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October 27, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …there are still some issues going on in LBTS with Public Records Requests and e-mails…Still on the table are the e-mails requested by the Vice Mayor of Comm. Dodd and the Mayor…( we believe she may have turned hers over) ….The VM threatened to use all avenues available to get those e-mails…( He called the State Atty.) …as he as sat on the dais giving varying version of how his own 3 1/2 years worth of town business -related e-mails were deleted (1st he said he did it/ then he said it was AOL)…. He has sent in letters to the town saying he has no e-mails and the town has chosen to wash their hands of their hands of  the whole matter… At the same time the Town Atty. has contacted Comm. Dodd several times to say he better get a move on it with producing the VM’s request…if Comm. Dodd does not want the State Atty. to get involved… Comm. Dodd has gone to the trouble of putting this request together and there is now a “stand-off” while the Comm. awaits  payment from the VM for the PRR…as is allowed… So imagine this writer’s surprise when opening up the Sentinel today to see a move enacted in Hallandale Beach  after a resident made an PRR for the Mayor’s e-mail…(see below)…Not only was the story and its content an eye opener to what company we have in Hallandale Beach residents who too are dealing with city government  and elected officials who operate in seemingly nefarious ways… as a matter of routine…but the outside counsel the Hallandale Beach  used came from the very law firm that we employ in LBTS…Weiss, Serota!… So what gives?…Did our Atty. not bother to go in and see their firm’s managing director Cole (no relation) when it came to Comm. Dodd and the Mayor being asked for e-mails from the Vice Mayor off their personal computers with no specific information asked for, just dates in this “fishing expedition?..How could  Weiss Serota go to such lengths to defend the Mayor of Hallandale for what actually appears to be clear cut PRR for specific town business related e-mails and our Weiss Serota Atty. remained mum on what for the most part is not!… That’s a question that needs to be asked!…



Hallandale Beach activist and Internet blogger Mike Butler got an interesting response when he made a public records request earlier this year. The city sued him.

Butler sought the list of recipients of a Feb. 17 e-mail sent from the personal America Online account of Mayor Joy Cooper.

The e-mail’s subject line was “Mayor Cooper’s Update,” and it included attachments to three columns she had written about city issues in a weekly community newspaper, the South Florida Sun-Times. At the end of the e-mail, Cooper listed her City Hall address and phone number.

In his mind, that made the document — including its recipients — a public record.

The city could have simply denied Butler’s request.

That would have put the onus on him to follow up in court, if he wanted.

Instead, the city hired an outside law firm in April and initiated a civil suit against Butler, arguing that the e-mail was a private communication not subject to Florida‘s broad public records law.

That’s par for the bizarre course in Hallandale Beach, where city government likes to do convoluted and sometimes outrageous things in weird ways.

This is a city where commissioners have sneakily and hastily voted themselves pay raises (later rescinded), bought land from a city commissioner for $35,000 more than its latest appraised value and let the city manager resign and get rehired, triggering a $176,000 benefits payout.

Last week, in the public records case, Broward Circuit Judge Patti Henning indicated from the bench that she would rule in the city’s favor. A formal written order is pending.

Butler isn’t liable for damages, but his experience as a defendant has cost him time and money. His legal bill so far: $1,450.

“It’s unfortunate that the city chose to go a route that not only cost me money, but is intimidating,” Butler said Monday.

“I think it does have some sort of chilling effect,” said Ed Holodak, Butler’s attorney.

The message to citizen watchdogs and potential activists seems clear. WARNING: Making a records request could land you in court and be hazardous to your wealth.

Butler, 41, a Hallandale Beach resident for 12 years, said the city never flatly denied his request and didn’t fully explain its position until it filed the court case on April 17.

Attorney Jamie Cole, who handled the case for the city, and Mayor Cooper said Monday that Butler could have avoided court if he withdrew his records request. “The case would have gone away,” said Cole.

Butler said that was never conveyed to him.

Cole said the city wanted a legal ruling from a judge before denying Butler’s request because “the city didn’t want to break the law.”

Butler said he doubts he can afford an appeal. He called Judge Henning’s ruling “shocking,” and said it flies in the face of an 2007 advisory opinion from Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, who wrote that e-mails from public officials, “that are intended to communicate, perpetuate or formalize knowledge” of city business are public records.

Butler said he wanted the recipient list because “it’s important to know who public officials are communicating with about city business.”

Mayor Cooper said the e-mail didn’t involve city business and said revealing the recipients would be an invasion of privacy.

“You’re under the assumption that he’s a good guy and he’s the victim,” Cooper said. “But the victim is the city commission. I feel like my privacy has been raped.”

Leave it to the shrill mayor to turn things upside down. She accused Butler of working in tandem with commission rival Keith London, “pulling shenanigans” for political purposes.

“She makes it very personal and very vindictive,” said Butler, a city critic whose previous record requests have unearthed eye-opening information, including city manager Mike Good’s pay package. “I’m just asking questions and trying to get answers…How is it that it falls on me, an individual citizen, to defend state law?”,0,4978569.column


The Atty…..

Broward Office: Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske,

Mr. Cole is a Member of the Firm and serves as its Managing Director. He is also a senior member of the Litigation Division. He represents both private and public clients in all areas of the law with an emphasis on complex litigation and governmental matters. Mr. Cole is also an accomplished appellate attorney, appearing before the Second, Third and Fourth District Courts of Appeals. A native South Floridian, Mr. Cole was the valedictorian of his Ivy League law school class.

Mr. Cole currently serves as the City Attorney for the cities of Weston and Miramar, the two fastest growing municipalities in Broward County, and serves as special litigation counsel for numerous municipalities in Palm Beach and Broward Counties. Mr. Cole has presided over more than 1000 City Commission meetings and has spoken at numerous local government law seminars (on subjects ranging the full gamut of local government law, including ethics, property tax, government finance and charter review). Mr. Cole has published and spoken on various topics, including property tax, the free exercise of religion, the Offer of Judgment Rule, government ethics, city charters, mortgage foreclosures and municipal law.’


Perhaps Commissioner Dodd needs a second opinion from the Managing Director at Weiss, Serota?….

more to come……….

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Here’s The Scoop … Wonder Woman Is Just A Costume? …

October 26, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers …Just who is the Town Manager? … If we are to judge her from her own words on the dais from the day she took the job in April 2007 …She was not going to “play second fiddle” to anyone …She either was going to be Town Manager or she was going back to Finance.. and in hindsight while many wish the decision would not have been made so swiftly it was a precursor for the kind of Town Manager Esther Colon would be… A look at the April and May 2007 meetings (prev. posts) show that on this point alone she was straight with us…On her assertions for only wanting to hire the best employees and anything else to do with her contract…we were truly fed a load …unfortunately…Those points might never have seen the light of day except…this writer became curious and disturbed by who  the Town Manager was elevating into key positions …and a look at the contract to see if she had a performance review in it ( unsatisfactorily finished some 10 months later)…proved to counter her claims of looking for the best people when she was offered and took the Manager position…with or without the knowledge of her “protectors” Comm. Jim Silverstone and Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee… This manager has had a whole host of unilateral decisions and actions made on and off the dais that raised red flags…She met every one of them with an iron hand and a determination to fight (she said just this month she always up for a good fight) … and repeatedly declared she was not gonna change and if the the residents and the commission didn’t like it fire her…(of course she knew that firing her would cost the town approx. $250,000 and we have heard throughout this year from many insiders that she what she was aiming for)… Otherwise she said quite emphatically she was going to do her job the same way she has been …and we better get used to it!…

This writer at the beginning of this process stood at the podium and said Ms. Colon was a strong professional woman…Other women throughout this town have said what’s up with the Town Manager, she says these things on the dais and then certain commissioners paint a picture of a woman who is being “attacked” and  “abused”..who is “thin skinned”…who takes it “personally”…Calling her a “jewel” …and having it appear in a neighboring local newspaper… Saying that the public speaking about her performance was a “lynching”…

There are some real questions being asked by the women in this town…about statements like this being made by the “Gang  of 3” commissioners over fulfilling their obligation to perform an annual review as required within her 2007 contract…

If Town Manager Colon was not Esther but was Edward would such comments have been made?… If she were a man would the Vice Mayor feel the need on 3 separate occasions to tell all of her habit of staying in local motels after working late into the night?…Would the Vice Mayor have said old Ed was being pilloried when constructive criticism was made on his actions throughout the year?… Would Jimmy-boy be going into the office everyday to chat it up with Manager Ed Colon..or perhaps he’d just be shootin’ a few baskets on the court?…Would McIntee cry out so often “blame me, blame us, not her!”…” I’ll take it cause I have to but  not her”…if not for her gender?… How about those 10 outside meetings McIntee says he’s attended in the last 31/2 years…would he have heard what he now claims he heard “she’s a cracker jack, she’s dynamite”would that be said about Ed?…….Would Silverstone say that Edward Colon needs to correct being “thin skinned” and that it’s beyond his [Silverstone ] ability with such passion?…

It’s unnerving to independent women and professional women to see this great unfolding dichotomy of Esther Colon …Which one is the real Town Manager?…The woman who speaks for herself on the dais, says she argues and she will browbeat her staff  not the commissioner  while running  the town as she see fit, no gray area allowed,  only black and white and if you don’t like it terminate me?…Or the woman who, if we are to believe her “Gang of 3”, is falling apart behind closed doors and needs to be rescued and protected from those residents, commissioners who dare to ask for a required annual performance review and to ask her to be accountable for the decisions she made as Town Manager of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea?…

The Reverend Hunsaker spoke at the Town Manager Special meeting of former Town Manager Bob Baldwin having Teflon, perhaps that’s because he had no gang protecting him or because of his gender, accountability was taken like a man?…

Whether we choose a man or a woman will surely enter into the picture when the time comes to find  a new town manager, no matter if it’s  in 4 months or 4 years…And for that, this writer is truly saddened. But as far as this woman is concerned and many others like me who witnessed the extraordinary measures taken in the last 10 months of this long drawn out review process, it will be an issue to consider because of the “gang of 3” hanging out to dry the “Wonder Woman” costume worn for the last 2 years by Esther Colon Town Manager with their actions to “protect” her!..

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Took Him Up On His Offer …

October 26, 2009 by Barbara



Dear Readers… an update on the previous post by some “neighbors”… The Vice Mayor after removing his drain request…told anyone who was interested to drive by and see the flood after then next big rain……One such taker shot this pic on a day when other streets were flooded….

Another “neighbor” says ..YEP, same drain…

Another reader said maybe a gas leak? …that would bring em’ out to dig…convenient though!…

more to come………

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Here’s The Scoop … Does It Pay To Not Evaluate? …….

October 26, 2009 by Barbara




Dear Readers…Hmmm…an observant taxpayer saw the work being done right by Vice Mayor McIntee’s house…You might recall the Vice Mayor was untruthful a few months back when this writer said it was not him who filled out the Citizen Contact Center  Form…He backed off…and then pulled the item after Comm. Clottey asked him to… Later the Vice mayor made a request for other Citizen Request Forms  to show they too were filled out by someone other than the resident…Of course that was not the issue…the issue was he is on the dais saying her filled it out…Add to that the town brought forward some forms from the past to bolster the Vice Mayor’s form at the following meeting…It backfired when it was found one of those forms was a year old!… Also not yet brought forth but contained in the backup last month for the development dept. was work being done on new Citizen Contact Center  Forms…YIKES!… The commission in the meantime has decided to go through with a townwide study and to put the drainage issues on hole …including the pavilion (last meeting)…So of course it’s quite disturbing to see that what appears to be the very drain in question is being dug up and fixed…Only question is…who’s doing the job?…Pompano Beach , the contractor who did the road  or the town?…

An e-mail for the answer has been sent…

Flag this message
Monday, October 26, 2009 2:41 PM
“Barbara Cole”
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[email protected]
Steve, I have had an inquiry about the drainage work being done on SE 21st street.
I know the Vice Mayor had put in Citizen Complaint Form and after being asked by Comm. Clottey on the dais he removed it.
I also know the commission voted to forgo any such work while a study is going forth for approx. 90,000- 100,000 for a townwide plan to move forward in an equitable manner.
It was surprising to see the work being done, was it the same drainage work that was in question?
Barbara Cole


Thanks…keep those townwide photos coming…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Thin Skin Seems To Be Catching …

October 26, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…looks like Comm. Silverstone and the Gang did not like the “slippery slope” and spent some time trying to cause a problem…The problem is that most people are decent and do not fall “prey”..(pun intended)…for dirty dealing desperate acts…I appreciate the inquiry from Tara B. and will of course find another photo online…But the time and the act of the “Mc-Furth Gang”… speaks volumes …and of course gives more credence to the content of that post that set them off!…SLIPPERY SLOPE….leads to another Silverstone slip up in it’s aftermath!…

— On Mon, 10/26/09, Tara Barthel wrote:

From: Tara Barthel
Subject: A Graphic on Your Website
To: [email protected]
Date: Monday, October 26, 2009, 9:58 AM
Dear Barbara,

Hello and good morning to you.

I’m writing because someone emailed me about your linking to a graphic off of my blog. I’m guessing he was referring to this post:

This person seemed to assume that the graphic belonged to me and asked if you had permission to use it.

Of course, The Slippery Slope is copyrighted by Peacemaker Ministries, not me. And I believe I consistently refer people to the Peacemaker Ministries’ version of it whenever I refer to it on my blog (and indicate that it is copyrighted too)—at least I hope I do so.

Anyway … I surely don’t mean to tell you what to do with your site, but before I write this other person back about the graphic, I’m wondering if perhaps it might be wise for you to consider giving attribution to Peacemaker Ministries by indicating that it is copyrighted by them and by:

1. Linking to their site:

2. Adding their copyright language:

Reprinted or adapted from The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict, Ken Sande (Baker Books, 3d ed., 2003). Peacemaker® Ministries.

I’ll wait a few hours before responding to the other email to see what you decide to do.

Hope you have a great day—

Yours sincerely,
Tara B.

Do you have a passion for biblical peacemaking and a commitment to growing authentic and redemptive relationships in the Body of Christ? If so, please consider participating in our PeaceGals discussion board and share your comments on my blog. See you there!

Re: A Graphic on Your Website
Monday, October 26, 2009 10:58 AM
“Barbara Cole”
Hello, I found the picture by scanning google images ..I can change it …I did not realize it went to a ministry organization. I am sure the person that contacted you was unhappy because it was used on my political blog. I hope you are not bothered or used by them again. Please accept my apology for any time taken. Thank you for contacting me first. I appreciate it.

Barbara Cole


more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Referendum Workshop Tonight … 6 PM … Jarvis Hall … Heights/Ethics … Lifeguards …

October 26, 2009 by Barbara


cic 2006 ballot ref

Dear Readers…Back in 2006 we stood in front of Publix and went throughout this town asking for 44 feet…TOWN WIDE…. It was the NO-NO-YES-YES CIC Campaign…But now it is being revised…and reintroduced to 33 feet…in the south…44 feet in the north…so said Vice Mayor McIntee….

This leaves us wide open for more Bert J. Harris suits…and more non-conforming buildings…and why?…Because those stuck in 1973 do not understand and do not care about the consequences……

Although it seemed that Vice Mayor McIntee was trying to “will” the Town Attorney to 33 feet…she kept to the 44 feet townwide as is in the Town Charter …2 hrs and 30 min. into the continuation meeting on Oct. 20, 2009 is the presentation by the Town Atty. ….

Also on the docket ……

Ethics…take away the “2-Hats”  … some took it too personally and could not see beyond…all the way to the backup……. They could not see the bigger picture …. What it is really about … it’s about catching up with all the other municipalities to safeguard against any hints of impropriety on the dais …. especially with all we’ve witnessed recently locally and throughout the county…

Lifeguards … Let’s see what the people want..and put this one on the ballot with the cost per property ….

Any other ideas come and speak and let the commission know…before or during the meeting .. it’s time sensitive to get it on the ballot in March..

Jarvis Hall 6 pm …televised on Comcast Ch. 78/ online…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop … Want S’More … Places To Go For Halloween ….

October 25, 2009 by Barbara


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Here’s The Scoop … Slippery Slope For Silverstone ….

October 25, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…What’s going on in the 2 Town Halls (A1A/El Mar ) these days?…Is it a repeat of what this writer personally witnessed in last commission race?… I would walk into Furth Headquarters  to find the latest hair-brained idea courtesy of McIntee-MacMillan (M & Ms) … Only at that time Stu, Birute (yes, Birute) John Thompson and myself would put a stop to it…Maybe with the bubble they find themselves in this election…there is no one to counter the craziness… That can be the only reason why this group keeps coming up with so many stories that just don’t add up ….

At the Oct. 23, 2009 Town Manager final review after the Mayor spoke of the 2 loans paid off in September having  a pre-penalty clauses attached and the fact that those loans were paid off without negotiating the penalty with our sole long -time bank Sun Trust …Commissioner Silverstone brought to light for the very first time information that if true puts him and the Town Manager on a very slippery slope with the taxpaying voters…

Commissioner Silverstone said he went into the manager’s office months ago with all the discussion about “being in the Black or being in the red” that was coming from the people…He said that certain commissioners (Dodd ) did not understand when the manager said we were in the black and we had the money to pay off our loans…Well, she did say that…BUT…the Town Manager also made no attempt to explain why.we wee in the black…..No attempt to explain we had pre-penalty clause even though many (this writer included) felt strongly that we  must… with no information being brought forth…Now,  Jimmy-boy says he went in and the manager told him we had the clauses…BUT…if it’s true it means that Jimmy-boy sat on the dais and did not divulge that information to the other commissioners or his constituents along with the Town Manager!…  He now says it took a while for the Town to calculate what the cost to pre-pay would be (Huh?) and that is why it took so long to be brought to the floor…Hmmm… Not quite… The Town Manager saw to it that the statements and the loan information were slow in being turned over in separate public records requests made from Resident Yann Brandt and Comm. Dodd…When they finally received the information…they received incomplete and differing information… Why didn’t the manager inform Comm. Dodd as well as Comm. Silverstone, if Jimmy-boy is being factual?…Comm. Dodd made his request back in August!… The Town Manager brought in our Rep from SunTrust Bank to speak at a presentation …to reply for her….A previous post from the Sept. 9, 2009 commission meeting included the following…

“Mr. Shackman-  went on to discuss the 2 promissory note loans with details of what the payoff amounts are and some options…He said we saved over the last 5 years or when the loan originated  and it’s over $100,000 by getting this lower interest rate of origination because we CHOSE to have the present pre-payment penalty versus no pre- payment penalty …”The Town chose the present value pre-payment which says ultimately you got all those savings HOWEVER due to where the rates are today there is a pre-payment calculation if the Town chooses to pay it off today.”…He explained it varies per day with interest rates…The numbers are such that it will cost us approximately $300,000+  to pay of the Promissory 2 notes!…So the gamble the Town took …and the savings we earned …mean we did not earn $100,000 …it is costing us $200,000+ now and as the Town Manager pointed out in Report to keep it would end up costing us a approximately $600,000 more!. ..”

After that commission meeting the pre-payment was definitely now made public and much discussion took place on the dais of what to do about it … It was this night that the manager spoke of the downside in holding onto the funds adding up to a million in costs to the town if we kept the loans …and to pay them off now would save us from more costs… Comm. Silverstone wanted to wait a while to see if the amount due would go down and Vice Mayor McIntee did not want to go there at all….(perhaps feeling if the 3 million grant for the firehouse [a garage that sleeps firemen] fell through monies would be available) … Never once did the manager talk further about any more specifics involved… It was decided there would be a workshop to discuss the pay off of the loans… Unfortunately it came up at the next budget meeting and though McIntee again spoke out against paying it off again…he did a 180 and in the end it was voted on and the manager was hastily directed to do the deed (Comm. Clottey was absent) completely disregarding Comm. Clottey’s desire for the workshop and any further discussion about a possible negotiation of the penalty before agreeing to pay it off … ( we were later informed by the manager it was paid the next morning, as directed) …Even though the negotiations were still brought up on this site, in the BTSFuture and at the podium by concerned taxpayers when addressing the Town Manager’s review… At that time Comm. Silverstone said he did not know if there was any negotiations done and he would let the manager answer that, BUT he was sure if that was possible she would have done it…The manager never spoke of it despite the “opening” to do so from Jimmy-boy…… Just as she never took the opportunity to advise the commission of the possibility of negotiating at the prior meetings or in any memos…

That brings us to the afternoon of Oct. 23, 2009 when Jimmy-boy said the following…”But when I approached the question of the pre-penalty clause payment, she said the contract was not written between the town and the bank. There’s a separate board that does that and they wrote this loan so to speak. That’s the way Florida works. They are the ones who developed this and the reason it was done. We got a better rate of interest because the original thought was considering it was going to be used for sewers in Palm Club and some other issues that came up that it wasn’t used for. So it was just laying in the bank….” He went on to repeat his past excuses of it taking a year to get the Master Plan in place and permits …BUT…Jimmy-boy never says permits for what?…”So it really made sense to everybody to pay it off”…”But there really was no control of negotiations with the bank. We don’t do that the bond, I think she called it organization or something that handles that is really in  control of that. If you have any questions, please call the Town Manager.”…HUH?…

According to a memo received by the commissioners in response to Comm. Dodd about the Town Manager and her authority to open up accounts on her own, the Town Atty. included a packet which had the Town Charter, code and investment policy Provisions  including the Town Manager’s duties, a Resolution 2001/1517 for “Adopting An Investment Policy For Town Fund”…The Sept.19, 2001 Investment Policy only lists the commissioner, TM Baldwin, Finance Director Colon, and our $200,000+ long-time auditors Rachlin with the same Principle Chiocca we have in 2009…It also includes the authorized investments page…Throughout the packet there is only room for the Mayor, TM Baldwin and Finance Director Colon to sign…On the 2 repurchase agreements there is only Sun Trust Bank and Finance Director Colon on the cover sheet and both are signed by the Town Manager 7/11/01 only…in the pages contained it says the bank and the Town only…

While many disagree with pre-penatly clause loans as a practice and may not have gone that route…that is not the point…The point is that like buying stocks…it’s great to get in on a deal…but the risk is not the buy…it’s knowing when to get out!…This manager as pointed out by the Sun Trust Rep on Sept.9th…did well…for  a while …in choosing the option….Where she did not do well by the Town was not getting out before it cost us hundreds of thousands!…It was known that the sewers were not going in March of 2008…but rather than advise the commission to unload the loans and pay them off …Town Manager  and the Finance Director kept the information of the mounting costs quiet…(except for Jimmy-boy?) …until September 2009!… Jimmy-boy would now like us to believe her hands were tied and she could not negotiate with Sun Trust?… Come on… That’s a slippery slope Silverstone!…

This writer sent in a PRR for the 3rd party “organization” that Comm. Silverstone brought up at the “Dog and Pony show” 2009 annual LBTS-TM Performance Review……
Sunday, October 25, 2009 6:39 PM
“Barbara Cole”
[email protected]
Steve, I am making a Public Record Request for the information Comm. Silverstone spoke of at the Oct. 23, 2009 Performance Review of the Town Manager.
Comm. Silverstone said we could not negotiate the paid off loans due to a “separate board” and that our agreement was not with the bank but with them. I would like that information. Any exchange with them from August 2009-Oct. 23, 2009. Also the initial agreement with them in 2001 or any repurchase agreements after that.
Please acknowledge receipt of this request
Please let me know if the cost is over $20
Thank you, Barbara Cole

If by some slim chance there really was a “third Party”…what kind of strong-arm organization would not allowed us to negotiate with the bank?..

Commissioner Silverstones’s performance review comments just further enforce this writer’s opinion…..that these 3 need to go next March!…


more to come

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Here’s The Scoop … Bomb Threat At The Mayor’s Building Today ….

October 25, 2009 by Barbara


Did you hear the sirens heading north on A1A this afternoon after 3 pm?…We hear there was a bomb threat called into the Mayor’s condominium… We also hear the Deputy Chief actually stood back the 200 ft. and did not try to “save the day”…waiting for the BSO!…Hmmm…. Was that due to the suicide situation?…..Perhaps due to it being the Mayor’s building?…Kind of surprising since he was a “bomb and arson” expert…in his former life!…

All was checked out…no bomb…no threat…and no story for the Vice Mayor on Tuesday night! …..

more to come

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Here’s The Scoop … Where We Are Headed … In The Next 4 Months ….

October 25, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … Still a little under the weather … and playing catch-up with all thing LBTS ..Aas we head into November and the 4 fast months that will lead us down one path or another… We are inundated with meetings…and workshops …along with Holiday happenings both as a community and in our personal lives…Kick in one very important Town election to boot and the walls start to close in on 24 hour days……So some sickness -ZPak enforced downtime…proved to be time to re-evaluate the effectiveness of this site in assisting  in the challenge to get this town on the right road towards progress…and investing in the future for us all…and not to allow a few to keep us stuck in a time-warp  ..that suits them selfishly to the detriment of keeping this seaside village from what it can be …a destination of tourism and a prized location to live in in 2010 not 1973!…

I will be cutting back on some of the long drawn out commentary…most of it is repeats…due to the Mc-furth gang not having anything really to run on… I mean think about it…they are going to tie themselves to the Town Manager…great, I’m ready……They are going to speak ad-nauseum about the VFD…great, I’m ready…..They are going to speak of 33’…great, I’m ready …They are going to speak of attacks…abuses…overlay districts…old-guard…pro-development…great, I’m ready…..and they are  going to speak of tax cuts…GREAT, I’m ready!…Because this time…they have to deal with the details and they do not like the details!…They have to deal with the full facts…not the Jimmy-boy/ Mc-Furth/ Colon fumbling…bumbling “funny-facts”…and they are Furth-fond of those “funny-facts”!..They are going to have deal with new blood in the race with candidates….that have so much to offer…on every level…and that is GREAT, I’m ready !…

I’m here in the next 4 months to follow it all …to remind the readers of the results of their “accomplishments”…and to get this town…moving forward…not backward…

There is plenty to do…but the most important thing you the readers can do is meet the new candidates…read all the news…ask the questions and decide where we are headed in March 2010…it’s all up to you…in that voting booth…

The agendas and the backup are available on the Town website…and the old video is more important than the minutes which are “whitewashed”…I ask you if you missed the comments…both commission and public along with important votes…take the time to view what you missed… your Town’s future is riding on it...

Tomorrow night at 6 pm is the Referendum workshop…public comments will be welcomed… and this important meeting will help decide a big part of the path we take in 2010…with what makes it on the ballot and what does not!…

more to come…

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