out in 2012 ……


more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … The Final List Of Candidates Who Filed To Run In The 2012 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Municipal Election …

November 22, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers … this writer never saw this one coming … The CIC has no candidates running in the upcoming commission race for a seat on the dais in 2012!… Commissioner Clottey kept to her original plan of serving one term only…

As far as those who did file … the bottom and I do mean bottom two candidates are Cindy Geesey opposing VM Dodd and Edmund Malkoon opposing Mark Brown… These two have time to drop out though…They just need a good talking to from those close to them who decide to be honest on what a waste of time and money it will be for them and to remove themselves before the ballots are printed… I will delve into this further in the the next post…with what’s been going on behind the scenes and what will be going on now that the deadline has passed after I along with most have more time to digest it a little more thus far…


Commissioner Seat 3:
Mark Brown
Edmund Fred Malkoon

Commissioner Seat 4:
Stuart Dodd
Cindy Geesey

Mayor at Large:
Roseann Minnet

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …. An E-Mail To CIC Members That Shows This PAC Has Become A Three Ring Circus …

November 18, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers… a follow-up to the previous post that contained the news of Commissioner Chris Vincent being the featured speaker at the CIC meeting this coming Sunday…It is astounding to read that those who invited him believe they should “let him know about our important organization and all we have accomplished for Lauderdale by the Sea over the years.”… Huh?… Short-term memory problems must be in play…I can attest that Comm. Vincent was well aware of the CIC and the role they played in the past years and that it was definitely a big reason why he opposed their candidate less than two years ago!… WOW!… That is nothing though when you continue on reading the e-mail blast… Could it really be possible that on November 18th the CIC is just now alerting their members (many e-mail recipients are no longer members having taken a pass on paying CIC dues for a year or more) of the change in the date for this upcoming LBTS election from March to January and stating the following “Anyone wishing to sign up to run for Commission must do so by this coming Tuesday, November 22….WOW and WOW!… The question must be asked yet again…..Who is in charge of the CIC these days!… It’sure looks like a 3-ring circus running without a ringmaster…

More news today …no more candidates filed today per Town Hall…….

The CIC E-mail….


‘Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 09:32:21 -0500
Subject: November CIC Meeting

Dear Fellow CIC Member:

Our featured guest speaker for our November meeting will be Lauderdale by the Sea Commissioner, Chris Vincent. It will be the first time Commissioner Vincent has met with Citizens Initiative Committee members. We feel it is important not only to discuss current and future town issues with the Commissioner but to also to let him know about our important organization and all we have accomplished for Lauderdale by the Sea over the years.

Secondly, the Town Commission has changed our traditional March municipal election dates to the January primary dates. Anyone wishing to sign up to run for Commission must do so by this coming Tuesday, November 22.

Please join us as we participate in the greatest of democratic processes – communicating with our elected officials so they may best know how to represent us!

WHEN: Sunday evening, November 20

WHERE: Surf & Yacht Club, Palm and El Mar Drive

INFO: Contact Joe Couriel, CIC President, 954 XXX-XXXX’


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Here’s The Scoop … An E-Mail Response From Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Resident Arthur Franczak … He Will Not Be A Candidate For The Commission In 2012 ….

November 18, 2011 by Barbara


Dear Readers …today I received an e-mail from another named possible candidate in the LBTS 2012 municipal election for a seat on the commission which takes place on January 31st which I posted about yesterday …. Mr. Franczak was kind enough to let me post his response to that rumor …included in his e-mail was his take on the local PACs as well as the present commission and the state of town as he sees it… So much of what he states this writer is in full agreement on and I am pleased that he states at the end that he will come to the podium to “continue to speak at town meetings regularly in defense of taxpayers of LBTS.”…..

‘Arthur Franczak-Shore Haven Resort Inn


[email protected]

Friday, November 18, 2011 12:20 PM
Dear Ms. Cole,
I noticed that you wrote on your blog that I was once a member of the CIC.

Just FYI, I do not have a problem with being associated with CIC as
there are some fine people in that organization, regardless of their
political views that do not always agree with mine. However, I am not
a member of the CIC, never was one, and never will be one.

I specifically remember being invited on many occasions to become a
member of CIC by John Thompson, a fine former founding member of the
CIC, but I always declined. I know that he is your friend, and so you
may ask him what he thinks of me and the quality of my ideas.

Lately I have also been approached numerous times by a leading member
of UOT who wanted me to join UOT, and, likewise, I always declined.

The reason why I declined to join either PAC is that, even though
there are fine people in both of these organizations, I believe that
no PAC is needed in the town of Lauderdale by the Sea at this time.
In fact I think that PACs do a disservice to our town because their
members have to hold a party line instead of thinking freely. I am a
free and critical thinker and thus neither town PAC can claim me to be
a member.

And to put another rumor to rest, I am also not running in this
election. I do believe that the current Commission members are
politically vulnerable because the current Commission and
Administration can best be described as “tax and spend,” and are thus
grossly fiscally irresponsible both by collecting too much from
taxpayers, and by spending too much on projects of dubious financial
merit. I am, however, not running this time for personal reasons that
trump the obvious political opportunity presented by the incumbents.
I will, however, continue to speak at town meetings regularly in
defense of taxpayers of LBTS.

Warm regards,

Arthur Franczak’

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