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Here’s The Scoop … “Nothing Political When I’m On The Fire Side “…

November 25, 2009 by Barbara



“2-HAT” McIntee …ON VFD BEACH PATROL …11/21/09…

Comm. Comments …11/10/09 … McIntee ” I don’t get political. If somebody starts talking politics I go the other way and everybody knows that. That’s why you haven’t read about it in the other paper about me saying, Anything I would say would be blown out of proportion, I know that, so there’s no way I’m going to. Nothing political when I’m on the fire side.”…

According to the “Roving Reporter…the photo’s above are Vice Mayor/VFD Dep. Chief McIntee on VFD Beach Patrol …with his name plate-sign on the VFD-ATV (still allowed when he declares his candidacy?) … politicking and handing out pamphlets and cards….Hmmmm……He sure doesn’t look like he’s “going the other way”… Stop the presses!….

Thanks to the “Roving Reporter”….

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Lake Colon Rising ….Once Again …

November 25, 2009 by Barbara

NOT MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR ……… Lauderdale -By- The- Sea Beach pavilion Nov.25, 2009



more to come…….

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Here’s The Scoop … Sometimes When You Fall It’s Your Own Fault …

November 24, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…Let’s get this one out of the way…looks can be deceiving…and though Commissioner Jim Silverstone looks like the  “nice guy” voters thought he was in 2006….He is NOT a nice guy anymore in 2009!….. He is a “complicit guy ” who “willfully” joined forces becoming  “fully engaged” in all thing McIntee-Furth and Colon … And those who voted for McIntee…a man they knew nothing about, because he was “nice guy” Jim Silverstone’s pal…. say they are not going to make that mistake again… Those who voted for these “2-Hats”  in 2006 have seen the despicable antics on and off the dais in their first  ( and only) term…The decline in decorum accelerated in 2008 when Jim’s BFF McIntee was installed as the Vice Mayor (despite Jimmy’s post election-pre-Vice Mayor nomination “promise” to the new commissioners of “a kindlier, gentler Jerry, once he became Vice Mayor”) and in 2009 when McIntee again became VFD Deputy Chief ( with a big Jimmy-boy assist )…going against the VFD By-laws and the 2007  promises they both made ….

It is painful to watch the befuddled speech of “pacific ethnics”…”udder”…and the disjointed repetitious commentary that comes from his time at the microphone… His “statistics” are seriously flawed and lack any validity for why he would spend time on them in the first place…His uneven, unfathomable attempts made for trying to reconcile the bad acts taken by his “gang” further prove ….this is no “nice guy”…

The 7 minutes of Commissioner Comments made by Commissioner Silverstone on Nov. 10, 2009 again spell out what is wrong with having him as an elected official in this town…And as in previous posts…by using his own words…there is no way he can accuse anybody of attacking him, not being honest …no calling foul, Coach Jim! ….

CS- “Thank you, I don’t know where to begin at this point. Um, as I’ve been trying to do for the last ah, since I can remember. I’ve been trying to write down the ah, the ah, responses from the public during public comments and answering them as best I could and now I’m getting accused of attacking people by doing that which I think is funny.”

“There seems to be a sporting event, a new sporting event in town. Because we’re public servants up here I think people have the idea that you can just throw stuff at us and say things to us and we have to sit up here and we can’t respond back. When I do respond back it doesn’t do any good cause I hear the same thing over and over again and it becomes a sporting, thanks for acknowledging that. It becomes like a sporting event up here. It’s absolute torture to sit up here and not having to directly respond. But when I do get a chance to respond it still doesn’t make any difference. So logically the conclusion I can make is that this is pre-planned and this group of people are getting together and doing this! And ah, it’s, it’s anti- American! It’s anti- Town to do something like that!”

“Having said that I will go through the comments again like I always try to do.”

“Accountability, that works both sides and also I would appreciate it if the people in charge of information that the public reads in whatever forum,there’s a standard of “ethnics” regarding that too. If you go online pull up blogger or press ethics you will read that to yourself a favor ah, you will find that there’s a lot of contradictions here.”

He went on to speak of “Chrissie” Furth and Halloween… and perpetrated the ruse of “saving” the Town $1200 dollars by spending only $1800 of the $4000 dollars budgeted for the Halloween event…He knows from all his years of participating as “Dracula” that the years of purchases the Furths made …reimbursed by the Town (taxpayers) are in the thousands…and are kept in the still unsold west side warehouse…so spending less was just the same as the false claims made for 4th of July when the Mc-Furths claimed less used for the very same ploy…re-use of the items purchased on the previous year’s event!…OOPS!… (A PRR is expected of the event and will be posted)…He went on to say…

CS- ” I worked maybe ten percent of the time Marc and Crissie Furth worked . They wore me out and I , it took me two days to recover and I lost my voice like I do every year playing Dracula. I’m in the back in the room there scaring the adults more than the kids. It’s my little payback! It’s a lot of fun, it’s a lot of work and again I shouldn’t say this.”….


Commissioner Silverstone ” If I run again, I don’t want anybody to vote for me that hasn’t participated in doing something for this town other than criticize us. If you don’t give your time back to the community, I don’t want you to vote for me. I hope I make that clear. I don’t want to represent that!”


“Cause that’s just, when people attack me up here, that’s kind of like what you call somebody who can’t defend themselves and so who’s that person that attacks them? They’re a bully. Again, you guys, some people out there have turned into the same thing you’re trying to, to, to defend this town with but you don’t, but we’ll see what happens next election.”

“As Abraham Lincoln wrote during the Civil War, at the end of the day he had faith in the American people that they would wise up and, and know that what the truth is, and what honesty is and I think the same thing is gonna happen this election.”

Most in the audience were snickering of course…thinking of all the votes he just said he did not want…along with thoughts of Abraham Lincoln saying “wise up”… and then the follow-up after  his “Honest Abe”fairytale …was to repeat the “gang’s”misleading pre-payment payoff  explanation…of “saving ” the Town a million by paying it off … instead of being “honest” and telling the constituents that the Town Manager held on to the loans too long…costing the town $300,000 !…

He spoke to Mark Brown, who stood at public comments about the poor response to skewed townwide survey with the deceptive maximum height limit question and recounted the Vice Mayor’s negative actions toward him on a past north side survey that was sent to members of the SBCA organization in comparison to this one…Commissioner Silverstone…CIC- endorsed member, Commissioner Silverstone…told Mr Brown ” but you also said in your talk that it was only members that you gave this response to. Well I think that says it all right there. You can’t do a ah, statistical analysis that’s jaded like that!”

Comm. Silverstone tried to ask about Candidate Scot Sasser’s well researched questions concerning the county plan for garbage…and was precluded from any further embarrassment when the manager said she was looking into it and would confer with the Mayor and the resident (Scot Sasser)…

It would not be Commissioner comments without including the VFD… “2-Hats”…don’t ya know…

CS-” VFD is properly trained and properly managed and accused, being brought up again and again and again. Let’s look at all the vendors in this town. It seems to be focused only on the VFD for whatever reason.”

CS- ” Pension benefit, I thought I explained this pretty clearly the last time. The benefit, you have to derive from the town. That’s state money. That’s pennies. But it’s not benefiting, it’s not coming from the town contract. You know that’s from the state and well that’s, that’s…”…(In the background it appears Vice Mayor McInee can be heard from his chair at the other end to say “stop talking”…OUCH!…

Commissioner Silverstone after being “slapped down”?…by his BFF over the pension went on to thank his supporters…such as Renee’ O’Neal…CIC-board member- recipient of the $20 annual beach parking pass reduction…and “Rosie” the CIC- member-Tomato lady…who came to the podium and tried to disparage Silverstone and McIntee’s  opponents in her best Roseann Rosannadana …persona…saying fondly ” She brings a lot of wisdom to her talk and it’s always nice hearing her.”…Last time at the podium, the Tomato lady said she did not want to hear about history…she just wanted her annual hardship permits lowered!… This time she did not want any candidates to come prepared and read their words…she wanted them to come like her and speak..YIKES!… By the way “Rosie’s” son…is the highest paid non- officer VFD member in the department from his fire and medical call responses…as well as being employed by the town as a parking officer…that’s called a “patronage” supporter…and as a native of Chicago, Commissioner Silverstone understands that!…Honest Abe,he does…

Commisioner Silverstone.. in his own words.. is NOT a nice guy!…”Wise up!” LBTS voters…

“As Abraham Lincoln wrote during the Civil War, at the end of the day he had faith in the American people that they would wise up and, and know that what the truth is, and what honesty is and I think the same thing is gonna happen this election.”…

There’s always basketball…Coach Jim!…..It’s a McIntee Free Zone!

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop … Is Mr Oliver In The House? …

November 24, 2009 by Barbara

TOWN HALL EAST … 11/24/09  ……… Siesta Time…



Is Commissioner Clottey in the Town Hall East?… Bewildered and Besotted?…What a “kick in the teeth” for LBTS voters!..

Thanks to the “Roving Reporter”…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas …

November 24, 2009 by Barbara

IN THE SQUARE … Lauderdale-By-The-Sea… 11/24/09…



A crew is putting up the LBTS Christmas tree today ….

Tree lighting on December 9, 2009

LBTS Chamber Of Commerce Christmas- By -The -Sea 5-9 pm…

Thanks to the “Roving Reporter”…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … PAYING IT OFF …. ASAP …..

November 23, 2009 by Barbara

“The Commission voted tonight to pay off the General and Capital LOANS ASAP”…Town Manager Esther Colon 9/14/09

Dear Readers… This writer received a Public Records Request last week on the two promissory notes the Commission voted to pay off on September 14, 2009 at the Special Budget Meeting…

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm …per the online minutes found under Special Meetings …

At 8:41 pm Town Manager sent an e-mail to Shawn Sackman at Sun Trust Bank/ Cc to Kaola King; Anderson. Greg (Kaola King is the LBTS Finance Director)

“The Commission voted tonight to pay off the General and Capital LOANS ASAP.”

“Please provide pay off amounts so that checks can be disbursed and delivered tomorrow to Greg.”



On Tuesday Sept. 15, 2009 at 3:25pm Sean Sackman sent a response e-mail to Esther Colon/ Cc Kaola King; Anderson. Greg; Marasco. Charles

“Esther -please see enclosed loan payoffs as of today.”

“Obligor 40097403

Obligation #26 (Capital)

Rate 4.30%

Renewal Date 05/28/03

Maturity Date 09/26/11

Current balance $2,617, 986.72

Interest accrued thru 9/09/09 $24,697.87

Prepayment Penalty $61,988.93

Payoff as of 9/15/09; $2, 704,673.52″

” Obligation # 109 (General)

Rate 4.10%

Renewal Date 10/12/2005

Maturity Date 09/30/2020

Current Balance $3, 210, 999.29

Interest accrued thru 9/09/09 $27, 427.29

Prepayment Penalty $232,473.93

Payoff as of 9/15/09: $3,470, 901.19″


So there you have it…the answer to all the questions many had if any negotiation was taken for the prepayment of $294, 462.86…There was none!…

The Town Manager went back after the meeting …which ended at 6:50 pm and in less than 2 hours (at 8:41 pm) she sent the 2 line unsigned e-mail stating ….

“The Commission voted tonight to pay off the General and Capital LOANS ASAP.”

“Please provide pay off amounts so that checks can be disbursed and delivered tomorrow to Greg.”

No doubt if pressed,  this Town Manager will respond to why there was no action taken to negotiate. She will say that the Commission gave her the direction to pay if off and she did as she was directed…..$$$$$$$$$$$$$ …Now, she listens to them!…OUCH!!!.

more to come………..

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Here’s The Scoop …FLASHBACK! … Reprimand The Mayor … Cuckoo Comes A- Calling …Yet Again …

November 23, 2009 by Barbara

“THIS IS NOT A JOKE, MAYOR ” …Comm. Birute Clottey 11/10/09

Dear Readers … Flashback time on the dais…circa 2006-07…. “Been there, done that” …The “writing’s on the web” for the current majority…4 months away from extinction..It is clear to those who participated in the previous campaigns emanating out of Town Hall East (aka Blue Seas Courtyard/Furth BTSTimes Hdqtrs) …..This time aiming for the Mayor , this writer …and anyone else in their sights…that will play a role in their demise… That “role” …getting out the vote to replace them!…

At the Nov. 10, 2009 meeting during the Vice Mayor’s long, long, long winded ( aren’t they all?)…Commissioner Comments…(time to run the dais clock for all in the hall and at home to see his long winded politicking minutes tick away)..McIntee had just begun on one of his well known “bluffs”…The one that involves total “recall” of buddy, buddy conversations to disparage someone while offering himself “cover”  because he always makes sure his fellow conversationalist is absent so as to not contradict the exchange or counter that it even took place at all!…

At this point in McIntee’s comments he was droning on about several exchanges ( 4 or 5) he claims to have had with the State Attorney, to state he informed the Atty. that  Mr Brandt had it in for him [VM] because Mr Brandt was terminated from the VFD …. ( a questionable termination, due to a loss of Mr Brandt’s father ) …The Mayor implored the Vice Mayor to stop his distasteful diatribe…and the Vice Mayor answered her back  “Is it any different than what they do to me?”….. (Flashback!) …Mr Brandt responded from the audience that he was not an elected official…The Vice Mayor responded to his constituent, Mr Brandt…”Oh, ok, but you can yell out. You can yell out!…(Flashback!)…Applause drowned out the Vice Mayor as he made this response…(Flashback!)…. and that’s when “Clueless” Clottey jumped in… The same Birute Clottey who has spent the past month going to the opponents of the Vice Mayor and his BFF Silverstone telling them to run …( she is being coached to do so from her pals at Town Hall East and/or she is hedging her position once she is in the minority after March 9th …) …Comm. Clottey ” Ah, excuse me Madam Mayor, you’re job is to control the meeting, . Please do so.”… There was one clap from the audience…from CIC Vice Chair Joe Couriel (the same Joe Couriel that said outside Jarvis Hall “McIntee is God!”) …(Flashback!)… The Mayor responded to Mr. Couriel’s clap with her own clap…and Comm Clottey was angry…” Madam Mayor, I’m asking for you to control the meeting and there are people that are speaking back and you are supposed to give them a warning!”……The Mayor responded “I give everyone in the audience including this commission a warning.”…..Clottey was furious “This is not a joke Mayor. This is not a joke!”… (Flashback!)…BFF Jim Silvestone (He is NOT a nice guy!) dove in “I make a motion to reprimand the Mayor!” … (Flashback!) …The audience booed and groaned…and then laughed at Silverstone and Clottey for the ridiculous orchestrated motion… (Flashback!) …The Mayor tried to calm the room by saying “Let’s all take a deep breath.”…But that was not part of the Mc-Furth plan…The Vice Mayor said “No, I second that!”… (Flashback!) …The Mayor knowing full well there was no way to stop this train-wreck said “Fine, let’s reprimand the Mayor. That’s fine, there’s a motion”… The roll was called (seems the voting board has been out of order since the Halloween event…Hmmm)… The vote was as expected 3-2 Silverstone, Clottey, McIntee vote yes to the reprimand …Mayor and Comm. Dodd vote no…(Flashback!) …The Mayor said “Ok, now that I’m reprimanded what would you like to do?”… The Vice Mayor jumped in to say “I think it’s certainly symbolic Mayor.But it’s my time to talk”… (Flashback!) …This was the only honest thing that came out of McIntee’s mouth during his comments!… He continued disparaging his constituent and eagerly embellished any”relationship” he has with the State Atty. ..(Can the State Atty. really be so cozy with a Vice Mayor  with McIntees’ probable cause track record?)…

Now ain’t funny that this new “Turkey” ( 1 week late) edition of the poorly distributed (lack of funds?) Mc-Furth paper has included from Clottey, a story about a 6th grade substitute teacher (Moe McIntee-light) .. and has Furth-er tried to pull the wool over the eyes of those with short memories…or new to the LBTS political arena in dishing out cries of lack of decorum on the dais and in the hall …(Flashback!) … Perhaps it’s time for the Professor to  pull out the 2006-2007 commission videos ( current CIC Pres/ BTST Editor Bob Roberts regularly distributed them)…take a seat, get a bucket of popcorn…and with her newly reconstituted “mentor”…purported “fast food eating buddy” and her announced nominee for the Hillsboro Inlet, “Mr Oliver Parker” (Former Mayor Parker…he of the failed CIC-led recall- [see below]…Flashback!)… watch as each video exposes the “decorum” from those seated on the CIC- side of Jarvis Hall…and the over-the-top heated exchanges on the dais between the BFF “Broom Boys” McIntee and Silverstone  vs. “Mr. Olivier” … (Flashback!)…

Comm. Clottey wrote ” In my opinion, rolling once eye’s, smirking, changing one’s voice to play supporting, and make fun of others is a rather strange route toward maintaining respect and fairness. Obviously others have different opinions.”… Did she run this one by “Mr. Oliver?”……. This from “nails on a chalkboard” Clottey, the “besotted” Town commissioner who has regularly embarrassed and offended so many of her constituents with her off the Marc (pun intended) behavior toward the BSO, businesses, attorneys and no surprise…especially to this writer  …. the Mayor…. the recipient of this oddly versed opinion piece!… She has had it in for the Mayor since running as a candidate …. (catfight!)……(Flashback!)…

The Mc-Furths… continued their politically motivated “reprimand” of the Mayor in their Moe McIntee (Truth Deflector/#1 suspect for the 11/11/09 anonymous letter writer? prev. post) “Town Tidbits”… (Flashback!)….. The same Moe McIntee who suddenly now has glowing words of appreciation for former foe-Mayor Oliver Parker…the new “Oracle” of the Mc-Furth-BTSTimes Gang!… Talk about “Old Guard”…Talk about “Cuckoo For Coconuts”….Talk about  a 2006 FLASHBACK!….When you finish the videos, Commissioner… you may want to proceed to Google….


(With Commentary )….full text link w/out below…

“Cuckoo for Coconuts
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea may lose its soul over a political firefight.

By Bob Norman
Published on December 21, 2006

“Mayor Oliver Parker knows he’s the most unpopular person in his own town.”

(VM McIntee  should know he’s the most unpopular person in his town.)

“A hundred-and-fifty years ago there probably would have been tar and feathers involved. Pitchforks and a greased rail would have likely also come into play.’

(Ditto -VM!)

“Looked at that way, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Mayor Oliver Parker can be thankful. He’s only facing a recall petition, an endless stream of insults, and the undying ire of a large percentage of his constituency.”


“Parker, who has been mayor of the town since 1998, may very well be the most reviled politician in Broward County right now, per capita. And if you listen to him, the conflict boils down to a couple of time-honored staples of subtropical life, coconuts and bared breasts.”

Those are the first things that the mayor brings up when asked about the issue that is ripping his quaint and unique beach burg apart: The hostile takeover of the town’s fire services by the Broward Sheriff’s Office.”

(STILL-Ditto!….The McIntee -Furth 2010 re-election playbook)

“The longstanding Volunteer Fire Department was ousted from the town after BSO terminated its contract in November. Parker made the motion and cast the deciding vote to kill the 60-member VFD. The sheriff’s office then locked the volunteers out of the town firehouse and commandeered their fire trucks and equipment.”

(Ah, “Mr Oliver”….Clottey’s nominee for the Hillsboro Inlet)….

“The town’s surrender to empire-building Sheriff Ken Jenne enraged many of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea’s most civic-minded residents. Think Wal-Mart swallowing Mayberry. Darth Vader trumping Luke Skywalker. To them, the move was nothing less than a Gestapo tactic and another sign of democracy’s demise in their hyphenated town of 7,000 people.”

(Playbook 2010…to keep in power)

“At last week’s city commission meeting, several citizens lined up to berate the mayor. It’s a regular occurrence these days. And a newly formed Recall Oliver Parker Committee has already procured more than 700 signatures, which, if their petition stands, is enough to force a recall vote on Parker next year.”

(Nah,according to the “revisionist” CIC history…the current podium participants are something new to Jarvis Hall!)

“These people are our family; they help get us through hurricanes,” five-year resident Lisa Maxwell told the mayor last week, outrage dripping from her voice. “Why did you turn away from your history?”

Calling Lisa Maxwell, will there be enough of you to believe it is 2006 again?…Hmmm… how about blacktopping your road?…Free Kool-aid at the door!)

“It’s a good question, one that I posed to Parker during a phone interview last week. That’s when he told me about breasts and coconuts.”

“First off, I’m a supporter of the Volunteer Fire Department, always have been and always will be,” said the 55-year-old Republican who missed being elected to the Florida Legislature in 2004 by a mere 12 votes. “But I believe the volunteer fire department has to be professionally trained. Back in January, the department elected a chief and deputy chief who had no business being chief and deputy chief. They had no qualifications whatsoever.”

(New VFD…leadership problem…FLASHBACK!)…

“I’ll give you an example. We had an incident last October where a firefighter was cooking hamburgers for rescue workers right after Hurricane Wilma. A young lady comes up to the firefighter who was doing the cooking and says, ‘May I have a hamburger?’ He tells her she has to take her shirt off and show everybody her boobs. And she does it.”

“The horror. The woman did, indeed, flash her assets to at least some of the hungry volunteers. But the firefighter/cook in question, none other than Deputy Fire Chief Jerry McIntee, who is also a city commissioner, says he didn’t ask the woman to do it.”

“You drive down the beach and women are flashing the fire truck — c’mon, it’s South Florida,” says the married McIntee, who retired to Florida after a career as a police officer and arson investigator in Buffalo. “I didn’t see any boobs. She had a halter top and a throw thing on and she took it off and I told her to put her clothes back on. Apparently, she’s about 35 years old and she’s an exhibitionist-type person.”

(Yep, he was still using the “career cop” crap)….

“The real bottom line is that this guy [Parker] has turned into an ogre. He has the town furious at him.”

(The real bottom line is that this guy [McIntee] has turned into a bully. He has the town furious at him)

“The mayor says he’s just protecting the town, even if it hates him for it. He points to the fact that the volunteers were taking coconuts — which could become dangerous in hurricanes — down from trees as part of a paid training exercise.”

(The Vice Mayor says “He’s” protecting the town….Hmmm… Flashback!)

“Parker is most angry that they were taking the coconuts from some of their own yards.”

“That’s misappropriation of funds, embezzlement, and theft,” Parker says. “They could have done it on town trees and there would be no problem, but instead they decided to provide a special benefit to private citizens.”

(No oversight…thanks to the Town Manager…so any continuation …”hands off”…until after March 2010)

“Again, McIntee scoffs.”


“We have taken coconuts out of all sorts of people’s trees,” he says. “If it happens to be a volunteer’s house, well that’s what we do. If an old lady asks us to take their coconuts down, we’ll be there. Before the hurricane, an old lady called and said she needed help with her shutters. We had 12 guys over there to board up her house. We did this 30 or 40 times.”

“In other words, it’s typical small town stuff, which is the way the overwhelming majority of the people seem to like it. The volunteers respond to a pet dog stuck in a canal. BSO doesn’t. The volunteers cook burgers for hurricane victims and help them with their shutters. BSO doesn’t.”

(Get ready…to take out VFD and put in LBTS Police Dept…if the current majority wins)

“And the VFD has been around for a half-century without many complaints. It wasn’t until 2000 that the trouble began.
That year, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, which lies just north of Fort Lauderdale, annexed a piece of beach to its north, nearly doubling its population. “New Town,” as it’s commonly called, had none of the charm of traditional Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, which is now known as, you guessed it, “Old Town.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook -Flashback!)

“New Town has sterile and imposing condos lining the beach. Old Town has little old motels with names like “High Noon” and “Sea Spray” and “A Little Inn By The Sea.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!)

“New Town has a 15-story height limit, Old Town’s is a mere three. And New Town had massive contractor BSO as its fire service provider, while Old Town had just the little VFD.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!)

“The cost difference was jarring — at first, BSO was charging New Town residents five times what the VFD residents were paying for fire protection. And initially Parker vowed not to let BSO take over Old Town.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!)

“But Sheriff Ken Jenne has been a master at usurping the towns of Broward County. That’s a given — and Parker eventually gave in. In 2004, he helped the five-member commission pass a resolution to put BSO in command of the VFD. Of the $2 million contract for fire service paid to the sheriff’s office, it subcontracted the VFD for about $500,000.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!…except now the VFD costs close to a million…with a $2 million dollar crappy motel and a$3 million dollar “fire garage that sleeps firefighter”…if the majority stays)….

“By that time, the two agencies were already involved in a bitter turf war. And there was growing consternation about it in the town, which overwhelmingly supports the volunteers. Parker also was gaining political enmity for his growing commiseration with developers. The mayor isn’t shy about the fact that he wants to tear down the old motels and redevelop the town with condo and hotel projects.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!… But this is “Mr Oliver” the CIC- Mc-Furth “Oracle” of heights…Hmmmm…..)

“So the town, led by a small newspaper called By The Sea Times, turned on the mayor. In March, VFD leaders McIntee and James Silverstone ran for the commission against two incumbents who favored BSO, Ed Kennedy and David Wessels. The volunteers crushed the competition, gained two seats on the commission, and stunned Parker and the old guard.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!….But this is “Mr. Oliver the man quoted in the new Furth owned BTSTimes!…Hmmm…)

“In that same election, the town voted on a referendum to impose term limits. The measure, aimed squarely at putting Parker out of office, was passed by a resounding 74 percent of the vote.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!)

“The mayor responded by making Sheriff Jenne — who has been hobbled by scandal himself — the grand master of the town’s July 4 parade this year.”

( This year’s 2009 CIC Citizens of the Year…BTSTimes Publisher /Editor & owners Marc & Cristie Furth)….

“And he still controlled a three-vote bloc majority — with commissioners John Yanni (who happens to be employed by BSO) and Chuck Clark. It was that trio that ousted the VFD in November.”

(a three-vote bloc majority- with commissioners Silverstone (who happens to be a VFD member), McIntee (who happens to be a VFD member), and Birute Clottey. It is the trio that will oust the BSO Police if the two are re-elected in March)

“The vote came after BSO terminated its contract with the volunteers, saying they weren’t safe, and backing it up with a list of minor complaints.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!…. longtime VFD members who have left due to McIntee have repeated these complaints…due to substandard training and leadership)

“What BSO did was dump the volunteers and get a bonus of three quarters of a million dollars in equipment that was bought by Lauderdale-by-the-Sea,” McIntee says. “[The BSO fire department] has no home so they try to steal other people’s homes to exist. They will do anything they can to control what they can.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!…. McIntee got a 2 million dollar crappy motel…trucks…toys…He will do anything he can to control what he can.)

“Because VFD can serve the town for about half the cost of BSO, it’s commonly believed that Parker has struck up an unholy alliance with Jenne. “There is no reasonable justifiable reason to terminate the volunteers the way they did,” says Silverstone, the volunteer fire chief and new city commissioner. “Terminating the contract and kicking us out of our own station and taking our equipment, they didn’t need to do that. There must be some backroom politics going on here.”

(2010 Mc-Furth playbook- Flashback!…. Silverstone ….who spent 2 years insisting the Town Manager’s contract was the same as the former Town Manager….who voted against VFD by-laws for McIntee to be Dep. Chief…Who is NOT a nice guy!)

“Parker admits he’s become friends with Jenne, but says they aren’t close and he has cut no deal with the sheriff.”

(Parker admits he’s become friends with Clottey, McIntee, but say they aren’t close and he has cut no deal with the “gang”?)

“The sheriff can’t afford to pay me enough to make it worth my while,” says Parker, a multimillionaire who pumped about $350,000 of his own money into his losing 2004 state house race.”


“He insists he’s just looking out for the town — even if it hates him for it.”

(2006-Parker/2009 McIntee)…

“We don’t need the fire version of the keystone cops,” he explains. “They’re incompetent, they’re dysfunctional, and, in my opinion, they are corrupt. And they refuse to discipline themselves. Put it in plain English, they refuse to accept civilian control.”

(2009….the VFD leadership “shoe” still fits)

“The volunteers are still functioning, if barely. They operate out of an office and have one fire truck left (which the department paid for rather than the city).”

(The volunteers have a 5 year contract with a 4% increase…5 firetrucks…..3 acquired in 2009 …1 paid for by city/ 2 VFD …the $150,000 non- RFP  purchased 1989  102′ ladder truck is sure to be paid for by the city if McIntee/Silverstone are re-elected in March….new command car…2 ATV’s…..Fire boat…Skidoo …$2 million dollar “Public Safety building”…$3 million dollar Fire Garage in their future…No oversight from town……all for approximately the same number of VFD members as when they were terminated!)….

“We’re doing community service, we’re going out with Santa Claus. We aren’t running away,” McIntee says. “Yesterday, an individual walked in and gave us a $50,000 check on the spot and said, ‘Now you have all the money you need to fight BSO.’ All of this money is going to be used to drive Ken Jenne and Oliver Parker out of this town. The mayor is part of the evil empire and it’s not going to stand.”

(Was that $50,000 ever checked out?…Booster Club Funds are not disclosed!)…

“Even if the recall fails, Parker’s term runs out in 2008. But the mayor says he’s going to run again despite the new term limits. He argues the new law is retroactive and the city attorney has agreed with him.”

(“Mr. Oliver” is is said wants payback for those that did not back him for his re-election…that would be the “Old Guard”)….

“The townspeople are livid about it, saying he’s a disgrace to democracy. Parker, who admits that his political career is probably doomed, says it’s just the opposite.”

“It’s real simple, if the voters want me out they’ll vote me out,” he says. “That’s what democracy is all about. I may not have any base of support for all I know. Maybe I won’t get any votes next time.”


Cuckoo comes a-calling  …in the 2010 CIC- McIntee- Silverstone-Furth Re-election Playbook…where it’s always 2006 and 2008…and 1973!….

I make a motion, as a LBTS registered voter to reprimand them all!…..Roll call please!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Anonymous Letter To Cost The Town … Thanks To Vice Mayor McIntee And Town Manager Colon …

November 22, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… Looks like we now know for sure who is running the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea …Vice Mayor McIntee!…  On November 18, 2009 the Town Manager distributed an anonymous letter to the commissioners … It was a vile letter full of accusations made against our Town Mayor. It was addressed to “Commissioner McIntee” on November 11, 2009… It began with words like “hate” and “lies” … venting character assassinations toward our Mayor on her dais behavior on Nov. 10, 2009… This anonymous sleuth apparently looked into the Mayor’s lighting business online and continued with the assault with terms like “appears to be a blatant lie”…making accusations into her business dealings around town…This “detective” included the Mayor’s incorporation documents from 2000….In each of the paragraphs filled with hatred for the Mayor was a succession of rants that grew intensely venomous in tone and  should  have raised the red flag for the safety of this  elected official….Scarier still was the ending of this “concerned LBTS resident’s” diatribe…It ended with the following ” I hope this helps you Commissioner McIntee. I will definitely be voting for you based on what you accomplished for us in LBTS.” Many thanks, A concerned LBTS resident”…

Well this “long time cop”…Vice Mayor McIntee … made a decision that shows why his time as a commissioner and VFD officer are required to end…ASAP!…

Vice Mayor McIntee did not take this anonymous letter immediately to the BSO….for them to protect the Mayor and make her aware of its existence… NOPE!…

Vice Mayor McIntee did not immediately inform the Mayor himself, of such a threatening letter he was now in receipt of….NOPE!…

Vice Mayor McIntee did not immediately go to the Town Manager for her to do either of the above actions …NOPE!…

Vice Mayor McIntee, we are informed took this anonymous, vile letter to the Town Manager and asked her to distribute it to the commissioners…and then asked her to pass it on along with the Mayor’s business incorporation documents to the Town Attorney…to see if the accusation made anonymously were true!… YEP!…That’s what the “old cop” did!… The guy who insists he would “protect” and “assist” “anyone”…24/7 in out town!…

Incredibly, the Town Manager complied with both!…. So much for black and white!…

Incredibly, the Town Manager we are informed …said if she did not distribute the anonymous letter and materials….the Vice Mayor would do it anyway!… WOW!…

The Town Manager who is on record along with the commission for not accepting anonymous letters went against her own rules!…AGAIN!……

The Vice Mayor we are told, was the previous perpetrator of the last such “anonymous” distribution.made to the commissioners…..It is said he and his wife “The Truth Deflector” distributed accusatory materials against former VFD Battalion Chief Patrick Pointu after the Pointu resignation letter came out in September 2008…in order to take the heat of McIntee’s succession of bad acts well documented in the signed letter from Pointu…(prev. posts)…

The Vice Mayor is also on record not long ago going after his present- day  dais nemesis Comm. Dodd about not giving credence to complaints made anonymously…OOPS!…

So here we are folks…..We the taxpayers are going to pay our Town Attorney to look into an anonymous letter and its contents because the Town Manager is being directed by the Vice Mayor!… $$$$$$…….

The Mayor’s incorporation papers appear to be in order… they conform with the incorporated documents found for many such businesses. It alleviates the requirement for multiple single documents … The Mayor is not precluded from doing business in the town…just as Comm. Silverstone is not as a “pension planner” working on Commercial Blvd. … The Mayor when asked by this writer  if she had any conflict of interest with any votes made in the prior 2 years answered “No.”  The Mayor did recuse herself in two such cases and is on the record doing so…with the garbage contract and the recent extension for a development… In fact the Mayor’s actions to recuse herself  on both go to prove how easy it is to do so and how simple the “ethics” ordinance that she and Comm. Dodd want to pass, really is!…

The Vice Mayor’s actions…as “old politician” rather than “old cop”….. shows the voters that this commissioner is an embarrassing one-term mistake! …

I can assure you,  more of the same will be coming our way over the next 4 months…from McIntee , Silverstone (He is NOT a nice guy!),Clottey  and Furth …..fearmongering full blast……Railing against the “boogyman”… the “developers”…”unions” (still so amusing when you have to know…theMcIntees are both on 3 full union pensions as longtime union members)…” business”… “Old Guard”… All the 2006/2008 “tried and true” election- time Furth-style mantras…at all costs… Because if they lose…they are sidelined…and left to lick their egotistical “we are irreplaceable”) wounds…and for the McIntees and the Furths…being inconsequential is their worst nightmare!…

This anonymous letter and the actions taken by the Town Manager have further cemented this writer’s opinion of how deceptive she is………So much for claims made during her pseudo manager review declarations of having independence and fairness for ALL commissioners on the dais!…

We the taxpayers will now be paying for yet another political witch hunt courtesy of both….

Just as the Vice Mayor’s countless past use of the Town law firm for his personal vendettas…this one will also go down the drain with taxpayer dollars…….

Wake up voters…get the word out…and make 2010 in LBTS a McIntee Free Zone!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Have You Met Chris Yet? …

November 22, 2009 by Barbara


Candidate Chris Vincent , daughter Paige and Mayor Minnet at the Craft Fair

Dear Readers… Candidate Chris Vincent is really the man about town these days… He has been seen at all the events going on … those in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea from one end of town to the other and those benefiting our town in neighboring locales …… He knows how important it is for residents to put a face with a new name …..

From the response this writer is receiving…Chris has been getting to know quite a lot of people in every part of town!…There’s a definite buzz!…

With the holidays coming up and the back to back events…commission meetings…one round table meeting….holiday gatherings….he will be there…ready to get to know what’s on the minds of those he wants to represent on the dais in 2010…

He will be going throughout the town after Thanksgiving and be every neighborhood …knocking on doors …..just as all successful Lauderdale-By-The-Sea commissioners have done in the past…

So make sure to take the time to meet Chris Vincent and find out all he has to offer LBTS in the next 4 years!…

This site will keep you all informed about the comings and goings of Candidates Chris Vincent,Scot Sasser  and Mayor Minnet during the next 4 months as we approach this very important municipal election on March 9, 2010…

The best chance we have for a positive change  … is an informed voter who knows the person they are electing to office…without fear or fearmongering leading them astray using the “ghosts” of election tactics past…….and that Dear Readers is this writer’s mission… to see that once inside that voting booth you can be your decision knowing all the facts!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town…

November 21, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … This writer has been out and about all day…..and the consensus is this… What year is this?… Can we phone this next election in?… The Mc-Furth “Gang” gave away the playbook in their latest edition for their 2010 campaign!…

They are running the 2006/2008 campaigns!….They are running against the “ghosts” of candidates past!….They are running on north vs south!…They are running on “Galt Ocean Mile”…and no VFD!…. The are running on empty!…. They haven’t got a turkey leg to stand on!…

The Furths, McIntees, Clottey and Silverstone are so off in their collective analysis contained in this  VFD/CIC funded newspaper that they have become a laughingstock to the many who are watching their most deserved descent…They have no one to blame but themselves…

Where is the paper?…Trouble again with distribution?… It did not make it to the condos, still… and downtown…we hear it few and far between… Funny, how much this Mc-Furth publication……with its disjointed, dismal  distribution…sums up the group in charge!…


Earlier in the day…Commissioner Silverstone and VFD at the Surf and Yacht Club….pre-party set-up?… Hmmm…VFD neutral?…

A quick walk-by of the CIC-“it’s a fundraiser”…that quickly backtracked and became the CIC- “it’s a dinner dance by the ocean”……..showed a lack of response…with the “usual suspects” and mostly VFD?…Looks like another mandatory requirement from the Deputy Chief?… Remember guys…the new campaign rules that you voted on kicked in …No donations from the members….If  the comparison in fundraisers is any indication….there will be a new commission coming on the dais!… Yeah, Baby!…


The Altar Guild of the
Assumption Church
sponsored their
First Annual Craft and Gift Show
Saturday, November 21, 2009
in the Church Hall


Candidate Chris Vincent and LBTS resident Anne Meretsky


Altar Guild ladies Joan Englander Schot, Dorothy Smith, Alana Brady, Lorene Parker, Sunny Eckhardt, Loyola Gray


Altar Guild President Marie Chiarello & Altar Guild VP Mayor Roseann Minnet
more to come…
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