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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town …

December 20, 2009 by Barbara




Restaurants 1st 1 Commercial Boulevard Aruba Beach Café
2nd 4400 Ocean Drive Athena By The Sea
3rd Anglin’s Beach Cafe Commercial & the beach
2008 6002 N. Ocean Boulevard Sea Watch


Merchants 1st 258 Commercial Boulevard Interior Digs
2nd 238 Commercial Boulevard Cathi’s
2008 217 Commercial Boulevard P.J. Rossi Jewelers


Hotels/Motels 1st 4408-4424 El Mar Drive Sea Foam & High Noon
2nd 4433 El Mar Drive Ocean Reverie
3rd 4209 El Mar Drive Sea Echo
2008 4553 El Mar Drive Rainbow By-The-Sea


Low Rise Condos 1st 4117 Ocean Drive Leisure East
2nd 1751 S. Ocean Boulevard Jade Beach West
3rd 1481 S. Ocean Boulevard Leisure Gardens
2008 1461 N. Ocean Boulevard Leisure Gardens North


4448 Seagrape Drive

4518 Seagrape Drive


Single Family 1st 1981 West Terra Mar Drive Bruce & Diane Grigsby
2nd 261 Algiers Avenue Richard & Lucila Lang
3rd 4511 Seagrape Drive Bob & Ruby Schuyler
2008 279 South Tradewinds Avenue


High Rise Condos 1st 4900 N. Ocean Drive Sea Ranch Club C
2nd 5100 N. Ocean Drive Sea Ranch Club A
3rd 1800 S. Ocean Boulevard Hampton Beach Club
2008 5000 N. Ocean Drive Sea Ranch Club B

Congratulations to all ….

You just can’t make this stuff up!

The longtime Holiday Decorating Contest has been done by the LBTS POA…and as seen above it was done again …but for some reason the Mc-Furth BTSTimes…Editor Cristie Furth decided to thumb her nose at the organization and start her own per their last edition…Why?…This is not the first time Ms. Furth has done this…she did it with the BTSTimes “slogan contest”…which has miraculously found its way to the dais thru her galpal Comm. Birute Clottey…while upsetting the members of the Chamber and many constituents around town…The action from Commissioner Clottey reminded this writer of Vice Mayor McIntee’s false assertions that he came up with the idea to move the Chamber to Commercial Blvd…This writer re-posted that the idea had indeed come months earlier from a reader of this site!…Oops!… The  new slogan…should go the way McIntee’s unoriginal idea!…

Friday at the Senior Center was no better than Thursday…residents under 60 were turned away from computer class and more…We are told petitions are going around to make a change…and Commissioner Dodd has sent in a request for just how this sad turn of events transpired after so many thought it would be divided between the town and the county to remain open to all!.. If this was a misunderstanding…or there was a  way around it…this writer asks…why staff did not hightail it over to the center first thing Friday morning to alleviate the problem ASAP?…

On the party scene the feedback from the CIC Caribbean Christmas was a small turnout …while a private party in the south-end town last night outdid the organization in the numbers of  guests…some that crossed the Jarvis Hall aisle to extend warm holiday greetings!…

We hear that sightings of Vice Mayor McIntee’s car at the CIC party….and at Town Hall East show where loyalties lie with the CIC-Furths-Silverstone-Clottey after the  gamble McIntee took to oust Chief Perkins the previous Monday…”mean-spirited”…was Perkins’ quote (prev. post)

We hear from those behind the scenes that the undermining of the department from McIntee and Silverstone is as corrupt as it gets…with fearmongering of an unsafe VFD department and going after the new leadership…Talk about an overinflated ego…McIntee it is said. believes he really was the VFD and without him in charge there is no viable VFD!… On the contrary…we hear there is a renewed sense of trust and support for both the VFD and AMR… We are told by many they will no longer think twice about calling 911!..Many have told this writer they did just that when they conjured up images of McIntee showing up first for a fire or medical call!..Now many residents are feeling just peachy about the new Deputy Chief Joe Padden and Battalion Chief Kevin Padden arriving…both fully trained as firefighters and EMTs…and that they both work for AMR…It’s a win-win in their eyes!..

One reader spoke of a rumor going round perpetrated by the “Broom Boys” that our neighboring towns will not come in to help this new McIntee -free VFD…to the contrary…we hear the departments have said…”What took em’ so long!”…This writer was reminded some time back of a “mutual aid” situation in Pompano (prev. post) carried out when McIntee was out of town…and Pompano was quite pleased!…

What kind of person tries to tear apart an organization because of losing a balloted fair election? … What kind of supporters welcome back someone within days who is dead set on causing such destruction…Many are dumbfounded by this, when to the CIC-Furths…the tradition of the VFD is one of the cornerstones of our seaside village of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea!..OUCH!

Tonight the new VFD is throwing their Holiday party…all commissioners have been invited to attend…and just who the VFD will now see supporting them and who they do not…You just can’t make this stuff up!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … You’ve Been Served … But How? …

December 19, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … This writer is picking up where Editor Mark Brown left off in the new edition of the By The Sea Future Newspaper that came out yesterday and is either at the end of  your driveway…in your mailroom (and if it is not…if it’s been covered..moved ..or dumped please contact your condo office /Board and the BTSF for more)…and throughout the town at various stores…In his editorial Mr. Brown described two serious incidents that involved Commissioner (He’s not a nice guy) Silverstone and his BFF Vice Mayor McIntee…This time though, there can be no doubt that Commissioner “not a nice guy” was fully complicit in the first incident and it is he along with Town Manager Colon who should be held  accountable for the second!…

The first issue Mr. Brown delves into in his editorial is the conflict of interest found in 2007 with the lawsuit brought against the Town in 2007 after the 2006 abrupt termination of the VFD by the BSO and the Town… While it is still this writer’s opinion that it was a vindictive move made at the time from the former Mayor (and new improved Mc-Furth-Clottey pal) Oliver Parker… witnessed first hand after working all day at the polls…I did not know until much later, courtesy of Marc Furth just what McIntee was doing in the background to exacerbate the situation …. That being said many have the recollection of how heated everything got…and will recall in 2007 the VFD brought a suit against both the Town and the BSO… It went into a shade session for the Town to discuss on May 14, 2009 (see archives online- ) It states the following ” In accordance with the procedures set forth in Florida Statutes Section 286.011, the Town Commission and the Town Manager will meet privately with the Town Attorney to discuss the following pending litigation: Lauderdale -By-The-Sea Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. V. Sheriff of Broward County, Florida and Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Case Number 06-021273 (12).

Sitting in that meeting was the full commission including then-Commissioner / then- Deputy Chief Jerry McIntee and Commissioner /then-VFD Chief Jim Silverstone…As Mark Brown describes at the start of his piece legal strategy was discussed concerning the Town’s response to a suit brought against the Town by the VFD… and as these two were sitting there and perhaps even adding in their own commentary or instruction to the Town Attorney…they were also fully engaged with the plaintiff, the VFD!…

In fact there is an e-mail between then-VFD Chief Jim Silverstone and the VFD Attorney one month earlier on April 11, 2007 which says the following…


FROM: Steven S. Newburgh

Wed. 11, Apr. 2007 10:21:43

SUBJECT: AMECOM45— (as of 3-30-07).Pdf

Dear Jim:

As  we discussed, I have attached the Amended Complaint in this matter. I will keep you posted concerning the responses of the Town and the Sheriff as we proceed. Please call me with any questions or comments which you have. Thanks, Jim.

Best regards,

Steven Sloan Newburgh”


Attached was the complaint and in that complaint were some questions for the VFD and Silverstone…on page 4 there was a question on #14 “The interlocal Agreement was amended on September 19,2000 and on December 12, 2002 [need to review these amendments-does FWB have these documents and should they be attached?]”…and also #15 ” On December 26, 2003, the County, Town and BSO entered into an Assignment Agreement which inter alia formalized the assignment from County to the BSO of County’s rights, obligations and responsibilities to Town under Interlocal Agreement to provide fire protection and services within the Town (the “Assignment Agreement”) [need to review this assignment- does FWB have this document and should it be attached?] ..This writer assumes that FWB was the Town’s Fire Administrator Frank Buchert …

What this proves is that then-VFD Chief Silverstone and no doubt then-Deputy Chief McIntee sat in that meeting and knew exactly what both sides of this case were doing prior to the meeting and afterward…( the others in that room did not) and that is clearly a conflict on every level…This was addressed recently by Commissioner Silverstone in his usual befuddled, incoherent Commissioner comments…(He started answering back the public comments last fall and has continued on due to any lack of preparation to constructively use his 3-5 minute comment time)… Silverstone lamely acted as “Coach Jim” saying this conflict didn’t count..because the VFD had to include the Town” and later dropped the Town from the suit.. ( a look at the quarterly VFD Income/Expense reports in  2008-09 include an ongoing expense for attorney fees v. BSO in the first 2 reports)… A request was made by the Mayor after that statement to see what it cost the Town. It cost us $6,000 dollars for this “exercise” that doesn’t count in Commissioner Silverstone’s opinion… That does not include staff time …

Commissioner Silverstone was also involved front and center in an e-mail exchange in July of 2007 after he received after a complaint was made …


Dave Casey wrote:

Chief Silverstone –

The below article was sent to us with the concern that the firefighters
were engaging in live fire training in an acquired
building. I ran the
names in the article and none show the proper
certification to conduct
live fie training. Can you shed some light on this
and with your VFD’s
status on the legal challenge?. The legal protection
of the firefighters
concerns me regarding worker’s comp and other
benefits/protection. We
have been advised by BSO that you no longer provide
fire protection and
are not recognized by the county or town government,
and we need to take
the necessary steps to reflect that in the
firefighters’ records and
other records. You are in violation of FAC 69A-62
which requires you to
have a set response area that can provide service
for in order to be
recognized. Please let me know.

FAC 69A-62.006 Requirements for Recognition as a
Fire Department.

(1) To be recognized as an organized
fire department by
the division, compliance with the following must be

(a) Capability of providing fire
protection 24 hours a
day, seven days a week;

(b) Responsibility for response in an
area capable of
being depicted on a map; and

Pass on greetings to Doug for me. Let him know PFD
is gathering photos
for a book, he might want to call Marti at their HQ.

Dave Casey, Chief

Bureau of Fire Standards & Training

Florida State Fire Marshal

352 369-2833



“Keeping Sharp

Always alert for more training opportunities to keep
their skills sharp, the LBTS Volunteer Fire Department recently used the
opportunity toconduct a drill at a soon-to be-demolished buildingat 3001 East Oakland
Park Blvd. with permission of the owners. The drill was conducted by Deputy Chief Jerry McIntee, Battalion Chief Joe
Padden and Training officer Patrick Pointu. About a dozen members of the force were in attendance to practice search and rescue drills and various fire attack


From: Jim Silverstone
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2007 at 4:55 PM
Subject: RE: Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Volunteer Fire Department
To: Dave Casey

Chief Casey,

The politics are getting even more dirty down this

The article in question described what transpired.
Specifically, our FF1 class and a number of our
regular members participated in a search and rescue
drill and went over various fire attack scenarios. At
no time did we have any live fires. We are not
permitted by the owner of the property and besides we
are fully aware of what we can and cannot do. As you
may have guessed by now we are under a microscope. We
are scheduling a live fire drill at the Coral Springs
fire academy.

It’s my opinion, this is another attempt by BSO and or
their union to do everything to keep their position in
town. BSO cannot staff a first alarm without the help
of either Ft. Lauderdale or Pompano Beach due to their
next closest station being over 9 miles away. We have
been under attack with the same type of mistaken facts
and expect to be until we have our day in court or the
next town election early next year. In the end, the
vast majority of the town residents support us.

The drill was excellent and we hope to do more before
the building is torn down.

Regarding the legal challenge, we have a court date
scheduled in a couple of weeks, in which we are
expecting a positive outcome. But as you must be aware
BSO has and is expected to drag this out for their

As far as our insurance coverage, we have maintained
in full, all insurance coverage which is in excess of
20 million plus our worker’s comp. though VFIS. In
fact, I called them before the drill just to make

I will pass on the info to Mr. Smith who is now in N.
Carolina on vacation.

Hope all is well with you.
Chief Silverstone


This is exactly why there should have been an Commission ethics ordinance…it should have been instituted from the dais…and  it should have been done long before the failed referendum voted down on December 1, 2009 as  the biggest perpetrators of conflict of interest go for what most believe will be their “2nd bit of the apple” and declare their candidacy for a 2nd term either as commissioner or mayor!… Whether the conflict is one that will ultimately only bring forth a “slap” on the hand in findings of “probable cause” (prev. posts) from the Florida Ethics Commission as these two have dealt with in their first 4 years or ignored because the Ethics Commission were “hoodwinked” (in this writer’s opinion) by false statements made on their roles within the department (VM as Dep. Chief stating no purchasing to be done by him in VFD-prev. post)…just because they can get away with it… why try?…Four more years…and the sudden change of the VFD leadership on Dec. 14, 2009 (prev. posts) will undoubtedly bring more of the same from McIntee and Silverstone who are already in the throes of retaliation …only this time it’s toward the department…not the town…OUCH!…

The second issue Editor Brown addressed was the precarious situation the VFD may have put its Booster Fund supporters in with the lack of the proper registry to allow for them to write off their donations…… While the VFD is registered as a non-profit organization …it appears they were never correctly registered to accept donations and allow it as they have long claimed (recently in their townwide Booster Fund Drive Furth-mailer last month they made the same claim)…

Who is responsible for this huge mistake?…This writer puts the blame squarely on Commissioner Jim Silverstone listed as the “Registered Agent” for the VFD
Florida Non- Profit Corporation seen online at Sunbiz…(link below)…

Filing Information
Document Number 702458
FEI/EIN Number 020671186
Date Filed 05/22/1961
State FL
Principal Address
Changed 04/29/2009
Mailing Address
Changed 04/29/2009
Registered Agent Name & Address
Name Changed: 09/10/2003
Address Changed: 07/10/2008
Annual Reports
Report Year Filed Date
2008 07/10/2008
2009 04/29/2009
2009 12/16/2009


The most recent annual report was done this week on Dec. 16th (link) …and Commissioner Silverstone remains the Registered Agent for the VFD non- profit corporation… despite the change in the officers last Monday… As the agent for the department for many years it is he that should have been aware of the status held by the department… Commissioner Silverstone has bored us all to tears  in the last year with ridiculous spread sheets he has stayed late in his office putting together for less than a 4%  to the Colon enacted townwide survey this last fall…He claims he does his homework…his due diligence…Really?…This seems to trump any of the “little projects” he has attempted in trying to show he does possess some accounting acumen! …

Also the Town Manager is to be held accountable in this lack of oversight…after all it was Commissioner Silverstone who spoke of then-Finance Director Esther Colon and her coming down hard on the VFD in his first encounter with her. He told the story at the last round table to finally do the Manager’s annual review…He spoke of how she admonished the VFD accounting…saying they spent every penny they got (Hmmm under McIntee last year that remained in effect)…and  that the VFD owed the Town $20,000…Commissioner Silverstone proudly (it appeared) said that Director Colon was correct!… Well, why didn’t Town Manager Colon know that the VFD was not registered to allow for supporters to write off their donations?… Add to that…(pun intended)…the annual $7000+ audit we pay for and the recent (4thQ VFD report) of an internal VFD audit as well for $1,100….

The supporters have paid for the VFD full back page color ads in the Mc-Furth BTSTimes  for each issue since 2008…The supporter paid for firetrucks, including the last one for $150,000 (per Chief Perkins in the 12/18/09 Pompano Pelican)…And the supporters paid for the lawsuit against the Town and the BSO…Now it appears that if those supporters did indeed write any of the above off… they did it based on false information  made from the VFD thanks to Commissioner Silverstone and Town Manager Colon…OUCH!…

Once again this writer reiterates…it is time for the voters of the town to continue on what we saw on Monday by the VFD…who will be making some changes with accountability within the  fire department starting with the right people in charge …(Chief Perkins, Pompano Pelican 12/18/09) ….

Next March…do not allow for anymore of what we have seen in the last 4 years…No more skirting or deflecting the “conflict of interest” issue……No more “2-Hats/ Broom Boys” on the dais…No more McIntee and Silverstone…who is definitely “not a nice guy” and who is definitely conflicted as well as complicit!… Replace them with your vote for Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent…

To see the rest of the BTSFuture ….. including coverage of all the LBTS holiday events…in articles and photos by Editor Cindy Geesey…as well as the LBTS campaign center page ( a standard from now thru March)…Mayor Minnet’s commentary…resident poems and lettersto the Editor …the always entertaining  Doc Lawrence and Editor Mark Brown’s in- depth articles …along with a plethora of the most advertisers in town…link to …(hit refresh for Dec. if necessary)…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … All Is Forgiven … Welcome Back “Broom Boys” …

December 18, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … The CIC had their “Caribbean Christmas Party” tonight …and unless the “Truth Deflector” was flying solo in her the car parked out in front of Leisure Mar Condo Beach Clubhouse it looks like the CIC has quickly forgiven Vice Mayor McIntee for running for Chief of the VFD!… He was joined by his BFF Commissioner Jimmy (He’s not a nice guy) Silverstone’s who parked at Town Hall East two cars down from Commissioner Clottey…..and BTSTimes Editor/ Campaign Manager/Candidate  Crisite Furth was seen walking toward the event across the road…..Hugs all around? …No surprise really, the Furths and the McIntee’s have certainly been down this road before…. Peas in a political pod…

What a turn of events this week ……In the Pompano Pelican today, writer Judy Vik wrote about the VFD election held last Monday night …(prev. post).. On page 7 were some very telling and honest comments made by newly  re-elected VFD Chief Bob Perkins concerning former Deputy Chief Jerry McIntee …”He blindsided us all and disappointed all of us with that move,” ‘Perkins said. For three months McIntee had been saying he was stepping down from being a VFD officer. ‘…. continuing on page 11… Perkins stated ” I wish he wasn’t such a mean-spited person”… The article also addressed the reaction of the community…”positive feedback from the community and town commissioners”…And something the VFD probably will be stunned about …the positive remarks made by those that McIntee has long tried to convince the members would take them down if he [McIntee] were not in charge…former Commissioner Clark ” I wish everybody well and want them to continue to do a good job”…Louis Marchelos ” They made their choice for leadership,. I feel they made the right choice. It was a secret ballot, but I heard it was a landslide.”…and Bob Fleishman Chair of Unite Our Town ” The will of the fire department has spoken. It’s a great day for the VFD”… and as for the Vice Mayor “McIntee could not be reached for comment.”… OUCH!…

So who was so willing to sit down with the “Broom Boys” tonight? …Are these CIC members aware of the plotting and planning (prev. post) by McIntee and Silverstone to try and undermine the department?… Will the CIC still back McIntee and Silverstone for another run at 4 more ears now that the VFD has thrown down the gauntlet?…

After all, if the men and women of the VFD would not vote to support McIntee for Chief, why in the world would the CIC back him and why would they think the voters will vote him in for 2 more years as Mayor or 4 more years as Commissioner?…

From what this writer hears all around town… they wouldn’t…

Bye, bye “blacksheep”…Bye, bye….

more too come….

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Here’s The Scoop … No End In Sight … For “Lake Colon” Or “Butch And Son-Dunce” …

December 18, 2009 by Barbara



Dear Readers …..In the prior post… photos of “Lake Colon” last night and “Lake Colon” remains in place this afternoon near the 1 o’clock hour…The Vice Mayor is on record at the Dec. 8, 2009  downplaying the impact of the all too familiar lake and its after-effects … as compared to El Mar Drive and other streets in town…

Well, we hear that the same VM/ former VFD Dep. Chief is far…far away in the other end of town to see first- hand the error of  those remarks…

It is said the “scorched earth” plotting and planning in Bel Air has only just begun… “Butch and Son-Dunce” are said to be trying to pit the “Old Guard” against the new VFD, fearmongering  ….by suddenly questioning the VFD and its new leadership…WOW!…

But there is no “Old Guard” anymore…( except for CIC-Mc-Furth “Gang” propaganda) and the residents  in the north and in the south will not be so gullible…The overwhelming reaction to the demise of Dep. Chief McIntee remains one of happiness and support for the men and women who stood up and voted him out of any role within the department other than member…

Of course this writer would have preferred he was voted out of the VFD altogether…and the complaints in his file be made public…all 5 or more complaints we hear are in there…(a public records request has been made)…

The VFD should be on the lookout for any sort of “funny business” from McIntee and Comm. (He is not a nice guy) Silverstone…and nip it in the bud…

The voters must remember it was Jerry McIntee who brought the VFD down in 2006 ( according to his pal Marc Furth)  with his behind the scenes antics and payback…And it will be Jerry McIntee and Comm. (He’s not a nice guy) Silverstone that will bring it down again with their behind the scenes antics and payback if the VFD and the voters let him!…

Don’t let him!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … LBTS Beach Pavilion … Lake Colon ….

December 18, 2009 by Barbara







throughout the storm…over 4 hours on the evening of 12/17/09 ….

Thanks to the concerned citizen…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Waiting For A Change Pose ……

December 17, 2009 by Barbara

Waiting for March 9, 2010…. Breathe in….Exhale….

Timing is everything…Just after this writer posted the previous post (scroll down) ……I received the following e-mail…. from someone who wishes to remain anonymous…


From a concerned resident in Town… 12/17/09 ….

“….what happened that made the Town turn away all the people we had – we are losing numbers for every single class – most of the people who have to leave are 58 – 59 and live here in LBTS – they are sick – some started to cry today that they come – they have back and health issues and they have gotten better with the yoga class – what caused this?”


Dear Reader….see below…and please folks let the Commissioners and the Town know…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … You Just Knew This Would Happen …. Why Didn’t She? ….

December 17, 2009 by Barbara

Time To Step Down Commissioner Clottey …

Dear Readers … This writer walked up to Town Hall today to sit in for the opening of the bids for the sale of the Development Department trailer (ITB 09-12-01)  … As I approached the hall I saw the Director of the Senior Center sitting outside on the Jarvis Hall portico… I went to say hello…I was surprised to see him outside due to the LBTS staff Christmas luncheon going on inside Jarvis at that time.. I asked Armilio if he was invited and he told me no!… I told him he was in good company because the Mayor was not invited either!… I went on to also tell him Commissioner Dodd was not invited by the Manager until last night at 6 pm…and of course he could not attend on such short notice due to work commitments… Inside the hall was the Manager ..administrative staff and town employees…Marc and Cristie Furth…. Commissioner Silverstone as Santa (that costume must be pretty ripe by now…after Christmas- By- The-  Sea and Marie White Christmas) …BSO … AMR and the VFD… But the Director of the Senior Center was literally left out in the cold!… M.I.A. was Vice Mayor McIntee…and after asking about any “Butch” sightings…one invitee said…”I thought he’d show up as an Elf!”…The Mayor though uninvited stopped by to pick up her mail and popped in…We are told the Manager was quite cold toward her…not quite the same as when this writer observed in Town Hall Comm. Clottey come in only to be warmly greeted by Ms. Colon and told “You better hurry, they’re running out of food!”…So much for not playing politics!…

But there is something much more disturbing then the cold shoulder and the lack of a proper Town Manager  invite to the Town Christmas luncheon folks!…

Thanks to “Clueless” Commissioner Clottey…and her galpal Town Manager Colon…the Senior Center has now shut its doors to many of the people who enjoyed and participated in it for such a long time!…

You may recall from previous posts that it was Comm. Clottey who pushed the Manager to go for an RFP for the Senior Center…The Manager quickly and happily complied and assisted… She bypassed bringing it to the dais for discussion and underhandedly asked the Director to write a job description…Then she threw him under the bus when she used it to find his replacement…There was an uproar after this writer posted what they had done…Nevertheless their Mc-Gang joined along…and in the end they needed to cave …but not due to pressure from the petitions or the calls they received  from constituents…They caved from lack of anyone else swooping in for job!…At the meeting to approve the RFP the “Gang” tried to appease those angry with their actions…And the Manager was less than truthful concerning her intent of combining the Director’s duties to incorporate the recreation programs (although it is still in the contract)… Commissioner Clottey obviously didn’t think she had done enough damage …as she continued to push forward ideas that we were not complying with the criteria of what is allowed for such centers … She stated the center could only be used by seniors 65 or older and of moderate to low incomes…She also wanted excursions to plays etc…to be incorporated… The Manager said she would “oversee” the concerns of Clottey with “spot checks”…What a gal…oversight for the Senior Center…but none for the VFD!…

Armilio sent a letter to the Manager after that exchange looking for clarification on what age would be allowed. to use the facility….He received her reply…It is posted on the Senior Center door today…SADLY!…









Thanks to Clottey…no one under 60 can come and participate at the Senior Center

Thanks to Clottey…no renters / Tourists who come for season can participate at the Senior Center

Thanks to Clottey…the numbers will go down…and then folks…the Senior Center with a loss in the number of participants will be told by the Manager and Commissioner Clottey….it is no longer “viable” and it will close its doors to all…no matter what your age or residency is!…

Make sure to thank “Clueless” Commissioner Clottey… (info below)
Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey
Tel: 954-895-6595

[email protected]

She was instrumental in the termination of BSO Chief Scott Gooding…She was instrumental in the new town noise ordinance….She was instrumental in going after the Mayor….She was instrumental in her charges from the dais of resident’s “fear of calling the BSO”…She was instrumental in saying we have the homeless in our parks and portals (12/7/09 Comm. meeting- Pompan0 Pelican article 12/11/09)…She was instrumental in changing the Senior Center…She is instrumental in closing the door to many of those who for years enjoyed going to activities at the Senior Center no matter their age or their residency……and she will be instrumental in its possible demise !…

And while you’re at it make sure to thank her “Mentors”…the CIC and Marc and Cristie Furth”… Commissioner Birute Clottey doesn’t make an “instrumental”  move without them!…

By the way…the Development Department trailer ….RFP 09-12-01 ….had no bids!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … “Butch” McIntee and The “Son-Dunce” Kid ….

December 17, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … It looks like “Vice Mayor/ Former Dep. Chief Butch” McIntee and his “Son-Dunce” Kid…Commissioner Jimmy-boy Silverstone are “gunnin'” for the LBTS-VFD!…

We hear “Butch” is a sore lose (no surprise there) and he’s been M.I.A.  since his huge loss for his “shot” at being the new VFD Fire Chief!…He ‘s either slinked off with his tail between his legs to lick a few wounds…or he is plotting with his BFF to retaliate against those who gave these two their own chance to re-enact that famous scene in the movie… you all know the one…where Butch tells “Son-Dunce” to jump…he says no..”Son-Dunce”  says he’s can’t swim and Butch tells him “Are you kidding me, the fall will probably kill you!”… We hear “Butch” is ready to resign…and according to the VFD the process requires a letter and a talk with the Chief….then the letter goes into the “inactive” file…Hmmm ….anyone taking bets on this one…….

While trying to climb their way out of this …we are told behind the scenes …the “Son-Dunce-Kid” has taken that final plunge…leaving no doubt that “Jimmy is not a nice guy”…He is “Butch’s” sidekick  through thick and thin… episode after episode…but just like in the movies the sequels never live up to the original…and soon the audience gets tired and moves on ….

The “audience” in town…and in the department feel like they just moved on all right from the old “black and white”of the past 4 years …to HD…color enhanced …with a wide-screen view of possibilities for next 4!..

Rumblings are that their “Gang” is not offering any shelter from this self- imposed storm “Butch” created….and they are actively looking for a new “Gun-slinger” or two or three…. perhaps a new “sidekick”  to lead the way …It’s “Nuts!”… The dwindling CIC…has been “waving of the white flag” at various gatherings..(Too little…too late!)…A look at the CIC site shows…finding someone to take up the Furth cause…

“The CIC meeting will be on Sunday, January 3rd, 2010. By that time we should know the candidates for the March 2010 election, and will be able to decide which candidates deserve the CIC endorsement.” …

Now that sounds desperate…and what is the  Furth “cause” anywhooo?…Whatever “epiphany” Cristie Furth “sees on any given day!……

Waving the white flag as well is the woman who stood alongside the “boys”… Manager Esther Colon….Hmmmm….Today is the Town Staff holiday luncheon and Manager Colon ever the tactless wonder…decided to extend an invitation to one Commissioner long her “S–T list”…at 6 pm last night…but this Commissioner should not be insulted though… for we hear the Mayor…was not invited at all!… Hmmm…and this writer figured the Commissioner was higher on Colon’s “S–T list” than Minnet!…

The question is…will “Butch and Son-Dunce” make a pilgrimage today at lunch to sit down among just what might be the last group in town willing to break bread?…

Whatever happens…if these two best buddies…mount their “brooms” and sweep off into the sunset…after the dust settles…this really will be the “prettiest town in America” once again…No new slogans are required…Thank you very much…

more to come………….

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Here’s The Scoop … Town Of LBTS Represented By The Short Straw? …

December 16, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … This writer attended the December Code Hearing at 1:30 pm in Jarvis Hall today with Special Magistrate Gordon Linn…On the docket today were two items…The first was a hearing on a boat lift in the south end of town…It was the 3rd time after meeting  in October and November … and because the Town was so poorly represented by the newest employee in code enforcement,  it will be continued yet again to January!…

What an embarrassment for the Town…and a disservice to those residents impacted by this inexcusable decision to send in the ill-prepared “rookie”…while Development Director Jeff Bowman was “in meetings all day”…according to the code officer sent to deal with this case… (Didn’t we get rid of the Fire Marshall because there is nothing going on in our town?)…

The Judge told the code officer Cary Tullos after she could only produce a minimal amount of information to the judge, with no backup or explanation to even assist in its entry into evidence that she had not presented any evidence needed to show any impact of the side property lines …The judge had to lead her and coach her from that point on!…

The residents were sitting in the audience with their lawyers up alongside the code officer at the podium….The code officer “representing” our town finally said … it was not her case…that she had no further information and could not offer up anything else…and was asking for another continuance…

The judge asked the lawyers if they wanted to present and then forgo coming back yet again, recognizing there is a financial impact to the continuance…but added, he was going to continue it!..

BC- What attorney would advise their client to come back without them?…WOW!…

One attorney representing one of the neighbors did speak and after a short period of back and forth with the judge over the Town’s code…or lack thereof regarding “riparian lines” in comparison to other cities.. …The judge asked if the opposing attorney had anything to add…Before that attorney could respond the judge told him”You’d be better off not to”..Taking is cue… he did not…And with that the case was continued to Jan. 22, 2010…Let’s see if the Town can manage to send someone from the Development office? …Perhaps our Director can make it,if he’s done with his “meetings”!…

Next up was the ongoing case of Karen D’Uva-Bradley

Readers may recall that this one has been ongoing since 2008..( prev. posts)…. It had to do with a shed that was put up without a permit…Mrs. D’Uva- Bradley  and her late husband were cited for it…It was when we had the former head of development in charge…The chain of events went downhill quickly in this case…from the residents being disparaged by the Development department and the Town Manager at a commission meeting they were not present for…The D’Uva-Bradley’s also had to deal at the same time with the tragic illness Mr. Breadley’s succumbed to….After a period of time Mrs D’Uva-Bradley decided to try and get the shed and some other property improvements back on track and straightened out…She went “in good faith” according to attorney, to the Town and followed the process…It was  difficult, convoluted and time consuming…as well costly…but she persevered…despite changes in the commission…the development department and the Town boards… She was given conflicting information and endured it all from staff, town boards and even commissioners…What they asked for she complied with…and finally when she thought it was nearing completion, it “was all for naught” again, according to her attorney today in Jarvis Hall…

This writer agrees with his assessment…..In my opinion Mrs D’Uva-Bradley  made the ultimate mistake up at the podium on the day of  the commission vote to give her the green light or put the kabosh on her projects…She was honest and spoke of what the town staff did… OOPS!… True to form Vice Mayor McIntee in the throes of the Manager Review to come …was “protecting” the town employees…and shut it down…along with his BFF Commissioner Silverstone. The third vote against her items was from Mayor Minnet who stood her ground on this project. There was a difference in their decision to vote no…The Mayor’s had precedence, while for the BFF’s it was pure payback for her comments of Town staff….. Commissioner Dodd and Commissioner Clottey voted to yes to affirm the advice of the Board of Adjustment who were represented by two members backing the approval for the variances…

Mrs. D’Uva-Bradley  was “sent packing” and it was now the end of the line …She needed to take down the shed…which she did in October according to today’s information……She went in front of the Special Magistrate in November and was told she now had $40,000 + in fines to pay…on two separate items going back to March 2009 while she was involved in the process… Mrs. D’Uva-Bradly  said she nearly fainted…Again, she reiterates she was told by a development department employee  no longer employed in our town that she need not worry about any fines while going through the proper channels to rectify the situation…. She was to return today with her attorney…

She came back and found just as we all did that the Town did not send in the Development Director…She also was handed papers with charges for the two items and a change in plans for what the Town was seeking? ……Now the Town was seeking reimbursement for Town time…during the process…

The Town again was represented by the “newbie” Code Officer Cary Tullos…There was discussion on whether  the items should be dealt with together or separately …Code Officer Tullos said they went “hand in hand”…and the judge said he would take them separately and then divide them “50/50″….After that the attorney for Mrs. D’Uva-Bradley  did a quick review about how they got to this place…(as described above)…The judge asked code enforcement if she had  anything to add…she said “I have nothing your Honor.”…He asked Mrs. D’Uva-Bradley …and she answered as straightforward as she has since the beginning  of this ordeal… She said that she tried to follow the process as she was instructed and was “treated unfairly by the city” … The judge said he would “try to be fair” …He said she did put up a shed without a permit, and that he understood the difficulties she went through with the demise of her husband and the Board of Adjustment …He then ruled on both items separately…He “mitigated” each to $250 to be paid within 30 days. …If not, they would revert to the original amount….The attorney thanked the judge….

No matter what your opinion is on Mrs. D’Uva-Bradley  and her shed…There can be no argument that she was in fact treated poorly by the Town from the top on down…She was given inadequate and inaccurate information over a long period of time. She was met with substandard employees from the beginning all the way to today …and no taxpaying resident of any town should have to go through that!…

Unfortunately what happened in this case is not unusual, and it is not the exception, it is in fact the standard in LBTS….It will not change until we have a new commission and a new Town administration who will then hire highly qualified Department Heads to instruct the residents …represent the Town and answer the judge’s questions!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town …. Kickin’ Up Their Heels … And Dancing In The Streets …

December 15, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …. Christmas came early in Lauderdale-By – The Sea …with the new elections last night in the VFD!…

Today the men and women of the department were greeted with universal support…countless thumbs up…enthusiastic high-fives…and sincere gratitude for the new leadership overwhelmingly voted in last night at their annual election… Here are the new VFD leaders for the new year…effective immediately after the vote …

Fire Chief: Robert Perkins
Deputy Fire Chief: Joseph Padden
Battalion Chief: Kevin Padden
Captain: Juan Sanchez
Lieutenants: Brad Fabian & Danilio Goyochea

As previously posted there was the complaint to contend with before the vote. It was made by a firefighter over an incident, an altercation with Dep. Chief McIntee in Mexico while wearing his VFD shirt….It was read aloud to the members…and we are told today by the VFD  that it has been put in McIntee’s file where it will remain along with (it is said) at least 5 other complaints made against him… …with no further action taken at this time…

We also heard that behind the scenes in the days prior to this vote there was full out dissension between McIntee and some close longtime political handler-supporters over his sudden decision to run for Chief… It was something he promised he would not do… We hear he was told by the VFD he would have to resign from the commission and that the resignation was to be submitted prior to the vote…But, then the “backpedaling” began…and in the end…true of form…McIntee (it is said) came to the meeting and “offered” to resign “in the near future”…(surprise…surprise)…

There was also a lot happening in the days leading up to the vote with those members voting in the new leadership…We now know that they really did mean what they said when they spoke up at the podium in Jarvis Hall, at some holiday parties and throughout the Town emphatically stating Jerry McIntee is not the VFD…and they were tired of hearing negative feedback and there was going to be a change….

Last night when it was all finally over, the former Deputy Chief tore out of the station, jumped into his coveted red command car, hit the gas, and ran the stop sign as he headed home to empty it out in his driveway at approximately 10 pm… Tonight though, it had a new home… We saw that cleaned out command car sitting in front of the fire house…and seated inside was newly elected Deputy Chief Joe Padden!… Nice!…

Some say McIntee is going to do “scorched earth” on Chief Perkins and the department… and he and his BFF ( He’s not a nice guy!) Silverstone may have already begun the process …If it’s true…it will be yet another in a long line of bad moves…another big gamble…that he will lose….. For how can he justify it? …He would have to eat his words of past praise … and look like what he is today…diminished, irrelevant and defeated….. with no one to blame but himself!…

Commissioner Dodd went in bright and early to congratulate Chief Perkins and the new officers….In the afternoon Mayor Minnet did the same…Both candidates Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent sent e-mails to congratulate the Chief asking him to pass on their congratulations and support to the other fine gentlemen elected in alongside him …

In the local restaurants…the neighborhood stores…and on the streets of our little town from one end to the other there is something we have not seen around here in a very long time…We saw smiles…big…big… big smiles on the faces of our friends and our neighbors as well as those we have been at odds with……They’re kickin’ up their heels and feeling almost giddy at the very real possibility that this feeling could become the norm for all of us……

On March 9, 2010…we can do for the Town what these brave firefighters did for the VFD… we too can vote to do the right thing for Lauderdale-By- The Sea…..

more to come…

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