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Here’s The Scoop … Something Smells Rotten In The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Sewer Agreements …

August 23, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … the backup for the latest on the Sea Ranch Club/Sea Ranch Lakes North Sewers as well as the latest 2007 Town Master Sewer Agreement with Pompano Beach is now on the Town’s website (link below)… It will be discussed at the Budget Workshop on Wed. August 25, 2010 at 5 pm…Public comment will be allowed….

The Town hired a consultant to look into the longtime subsidy being provided to the 4 condominiums by the Town of LBTS after it was found by the Interim Town Manager and to come up with a recommendation …This writer has posted on this previously and some of what I posted was used in the backup…including the minutes from a Special Meeting held on Feb 3, 1997…

“At the February 3, 1997 Commission meeting the Town Commission discussed the proposed annexation of the Sea Ranch Club Condominiums (Attachment B.) The sewer rate discussion focused on the following areas: The Town’s desire to include the condominiums in the Town’s Master Sewer Agreement. The existence of a contract between the City of Pompano Beach and the four condos that requires the condos to pay a surcharge to Pompano Beach and the legal question of whether the Master Sewer Agreement would take precedence.Creation of a aggregate blended sewer rate should the Condos inclusion not legally be possible. Filing of a declaratory judgment action to bring the SRCC under the Town’s Master Sewer Agreement. The Commission provided direction to the Town Manager and Town Attorney to proceed with the annexation.”….

The actual exchange from the minutes was as follows…

“Town Manager Baldwin asked the Commission that in the event the condominiums

cannot be brought into the Town’s Master sewer agreement would they be willing to

have an aggregate sewer rate to distribute the sewer costs.

Vice Mayor Parker stated if the Annexation were to go through the Commission should
authorize the Town Attorney to file a declaratory judgment action to bring them under
our sewer rate Vice Mayor Parker said only if the judgment failed should the
Commission authorize an aggregate sewer rate.
Vice Mayor Parker asked Town Attorney Cherof if it would hurt the Town’s position if
they went on record stating they would be willing to create an aggregate sewer rate
Town Attorney Cherof responded he was not sure why the Town would need to make a
decision on the aggregate sewer rate now.
Town Manager Baldwin replied the condominiums are concerned they would have a
higher sewer rate than the other Town residents.
Vice Mayor Parker stated the Town’s response should be the Town will file a lawsuit a
declaratory judgment action to bring the condominiums into the Town’s contract with the
City of Pompano beach. He said they will then fall under the Town’s contract rate for
wastewater disposal.
Vice Mayor Parker told the Commission if the Commission went on record in advance
and say the Town would be willing to have an aggregate rate it would weaken the
Town’s position in court. He said it would indicate a willingness on the Town’s part to
renegotiate the sewer rate.”

Also included was a letter the following day Feb. 4, 1997  to SRC Director John Thompson from former Town Manager Bob Baldwin that addresses the Commission’s meeting and their commitment to the annexation and what will be agreed to … “On February 4 1997 Robert Baldwin Town Manager sent a letter (Attachment C.) to the Director of the condominiums stating The Commission has approved several items as follows: 3. Agreed to take necessary action to reduce the condominium resident’s sewer bills to a rate charged by the City of Pompano Beach to Town residents.”

What was not included was the February 19, 1997 “Annexation Questions & Answers ” sent to the SR residents from the Town which included the following…

“Will our sewer rates decrease?

YES. The Town Commission has agreed to lower the condominium resident’s sewer fees. The Town intends to bring the condominiums under the Town’s master sewer agreement with the City of Pompano Beach. That would decrease your rates (based on current rates) from $1.81 /per one thousand gallons plus the additional flat fee to $1.51/per one thousand gallons with no flat fee. If neither the City of Pompano Beach nor the courts allow this change, the Town will explore other options. The Town Commission is committed to making the sewer rates the same for all residents. That means your rates will be lowered.”

We now know that the entire town gets their sewage treatment from Pompano Beach and from Sea Ranch Lakes North (5200 N. Ocean ) north receives both water and sewage treatment while north of SRLNorth gets their water from Fort Lauderdale…

From the rest of the 26 page report it states some even more disturbing information …

“Former Town Manager Baldwin and Former Town Attorney Cherof have been consulted to see if
they can fill in the gaps on several issues in the research but neither could recollect the history on those particular issues.”

BC- why am I not surprised?…

We learn that there “is no indication of a follow up on a declaratory judgment in the Town files or minutes” and a request was made from the former Town Attorney for the old files and what was received stopped at the period of negotiations on the new Master Sewer Agreement…

BC- which means there is no record of any follow up prior to Dec. 2007…the date of the new master Sewer agreement….

The exchange with the Pompano Beach Utility Customer Service Manager and Pompano Beach Utility Director produced these gems…”I spoke with the Pompano Beach Utility Customer Service Manager, who indicated there was no documentation in their files regarding the billing change from the condos to the Town. The position of Pompano Beach regarding the billing is they are following the City policy of charging for sewer service that allows for per unit availability charges and a surcharge for out of City residents. In a discussion with the Pompano Beach Utility Director, he stated no mention was made of the annexed areas during the negotiations for the new Master Sewer agreement executed in 2007.”

BC- So to clarify …in 2007 the Town of LBTS entered into a new agreement with Pompano Beach which was passed by the Commission on Nov. 13, 2007 as a Consent Agenda item with no discussion leaving out the annexed in areas from the Town Master Sewer agreement…This practice of passing Consent Agenda items in “batches” without discussion is a practice often done at commission meetings and is the reason why no one in the audience and perhaps some of the Commissioners as well (due to so many occasions backup was not provided to them) …prev. posts)…. did not know of the agreement did not include the annexed areas….The previous Master Sewer agreement was in 1966 prior to the two annexations …but in 2007 SRC /SRLN and the north were fully annexed in and should have fallen under the agreement as stated in the Feb. 19, 1997  Q & A  (above and prev. post)…”The Town intends to bring the condominiums under the Town’s master sewer agreement with the City of Pompano Beach” …. The Town Commission is committed to making the sewer rates the same for all residents. That means your rates will be lowered.”….

BC- It seem to this writer the Master Sewer Agreement is not a valid agreement with the exclusion of the annexed areas and needs to be renegotiated to include the entire town…

Disturbing facts continue in the report from none other than former Vice Mayor- Mayor Parker who finds out today, Aug. 24, 2010  if  Broward voters will elect him to become our new Broward County Circuit Court Judge … Parker bought a condo in SRC building C according to the BCPA in November 1997 after the Feb 3, 1997 Special Meeting, but definitely during the time of those who decided behind closed Town Hall doors to subsidize SRC without following through with going to Pompano Beach or going for a declaratory judgment and making the decision not to bring it back to the dais ….according to this report…thus it appears it became a benefit  … It is hard for this writer to believe Parker did not know what was going on in Town Hall and did not inquire on the process and the outcome of what was supposed to take place after the SRC annexation…

The exchange with Oliver Parker …

“I also spoke with former Mayor Oliver Parker on 7/15/2010 who provided some
background from his time as an elected official. He told me during pre-annexation
discussions with the SRCC residents they requested that they be treated equally with
Town of LBTS residents regarding sewer rate. The Condos had a long term agreement
with Pompano Beach (with 15-20 yrs more to run) dictating a higher rate than Town
residents. The Commission through discussion at meeting and direction to the Town

Manager agreed to charge SRCC residents the same rate as other LBTS residents
were charged. That information was conveyed in a letter from the Town Manager to the
Director of the Sea Ranch Condominiums.
It was his recollection that the SRCC sewer agreements were assigned to LBTS. He
believes this assignment could have been done at a managerial level between the City
of Pompano Beach Manager and the LBTS Town Manager. He stated the SRCC sewer
system was folded into our sewer system and LBTS then created a blended sewer rate.
The former Mayor Oliver recalls that the rates established by the Commission took into
account the amounts paid by the Town for SRCC blended rate as well as capital
needs that would be made in all areas of the Town but were not necessary in the
SRCC area.

BC- So according to Parker …”He believes this assignment could have been done at a managerial level between the City
of Pompano Beach Manager and the LBTS Town Manager.”…. He stated the SRCC sewer system was folded into our sewer system and LBTS then created a blended sewer rate. The former Mayor Oliver recalls that the rates established by the Commission took into account the amounts paid by the Town for SRCC blended rate as well as capital needs that would be made in all areas of the Town but were not necessary in the SRCC area.”… These statements are disturbing on so many levels… Managers from 2 towns made a deal without any documentation in either town?… The Town created a “blended sewer rate” and the Commission took that into account for each budget year going forward?… Parker …Baldwin….Colon…etc…just kept mum and did not bring back to the Commission that the agreed upon sequence of events ( discussion with pompano Beach/ declaratory judgment) discussed on Feb 3, 1997 were not adhered to and a subsidy was enacted none-the-less …

This should put to rest any insinuation that Sea Ranch Club or Sea Ranch Lakes North residents had any idea they were being subsidized over the years without going through the proper avenues they were informed would take place at the time of negotiations….It is safe to assume they believed some agreement had been made with Pompano Beach as they continued to pay the Town each year the same rate as the rest of the residents…

I do disagree with the consultant and Pompano Beach’s reps on when SRC began paying the Town…They stat it was 2001 when SRC began paying the Town…I have been informed as I previously posted that SRC began paying the Town right after annexation in 1997 up until the time Fort Lauderdale took over the billing for Town….. It does not add up …pun intended…for SRC to have continued to pay Pompano until March 2001 because SRC would have known they were paying the higher rate in those 4 years according to statements made by the Pompano reps in the report of Pompano continuing to charge the surcharge and unit availability charges … Also, it does not make sense SRC would switch for just one year and pay the Town only to then have Fort Lauderdale pay the Town and then have Town pay Pompano Beach the following year if they were paying Pompano in the first place…. A further look into the books at SRC needs to be done to clear this up if possible……The only other explanation would be if the “managerial level” agreement Parker alluded to between PB & LBTS did this with no documentation as well ….which seems highly unlikely …

In doing some searching for the 2007 Master Sewer Agreement in the Town’s archived minutes I came upon this exchange shortly before the Nov. 13, 2007 signed agreement ….finalized by pompano on Dec. 17, 2007….

The Sept. 27, 2007 Minutes (pg. 2)

“Tom Carr asked about the revenue for the sewer charges that used to be billed bi-monthly, He said since Ft. Lauderdale is now collecting both water and sewer charges, would they return the sewer charges back to the Town of Lauderdale-By-The Sea, or whether the money went directly to the City of pompano Beach.

Mayor Parker explained there are two providers, Ft. Lauderdale provided the water and sewer services and Pompano Beach provided water only, north of Pine Avenue.

(BC- either Parker was wrong or the minutes were incorrect…as stated above PB supplies both north of SRLNorth…)

Mr. Carr wanted to know where the excess charges went. Manager Colon explained that the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea paid the City of Pompano Beach for the master sewer bill for the south end of town and for Sea Ranch Condos.”

The report includes the 2007 agreement and tables etc….

BC- The explanation and recommendation made by by the consultant are problematic to say the least in this writer’s opinion and in the opinion of a few that were involved at the time of the agreement in 1997…

“EXPLANATION ……The next step is for the Town Attorney to review the report and pertinent documents to advise the Town on the legal strength of a request to have Pompano Beach start billing the Sea Ranch condos directly for their sewer service as they do all other
Lauderdale by the Sea customers north of Pine Avenue.”
“RECOMMENDATION: Seek the Town Attorney advice on the matter and advise the Sea Ranch condos of the likelihood of a change in how they are billed for sewer service.”

BC- SRC agreed to the promises made by the Town’s representative …former TM Bob Baldwin that they would be charged under the Town’s Master Sewer Agreement and treated equally with the South end of town (the north was not a factor).. It stands to reason that SRC may legally challenge any attempt by the Town to make them join the north in paying a 25% surcharge etc…plus per unit availability charges knowing now that the Town never followed through with negotiating with Pompano Beach or going to court  to say nothing of the fact that those in charge never came back to the Commission to decide the next step…in honoring the agreement…SRC would seem to have a case of precedent due to what those same people in Town Hall chose to do to comply with the agreement in order to have SRC pay the same rate as the rest of LBTS at the time of annexation to present…which is a flat rate with a user fee paid by the Town to Pompano Beach (see above 9/2007 minutes) The two large south end condos Caribe and the Fountainhead pay that way as well…

Again, it is this writer’s opinion that the following should now take place…as stated above…back to the negotiating table with Pompano Beach…on the Master Sewer Agreement and the annexed areas being included…If Pompano Beach is not receptive to new negotiations …then it is on to a declaratory judgment… to see where the courts stand on this debacle…before making any attempt to break the agreement with SRC and SRLN….I also believe if we go to court depositions should be taken on those who were behind the decisions made…and while  former TM Colon can not be charged with any wrongdoing found “from the beginning of the world” per her agreement with the Town made last month..She can be called to answer questions on this million+ dollar subsidy and could possibly be found either in contempt or perhaps charged with perjury if she does not comply honestly after being sworn in….

Also not included in the backup is any input by the present Town Attorney ….

Of note…one other item that needs answers as we deal with this issue is the June 15, 2005 City of Pompano Beach Resolution 2005-254 /Sanitary Sewer Agreement this writer received in a PRR  last week which covers the north side of town and the phases of the septic to sewer areas going forth …Phase 3 was the Palm club which was to start no later than 2007 and be completed no later than Dec. 2008… A follow up PRR has been made for any correspondence with Pompano Beach to advise them a vote was taken to stop phase 3 in Feb. 2008 and informing Pompano to revise and/or amend the sewer agreement as well as the City’s resolution to reflect that action …If none was made …it would appear a breach was made in this contract as well by some of the very same people behind closed doors in LBTS’ Town Hall..

The meeting will be open to the public as a workshop…no public input …Wed. Aug 25th, 2010 at 5 pm in Jarvis Hall …on Comcast Ch, 78/ Town website live-streaming…and then archived…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Town Manager “Merry-Go-Round” … This “Ride” Is Over …

August 23, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers… on Wednesday August 25th at 5 pm (3b. Town Manager Applications Applications- previously distributed- Town
Manager applicant ranking sheet (Town Clerk June White) ….the Commission will meet to go over the 60+ resumes received by the Town by Aug. 16th for the Town Manager position … While many are certainly qualified, including some very interesting characters among the large number of applicants…it is this writer’s opinion there are two applicants that make the rest fade into the background as this merry-go-round of applicants comes to a full and final stop …….Of course I am speaking of our Interim Town Manager Connie Hoffmann and our Interim Assistant Town Manager Bud Bentley…These two have become such a prized team it would be crazy not to keep the status quo ….We were so lucky to have them in place in the aftermath of the past administration….

At this meeting the Commission agreed to come with their picks of the top 5-7 applicants for a list to then be sent on to a search firm ( 7 pm Reg. Comm. mtg. OLD BUSINESS item 14.a. Request for Qualifications for search firm for Town Manager -Town Attorney Susan Trevarthen)… Not necessary to do anymore in my opinion… especially if the Commission comes up with a consensus of their top 2 picks being #1 Hoffmann and #2 Bentley … (Let’s hope against hope Clueless Clottey does not revisit Int. TM Hoffmann’s educational qualifications yet again…only to be countered by TAtty. Susan Trevarthern yet again about the compatibility making it reasonable to consider Hoffmann’s degree fitting the Town’s Charter )…. The Town can then move on to negotiating a salary for Ms. Hoffmann that is transparent from the start…commensurate with her experience and other municipalities along with the assurance no accrued leave and questionable payouts to catch taxpayers off guard yet again as was the case for the prior two Town Managers (prev. posts)..

A look at the letter attached to his resume provides that Int. Asst. TM Bentley amusingly states “This is a unique experience for me to apply for a position and hope that I come in second to the Interim Town Manager. I am totally supportive of Ms. Hoffman for the Town Manager position; however, if she is not available, I want to offer the Commission an in-house candidate.”… Nice!…

These “in-house” candidates have shown over the last 4 months not only how well and effective they are working as a team…but how they actually take direction and institute that direction from the Commission (see the accompanying budget in the workshop backup for the latest example of this )… They have earned respect from both quieted down factions in town …and are definitely a big reason for the much needed and welcomed quiet along with the newly elected and re-elected Commissioners… We are happy to report Staff and vendors are included among the growing supporters of these two fine administrators as well  …

As we face the future revisions required in town for the Master Plan and revitalizing our failing infrastructure …and business / hospitality districts and how to come up with the big picture…implement it…and follow through in the short and long term that meets the vision and comfort level of the majority of its citizenry .. I believe Ms. Hoffmann and Mr. Bentley would be not only a integral component to the process due tho their past experience in Fort Lauderale …but a valuable asset we cannot afford to pass up!…

Below are this writer’s choice for the top 2 with their introduction letters included in their applications……From the 37 applications I have received thus far per PRRs….I just can’t see looking beyond these two fine applicants at this juncture … and I look forward to seeing who the five commissioners chose …who they chose beyond Hoffmann and Bentley or if they chose a new candidate to replace them…

1. LBTS Interim Town Manager Constance W. Hoffmann

“August 13, 2010

Mayor Roseann Minnet

Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd

Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey

Commissioner Scot Sasser

Commissioner Chris Vincent

Dear Mayor, Vice Mayor and Commissioners,

I would like to submit my name for consideration to be your permanent Town Manager. I don’t see much purpose touting my experience because you have first-hand knowledge of my work and my management style. When I applied for the interim position here, I wrote in my application letter that “the role of an Interim Manager” ….is to address the immediate challenges, to restore confidence in Town administration and management,to make the transition between managers calm and professional, to address problems that cannot wait for the permanent manager’s appointment, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and share that insight with the permanent Town Manager so they can hit the ground running. Clearly a priority in this particular assignment will be preparation of a budget that reflects the city commission’s policy directives and priorities.” You are in the best position to decide whether I accomplished the tasks I described.

When I was asked in my interview whether I would want the job on a permanent basis, I hedged and responded that I viewed an interim assignment as a great opportunity for both parties to determine if they are a good fit in terms of style and vision. From my standpoint, who I work for is as important as the work I do. I have enjoyed working with this Commission and am in sync with your commitment to looking at the big picture before acting on major capital projects, your ethical approach to governing and your belief in the value of public participation and transparency. And I appreciate that you are five, very different individuals who are able to work together effectively.

I like solving complex problems and, to my surprise, I have found during my three months as your Interim Manager that Lauderdale-by-the-Sea has plenty of challenges and problems to solve. But I know those problems will be solved over the course of the next year, or actions put in motion that will address them over a longer period of time. What I am most energized by is the opportunity to participate in the visioning process for the Town’s future and have a hand in the strategic plan to make that vision a reality. The Town already has a sense of place that other cities spend billions trying to create. We have such a great foundation to build on.

I also look forward to the chance to continuing working with the Town employees whom I am just really getting to know as individuals, the VFD members who volunteer untold hours to protect us, and the BSO staff who so completely understand the policing needs of out Town. I have only briefly met with a few of the AMR staff assigned to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, but hope to spend more time with them. The Town’s extended staff will play a critically important role in implementing the Town’s strategic plan and I would be honored to be part of that staff.

And, finally, it is impressive how involved the citizens of this Town are in their government and their community. I very much want to work with them in partnership to make their Town all it can be.

I appreciate your consideration of my application.

Very Truly Yours,

Connie Hoffmann”


2. LBTS Interim Assistant Town Manager Ralph “Bud” Bentley

“August 11, 2010

Honorable Mayor and Commissioners

Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

4501 North Ocean Drive

Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Fl. 33308

Dear Mayor and Commissioners:

In response to the Town’s recruitment for Town Manager, please find enclosed my resume, references, and salary history. I have a proven track record as a local government manager having worked in small and large organizations. My qualifications exceed the requirements of the Town’s Charter as I have both four years of experience as a city manager and over 15 years experience as an assistant city manager. I am passionate about local government and its ability to enhance the livability of communities.

It is widely recognized that a person’s past performance is the best indicator of future success. While I have been successful my entire professional career, it is the last three months working for the Town that gives you first hand insight into my abilities, work ethic and management style.

This is a unique experience for me to apply for a position and hope that I come in second to the Interim Town Manager. I am totally supportive of Ms. Hoffman for the Town Manager position; however, if she is not available, I want to offer the Commission an in-house candidate.

I may be reached via e-mail at xxxxx or by telephone at xxxxxxx


Ralph “Bud” Bentley”


The meeting will be open to the public as a workshop…no public input …Wed. Aug 25th, 2010 at 5 pm in Jarvis Hall …on Comcast Ch, 78/ Town website live-streaming…and then archived…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Buoy, That’s Some Monument! …..

August 22, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … There is definitely a big disconnect between the Town Commission …Town Administration…Town Attorney and The Artificial Reef Project vendor, Dr. Goreau and his “associates” Marc Furth and Cry of the Water… when it comes to what they walked away from the July 28, 2010 workshop concerning the direction given as the meeting adjourned…

A look at the workshop backup online and the archived video …(links below) …along with the previous post on this site show the direction given from the Town Commission..Town Administration and Town Attorney was to review and renegotiate the contract that is now in breach as well as iron out the particulars included in it that need specificity …such as the ongoing maintenance and monitoring of this “research project” to meet the requirements of the permits received from various State and County agencies over the next five years as well as making sure the permits themselves are in order and the Town will not be liable for any misleading content or lack of compliance in the short and long term… Vice Mayor Dodd also made it clear the first buoy should be used and only after seeing it was able to float and to do the job as Dr. Goreau stated it was and it could …. should the Town move forward on any additional buoys…period!

That said…almost one month later in the Interim Town Manager’s Report for the Regular Commission Meeting August 25, 2010 item 16a.

“Coral Reef Project
Dr Goreau indicated to me in a telephone conversation last week that they are proceeding with the construction of two more buoys and that the financial situation on the project has had the positive impact of forcing some reductions in the cost of constructing the buoys while at the same time improving their design. He indicated the second and third buoys will be a single unit solid polyurethane buoys smaller and stronger than the original buoy. He told me they have raised some funds and he thinks he has sufficient money to complete the three buoys. He indicates he expects them to be completed soon.

I explained to him that the Town wants to have the contract amended to clarify responsibilities amend the schedule to eliminate the current breach of contract and modify the payment schedule so we are not fronting the entire remaining $27,000 to them before the work that it is intended to pay for installation of the project monitoring maintenance and repairs for twelve months after installation is done suggested a series of payments Dr Goreau would not commit to such an arrangement until he spoke to the others assisting him on the project.
I have given the Town Attorney a list of issues to be addressed in a new contract with the Coral Reef Alliance and have asked her to develop a new contract so we can send that to Dr Goreau for consideration.”

BC- Readers will recall a Pompano Pelican article on Aug 13, 2010 (prev. post) stating that former CIC Chair Bob Roberts donated $6,000 dollars along with other donations of $3,000 according to Comm. Clottey toward the project… That must have been enough for the Dr. Goreau and his “associates” to proceed…totally without regard to the Town’s stance…

Adding to this sudden sprint to the finish after 4 years of delays …comes word that suddenly Marc Furth contacted the Town to say they are now ready to turn over the large yellow buoy that has been sitting out in front of his motel to the Town…Hmmmm…. Not so fast….

We also hear, that VM Dodd has made it clear upon receiving news of the handover at this juncture …..not until the Town sees if it floats!…

Well, look at it this way…If it doesn’t ….and since the donations for the over-sized yellow buoy did so well compared to no donations for the granite monument the Commission wanted donations for from residents to commemorate their stint as Town Commissioners…perhaps it could become the Commissioner’s monument …complete with plaques…

After all, it would still be one step up from former Vice Mayor McIntee’s suggestion of putting the bronze plaques on the $75,000 flagpole bases at the entryway on Commercial Blvd!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Oliver Parker vs. Judge Ken Gillespi …On Youtube …

August 21, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … In their own words…Candidates for Broward Circuit Court Judge Group 2 …. former LBTS Mayor Oliver Parker and Broward County Circuit Court Judge Ken Gillespi …appearing to say a few words while the fish and burgers are being served….or so it seems…

Please take time to go to the link below before you cast your vote on Tues. Aug. 24th….Then you decide who should be on the bench…after watching it… As a taxpayer…resident  and owner of two properties in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea I believe it should be to retain Judge Ken Gillespi ….. especially after hearing former Mayor Parker on this video claim over 100 Quasi-Judicial Hearings that came before the LBTS Commission while he was Mayor should count as experience for being a judge … UGH!… Anybody check that number out?…

“Broward County Circuit Court 17 Group 2”

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …. Red Lights … Make “Green” For Government ….

August 21, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …As your  local elected officials attend the last day of the 3 day FLOC conference in Hollywood today…some will attend a program on red light cameras…. A few months ago this writer posted the Roundtable discussion and consensus by the Commission to go ahead with red light cameras…starting at Commercial Blvd. and A1A … Below are 2 online articles about the cameras…The first is from neighboring Ft. Lauderdale… who began their red light camera program this month …A few days after instituting it they needed to address  rolling turns…The second is from the FLOCities site concerning the July 1, 2010 citing the “split” of revenue with each municipality and the state…Cha-Ching!…. This writer is again on the record for not wanting this source of revenue in town…

Lauderdale giving rolling right-turn drivers at red lights a break
August 12, 2010

Fort Lauderdale has begun using its red-light cameras, but police won’t be issuing “gotcha” tickets to people turning right on red.

Drivers elsewhere in the region have found themselves unwittingly receiving tickets based on the cameras by making a rolling right turn on red. Sgt. Frank Sousa, spokesman for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, said that won’t be the case in the city.

Sousa said state law requires drivers to come to a complete stop at a red light before making a right turn, but he said the department will not issue a ticket based on a red-light camera if the driver slows to a near stop and appears to be acting carefully.

“We will review violations, and if the driver acted in a careful and prudent manner, then they will not receive a violation,” he said.

The city has begun using cameras to catch red-light runners. Violators will receive courtesy warnings for the remainder of this month. Starting in September, they will be fined $158 for each offense.”


FLOCities ….

“Notice to All Cities with Red Light Camera Ordinances
Effective July 1, 2010, the “Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Program” authorizes the use of traffic infraction detectors, commonly known as red-light running cameras, on Florida’s roads, streets and highways. Based on photographs taken by these cameras, local traffic-infraction enforcement officers may issue a citation and impose a $158 penalty on the registered owner of the vehicle for failure to stop at a red light.

The penalty is paid to the municipality or county issuing the citation. Section 316.0083(1)(b)3.b., Florida Statutes, authorizes municipalities and counties to retain $75 of each penalty and requires them to electronically remit the remaining $83 to the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) on a weekly basis for distribution to the following funds:
• $70 – General Revenue Fund
• $10 – Health Administrative Trust Fund
• $3 – Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund
DOR has developed a new electronic system for reporting and paying the penalties collected. Before you can file and pay the penalties electronically, you must enroll with DOR’s e-Services program by completing Form DR-600A, Enrollment and Authorization for e-Services Program. This form can also be downloaded at starting July 7, 2010.

Even if you are currently filing and paying taxes to DOR electronically, you must enroll using Form DR-600A to report and pay this new penalty. Once you have received your user identification number and password, you can report and pay the new penalties. The new file and pay system “Red Light Camera Remittances” is located at You will be prompted to log into the system. Once you have logged in, you will be able to report the penalties designated for each state fund and pay the total reported to DOR.

Call (850) 487-1150 or e-mail [email protected] for more information.”

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop .. Broward Circuit Court Judge Group 2 Campaign Turns Even Uglier ?…

August 21, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … from time to time a Reader will inform this writer of the antics …to put it nicely…of the stragglers left behind ….(pun intended)….on the anonymous blog… ….A few have even weighed in on who they think they …about 10-12 who are that still spewing in the dark…

Now comes yet another real low point….. even for this group …Some claim candidate for Broward Circuit Judge Oliver Parker is a regular contributor as well ….It is said after I posted newspaper endorsement posts and my opinion that he should not be a Broward County judge which included his own claims of not knowing his opponent was black which were either untruthful or further show he was remiss in doing his research ….Parker claimed he was looking for the least experienced judge to run against….. The posts we hear are disturbing and border on bigotry…they run the gamut from insinuations to worse based on the fact that Judge Gillespi in not including his photo on his campaign website ….did so for a myriad of reasons… Readers can surmise what they say those reasons were on their own… Funny thing though…a look at their pal’s site shows a photo of Oliver Parker… Yep…he included one…but…it’s a photo from 2006 or earlier…as seen online in the Bob Norman 2006 article “Cuckoo-For-Coconuts” article of former LBTS Mayor Parker’s problems as Mayor at that time!… So judge for yourself…no picture or one that is 4-5+ years earlier…who do you want on the bench?… Vote August 24, 2010 …

Broward Circuit Court Judge Ken Gillespi (photo on Daily Business Review online/no photo on his website…links below)

Opponent Oliver Parker …(photo from 2006 “Cuckoo-For- Coconuts”…SAME photo used on his website…links below)…

Sun Sentinel Endorsement….

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Here’s The Scoop … The Future Is Out Today …

August 20, 2010 by Barbara


In This Issue…













Read It!
BC- You can find your copy outside your door…in your mail rooms….  Town Hall…Jarvis Hall…LBTS Chamber of Commerce and at local businesses all over town…
Make sure to go online as well to….
“Answer this month’s poll question to let the town know how you feel.
Do you think the Town Commission should enact a stormwater assessment fee? “….

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Here’s The Scoop … Have You Heard From Our Former Mayor Today? ….

August 19, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers …have you received a robo-call from former Mayor Oliver Parker today?… How about yesterday?… The day before that?… The day before that?… This writer has…4 calls in 4 days!… Not only that Parker put an ad in the Sentinel a few days ago…we hear…on the front of the sports page… Quite surprising due to the Sentinel endorsing his opponent…(see below)….Both had to cost a pretty penny!…

Voters are not fans of either!… Just look at the negative reaction when candidate Minnet used robo-calls in her first run for Mayor in 2008…Smart lady…she did not make that mistake again….As for the ad in the Sentinel…well the big ad placed in the Community section did not work for former Commissioner Silverstone last March! ….

Readers…please do your homework…… While we wish the former Mayor and wife well …. as we hear they recently sold their house on Codrington and are to become “neighbors” of this writer for a while in Sea Ranch Club …I heartily agree with the Sentinel and the FlSentry ….he is not the right person for this elected position… Vote to retain Judge Ken Gillespi for Circuit Court Group 2 seat…….


Sentinel Endorsement …
“Retain Judge Ken Gillespie for Circuit Court Group 2 seat
Recommendations for County and Circuit Court seats

Gillespie the choice in Group 2

Kenneth L. Gillespie is one of only five African-American judges in Broward. But in a year when “targeting” of minority judges has become an issue, he deserves to be retained not for diversity’s sake, but for his qualifications.

Gillespie, 42, was appointed to the circuit court in 2009 by Gov. Charlie Crist, and the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board recommends he be retained in the Group 2 seat.

Gillespie, who is in the felony criminal division, has presided over serious felony cases, including capital murder trials, since his appointment to the bench.

He came to the bench with a wide judicial background, as a general magistrate, an assistant state attorney in the Broward state attorney’s office, and senior trial attorney for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Prior to that, he was a math teacher in Broward public schools.

If there is a blemish on Gillespie’s resume, it is the fact he hired well-known criminal defense attorney David Bogenshutz as his campaign treasurer at the same time Bogenshutz was trying cases in front of him. Gillespie has denied any impropriety, but he should be more aware of the perception that is created.

Gillespie is opposed by Oliver Parker, 59, who was mayor of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea from 1998-2008. He is also a supervisor with the Broward Soil and Water Conservation District. He has been an attorney for over 30 years, and believes his knowledge of the law and experience makes him the better candidate.

The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board disagrees, and recommends Gillespie for retention in Group 2. ”,0,6726995.story


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Here’s The Scoop … From One Professor?….

August 19, 2010 by Barbara


Dear Readers … it sure looked to this writer “a follow-up to a Commissioner’s inquiry”…had to be Comm. “Clueless” Clottey who cannot seem let go of her target…the Director of the newly named Community Center … Maybe the below memo from the Int. TM will put an end to it… Time to let Clottey know…Armilio Bien-Aime will be around well after 2012 …if we are lucky …. while she will certainly not!…

Kudos to Armilio Bien-Aime for all that he has done and continues to do for our residents and those who come to partake in the programs he has instituted and offered….and make sure to save the dates below in September and November for the next workshops…


“From: Connie Hoffmann
Sent: Mon 8/9/2010 3:33 PM
To: Birute Ann Clottey; Chris Vincent; Roseann Minnet; Scot Sasser; Stuart Dodd
Subject: Broward County Elderly & Veteran Services Programs

As a follow-up to a Commissioner’s inquiry regarding whether Town staff followed up on an offer made by the Broward County Elderly & Veteran’s Services Division that they would be willing to provide some free programs in LBTS,  please be  advised that Armilio Bien-Aime had indeed followed up and their “411 Aging: Prevention/Wellness” 12 week program  was offered here at LBTS from mid-April through July.

In addition, Armilio arranged for the Health Foundation of South Florida to offer two Living Healthy workshops in May and June and they are scheduled to offer another workshop called “A Matter of Balance” on September 10th and November 5th.



more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Lauderdale-By-The-Sea New Bocce Ball Court Is Now Open …

August 19, 2010 by Barbara


The 2nd Bocce Ball has been completed….

more to come…

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