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Here’s The Scoop …The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea November 22, 2010 Commission Roundtable Agenda … Progress Coming To Town …. Something To Be Thankful For …

November 21, 2010 by Barbara




MONDAY, NOV. 22, 2010 – 7PM





a. Ordinance 2010-18: Amending Section 30-313(31) Accessory Buildings and Structures – Approved 1st reading October 12, 2010 and deferred to the November 22, 2010 Roundtable to discuss concerns prior to 2nd reading December 7th (Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd).

BC- this one is being discussed because the Mayor was none-too-pleased with the P & Z’s recommendations for the non-permitted sheds. buildings etc…being allowed with no side /rear setback regulations allowed behind the front facade and the hurricane warning as the time used for dismantling it…The mayor did not think sheds/ structures were allowed in the south end of town…This writer previously posted that most single family/duplex/triplex etc…residences in the south have some sort of Rubbermaid storage due to lack of storage …and as a homeowner find the P & Z’s recommendation correct …It should pass to 2nd reading with perhaps one change the height definition was to be one story even for one-story homes and is currently left at half the height……This was caught and addressed at the P & Z meeting…as I recall…

Scan of pg. 2 & 3  of the backup…full backup on Town website…link below…

b. Use of Pelican Hopper for New Year’s Eve festivities (Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey).

Backup… SUBJECT TITLE: Have the Pelican Hopper in operation during the New Year Eve festivities on the square (10:00
pm 12: 30 am) This would help alleviate traffic and parking problems as well as let those who cannot drive at night
attend this event as well as get others home safely after a night of partying.
EXPLANATION: The Pelican Hopper would be in service on New Year’s Eve and the town would have to pay for
this service.

BC- We really need this service and to pay for it?…How many problems have the BSO contended with in Town limits in prior years?.. If the answer is none or a few…scratch it…I put this right alongside the Reso from the last Comm. Mtg. making this a town conducive to keeping kids from being obese…it’s a waste of Comm./Staff and the taxpayer’s time and money…

c. Expenditures exceeding 10 percent of Town’s budget should be approved by referendum vote (Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey).

Backup- SUBJECT TITLE: Any new expenditure that exceeds ten percent of the town’s operating budget should be approved
by the residents in a referendum vote. Any proposed cost increases by current services providers that exceed $400,000
should also be approved by residents Planned expenditures that will be paid out of specially allocated reserve funds
(fire trucks, sewers etc) will be excluded from this requirement.
EXPLANATION: All proposed bond issues and other major non emergency expenditures with the above stated
exceptions will be proved by referendum vote. In these difficult economic times the taxpayers should have the final
say in these matters.

BC- OMG!..Anyone tell Comm. Clottey Amendment 4 dies at the polls!… This is a hoot and shows Clottey is still being led by the nose by the CIC/Furths. who are still obviously anti-BSO…..10% of the Town operating budget …come on!…How funny that the same group that wanted a referendum to keep the VFD in perpetuity want to make it impossible to negotiate with the BSO without a referendum…One person has already responded asking…how long we will be without police protection going through this process!… Also according to this plan the VFD would have had to to follow suit as well as AMR…and garbage etc…if this was placed into effect prior to 2008!…. This is the same Comm. Clottey who is on record stating quite a few times that she was happy to have the new TM as out negotiator for the BSO …YIKES!… Was this the item “Clueless” Clottey was referring to when she said she held off on placing items on the last roundtable due to the long agenda ?…She should have held back on this indefinitely…Talk about being out of touch…This Comm. is a one-term Commissioner for sure…if she is even considering a 2nd run…

d. Proposed Interlocal Agreement for Resource Recovery System in Broward County (Assistant Town Manager Bud Bentley).

Backup- excerpts…SUBJECT TITLE: Proposed Interlocal Agreement for Resource Recovery System in Broward County
EXPLANATION: The Town is a party to the November 26, 1986 Interlocal Agreement (ILA) for solid waste
disposal with the Broward Solid Waste Disposal District (District) twenty-three (23) Broward County
municipalities Contract Communities and Broward County. There are current twenty-five  (25 ) Contract
Communities. The District is governed by the Resource Recovery Board which in 2007 was changed to the
following nine 9 members
The County was involved in the creation of the Resource Recovery System as the unincorporated areas were a
significant generator of waste at that time but more importantly the County was the overall coordinator and
planner for the system. The Broward County Solid Waste Disposal District was created as a dependent district of
the County.
The ILA communities send waste to one of two Wheelabrator mass burn resource recovery facilities( the
incinerators) in Broward County. Under the current and proposed ILA participating cities are required to send
100% of their waste stream to the Wheelabrator facilities.
The current ILA does not expire until July 2013, but the service agreements with Wheelabrator expire in August
2011 (for the south plant) and March 2012 (for the North plant). Broward County, the District, and Wheelabrator
have been negotiating a replacement ILA and service agreement with Wheelabrator. The term of the new
agreement is ten years beginning on August 4, 2011 with one ten year renewal option Each contract community
has the option not to renew.

At its meeting of November 10, 2009 the Commission approved Resolution 2009-27 which approved a
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that set forth the material terms agreed to among Broward County the
Broward Solid Waste Disposal District and Wheelabrator North and South Resolution 2009-27 is only binding
on the Town upon the passage of an additional resolution approving the new ILA Exhibit 2.

Deadlines and Sienin Bonus
The District has requested all municipalities to decide if they are going to enter into the new ILA by December
31, 2010. To encourage an early decision the ILA provides for a signing bonus of 12 million prorated by the
percentage of tonnage of each participating city which is estimated to be $72,858 for the Town (Exhibit 1 page
3). However, that figure is based on 2008 data and the actual amount will be determined based on the year’s
tonnage ending August 4, 2011. We know our tonnage already went down between 2008 and 2009.

Signing  Requirements:
The Service Agreement with Wheelabrator (Exhibit 4 )provides that Contract Communities representing (a) at
least 51 of the population of the District and (b) at least 80 of the 2009 flow from the current ILA
communities must enter into the new ILA prior to December 3,1 2010. If enough communities sign on the new
ILA will become effective for a ten-year term on August 4, 201.1 If not enough cities sign then the ILA will not
become effective and the Town and the other ILA parties will have to find other arrangements for the disposal of
their solid waste or negotiate anew service agreement and ILA.
If the ILA it is signed by the County and Contract Communities representing 80% of the 2009 flow, the ILA will
become effective first as a two-year amendment into the Predecessor Agreement and beginning July 13, 2013 as
a separate agreement for a term of eight (8) years ILA Article 15, Paragraph 2.
As of November 17, 2010 10 municipalities (Exhibit 5) have decided to enter into the new ILA representing
46.5% of the District’s population and 44.4% of the solid waste of the district.

Changes to the ILA:
Three changes from the current system sought by the municipalities have been incorporated into the proposed
l. Conversion of the District from a dependent to an independent district in order to reduce Broward County
2.  Broader municipal representation on the Resource Recovery Board (the Board) which governs the
District and
The right for municipalities to review the terms of the executed version of the Service Agreement
between the District and Wheelabrator before being asked to sign the new ILA.
Right now the Town does not have a representative on the Board All parties including the Town will have a
representative on the Board under the new ILA which will meet twice a year Only 33% of members attending
will constitute a quorum. An eleven-member Executive Board with a quorum set at 5 members will be created
to handle the general matters of the District.
Under the negotiated Service Agreement the Service Fee which is only part of the tipping fee will be
significantly lower than the current fee The 2009 base Service Fee is $47.75 per ton plus a projected 12 per ton.
District fee to cover the District’s administrative costs for a total of 59.75 plus Pass-Through expenses. When
the Service Fee of $47.75 is adjusted for 2010 and 2011 according the formulas in the Agreement the total
tipping fee is projected to be around $66 (includes District Fee and a projected Pass-Through amount) which is a
reduction of about one-third from the current 2009 fee. The reduction in tipping fees is possible because in
part the debt incurred to build the plants have been retired.

The backup continues on with the pros and cons for signing on… we get a small signing bonus of $72,000 while larger cities will get millions…estimated savings in the 1st year $200,000…based on the 2009 waste disposal of  5,700 tons…When the Town’s recycling improves that savings will be reduced…and so will the tipping fee and service fees will increase under the ILA…Another big concern is the Pass-Throughs and adjustments which could substantially increase the service charges… An alternative is to go to another destination…forgo the signing bonus and the tipping fee will be an unknown…Still if the agreement goes through between the County and Wheelbrator those not parties to the new ILA can be charged more than those in ILA…We could go to another vendor as Pompano Beach and others have…This is followed by a public policy portion and the below recommendation…

RECOMMENDATION: Staff should do additional research to document how the cities that do not participate in the current ILA dispose of their waste and how those that have chosen not to participate in the new ILA plan to dispose of their waste stream and the costs they project. We also have many unanswered questions regarding the proposed ILA that require further review anal analysis.We will bring this information back to the Commission in December with a recommendation on how to proceed.

Full 103 page backup link below…

BC- Readers will remember this was a topic questioned by Candidate Sasser…and it will be interesting to see his take on it as Commissioner Sasser…

e. Sewer Rates (Town Manager).

Backup scanned …pages 1-8…

BC- This writer made a PRR for a letter that was sent out to south- end customers ..(see below)…There was to be one sent to Sea Ranch Club and SRLakes North Condos but we are told it was put on hold …for now…This writer still sees those 4 buildings being in “no-man’s land”…For years they paid the Town thinking the Town followed through on the direction given at the special meeting dealing with the annexation in 1998…(prev. posts)…This year they found out they were victims of a “ruse” of which few inside Town Hall were privy…Now the Town needs to decide if SRC/SRLN pay Pompano Beach directly once again…Essentially the 4 buildings are in the same position they were before the annexation with one big exception…They currently, as far as we can tell, are the only portion of LBTS without a sewer agreement in place… The sewers in front of the buildings we are informed are Pompano Beach sewers and Pompano Beach would be responsible for any repairs to the infrastructure …Any inkling to charge SRC/SRLN in arrears for any payments or for them to pay for the south-end infrastructure due to the benefit provided without their knowledge will in this writer’s opinion be political suicide for any candidate advocating it … (full disclosure…this writer lives in SRC)…These buildings decided the last two elections in LBTS and what really needs to happen…again in this writer’s opinion is to make it loud and clear no more such acts will be tolerated in town putting the blame clearly where it belongs…on the last two administrations and a certain member of the Commission who many think had full knowledge from the get-go that the direction was not enacted …

“Condos Merged Letter”…

BC- the archived backup on the sewer is on the Town website…link below…

f. Town Manager FY 2011 Performance Goals (Town Manager).

BC- The TM, who will not be at the roundtable said she would present revised performance goals after last week’s meeting to discuss priorities…the scan below is the revised goals … This writer still believes Government Efficiency needs to be at the top…as well as parking requirements being exempted downtown for restaurants …after last week’s P & Z meeting …


g. Parking Sponsorship Program (Assistant Town Manager Bud Bentley).

Backup- SUBJECT TITLE: Parking Sponsorship Program
EXPLANATION: The Commission has approved parking sponsorship by businesses in the past on a case-by
case basis. Under this arrangement the business pays for a number of parking spaces and posts signage
indicating customers can park there free of charge courtesy of the business.
We have a request from BankUnited to sponsor parking in front of their location at 227 East Commercial and we
would like to structure a trial period not only for BankUnited but also for other locations during which time we
would test different procedures and measure their effectiveness. Sponsored parking spaces would be open to
anyone and would not be restricted to customers of the sponsor.
After the trial period we would present a report with our recommendations for an ongoing program for
Commission approval. Once adopt we could market the program to the business community.
The Commission would need to approve the trial periods the Town Manager could set parking time limits and the
fee to be charged the sponsoring business. For example the time limit in front of BankUnited is four hours and
the Bank is interested in sponsoring parking for customers in the shop area. In a sponsorship program for the
Bank we would establish several 30-minute parking spaces in front of the Bank. The cost to the Bank to
participate would be the payment of loss of meter revenues which we would calculate based on current
utilization and the start-up expense for the meter signage.
RECOMMENDATION: We recommend the Commission approve a parking sponsorship program and
authorize the Town Manager to set parking time limits and establish the fee for sponsored parking spaces.

BC- I like the idea…and hope the Asst. TM will consider being on board with other innovative parking ideas such as the exemption for restaurants …to be proactive in jumpstarting business coming to LBTS…

h. Informal approval of FY 2011-2012 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Application (Finance Director Doug Haag).

Backup- SUBJECT TITLE: Informal Approval of FY 2011/2012 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
EXPLANATION: Requesting informal approval of this grant application in the amount of $29,209 because it is due no later than
December 1, 2010. We will bring this back for formal approval at the December 7th meeting. The grant funds are
used to offset part of the costs of operating the senior center programs at Jarvis Hall. The Town has applied for
and received funding for this program for several years While we are requesting $29,209, the actual amount may
be different.
We will include matching funds for this grant in the FY2011/2012 budget process.



The meeting is open to the public…no public comments..Televised on Comcast Ch. 78/ Live-streamed on Town website and  both the backup and the meeting will be archived on the website as well…link…

Of Note the 2010/2011 Adopted LBTS Budget is also now on the Town website as well…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …. The November 17, 2010 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Planning & Zoning Meeting/Workshop … Parking Regulations & Requirements … Jumpstart Downtown Vitality Now Or Stick With The Status Quo? …

November 21, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …the Nov. 17, 2010 P & Z meeting was done a little differently this month…It became a workshop to deal with parking regulations and requirements as well as signage…The P & Z addressed these issues previously…(prev. posts)… but when they did it was certain portions of the ordinances due t cleaning it up and making certain actions more legally defensible for the Town …This was a holdover from the prior Administration/Commission and not what the new Admin./Comm. wanted…The Commission made it clear to the Town Manager/TAtty. and staff they want the entire ordinances looked at to see what needs to be left in and what needs new consideration as we look forward to the next years of revitalizing LBTS…

The meeting was at the table on the floor …and in attendance were members  Chair Alfred “Buz” Oldaker, Vice Chair Yann Brandt, Lawrence “Peanuts” Wick, Ben Freeny and alternate Eric Yankwitt…due to George Hunsaker’s absence …as well as Director of Development Jeff Bowman and an attorney we have not seen before from Weiss Serota…Kathryn Mehaffey…(see below)…as well as Development Secretary Colleen ..
From the Weiss website…link below….
“FORT LAUDERDALE/MIAMI, FL – The law firm of Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske announced that it has added two new attorneys to its staff, adding to both its Miami-Dade and Broward offices. MacAdam J. Glinn and Kathryn M. Mehaffey will cover various practice areas for the firm, which serves corporate, government and individual clients.

Glinn joins the firm as an associate and will be working with the Governmental Practice Group in the Miami office. His primary focus is representing municipalities in a variety of local government issues, including the drafting of municipal ordinances, preparation and review of agreements and the provision of legal advice. Additionally, Glinn represents a number of private clients on construction and procurement issues.

Glinn earned his B.A. from Kenyon College in Ohio and his J.D. from Florida International University School of Law in Miami. Most recently, Glinn served as South Florida’s Director of Business Development for Skanska USA Building, the second largest contractor in the United States. He previously served on the staffs of both U.S. Representative Peter Deutsch and then-State Senator Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Glinn is currently a co-chair of the High Rise Council for the Builder’s Association of South Florida as well as a member of the United States Green Building Council and the New World Committee of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

Also joining the firm as an associate, Mehaffey will be working with the Municipal Land Use and Zoning Group out of the Fort Lauderdale office. Her practice focuses on representing municipalities in land use and zoning matters.

Mehaffey earned her B.S. from Iowa State University and her J.D. from Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad Law Center. Previously, Mehaffey was an associate with the Law Offices of Holiday Hunt Russell.

She is a member of the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) Sisterhood.”

The minutes were left to be approved at the next meeting in Dec. with Buz going on to allow public comments …First up was Diane Boutin who introduced herself with a new title…”Liaison” for the Windjammer …Ms Boutin congratulated the P & Z for meeting and spoke of the long ongoing issue of too much vs not enough parking …She spoke of any changes allowing for a more vital, vibrant beachside village…She cautioned them to be realistic about business/restaurants and tourist parking..She said they will not achieve 100% satisfaction but was positive about what they could accomplish… A gentleman who said he was not a property owner but a longtime business owner had concerns about the sign issue (it would be deferred to the Dec. meeting later on)…He did not want any changes made that would require a monetary be taken by suffering businesses at this to comply with…He did not think the status qou looked awful at this time  and reminded them of the empty storefronts we are dealing with…He wanted them to put this issue off at this time…He spoke of parking and said the municipal parking lot is always empty and in need of more signage to alert people of it being there…as well as the increase in the cost of a few parking spots by his business for 15 minutes ..asking it be increased to 30 minutes …He also said he heard some parking was being removed…Buz responded to his statement on signage for the A1A /Bougainvilla lot stating it was coming after recently being approved by the Comm….(prev. post)… The owner of Kilwins also wanted to address the signage issue…He spoke of being in the process of acquiring a new sign which he said was beautiful …It is being made up in Ft. Laud…But, he added it has 4 colors due to a white border …He stated the current signage code allows for only 3 colors on a sign..He said the code needs to be changed and signs should be approved on a case-by-case basis to allow for the beautiful, creative ones and squash the gaudy ones …Dave Gadsby from the Village Grill came up and stated he was “excited to be at this meeting” and that it was “years overdue” …Dave spoke of the empty lot and the always full “T” downtown around the square …He spoke of knowing of a few good businesses who “left in a hurry because of the parking requirements”…adding they were good businesses …On signage he reminded all of a large sign that was discussed a few years back to be put in the median by El Mar -Comm. containing smaller signs for business and hotels…BC- This came from when this writer was on the ill-fated walk around committee in 2006..It was not a new idea then either…This writer contacted the businesses including Dave’s and the businesses at that time were more than happy to chip in for the sign…such as are used in other municipalities…It never came to fruition…Yann asked Dave if the parking had been relaxed would they have stayed…Dave responded absolutely adding he personally thinks we do not have enough parking…and continued on to say a business takes a gamble when opening …He ended with saying if you build it they will come…With no more speakers Buz had previously made mention that Vice Chair Yann Brandt asked to speak before they began the workshop…Director Bowman interjected to explain the reason for the workshop as described above and in the agenda backup on Town website (link below) and on agenda for this meeting.. Briefly he added the backup included Planner Walter Keller’s report as well as Delray Beach’s way of dealing with parking requirements that could be implemented in LBTS…He also stated there ere no time constraints on this process and it could go beyond this meeting…with more workshops…That led way to Buz speaking about the holidays..Thanksgiving…boat parade etc…and the Dec. meeting as well as several shorter meetings as opposed to a meeting that could run into the wee hours …Eric asked what is a”shorter meeting”…Peanuts said they could set it for then…Yann suggested they do the 1st item see how long it takes and then decide when they need to meet again…

Yann thanked Buz for giving him a chance to speak first and spoke of this parking issue being an ongoing issue in town since his childhood..He was glad to see the folks from the business in attendance and thanked the Comm. for giving this item back to the P & Z to deal with…He said he did research and met with Jeff a few times concerning potential changes …He began to have a Q & A with Jeff Bowman to cover some of what they discussed prior…He asked Jeff how many spots the Town operates and Jeff responded 527…Yann asked if it was positive or was there a shortfall?…Jeff replied there is and will be a shortfall in funding..Yann stated there is not enough usage to make it positive adding the overhead was not being met by demand..He asked Jeff what he (Jeff) was seeing from businesses wanting to come into town and what was the importance of parking as an issue…Jeff responded it was the #1 issue…Yann asked about the number of parking spaces that cause the issue…Jeff responded it was a mix of numbers…BC- Note to Readers…the Admin. & Jeff Bowman are for relaxing parking req. and it appeared to this writer Jeff was clearly struggling in giving the full answers due to their stance vs. Yann’s for exemption for restaurants…Jeff when prodded did respond it’s 1 or 2 spaces to 10-20 spaces… BC- we hear each month we have 1-3 businesses such as restaurants that walk away over 1 or 2 parking spaces being required!… Yann cleared up the numbers low and high as being due to different usages..He asked Jeff what kind of business was being driven away ?…Jeff responded restaurants were the majority of those being driven away…Yann  asked Jeff if we have a parking problem in town and Jeff again struggled in answering stating he can’t answer that without a parking study…Yann replied that personally he sees an overall once or twice a year…Yann continued on with the Q & A asking Jeff if someone opens up a restaurant a 1000 sq. feet how many spots were required?…Jeff answered 1 spot per 50 sq. ft. or 20 spaces …Yann spoke about them getting a “credit” for some spots…(see how the credit comes in below) …He said a restaurant has to come up with 16 spaces to come into town and asked how that works in finding the required spots…Jeff replied they have 2 options …the variance process or a parking agreement with a private lot which is leased one time per business…Yann asked how many recorded leases the Town has (private bus.)…Jeff answered none currently….adding the Town leases spaces to 2 businesses ..Yann followed up by asking out of the leased spots the Town provides how often are they actually used by that business?..Jeff could not answer that one…answer Peanuts jumped in to ask how many do we have consigned elsewhere naming Village Grill and Aruba Beach Cafe as two…Jeff responded he doesn’t know the total estimating 24…Yann said  the next question was a question of opinion as he spoke of the ultimate LBTS being open for business and investors…He said if all of  the B1 and B1A Business District was open to restaurants with no parking requirements what would the impact be to town?… Jeff said demand will go up …but quickly added there could be a problem down the road…(referring to not enough parking spots)… Yann stated we need to help the town adding what Jeff and the Chamber sees is business want s to come in…He added restaurants opening bring with them franchise fees…use of the building brings property taxes..people coming to the restaurants bring sales tax…He asked do we want to create business…spur progress or thwart it due to a “potential problem” down the road?   He said add two words to this code to help… He spoke of his brother opening a restaurant ..and used the following scenario … A chef who has the expertise to open shop but not the expertise or the time and desire to deal with bureaucratic red tape…He spoke of Delray and going there not knowing which restaurant he would end up in…but walking around and buying something along the way …He said we can do that here…He knows it’s a big step to exempt a whole use of  business …but it’s important…

BC- this writer thanks Yann Brandt for the Q&A with Dir. Bowman…it took the issue to level where all those paying attention can clearly see what we have repeatedly been missing out on when it comes to revitalizing the downtown …with viable businesses leaving over a parking space!…

Buz said they could go around the table and Peanuts asked for information on item #3 shared parking and why the Town was not recommending that as well as exemptions… BC- clearly Peanuts did not do his homework with the backup and prior presentations on this issue from Asst.TM Bentley who are definitely in favor of shared parking…and were cautioned to come up with specifics to cover the legal problems that could arise if one of the shared businesses departed…leaving the other in a quandary to meet the parking requirements …Jeff set Peanuts straight on the Town not recommending exemption but for shared parking…Peanuts spoke of Delray and comparisons used ..he spoke of the actual floor space and wanting to see the requirement reduced from 50ft….He asked Jeff to comment on that and Jeff said no comment adding the footage was sq. ft….Peanuts spoke of a sandwich shop being  a storefront …and asked if Burger King was exempt due to having their own lot…or did they rent that out as he wondered off and spoke of the spots at Burger King being used by others…He got back on point by stating he felt the 20 spots per 1000 sq. ft. should change to 82 sq. ft. or 12 per 1000 ft….He asked again about the shared parking and to explain it…Jeff replied that shared is viable…He then went into what was previously presented by Bud Bentley concerning shared parking with hours of business not overlapping the usage benefiting both…He spoke of Sun Trust having a surplus of parking…Peanuts said during season 98% of the lots are full…Jeff replied that was in Walter’s report…Peanuts answered 98% on Sat. at the height of season…in 2004!…OOPS!….Peanuts added we need to assist the stores but by making the requirement less…Ben said in reviewing the documents and having conversations with those dealing with parking issues over a long time it was beach parking and hotel backup parking that needs to be worked through…He wanted to think more “global” so it works for everybody…He spoke of shortages and excess and taking into account the time of year…He again stated the need for a “global solution”… He spoke of Dave Gadsby comment and of a friend of his in the food industry who looked at the strip storefronts in town and stated he could not even consider it due to the parking…He said it’s a big issue and has concerns with exemption or shared or looser criteria…He went onto state this board needed to mesh with the long-term plans of the Master Plan for parking or locations for parking and work together with MPSC ..They cannot rewrite this code alone…He spoke of a parking garage which was not mentioned and the fee for use included in Walter’s report …He stated it was establish something new and different…having a reasonable fee that could benefit them…He spoke of the broad view…getting input from businesses …higher-end business and improving the values of properties… Eric said Ben stole his thunder about parking garages and asked about the funding for the Pelican Hopper being from the parking fees… BC- no one spoke up to respond…Again it has been discussed often and recently by the Admin./Comm. …The Hopper is a Broward Grant we more than match …not funded by the parking fund or fees…Eric went on to state we may have a parking problem during season (BC-in 2004!) and spoke of his personal experience before and after becoming a resident of town and how many see full spots and move on to Pompano Beach or the Galt to dine…stating people won’t fight for a space and won’t pay meters….He also stated he wanted to buy metered spots where his in-town law practice is located and the Town would not sell them to him…He said if we are losing money operating the meters and losing businesses coming in we need to use a commonsense approach…He said the parking garage brings with it the concern of the the character of the town and where it would go…He spoke of parking at SunTrust for free and walking to town …Note to Eric…now that the cat’s out of the bag…no doubt a ticket will be appearing on your windshield the next time you park there…it’s not free or legal to park there…OOPS!… He ended by repeating the need for a commonsense approach.. Buz no one’s trying to make it more difficult…as far as the parking garage no one wants them next door…He said there are lots around town that could we could work with if finances allowed.. He spoke of the 527 metered spaces townwide and the businesses that don;’t have parking..He added it was not wise to drop all restrictions…easing them instead…being careful… Peanuts asked about page 8 section 30-320 subsection B…and Jeff responded in the specific plaza he was referring to yes but those not within 50 ft. cannot…

Yann went back to the matter at hand trying to reel the board back into his point by asking Jeff …”In the last year businesses that came to you and decided not to come in how many were over one or two spaces?”…Jeff replied approximately half …He spoke of the process the businesses have to go through taking 3-4 months for approval or an impact as well…Yann asked Jeff again “We’ve had businesses leave for one space?”…Jeff responded “Yes.”…Yann said one spot …50… 200 …500 the issue is getting one spot…He spoke emphatically about the concern coming from the possibility of having a problem resulting from a “mad rush” of business…He said it’s a business issue..Someone wants to start a business and don’t because government is stopping them…He asked do we change …get rid of our barriers …expand business and get rid of major regulations …He said line item J needed to be stricken …get rid of it…He spoke of the options for parking meters, lots, valet …On the latter he said a business opens valet service because they see a profit made for convenience of use by patrons…He asked them to trust that business will decide what they need proactively if there is major success from this exemption endeavor …We shouldn’t worry about where they park…The Deerfield garage is a privately owned garage (as discussed the previous evening at MPSC…prev. post)…He said it’s a matter of getting more business in town…and the parking restrictions are a barrier…that we need to get rid of…

Peanuts said he did not know of a town that did not have parking regulations…He asked if they were going to send item J. or the 12 or 10 per 1000he recommended …He said Aruba and Village Grill as well as 101 Ocean are paying the Town..He said exempting ..he couldn’t do it… Eric said if we don’t regulate there will be too many restaurants and they might not survive…. Sometimes government needs to get out of the way of business Then he stated government is a positive force …speaking of a staggered approach or assessed fees…put in fees like the Pelican Hopper…we can have our cake and eat it too..Huh?… He said it was a win-win more mass transit ..the green movement…BC- Ugh!… Ben said what we might want to do is have the components put down in an outline..short term decisions…and parking as a whole..a guide… Yann responded about a time frame based on the discussions and the differing views of what changes are needed …He asked for the staff to draft it both ways….reduce the requirements and look at exemptions..then bring it back in Dec. with the 2 proposed changes and with public input then bring it to the Comm….one or both…Peanuts again went off topic to subsection N. of charter sightseeing boats and bringing in more tourists…BC- Boy I sure do hope Peanuts and Marjorie Evans run as a CIC slate in 2012!…He went on to tell Buz to take a consensus to move item J. or to relax the spaces required….To see if somebody wants the entire exemption…Yann spoke of the $1 hr. and the the $67,000 shortfall next year..He calculated that would require 61 cars to park 3 hrs. everyday for a year…He said as taxpayers we pay it whether generate it or not… Peanuts countered by saying to generate more revenue (tickets ) have parking enforcement work more …Parking revenue could cover that gap..Yann zinged back “And that’s gonna keep the visitor very happy!”… Buz said the public understands the parking issue…and spoke of Ft. Lauderdale and getting a ticket within minutes if not paying the meter or parking in the wrong place…Yann countered Buz by stating “So come to our stores!”… Jeff stated there was more parking that needed to be addressed and spoke of the 2 approaches discussed this evening…one was exemption for restaurants…Yann responded everything under J. as well as changing 50ft to 83 ft….Jeff asked about the rest of it…Peanuts said they needed to take a consensus vote…Ben said he couldn’t see anyone behind him and …to pass this on for just J. didn’t sit right for him…He said he had a concern of not being fair to certain businesses…and there was a need to be careful and thoughtful…He liked the recommendation of allowing private lots such as SunTrust …Jeff stated Sun Trust exceeds the required spaces..Yann asked about the business district retail stores and about a lot of them not having to meet the requirements…Jeff stated any business pre-existing 1995 (owners of the building) 1000 sq. ft are required to have 4 spots but don’t have 4 because they are already exempt..The restaurants get the same by way of a “credit” so the required 20 comes down to 16…Yann added to Jeff’s answer by stating again retail stores are already exempt from the required parking..Buz asked Yann if with the exemption he envisioned a town full of restaurants ..Yann quickly responded we were a destination spot and lost a lot of hotel rooms since the last Master Plan …the total impact of 30 million a year …his vision is to make up the shortfall with this …a spot to come to eat…we are losing businesses and the expansion of hospitality will come from these stores…He said retail don’t have a parking problem…BC- the Goodkin Feasibility study concurred with Yann’s assessment of changing the influx of revenue in the same manner ….Buz said at the end of the day where are people going to park and he spoke of Delray…Yann responded we have 527 spaces …he welcomes that problem …people in the audience welcome that problem…and they’ll be ahead of it…”What’s the number one problem? This!”…He went on to say the parking problem being bandied about as a result of the exemption could happen in a year…5 years or never…He said he hoped we have too much demand!…Peanuts said they needed to take a vote and can’t be both…Yann said they could have one/two and three…Peanuts said that would be wasting staff’s time…BC- sort of like when Peanuts wanted staff to address heights and the CCL line a few meetings back?…OOPS!…Buz countered by saying this was an important issue and it was not a  waste of time ….Eric asked how they could take a vote without a study..Yann answered they were step one…the meetings they were having…then the Comm…Eric said he was fine with that…Peanuts asked again fro consensus ….Jeff said direction to staff… Eric said he was for C. option do both…He asked about recommending the  exemption and the economic impact…Jeff responded Walter provided some info but they won’t have the answers until the approval and implementation…Eric said we cannot be the only beach town who has struggled with this…Jeff said this was only one item and they needed to get past item J. give direction on the drafting language..Buz said why vote if they were the 2 approaches but Peanuts obviously wanting to quash the exemption said they had discussed this for an hour and twenty five minutes and it required a separate vote for each…Buz said why?..Yann said they don’t have to…Ben said they needed the input from businesses and more meetings …public comment…research..presentations..and this could not be done piecemeal…This was not  what he thought the Commisison had charged them with doing …They wanted the entire code repaired..not to change each line on how they feel…Buz said A. was exempt/B. 12 per 1000 sq. ft./C. both…In the end Eric/Buz and Yann voted yes to C. for both…

After that the discussion sort of backtracked to if the result ended up being relaxed rather than exempt Jeff wanted input on allowing the Comm./Staff the ability to deal with the need for excess parking spaces rather than the business having to go through the lengthy process …There are not a large number of these but they want that ability in the future….BC-Hmmm….It further declined in this writer’s opinion after Yann said give the Comm. the latitude to fill in the blank…and Jeff wanting a number …Yann said 200 (clearly hoping exemption would prevail in the end making this moot)… Ben said 3…Buz asked about the number needed from those restaurants leaving town…Jeff said 2-4 and Peanuts said they should go with 3!…BC- Huh?..Jeff states 2-4 and Peanuts and ultimately the rest settle on 3!…So once again they might leave over one spot…since Jeff stated 2-4!…Eric did try to bring in the use of percentages rather than a number but Jeff said three’s easier…Ben said the aspect of that makes sense and spoke of Aruba tripling the number of tables and then of the now gone from town Abru Cafe and the impact of the difference..Jeff asked if they wanted the Commission in really large projects ..Huh?… Ben said 3 was a good number and Buz said they could change it in the future… BC- again this is why we need the exemption …to stop the back and forth and delays…Another item was how far cars can be parked from the business…400-1000ft Yann asked how many feet it is from Town Hall to downtown (those are the spots leased currently to businesses to comply with the parking req.)…Jeff answered approximately 1000Peanuts wanted to make it 1250 ft….Yann said to include El Prado and see what the figure is…Jeff asked about Datura and Yann said Anglin Square …The Atty said it could be either a number or geographic area…Peanuts lobbed onto that suggestion and said geographic Datura to Washingtonia …Jeff asked if they wanted Pine to Palm…Peanuts doing a CIC “number” said that would infringe on beach parking especially since they lost beach parking…Yann countered and said within town limits ..a half mile…He said the deal now of a combined residential/beach permit was a a better deal (then having to purchase 2 separate permits as required before)…Peanuts said geographic ocean to intercoastal and Datura to the north end of El Prado…BC- exemption to stop the insanity folks!…It’s like a bad game show …All in favor…they were …Yann said it was early in the process for the hotels.. Eric spoke of Walter’s recommendations on shared parking being common sense..and wanted to make a motion…BC- it’s a workshop there are no motions… Peanuts once again asked why staff was not for shared parking…BC- they are… Yann said they should have staff put something together on shaed parking and then they could agree to draft the language…Buz said item #4 parking was parking fees…Jeff explained this was to pay a lump sum for a future parking structure..Walter included estimates that were surface to structure parking $10,000-$20,000 per space..Buz reiterated that parking garages are more expensive..The Atty. said they could put something together based on a long-term vision and on design goals… Ben stated a set fee was used for going to the bank as a base…adding Walter’s estimates and that Delray was $18,2000 east of the intercoastal (per space)…and it needed to be addressed…Yann said it was Walter’s suggestion and used in towns filled with businesses…it’s premature…With this in place how many businesses would come into town?… Jeff reiterated the cost was per space..Buz said said significant changes in property incur more fees…Yann said it’s a tax…Eric asked who can do that these days?…Ben said there are challenges with that ..the changes in use is for the landowner ..For business it will be an annual fee per parking space instead….Yann said you can’t eliminate and then put up barriers…Ben said take restrictions off and have three times the cars ….you can’t take restrictions away without providing something down the road…Buz they would let this die …and they were done with parking as it was already 8:30 …Peanuts said he could go til 9:30 at least …Buz reminded him there was no deadline …and they can have more meetings…stating in Jan. it would be slower..but 9:30 was ok with him… He asked about taking a break…no takers they continued on… BC- unfortunately…

Jeff spoke of if they went with option B. the relaxed requirements they needed to address sidewalk cafe’s as well and what is now required and he would want it changed to not have the 50 sq. ft. threshold …500ft and above that number ..100sq. ft. to encourage sidewalk cafe’s… Yann said he was all for exempting parking regulations…Jeff asked again if  option B. was in place…BC- we hear after this meeting Administration actively lobbied fro option B….Yann said the criteria for outdoor cafe’s is different …it’s the same patrons same person …different explained to him prior..Eric said parking based on sq. ft…and per patron instead…Buz said someone could change their floor plan overnight…Jeff responded they could not …they would need to come to the Comm….He was asked about adding 1 more table and said not for one more table…BC- hmmm. not quite what happened under the Colon Admin. for outdoor cafe’s …(prev. posts)… Yann said the sq. footage stays the same…Yann said if they go with option B. it should have the outdoor exemption with it… All 5 said yes..BC- Really?…No restaurants …equals no outdoor/sidewalk cafe’s other than what we currently have…Hmmmm….

Diane Boutin came to speak a second time and said they made great progress …She spoke of the parking east …El Mar Drive and the side streets …She spoke of the realm of relaxation..educating the population..and of El Mar Drive being for walking…also of driving A1A to other areas…

Next they began the next item which was signage… Jeff explained why this came back …. The TAtty. chimed in rather defensively in this writer’s opinion on their role thus far…She spoke of the Master Plan and the impact as a whole…long range and that those concepts can be included in developing that image… Yann recommended they look at it from the top level…what is prohibited and permitted ..speaking of zoning…temporary and restrictions ..which was on which list… Peanuts asked about public service signs… The Atty. spoke of the pole/pylon signs stricken and explained no new signs would be permitted… She added a new one…a 6 month requirement for a non-conforming business to get theirs back up in the event it needed to be replaced due to over 50% damage…BC-That was not brought up previously and it was confusing and sounded like it is not contained in the code currently or revised just a number that can be changed..Hmmm….Peanuts after his initial ignorance of why this was back in the board’s lap …said he wanted to know why no sandwich boards were allowed ….Jeff said they were not allowed but if we were encouraging sidewalk cafe’s we may need to relax that…BC- exemption..exemption…exemption…Peanuts said he wants it…Yann asked for a matrix of prohibited/permitted/districts /restrictions saying it would be helpful…Jeff spoke of the back of the code having the zones…Yann said the matrix rather than the strike thrus…Peanuts commented that the Comm uses underlined and strike thru Yann countered his suggestion would streamline the process…Jeff said he would try and put together a matrix by the Dec. 15th meeting which will be both a meeting on the parking thus far and a workshop on the signage…Jeff added that staff had distributed fliers to the businesses prior to this workshop …and Peanuts asked if it could be put on channel 78…BC- it was already as well as on the website…OOPS!… The group asked for fliers to go out again for Dec… The meeting ended with Jeff informing them of the speaker Connie Hoffmann the TM has set for Jan 7th and walk set on Jan 8th with David Sucher an urban planner who wrote  City Comforts … … and this board was being asked to attend…With that the meeting was adjourned..

BC- There can be no doubt that we need to jumpstart the process ASAP to get restaurants and sidewalk cafe’s into LBTS and we do not have time to pontificate about the perceived potential problem of having too may cars due to success coming from this action!… We know what hasn’t worked..what we are doing now …Relaxing the requirement by a few feet and number of space required won’t cut it…And as far as piecemealing… the talk that came after this first item of the evening concerning sidewalk cafe’s if relaxing the requirements was the consensus …in this writer’s opinion is the ultimate piecemealing…We know the political factions are still in place in town and we know a parking garage is simply pie in the sky at this juncture in LBTS ….just as it is for back-out parking being eliminated on A1A and El Mar Drive and underground utilities… What can be done easily…with no downside this writer can envision ….including putting an end to all these esoteric meetings …is to get rid of the parking restrictions for restaurants… inside and outside…as Vice Chair Brandt put forth …..and then working on easing the ability for all restaurants from the intercoastal to the beach to be able to put tables and chairs outside…and to come up with a Business Development Committee to market that LBTS is full of signs saying “Restaurant Open”!….

Link to Town website for archived backup / archived video for this meeting  ….

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … The November 16, 2010 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Master Plan Steering Committee Meeting … Branding LBTS For The Future …

November 20, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers ..sorry for the delay in the full account of the Nov. 16, 2010 MPSC meeting …This meeting began a little late as the committee waited for one member ..then finally decided to go forth …good thing as she arrived about a half hour late…Chair Paul Novak did the role call and all the other members were present with the exception of Helen Wetherington ..Also in attendance were the Town Manager back to continue on with the Master Plan revision workshop and Director of Development Jeff Bowman who is also the liaison for the committee as of a few months ago…For some reason after the minutes were accepted and before TM Hoffman began her presentation/exercise she asked Paul if she “address Marjorie’s question”… Marjorie Evans former candidate from the north for Commissioner and long and continually absent member of this committee appointed by Comm. Clottey …wanted to know why the TM was there!…Marjorie Evans showed with her ignorance asking this question and many others throughout the meeting as she hogged the mike ….that she has not changed much since she walked into Jarvis Hall for the very first time as a longtime resident to declare her candidacy for Commission (no matter that it was not allowed) …devoid of any knowledge or participation in Town issues that she is still devoid and should not remain on the committee….in this writer’s opinion… The TM explained the background of the Commission’s desire for her advise the committee on the revisions needed for the 2005 Master Plan and aid in a consensus from the committee to bring to the Commission as we move forward in the process …Paul asked Marjorie if that “helped?’…TM Hoffmann went on to discuss the speakers they had agreed they wanted to come in to hear about urban planning and she stated the Comm. advised they wanted the speakers delayed until January (actually they did Comm. Clottey and no consensus)…Ms. Hoffmann also stated the speaker would not only address the committee but would come to address the community as well on Jan. 7th from 4-6 pm followed by a guided “tour” the next day on Sat.the 8th at from 9am-noon.. The speaker will be David Suchor who wrote a book on urban planning “City Comforts”… … TM Hoffmann stated she chose him due to being easy to understand when most such authors can be esoteric…She also said she was willing to get copies if desired …She said she had the two dates but could get other dates if it was not going to work…the committee as a whole had no problem…except for Marjorie… She stated she would not be there ..Paul actually was going to change it to accommodating her …(ugh)…but the next weekend she could not commit to either and told the committee/Town to go ahead…(double ugh!)… With that it was set unless a problem arose from P & Z the next night…The acknowledgment of it being a Friday afternoon/Saturday morning brought forth the question from TM Hoffmann about it bringing enough people to attend…Paul joked that nobody works on Friday afternoon and the TM “zinged” him back they must not work for government…All thought people could attend one or both…Note to TM …send a personal invitation to the neighborhood associations/ both Town PACS CIC & UOT/ business owners & renters as well as condos and hospitality stakeholders to attend… The second in the “series” of these speakers will come in Feb. with Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk .. …who is willing to come back according to Sandra Booth!…This one also calls for invitations due to what this writer saw first hand a few years ago!…

That settled it was time for round two in the exercise of getting consensus from the MPSC for the revisions to the 2005 Master Plan… Last time the TM stated they did an exercise for design…the big picture…This time they were going to do another one to “get in the right frame of  mind” ..She asked them to take a few minutes to think of a place in LBTS that makes you feel “comfortable”….What goes on there that makes that so…She did not want them to identify it…just to describe what you like and enjoy… BC- just for the record watching this process for the 2nd time…I am not an “exercise” type of person…I really don’t like em’ and feel they just eat up time while the least these participants for the most part look like they are trying to accommodate what is required of them …sort of like a college essay or job interview…After the time of pondering was reached …The TM asked for anyone to begin…a lull was seen as it was in round one last month until Sandra Booth spoke up about a place she likes to go for the openness…extreme amount of beauty…a lot of things to do…to look at people and children…even a Tai Chi class…repeating again its openness …as well as social openness… The TM responded about the physical characteristics..details…design and layout…Sandra spoke of it being open to observe and explained a group from Childrens Diagnostic Center were there to look at the ocean…the Tai Chi class and the beauty of the surroundings…It’s her “home” speaking of the town…The Tm asked if it was a structure and Sandra said no…Vice Chair Edmund Malkoon spoke as well on his place having natural landscape dunes..breezes ..turtles at night…a sense of peace..The TM said it was very open…not a structure..and there was a connection to nature …Ken Kugler said his place was similar to the other two..observing the beach…feeling the breeze..and a bench in the shade…The TM asked what about a structure…Ken responded under one…there was overhead shelter with a view..The TM asked how big…Ken described from where he was sitting to Jeff Bowman which was about half the width of Jarvis Hall…TM Hoffmann stated what they all had in common  and asked if anyone came up with something not connected to the beach..Paul spoke about a building he goes to 3 or 4 times a week …it’s connected to the community …he helps them and visa versa …the people there participate in the town (this was not what we all assumed…so Paul must have been amused as he offered this one up for the exercise)… The TM spoke of social interaction..sense of community..a building…design of S. Fla. …Paul responded it is a place where he can get a lot of business done and the nature of the building was designed to do so..Marjorie spoke next  and seemed to stumble about not being able to say the place …then said her place was outdoors…with a clear view …a cup of coffee..watching people…watching children….seeing the sea…The TM said to relax…Marjorie said it is a part of LBTS that was there before her time and would be here after her time…It reminded her of LBTS years ago…Then they were asked to reveal the place they were talking about…Sandra said it was the bench between Aruba and Village Grill on Commercial Blvd…Edmund said it was behind Sea Watch Restaurant…Ken said it was the Pavilion…Marjorie said it was the Pier and Paul went last to say his was SunTrust Bank!…All responded they thought it was the Chamber…(as he intended us to think we are sure)… The TM said some things are characteristics of good design…urban design…to keep in mind and to protect as well as emphasize… With that over (one more of these to go in Dec.) …

The TM said it was time to get to the “nuts and bolts of the plan”…using the same format..(see agenda post/backup on Town website for printed version … link below)….She addressed the backup and spoke of the prior meeting and the consensus reached …(prev. post)… She described the color coding that showed what was agreed upon in the revised 3 nodes and asked if the members had any problem with it…Bob Eckblad asked about the downtown center node stating there was no mention of the Basin Drive marina and the development…Marjorie not being there for the last meeting said she needed some clarification …that it was really ugly and there is no ability for people to get outside…she went on to divert attention from the matter at hand to talk about the shop a man has over the bridge that she never noticed until the Town did the outdoor market..BC- perhaps Ms. Evans should recall that each time she brings up the failed green market she has the former CIC leaders in 2008 -2009 to thank for that loss to the town…OOPS!… The TM stated they were talking of A1A to the bridge …Marjorie said it really needs work…The TM said that was Bob’s point…Marjorie than said what does that mean?.. Bob Eckblad informed Marjorie of what is contained in the 2005 Master Plan that opens that area up to walk to businesses etc… Sandra agreed with Bob about that Marina area and stated she asked for this at the last meeting (she had no consensus at that time)…She spoke of it being an asset and a secret area to most..The TM said Bob and Sandra were stating they wanted that area made clear and this time consensus came from the group… Town Manager Hoffman went on to the next item community identity…landmark features…She spoke of the fountains included in the 2005 version and spoke of the downside to having fountains…maintenance and expense …It also did not go over well as a result..Ken stated it is a major consideration to show you’ve arrived in town…He spoke of what he saw on the west coast with arches..and we could have something similar with smaller arches at the north/south entryways.. BC- Ken must not have been around in the days of the pavilion contest when Interior Digs came up with the first winner of the pavilion contest…the arch!… It was overturned when then-Comm. Jim Silverstone did an about face after facing the CIC after his vote…using a lame excuse to vote for the Art Institute student winner Ed Forbes pavilion …which ended up not to be anything like his winning entry with the exception of the roof courtesy of former TM Colon acting unilaterally to make it the shell it became..(prev. posts)… Ken stated he just wanted something more than the sorry flagpoles we have now on Comm. Blvd…. Marjorie said she likes the Town logo… The TM said there were two aspects to this …a signature arrival point and then a particular feature that is repeated throughout the town…bringing up the contentious pelicans that were to be installed and were tossed out after the 2008 election…BC- at that time former TM Colon had gone ahead and ordered a monument style entry on her own for the Comm. entry…It never came back to the Commission or arrived in town…Next came Comm. Silverstone who asked for a flag…not flags …and the unilateral action of the prior administration to pay for the costly bases in the budget for the ill-fated pelicans and sticking flag poles (2) with too small flags in them… The Comm. tried to spruce the blunder up with a town flag inclusion and the town logo on the bases which were said to wrap around …but ended up also too small and definitely not what we thought we were paying for…Paul brought up the pineapple as a theme …He stated he has them at his hotel..they are said to be a good luck symbol and his guests comment on them positively… The TM stated she would capture these ideas for future use…and that there was agreement the entryways are not ok…BC-pick a year they were?…She said the next item which was to capitalize on the seaside/waterfront location/history & resources were “a no-brainer” …asking for any disagreement…finding none she moved on… She spoke of a maritime character or an alternative… This gave way to Ken speaking of what maritime meant to him…boats and LBTS is not a boating’s a seaside village..TM Hoffmann stated maritime it reminded her of old New England fishing villages..She asked for a more descriptive word and received three members responding …”seaside village”…BC- Surprise!… not!….Paul then stated the Chamber had come up after time and expense Florida’s Beachside Village The TM asked change it to seaside…Paul said it was originally seaside but changed to beachside for some reason he could not recall… The TM informed them that Delray Beach uses seaside and Paul said that may have been why…Basin Drive was then brought up once again as a secondary waterfront destination …for gathering…The beach and El Prado were addressed at the previous meeting making this a third waterfront destination…Edmund asked about the intercoastal not being mentioned and Paul stated that previously the plan was to pull out the buildings from Basin to Comm. Blvd. …Marjorie added there was access to the intercoastal in BelAir…The TM asked if intercoastal access should be used and Paul stated there is no access to the intercoastal (in the south end)… The TM stated you could buy a parcel of land for that use…Marjorie liked that idea and said it would encourage people to come…BC- Huh?… Ken countered and said boaters don’t typically dock …Marjorie said they could pull up to LBTS and dock to visit the Blue Moon…BC- don’t they already?… Ken again said boaters don’t stop…Bob said they stop at a marina and we have that asset.. The TM said a day dock at the Basin Drive … She summarized the next group of items …an interpretive center…coral reef…destination..exhibits…seaside theme …Edmund said it was one-stop shopping..he liked it.. Helen talked of partnering with a university and Sandra said groups would come for this…There was consensus …The TM spoke of diver access and the Chamber highlighting it..She spoke of an area for access …the pier…Edmund told her of the restrictions within a certain distance of the pier preventing diving…Paul spoke of El Prado and how far what we have to look at underwater extends… The TM stated there was a need to tell beachgoers about the reef and diver access…signage She brought up the underwater park included …Edmund said we went trough this but forgot what happened…BC- the Comm. went for it and Cry of the Water  /Goreau/Furth tried to get it through Broward County for a grant…they were turned down… The pier owners were none too pleased with the idea…The TM said she knew here was discussion and they needed to offer more rational to the county/state to do it…BC- note to TM have staff pull up the grant application and the response…or Google it… The TM spoke of the dockage in the north…Edmund correctly informed her the residents in the north didn’t want it…The consensus..”scrap it”…The next item the promenade…Ken said at the beachfront…Paul said nowhere to do it on the intercoastal…John Panitsas was encouraged to join in and added it won’t be easy…the TM said “going…going … gone”…Build inter- model transportation…parking garage..meaning buses…cars and bikes…Edmund asked if this was by Benihana…The TM said Benihana owns their parking lit while the town owns the landscaped area by it…but she was not sure it was large enough to accomplish what would be required…the group said no to the plan… Talk turned once again to the water-taxi coming to town and having a stop at Basin Drive for it…John asked about the space by the bridge and having step to the intercoastal by the medical building…The TM went on to talk of banners that look like sails…the appear in the 2005 Master Plan (as they did in one version of the pavilion at that time) … Ken spoke of a beach front village once more… Marjorie stated we really didn’t have a whole bunch of beach front…Huh?… The Tm said light standards rather than banners …Ken added street furniture…and Ms. Hoffmann let everyone in on the return of the bif fish bike rack that was relegated to the west warehouse by the prior administration…It will be spruced up and returned to town…The Manager asked about us being a high-end destination as stated in the 2004 Goodkin Feasibility Study… BC- no one could remember the year…excerpts and an overview will be posted soon on this site…as it was a PRR I made…after which the TM received a copy as well as the Commission and in it is much of what is being asked and was answered…The TM said the committee needs to get copies as well….Marjorie said Pompano Beach was trying to be high-end and lost it…we are not Los Olas she stated we are families not Amy Vanderbilt…real people…Ugh!… Paul then stated what he has before and this writer posted previously that his son said we are hamburger not steak and sizzle…BC- Readers may recall from the last election the photo of candidates Sasser and Evans when I used this statement …good thing  the voters knew the difference!… Paul went on to say we’re not Pompano and we can make it happen in LBTS from the bridge to the ocean… Marjorie said high-end to her meant inaccessibility …the Ritz Carlton ..BC- this statement from her says it all really doesn’t it… Paul said tourists who come to his hotel say they like the height limits and don’t change it…Ken said upscale …casual…not the McDonalds of communities (thus the burger title of this post…continuing on with Paul’s remark below) …not fancy schmancy …Marjorie said right now people come here because it’s cheap …change El Mar Drive and Commercial…raise the level …don’t over the top ..California not T-shirt shops ..The TM said we need adjectives…Paul spoke of Carmel …Pacific Palisades as being upscale…pricey and quaint…He added we can’t have that here an 8 unit hotel “ain’t gonna make it anymore”…Bob said he was somewhat opposed to very upscale and used Vero Beach as an example …Marjorie asked to speak yet again and the Town Manager said we need to hear from others…Marjorie then said she was “gonna speak again anyway”…and proceeded to make an idiot out of herself in this writer’s opinion by going back bring up  the back-out parking on A1A!… The TM said they were talking about design issues and asked who their market was…Marjorie could not contain herself…she said they go hand-in-hand…Paul said the market changes with on/off season..The TM asked how we attract both… Marjorie said “I don’t think we clearly know that yet”…Paul said we need to clean up…It’s the whole enchilada …adding there’s a lot of hotels on El mar he wouldn’t stay at… Marjorie said she agreed…Paul talking about what we want to be spoke about the new business coming in to the old Burger King location…it will be gourmet burgers…(2nd burger reference)…The conversation turned to stores and the TM spoke of the plans for retail/restaurants at basin Drive…Edmund asked about the kiosks…which are shown in the 2005 Master Plan…The TM asked do they want to focus on that…The consensus was yes …Helene asked why we don’t rent boats…Is there a rule against it she asked…Yes was the answer…Helene went on to talk about a glass bottom kayak…The TM said this item was coming back to the Commission and there is a workshop set in January …(prev. post) …The TM said they would put this as an implementation point..She also informed them the Town had applied for a grant for signage..Edmund asked where it would be located and the TM said it was not defined…Marjorie asked about historic landmarks like the pier..Edmund added the Demko House which he brought up to the Commission for the town to purchase not too long ago …BC- Ms. Demko herself came to a previous Comm. to ask the same…and Mayor Parker in the past wanted the town to take over the pier…no takers on any of the commissions… The Town Manager said they would put it under community identity.. .. (this too was addressed in either 2004 or 2005 and did not fly as an agenda item) …Helene asked about a rental place such as a historic structure to have special occasions and we have none here..Marjorie said she sees weddings at Sea Watch …The TM spoke of the community center component …and also of the Commission stating the branding of LBTS was a top priority at the meeting they had the evening before …(prev. post)… She went on to the node addressing three parking garages…originally stated for both ends of El Mar at the large hotels and El Prado…Marjorie being out of the loop with the what has been happening with the Commission as well as P & Z piped up again to state we need to organize our parking!.. John stated he had asked previously why a parking garage could not be built with 3 more stories in that El Prado lot…The TM asked how efficient it would be to make it larger…John said a developer could do it…Marjorie said they needed to get rid of some of the parking stating it’s “scattered all over”…BC- guess she did not check with Marc Furth who has advocated for more surface lots and areas on streets for parking…OOPS!… The TM asked about Bob’s previous plan for the Chamber area..asking him to repeat it…Bob said he was looking at that area for zoning to allow restaurants…retail and for a developer to do it …not the town…The TM asked for other thoughts on parking and Sandra brought up the Deerfield parking garage on A1A …Sandra said LBTS needs to get back to mixed use for everything …She likened it to Mack’s Groves …live upstairs and work downstairs… Paul added the man that built that garage lives in Sea Ranch (actually we hear he lives in Lighthouse Point) …and he was up to do it back when it was being discussed and might be up for it again.. Edmund said another way to promote the west side was a bus shuttle to the beach…The TM said that was in the Master Plan..Paul said to build on A1A will not bring people to go west…The TM said that brings back the discussion of a garage by the bridge…a desire to have it another area…BC- This writer was told long ago by John MacMillan he had a plan for a parking garage where the too tight condos on Bougainvilla south of Commercial Blvd. were built near the water …to allow for that location and the water taxi…Hmmm…. Ken who lives at Minto added a parking garage at El Prado was not necessary and stated as he has in the past the idea of vistas of the ocean from Town Hall…He wrongly stated the last Commission strong-armed for a parking lot…(it was not the last Comm.) …Marjorie also wrongly stated it was never supposed to be a parking lot…She then went on to insert foot-in-mouth and state we need someone to look at parking  and traffic flow…BC- can someone please tell me why people put their names in to be on committees/boards and run for office if they are not going to keep current on what is happening as well as make it their business to see what has happened in the past?… The TM stated multiple surface lots may not be the most efficient…Edmund said there needs to be support for business west of A1A …The TM said economic support…On to number 8 hospitality and to limit town house development..the response was yes…the other items were already voted out referring to the backup…The TM said there was one more topic and inquired if they wanted to continue… Paul asked Diane Boutin to come up and speak again at the podium…She stated the group was focusing on some of the most important issues …but they needed to not forget the market ..She talked of the in-season cost for hotel rooms between $260-$290 and $120-$175 in the summer…She said before building parking it is important to hone in on your market…She reminded them all there are 5 timeshare establishments in town (she is associated with one) …She then broke down the clientele that arrives in town throughout the year after being asked by the TM if we are upscale…Diane stated middle class…She brought up the number of full-time and snow bird residents… She spoke of the winds coming off the ocean at certain times of the year that would impede some activities as well as the heat …Diane added the redevelopment she observed in Key West and said we are not a “full class Marriott”…we are mid-range..The TM said we need to protect and enjoy the environmental components ..She said the portals are done..preserve the vistas…speaking of the view to the ocean left between developments …using Oriana as an example …OOPS!…BC- The TM was at a disadvantage not being privy to the fight with Oriana for some views…She went down the rest of her items stating 3 was done…4 visited and not anything to write home about which then led us back to A1A beach access in the north…Marjorie brought up when she went around as a candidate and finding that some who live west on A1A had to party for access to the beach.. The TM said there was public access at the Cristelle and Sea Watch…Jim Rogers stated it was not for the public … Edmund brought up the Europa and the loss of access…BC- again no history was provided to the TM on this issue addressed by 2 town attorneys and the finding that we can do well as the desire from the north that access to the beach be for residents and locals…Portals are for residents and those staying close by in the south as well…that was addressed prior when the talk was about sidewalks west to east on the side streets…Outside visitors are to use Comm. Blvd and El Prado to be close to town and the businesses… The TM said mark #5 off…Next up was another “stinker” …to develop a beach promenade… ..or boardwalk on the beach….Ken spoke of a huge boardwalk…Bob said going north from the pier but it made no sense to go south…John said we should have a promenade to connect the portals…Sandra spoke of the maintenance and of High Noon (Paul’s hotel) being impacted with guest rooms being close to the beach… Paul spoke as he has in the past of riparian rights….Edmund/Paul/Sandra/Jim/Marjorie all voted no…Bob/Ken/John/ Helene voted yes … John said there was resistance from hotels/condos…The TM said she would report the response to the Commission…BC- The previous Comm. already voted down the boardwalk as well as the small piece behind Oriana…the only one pushing for it was the former TM..(prev.posts)… Bob added he was talking of a sidewalk rather than a boardwalk…The TM said the shoreline -dune has occurred ..#7 is happening…and asked about #8 interpretive stations  at the beach signs…The group responded no…The TM said that concluded the night’s work and thanked them…This time the group thanked her…

Paul acknowledged that the next item on the agenda was Bob Eckblad’s plan..Bob said he was premature putting it on …stating his intent was to have the committee/residents do the same …He stated it was getting late…Paul said it was a good plan and much had been covered in the discussions made this evening …He inquired if there was any other business …seeing none they adjourned…

BC- it is my understanding the MPSC will meet in Dec. to conclude these “exercises” … Where they go as a committee from there is still not known…Hopefully, clear direction will come from the Town Manager and the Commission in order to enable this group to succeed in moving forward on the revised Master Plan for the future of LBTS…

Link to Town Website …both backup/video of the meeting are archived…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …. Getting Ready For The Season’s Festivities In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea …

November 20, 2010 by Barbara

NOVEMBER 19, 2010 …

Dear Readers … This photo was sent to this writer yesterday …the Christmas tree going up in Pelican Square can only mean one thing …this central hub bub of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea for residents/Broward and Palm Beach visitors as well as tourists will be hopping even more so as we enjoy Thanksgiving next week and move right into December in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea!….

On December 5, Chabad of LBTS will hold its annual Menorah
lighting ceremony to celebrate Chanukah, the Festival of Lights.
The lighting ceremony will take place at 5 p.m. at Commercial
Boulevard and El Mar Drive, and will include Chanukah gifts,
treats and live music.

On December 8, the Chamber of Commerce will sponsor its
annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The “old-fashioned
Christmas in LBTS” ceremony will take place from 5-9 p.m. at
Anglin’s Square downtown and will feature Santa’s parade, music,
Santa’s village, pony rides, food, beverages and the everpopular
real snow!

On December 11, Marie White’s annual “Santa is Coming to
Town” event will take place from noon – 3 p.m. at the pavilion
on Commercial Boulevard and the beach. Children of all ages
can have their picture taken with Santa and enjoy light refreshments.

All leading up to the legendary (in these parts) LBTS Pelican Square New Year’s Eve Downtown Party with the Village Grill Ball Drop…the best way to welcome in the New Year outside of Times Square!…

Again, all these events are located Downtown in our Pelican Square-Commercial Blvd from A1A to Beach Pavilion area so well known and highly regarded…making LBTS the unique destination it is!…

But it doesn’t end there…in the square …with our well known unique local shops and diverse first class restaurants that are located from the intercoastal waterway to the widest beach in Broward County …

And, for those “Townies” who get their own piece of LBTS festive as well for the season…
The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Property Owners Association
will sponsor its annual Christmas decorating contest. For details
contact Linda Ritchie at 954-784-9495. Also, Christmas boxes
are being placed at different locations around town. Residents
are asked to drop off an unwrapped toy for distribution to needy
children in the area

The holidays in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Florida… There’s no better place to be…No car required during your stay…This is a walking town…or running….or biking…or swimming…or diving ….to enjoy our great location by the sea…warm climate…and local hospitality!…

Want more information?….

Link to Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Chamber of Commerce …

Link to Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Town Website …

Link to Lauderdale-By-Tha-Sea Local Newspaper ….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … The November Issue Of ByTheSeaFuture Is Out & Online … It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like The Holidays By The Sea In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea …

November 19, 2010 by Barbara


Read the Future!

Answer this month’s poll question about the sewer rate hikes!

In This Issue…















Read It!


Dear Readers …those behind the scenes of the only local newspaper in LBTS provide timely news coverage and thought provoking editorials as well as offering the best way to advertise in town and beyond with both the hardcopy version delivered throughout town and available at businesses /town buildings/ LBTS Chamber of Commerce…as well as online ….This writer knows that full well and continues to take out an ad on a regular basis as seen below… The paper also provides the calendar of upcoming meetings and events along with the LBTS Community Center activities to assist us all with marking our calendars until the next monthly edition arrives… Kudos to the paper and this hardworking staff .. .. This writer has personally heard that in these last 2 issues the caliber of content has been elevated to a whole new level!..

Get your copy…or check it out online…

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop … Happy 7 Month Birthday Lilly … Lauderdale- By-The- Sea Is Progressing Right Along With You! …

November 18, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … Lilly’s 7 month photo-op to come as well the expanded coverage of the MPSC meeting on Tues. Nov. 16th and the P & Z Workshop last night on Nov. 17th …due to a very active time in a bay’s life that leaves Nana totally wiped out by the end of a very long day of exploration by Lilly calling for total hands on and attention by her #1 caretaker…That said from what this writer observed over the last 3 nights…LBTS is carrying out what 65% of the voters wanted last March…moving forward to guarantee we maintain why we all chose this town  to make our homes in …the low rise buildings …and vistas to the sea ….as well as to continue to make sure some of the most important components …the downtown and the tourism are retained as well …. Mark your calendars… PACs/ Chamber/Businesses/ Bel Air Neighborhood Assoc../ Terra Mar Island Assoc./ Imperial lane-Codrington neighborhoods/ El Mar stakeholders/ Silvershore neighborhoods on both sides of Commercial Blvd /Condos north and south /all other sections of town… Make sure you are not left out when the “series” and the community meetings begin on Jan. 7th 4-6 pm in Jarvis Hall with David Sukor who wrote the book City Comforts followed by a guided walk around the town the next morning Saturday Jan. 8th from 9-12…The Chamber Beach Clean-up will be going on as well…Make sure you represent your area ..your organization..your business and  that you are involved and included in the vision of LBTS from the start!…More meetings and community forums will continue the next month in Feb. with Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk… …This writer will try to make that one in person if Lilly’s mom is not out of town on research!…

The MPSC began as the prior one did with an “exercise” of what place in town each member found comfortable…Excuse as little Monday morning quarterbacking from this writer ….but the question I feel needs to be asked of members and anyone who resides in town is as I stated above and in previous posts…Why did you choose this town over all others?… When I have asked that question…the answer is ALWAYS the same as my own …because you can walk everywhere and all you have to do is go downtown to be in the thick of things …there is always something going on!… That continued on last night….

Last night at the P & Z “Switzerland” spoke…loud and clear….Who is “Switzerland”…Village Grill & Pub owner Dave Gadsby who stated at public comments he was “excited to be at this meeting” addressing the parking requirements in town and “it’s years overdue”..He spoke about personally knowing businesses who left town due to parking requirements in town…good businesses …We all know how successful Dave has been  not only with his business but with providing the Town so much by way of his Friday night outdoor music as well as his ongoing events… That can happen on a bigger scale with those parking requirements being exempt for restaurants… The past and future of this town all rolled up into one spoke loud and clear as well as Vice Chair Yann Brandt who grew up in the town…whose family owned a hotel in this town…whose father was an active participant in the town giving way to his son carrying on that tradition …and who is now himself the father of a 4 month old son who will also grow up in this town asked for just that…by asking the P & Z to recommend to the Commission that they exempt the parking requirements for restaurants and other such establishments …and they will come…  He  was 100% correct and both gentlemen were stating much the same as Chamber President and MPSC Chair Paul Novak did last year…(prev. post)… This will lead not only to a variety of choices for us “townies” ..but for those who will come to town….It can lead the way to the rest of the revisions to move the town forward over the next years …Are there pitfalls or problems that will come from doing this?…Yes…the kind of problems we want to have…as Vice Chair Brandt stated ….the need for more parking/and or alternative parking structures…But as Yann also stated the businesses will be proactive on when and if this happens… This writer believes that is so as well….It is imperative for those P & Z members who are looking at years down the line…a doomsday attitude from an onslaught of businesses bringing visitors and cars with nowhere to park…who want to be more  “global” in their actions or just slightly relax the requirements instead of taking this leap to jump-start vitality and progress for the downtown district to make it their business before the Dec. 15th P & Z meeting to talk to Dave .and Paul and others downtown in order to be fully informed and to make sure in the end they too can have their names attached to this action of exempting the parking requirements so that they will be remembered for truly playing an integral and important role in the resurgence of vitality and hospitality coming back big-time to downtown LBTS … As Yann Brandt stated …let’s make sure we can say ..LBTS is open for business… Welcome and how can we help?…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea BSO Want You To Enjoy The Holiday Season Without Incident …

November 17, 2010 by Barbara

more to come …

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Here’s The Scoop … The November 17, 2010 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Planning & Zoning Board Meeting Agenda … # 4 & #5 Top Priorities Come Back To Be Addressed…

November 16, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …tomorrow night the P & Z Board will re-visit 2 issues that came before them for “clean-up” ..(prev. post)…The Commission… as stated in the memo scanned below from the backup available on the Town website (link below) ..wants the board to look at the whole ordinance and not just at the underlined/stricken portions as was done in their first “bite” of this “apple” ….. The Town has put forward their preferences on the subject of parking and where they stand concerning relaxing the parking requirements in the downtown business district…They are not for it and provide Delray Beach as one municipality who has parking options already up and running for a comparison and it appears preferable to them for the reasons listed in the backup … On the signage the Dir. of Development states the TM wants the board to take into consideration the image or “branding” that will be a part of the Master Plan revisions and will impact the look of the signage if we retain pole/pylon signs and/or keep the status quo of not allowing for them for new businesses or business who are faced with 50% or more destruction/reconstruction of existing pole/pylon signs…  This writer hopes the businesses will weigh in heavily on both items and continue to have a voice in the matter …We hear they were in attendance in good numbers at last night’s Nov. 15, 2010 Strategic Priority Workshop Meeting which may be a sign…pun intended …that they clearly intend to do just that…

These two items made it in the top 28 priority list completed by the Commission/Town Manager last evening …
From that meeting’s backup…

#4 -Sign code revisions /To do this right will involve significant work- researching other attractive & coastal cities’ sign codes, deciding on a policy for dealing with retroactivity of changes – many cities give nonconforming signs 3-5 years to come into compliance, drafting ordinance changes, etc.

#5-Parking Regulations/ The Town needs to develop greater flexibility in our parking regulations to facilitate economic development. Staff has already suggested options & the P&Z Board will be making their recommendations. Ordinance amendments will be necessary.



WEDNESDAY, NOV. 17, 2010




III. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Regular Meeting of the Planning and Zoning Board – September 15,2010



Request: Workshop for the Planning and Zoning Board to provide recommendations to the Town Commission on proposed amendments to the Town’s Code of Ordinances.

— Staff Memo

Backup scan pgs 1 + 2…

— Commission Resolution

Item #1: Proposed changes to the required parking regulations and general public parking requirements.

BC- synopsis in above memo …full backup on Town website …link below …

a. Exhibit 1

b. Exhibit 2

c. Exhibit 3

At the June 23, 2010 Commission Roundtable meeting, staff was given direction to research altenatives to provide more flexibility and options for businesses to meet their required parking requirements. In addition, we were asked to evaluate the request to allow private property owners to offer parking to the public in limited circumstances.

Item #2: Proposed changes to the Town’s Sign Regulations.

The synopsis is in above memo …full backup on Town website…link below …

a. Exhibit 1

b. Exhibit 2

c. Exhibit 3

At the October 12, 2010 Town Commission meeting, the Commission voted in favor to send the item back to the Planning and Zoning Board with direction that they do not want to make piecemeal revisions to the sign code, but to do a comprehensive rewrite of the sign code that involves the business community’s input. The Town Manager has asked staff to point out that the sign code should be consistent with the Town and Chamber’s branding efforts and the aesthetic design issues that will be defined as we update the Master Plan.





Link to Town website ..backup under Town meetings …

Meeting will be open to the public …comment allowed as seen on the agenda above … televised on Comcast Ch. 78/ Live-streamed and archived on Town website …link for video …

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … The November 15, 2010 Lauderdale-By-The- Sea Special /Workshop Meeting … Garbage Cans Reduced 50% …. Priorites Reduced By Multi- Voting That Left Multi- Questions In Its Aftermath ….

November 16, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … as expected the Commission met tonight at 5 pm to amend the ordinance to allow for multi-family buildings to have up to 50% less outdoor garbage cans rather than per unit…It offers them some relief after the months of increases they had to deal with following the contract approved between the Town and Choice Environmental Services ….Included in the amendment was some give and take allowing Choice 180 days notice before the contract comes up again …The Town now steps away from it and it’s between the vendor and the customer to enact. Any changes to this amended ordinance can be made at 2nd reading next month at the Commission meeting by the Commission ad/or the public… Asst. TM Bentley came to the podium to answer some questions about some particulars from the Commissioners concerning the change and made the point that now 91% of the Choice customers in LBTS will save money with Choice as our vendor ….He then thanked Comm. Sasser as liaison as well as Choice and their Atty. Grant Smith…Comm. Vincent preceded him in thanking Mr.Smith for his being there … Comm. Sasser made the motion ..VM Dodd 2nd it and it passed 5-0 …

The Commission adjourned the special meeting to begin the Strategic Priority Special Workshop…


Dear Readers …this was the portion of the night that was to set the stage for the prioritization of not only the vision of the Town but how the Town runs day to day… The Town Manager sent an e-mail to the Commission to inform them she would use a technique she used as a consultant called multi- voting which she stated often helped a group to reach consensus when narrowing down a large list of desirable items (prev. agenda post) … She began by explaining the list stating that while some may think certain items were “routine”…she said they too were  important ….even those close to completion …She then acknowledged that her annual performance review began Oct. 1st and therefore some items needed to be included for that as well … The  Tow Atty. stated along with the use of hands being raised names must be stated for the record as they proceeded… The Town Manager asked about keeping it in writing with the lists and while the TAtty. felt that might suffice the TM then stated that not all the Commissioners arrived with a hard copy of the list to use… The Mayor stated that a lot of what was listed was tied into the Master Plan and voiced some concern …The TM said halfheartedly they could vote for everything in the Master Plan and to do everything else …Comm. Sasser took the opportunity to wholeheartedly state that would be his vote!… The Mayor used the signage and parking regulations being tied to each other as an example to make her point… The Vice Mayor disagreed stating he had chosen one but not the other in his initial top 45 items brought to the meeting as requested by the TM… The TM also added she had neglected to include an very important item…the Interlocal Agreement which would be #99 (see list scans ..prev. agenda post/on Town website …link below)…This is the garbage agreement county wide… She then asked the Commission if they had any items they thought should be added on and began to go around the table starting with Comm. Clottey…Comm. Clottey said she still wanted Choice to have a pickup for terr trimmings and also wanted an item to protect young children in the streets and cars stating at her end of town there had been a near tragedy… The TM made them item #100 and #101…Comm. Sasser addressed Choice and what was already in the contract…Asst. TM Bentley asked for her to further clarify her item and The TM asked them to return to the topic or they would not get through it all …Comm Vincent was next and stated he had nothing at that time..The TM and Mayor said this was it…then backtracked to state they would come back to him…Comm. Sasser stated he would try to prioritize …but he wanted to get it all of the items done…The TM explained how this was to do it in the most efficient manner and after the votes she will come back if it is not achievable and how to make it so… The Vice Mayor wanted a street lighting review to be added stating he had heard from constituents and had observed a lack of lighting …That became item #102..The Mayor wanted discussion on a CRA which became item #103…Comm. Vincent on the 2nd chance to add an item had no input… The TM then inquired whether the Commission wanted her to vote as well …The consensus was yes… And so it began… unfortunately…in this writer’s opinion…

The Town Manager read the item numbers and the counted the hands and gave the names either for or against…

M=Mayor Minnet /H=TM Hoffmann/D=VM Dodd/S=Comm. Sasser/V=Comm. Vincent/C=Comm. Clottey

#4 Sign code 4-2 D/H votes no

#5 Pking Regs Unanimous

#6 Comp Plan no votes..but req. to do so per TM remarks

#7 Pain Clinics TAtty. stated already written in no votes

#8 Nuisance Abatement Ord Mayor stated imp./TM explained ord & board req.& police led to resolve/Comm. Vincent asked if we have an”abundance” of such probs now/ Maror spoke of motels 3-3 H/ V /M  votes yes

#10 Outdated Technology  5-1 S  votes no

#11 Personal Policies 5-1 C no vote

#12 Purchasing Policy 4-2 D/C  votes no

#13 Town Website Improvements 3-3 C/V/D votes yes

#14 Master Contract List no votes/TM stated June has to do it anyway!

#15 Annual Records Retention  no votes (wish TM made a ditto to June on this one!)

#16 Channel 78 Upgrades 5-1 D  votes no

#17 Granicus Renewal no votes

#18 Hurricane Contracts no votes

#19 Street Sweeper Analysis 4-2 H/C/D/M votes yes

#20 Customer Service 4-2 S/C votes no

#21 Upgrade Staff Skills & Knowledge 3-3 H/D/M votes yes

#22 Revisions to Dept. Monthly Reports no votes

#24 Current Year Budget vs Actual Analysis (qtrly reports) 4-2  D/S votes no

#25 Budget Book /TM states tremendous amt. of work/no vote/Clottey inquires online/TM states yes

#26 Chamber of Commerce Agreement 5-1 H votes no

#27 Fema Audit 4-2 M/H votes no

#28 Capital Assets Balances 3-3 D/H/C votes yes/ Comm. Clottey states that is business as usual/TM said schedules not found from prior admin. being recreated! OUCH!…

Comm. Sasser repeated his no votes were due to his belief that these items need to be done anyway..TM acknowledged they were aware of his stance …BC-The right stance…in this writer’s opinion!

#29 Efficiency of Finance Operation /TM no statute requiring this 2-4 H/C votes yes

#30 Investment of Cash 3-3 H/D/M votes yes

#31 Bid Banking Services 1-5 D votes yes

#32 Legal Costs 2-4 C/H votes yes

#33 TAtty. Contract no votes

#34 Employee Health Related Ins. 3-3 M/H/C votes yes

#35 Other Ins. Costs 2-4 M/C votes yes

#36 Sewer Fund Issues /TM states to add Engineer to this item  unanimous vote

#37 Annual Financial Audit &  Prep. of Annual Fin. Rep CAFR  no votes/ stated “happens anyway”

#38 Prep 2011/2012 Budget “Done anyway” no votes

#39 Improve Gov. Efficiency 3-3 H/C/S votes yes

Comm. Sasser stats this is the “cornerstone to everything else”  as his reason for voting yes/TM states yes (BC this one comes back at the end…to bite em’…in this writer’s opinion!)

#41 A1A Landscape/Streetscape unanimous vote

#43 El Mar Streetscape Proj no votes/VM ties in with Master plan/Clottey we are waiting for Gov. funds/TM need a design to get those funds! OUCH!

#44 Swimming Pool Pub. Safety Bldg. “Happening anyway /no votes

#45 Stormwater Proj. unanimous vote

#47 Pub. Bathroom near beach no votes (Comm. Vincent voted no!)

#48 Coral Reef Project 5-1 S votes no

#49 CIP unanimous vote

#50 Way Finding Signs no votes

#51 Neighborhood Imp. Policy/program 5-1 M votes no

#52 TerraMar Entrance Proj. unanimous vote

#54 Planning Contracts TM states might need to add additional planners (BC- no explanation to replace these 2/dole out spec. proj. to?)/3-3  M/H/V votes yes

#55 Building Services Options 5-1 H votes no

#56 Abandoned Property Ord. 2-4 V/D votes yes

#57 Fire Inspection Billing (by Town) “Do anyway”/no votes

#58 Code Enforcement Priorities TM-“Clear direction needed”/3-3 C/H/M votes yes

#60 Choice Env. Negotiations “done”/no votes

#61 Lease of Warehouse 2-4 D/V votes yes

#62 Revisions to Special Events Policy no votes

#63 Charter Review Board  Mayor stated required/TM to see year required in no votes

#64 Investigate Missing Halloween/Easter items TM-“skip over”

#65 Complaint or Inquiry System VM stated already set up by prior Admin.?TM stated it is not occurring/Clottey also stated calls accepted anonymously / TM will followup stating she never saw any…BC- a form was available online..prev. posts on long discussion of allowing anonymous complaints prev. Comm. & heard Town Clerk White acknowledged the existence and use! OUCH!

#66 Regs of Beach Rec use 4-2 V/H no

#67 % # 69 (TM combined) Monitor Rec Instructors & Expand Rec/Cultural Programming 2-4 H/M votes yes

#68 Benihanna ROW Agreement “do anyhow”/no votes

#70 Town Bus Contract  TM-contract expired/VM prev. Comm. voted service down if cost to taxpayers and stated it was ignored by prev. TM and funded/TM-“has to be done/no votes/ BC-meaning?…take another vote on this Comms. desire to continue service..

#71 Accelerate Recycling  unanimous vote

#73 VFD TM stated her oversight & was it top priority 2-4 M/D yes / Clottey compared to

#74 BSO Contract  /Mayor stated both/ unanimous vote/ Clottey stated “have to do it”/TM “time consuming according to municipalities who have gone thru negotiations w/BSO

#75 Public Emergency Notification System  no votes

#76 LETF Reimbursement & Cameras 1-5 D votes yes

#77 Identify Public Safety TM “nice to do” / no votes/BC Note to TM already done in survey last year based on Wilton Manors…get a copy…

#78 VFD Multi Family Safety Drills & Fire Planning  4-2 M/H votes no

#80 Priorities Discussions TM “doing it”/no votes

#81 Town Manager Performance no votes

#82 Prep of Strategic Plan TM explained this portion is whole community 10-20 year plan vs Master Plan /unanimous vote

#83 Urban Design Education 5-1 C votes no

#84 Economic Vitality unanimous vote

#85 Branding Plan unanimous vote

#86 Updating Master Plan unanimous vote

#88 Imperial Lane Traffic Calming TM-“Dead end ..pardon the pun”/3-3 D/S/V votes yes

#89 Trial Valet Proj.1-5 M votes yes /Mayor reminds the required evals etc

#90 Pier Parking Alley 5-1 H votes no

#91 Red Light Cameras no votes

#92 Bel Air Traffic Light Issue 1-5 C votes yes

#93 Parking Operational Study unanimous vote

#94 Sun Trolley Extended no votes

#95 Wings Parking lot TM “happening”/no votes

#96 Parking Ord. unanimous vote

#97 Parking- multi space meters unanimous vote

#98 Paver crosswalks A1A & Comm. Blvd. TM pushed for a solution to crossing conflicts at section unanimous vote

#99 Interlocal Agreement unanimous vote

#100 Landscape Debris  no votes

#101 Children in Streets 2-4 S/C votes yes

#102 Street Lighting 5-1 H votes no

#103 CRA/Other Funding Options  TM -change to “Develop some mechanism to lead the economic activities for the Town unanimous vote

The TM then read off those that received 4 or more votes for the second round of votes…4/5/8/10/11/12/19/20/24/26/27/36/41/45/48/49/51/52/55/66/71/74/78/82/83/84/85/86/90/93/95/96/98/99/102/103  ..TM states they need to now get it down to the top 20 …The Mayor called for them to reconvene at 6:20 with their choices..The video was on as they recessed and the TAtty. came to the table to remind and advise the Comm. they could not continue discussion as they were in recess…The music came on…

They came back to the table and the TM stated they now needed to get to 20… Check for specific items above…#s used only…

#4 C/V/S  votes yes

#5 unanimous vote

#8 C/V/M votes yes

#10 H/V/D/M votes yes

#11 H/V/D/M votes yes

#12 C/H/S/M votes yes

#19 H votes yes

#20 H/D/M votes yes /C retracted his yes vote

#24 H/C votes yes

#26  M/V/C votes yes  /BC-TM states no legal req. to have Chamber contract

#27 no votes / Mayor stated It’s an Audit (FEMA) doing it anyway

#36 unanimous vote

#41 H/V/C votes yes

#45 unanimous vote

#48 S/H votes no

#49 unanimous vote

#51 M/D/S/V/C votes yes

#52 no votes

#55 V/H votes no

#66 C/S votes yes

#71 unanimous vote

#74 unanimous vote

#78 V votes yes

#83 H/V/S votes yes

#84 D votes no

#85 ? /BC hard to hear…but made the final cut

#86 unanimous vote

#90 D/V votes yes

#93 D/M votes yes

#96 V/C/S votes yes/ Mayor asks about the pking study being needed for ordinance…Asst TM stats no

#97 C/V/D votes yes

#98 M/D/H votes yes

#99 C/H/V/S votes yes

#102 C/D/M votes yes

#103 M/D/S/V/C votes yes

The TM stated they would now see “what fell out” “tossed out”? BC- it was confusing as she read numbers …19/27/24 on #24 which was the qtrly budget TM Hoffmann advised that instead she would provide it twice a year as a result of this vote…She stated the street sweeper “fell out” and they were almost done with it …Comm. Sasser returned to the qtrly reports asking for a heads up more often than 2x a yr. if red flags found…TM Hoffmann continued #52 had 0 votes/#66 had 2 votes/#78 &#90 “off”/#93 “off” (Parking Operational Study) adding they already had the RFP responses! / asked at table do they “forget about it?”/TM “mid-range priority parking study “not knock ourselves out” / Mayor stated parking was a problem heard from constituents/ Comm. Vincent parking problem or where ti park downtown again talking Bougainvilla lot lack of use asking “what do we mean”/Mayor “need to address parking”/Clottey wanted explanation from mayor on “south end” /Mayor west,east, restaurants/Vincent- El Mar Streetscape/Comm Sasser asked about studies from the past ..can we use them /BC- 2004 Goodkin Feasibility Study did all this!/ Mayor stated they needed to see the RFPs received for parking agreeing with Comm. Clottey’s earlier statement/TM look at list, do study., don’t rush through, take months to do/ VM asked do we need another Bud (Asst. TM Bentley)/ TM #95 “off”/ VM “Don’t stop doing what you’re doing” addressing other “off” items

The TM seeing a lack of votes chose to include those with 3 or more votes (HUH?) …#s 4/5/8/10/11/12/20/26/36/41/45/48/49/51/55/71/74/82/83/84/85/86/96/97/98/99/102/103

The Mayor after reading the list of 28 said this gives the “plans to the Town Manager”…

Next was the Town Manager performance goals (prev. agenda post/town website backup…link below) …

The TM asked the Comm. if they wanted these 28 on her performance goals list/ Comm. Sasser responded yes/Mayor Minnet said they were the top priorities but stated the TM still had to address the rest anyway

BC- back to the beginning of the multi-voting with that comment! YIKES! …not done yet…the TM stated she was surprised the More Efficient Government “didn’t go” ..meaning it did not make the list!…Why not make that statement at that time?… I  was unable to enlarge the screen due to the problems with Granicus (prev. post) so I could not see if Comm. Sasser was grimacing …again back to the beginning of multi-voting!…YIKES!…

The Mayor asked about#20 customer service which passed being switched with #39 Gov. Efficiency which did not…She said everyone’s definitions are different …

BC- I respectfully disagree….They should not be off the hook that easy…Comm. Sasser made it clear from the get-go…It’s the cornerstone…no other “definition” required or acceptable…

TM again stated she was surprised it went off…Comm. Sasser unequivocally stated to the TM that he said #39 was the “number one priority for you”…

The Mayor followed with stating after the Town hears from BC Prop. Appraiser Lori Parrish and gets the #s for next fiscal year the TM will come to the Comm./ The TM stated they need to get to May for that and to see if the BSO will be enormous and then can come back and put efficient government back on… UGH!…She added she will come back and say what’s “knocked off”… Comm. Sasser was not having anymore…(wish there was a closeup!)…He stated he will continually come back and say the same …they need to function properly as a government and said to the TM you have the experience …tell me…The TM told him to put that on her performance review / The Mayor said some was already on the list/ TM said the Coral Reef proj. when signed off by Comm. was not finished for staff/Comm. Sasser pleaded with the TM to “let me know” “Do we need to reduce/increase staff?”/Comm. Clottey said tell us if you need help, stating it is the TMgr’s job/TM stated consultants are used/The Mayor addded she voted for the Insurance item/Comm. Vincent said we did that /Comm. Clottey said that was the Finance Director’s job/ Comm. Vincent again stated we already did it/ TM corrected him to state we did address 2 small ins. polices but no big policies /VM Dodd asked the Comm. and viewers to be aware of the position the Town was lacking …He added it was too much to ask of the current Finance Dept. while they deal with what they were left with/ Comm. Clottey countered him to say the TM has a Finance Dir. she trusts and if he doesn’t have enough staff then he goes to the TM and she comes to “us”? The Mayor cut this exchange off by stating the issues at hand …TM performance, cost of government, unfunded mandates and to plan for 2011/2012/ TM said she would take what they worked on this evening …offer a revised version of her goals for the roundtable on the 22nd ( next Mon.) although she will not be there/The TAtty advised the Comm. it was critical that it be reduced in writing at that roundtable as it was a “scope of services for her contract”/ The Mayor stated they needed to take a look at a word “efficiency” adding they had done a lot of work had ” consensus” and called for a motion to adjourn…That was received and they adjourned…



Definition of efficiency…ef·fi·cien·cy
noun \i-ˈfi-shən-sē\
plural ef·fi·cien·cies
Definition of EFFICIENCY
: the quality or degree of being efficient
a : efficient operation b (1) : effective operation as measured by a comparison of production with cost (as in energy, time, and money) (2) : the ratio of the useful energy delivered by a dynamic system to the energy supplied to it

Dear Readers… As stated many times before on this site… It’s time to clean the “Town’s House”…There is the real need to follow through with the election promises made this year…to make government efficient and streamlined…to think outside the box…to run it like a business!… The Town Manager made it happen within 24 hrs. of becoming the Int. TM with her hiring of Bud Bentley..She followed that up with hiring Finance Director Doug Haag who was involved in making the software that should require less not more staff for him to continue on with what he has accomplished thus far… She elevated and used PIO D’Oliveira to showcase what he adds to the Town in his position….Now the time has come for the top priority to be the following…replace the Director of Development (put him back on Code Enforcement) with an individual that meets the Town’s own  job description for that position and who will be equal or better than  those this writer witnessed in the job prior to the current Director… Replace the Town Clerk as well as other office staff members…Their presence does not ensure aid in moving forward  …in fact it does the just the opposite…. It brings forth the continuity of sub-standard work and less than steller results …It requires new top administrators to oversee them as their predecessors did… Think outside the box…We are already using consultants who are cost effective as we have been informed from Town they are and do not require health ins./pensions /leave etc… Go outside to contract out Town services as much as possible ..using  the private sector as well as sharing services with other towns. as so many towns are implementing in these hard economic times…

Also, once again…this writer is looking to this Town Manager/Asst. TM/Finance Director and whomever they bring aboard to join them…to do what Comm. Sasser pleaded for tonight…to tell us how to do this ALL from your years of experience. in and out of government …to make a difference…and move us forward…efficiently…

Link to backup/video on Town website

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … All Systems “GO”…Live Steaming Of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Novemeber 15, 2010 Commission Special/Workshop Meeting Will Be On ! ..

November 15, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …not 10 minutes after the post to state we are in the dark for watching the meeting set to start in a half hour’s time…PIO D’Oliveira sent the following  e-mail … Fingers crossed…that we will have a smooth “lift-off”!…Again, thanks to Steve and the Admin. for the good news!…

Granicus now says live streaming has been restored, so tonight’s meeting will be streamed live online.


more to come…

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